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Backstage at Molly's Crisis, my friend Jorge Lopez was working on his production of Kiss of the Spider Woman: The Musical. [...] Meanwhile, I was caught in a web of guilt and darkness of my own creation. [...] How could I possibly design a wedding dress for Patrica after accidentally sleeping with her husband-to-be?

"Chapter Seven: Kiss of the Spider Woman" is the seventh episode of the first season of Katy Keene, and the seventh episode of the series overall.[2] It premiered on March 19, 2020.


A BIG SWING – Gloria is putting pressure on Katy to design a wedding dress that would be career changing for her. Jorge wants to keep pushing his career forward, so he decides to put on a show. Josie is frustrated that nothing has come from her EP party. Meanwhile, Pepper turns to Alexander and Xandra for an investment opportunity.[3]



Backstage at Molly's Crisis, Jorge is working on his musical production of "Kiss of the Spider Woman".

Katy declines Patrica's offer

At Lacy's, Katy has yet to confirm nor deny to design Patricia’s royal wedding dress. However, after hooking up with Prince Errol, Katy struggles with accepting the opportunity, and so she turns Patricia down, much to Gloria’s dismay. Katy claims that she’s inexperienced and suggests a more household name. Patricia refuses to accept no as an answer and gives Katy a day to think on it. Errol and Patrica then leave.

Jorge as the Spider Woman

Jorge flaunts his Spider Woman inspired dress, designed by Katy, to Francois and Pepper. Jorge explains that "Kiss of the Spider Woman" is the perfect showcase for his drag and Broadway careers. Between Katy’s costumes, Francois’ direction, and Pepper’s press connections, Jorge’s musical is bound for success. Jorge’s vision is to adapt the show and play both Molina and the Spider Woman. Additionally, he asks Pepper to help finance the musical. Pepper proposes they host a presentation at the Pepper Plant to impress potential investors.

Pepper asks Josie to invite Alex

Pepper prepares the invite list, starting with Josie at Chubby’s. She explains that she is hosting a presentation to lure investors. Josie comments that she should’ve enlisted in Pepper’s help for her listening party. While Alex does what he can, he’s not as forceful as Pepper, who asks Josie to invite Alex to the presentation in hopes that he’ll be willing to invest.

Josie asks Alex to invest in Jorge's musical

Josie calls Alex over to her apartment. He informs her that a scout from the Apollo heard her EP and has shown interest in acquiring Josie but only if she gets a few smaller gigs under her belt. Alex is working on that, but he is still very much unknown in the music industry. Josie hopes she can help with this dilemma by suggesting that he invest in Jorge’s musical, "Kiss of the Spider Woman." Alex happily agrees.

Patricia appears to Katy as her own Spider Woman

Gloria is suffering from a migraine after witnessing Katy turn down the opportunity of a lifetime by refusing to design Patricia’s dress. Gloria demands that Katy explain herself. Before Katy can answer, Patrica appears as a manifestation of Katy’s guilty conscience. Her very own personal Spider Woman. Katy lies and says that she’s already committed to making costumes for Jorge’s musical, claiming that it’s a large production with 55 changes, and she can’t do both. Gloria is in disbelief that Katy is choosing to do costumes for an off-off-Broadway show rather than a royal dress. Amanda arrives with Gloria’s tea to hopefully cure her of her migraine.

Katy sits next to KO and Xandra

Katy arrives at the Pepper Plant and takes a seat next to KO and Xandra, who jokes that KO thought they were going to see "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark", a musical that Katy and KO once saw together. She notices that KO’s wearing a new jacket. One that Xandra bought for him to show her appreciation for him working long hours. Katy tells KO that she got asked to design a wedding dress for Patrica, however, she still isn’t sure if she will do it. KO questions why she wouldn’t as she’ll never receive another chance like this. He recalls seeing Katy at Lacy’s trying on rings with Prince Errol and how he felt that Katy would start dating him.

Jorge's first show fails

Pepper gets on stage and welcomes Katy, KO, Xandra, Josie, Alex, Francois, and Bernardo to the Pepper Plant. As planned, Jorge plays both Molina and the Spider Woman. Amanda arrives and is greeted at the front by Didi, who explains that "Kiss of the Spider Woman" is a small production despite Katy’s initial claims of 55 changes. It doesn’t take long for the audience to grow unsatisfied with Jorge’s performance and exit.

Prince Errol offers to break up with Patricia

Katy returns to her apartment to find Prince Errol awaiting her arrival. He admits that he owes her an explanation. He truly did call off the engagement with Patricia, but then the engagement photos came out, and Errol’s family said that it was too late to back out. It would ruin his family. Which is why he came to see Katy. He doesn’t care if it’s scandalous. He wants to be with her, and if she feels the same way, he’ll call off the wedding. Katy insists that he see the wedding through, referring to their hookup as a huge mistake. And designing Patricia’s wedding dress would be another mistake, as it is wrong on every level. She pleads with Errol to leave her alone and to not make this any harder than it is.

Josie, Katy, and Jorge are startled by a spider

Katy enters the apartment to find Jorge and Josie in the kitchen. She relays to them her current dilemma of the prince wanting to be with her, and Patrica wanting her to design the royal wedding dress. She asks for their advice, as designing the dress would be horrible karma. Before they can offer any advice, Jorge and Josie warn Katy as a spider drops down from the ceiling onto her shoulder. Katy panics and almost kills the spider, but Jorge reminds her that it’s a good omen.

Pepper promises the role of Spider Woman to Josie

Jorge meets with Pepper and Francois at Molly’s Crisis to discuss potential investors. However, they didn’t receive any. Although, Pepper did manage to raise some capital with the Cabots. She first saw Alex, who initially turned her down, referring to the musical as bizarre and self-indulgent. He conceded under one condition; Josie would play the Spider Woman. After getting Alex to invest, Pepper acquired some time with Xandra and KO, who remains her diligent bodyguard. Pepper claims that in six months time, they’ll transfer from Molly’s Crisis to New Amsterdam. KO remarks that if anyone can make it happen, it’s Jorge, even comparing him to Billy Porter. Xandra values KO’s opinion and offers to invest. However, if "Kiss of the Spider Woman" makes it to Broadway, she wants to replace Josie as Spider Woman.

Jorge is outraged with Josie playing Spider Woman

Jorge angrily rejects Pepper’s proposal for Josie to take over as Spider Woman. The whole point is to give Ginger the spotlight. Pepper explains that there won’t be a show without the Cabots money, and they want a more traditional "Kiss of the Spider Woman." Francois proposes that once they open on Broadway, they pull a bait and switch and cast Jorge as the Spider Woman. Jorge reluctantly agrees to consider it but only because his father may not be ready to see him in drag yet.

Katy confesses to having sex with the prince

Gloria calls Katy into her office to further discuss her turning down the opportunity to design Patricia’s dress. Gloria suspects that Katy’s reluctance is related to how Prince Errol looks at her and clearly has feelings for her. Katy reveals that she slept with Errol but only because she thought he ended it with Patricia. Katy couldn’t live with herself if her entire career was built around Patricia’s dress. Gloria retorts that she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she turned down the biggest opportunity of her life because of a man. She insists that Katy design the dress.

Pepper informs Josie that Alex has agreed to invest in Jorge’s musical but only if Josie agrees to be the Spider Woman. Josie is reluctant but will take up the role so long as Jorge is okay with it.

Jorge gives Katy an idea

Jorge asks if Katy is going to design Patricia’s wedding dress. Katy doesn’t feel that she has much of a choice. She also worries that not designing the dress will send Errol the wrong message that she doesn’t support his marriage. Jorge suggests that Katy designs a wedding dress that underwhelms Patricia. That way, she’ll be the one to let Katy down easy. A masterpiece with a little crack to turn Patrica off. With Katy’s crisis potentially solved, Jorge addresses his dilemma of Josie playing the Spider Woman. Katy reminds him that when they were kids, Molina was the entire reason he fell in love with the musical to begin with. Jorge saw himself in him. Also, for Halloween in 4th grade, Jorge wanted to dress up as him. But his dad made him dress as Danny Zuko instead.

Katy takes Jorge to Lacy’s, where Francois awaits them. Katy tells Jorge to consider this a refresher in the joys of being and playing a window dresser. Katy and Francois then proceed to sing and dance. Jorge agrees to share the stage with Josie. Katy encourages him to invite his dad to show him just how much of a star he truly is.

Luisa insists that she's not ashamed of Jorge

Jorge returns home to find his mother and father spraying pesticide. Luis and Luisa inform him that four units have reported spiders. So, they’re taking precautions to prevent an infestation. Luisa then advises Jorge from walking alone at night as she’s heard about a string of attacks on gay men in the neighborhood. To lighten the mood, Jorge tells his parents about how he’ll be starring in his own musical production of "Kiss of the Spider Woman", which Luisa has seen on Broadway twelve times. Jorge invites them to the opening show, and Luis assures him they wouldn’t miss it. After Luis leaves the apartment, Luisa questions if this is a good idea. She asks if Jorge is playing Spider Woman as Ginger, as she worries how Luis would respond. Jorge tells her that he’ll only be playing Molina but questions if his mother is ashamed of him. Luisa replies that she’s never once been ashamed of Jorge and starts to sing. Maybe one day Jorge can tell Luis about Ginger, but Luisa is certain he’s not ready now.

Katy presents her design

Katy shows Patrica a sketch of her wedding dress to-be. Patrica is unimpressed. While she likes the idea of it being timeless, her dress Katy designed lacks royal flair. Katy claims that she tried going bigger but nothing felt right. She thinks that she’s bitten off more than she can chew and pushes Patrica to switch to a more established designer. Patricia insists that Katy is the right designer for the job and gives her another chance to get it right.

Pepper tells Didi her plan

Pepper presents Didi with two portfolios. One in which represents the money they have invested into the show and the other, expenses. Didi discovers that Pepper has twice as much money as she needs to produce the show. Pepper explains that Jorge gets his show. The Cabots see what their money made possible, and Pepper and Didi pocket the rest for the Pepper Plant. Didi says that Pepper’s plan is brilliant and asks her to teach her everything. Pepper and Didi then start to sing and dance, finalizing the dance number with a kiss.

As Katy prepares to rework the royal dress, her Spider Woman appears but only momentarily. Katy is then startled by a courier. He delivers Katy a bouquet of flowers from Prince Errol.

Katy tells Gloria that she can't go through with deigning the dress

The following day, Katy tells Gloria about how she’s seeing Patrica everywhere she looks, a clear manifestation of her guilt. When Errol and Katy got together, she wasn’t betraying anyone because she thought that he had ended his relationship with Patricia, but they’re back together now, and Katy can’t help but feel that making Patrica’s dress is a betrayal. Gloria, however, couldn’t care less and demands that Katy design the dress.

At Molly’s Crisis, Francois and Jorge watch as Josie rehearses the end of the first act flawlessly. They cheer her on with Francois insisting that she’s a star.

Francois advises Katy

While designing Patricia’s dress, Katy becomes overwhelmed with guilt and starts cutting the dress to pieces with a pair of scissors. Francois enters the room and stops her. Katy reveals that she slept with Prince Errol, and if she was Patrica, she wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle in a dress made by someone who her husband had feelings for. Katy knows it’s crazy to give up such a huge opportunity, but she can’t make the dress. Francois warns Katy against allowing her integrity to torpedo her career and makes a suggestion.

Katy asks for Guy's help

Katy takes Francois’ advice and rushes down to Lacy’s, where she finds Guy LaMontagne and asks for his help as he had designed eleven very high profile dresses. For the record, he insists that he never actually slept with any of the brides, however, Katy comments that she can’t say the same, leading Guy to conclude that she hooked up with the prince. Katy then asks him to design Patricia’s dress as a favor to her.

Jorge explains why he has to play Spider Woman

Josie and Jorge rehearse their lines at Molly’s, where they get into a dispute over their lines. Jorge is regretting ever allowing Josie to take up the role as Spider Woman. However, Josie informs him that Alex got the talent booker from the Apollo to come and see her perform. Josie reminds Jorge that he has the biggest role in the show and questions why he won’t just allow her to play Spider Woman. Jorge explains he wants his dad to see the real him as Ginger in drag. Francois interrupts with an idea.

Patricia puts on her wedding dress

Katy presents Patrica with her wedding dress. Patrica adores it, however, Katy reveals that she didn’t design it. It’s a Guy LaMontagne original. One day, Katy will be ready. Until then, Patricia deserves someone who will do her justice. Patrica thanks Katy as she and Gloria proceed to help her out the dress.

Katy invites Guy to "Kiss of the Spider Woman"

Afterward, Katy tells Guy that Patrica loved his dress. She thanks him for helping her during her time of need. Guy suggests that Katy take him out to dinner, but she is on her way to Jorge’s musical, "Kiss of the Spider Woman." She asks Guy to accompany her. He agrees, if only to make fun of the show. Katy remarks that he almost seems like a nice person sometimes.

Backstage at Molly’s Crisis, Jorge and Josie prepare for the show. Katy arrives with the costumes. As luck would have it, she has two dresses for the Spider Woman’s final look and asks who she is fitting.

Josie and Jorge perform side-by-side

Katy, Guy, Pepper, Didi, Alex, Xandra, Francois, Bernardo, Luis, and Luisa attend the show. Josie performs on stage briefly before being joined by Jorge, who is also playing Spider Woman. The two share the stage both as Spider Woman, concluding the show with a kiss. Afterward, they receive a standing ovation.

Pepper, Didi, and Francois celebrate with a glass of champagne.

Luis and Luisa celebrate with Jorge

Luis and Luisa express how proud they are proud of Jorge. Luis’ favorite part is when Jorge kissed Josie. He then tells Jorge to change out of his costume and take the makeup off. Bernardo interjects that he thought Jorge was amazing as both Molina and the Spider Woman, and he never wants Jorge to change.

Xandra asks if KO has ever acted. Beyond a couple plays in high school, he tells her no and that it wasn’t for him. She then asks about modeling.

Josie kisses Alex

Josie is approached by the booking agent for the Apollo. She explains that Alex invited her and asks if Josie’s ready to do some gigs with her own music, specifically the Apollo. She promises Josie that she’ll be in touch. Josie then proceeds to thank Alex with a kiss.

Guy informs Katy that with the start of his new collection, he’ll be needing a new apprentice and offers the position to Katy, who accepts the offer.

As they walk home, Jorge asks Bernardo what was his favorite number. He replies that it was anything with Jorge in it. Bernardo tells Jorge not to put so much thought into what his dad said earlier. Jorge’s just glad that he got to share tonight with his friends and family. While making out alongside a building, they are approached by four thugs.



Guest Starring


  • Candace Maxwell as Didi
  • Ashanti J'Aria as Talent Booker
  • Eric Schell as Lead Thug
  • Ty Molbak as Courier


  • Katy Keene Cast feat. Jonny Beauchamp - A Visit
  • Katy Keene Cast feat. Ashleigh Murray & Jonny Beauchamp - Kiss of the Spider Woman
    • Scene: Josie and Ginger both perform as the Spider Woman. 



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