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Winter had come to Riverdale, and everyone was suffering from an acute case of Quiz Show fever. No one more so than Betty Cooper, who was pouring her considerable energies into beating the tar out of Stonewall Prep's team led by, wouldn't you know it, Bret Weston Wallis. The only person immune to Quiz Show fever? My pal Archie Andrews who was feeling a lot less lonely these days.

"Chapter Sixty-Eight: Quiz Show" is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of Riverdale, and the sixty-eighth episode of the series overall.[2] It premiered on January 29, 2020.


RIVERDALE HIGH VS STONEWALL PREP — Determined to give Frank a second chance, Archie gives him a job at Andrews Construction. Betty channels her energy into taking Bret down and defeating Stonewall Prep at the Quiz Show Championship, while Veronica and Cheryl team up for an unlikely business venture. Finally, Kevin’s date with a new suitor takes a strange and unexpected turn.[3]



Jughead types on his laptop

Jughead types on his laptop from Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Winter has arrived in Riverdale and everyone is suffering from an acute case of Quiz Show fever. No one more than Betty, who has put together a team consisting of herself, Veronica, Cheryl, and Toni.

Archie comes downstairs to find his uncle Frank preparing breakfast. Frank is nervous for his first day as foreman at Andrews Construction. Archie has a surprise for him; he gift his uncle his father’s tool belt. Frank is reluctant to accept the gift, but does so.

Jughead reveals he was accepted into Yale

Jughead and Betty have sex in his room at Stonewall Prep. Everything seems to be going right in Jughead’s life. He has Betty at his side. He turned in his draft for the Baxter Brothers book, and he was accepted into Yale. Betty claims that she’s both happy and proud of Jughead, however, she appears taken back. As Betty’s leaving, Bret mocks her for failing to get accepted into Yale. He then announces his plan to defeat Betty in the Quiz Show finals.

Veronica and Cheryl approach the chemistry teacher, Dr. Beaker and asks him to analyze their maple-based concoction to ensure their recipe is different enough from Lodge Rum so that Veronica isn’t sued or ceased-and-desisted by her father.

DuPont tells Jughead his story was rejected

DuPont informs Jughead that the board that runs the Baxter Brothers has taken a look at the first draft of Jughead’s book and has a few thoughts. One global thought in particular. They would like a new mystery. They think the boy in the river storyline is a bit soft and are looking for something darker. They mentioned serial killers as a potential fertile ground to explore. DuPont advises Jughead to come up with a new mystery as fast as possible as the Brotherhood is coming to meet him.

Jughead asks Charles for help

Jughead goes to Charles for serial killer advice, informing him how his publishers want a dark, edgy villain for the book in the vein of Zodiac and Hannibal Lecter. Charles agrees to help Jughead, though he does point out that Jughead already has firsthand experience with the infamous Black Hood. However, Jughead couldn’t dare do that to Betty. In that case, Charles has boxes full of killers and agrees to pick out the ten most gruesome for Jughead.

Frank thanks the crew

At Andrews Construction, Frank thanks the crew and informs them of his plans in taking over. He also thanks Tom for filling in after Fred’s death. Afterward, Tom tells Archie that he would’ve appreciated a heads-up that he was being replaced. Archie apologizes, reasoning that it all happened so fast and that Frank has prior experience. Tom is skeptical about Frank, describing him as trouble since the day he was born. As sheriff, Tom arrested him at least half a dozen times. Even so, Archie believes in second chances, much like his dad.

Toni, Cheryl, Veronica, and Betty defeat Seaside

Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and Toni face off against Seaside High in the Regional RIVW Quiz Show semi-final. Riverdale is up by 30 points. Betty then proceeds to lead her team to victory. After the Quiz, Charles compliments Betty on a well-earned victory. However, Betty fears that playing great might not be enough to beat Bret. Betty asks for Charles’ help in dealing with Bret, informing Charles that he’s the son of a diplomat who brags about being untouchable. Any intel Charles could find on him would be appreciated. Charles questions if Betty’s anger towards Bret is really about the fact that he got accepted into Yale and she didn’t. Betty explains that she worked diligently for 4 years, put in extra time at the Blue and Gold and maintained a 4.1 GPA, yet she still didn’t get in, and she doesn’t know why. Charles’ former mentor at the FBI now teaches criminal law at Yale, so he offers to see what he can find out.

Jughead pitches the Brown Hood story

Jughead pitches his idea for the next Baxter Brothers book to the board. While the idea of a serial killer is intriguing, they are unimpressed with the story he’s chosen. DuPont interjects that Jughead’s best work comes from his personal experiences and suggests that as a starting point. Taking into consideration what Charles had mentioned to him earlier about the Black Hood, Jughead pitches the idea of an obsessed killer who’s looking to expose the hypocrisy and sins of his neighbor. He names the killer the Brown Hood.

Archie arrives at the site to learn from Tom that Frank closed down early and invited the guys over to the Andrews house for beers and tall tales. Tom stayed behind to balance the books. They’re a mess, starting with the fact that no one received their Christmas bonuses. Fred never missed a year. Archie assures Tom they’ll bounce back.

Frank tells stories about Fred

Archie returns home to find his uncle Frank telling old stories with the guys from the crew. He describes Fred climbing over a big fence to steal Seaside High’s mascot in order to give Riverdale the edge in the playoff game. However, Fred gets stuck in the pin. The following morning, security arrived and found Fred curled up in the mud, holding the squealing hog. Archie laughs as Frank continues the story. After the guys have left, Archie helps Frank clean up the mess, during which time he makes mention of the crew not receiving their Christmas bonuses. Frank admires how much like Fred Archie is, but tells him to relax.

Veronica and Cheryl inform Hiram of their business

Cheryl and Veronica offer Hiram a bottle of their maple-based rum, as opposed to his molasses-based rum. According to Dr. Beaker, who they had analyze it, by making the main ingredient maple syrup, their rum’s DNA has changed by 51%, meaning Veronica and Cheryl can distribute it legally without fear of Hiram taking legal action. And should he be inspired to create his own version of their rum, Veronica warns him that they control the patent on maple rum.

Bret reveals Jughead's story to Betty

As promised, Charles dug into Bret’s past and discovered something alarming, which he shares with Betty, who takes this information and confronts Bret. She accuses him of being a cheater. Jughead questions what Betty is referring to. She explains that Bret’s father paid someone to take the PSATs for him. And his father covered it all up before buying Bret’s way into Stonewall, as Betty is sure he did with Yale. She calls Bret a pathetic, rich kid. Bret flips the conversation in order to turn Betty’s rage on Jughead. He informs her how Jughead is writing YA fiction based on the exploits of the Black Hood.

Veronica makes La Bonne Nuit their base of operations

With a truly enviable product ready to be sold, Cheryl and Veronica discuss how they intend to draw in customers. Veronica suggests making La Bonne Nuit their base of operations. Cheryl recalls Hiram revoking La Bonne Nuit’s liquor license, to which Veronica replies that they won’t sell rum, they’ll hand out free samples. And instead of being a speakeasy, they’ll reopen La Bonne Nuit as a dance club.

Fangs asks Kevin out

At Pop’s, Fangs apologizes to Kevin for his actions while under Edgar’s influence. Kevin accepts Fangs’ apology as he too was under the control of the Farm, but he doesn’t believe them getting together back together is what’s best. However, Fangs asks Kevin on a date. Kevin turns Fangs down as his date, Terry, arrives, who invites Kevin back to his room at the Five Seasons.

Betty confronts Jughead

Betty confronts Jughead about him using the Black Hood for his Baxter Brothers novel. Jughead explains it was a last minute decision. He was initially never going to do it, which is why he didn’t ask Betty. She is still upset nevertheless. She accuses him of purposely omitting the truth. Which is exactly what he did about being initiated into the Quill and Skull and getting accepted into Yale, which Betty claims he only got into because he attends Stonewall Prep.

Archie and Frank turn down the prison job

Tom informs Archie and Frank that he just got off the phone with the mayor’s office, and they’ve been hired to repair the drainage system in the priso; Government job with real money. However, Archie refuses to go in business with Hiram Lodge as his prison represents everything wrong and corrupt with Riverdale. His dad wouldn’t do it and neither will Archie. Frank backs Archie’s decision, though Tom insists it’s the wrong one. Archie’s mind is made, and he asks that they don’t tell the crew as the morale is already low as it is.

Charles informs Betty why she wasn't accepted into Yale

Charles informs Betty that she wasn't accepted into Yale because they didn’t want the daughter of the Black Hood. They were afraid that if the identity of Betty’s father ever got out, it would generate bad press and problem with the other students.

Jughead confronts Bret for outing him to Betty. Bret explains that he learned about Jughead’s book from DuPont and that he told Betty not to hurt Jughead, but to get under Betty’s skin before the Quiz Show final. Bret explains that winning at any cost is what it means to be a Quill and Skull.

Betty destroys her father's grave

Betty visits her father’s grave as it is his fault that she isn’t attending Yale. Even rotting in the ground, he still finds ways to torture her. She then grabs a sledgehammer and destroys his headstone and screams "I hate you!" Alice finds Betty in the cemetery after Charles told her everything and embraces Betty.

Carlos warns Archie

Archie returns home to find uncle Frank and the crew in the living room chatting. In the kitchen, he is approached by Carlos, who heard about them turning down a government contract. When Archie explains that’s not the type of jobs they take, Carlos informs him that some of the guys are upset and tensions are high. If something doesn’t change soon, the crew is going to quit. Carlos also advises Archie to start spending more time on site with the rest of the crew as well.

Terry makes Kevin a proposition

At the Five Seasons, Terry tickles Kevin as they make out on the bed. He asks Kevin if he’s every recorded himself being tickled. He explains that there’s no sex involved and that Kevin doesn’t even have to take off his shirt. Terry will direct him and another hot guy together. It’s a paying gig of five grand per video. Terry explains that he only works the camera. He has someone else in mind for Kevin, should he agree, which he does.

Betty and Jughead make up

Jughead gets in bed with Betty and comforts her after learning the truth about why she wasn’t accepted into Yale and that she destroyed her father’s headstone. He tells Betty that he loves her and hates when they fight. Betty explains that she’s happy that Jughead was accepted into Yale and that he deserves it. However, It’s difficult for her to untangle that from the fact that she didn’t get accepted in. Stonewall got Jughead into Yale, he wonders if he can pay that forward by helping Betty win.

Cheryl and Veronica party

La Bonne Nuit is packed. Veronica and Cheryl’s dance club idea is a hit. As is their maple concoction. And they already have a long list of interested buyers. The sheriff department raids La Bonne Nuit under Hiram’s behest. He serves Veronica a warrant as they suspect alcohol is being sold on the premises. Hiram explains that he’s the grandmaster and when they play against him, they’ll lose every time. He then takes a sledgehammer and destroys Veronica and Cheryl’s stock.

Terry sets up a camera for Kevin and his top earner, Daryl. He explains that his subscribers love it when opposites pair up. He tells Kevin to trust him as he’s done hundreds of videos before.

Cheryl devises a plan

At La Bonne Nuit, after the party has long since ended, and Hiram is gone, Cheryl reminds Veronica that they have a new batch brewing at Thistlehouse. Veronica fears that her father will continue to raid La Bonne Nuit so long as their rum business threatens his, which gives Cheryl an idea. She proposes that they keep La Bonne Nuit open as a night club, as a distraction while they move the rum operation elsewhere.

After the job is done, Daryl leaves and Kevin is paid his five grand. Terry believes him to be a natural. He tells Kevin that he can make a lot more if and when he builds a following. However, Kevin insists this was a one-time thing. That’s a shame, Terry remarks. Kevin asks if he would always have to work with Daryl if he was to move forward with this. Terry questions if Kevin has someone else in mind.

Cheryl and Veronica hire Penelope as their live-in manager

Cheryl takes Veronica to her mother’s old Five Seasons suite that she ran as a brothel; The Maple Club. Veronica wonders if a former cathouse is on-brand for their female empowerment startup. Cheryl explains that its rent is prepaid for the rest of the year and it has everything they need, including a list of Riverdale's richest rubes, jotted down in a notebook. In their hands, they have a list of clients with the financial means to pay at the price point they require. Veronica and Cheryl informs all of Penelope’s past clients that the Maple Club is reopening as a social club offering high end maple-centric liquor. Between senior year and operating La Bonne Nuit as a cover, they’ll need a full time, live-in manager. Cheryl proposes that they hire her mother. Cheryl takes Veronica to the bunker, where she’s had her mother locked up against her will. Cheryl offers Penelope a change of venue so long as she’s obliged to play by their tightly coiled rules.

Tom quits

Tom informs Archie that there’s $200 missing and accuses Frank of taking it. Frank admits that he borrowed it against his salary. Tom corrects him in saying he stole it. However, as far as Frank’s concerned, Andrews Construction is his family business, so he couldn’t possibly be stealing. Tom has done his best to help Archie, but he’ll have to cut ties if he intends to stand by Frank, who punches Tom. A fight ensues. Tom and Frank trade blows, forcing Archie to intervene. Tom then quits and tells the crew that if any of them want a working job where they actually get paid to find him.

Archie and Frank return home, where Archie confronts him for stealing from the till. Frank explains that he didn’t steal it. He borrowed it against his future salary. He didn’t ask Archie for money as he has too much pride. Frank got a hot tip, a sure thing at the track. He was hoping to earn enough to pay the crew their bonuses.

Betty has the answers to the Quiz

The Quiz Show final has arrived; Riverdale vs Stonewall. However, before the game starts, Jughead introduces Betty to Mr. Brooks, a recruiter from Yale. Jughead insisted that Mr. Brooks see Betty in action. Alice approaches Betty and explains that winning the Quiz Show could mean another shot at Yale. Alice then tells Betty that she left her a present in the green room. Betty discovers that the gift from her mother is a cheat sheet for the Quiz Show.

Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and Toni win the Quiz

Jughead, Alice, Mr. Brooks, and Mr. Honey watch from the side as Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and Toni will take on Bret, Donna, Joan, and Jonathan. Riverdale and Stonewall answer questions back and forth, with Betty answering nearly all of the questions, almost as if she already knows the questions before they’re asked. The score is tied at 520. It is time for their final question. Betty goes head up against Bret. Betty answers the question correctly and wins the Quiz Show for Riverdale. Jughead congratulates Betty and tells her how they’re going to solve every mystery in Connecticut together and eat a lot of pizza.

Betty places the Quiz Show trophy above the fireplace. Betty informs her mother that she didn’t use the Quiz Show answers that she stole. She tore those up and threw them away.

Archie warns Frank against taking money from the company

The bets came in and Frank was able to turn $200 into $10,000. Enough to pay the crew their bonuses. Frank presents this money to Archie and asks if they’re good. Archie explains they’re not good. When Frank took the money, it felt like he was stealing from his dad, Archie says. He continues that Andrews Construction isn’t just a business, it’s a legacy. They should treat it as such with honor and respect. Archie explains what happened today can’t happen again.

Betty is welcomed to school with cheers and applause for winning the Quiz Show from all except Mr. Honey. He accuses Betty of cheating after finding the tore up Quiz Show answer sheet in the trash can of Betty’s greenroom.

Betty is suspended

When Betty returns home, Alice reveals that the school called. She tried to explain to Mr. Honey that it was her doing and that Betty had no involvement. She was simply trying to balance out the damage done by Betty’s father. Betty asks why her mother isn’t at work. Alice explains that someone told her station manager, and she was put on leave without pay. Betty surmises that Bret dug through her trash. Even if Betty didn’t use the answers, no one will believe her. So according to Mr. Honey, Riverdale’s win has been tainted by a cloud of scandal. The victory was overturned, and Stonewall Prep are the remaining champions. Furthermore, Betty’s been suspended pending further investigation.

Kevin approaches Fangs with a proposal. He explains that it’s good money for on-camera work. It’s a little weird, but Kevin would feel more comfortable with doing it with someone he knows. He insists that this isn’t about getting back together with Fangs and makes him promise to keep an open mind.

Tom refuses to come back

Archie meets with Tom at Pop’s to not only give him his bonus but offer him his job back at Andrews Construction. While Tom would like to, he doesn’t think it would be a good idea with Frank around. Archie offers to make Tom foreman again. Still, Tom explains that he can’t. Archie trusts too much in letting Frank help with the family business. Archie admits that Frank is a mixed bag, but he can’t turn his back on his family. Tom understands and wishes Archie the best of luck. He hopes that Frank won’t be the end of Andrews Construction.

Veronica and Cheryl celebrate

Business is good at the Maple Club. Veronica and Cheryl discuss how word is spreading fast. Veronica then gets a text from Pop Tate, who informs Veronica that La Bonne Nuit is being raided, just as they assumed it would be. However, the police will find nothing. Penelope asks if the mask she’s forced to wear is absolutely necessary. Cheryl explains that it’s the only way they can keep her identity secret. And should Penelope try to run away, the ankle monitor and proximity sensor Toni put on Penelope will start screeching.

Jughead challenges Bret

Jughead confronts Bret after learning that he dug through Betty’s trash and outed her. Jughead calls Bret a joke and coward. Bret becomes angry, and so as stated by the Quill and Skull charter, any dispute between two members can be solved according to the cold of the society of founding fathers. A duel. Bret claims that he’s amused at the thought of Betty weeping over Jughead’s dead body. Jughead challenges Bret to sudden death.

Archie comforts Betty

Four weeks later, Archie and Betty meet at Pop’s. Betty is struggling with the loss of Jughead. She keeps waiting for him to come back, but he doesn’t and he won’t. She doesn’t know how she’s supposed to keep going. Archie puts his hand over Betty and tells her they will get through it together, day by day.



Guest Starring


  • Chris Cannon as Dr. Beaker
  • Jennifer Copping as Brotherhood Member #1
  • Tyler Gibson as Mr. Brooks
  • Joshua Guvi as Daryl
  • Alexander Soto as Carlos
  • Brittany Willacy as Laura
  • James Yi as Brotherhood Member #2




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