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Our old pal turned superstar, Josie McCoy, had come and gone. Leaving us all to our haunted existences. No one more so, than Archie Andrews. The guilt over the deaths of his platoon members hanging on him like a shroud. Veronica Lodge was also being haunted, by a flesh and blood mistake from her past.

"Chapter Ninety-Two: Band of Brothers" is the sixteenth episode of the fifth season of Riverdale and the ninety-second episode of the series overall. It premiered on September 15, 2021.


GHOSTS FROM ARCHIE'S PAST - After hearing some unexpected news about his former commanding officer, Archie opens up to Uncle Frank about his time in the Army. Veronica comes up with a clever way to raise funds after Chad calls the SEC on her. Finally, Cheryl and Kevin attempt to take control of the ministry, and Jughead goes on an apology tour.



The guilt about the death of Archie's platoon members continue to hang over him, as more and more begin to manifest.

Veronica gets a call from Chad

Veronica receives a call from Chad, who reveals that he will soon be able to pay back all the funds he "borrowed." He's been working on something that's about to become public, the end result being a big pay day. However, Veronica turns down his help, given that at her current rate, she'll have all their investors' accounts restored within a month, at which point she will then divorce Chad.

As Cheryl and Kevin prepare to close out the ministry service with a medley from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Penelope interrupts, claiming to have just had a revelation. According to Penelope, Jason commands that the singing within the ministry come to an end.

Alice tells Jug that Betty is working the Lonely Highway

Jughead attends another AA meeting at the high school, revealing that he is seven days sober. Afterward, he goes to the Cooper house in search of Betty, looking to finally apologize about the voicemail he left her on the night of his book release party. However, Alice informs him that Betty is working the Lonely Highway an agrees to tell her that he stopped by when she returns.

In the morning paper, Archie discovers that General Taylor is retiring with full honors, despite the fact that he sent them on a suicide mission. Archie informs Frank and Eric, who recall that General Taylor was under investigation by a reporter from the Times. However, the editor informed Archie that her boss killed the story, as she lacked evidence. Eric suggests simply moving on, but Archie refuses.

Jughead returns to Riverdale High hoping to resume his position among the teaching staff, however, Weatherbee scolds him for missing several weeks of work without arranging for a substitute. Jughead apologizes, explaining that he's been trying to get his life together. Until then, Weatherbee puts him on administrative leave.

Veronica is called by SEC

While working at the shop with Reggie, Veronica receives an unexpected call from an SEC agent named Diane Nelson. She'd like to schedule a time to come in and review Veronica's books and finances to ensure that Pearls and Posh isn't engaged in any financial malfeasance. Veronica arranges for them to come in next week, though she suspects that Chad tipped them off so that she would come back running to him for help. However, Veronica would rather go to jail before pleading with Chad. She tells Reggie that they need an influx of cash. She recalls the escaped prisoners who were convinced that her father had a stash of palladium hidden. If they could recover it, she could then sell it and repay what Chad stole in her name. Reggie has an idea of who may know where the palladium is hidden, revealing that Hiram has been in contact with Hermosa. Veronica intends to call her, but Reggie does so instead, revealing that they had a romance while Veronica was off at Barnard.

Kevin tells Cheryl that she has to perform three miracles

Kevin suspects that Penelope is jealous of Cheryl, which is why she must prove that there is no higher power above Cheryl within the ministry. Kevin explains that she needs to upstage her mother. He suggests doing this by having Cheryl perform three miracles, qualifying her for sainthood. When Cheryl asks how they would go about this, Kevin tells her about his obsession with magic in junior high and how he may have a few tricks up his sleeves.

Reggie returns from his call with Hermosa and reveals to Veronica where to find Hiram's palladium.

Archie recalls his time in war

Archie and Frank sit out on the front porch, where Frank encourages him to unload the burden of what happened when he was at war. Archie tells Frank about how they were ordered into a fire zone to deliver medical supplies to civilians, but that was just a cover-up. General Taylor was determined to take down a warlord in control of that region. Archie initially pushed back against the order, as he and his men weren't a strike force, but Taylor didn't back down. By the end, Archie's platoon was trapped in the trenches without backup. Someone needed to get to higher ground in order to get a signal and make contact with base. Archie decided to go, but when he got back, everyone was dead except Bingo and Eric. Archie refuses to allow Taylor to get away with this, but Frank warns Archie that the army is just going to circle the wagons around the general. He's simply not certain this is a war Archie can win. While that may be true, Archie insists it's a war worth fighting.

Reggie and Veronica steal palladium from Hiram

Veronica and Reggie sneak into Hiram's office, where they find his palladium hidden under the SoDale 3D model. Reggie reveals that they'll have to cut Hermosa in, but if they sell the palladium off market, the profit should be enough to cover Chad's initial investors. First, they have to smelt the palladium down into something new and unrecognizable, perhaps Spanish doubloons.? Then Veronica will host an auction, but first she reaches out to Cheryl.

Veronica calls Cheryl down to her shop and asks for her help with the exclusive auction she's hosting. The centerpiece will be the palladium she's acquired, but some of her guests have been asking for the palladium's origins, and she wants to be able to say it came from Cheryl's family's mines, which she is more than willing to oblige before leaving to perform her first miracle with Kevin.

Jughead gets a call from Samm, who Jughead has been avoiding. Samm reveals that the publisher is demanding Jughead's manuscript immediately. If he doesn't deliver, he will be blackballed and his career will be over. Jughead claims to have pages, which he will send over by the end of the day.

Jughead apologizes to Tabitha

Jughead heads inside of Pop's, where he asks to speak with Tabitha. Before he can get out a word, she apologizes for abandoning him while he was tripping. Jughead apologizes for even putting her in the position and for causing her to worry. Tabitha accepts his apology and reluctantly reveals to Jughead that Betty gave Jessica his book, which seemed like the right thing to do at the time. Tabitha reminds Jughead that his sobriety is what's most important and that contacting Jessica could cause him to fall back into old habits. She proposes that Jughead ask Samm for another extension, but he doesn't have the luxury and is running out of time.

With Penelope watching from the crowd with the other members, Cheryl performs one of three miracles. As Jesus once turned water to wine, Cheryl claims that Jason has granted her the ability to turn water into maple syrup, which with Kevin's help, she manages to pull off in front of the ministry.

Archie confronts General Taylor

Archie confronts General Taylor in his office about his retiring and the fact that he sent Archie's platoon into a war zone without adequate support or intel. Because of this, good men died. So, Archie is asking the general to stand down and retire quietly. However, General Taylor refuses, referring to Archie as some kid from a podunk town who joined the army on a whim. He claims that Archie doesn't even understand what it means to be a real soldier and warns him to back down, but Archie refuses. When Archie threatens the general with a military tribunal, he claims that he'll simply tell them that Archie went rogue and led his platoon into an ambush, making it Archie's word against the general's. Still, Archie insists that he'll expose the general, regardless of the consequences.

Eric is reluctant to join Archie in his crusade against General Taylor, as the trial would reopen a lot of old wounds for the families of their fallen comrades. That said, Archie agrees not to go after the general without the approval of the families.

Jughead steals Cora's script

While sitting in the bunker, plotting his next move, Jughead recalls Cora Carter, the aspiring writer from New York, who gave him her script to read just before he returned to Riverdale. Jughead pulls the script from his trunk, along with a bottle of alcohol, before reading.

Archie meets with Travis' mother in hopes that she'll consent to him going after General Taylor. Archie reminds her that he fought for truth and human dignity. However, Travis' mother reveals that she hasn't had a moment of sound sleep since she received that folded up flag and learned that her son was dead. She blames Archie for not bringing him home safely.

Veronica hosts a palladium auction

As planned, Veronica hosts her auction at Pearls and Posh, with Cheryl to her right and Reggie standing guard at the door. Despite it being invitation-only, Hiram arrives and takes a seat among the crowd. Veronica ignores Hiram throughout the auction and manages to sell the palladium for $300,000. Afterwards, Hiram confronts her for ignoring his bid, but she doesn't seem too concerned.

Archie goes to see Jim's brother, who never even wanted him to join the army in the first place, afraid that he wouldn't make it through basic training. But Jim believed that he had a duty to protect and serve his country. Jim's brother was incredibly relieved when he started receiving letters from Jim about Archie and the kind of leader he was. So, he gives his full support to Archie.

The second miracle

Having already witnessed one miracle, Cheryl and Kevin stage another for Penelope and the ministry. Supposedly, Cheryl manifests the collective pain of their congregation. Her hands then begin to bleed, mimicking the holy wounds of Jason, Kevin decrees, and much to the congregation's amazement.

Archie asks Aidan's wife for her consent

Archie meets with Aidan's wife and explains that he would like to honor her husband's memory by having General Taylor answer for his actions, but he'd like to do so with her consent. However, she has already moved on. While she and Aidan were high school sweethearts, she needs to focus on her son and his future. That said, she leaves it in Archie's hands to do what he sees fit.

Cheryl wants to use bees

Kevin approaches Cheryl with a list of potential third miracles, but she already knows what she wants her third miracle to be, thinking back to when she got her revenge on Mr. Honey by leaving a honeycomb on his desk. Kevin is reluctant, as he's highly allergic to bees, but Cheryl tells him to fear not. As a girl, Nana Rose was an avid beekeeper and later taught Cheryl all her secrets.

Chad invites Veronica to the party

Chad just got wind of Veronica's auction, and seeing that she's clearly so desperate for money, he's calling again to ensure that she doesn't want his help or in on his deal. He tells her about "CopterCab," which is essentially a helicopter taxi service that flies one-percenters to private parties in Marcia's Vineyard. Chad reveals that Hiram is also working with him. However, Veronica couldn't care less, as the auction bought in just enough for her to return the investors' money to their accounts. Even still, with CopterCab going public, Chad will be celebrating at Hiram's HQ and invites Veronica to come by. After she hangs up, Reggie questions why she's agreeing to party with Chad, to which Veronica explains that she's been playing defense, reacting to Chad's every move, but it's time she got on the offensive and take Chad out.

Jughead reads Cora's surprisingly good book in full before calling Samm and telling him that he finished the novel, which is about a young writer at NYU, making their way through the world. After Samm tells Jughead to send it over, he rips the title page with Cora's name off the book and claims it as his own before taking another drink. He then gets a message from Betty, who Jughead asks to meet with him tomorrow in the bunker.

Eric reveals he made a deal with General Taylor

When Archie reveals to Eric and Frank that he's going to call General Taylor out before a tribunal, Eric reveals that Taylor pulled him to the side ahead of their mission and offered him a promotion. All he would have to do is find a clear line of fire and take out the warlord. General Taylor said that the target was all that mattered, but Eric regrets not putting the platoon's safety first. And when Archie went out to call for support, Eric left their unit unprotected to carry out Taylor's order. Part of Eric believes that losing his leg was punishment for betraying their unit. However, Archie insists this isn't Eric's fault, as he was simply manipulated by the general.

Cheryl performs the third miracle

Cheryl prepares for her third and final miracle, as Kevin, Penelope, and the ministry look on. Cheryl places her hands inside a bee enclosure and lays her hand on the honey as bees swarm her hands but don't sting her. Penelope interjects, referring to Cheryl as a fraud and Kevin as a heretic. Kevin retorts that Penelope is merely a whoremonger and escaped convict, unworthy of their trust. Cheryl then pulls the honey from the enclosure and approaches Penelope as bees swarm around her hands, threatening to smite her mother should she not leave immediately.

Eric wishes to join Archie

Archie prepares for his tribunal with General Taylor. Frank assure Archie that he'll be fine, so long as he tells the truth. Also dressed in his formal military attire, Eric reveals that he'll be there to back Archie up. He couldn't sleep last night, thinking that he left his brothers high and dry once, and he refuses to do it again, even agreeing to testify to Archie's claims.

Veronica joins Hiram and Chad for the celebration of CopterCab, though she doesn't come alone. In tow are service girls in pink uniform, carrying champagne, hors d'oeuvres, and Jingle Jangle. Differences aside, Veronica commends Chad for his success. She's truly impressed her.

Betty has an addiction

Betty meets Jughead in the bunker, where she reveals that she's been working the Lonely Highway dressed as Polly in hopes of being picked up despite the dangers she may face. Jughead explains that the reason he asked her to come was to apologize for the voicemail he left her. She asks why now after five years. He reveals that it's one of his steps to recovery from alcoholism. Much like Jughead, Betty believes that she's an addict as well, but of a different nature. She can't stop hunting for the trucker killer. Even when Betty was at Yale, she tried to be normal, but it felt so empty. The void that she was so desperately trying to fill didn't even go away when she arrived at Quantico, but that is where she realized that she is more comfortable studying serial killers than she is socializing with normal people, and then she read about TBK, which is why she wasn't at Jughead's book release party, as that was the night she got the offer to join the TBK task force. Betty is consumed by both TBK and the trucker killer, and she doesn't think she can stop hunting them. Jughead then gets a call from Samm, who is amazed with his book. However, Jughead unfortunately reveals that it was written by a grad student and that he doesn't have a novel of his own. And so, Samm is going to have to drop Jughead as a client, though he hopes Jughead manages to pull himself together. Before hanging up, Jughead tells Samm that he'll send over Cora's info. By the time Jughead turns around to resume his conversation with Betty, she's gone.

Veronica defeats Chad

Veronica admits that Chad struck a goldmine and regrets ever doubting him. Chad then gets word that their stock in CopterCab is crashing after an article is published about his previous plane crash. Veronica then reveals that she planted the story at the Wall Beat Journal to a reporter friend. Chad being involved in a helicopter crash while being a partner in a helicopter company is bad for business. Then, Veronica came to the party to distract Chad and his entourage while their business went down in flames. Chad's problem in a nutshell is that he can't land anything. As far as Veronica is concerned, he'll never be an alpha, as he's a born beta. And everyone who invested in the scheme is also down, though Hiram isn't too concerned, as he only invested a modest sum in CopterCab. When he remarks that he is unscathed, Veronica subtly brags about stealing his palladium and tells him to give his SoDale model another look.

Tabitha helps Jughead

Jughead and Tabitha are working the night shift. While Jughead is worried about Betty, Tabitha is worried about him, after having smelled booze on his breath when he came in. Still, Jughead is worried about Betty on the Lonely Highway by herself, which Tabitha tells him not to worry about, as she'll take care of it. Jughead's only priority should be himself. He questions why Tabitha is so nice to him when he's nothing more than a drunk and terrible busboy. She explains that he's her fiend and that she cares about him, making him promise that he'll keep going to his meetings.

Hiram discovers that Veronica stole his palladium

Once everyone has left, Hiram checks for his palladium hidden within his SoDale 3D model. However, he discovers that his palladium has been stolen and replaced with replicas.

Archie gets a call from the JAG officer, revealing that the tribunal has determined that Eric is not guilty of any wrongdoing and remains in good standing with the army. Frank then asks about Taylor, whose actions were determined to be reckless and of poor judgment. He's been discharged without honor.

Tabitha joins Betty

On her way out for another night of hunting, Betty notices her mom sleeping on the couch and places a blanket over her. She opens the door to find Tabitha on her doorstep, who has learned from Jughead that Betty has been tracking the trucker killer on her own. No matter what she says, Tabitha knows that Betty won't stop, so instead, she intends to join Betty.

Archie, Eric, and Frank celebrate at the Wyrm and toast to their fallen comrades.

Cheryl believes she's a living saint

Kevin asks Cheryl how she managed the bees once they were outside of the tank, questioning if she rubbed some kind of bee repellent over herself. However, Cheryl claims that she didn't have any ointment or repellent on her body. Something powerful inside her has shifted. She's feeling more connected to things than she has in years, suggesting that she may be the first ever living saint.

Tabitha and Betty on the Lonely Highway

Just as promised, Jughead attends another AA meeting. He was seven days sober, but now he's back to one, hoping to make it to eight this time around. He also reveals that he's worried about Betty and Tabitha, who are on the Lonely Highway, tracking the trucker killer. He's praying that some higher power is looking down on them and keeping them safe, as he has a bad feeling about what happens next.



Guest Starring


  • Kathleen Duborg as Older Mother
  • Matthew Graham as Board Member #1
  • Jaleese Green as Young Mother
  • Alykhan Gulamani as Mr. Sand
  • Isiah Henwood as Aiden
  • Peter Kelamis as Samm Pansky
  • Gardiner Millar as General Howard Taylor
  • Phillip Prajoux as Handsome man
  • Evan Roberts as Jim
  • Caleb Rogers as Travis
  • Sabrina Shaw as Ms. Werthenheimer
  • Anthony Timpano as Benjamin "Bingo" Butler
  • Marcel Zade as Board Member #2


  • Two Another - Another Night
  • The Dame - Up To No Good
    • Scene: Veronica joins Chad and Hiram to celebrate "CopterCab."



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