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In the town of Greendale, where it always feels like Halloween, there lived a girl who is half-witch, half-mortal, who, on her 16th birthday, would have to choose between two worlds: the witch world of her family, and the human world of her friends. My name is Sabrina Spellman, and that girl is me.

"Chapter One: October Country" is the first episode of the first part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the first episode of the series overall. It is also the series premiere.[2]


While Greendale readies for a Halloween eclipse, Sabrina faces a crucial decision and Harvey makes an unexpected declaration.



Sabrina asks Ms. Wardwell to join them

After watching Night of the Living Dead at the movies, Sabrina Spellman, her boyfriend Harvey Kinkle, as well as her friends Rosalind "Roz" Walker and Susie Putnam, are discussing the film's broader themes in response to Harvey's question about the slow-moving zombies. Sabrina notices that Susie grows uncomfortable as they pass a few of the football players from school, and so Sabrina comforts her. It's while doing so that Sabrina accidentally bumps into her teacher Ms. Wardwell, who she invites with them to discuss the movie at Cerberus Books. Ms. Wardwell politely declines the offer on account of all the papers she has to grade. After she leaves, Roz asks Sabrina why she would invite Ms. Wardwell. Sabrina responds by saying that she feels bad about the fact that Ms. Wardwell lives alone.

Ms. Wardwell drives home

As Ms. Wardwell is driving on the road, she sees a young girl's figure creep into view, causing her to bring the car to a screeching halt. Ms. Wardwell gets out of her car to look around, where she finds the young girl begging for help. She decides to take the girl with her, and as they are driving, Ms. Wardwell promises to help the girl get cleaned up and to call a doctor the next morning.

At Cerberus Books, Sabrina, Harvey, Rosalind, and Susie are still discussing Night of the Living Dead. Rosalind and Susie argue that the film was about both zombies and the Cold War. The collapse of the nuclear family. Later that night, Harvey walks Sabrina home, where he presents her with a necklace and declares his love for her. Sabrina tells Harvey that she loves him too before saying goodnight. Once she enters her house, Sabrina magically turns the radio on and dances to "Be My Baby".

Ms. Wardwell is killed

Ms. Wardwell is pouring tea for the mysterious girl at her cottage. When she inquires whether the girl was attacked, the girl simply responds by saying the "woods did". This prompts Ms. Wardwell to tell a story about the 1692 witch trials that occurred in Greendale, where thirteen witches were hanged and now haunt the woods as angry spirits. When the girl asks why Ms. Wardwell knows so much about witches, she answers by saying that she's Greendale's unofficial town historian, as well as a teacher at the local high school, Baxter High. The girl then asks about Sabrina, but when Ms. Wardwell questions her about knowing Sabrina, the girl's voice suddenly becomes distorted and she rambles about Sabrina's "bastard-of-a-father who broke sacred witch law when he married a mortal sow". The girl telekinetically flings a pair of scissors into Ms. Wardwell's neck, causing the woman to bleed to death. The girl kneels down and recites a Latin spell while touching Ms. Wardwell's blood. She takes on Ms. Wardwell's appearance and declares that she will deliver Sabrina to the Dark Lord.

Sabrina awakens in bed and gets up to check her calendar, marking the days leading up to her sweet 16/dark baptism. After glancing at a photograph of her parents, Sabrina walks up to her bedroom window when a bat suddenly crashes through and falls to the ground. Grabbing a large book from her desk, Sabrina recites a spell before crushing the bat.

Sabrina reveals to her family about the bat that flew into her room

On the morning of Tuesday, October 28th, Sabrina walks into the kitchen carrying a box containing the bat she killed the night before. She greets her aunts Hilda and Zelda, as well as her cousin Ambrose. Hilda asks Sabrina how she slept, to which Zelda responds by saying "tempestuously". Sabrina remarks that she was restless the entire night as a result of her upcoming dark baptism. Zelda fondly reminisces about the week before her own dark baptism as Hilda presents Sabrina with rabbit's feet to help her sleep at night. This prompts Sabrina to tell her aunts and cousin about the bat that flew into her room. Ambrose offers to bring it back to life, but Zelda quickly admonishes him for suggesting necromancy.

Zelda and Hilda tell Sabrina her parents would be proud of her

Hilda informs Sabrina that she can bury the bat in the pet cemetery by the sundial in the garden. She also presents her niece with a concoction meant to cleanse her body of toxins in preparation for the dark baptism. Zelda tells Sabrina that she has to choose her familiar before her dark baptism, and shows her options from a registry sent by the Witches' Council. Believing the practice to be dehumanizing, Sabrina offers up an alternative: she is instead going to summon a familiar through a spell she found in the Demonomicon. Zelda then asks Sabrina what her baptismal name will be. Sabrina has decided that it will be "Edwina Diana", in honor of both her parents as she is about to walk the Path of Night. Hilda wishes that Sabrina's parents would have been present to see the young woman their daughter has become. Zelda corrects her sister by saying that Edward and Diana would have been proud to see the young witch Sabrina is becoming.

Ambrose advises Sabrina to tell her friends that she's leaving

Later, Sabrina buries the dead bat in the pet cemetery. Ambrose, who is sitting on the fence, asks his cousin what she’s thinking about. Sabrina tells him that a dead bat is a bad omen and that she found a two headed frog in her shoe. Ambrose realizes that Sabrina has doubts about her dark baptism. While excited, Sabrina is also nervous. Ambrose admits that he too had butterflies during his baptism. Sabrina then reveals that she has yet to tell her mortal friends that she's leaving as she doesn't wish to say goodbye to her mortal life. Ambrose admits that while this is true, when Sabrina is a full witch, she'll stay younger longer as well as cultivate her magic at the Academy of Unseen Arts, where her father was the Headmaster. Ambrose comforts her by pointing out that he has been under house arrest for 75 years and constantly misses everything, so he can relate with Sabrina's dilemma.

The Weird Sisters curse Sabrina

Looking to summon a Familiar, Sabrina heads into the woods with a long walking stick and a bell, ringing the bell as she comes to a stop and calling out to the Spirits of the forest. She calls to it, hoping to share knowledge, their spirits, and traits. As she puts the bell away, Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas, a trio of teenage witches better known as the Weird Sisters appear. Having eavesdropped on Sabrina’s summoning spell, they now know with certainty that she’s going through with her dark baptism and transferring to the Academy of Unseen Arts. However, as far as they’re concerned, Sabrina being the half-breed that she is, is not welcome. Prudence warns Sabrina to stay away from the Academy as she wouldn’t want what happened to her mother and father to happen to her. Dorcas and Agatha add that it would be tragic should the accident that took their lives also befalls Sabrina. The Weird Sisters then place a curse on Sabrina. Almost instantly, Sabrina’s nose starts to bleed.

Sabrina rushes to into the school’s locker room, where she attempts to wash the hex away. Sabrina finds Susie crying in the locker room with a busted lip. Some guys from the football team apparently beat Susie up and lifted up her shirt.

Sabrina reports the attack on Susie to the principal

Sabrina storms into the front office to inform Principal Hawthorne how four members from the football team attacked Susie and pulled up her shirt because they wanted to see if she had breasts. To see if she was really a boy or a girl. While Susie wouldn’t reveal the names of her attackers, Sabrina has her suspicions of who they may be. She also suggest that Hawthorne bring in the entire team for questioning. Sabrina explains how Susie doesn’t feel safe and is living in a constant state of fear. Principal Hawthorne, instead of helping, simply suggests that Susie find another school.

Sabrina asks Harvey to ask around

After leaving the Principal’s office, Sabrina then meets up with Harvey, who she informs of the attack on Susie by some of the football players. Sabrina asks that Harvey ask around for names of those responsible, and she intends to do the same. While Harvey agrees to ask around, he does point out that the Ravens won’t speak to outsiders and that there might not be much that can do. Madam Satan, who has taken on Ms. Wardwell’s persona, having overheard their conversation, interjects as she refuses to accept that and offers her assistance.

Ms. Wardwell advises Sabrina to get rid of Hawthrone

Sabrina and Madam Satan return to her office where they further discuss the matter and the culture of puritanical masculinity in Greendale, naming Principal Hawthorne as the worst of them all. Assistant Principal Ms. Glover would never turn a blind eye to the atrocities occurring however. Sabrina simply wishes that someone would teach Principal Hawthorne a lesson. Madam Satan suggests that Sabrina be that someone. If Hawthorne were to take a sabbatical, Sabrina and her friends could come up with some way to help Susie. Madam Satan informs Sabrina that he is scared of spiders and that perhaps she could use that to her advantage. With that, Sabrina begins collecting items for a spell, starting with a photo of Hawthorne she rips from a yearbook.

Rosalind and Sabrina set out to start a club

Sabrina meets up with Harvey and Rosalind for lunch, where they continue to dig deeper into problems surrounding them. The football team is only the symptom. The disease goes much deeper, into the bedrock of the school. Sabrina wants to fight it by creating a club for young women to boaster each other, where they can discuss issues they’re facing and come up with proactive solutions. Rosalind adds a club to topple the white patriarchy, which confuses Harvey. Sabrina believes this club could offer true change for them so that none of them will ever feel alone again. However, Rosalind worries that Hawthorne will intervene. He wouldn’t even allow Roz to start a Daughters of the Black Panthers club last year. Sabrina explains that she has a plan to get past Hawthorne. She insists that they do this before Friday, right in time for Sabrina’s birthday, which both Harvey and Rosalind want to throw her a party for. However, Sabrina has plans with her aunts that are years in the making.

Madam Satan gets word from her familiar Stolas of Sabrina’s plans to start a club. Madam Satan explains that the Dark Lord can sense Sabrina’s attachment to the mortal world and has sent them to ensure that his will is done.

Hilda informs Zelda of incoming customers

After getting a call at the mortuary, Hilda informs Zelda that a young man has been stabbed and that his parents are coming to see them. "Praise Satan", Zelda responds, asking if they want a closed or open casket. Even if they can’t use his flesh, they need blood for Sabrina’s baptism, and human blood is always preferable, so, the timing is perfect.

Zelda and Hilda meet with the Kempers to discuss funeral arrangements. They Kempers couldn’t have children, so they had to adopt Connor. Mrs. Kemper hands Hilda a photo of Connor and asks if they can make him look as he does in the photo.

Harvey wants to spend Sabrina's birthday together

On the walk home, Harvey seems to continue their discussion regarding Sabrina’s birthday. While he’s aware of Sabrina mysterious commitment she has with her aunts, he’s hoping he can convince her otherwise to spend her birthday with him. Sabrina would love to, but she has more demanding obligations, which she can’t share with Harvey. She tells him that it’s not so much her birthday, but what comes after. Sabrina then reveals that she’s moving away. She claims that she’s leaving Baxter High and going to a boarding school in Connecticut. Harvey has questions considering neither he, Susie nor Roz have ever heard Sabrina speak of this prior. As he inquires further about Sabrina’s new school and she fumbles to come up with answers, he begins to suspect that she’s hiding something from him. Harvey asks for the truth, and so Sabrina decides to show him.

Sabrina makes Harvey forget that she's a witch

Sabrina takes Harvey into the woods where she was born almost 16 years ago. It’s also where she’ll be reborn this Friday night on her 16th birthday, at the stroke of Midnight, under an eclipsing blood moon. Her dark baptism. Sabrina reminds Harvey of what they learned at the beginning of the school year about how there were witch trials in Greendale, much like Salem. Sabrina explains that no one talks of this because the witches didn’t want anyone to know, so the coven could remain in Greendale in secret. Sabrina then reveals to Harvey that she’s half-witch on her father side. And after her baptism, where she’ll sign the Dark Lord’s book, she’ll have to leave Baxter High and go to the Academy of Unseen Arts, and lastly renounce any meaningful connections to all mortals. Harvey doesn’t believe Sabrina. He thinks that she’s only telling him this to scare him off. Considering that he doesn’t take the news well, Sabrina does a spell to make him forget her ever telling him. She seals the spell with a kiss and instantly, it’s as if she never said a thing about her being a witch.

Ambrose agrees to help Sabrina with a smell

Sabrina arrives home to find Ambrose on the front porch. She tells him how she tried to tell Harvey that she was leaving Baxter High. She didn’t want to lie to him, so she also told him that she was a witch, but it was too wrenching, so she took it back. Ambrose sympathizes with Sabrina, wishing he could make things easier for her. Though, he can’t do that, Sabrina does ask for his help in a spell to deal with her principal so that she can set up a club at school to protect Susie and all the girls before she leaves.

Zelda and Hilda insists that Edward and Diana's death was an accident

Sabrina shares with Hilda her disdain for the students at the academy, especially the Weird Sisters, who cursed her, though Sabrina claims to have washed it off. However, Hilda isn’t so sure. Zelda explains they cursed Sabrina because they’re jealous as Sabrina’s the daughter of a High Priest. These sort of attacks are precisely why Sabrina needs a familiar. Hilda then makes Sabrina break an egg to test if she truly washed the curse away. As it turns out, she didn’t. The egg is bloody red. A blood curse is what Sabrina is inflicted with. Untreated, it will slowly eat away at Sabrina’s health, will, and sanity. Hilda recommends a regimen of salt water baths and reversing candles for a couple weeks. Sabrina recalls what the Weird Sisters said about her mother and father. So, she asks if her parents accident was truly an accident. Hilda and Zelda explains that it was. Sabrina’s parents were flying to Italy. Edward was giving a lecture at the Vatican when their plane went down.

Diana and Eward appear in Sabrina's dream

Sabrina slips away while in her bath and wakes up in the woods to the sight of her parents carrying a crying baby. Without any clothing, Sabrina follows her parents further into the woods. She asks if they’re coming to her baptism, but Edward and Diana do not respond. Sabrina approaches the podium, where she finds two babies, one with human feet and one with more animalistic features. Sabrina wakes up from her nightmare back in the tub in her home.

Sabrina and Ambrose perform a spell to scare Hawthorne

Having learned what Sabrina intends to do, Ambrose is shocked. It isn’t like Sabrina to use witch craft to settle personal vendettas. Sabrina reminds Ambrose that she simply wants to scare Hawthorne, and it should be easy since he’s most afraid of spiders and aunt Hilda keeps them as familiars. Sabrina and Ambrose place Principal Hawthorne’s photo in the spiders’ cage and perform a spell that results in Hawthorne’s house being infested with spiders. He wakes up from his sleep with spiders crawling all over him. Hawthorne slaps them off, but there are far too many. He eventually falls to the ground in panic and is covered by the spiders.

Sabrina returns to her room to find the window open and claw marks at the window seal. As she shuts the window, someone calls out to her. It’s a familiar. He heard her call and he came in the form of a black cat whose name is Salem.

Sabrina asks to postpone her baptism

The following morning, Wednesday, October 29th, Zelda questions why Sabrina would prefer a feral familiar over one bred for service. Sabrina explains that Salem doesn’t serve her. They’re in a partnership, in which they’ll both protect each other. Hilda on the other hand is just happy that Sabrina has a familiar and that she’s purifying herself for the baptism. Speaking of which, Sabrina informs them of the club she’s starting at school for the girls to protect themselves and she’s hoping they could postpone her baptism, but Zelda will have no talk of such. Sabrina’s also asking because of Harvey, who she’s taken the next step in her relationship with. Furthermore, she has reservations about saving herself for the Dark Lord. Zelda explains that he gets to decide what Sabrina does with her body because it’s witch law. Covenant. Still, Sabrina questions why this is. And if Zelda won’t answer, she’s like to talk with someone who can help her understand so that she can make an educated choice.

Zelda tells Sabrina that she will give herself over

However, as far as Zelda is concerned, the choice has already been decided. It’s their right and duty to serve the Dark Lord. Zelda is furious that Sabrina would even consider turning down the Dark Lord when the rest of them signed his book proudly. She accuses Sabrina’s behavior being that of her mother’s influence. Hilda then asks if Sabrina doesn’t want to be a full member of the Church of Night. Sabrina thinks that she does, but she can’t seem to reason why she has to give up her mortal life to do it. Zelda states that it’s witch law. The Path of Night or the Path of Light. But not both. However, Sabrina points out how her warlock father married her mortal mother, which nearly got Edward excommunicated, Zelda informs Sabrina. Zelda then reminds Sabrina that singing the Dark Lord’s book is what her parents wanted for her. Hilda backs this up.

Ambrose informs Sabrina of the Malum Malus

Having just watched the fall out between Sabrina and aunt Zelda, Ambrose approaches Sabrina on the porch, where they discuss just how much she enjoyed performing the spell together on Principal Hawthorne. He informs her how her magic will fade to nothing if she’s not baptized. Sabrina knows, but she wants to be sure of the decision she’s making. In that case, Ambrose tells her to find the Malum Malus. If it’s a man translating, it’s an apple of evil. If it’s a woman, it’s the fruit of knowledge. Sabrina is to bite the apple and in return, it’ll whisper secrets to her, grant her knowledge and occasionally show her glimpses of the future. To find the Malum Malus, Sabrina must find the oldest tree in an orchard. The older the tree, the more accurate it will be.

Madam Satan learns from Stolas that Sabrina is in search of a Malum Malus. It would be unfortunate if the Malus were to show Sabrina something to dissuade her from her baptism, forcing Madam Satan to intervene.

Sabrina and Rosalind need approval for their club

Sabrina and Rosalind arrive at school to find out that Principal Hawthorne won’t be coming in. According to Mrs. Meeks, his assistant, Hawthorne had a shock. Sabrina and Rosalind inform her that they have a club proposal they were hoping to get approved, and so Sabrina and Rosalind are able to get approval for their club from Vice Principal Glover. Afterward, they inform Susie and the three of them being preparations. Susie hopes that they aren’t going though all this trouble just for her. Sabrina and Rosalind explain that the club is long overdue as 53% of Baxter High is female. So now, they all have a legitimate sisterhood backing them up. The name of the group is WICCA. The Woman’s Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association. Sabrina is then called into Ms. Wardwell’s office.

Madam Satan agrees to be the faculty advisor for Sabrina's club

Madam Satan, still masquerading as Ms. Wardwell, wanted to speak with Sabrina after learning from Vice Principal Glover that she had been listed as the faculty advisor for Sabrina’s WICCA club. Sabrina reveals to Madam Satan that she’ll likely be transferring schools soon and that this weighs on her heavily. While it’s one of the best schools, she’s hesitant. Sabrina doesn’t want to leave her whole life in Greendale behind. Madam Satan believes that this requires further discussion and would like to continue after school with Sabrina, however, Sabrina declines, claiming that she's going apple picking.

Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda discover a witch's mark on Connor

Meanwhile, Ambrose performs an autopsy on Connor Kemper. While doing so, he notices a witch’s mark on Connor’s right arm and decides to alert Hilda and Zelda of his discovery. When Ambrose pokes the mark, it doesn’t bleed, however, Zelda is skeptical but agrees that nonetheless if Connor was murdered by a witch hunter, then they’ll need to bring this to the Council’s attention and adds that this is another reason for Sabrina to walk the Path of Night: Witches without covens are easy pickings. While on the subject, Hilda agrees that Sabrina should be able to speak to someone should she want to. Someone as close to the Dark Lord as reasonably possible. Zelda doesn’t respond, only looking to Ambrose to complete the embalming process so that they can get every single drop of blood out of Connor’s body for Sabrina’s anointment during the baptism.

A scarecrow attacks Sabrina

As planned, Sabrina heads for the nearest orchard to find the Malum Malus. She and Harvey go together. They do however end up separating. Harvey goes pumpkin picking while Sabrina heads into the hay maze in route for the tree. Sabrina passes through the maze, stopping at a scarecrow, before proceeding further. Moments later, Sabrina in attacked by the aforementioned scarecrow. Sabrina kicks it away and makes a run for it. Now it’s a chase, with Sabrina fleeing for her life. Unbeknownst to her, Madam Satan, from her office, is controlling the scarecrow, making it attack Sabrina in hopes of scaring her away from the tree. Luckily, Sabrina is saved by Salem, who rips the scarecrow apart. Sabrina thanks Salem, though she suspects that the attack was the Weird Sisters’ doing.

Sabrina envisions dead witches

Sabrina is then guided to the tree by Salem, where she finds the Malum Malus. Salem hisses as Sabrina reaches for the apple, though she grabs it regardless and asks the Malum Malus if she should be baptized. A few seconds go by and Sabrina's once healthy, red apple, is now rotten and crawling with maggots. The Malum Malus almost instantly takes effect. Sabrina’s hands are now covered in blood and she finds herself surrounded by numerous dead witches hanging from a tree that's on fire, from which the Dark Lord emerges. As he approaches Sabrina, she spits out the apple, bribing her back to reality. Harvey, who has retrieved the pumpkins, soon approaches. He notices Salem, who Sabrina claims is a stray that she’s taking home.

Father Blackwood greets Sabrina

Sabrina returns home to find her aunts and cousin sitting by the fireplace with Faustus Blackwood, The High Priest of the Church of Night and Satan’s representative on earth. He informs her of just how special she is and how she’s been chosen. Having learned that Sabrina is having doubts about her baptism and that she may in fact not be signing her name into the Book of the Beast, he’s come to convince her otherwise.



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