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"Chapter Sixteen: Blackwood" is the fifth episode of the second part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the sixteenth episode of the series overall.[1]


Tensions rise as Zelda and Faustus Blackwood's union draws near. Amid the chaos, Sabrina greets a familiar vision and Ambrose uncovers a dark truth.



The Weird Sisters warn Father Blackwood

The Weird Sisters enter Father Blackwood's bedroom as he's shaving. His body covered with ritualistic tattoos. They shared a dream. Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas informs him that with the Anti-Pope's visit and Father Blackwood's marriage to Zelda, she feared delaying it. The Weird Sisters hold hands and tell him that they saw an altar, a coffin and much bloodshed. They warn him to beware of the Spellmans, claiming they will be the undoing of the Blackwoods. Blackwood dismisses their warning and claims that the Spellmans are at his mercy. He orders them to go to bed and dream no more of blood. Agatha and Dorcas take leave, but Prudence stays behind and asks if Zelda will take his name. Blackwood confirms this is the case. When Prudence asks if Sabrina will be a Blackwood, Father Blackwood accidentally cuts himself with his razor blade. Father Blackwood vows that Sabrina will never be a Blackwood before sending Prudence to bed.

Lilith plans to take down the Church of Night

At the cottage, Lilith tells Stolas that it is time to move the "little half-breed" further towards the Dark Lord's prophecy. Stolas agrees. Just as Sabrina performed an exorcism and resurrection in perversion of the Nazarene's miracle, she must now bring down the Church of Night. Lilith vows to set the bricks tumbling. Adam Masters enters the room and says he heard her talking to someone. Still posing as Mary Wardwell, tells him that she will be joining him in bed shortly.

Zelda assures her family that the Spellmans will rise

The following day, Zelda reassures the family that her marriage to Father Blackwood will be the re-making of the Spellmans. Zelda is delighted that the Anti-Pope, the leader of all Churches of Darkness himself, is traveling from the Vatican Necropolis to officiate their marriage. She believes this is an honor from the Dark Lord and looks forward to becoming Zelda Spellman-Blackwood. Hilda wishes she could be there. Zelda reassures her that she will use her influence to convince Father Blackwood to lift her excommunication and that she will have a role as the "maid of dishonor."

Ambrose accuses Salem of eating Leviathan

Sabrina does not support the wedding because she knows that Zelda does not love Father Blackwood nor does she trust him. Zelda says that Sabrina is too young to understand and that nothing will change her plans. Salem growls, and Sabrina tells Ambrose to leave her familiar alone. Ambrose demands that Salem regurgitate Leviathan, but Sabrina assures him that Salem didn't eat Leviathan. Hilda realizes that Ambrose is truly upset about Luke's death and tries to comfort him. Zelda does not want to hear any talk about death but only smiles this week.

Nick explains the importance of the Anti-Pope

Sabrina tells Nick that she was only saying what she was thinking. Nick explains that it is an honor for Zelda to have the Anti-Pope officiate over her ceremony since most witches never get to meet the Anti-Pope. While every coven has a High Priest, Nick explains that the Anti-Pope is above the High Priest and officiates over the Witches' Council, deciding witches' laws and policies. As Nick continues, he is interrupted when Sabrina sees an apparition of her father Edward Spellman's ghost.

Edward warns Sabrina of Blackwood's plan

Sabrina approaches her father, who says he has come to warn that Faustus Blackwood brought down the plane that killed her mother and him. Edward tells Sabrina to stop Zelda from marrying Faustus because he will do the same to her. He also tells Sabrina to complete his manifesto before disappearing. Sabrina takes a deep breath and walks away to tell Nick. However, unbeknownst to Sabrina, the apparition is an illusion created by Lilith, who remarks that Sabrina will "bring down the temple."

Prudence asks Zelda to speak to her father

Meanwhile, Zelda sees an apparition of Constance Blackwood while hanging out bed sheets. Prudence arrives and asks Zelda to petition the High Priest to grant her the Blackwood family name. Zelda is reluctant, but Prudence reminds her that she helped her to deliver the twins and kept Leticia's existence secret. Zelda says she will speak to the High Priest but can't guarantee any promises. After Prudence leaves, Sabrina demands to know what she was doing here. Zelda tells her to mind her own business, but Sabrina insists that they have a family meeting.

Sabrina informs her family how she was approached by her father

Inside the house, Sabrina recounts with Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose her encounter with her father’s ghost. Zelda is dismissive of Sabrina’s story while Hilda quips that there are a lot of haunting near weddings. Zelda explains that there was an independent inquiry conducted by the Witch Council into her parents' deaths, which they concluded that the plane crash was the result of mechanical error. Zelda believes that the ghost is ill-informed. Sabrina then mentions that her father’s ghost told her to finish his manifesto. Hilda recalls the manifesto, but Zelda dismisses her father’s manifesto as nothing more than romantic musings about "mortal-witch intermingling." Sabrina is annoyed with Zelda for not taking her seriously, but Zelda responds that Sabrina was drinking absinthe in the afternoon when her visitation occurred. Zelda refuses to discuss the matter and relieves Sabrina from her bridesmaid duties. Zelda is more concerned about the specter of Lady Blackwood, which she saw wandering the cemetery with malicious intent. Zelda tasks Hilda with dealing with the ghost. Zelda will only take her account seriously when he sees Edward's ghost herself.

Ambrose tells Sabrina that he's a member of the Judas Society

Ambrose tells Sabrina she might be right about Blackwood because he had a tarot reading where Father Blackwood told him to murder his family. Ambrose adds that Blackwood inducted him into a secret society of warlocks; the Judas Society. They will meet the night before the Anti-Pope's arrival. Sabrina tells Ambrose they have to find out everything. She believes that the High Priest is breaking her family, having murdered her parents and seeking to marry Zelda. Sabrina thinks that too much is happening around the wedding for this to be a coincidence. When Ambrose asks her about the role of the Anti-Pope, Sabrina says she's not sure but knows someone who can help.

Lilith advises Sabrina

Since "Ms. Wardwell" was purportedly her father's secretary, Sabrina visits her and recounts her encounter with Edward’s ghost. Sabrina asks about the circumstances of her parents’ death. Lilith claims the Witches Council's inquiry into the plane crash was a whitewash orchestrated by Father Blackwood. When Sabrina asks why Father Blackwood would kill her father and what work Edward left unfinished. Lilith claims that Edward was traveling to the Vatican Necropolis to deliver his manifesto to the Anti-Pope, which she describes as a bold doctrine to reform the Church of Night. Lilith also claims that the manifesto is lost beneath the ocean. Sabrina asks where the plane crashed. Lilith tells her that the plane crashed somewhere in the Devil's Triangle. Sabrina offers to retrieve the manifesto, and Lilith tells her that her parents would not have died in vain. Sabrina vows to finish her father's life work.

Zelda and Father Blackwood discuss their wedding

Father Blackwood and Zelda are discussing the seating plans for their wedding reception. Zelda petitions Father Blackwood to lift his excommunication on Hilda. Blackwood replies that Hilda witnessed a Catholic baptism. Zelda says that her sister has been atoning for the past several months. Blackwood agrees to lift Hilda's excommunication and asks if Hilda will be keeping her company the night before the wedding should she be visited. Zelda then makes a second appeal on behalf of Prudence.

Adam asks Lilith about Sabrina's visit, praising his fiancée for her dedication to her students. Adam proposes that they marry, shocking Lilith.

Nick returns with the manifesto

While sitting in her bathroom, waiting for Nick to return, Sabrina reassures Salem that Nick can hold his breath for more than four minutes. Nick emerges from the bathtub portal, having retrieved the manifesto from the plane wreckage after fighting a giant squid. Hilda enters the bathroom and tells Sabrina that she is needed to act as bait for Lady Blackwood. She also tells Nick to put a shirt on.

Hilda helps Constance sleep

Hilda and Sabrina use candles and black lace to set a trap for Constance. Lady Blackwood approaches a hooded figure on a chair, whom she mistakes for Zelda. She threatens to haunt Zelda and her family forever. Hilda surfaces, remarking that spirits are like moths drawn to candles. Sabrina reveals herself as the hooded figure. Hilda threatens to trap Lady Constance in a tin box filled with sanctified grave dirt unless she tells them why she is haunting her sister. Lady Blackwood claims that Zelda killed her, stole her babies and wants to steal her husband. Hilda tells Constance that Zelda tried to save her life and that of her children. Constance reveals that Sister Shirley Jackson loosened her grave and told her this. Hilda responds that Sister Jackson is acting out of spite. Hilda convinces Constance to rest in peace for good before blowing out the candles.

Father Blackwood tasks Ambrose with guarding the Anti-Pope

At Dorian's Gray Room, Father Blackwood holds a memorial service for the late Lucas Chalfant during a meeting of the Judas Society. Blackwood outlines the new testament; the Five Facets of Judas. He then proceeds to recite the testaments, during which time his followers chant hail Satan, before dismissing them. Father Blackwood then speaks with Ambrose privately and tasks him with guarding the Anti-Pope during his stay at the Academy before he arrives at Greendale. Blackwood explains that would have been Lucas' responsibility and only the most loyal are trusted.

Zelda asks Hilda to stay with her until the Dark Lord's arrival

Zelda tells Hilda that she has convinced Father Blackwood to lift her excommunication, allowing her to serve her duties as Maid of Dishonor. Hilda tells her that she has sent Lady Constance back to the grave and reveals Sister Jackson as the real villain. Zelda wishes that she killed Sister Jackson, but Hilda assures her that she will take care of her by sorting out their differences over tea and biscuits. Zelda gives her one more important duty, to attend to her if the Dark Lord arrives before the wedding. Zelda fears that the Dark Lord will visit her the night before the wedding and claim her for himself, as it is his right to do so with all brides. Hilda vows to do anything for her sister.

Ambrose, Sabrina, and Nick look over the manifesto

Sabrina shows Nick and Ambrose her father's five-point manifesto, which includes union between mortals and witches. Sabrina thinks that her parents were traveling to the Vatican to reform the Church of Night and that Father Blackwood murdered them before they could do that. Ambrose says he believes her and tells both Sabrina and Nick that he attended a meeting of the Judas Society. He tells her about Blackwood's manifesto, which he describes as a misogynistic regression to the "old ways." Ambrose explains that Blackwood plans to present his manifesto to the Anti-Pope and that he will be stationed outside Blackwood's office during the meeting. Sabrina says she could take advantage of that to present her father's manifesto to the Anti-Pope, derailing Blackwood’s plot to regress the Church of Night and the wedding.

Father Blackwood and Zelda greet Enoch

The Judas Society stands guard, with Ambrose as lead as the Anti-Pope, Enoch of Antioch meets with Father Blackwood and Zelda. The Anti-Pope compliments Zelda's beauty and accompanies them into the Academy. Prudence speaks with Zelda, but she apologizes that her father won't budge despite her efforts to give Prudence the Blackwood name. Father Blackwood introduces Nick to the Anti-Pope. Sabrina also introduces her to the Anti-Pope, who praises her father for his work as a High Priest and skills as a warlock. Father Blackwood frowns. The Anti-Pope says that he sadly perished before they could meet and discuss his philosophies. Father Blackwood offers to give Enoch of Antioch a tour of the Academy. When Prudence asks her father if he is going to introduce her and the Weird Sisters, Father Blackwood introduces her as Prudence Night, describing her as one of the "gutter orphans" the Academy fosters.

Hilda poisons Sister Shirley

Hilda meets with Sister Shirley Jackson to talk about Zelda, offering her biscuits. Hilda demands to know why she conjured up the ghost of Lady Blackwood. Shirley takes a quick liking to the biscuits as Hilda reiterates her question. Shirley says that she bears a grudge against her brother Edward Spellman for dumping her in favor of the mortal Diana. She welcomes their death as just and right. Jackson says that she rose to a senior teaching position in the House of Night and resents Zelda for supplanting her. She vows not to have a Spellman ascend over her, leading Hilda to describe her as petty and selfish. Shirley suggests that Hilda join forces with her to bring about Zelda’s downfall while gorging on more biscuits. Hilda responds that folks tend to underestimate her as meek and mild. Hilda affirms her love for her sister and warns that there "will be Heaven to pay" for anyone who threatens her family. Shirley asks if Hilda is threatening her and reveals that she has been wearing a protection that guards her from all magical attacks ever since Zelda put that earworm in her head. However, Hilda responds that she has laced the almond cookies with cyanide. Shirley Jackson chokes before breathing her last breath.

The Anti-Pope agrees to consider both doctrines

Back at the Academy, Ambrose stands guard as Enoch of Antioch meets with Father Blackwood, who has proposed a summit of all the Churches of Darkness to review their universal laws. The Anti-Pope says that his predecessor Edward Spellman had made a similar request prior to his death. The Anti-Pope is supportive but asks who will lead the summit. Father Blackwood volunteers to host the summit and to present his Judas Society's five tenets, which he vows will return the Churches of Darkness to their former glory. Sabrina bypasses Ambrose and enters the room. The Anti-Pope is delighted to meet Sabrina. Sabrina tells the Anti-Pope that she found a copy of her father's manifesto. Despite Blackwood's objections, Enoch of Antioch says he will retire to his chambers to consider both doctrines and to decide which is worthy enough to put before the Witches Council.

Adam and Lilith kiss

At the cottage, Adam and Lilith have dinner and raise the subject of marriage. Lilith replies that she has changed her mind and that she is not the same woman anymore, alluding to the fact that she's not truly Mary Wardwell. She pours him some wine and asks him to consider what a marriage is. Adam replies that it is two people declaring their love for each other for the world to celebrate. Lilith responds that marriage is only a blessing for a man and is a primrose path to a woman's destruction, describing it as the obliteration of a women’s personhood. It takes everything from her and gives nothing in return. So, Lilith declines his marriage offer. Adam takes this surprisingly well. Even if she doesn't want to get married, he promises to stay by her side and never hurt her. Lilith says that her former lover was cruel to her before kissing Adam.

Nick calms down Sabrina

At the Spellman household, Nick tells Sabrina to calm down. Sabrina thinks she is failing her father, but Nick reminds her that she has recovered her father's manifesto for the Anti-Pope and that she has done all she can. He suggest that they sit tight for the next few hours. With her aunts away at the Academy, Nick proposes that the two share the bed together.

Blackwood assures his son Judas that the Spellmans will not prove to be their undoing. He says that they cannot risk the Anti-Pope choosing the Spellman manifesto over his own. Blackwood has contingencies in place and tells his son to sleep peacefully. He vows there will be blood tonight and glory in the morning.

The Dark Lord orders Lilith to kill Adam

While Adam sleeps, Lilith enters the living room with a pitcher of water. She is startled by the Dark Lord, causing her to drop the glass and for it to shatter across the floor. The temple has yet to fall and the Dark Lord is convinced that Adam is a distraction, and he wants Lilith to get rid of him. He reminds Lilith that she belongs to him and only him.

Ambrose's stomach begins groaning as he and two other members of the Judas Society guard the Anti-Pope's room. He tells his fellow Judas Society stalwarts that his stomach is craving.

Zelda waits as the Dark Lord approaches

Zelda is anxious about the Dark Lord's arrival, but Hilda tells her sister not to worry. Zelda says it is the greatest honor to be visited by the Dark Lord. He only picks the most devout brides to christen on their wedding eve. Hilda suggests that the Dark Lord might choose not to visit. Zelda agrees, but then they are startled by the Dark Lord, who enters the bedroom. Hilda slips out while Zelda stands as the Dark Lord approaches her from behind.

Ambrose and two other warlocks allegedly kill the Anti-Pope

That night, Prudence attempts to stab her father in while he slept. However, the two are startled by a Dorcas' screams. Zelda demands to know who is screaming. Father Blackwood, Zelda, and Prudence enter Enoch of Antioch's chambers to find that he has been hacked to death. Blackwood strikes down two of the Judas Society stalwarts guarding him. Despite Zelda and Hilda's pleas, he tries to strike down Ambrose who manages to teleport to safety. He orders the others to find the traitor.

Ambrose tells Sabrina and Nick that he was framed

Sabrina is caressing Nick when a bloodied Ambrose arrives with news of the Anti-Pope’s murder. Ambrose says he can't remember what happened but insists it was not him. Salem growls as they hear Father Blackwood bellowing orders to the Judas Society just outside the house. Sabrina tells Nick to hide Ambrose while she stalls them. Father Blackwood arrives with Hilda and Zelda and demands to know if Ambrose is there. Sabrina denies seeing Ambrose but Blackwood's warlocks search the house.

Sabrina declares Ambrose's innocence

Sabrina asks Zelda if she believes that Ambrose murdered the Anti-Pope. Zelda says that the Ambrose was covered in the Anti-Pope's blood with a dagger in hand, and that he spirited himself to safety when confronted. Sabrina believes that Ambrose is innocent, but Zelda points out that Ambrose is the same warlock who plotted to blow up the Vatican. Father Blackwood says that they now need strong leadership and should go ahead with the wedding. He announces that they will hold a joint-wedding and funeral.

Dorian believes that Blackwood may have killed Luke

At Dorian's Gray Room, Dorian Gray tells the Judas Society that he has not seen Ambrose and the warlocks depart. After they have left, Dorian changes into Ambrose and tells the real Dorian Gray that he can come out of the painting he was hiding in. Gray says he will do anything for his friend Nick. Ambrose is sickly and Dorian serves him a drink. Ambrose vomits out his familiar Leviathan and realizes that the mouse was hiding inside him. Dorian tells Ambrose that the mouse was controlling him. When Ambrose reveals that Leviathan was a gift from Father Blackwood, Gray deduces that Blackwood was behind the Anti-Pope's murder. Gray tells Ambrose that Blackwood takes advantage of his boys. When Ambrose asks what he means, Dorian reveals that every warlock who gets close to Father Blackwood ends up dead such as Luke. Ambrose asks if Blackwood murdered Luke and Gray tells him it's very possible. Ambrose vows to kill Blackwood for murdering Luke.

Nick and Sabrina plot to take down Blackwood

While Sabrina is visiting her father's grave, Nicholas tells her that Ambrose is hiding. She tells him that Father Blackwood wants to combine his wedding and the Anti-Pope's funeral. Sabrina vows not to let her parents’ deaths be in vain. She also resolves not to let her Aunt Zelda marry Blackwood. Sabrina proposes borrowing a page from the play Hamlet to clear Ambrose's name and derail Blackwood's plan. Nick proposes doing it with a glamour, something Shakespeare did not have.

Father Blackwood demands to know why Prudence would try to commit patricide. Realizing that her ambitions know no bounds and that he needs the support of his family, he makes her a Blackwood. Henceforth, she shall be known to all as Prudence Blackwood.

Zelda and Faustus get married

At the desecrated church, Father Blackwood officiates over the funeral of the Anti-Pope and announces he will conduct his own marriage to Zelda. Hilda accompanies Zelda down the aisle as Prudence takes stand at Father Blackwood's side. Blackwood offers a blood sacrifice to the demons of marriage and lust: Astaroth, Furfur, Hathor, Ishtar, Saleous, Uvall, and Vassage. He and Zelda drink the blood of a sacrificed being. Hilda sheathes Zelda and Blackwood's hands with a cloth. Blackwood reads their marriage vows. However, the wedding is interrupted by the ghosts of Edward and Diana Spellman, who denounce Faustus Blackwood for murdering them and the Anti-Pope. Blackwood sees through Sabrina and Nick’s trick and removes their glamour. Before the Judas Society can take them away, Sabrina denounces Father Blackwood as a fraud and accuses him of murdering her father and the Anti-Pope. Ambrose appears and tries to kill Blackwood, but Prudence magically restrains him. He is then subdued and captured by the other Judas Society boys.

Lilith protects Adam

Lilith casts a spell on a protection ring for Adam. Stolas protests, but Lilith responds that what the Dark Lord knows won't hurt him. Adam returns and Lilith tells him to wear a ring and never to take it off. Adam does it out of his love for her.

Zelda confronts Sabrina for ruining her wedding day. She informs her that Ambrose has been locked in the Witch's Cell for his crimes. Zelda also informs Sabrina that she and Nick have been expelled from the Academy. Finally, Zelda tells Sabrina that Blackwood married her in his office. Meanwhile, Ambrose lies in his cell.

Father Blackwood and Zelda leave for their honeymeoon

Sabrina and Hilda watch from afar as Father Blackwood announces that he and Zelda, formally known as Lady Blackwood, will be escorting the Anti-Pope's remains to the Vatican Necropolis. He and Zelda also plan to have a honeymoon abroad. Blackwood tasks Prudence with overseeing the Academy and protecting their family name. Prudence replies that he can rely on her. Before they leave, Blackwood reminds Zelda that a wife walks behind her husband. Sabrina and Hilda watch in dismay.



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  • Ray Wise, the actor who played the Anti-Pope, also played the Devil in the 2007 ABC Studios series "Reaper".
  • During her haunting of Zelda, Constance sings the traditional nursery rhyme Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly).
  • In "Chapter Seven: Feast of Feasts", Sabrina introduced Prudence as her "cousin" to her mortal friends. They are now related through the marriage of Zelda and Faustus.


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