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Well, would you look at the time? It's 7:00 AM. And the women of Thornhill, past and present, are waking up across the decades. In the here and now, Cheryl Blossom wakes up from a dreamless sleep. As 56 years ago, Poppy Blossom stirs awake, in the same room, in the same bed. And while further back still, Abigail Blossom opens her eyes to meet the day. Three blossom women, one story, echoing across time, burning as bright and eternal as a comet's tail in the night sky.

"Chapter Ninety-Nine: The Witching Hour(s)" is the fourth episode of the sixth season of Riverdale and the ninety-ninth episode of the series overall.[2] It premiered December 7, 2021.


SABRINA SPELLMAN (GUEST STAR KIERNAN SHIPKA) COMES TO RIVERVALE — As Bailey's Comet passes over Rivervale, Cheryl and Nana Rose revisit the tragic stories of the Blossom women through the years. Meanwhile, the once-in-a-lifetime celestial event prompts Cheryl to summon a familiar face to Rivervale – Sabrina Spellman.[3]



7:00 AM, the Blossom women are awakening across the decades. Cheryl awakens from a dreamless sleep, as 65 years ago, 1957, Poppy Blossom stirs awake in the same room, in the same bed. Even further back, 1892, Abigail Blossom opens her eyes to meet the day as well. All three of the Blossom women get dressed, do their makeup, and prepare for the day ahead.


Cheryl tells the girls about Bailey's Comet

For today's lesson at Thornhill, Cheryl will be teaching them about comets, in particular periodic comets, like Bailey's Comet, which passes through their solar system once every 65 years. The girl will be able to marvel at the comet's beauty on the north hill as it passes over Rivervale tonight. Britta asks if Nana Rose will be able to join them for the viewing, but unfortunately, she's feeling quite weak and won't be able to make it. And Cheryl will be at her bedside, conducting rituals to help see her into the afterlife.

Cheryl reveals to Nana Rose that tonight, Bailey's Comet returns to their skies. While Nana Rose is in her right mind, Cheryl asks if she's certain that she wants to continue down this path, as it can't be undone and there is a risk, as always with spell casting. Rose replies that she's never been more certain.


Tammy asks Poppy for help

Poppy has just wrapped up one of her salons, but Tammy stays behind and tells her that she wants to start working at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, but her husband is dead set against it. Home is where she belongs, he says, but Tammy knows that she can do a better job than he does. So, Poppy gives Tammy a bag of herbs to sprinkle in her husband's breakfast. He'll come down with a nasty stomach bug and Tammy can step up to run Pop's for the day.


Abigail hires Thomasina

With five years of teaching experience under her belt, Thomasina Topaz applies to be a teacher at Abigail's boarding school. Her old school was shut down and turned into a hospital after the war began. Abigail's twin brother James is fighting in the war on the western front. With the pox being so rampant in their land, both Abigail and Thomasina have survived it. Abigail then asks if she's married. Thomasina's hesitates, but says that she isn't. With that in mind, Abigail hires Thomasina, who's come all the way from Greendale.

Thomasina proposes new teachings

Abigail's teaching of the ladies at her boarding school consists of topics such as proper table etiquette. However, Thomasina proposes they study Bailey's Comet, which is scheduled to pass over Rivervale in a few days time, and it offers a scientific opportunity for the girls, but Abigail isn't interested, as it is unlady-like to be in the woods after dark and more importantly, the Thornhill Academy for Girls is a finishing school. Thomasina argues that a comet is fundamental to the understanding of their lives, much like a poem. They're all part of an intertwining fabric, but Abigail still remains reluctant, even as Thomasina continues to push for higher learning in order for women to gain power in the world.


Poppy's salon

Poppy hosts a salon at Thornhill with Bitsy, Velma, Tammy, and Elaina to discuss Bailey's Comet, which will be passing over their town later that year. Tammy suggests a viewing party set up on the roof of Pop's. The timing of the comet is curious to Elaina, given the Soviet's only just launched Sputnik, the Russian space satellite. Elaina then reveals that Wendy Weatherbee was arrested for conspiracy, despite being as red-blooded American as anyone. This leads Tammy to wonder if their children are safe at school. Poppy attempts to calm the ladies. Her opinion is that if people discuss their different ideas in the privacy of their own homes, she doesn't see the harm, as she simply isn't a fan of witch hunts.

Bitsy kisses Poppy

Bitsy stays behind after the salon and reveals to Poppy that she's not happy in her marriage. Jack thinks the answer is to have another child, even though Bitsy's first pregnancy was incredibly difficult. Poppy suggests divorce, but Bitsy is very much opposed to the idea. In that case, Poppy proposes that Bitsy simply not get pregnant and look into birth control. Reluctant to go to Dr. Curdle, Poppy gives Bitsy a bit of ginger root from her garden. A few flakes every day in the morning will prevent Bitsy from getting pregnant. Bitsy is grateful and hugs Poppy before unexpectedly kissing her. Bitsy pulls away and apologizes, but Poppy insists that an apology isn't needed and that everything will work out.

Abigail and Thomasina share a kiss


Thomasina is observing the night sky when Abigail apologizes for her outburst earlier, as she was right, and moving forward, they're going to teach the girls hard truths and prepare them for a world that may not exist yet but someday will. Abigail and Thomasina then share a kiss.

Velma confides in Poppy that her sex life with her husband has been a bit vanilla, and she wants to spice things up a bit. Hoping to help, Poppy gives Velma the book of Kama Sutra as well as her very own special aphrodisiac mix to sprinkle into her husband's food. Do that, and he'll never want to leave the bed.


Abigail covers for Thomasina

Abigail watches Thomasina sleep, and when she awakens, she remarks that she wish they could live in the perfect little world they've created together forever. Suddenly, there's a loud knock at the door. It's Constable Keller, who's looking for a murderess by the name of Thomasina Topaz. Rather than giving her over, Abigail lies and tells the Constable that there is no one at Thornhill by that name and that he should leave immediately, as they have a confirmed case of the pox.


Jack threatens Poppy

Poppy is confronted by Bitsy's husband, Jack, who claims to know what she did with his wife. Jack then grabs Bitsy's arm and forces her to tell Poppy that she didn't mean what she said when she told Poppy that she wasn't happy in her marriage and that she didn't want to have another kid with Jack. As tears fill her eyes, Jack tells Poppy to keep out of his marriage or else he will kill her.


Thomasina killed her husband

Thomasina reveals to Abigail that she wasn't being completely honest earlier when she said she didn't have a husband. Not currently, but once she did. It was an arranged marriage, and he was a cruel man who didn't like her ideas of educating women-kind. He sought to control her with the back of his hand and his belt. One night, she saw a look in his eyes and knew it was either her life or his. So Thomasina chose to live and killed her husband in self-defense. Abigail looks into her eyes and tells Thomasina to stay with her at Thornhill forever.


Britta joins Cheryl and Nana Rose

Britta interrupts Cheryl's ritual with Nana Rose. She stayed behind instead of going with the other girls to watch the comet, aware that Cheryl and Nana Rose are planning something in secret. She doesn't know what it is but would like to be present for it. So, Nana Rose invites her over, and Cheryl reluctantly tells Britta to take a seat.


Poppy stands her ground

None of the girls have shown up for Poppy's salon. Just then, she hears a knock on the door. It's the husbands of her salon mates, including Jack and Kirk Keller. They confront Poppy for allegedly telling their wives that they can't satisfy them. Poppy suspects that the men bullied their wives into submission. However, they deny doing any such thing and requests that Poppy leave Rivervale, but she intends to remain.


Abigail meets Fen

Abigail and Thomasina receive an unexpected visit from Fen Fogarty, a friend of Abigail's brother, James. Fen reports that James was killed during their last battle, but he gave Fen a letter to give to Abigail right before he passed. The letter essentially says that James' dying wish was for Abigail to marry Fen.

Thomasina is skeptical of Fen and refuses to allow Abigail to marry a complete stranger. However, if this was her brother's dying wish, Abigail feels compelled to honor it, though Thomasina can't help but feel a darkness around Fen. Her intuition tells her that he means Abigail harm. So tomorrow, when he goes hunting, they'll search his room for truth of his true intentions.


Poppy at Pop's

Poppy enters Pop's, but she doesn't receive a warm welcome. In fact, it would seem as if the town has turned their back on her. Tammy asks if she would like to take her order to go, seeing as the townsfolk are being less than friendly, but Poppy will not back down and intends to eat her meal at the diner. While doing her makeup, she notices Bitsy and Jack watching her just before getting up to leave.

Poppy returns home to find Kirk Keller and the Rivervale police force in her home. They received an anonymous tip that she's a suspected communist sympathizer, recalling her meetings with the unsuspecting wives of Rivervale. Kirk then places her in cuffs and takes her away.


Fen threatens to kill Thomasina

With Fen gone hunting, Abigail and Thomasina search his room for evidence of malfeasance. They find a sheet of paper with James' name written repeatedly, as if someone was trying to copy his signature. Also in Fen's items, they find the Blossom official seal, which he likely stole from James and later forged his signature. Thomasina then discovers objects of the occult, revealing to Abigail that Fen is a warlock. Lastly and most terrifyingly, they find death portraits of all those he's murdered, which includes James. Fen returns to Thornhill and catches them in his room. Thomasina charges at him with his own knife, but Fen disarms her and holds an ax to her throat. Hoping to spare Thomasina's life, Abigail offers to marry him, which he accepts. In the meantime, Fen locks Thomasina in the chapel.


Poppy is arrested

Kirk is all but certain that Poppy is a communist and simply needs her confession, but Poppy won't admit to a lie. While she may have once visited Russia, it was simply to participate in a chess tournament. That said, she's completely dedicated to America. Yet, as Kirk points out, she hosts unsegregated gatherings, where they read banned books. Kirk demands that Poppy admit she's a communist, but when she refuses, he places her in a cell.

Bitsy visits Poppy

Bitsy comes down to visit Poppy in jail and hopefully persuade her to sign the confession, reasoning that it's just her name, but her name and principals are all that she has, though Bitsy doesn't believe it's worth rotting in a cell over, especially since she thought that Poppy cared more about them. Poppy explains that she's doing this for all womankind, and it's for that reason she can't sign her name over. When Bitsy reveals that she's pregnant, Poppy momentarily takes her hand, but Bitsy pulls away and tries to convince herself that a baby will save her marriage. She says that Jack was right about Poppy being nothing more than a sad, jealous, sexually repressed spinster. Tears fill both their eyes, but Poppy knows that Bitsy doesn't mean what she says.

Jack and Kirk make Poppy a deal

After Bitsy visited Poppy in jail, they didn't see each other for another nine months. That is, until Jack and Kirk come to Poppy pleading for her help. Bitsy has gone into labor and has convinced herself that something is wrong and that only Poppy can help. If she does this, Poppy won't have to return to her cell.

Poppy is escorted to Rivervale Hospital, where Bitsy lies in the bed and embraces Poppy when she approaches. Coincidentally, Bitsy gives birth, with Poppy's help, just as Bailey's Comet passes over Rivervale. Bitsy wishes she was bringing her daughter into a better world, but she can at least take comfort in the fact that her daughter being born under the comet is a sign of great things to come, Poppy reveals. She then gives Bitsy a pouch and tells her that she'll know when to use it when the time is right.


Fe curses Abigail

Abigail honors her deal with Fen and marries him in exchange for Thomasina's life. However, she is simultaneously plotting to kill him. As he is waiting on the bed for Abigail to fulfill her wifely duties, she attacks him with an ax. Abigail then rushes to the chapel, but she is too late to save Thomasina, who Fen has already killed. Fen comes stumbling down the hallway and says that she was perfect for his collection. With his final breath, Fen uses Bailey's Comet to curse Abigail with immortality and to live in unloved solitude.


Poppy is placed on house arrest

After Poppy reports to Jack and Kirk that both Bitsy and the baby are fine, she is immediately placed in handcuffs. Kirk reminds Poppy that the deal was never that she would be free, but rather that she wouldn't have to go back to her cell, which she doesn't. Kirk is placing her on house arrest at Thornhill indefinitely.

About a year later, Jack dies after being poisoned by Bitsy with the herbs she got from Poppy.


Sabrina and Cheryl perform the transference

Cheryl greets Sabrina Spellman at the door. "Well, well, well, look at what the black cat dragged in," Cheryl remarks. The witches embrace, and Cheryl thanks Sabrina for coming during Nana Rose's time of need. Cheryl introduces Sabrina to Nana Rose and Britta, who inquires about how the two ladies met. Sabrina simply replies that they have a lot of mutual friends and share a lot of the same interests, one of which being their covens in the same softball league. Sabrina was the first person who told Cheryl about a transference, as her cousin Ambrose taught her. Essentially, a transference is a tricky spell that can only be performed on the night of great cosmic significance, like tonight with the arrival of Bailey's Comet. Before beginning the spell, Cheryl asks Britta to leave, so that she can Sabrina can work privately. Cheryl and Sabrina both take Nana Rose's hand and recite the transference spell as Bailey's Comet passes over Rivervale. The spell is a success and Abigail is transferred into Nana Rose's dying body. She feels free and at long last, Fen's curse is broken, allowing Abigail to pass on.

Abigail and Thomasina reunite

Sabrina explains to Britta that Nana Rose's body died, but not before they transferred her soul into Cheryl's body and vice versa. However, Cheryl, to begin with, was never real. Both Cheryl and Poppy were merely personas created by Abigail to hide the fact that she had been cursed with immortality. But Abigail was forever haunted by the loss of her one true love, Thomasina. She wanted more than anything, to be reunited with her. The only way to do that was move her soul into a dying body, that being Nana Rose in this case. Rose now inhabits "Cheryl's" young body, and Abigail has moved on to a peaceful eternity in the Sweet Hereafter, where she is reunited with Thomasina, whom she kisses and intends to spend eternity with. Sabrina and Rose then reveal that both Abigail and Thomasina were witches, but before explaining any further, they decide to carry the conversation down to Pop's over some milkshakes.



Guest Starring


  • London Grammar - Nightcall
    • Scene: Poppy and Bitsy kiss. / Abigail and Thomasina kiss. / Bitsy tries to convince Poppy to sign the confession and also reveals that she's pregnant. / Abigail and Thomasina reunite in the afterlife.
  • B Bonnie Parker - The First Vow (1968)
    • Scene: The angry husbands of Rivervale attempt to push Poppy out of Rivervale.
  • The Belltones - I Love You
    • Scene: Poppy places an order at Pop's, where the townsfolk have turned against her.
  • Agnes Obel - Riverside
    • Scene: Abigail marries Fen to save Thomasina. / Poppy helps Bitsy through labor as the comet passes.



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