"Chapter Six: An Exorcism in Greendale" is the sixth episode of the first part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the sixth episode of the series overall.[2]


Harvey, Roz and Susie explore a mysterious force of evil. Sabrina digs deeper into Ms. Wardwell's intentions. Hilda pursues a new beginning.



Sabrina confronts Ms. Wardwell

Sabrina walks into Ms. Wardwell's home. "Ms. Wardwell" offers her a seat and some cookies but Sabrina wants to get right to the point. "Ms. Wardwell" lies and tells her that she's a witch and that she's been watching her from afar for the sake of protecting her. She also admits she used a scrying spell on her mirrors and that that is how she knew that the Batibat was in her house and had her and her family at it's mercy. This upsets Sabrina who tries to leave when "Ms. Wardwell" lies again and tells her that it was Edward who sent her to watch over her. She tells Sabrina that she was originally a member of the Church of Shadows, a witch coven in New Hamshire that's also one of Churches of Darkness, until she was excommunicated for falling in love with and getting engaged to a mortal man. After that, she sought out Edward Spellman who made her his student and his secretary when he was the High Priest of the Church of Night. Before he died, Edward asked her to be an invisible omnipresent circle of protection around Sabrina. She goes on to say that she agreed to do it because she fell in love with him. A still upset Sabrina tells "Ms. Wardwell" to stay away from her and leaves. Later, in the cemetery, Ambrose tries to convince Sabrina to give "Ms. Wardwell" the benefit of the doubt but she says no and that she's going to clean all the mirrors so that "Ms. Wardwell" can't spy on them anymore.


Harvey, Roz and Susie experience hallucinations of a possessed Uncle Jesse

Harvey is drawing when he sees a vision of Uncle Jesse. It freaks him out but disappears as Tommy walks in. Tommy tells him to go to bed before their dad gets mad that he's up still. Roz is up in the middle of the night getting something from the fridge when she sees Uncle Jesse. He makes her drop the milk and only disappears when her Dad shows up. Susie is brushing her teeth when she sees Uncle Jesse. After, she goes and checks on him and finds that he's still tied to the bed.

Hilda goes to see Dr. Cerberus about a job. She tells him that she’s always been a fan of horror show hosts and that she’s also a fan of him. After a few questions, he hires her as a Barista.


Constance gets a pregnancy checkup

Zelda listens to the heartbeat of Faustus Blackwood's wife Constance's baby that's still in the womb. She sends Father Blackwood out of the room when he starts asking too many questions. Constance tells Zelda that she's lost two children before and that Blackwood wants a boy heir. Zelda hands her a jar to pee in and tells her that they'll know soon enough.


Roz, Harvey and Susie tell Sabrina about a possessed Uncle Jesse

At school, Harvey, Susie, and Roz tell Sabrina about Uncle Jesse. They think he might be possessed by a demon. Sabrina tries to play it off but Roz tells them how she saw Uncle Jesse at her house. Both Harvey and Susie say the same thing. Later, Harvey asks Sabrina if she doesn't believe him anymore. Sabrina says she does but he was eight when he saw that thing in the mines. Harvey gets upset and leaves because he feels that she isn't telling him the truth. Ms Wardwell walks up to Sabrina to continue the conversation from last night but Sabrina brushes her off.

Sabrina goes home and tries to get her Aunties to help her with Uncle Jesse being possessed. Zelda tells her that they don't mess in mortal affairs. However, she does tell Sabrina to tell her friends not to touch Uncle Jesse because then the demon will be able to prey on them too. Sabrina tells her that they all had to touch him in order to tie him up. Not getting anywhere with her Aunts, Sabrina goes upstairs to talk to Ambrose.


Sabrina astral projects into Jesse’s room

Sabrina tries to convince Ambrose into standing guard over her body while she astral projects to Susie's house to see Uncle Jesse. He says no but she does it anyway. She talks to the demon inside Jesse and learns that its name is Maerceci. She tries to tell it to go away but somehow it ends up devouring her soul. Salem, who was watching over Sabrina's body, goes and grabs Ambrose, who pulls her back into her true form. She tells Ambrose what happened and gives him the demon's name. After a few minutes, Ambrose laughs because his "name" is actually "ice cream" spelled backwards, revealing that the demon lied to her. Ambrose asks Sabrina if there is anything else that she knows about him. She tells him that he said he was set free from the mines by Jesse. This triggers something in her mind as she leaves and goes to see Harvey.


Sabrina and Harvey investigate the mines

Sabrina apologizes to Harvey about not believing him. She asks him to draw her a map to the mines so that she can find some clue as to what is affecting Jesse. Harvey is against it but then sees another vision of Jesse. He decides to go with her. They look through the mines but get separated. Sabrina goes to look for Harvey but runs into "Ms. Wardwell." Sabrina asks what she's doing here and she tells her that she's looking out for her, just as she promised her father. Sabrina tells her again to stay away. Suddenly, she hears Harvey scream and goes running towards him. She finds him huddled in a corner next to a statue of the Dark Lord. He admits that it could've been that he saw as a child. The two of them decide to leave the mines and head home.

Susie's dad decides to send Uncle Jesse to a mental institute where he can get the proper help that he needs. Susie objects and tells her dad that she wants to see the facility before they send him there. Roz is at an eye doctors appointment. The doctor tells her that her eye degeneration is steadily progressing. Roz refuses to have the surgery and her Dad tries to talk to her about it. She sees a vision of Uncle Jesse.


Sabrina in Demology class

The next day, Sabrina discovers that the demon's name is Apophis. She asks Father Blackwood at the Academy of Unseen Arts about the demon. He tells her that the only way to get rid of it is to perform an exorcism but witches aren't allowed to do that as that is a Catholic Rite which is taboo in all of the Churches of Darkness. Sabrina reveals that her friend’s uncle is being possessed by a demon, Apophis. What if this brings unwanted attention to the witches of Greendale? Blackwood replies that it’s not a concern, as possessions involving Apophis rarely last long. Apophis is a parasitic demon, also known as the Devouring Worm. He’s feasting on Jesse from the inside out. If he’s alive, he won’t be for long. After he’s done feasting, he’ll just jump into another host, usually a body that’s already come into contact with Aphophis. Sabrina becomes more concerned about her friends and asks if there is another way to get rid of the demon, to which Blackwood replies that there isn’t for tenacious demons such as Apophis. After class, Nicholas Scratch approaches her and Sabrina reminds him that she has a boyfriend. He asks if she can date two guys since she has two natures. This leaves Sabrina speechless.


Ms. Wardwell visits the Spellmans

Sabrina arrives home to find "Ms. Wardwell" sitting between Zelda and Hilda. Ms Wardwell tells Sabrina she came because she fears she's putting herself in danger. Sabrina asks her if her aunts know what she is. Ms Wardwell tells Sabrina she's told them everything. Zelda adds that she wishes she could say she and Hilda were surprised but they knew their brother well enough to know this is exactly something Edward would have done though she still finds it insulting that her brother wouldn't think they were up to the task of protecting his daughter themselves. Sabrina tells them that she will go to the Catholic Church and ask for help for her friends. "Ms. Wardwell" offers to help Sabrina with the exorcism by using one of Edward's spells that is a Church of Darkness counterpart to the Catholic exorsism. Hilda decides to go along as well and the three of them leave leaving Zelda behind. Zelda paces back and forth worried about Sabrina. Ambrose tells her to go help them so that Sabrina doesn't get hurt.


Sabrina, Hilda, Lilith (and later, Zelda) perform an exorcism

Sabrina, Hilda, and "Ms. Wardwell" stand before Uncle Jesse. Sabrina says the spell but it doesn't seem to be working until Zelda arrives to help. Uncle Jesse throws up the worm and "Ms. Wardwell" quickly whisks it away. She throws it down a well along with a sealing stone to keep it there. Zelda tells Sabrina she came for educational purposes. However, she also tells Sabrina she's grounded for disobeying her.


Sabrina comforts Susie upon hearing of Jesse's death

The four of them head home but not before Sabrina thanks "Ms. Wardwell" for her help. At the Spellman's, Father Blackwood is waiting for them when they return. He threatens to excommunicate them all for having performed an exorcism. Zelda saves the day by telling him the test results of the urine sample she took from Constance: He's having twins. The next morning, Hilda receives a call from Mr. Putnam. He tells her that Uncle Jesse died sometime during the night. Sabrina sits with Susie out in front of her house. Susie tells her that maybe it's better that he died because he would've rotted in the asylum. Luke walks into Cerebrus Bookshop and orders a latte. Hilda recognizes him and adds some love potion to the mix.


Madam Satan kills Jesse

"Ms. Wardwell" comforts Sabrina and tells her that at least she was able to save Uncle Jesse's soul. In reality, Uncle Jesse only died because Lilith had gone back to see him and killed him. Sabrina feels like she failed and wonders how she'll ever outwit the Dark Lord. Ms. Wardwell asks what she means.



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