"Chapter Seven: Feast of Feasts" is the seventh episode of the first part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the seventh episode of the series overall.[2]


The coven prepares for an annual ritual as Harvey takes part in a Kinkle family tradition. Sabrina grows suspicious of Lady Blackwood.



Zelda schools Sabrina on the Feast of Feast

Harvey walks Sabrina home from school. He asks what she's doing for Thanksgiving but Sabrina tells him that it's not really a big holiday for her family. Harvey says that his grandfather is coming and that there is going to be a lot of beer drinking and deer hunting. Sabrina invites him inside but sees entrails hanging from the door and decides to call it a night instead. Harvey leaves and Sabrina goes inside to ask her family why there are organs hanging on the front door. Zelda tells her that it's a message from the council and that her family has been selected to participate in the Feast of Feasts. Zelda explains that the Feast of Feats is one of the coven's holiest holidays and celebrates the sacrifice of one witch: Freija. She had killed herself so that the coven would have food until spring. Zelda tells her that fourteen witches families have been selected and each must choose someone to represent them. Those representatives will have to draw straw and see who will be deemed Queen. Whoever is Queen will be the main course for the Feast of Feasts. Zelda tells her that only she and Sabrina can participate since Hilda has been excommunicated. Zelda will be the representative. Sabrina is against the whole idea and tries to get Hilda and Ambrose to back her up. She doesn't want to lose any more Spellmans. Zelda tells her that she and Hilda have participated many times, but never declared the Queen. She believes they will be rejected again this year.


Ms. Wardwell assigns everyone the task of finding out about their family history

At Baxter High, Ms. Wardwell talks to the class about Thanksgiving. She tells them that their assignment for this week is to dig into their family histories. After class, Sabrina asks "Ms. Wardwell" if there is a way to stop the Feast of Feasts. Ms. Wardwell says that she doesn't know but will do some research.


Harvey learns his family were hunters

Harvey asks his grandpa if they've always been miners. His grandpa tells him that they haven't and that they used to hunt and trap. He tells him how they hunted a group of people that lived on the outskirts of town who were tunneling in the mines. Grandpa says that they took care of them and that that's how they got the mines. Harvey asks how they got rid of them and his grandpa says that he'll show him when they go hunting.

Susie looks through her Uncle Jesse's stuff with her Dad. They find a picture of Susie's ancestor that moved to Greendale: Dorothea Putnam. They also uncover her journals. Roz goes to ask her grandma about her family's history but instead learns that her grandma has a sixth sense: the cunning. Her grandma tells her that it started up when she was about Roz's age and that Roz should be getting hers any day now.


Prudence is participating in the Feast of Feasts

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Prudence Blackwood tells Dorcas and Agatha that she has been chosen to participate in the Feast of Feasts. Sabrina asks her how she can be so happy that she may or may not be sacrificed. Prudence tells her that there is no greater honor. Dorcas and Agatha say that it would be the first time that an orphan would be Queen. Sabrina spots Nick and goes to ask him about his opinion of the Feast of Feasts. Nick says that he's an objector and that her dad had banned the ritual when he had been high priest. She asks why it was brought back and he says that Faustus Blackwood reinstated as he wanted to return to the old traditions. Nick asks if she's a tribute but Sabrina tells him that her Aunt Zelda has volunteered. Sabrina wonders if Zelda would think differently about the ritual if Sabrina was a tribute.


Feast of Feasts selection ceremony

At the selection ceremony, Sabrina interrupts before Zelda can grab a piece of paper from the box. She tells the coven that she will be representing her family instead unless Zelda wants to admit that this whole thing is barbaric like her brother declared. Zelda relents and lets Sabrina choose. Sabrina chooses the paper and burns it but Prudence ends up being chosen as Queen.


Sabrina is Prudence's handmaiden

Back at the Spellman Mortuary, Zelda is angry with Sabrina because she came close to becoming Queen. Sabrina tells her that she didn't think Zelda would let her go through with the drawing. Hilda is just happy that she was spared but Zelda tells them that Sabrina was chosen as a handmaiden. This means she has to do whatever Prudence wants for three days. As if on queue, Prudence arrives with a duffle bag. Ambrose is clearly smitten with her. Prudence asks Sabrina for a milk bath and some macaroons. Sabrina is forced to wash Prudence as she lays in the bathtub. Sabrina tries to convince Prudence to escape but Prudence is honored to be their sacrifice. Sabrina asks what if there is nothing after death and Prudence says she feels sorry for her because she doesn't have any faith. After the bath, Prudence goes and takes Sabrina's bed as her own. Sabrina sleeps on the floor.


Prudence, Ambrose, Luke, Dorcas, Agatha, and Nick have an orgy

That night she gets woken up by a noise. She heads up to Ambrose's room and finds Prudence, Ambrose, Luke, Dorcas, Agatha, and Nick having sex. Nick invites Sabrina to join them but Sabrina rejects the offer and leaves. In the morning, Prudence is sitting on the porch when Sabrina walks out. Sabrina tries one more time to convince her but Prudence is sticking to her answer. Sabrina goes to leave but Prudence asks where she's going and Sabrina says to Baxter High. She invites Prudence to come along with her and Prudence accepts after Sabrina tells her there will be boys she can torment.

Principal Hawthorne goes to see Ms. Wardwell. He invites her to hang out with him during the weekend but Ms. Wardwell rejects his offer. She tells him that maybe next time when she's really hungry.


Sabrina takes Prudence to Baxter High

Sabrina introduces Prudence to her friends claiming that she is her cousin who is visiting for Thanksgiving. Susie tells them more about Dorothea and that she helped a group of women escaping religious persecution in Scotland, and Prudence says that they learned about her at the Academy and that Dorothea was a true ally to those women a hero to the marrow. They ask Harvey what he found out and he tells them about the land grab. Prudence begins to attack him verbally because he's a descendant of the Von Kunkles who stole that land from the witches who founded the Church of Night. Sabrina quickly grabs Prudence and drags her out of the library. Prudence asks Sabrina how she could think that she would find the meaning of life at her school as her friends don't even know that she's a witch. She is also upset that Sabrina’s beau is a witch hunter. Sabrina tells her that Harvey isn’t a witch hunter but Prudence replies that she and her sisters have a very simple philosophy when it comes to witch hunters: kill them before they have the chance to kill us. Sabrina tells Prudence that if she lays a finger on Harvey, she will tear her to pieces, Prudence says that Sabrina should save it for Feast day. Sabrina says that Prudence is deluded, Ms. Wardwell interrupts their fight and says that they shouldn’t be catty bitches she then asks Sabrina to introduce her to Prudence. She takes the two of them to her office.


Sabrina and Ms. Wardwell try to convince Prudence

In Ms. Wardwell's office Sabrina says that she knows that the Feast is witch tradition, but wants Miss Wardwell to talk some sense into Prudence, and tell her that the Feast has no purpose not if the cost is precious life. Prudence says that the reward is eternal glory in the Dark Lords Heart, she then asks who Miss Wardwell is and why are they talking to her about their witch traditions, Sabrina tells Prudence that Miss Wardwell is a witch who got excommunicated from another coven. Prudence is surprised that Sabrina expects her to take advice from an excommunicate Sabrina says that Prudence shouldn’t be a snob and that Miss Wardwell is incredibly learned, Miss Wardwell tells Sabrina about the research that she did and that even though Prudence doesn’t want to take advice from an excommunicate. There is someone she should meet a witch who rejected the crown of being Queen. That she lives deep in the Greendale woods in Moon Valley. Prudence says that she'll go with them to meet her if she can bring the other Weird Sisters.

Meanwhile, Hilda and Ambrose talk to Connor's mom. She tells them that she found a box full of occult stuff. Ambrose offers to look over the objects if she can bring them here. She agrees.


Sabrina, Madame Satan and the Weird Sisters visit a Feast of Feast ex-Queen

In the woods, Sabrina, Ms. Wardwell, and the Weird Sisters arrive at the witch's home. Her name is Desmelda. Sabrina asks why she ran from the Dark Lord. Desmelda tells her that she ran from her High Priest and that she was younger than she was when she participated in the Feast of Feasts. She fled into the woods because her High Priest tried to rape her the night before the Feast. Prudence asks what this has to do with her. Sabrina tells her that it isn't the Dark Lord asking her to do this but Father Blackwood. That he is only human and that he can have faults and be wrong about this.


The Kinkles go hunting

Meanwhile, Harvey and his family are nearby hunting. They spot a deer and Grandpa Kinkle tells them to let Harvey shoot it since it's his first time.

Prudence tells Sabrina that Father Blackwood doesn't have an agenda and that he is like a father to her. Sabrina says that's what makes it so insidious. Prudence tells her that she wants to be Queen and asks why Sabrina can't accept that. Suddenly, they hear a gunshot and Desmelda tells them to leave. They find a dead deer which was also a familiar. They make a circle around the deer and use string to make a pentagram over it. They become invisible just as Harvey and his family arrive at the site. Seeing that there isn't a dead deer they continue to keep looking. Prudence, upset by the kill, declares "Once a hunter, always a hunter." Sabrina tells her Harvey's not a hunter but Ms. Wardwell notes he certainly looks the part. Prudence agrees by stating his whole family is witch hunters. Agatha and Dorcas want to kill him for murdering the familiar. Prudence agrees by telling Sabrina that instead of letting Sabrina drag her all over the world she'll spend her last moments flaying Harvey alive. Sabrina tells her not to and that Harvey isn't a killer. Prudence asks why her faith in Harvey is so different than Prudence's faith in the Dark Lord.

Zelda gets a call from Constance Blackwood.


Roz learns about the Walker women's curse

Roz and Susie go to visit Roz's grandma. Roz asks her grandma how the Walker women get "the Cunning." Her grandma tells her that they were cursed by the other witches in Greendale with blindness. She doesn't know if the blindness brought on the Cunning or if it was something that was already there. Roz's grandma tells Roz that she is going to go blind but that the Cunning will help her see things that will save her life.

Sabrina arrives back at the mortuary and finds Harvey waiting for her. She asks him what's wrong and he tells her about how he had the chance to shoot the deer. Harvey says that he didn't do it his grandpa did and that he should've stopped him. Sabrina hugs him. Harvey tells her that he doesn't fit in with his family. Sabrina agrees with him and hugs him tighter. As she does, she whispers a spell.


Constance reveals she set Prudence up to die

Sabrina goes inside and Zelda pops her head out of a small door. She tells Sabrina to come help her because she has Lady Blackwood downstairs. Lady Blackwood is having a panic attack and fears that she's going to lose her babies. Zelda asks if she's done any spellcasting lately and Lady Blackwood says that she has but that she had to. She looks at Sabrina and says that She knows what she means. Sabrina doesn't but says yes anyway. Sabrina asks who is plotting against her and Lady Blackwood says it's the Weird Sisters. Zelda asks why and Lady Blackwood says because they would've hurt her children. So she hurt them first. Kill one and the others are of no consequence.

Sabrina is curious why Lady Blackwood would think that. Zelda says that maybe Father Blackwood has other children. He wouldn't be the first high priest with bastard children. Sabrina asks how that would harm the twins. Zelda explains that then they all would have the opportunity to take over the throne as high priest.


Sabrina warns Prudence

Sabrina goes to the Academy to warn Prudence that it wasn't Father Blackwood who was out to get her but Lady Blackwood. Sabrina asks if it's possible that she really is Father Blackwood's child. Because if she were then Lady Blackwood would see her as a threat. Prudence tells her to stop but Sabrina keeps going on about how Lady Blackwood had to hurt her first. Prudence asks if she has any proof and Sabrina says no but that Lady Blackwood was the one who had been holding the box at the selection ceremony. Prudence asks what they would do if she entertained the idea. Sabrina tells her that every Queen deserves one last feast.

Susie has a dream that she saw Dorothea standing in her room. Harvey and Tommy end up being the only ones awake to celebrate Thanksgiving because everyone else is drunk.


The Spellmans host a dinner with the Blackwoods and the Weird sisters

Sabrina welcomes Father Blackwood and Lady Blackwood into the house. They sit down with the Weird sisters, Zelda, and Sabrina to have dinner. Hilda is in the kitchen making dessert. Ms. Wardwell is having a glass of wine when the doorbell rings. It's the pizza guy with her pizza. She tells him to bring it inside and closes the door behind him. Sabrina brings out dessert in which Hilda has added a truth potion. After everyone has a slice, Sabrina asks Father Blackwood why he reinstated the Feast of Feasts. He says that the Dark Lord showed him a revelation and that he was commanded to return to the old ways. Sabrina tells Prudence that she hopes she enjoyed her last supper. Everyone around the table tells Prudence that they're going to miss her--except Lady Blackwood. Lady Blackwood reveals that she enchanted the box to choose Prudence as queen. She says she did it because the Weird Sisters are Father Blackwood's bastards and that makes them a threat to her children.

Prudence asks Father Blackwood if he is her father and what happened to her mother. He reveals that he is her father and that her mother threw herself into the river after he refused to marry her. Agatha and Dorcas ask if they are also his children and he says no: They are just orphans. Prudence admits that Sabrina was right. Father Blackwood says that they must summon the coven and draw for another queen. Sabrina suggests that they could just not have the Feast of Feasts. Prudence asks if she can wear her beautiful dress and sit on the throne of skulls.


Feast of Feasts ceremony

They attend the Feast of Feasts ceremony where Prudence sits upon the throne of skulls. Father Blackwood walks in and begins to tell the coven that there will not be a Feast of Feasts but another witch named Mildred steps up, slits her throat and falls before the altar. The coven look to Father Blackwood for permission and after a moment of suspense, he gives it to them, much to Sabrina's horror. The witches begin to attack the body and tear it apart as they eat.

Hilda tells Luke and Ambrose that Connor's parents committed suicide and are being brought to the mortuary. Zelda and Sabrina arrive home. Sabrina asks Zelda if she had been picked would she have let them do to her what they just witnessed. Zelda says never as she walks up the stairs.


Agatha and Dorcas plot to kill Harvey and Tommy

Harvey and Tommy have to work the mines the day after Thanksgiving. Prudence finds her sisters huddled together. She asks what they're doing and they say they are praying for her. Prudence leaves and Dorcas asks if they should've invited her. Agatha says no as she holds up a doll that looks like Tommy. Dorcas holds one that looks like Harvey. The two of them pick up large rocks and smash them down on top of them.



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