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This is what happens in Riverdale. Once the sun sets, Dodger's minions go to work. He recruits hungry and homeless kids, so that if they're arrested, they do some time in juvie, but then, they're back on the streets working for Dodger again. They're chewed up by the system. Except that recently, someone's thrown a tire iron into the system. [...] Usually, Dodger or the police would go to the kid next, but tonight's his lucky night. Instead of getting sucked back into the system then spat out again, these kids, they've got someone looking out for 'em now. People that ask themselves, "How do you save a town?" And who know the answer. [...] "One kid at a time." For every kid saved, there was one less hustling for Dodger, and that would not do at all. Meanwhile, in existential hell, I was facing the tyranny of a blank page and needed my anchor.

"Chapter Sixty-Three: Hereditary" is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Riverdale, and the sixty-third episode of the series overall.[2] It premiered on November 13, 2019.


UNEXPECTED VISITORS — As Archie struggles to keep the neighborhood kids away from Dodger's influence, he turns to an unexpected ally for help. Jughead uncovers a mystery surrounding the author of the Baxter Brothers books, while Betty confronts Charles about his past. Finally, Veronica deals with a major shake-up at home, and Cheryl and Toni get some unexpected visitors at Thistlehouse.[3]



Archie gets Eddie a job at Pop's

As the sun sets in Riverdale, Dodger’s minions go to work, committing numerous crimes, such as car parts theft. While disguised as the masked vigilante, Archie catches Eddie in the act of stealing from a car and handcuffs him to the steering wheel. Archie returns out of uniform and recruits Eddie. He brings him in, hoping to save him from Dodger and the streets with the help of FP and his mother, Mary. Archie arranges for Eddie to start working at Pop’s diner for Pop Tate and Veronica. He even serves Archie and Mary. Unbeknownst to them, Dodger watches from outside the diner.

Jughead and Betty kiss at Pop's

Jughead calls Betty and meets up with her at Pop’s after struggling to write his paper. He explains to Betty that Mr. Chipping assigned the class with writing their own version of a Baxter Brothers novel, but for the first time in his life, Jughead is suffering from writer’s block. Betty advises him to take a break before kissing him.

At Thistlehouse, Cheryl awakens to find her mother, father, brother, and her Nana Rose standing at the end of her bed. Penelope has Julian in hand, explaining that they’ve come to give Julian Cheryl’s body. Cheryl wakes up from what was apparently a nightmare as Toni lays asleep by her side. Cheryl worryingly stares over at Julian from across the room.

Archie and Reggie enter the community center to find that it has been ransacked. Archie surmises the attack on the community center is a message from Dodger, who had been targeting them for weeks. He reports the break-in to FP, who intends to follow up with Dodger.

Betty tells Kevin about Charles' routine

At the Blue and Gold, Betty shares with Kevin her log of Charles' day. At 7 AM, he leaves the Five Seasons, where he has a suite and goes to the FBI field office. He has all of his meals either at Pop’s or Betty’s house, and then rounding out his daily routine, he goes to the gym for a 90-minute workout, including weekends, before he returns to the Five Seasons. Kevin is unimpressed with Betty’s findings, concluding that Charles is merely a lonely gay guy.

Hiram and Hermosa proposes that they move past their differences

With the trials finally coming to an end, Hiram hopes to move past their differences and let bygones be bygones. He and Hermosa meet with Hermione and Veronica at the Pembrooke. Now that the prison is bringing in a good income, Hiram wants to return to his true passion of rum. It has been in their family for generations, and Hermosa, who runs their clubs in Miami, will be staying in Riverdale to establish a rum outpost. Hiram also hopes that Veronica will allow Hermosa to help out at La Bonne Nuit, which Veronica declines as she’s already hired Hermione as a hostess. She then tells Hiram and Hermosa to show themselves out.

FP meets with Archie outside the community center. Off his intel and probable cause, they raided the Wipeout Arcade, and thought they found plenty of contraband, Dodger was clean. All the contraband was found on the kids. FP can’t arrest Dodger until the evidence is found on him.

Jughead tells Betty his theory that his grandfather wrote the first Baxter Brothers novel

Jughead believes there’s a real-life mystery hidden within the Baxter Brothers books. He shares with Betty his conspiracy theory at Pop’s. He explains that while there’s a hoarse voice and overall tone, you can always tell when a new ghost writer takes over. They leave literary fingerprints. So, when he went back to read the first book, he discovered that its fingerprints are unlike any of the rest of them. It’s too raw and real. Jughead suspects that DuPont lied about witting the first Baxter Brothers books. He thinks his grandfather wrote the first book, and DuPont wrote the following four books. Jughead believes that his grandfather left him clues to find in sending him the first edition Baxter Brothers book with a message inside saying "Never let them take anything from you."

Chic tells Betty that Charles killed someone

Much like Jughead, Betty is also following a hunch as she continues her investigation into Charles. She starts by visiting Chic at the Lodge Detention Center. Betty asks Chic about the story he previously told her about living with Charles at the Last Resort Hostel. When she went there, a neighbor told her about seeing bloody sheets in a dumpster and Charles mysteriously vanishing. Chic explains that he and Charles were in a relationship. One time, they brought a friend home and things got out of control after they got high on Jingle Jangle. Charles snapped. He grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed a guy to death.

Toni and Cheryl circle Julian in salt

Toni confronts Cheryl after she attempts to skip another day of school. Cheryl can't bring herself to leave Nana Rose and the twins alone with Julian. She only agrees to go to school after ensuring Nana Rose and the twins' safety by circling Julian with a barrier of salt as it’s believed to prevent evil spirits from crossing over.

Betty approaches with the information she gathered from Chic during her visit. While Betty doesn’t trust Charles, she also doesn’t trust Chic enough to go merely off his word. So, she wants to conduct a lie detector test on Charles.

Archie asks Toby and Eddie why they keep going back to Dodger

Archie sits down with Toby and Eddie at Pop’s and asks why they keep running back to Dodger. They explain that Dodger pays them with Wipeout coinage and gives them free pizza.

Archie heads to school, where he asks Betty and Veronica if they have any spare arcade games. He hopes to pull the street kids away from Dodger by giving them another option. Although inspiring, not enough people know what Archie is attempting, so Betty offers to write a paper on it at the Blue and Gold. And Veronica will ask her vendors to see if they can wrestle up some arcade games.

Cheryl learns Dagwood is in the hospital

Cheryl is called to the main office, where Ms. Bell informs her of an accident at Thistlehouse. Dagwood swallowed a ping pong ball and started to choke. He was taken to the hospital, where Dr. Sapirstein performed a tracheotomy. He is doing well now. Nana Rose is waiting at the hospital with Juniper for Cheryl’s.

At La Bonne Nuit, Veronica coaches Hermione as she prepares to start her job as hostess, explaining to her the ins and outs of the speakeasy.

Aunt Cricket and Uncle Bedford return to Riverdale

Cheryl returns to Thistlehouse to find the barrier of salt broken and Julian missing. She finds him in the chapel, on Jason’s lap. Upon hearing a noise above her head, Cheryl heads upstairs, where she finds her aunt Cricket and uncle Bedford. She faints at the sight of them.

Hiram and Hermosa show up uninvited at the speakeasy. Veronica instructs Hermione to mark Hiram and Hermosa down for booth eleven, La Bonne Nuit’s worse booth.

Charles answers Betty's questions

Charles hooks himself up to the polygraph machine, and Betty begins her line of questioning. It’s true that Charles and Chic met on the streets when they both were at their lowest. It’s also true that someone was murdered in the room they shared at the hostel. Charles claims he came home one day to find a dead man in their bed. Chic was covered in his blood. Some trick that Chic brought home. Charles’ instincts took over. He dissolved the body with lye in the bathtub, threw out the sheets, and scrubbed the room with bleach as Chic watched. And that was the end of them. Charles left him and started over. Betty then asks if Charles is hiding anything. He reveals that he’s a recovering addict who attends weekly narcotics anonymous meetings at his gym.

Archie receives a surprise visit from Hiram, who has come to give his condolences as he never got the chance. Fred was a good man, and he would be proud of Archie. It is in his honor that Hiram wants to make a charitable donation to the center, but Archie denies his offer as there’s always a catch with Hiram.

Toni encourages Cheryl to consider her family's offer

Cheryl awakens to the sight of Toni at her side. Aunt Cricket enters her room and asks for her presence downstairs. Cheryl, Toni, and Nana Rose meet with aunt Cricket and uncle Bedford to discuss the family maple business. They wish to sell it. The rest of the family is in agreement. With Clifford dead and Penelope in the wind, they need Cheryl’s signature to move forward. The business hasn’t been profitable in years and it’s bleeding them dry. While Toni reminds Cheryl that the choice is hers to make, she also reminds her of all the hardship Thistlehouse has brought her. If they were to sell it, they could have a fresh start elsewhere. Cheryl initially agrees to consider their offer. With business settled, aunt Cricket and uncle Bedford were hoping to go to the chapel to light a votive candle of thanksgiving in celebration. They always visit with the ancestors whenever they come to Thistlehouse. Worried that they will uncover Jason’s body, Cheryl takes back her potential acceptance of their deal and demands they leave.

Hermione and Hiram hook up

Hiram beaks into the Pembrooke and makes Hermione a proposition. He wishes to come back home. Should she agree, she’ll never have to work again a day in her life. She’ll be his wife again. He says all this whilst undressing. She slaps him for having Tall Boy try to kill her, however, Hiram recalls that Hermione had Minetta come for him. They’re not a conventional couple. Rather than tying each other up to spice up the relationship, they order hits. He needs Hermione and hopes that she’ll accept him back. She obliges and they two proceed to have sex.

Jughead calls Betty from Stonewall

Jughead calls Betty from Stonewall Prep after he pulled copies of the school’s literary magazine from the year that his grandfather and DuPont attended. In the table of contents, it lists a story written by Forsythe I, but it was torn out. It’s as if every trace of his writing at Stonewall Prep is gone. Betty asks where his grandfather went to school after Stonewall Prep. Jughead replies that he went to Riverdale High, where there was also a literary magazine. With that in mind, Jughead is on the first train out to Riverdale.

Veronica and Archie plan to get the kids off the streets

The arcade games are in, but none of the kids have shown up to the community center, so Archie and Veronica ask Toby and Eddie where all their friends are at. Toby and Eddie explain that Dodger is still giving the kids free pizza. To combat that, Veronica tells them to spread the word that at the community center, they’ll also have burgers, fries, and milkshakes from Pop’s.

Cheryl believes that somehow it was Julian that conspired to bring her extended family upon them, and so, it’s time to get rid of him once and for all. Toni and Nana Rose watch as Cheryl drowns Julian in the tub, placing him underwater and laying a brick on top to keep him from floating up.

Hermione tells Veronica that Hiram is coming home

Veronica returns home to find out that her father is moving back in. Hermione explains that she has invited Hiram back into the Pembrooke. Veronica is upset, however, Hiram surmises that the true reason behind her anger is that she’s jealous of Hermosa. Hiram assures Veronica that she’ll always be his favorite even while Veronica insists that not the motivation behind her anger.

Jughead has proof his grandfather wrote the first book

While looking through Riverdale High’s old literary magazines, Jughead and Betty discover a story written by Frosty Pajamas. He suspects it was his grandfather’s pen name. Frosty is almost an anagram for Forsythe and pajamas, also known as PJs, could be for Pendleton Jones. Upon further examination, Jughead concludes it’s the same writing as the first Baxter Brothers book, down to the character names. It was also written years before the first Baxter Brothers novel.

Alice and Charles inform Betty that Charles is telling the FBI about the shady man

Alice, Charles, and FP confront Betty over visiting Chic at the prison as her visit inspired him to go to his lawyer to contact the FBI to report a murder that happened in the Black Hood’s house, which he claims was committed by Alice. Chic also claims to know the location of the shady man’s burial site. Charles takes the lead on the investigation with assistance from FP. Together, they check the burial site.

Archie vs Dodger

The community center is a success. It’s packed with kids, which Archie owes to Veronica. Archie then heads out front after Reggie informs him that Dodger is outside. Archie is costing Dodger his workforce. They were happy to work for him before Archie showed up. He then accuses Archie of being the masked vigilante. Dodger didn’t come there for a fight. He only wanted to confirm his suspicion and prove that Archie is the vigilante. Dodger and his boys retreat as Veronica, Reggie, and the Bulldogs back Archie.

FP and Charles return. They took care of the body and ensure Betty and Alice that everything will be okay. As Charles leaves to file the report, Betty apologizes to him.

Jughead confronts DuPont for stealing his grandfather's work

Jughead meets with DuPont to discuss the first book in the Baxter Brothers series, and how he didn’t write it. Jughead found a short story that his grandfather wrote in an old Riverdale High literary magazine. It has a lot of the same elements and it was published years before the first Baxter Brothers novel. DuPont assures Jughead he wrote the first five books, but Jughead is certain he only wrote books two through five. The first one was written by his grandfather. DuPont denounces all of Jughead’s accusations. He then refers to Jughead’s grandfather as being a bottom-feeding drop out. DuPont insists that he’s not a thief. But he makes mention of Jughead’s dad and how he’s a thief and much more. DuPont goes on to boast about his accomplishments and how significant the Baxter Brothers books are to the school. It built Stonewall Prep. He then demands that Jughead get out his sight.

Hermosa tells Veronica her story

Hermosa stops by Pop’s. Veronica surmises their father sent Hermosa as a last attempt to get Veronica back into the family fold. Hermosa explains to Veronica that she doesn’t know their father as well as she thinks she does. Hermosa’s mom was a singer at one of Hiram’s Miami clubs. It’s where they met. They had a fling. When he got her pregnant, he took care of her until she died. Then, he took care of Hermosa. Hiram and Hermione are renewing their vows, and he would like for Veronica to attend. Before leaving, Hermosa tells Veronica that there’s good inside of their father, even if Veronica doesn't see it.

Cheryl kicks her family out

Aunt Cricket and Uncle Bedford return to Thistlehouse and inquire about the chain keeping them out of the chapel. Cheryl reminds them of their previous encounter where she told them only she is allowed in the chapel. They suspect that Cheryl’s had a psychotic break. As soon as they have her declared unfit, they’re selling everything, including the factory and ground. "Get out you parasites.", Cheryl exclaims as her extended family encroaches closer on her secret.

Jughead approaches Mr. Chipping with his findings; how DuPont plagiarized his grandfather’s work. Mr. Chipping admits the evidence is undeniable and so, he must help Jughead expose DuPont for the fraud that he is, even if it costs him his job.

Archie and Mary take cover

Archie arrives on his doorstep to find a black mask pinned to the front door with a knife. He enters his home and tells his mother that they need to leave immediately. Mary questions why. Archie explains that not everyone is happy about what he’s doing at the community center, and he’s made some enemies. A car pulls up outside and opens fires, shooting up the Andrews house as Archie and Mary take cover.

Veronica enters her father's study to find that her painting on the wall has been replaced with one of Hermosa. This angers Veronica so much so that she’s decided to skip her parents’ vow renewal. Veronica refuses to give up her place in the family, clearly concerned that Hermosa’s arrival means her displacement.

Archie asks for Hiram's help in dealing with Dodger

Archie calls Hiram down to the community center to ask for his help in dealing with Dodger after he shot up Archie’s house with his mom inside. Hiram advises that Archie go to FP. Archie explains that he did, but Dodger has managed to evade arrest. Hiram knows as well as Archie that some things have to be handled beyond the law. This is about protecting what’s left of Archie’s family. While Hiram’s sorry about what happened to Archie’s mother, he can’t help.

Jughead asks for help after Mr. Chipping throws himself out a window

Mr. Chipping informs the class that they’ll be discussing Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, about the loss of a man’s moral compass. He suddenly looks away from the class, telling Jughead that he’s sorry he couldn’t help him, before jumping out a window to his death. Jughead rushes to the window to see Chipping’s body on the ground below. He looks to his fellow classmates to call someone for help, but Bret, Donna, Jonathan, and Joan sit there motionless, as if their teacher hadn’t just thrown himself out a window.

Uncle Bedford threatens Cheryl

Cheryl and Toni awaken from their sleep to noises coming from the chapel. Cheryl suspects it’s Julian trying to escape. However, she and Toni find uncle Bedford inside the chapel. He is disgusted at the sight of Jason’s corpse. He always knew there was a sickness that ran in their family, but Jason’s corpse in the chapel is unthinkable. He grabs Cheryl and tells her that she’s going away for a long time. Toni tries to pull him off of Cheryl, but Bedford overpowers her and shoves Toni to the ground. He presses Cheryl against the wall and tells her that he’s going to report her to the authorities. Better yet, he might save them the trouble and take care of Cheryl himself, holding his forearm to her throat. Toni hits Uncle Bedford over the head with a candle stand, and she embraces Cheryl as Bedford bleeds on the ground

Charles visits Chic

Charles visits Chic at the Lodge Detention Center. As it turns out, he has been playing the Jones and the Coopers. He and Chic are still very much involved. They’ve apparently constructed a plan, to what end remains unknown. Although, they predicted Betty would come to Chic, eventually forcing them to lead Charles to the body to prevent the discovery of the shady man. After he and FP took care of the body, everyone was appropriately grateful, even Betty. They press their hands against the glass separating them and express their mutual love for one another.

Toni and Cheryl deny seeing Bedford

The following morning, aunt Cricket visits Thistlehouse in search of uncle Bedford. She was wondering if Cheryl and Toni saw him. They claim they haven’t, and if Cricket wishes to search the premises, Cheryl instructs her to come back with a warrant.

Archie and Reggie discover Dodger beaten and wrapped up in a carpet outside of the community center. Archie doesn’t hesitate and calls an ambulance.

DuPont is taking over for Mr. Chipping

Jughead, Bret, Donna, Joan, and Jonathan show up for class the first time following Mr. Chipping’s suicide. Seminar is canceled for the rest of the semester, and they’re all being given automatic 4.0s on account of Chipping’s death. They’re supposedly getting a new teacher, but no one knows for certain who. Although, the question of who will replace Mr. Chipping doesn’t go unanswered for long as DuPont enters and announces that he will be taking over the class.



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