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In Riverdale, everyone wears a mask, not just the Black Hood. But every so often, the mask slips, and our true selves are laid bare, for all the world to see. [...] So we scramble to put it back on, like a kid in a cheap Halloween costume, but it's too late. People have already seen what's underneath... And it's terrifying.

"Chapter Nineteen: Death Proof" is the sixth episode of the second season of Riverdale[2], and the nineteenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on November 15, 2017.


THE SUGARMAN — After a charge led by Mayor McCoy threatens to further escalate tensions between the North and Southside, Jughead, along with Archie, tries to put a stop to a dangerous alliance being considered between the Serpents and a long-time rival. Betty turns to Veronica for help when she's thrust into the center of a burgeoning mystery surrounding The Sugarman. Finally, Cheryl confronts her mother Penelope after a traumatic run-in forces her to make a stark realization.[3]



The episode unfolds with Jughead Jones is in his trailer, writing yet another chapter to his ongoing story about crime in Riverdale. Toni Topaz comes in, presumably in Jughead's clothing, and asks if he's hungry. Jughead replies that she didn't have to ask him that.

Betty finds out the fate of Nick St. Clair.

Feeling guilty over choosing Nick St. Clair as the Black Hood's next victim, Betty races over to the Five Seasons, slowly going through the door to the St. Clair suite, hoping to save him, but is shocked to find him alive, but covered in bruises on his face. Dressed in a white bathrobe, and twirling a knife on the wood drawer, Nick asks if she’s here to finish what the girls already did to him last night. His parents walk in and ask why he’s not dressed, as Sheriff Keller arrives with a fellow cop to escort Nick to the police station due to a complaint. The sheriff is shocked to see that Betty is also here, and tells her to go home. Betty calls the Black Hood outside of the hotel, asking why he did not go after Nick. The Black Hood explains that he didn't kill Nick because he was not one of Riverdale's residents. However, Betty has given him the most wonderful gift, which is showing him her true colors. After this, he says, the true work can begin. In the middle of asking a question, the Black Hood abruptly ends the call. Then, Archie Andrews texts her, asking if she's up.

The head Lodges and Penelope talking about the attempted rape of Cheryl.

At the Pembrooke, the Lodges are talking with Penelope Blossom about Nick St. Clair’s sexual assault on Cheryl Blossom, and Penelope concludes by saying that she’ll not file charges on Nick St. Clair, since Nick didn't get the chance to actually rape her. Their conversation is spied on, from the other side of the wall, by Veronica Lodge and Cheryl, who is upset that Penelope swept the incident under the rug and hasn't even tried to fight for her. After processing what her mother said, she starts believing that she is at fault. Veronica still wants to pursue justice for Cheryl and asks if she still needs to file a lawsuit against the family. Cheryl shoos away, rejecting the offer, reasoning that if she's facing off Nick St. Clair in the courtroom, she'd become the laughing stock. Veronica reveals to Cheryl that Nick assaulted many girls before her, including herself. Cheryl asks if she’s talked to her parents yet, and Veronica denies. She becomes furious, telling Veronica that she won't be a puppet for her "thirst for vengeance", and rushes out of the apartment.

Jughead and Toni having breakfast at Pop's.

At Pop's, Toni and Jughead have breakfast. Toni thanks him for letting her sleep over in his trailer home in Sunnyside Trailer Park. Jughead replies if it's his trailer, it's hers as well. She tells him that she doesn't want a relationship with him, as she knows that he still has feelings for Betty, and that she's "more into girls".

Archie and Betty taking a walk.

Betty walks with Archie, as she talks to him about being done with Black Hood's games, letters, and Simon Says. Archie asks what will happen if he calls her again, to which Betty replies that she won't answer. She can't keep playing, as its destroying her friendships and her relationship. Archie asks if he was actually going to harm Polly, and she says that the people at "the Farm" are going to help her disappear for a while, just until it's safe again. They walk up to Pop's and see Jughead and Toni eating breakfast. Both of their phones start to ring, and it's their parents, Archie's dad, Fred Andrews, and Betty's mother, Alice Cooper.

Impromptu meeting at the Cooper house

At the Cooper house, Alice Cooper hosts a meeting with all the parents of the children that attended Nick St. Clair's party at his hotel suite. Sierra McCoy, the mayor of the town, thanks her for hosting. Alice says that after she heard about what happened at the party, she felt like the parents should all come together to deal with "this motley crew of liars, dope-fiends, and fornicators", who consist of Cheryl Blossom (not present), Reggie Mantle, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews, and the mayor's own daughter, Josie McCoy. She continues that she was glad that Betty left before it descended into a "bacchanalian free-for-all". The kids are whispering to each other when Alice tells them to hush, with Hiram Lodge telling her to be careful "throwing stones". Hermione wants to know who brought the jingle-jangle to the party, and Reggie Mantle reluctantly raises his hand. His mother, Melinda, says to not say a word until they get a lawyer. Hiram stands up and says that all he needs to say is how he acquired it. Reggie continues by saying that he has some dealer on the Southside that gets the drugs for him, and his mother is filled with disgust. Hiram continues by saying that the Southside is the current source of all their problems. Fred Andrews asks Reggie a question about its location, and mentions Southside High School. Archie fires back saying that not all Serpents are drug dealers. While they admittedly shouldn't have taken the Jingle Jangle, Veronica points out that Nick asked Reggie to bring them, and later pressured them into taking it. Furthermore, he attacked Cheryl. If anyone should be under interrogation, they believe it to be him. However, as Sheriff Keller explains, prosecuting Nick will be difficult given that they are all unreliable witnesses due to the fact that they were high. When Veronica retorts that they weren't on drugs when Josie and herself witnessed the incident with Nick and Cheryl, Sheriff explains that Jingle Jangle stays in one's system for up to three days. Unfortunately, it has only been a day since the open house, so this will raise a credibility issue in court. Sierra is extremely disappointed in Josie for her lack of consideration to her father's struggle with overcoming addiction to that drug. This triggers Mayor McCoy to take harsh measures, much to Alice's complacency to see the Southside blamed for it and actions taken to prevent further crime coming to the Northside.

Raid of Southside High.

At the Red and Black office, Robert Phillips is reading Jughead's current article for the paper. He is impressed and asks when Jughead had the time to put out an issue onto the newspaper, whilst pledging the Southside Serpents. He restates the pact that they made which allowed Jughead to be part of staff: no gangs, and no drugs, especially not jingle-jangle. Robert is interrupted when Jughead receives a text from Archie, telling him to meet him outside right now, in an urgent tone. Jughead races outside of the office, and Archie races towards him, telling him they need to get out now. Right when Jughead is about to ask why, Sheriff Keller, Sierra McCoy, and an army of cops barge into the campus, as Sierra is pointing left and right to any student that has an indication of the Serpent logo, whether on their shirt or jacket, especially Toni Topaz and Sweet Pea.

Kevin and Veronica walking through the halls of their high school.

At Riverdale High School, Veronica tells Kevin about Nick's sexual advances after the Penthouse party. Kevin wants Veronica to tell someone, either his father or hers, but she is reluctant in doing so, as her father will put Nick's head in Mr. and Mrs. St. Clair's bed for coming at her in such a vile manner. As they walk down the hallway, Betty rounds the corner, cutting short their conversation. Betty attempts to exchange greetings but to no avail. While Kevin is quick to resort to name calling, Veronica would rather avoid all confrontation, as she tells Kevin that Betty isn't worth it.

Betty having yet another conversation with the Black Hood

Despite previously telling Archie that she won't be taking the Black Hood's call any longer, she answers the phone anyway when he calls her. She heads into an empty classroom, so that she may speak freely. Betty has done everything the killer asked, so why can't he just leave her alone. The Black Hood replies that they have unfinished business. He spared Nick's life. The life that Betty had sentenced to death. It is because he chose not to do it that Betty doesn't have Nick's blood on her hands. Should she choose to not disobey, she'll have a lot worse to deal with. He claimed that Riverdale's streets would run red if Betty didn't help him. While Keller and the police hunted for low-level dealers, they'll go after the real sinner, that being the drug maker, known on the street as "The Sugarman". A corrupter of children who deserved swift and brutal justice, the Black Hood believed. But the fact that he was asking Betty to find the drug maker meant that he couldn't. Betty didn't understand what she could do. She was merely a school newspaper reporter. However, as the Black Hood explained, Betty was friends with Cheryl, who was the daughter of the Sugarman's former supplier, Clifford Blossom. Should Betty succeed in discovering the identity of the Sugarman, the Black Hood claimed that he would stop killing. If she failed to comply, someone will be "purified".

Jughead and Archie discussing the raid of Southside High.

Jughead and Archie are at Pop's with Jughead not acknowledging the fellow customers, and screaming at him. Archie tells him to calm down, but Jughead fires back, saying that the town just became a "police state". Archie says that the mayor is convinced that the Serpents are the ones that deal jingle-jangle, but Jughead has a rebuttal, saying that the Ghoulies are the true dealers. Archie says to tell Mayor McCoy, but Jughead is skeptical. He believes that the reason for the raid on Southside High was not able to be found, and asks how Archie even cares for him. He continues by saying that he thought Archie and Betty wanted nothing to do with him, after the forced breakup between the couple. Archie apologizes for what happened and how it happened and tells Jughead to talk to Betty. Jughead's phone dings, and it's Tall Boy, wanting to "parley", and leaves.

Cheryl filling Betty in about the Sugar Man.

At Thistlehouse, Betty visits Cheryl Blossom as she's tanning. Cheryl asks why she's honored with her unannounced presence, and Betty replies by saying that she wanted to check up on her. Cheryl says that she's "compartmentalizing", and continues by saying that she can see right through Betty, and calls her "Invisible Woman". Betty gives in and reveals that she's writing an article on jingle jangle inundating the town. She asks Cheryl if she's ever heard of the Sugar Man, and Cheryl replies, saying that she has knowledge of the mysterious person, shocking Betty. Cheryl continues, saying as children, her mother, Penelope Blossom told her and Jason tales of how her father, Cliff Blossom was friends with the so-called Sugar Man. If they misbehaved, Penelope said that the Sugar Man would sneak into their rooms at night, steals them from their beds, and whisk us away, never to be seen alive again. Betty is curious and asks if this Sugar Man maybe worked for her father's drug business. Cheryl answers Betty with another question, saying, "Oh God, Betty. Is there no memory, however traumatic, you won't defile?". Betty's saying that she's trying to get to the truth, but Cheryl fires back by saying that she already has. She says that Sugar Man was just a poison confection spun by her mother to scare the children, such as the Sandman or Krampus.

Archie and his father talk about the punishment for the people who attended Nick's party.

At the Andrews house, it is revealed that due to the actions committed at Nick St. Clair's party, the children will be forced to do community service. Archie is against it, asking Fred if he can't just ground him, like normal fathers would do. Fred replies saying that it was an idea concocted by the mayor, and says it's a "damn good one". Fred says it's an advantage, due to after eating Chinese takeout that was laid in front of them, Archie can lose all that fat in one day picking up trash at the local park, Pickens Park. Fred continues by saying that he knows Jughead wasn't at their little "lalapalooza", referring to the party, but he does go to Southside High, and says that it's "ground-zero for that crap". He asks Archie if he's talking to him, and checking in, and how Jughead is doing. Archie replies, saying that he's struggling to help him, and Fred relates, saying that it was the same when he was trying to help FP, Jughead's very own father. He says that the fight between Jughead and FP is a never-ending one, but he hopes Jughead's fight isn't a losing one.

Jughead talking with Tall Boy and the Ghoulies

In the basement of some building, Jughead appears, and is surprised to see Tall Boy, a fellow Serpent, sitting down. Jughead asks what's happening, and the leader of the Ghoulies, Malachai, pops up, saying that they're at the House of the Dead. Jughead asks who this person is, and Tall Boy reveals that that person is Malachai, and he speaks for the Ghoulies. He continues by saying that with the heat on both gangs and ranks depleted, their "tribes" need to unite, and it will be facilitated if Jughead will accept to endorse this partnership. Jughead is skeptical, why him? Tall Boy replies by saying that he's the son of FP, the leader of the Southside Serpents, therefore making him de facto leader, other than Tall Boy and it carries weight, especially with the younger gang members. Jughead becomes enraged, and is questioning why the partnership should even be made in the first place, saying that it was the Ghoulies' fault that the Southside was even raided. Malachai butts in, saying that chaos is how the gang thrives, and says that Jughead better get used to it. Jughead turns to Tall Boy, and asks if he's really going to do this to his dad, continuing by saying that he's supposed to be FP's right-hand man. Tall Boy replies, saying that the Northside declared war today, and Jughead's "old man" isn't here to call the shots. He agrees that he's FP's right-hand, and that makes him the de facto leader. He continues by saying that things are changing, and either Jughead changes with them, or suffer the consequences. "Evolve or die, baby," Malachai says.

Back at Thistlehouse, Cheryl is looking at old photos of her and Jason, she stumbles along this drawing, and it portrays her and Jason standing in front of their old home in Thornhill, and right next to them is the Sugar Man. Cheryl immediately closes the drawing, and takes a deep breath.

Betty talking to Sheriff Keller about the Sugar Man

Betty walks into Pop's, and spots Sheriff Keller. She walks over, and she says she wants to ask a few questions for her Blue and Gold story on the drug jingle-jangle. Sheriff Keller allows only one question, and says that she better make it good. She takes a seat, and asks if he's ever heard of a drug dealer called the Sugar Man. Sheriff Keller says that he's heard of him, even know him, and says that she knows him as well. He lists other names, such as the Maple Man, the Delivery Man, and about "a million different names," according to the sheriff, but it's always been one man: Clifford Blossom. Betty is skeptical, because if Clifford is already dead, how is there still an abundant supply of jingle-jangle? Sheriff Keller says that jingle-jangle never truly hit the streets until after Clifford died, and continues by saying that ANYONE could be the supplier of the drug now. He bids her goodnight, and exits the diner.

Betty and Veronica discuss about the Black Hood's contacts with Betty.

Veronica is sitting at a separate booth, reading a book. Once Keller leaves, Veronica asks if Betty's planning another take-down on the newspaper. Betty walks over and attempts to make peace, and says that Veronica may not believe what she's saying, but what she said at Nick's party was futile, she didn't mean a single word, and says that there is no sane excuse. Veronica agrees, but wants to know that the insane excuse is. Soon, Betty is slurping on a milkshake, presumably after she's revealed the so-called "insane excuse". Veronica is attempting process what she just said, and does a recap. Betty says that she'll never forgive herself for what she did. Veronica says that Betty's in a toxic relationship with the Black Hood, and that she needs to "break up" with him. Betty replies by saying that she could turn the tables on him instead, and repeats what the Black Hood said, that he'll go away if she does one last thing, which is to find out who's behind the Jingle Jangle, the Sugar Man. Veronica asks what the problem is and Betty replies by saying that if the Sugar Man exists, and if she finds out who he or she is, she can't just give up his name, due to the Black Hood killing him once he finds the Sugar Man's true identity. Betty attempts to enlist Veronica's help in the search for the Sugar Man, and Veronica accepts. They clink glasses.

Jughead talking to Archie about the deal with the Ghoulies.

Jughead and Archie are at his trailer at Sunnyside Trailer Park, and Jughead vents about the recent proposal of partnership with a rival gang. Jughead wonders if he could stall, just until Sweet Pea and Toni get out of jail. Jughead hopes that they'd rather go to war with the Ghoulies than start dealing jingle-jangle. Archie butts in, saying that Jughead joined the Serpents to keep the peace, and Jughead fires back, saying that his father would never sit back and let this madness happen, and neither will he. Jughead asks Archie if he has any other ideas, and suddenly, they're at the visiting booth at the jail, talking face-to-face, phone-to-phone, with FP Jones.

FP and the boys talking about what to do with the Ghoulies.

FP tells them to start from the beginning. Jughead begins by saying that FP can reprimand him for joining the Serpents later, but if they don't do something now, the actual Serpents will no longer exist, just the Ghoulies. FP bangs the phone on the window, and says that Ghoulies dress like fops, but they're a nasty crew, but the Serpents have gone through worse. He continues by saying that it sounds like the Serpents are currently out-manned, and it's necessary to avoid bloodshed at all costs. FP has a solution: out-think them. This is about territory, and one thing that Ghoulies love is crazy souped-up retro cars and hearses. FP asks them if they understand, and it's met with a completely blank stare. He clarifies by saying that they should challenge the Ghoulies to a street race, one-on-one. However, it should be kept mum, because it's an illegal activity, and will land the races in the slammer. Jughead tells his father to go on, and he says set the guidelines or rules. The Ghoulies win, the Serpents roll over. The Serpents win, the Ghoulies back off. FP tells them to probably raise the stakes, saying that whoever wins, shall control Southside High. Jughead lists the advantages, such as getting the Ghoulies off their backs, getting rid of the jingle jangle, etc.

Penelope and Cheryl talking about the Sugar Man.

Back at Thistlehouse, Penelope is cracking an egg, and Cheryl Blossom shows her the drawing of her and Jason standing next to the Sugar Man. Cheryl asks if she remembers the stories that she concocted of the Sugar Man, how she would tell the children to stay in their bedrooms whenever the Sugar Man would make an appearance at their former home, Thornhill. Cheryl goes on by asking if the Sugar Man was one of Cliff's business associates, referring to his side-job, the drug lord, instead of maple syrup. Penelope scoffs, and Cheryl says that after all Penelope kept from her about her father, about her brother Jason's death, would this be another piece of her so-called "cryptic" puzzle? Penelope slams down her spoon, and says that she has no idea what you're talking about, as usual, and have never told the Blossom children those stories. She continues by saying that considering Clifford's dealings, Cheryl would know full well that the documents regarding his occupancy were either seized by the police, or burned down in the fire that Cheryl created herself.

Teens doing community service at Pickens Park.

At Pickens Park, the attendees of Nick St. Clair's party are to do community service, for the atrocities they have committed, such as taking jingle-jangle. Veronica prefers to call this park "Needle Park", and Kevin agrees, saying that he wouldn't even go cruising here. Reggie throws something, and Josie looks up, obviously annoyed. He tells her to feel free to pitch in, and he feels like she thinks that she doesn't have any part in this, as she's the mayor's daughter, that she's the Beyoncé of this town, but today, she's hanging with "the commoners". Josie says that his biceps can handle it, and Reggie takes that as an opportunity to flex. Veronica butts in, and asks if she could borrow Reggie a "New York" minute. Josie is glad for Reggie to be out of her sight, and Reggie asks if she loves watching him walk away. Reggie asks what she wants, and in a hasty tone, as apparently he and Josie were in the middle of something. Veronica wants the number of the Southside dealer, and she won't take no for an answer. Archie and Betty are also partaking in the trash strewn around them, and Archie tells her to talk to Jughead. Betty promises that she will soon, but not until she does a few more things. Once Betty turns her back to Archie, she sneaks a glance at Veronica and raises her eyebrows, and Veronica receives it, revealing that a plan is hatching.

Verne and Veronica dealing jingle-jangle.

Veronica is walking towards Verne, the supposed dealer that also has Reggie as his client. Verne says that he doesn't take American Excess, but Veronica reaches into her bag and pulls out a few bucks and asks if this will do. Veronica says that her reason for buying is that "my girl and I need a reason to live tonight...broke up with beau...full spiral...tragic." Verne spikes the price to $150, and Veronica caves in. She says that for the record, she knows that Verne's overcharging her, but she's desperate for a high. Verne gives her the straws, and tells him to give her compliments to the Sugarman. Verne's head pops up and his face is filled with shock, and Veronica asks if she got the name wrong, if it isn't the name of the "genius behind these sweet-treats". Verne attempts to walk away nonchalantly, but breaks out into a run around the corner. Veronica pulls out her phone and tells Betty that their "Drugstore Cowboy" should be passing her in a few seconds. Sure enough, there's Verne, racing past a dumpster, with Betty right next to it. Betty said that she's got eyes on him, and follows suit.

Jingle Jangle being prepared.

At the House of the Dead, a man is preparing straws full of jingle jangle. Jughead challenges Malachai, the leader of the Ghoulies, to a race. Jughead says that if the Serpents win, they will remain autonomous, and the Ghoulies quit dealing at Southside High. Malachai asks what happens if they win, and Jughead responds with that they'll fold, and the Ghoulies will keep on polluting the Southside with their "little straws of death". Malachai says that the "Serpent Prince", referring to Jughead, has some stones, but not much else. He continues by saying unless FP won't put territory as a reward for winning, Malachai has no want to agree to do the race, and with that, Verne comes with Veronica and Betty by his heel. He said they attempted to sneak in, but were caught. Jughead and Archie are surprised to see them here, and so are Betty and Veronica. Malachai asks if these girls are Jughead's "bitches", and Veronica "begs his misogynistic pardon". He continues by telling them to get out of here, and until a better offer is put on the table, there'll be no race. Jughead caves in, and offers the Whyte Wyrm as the Ghoulies' territory if they win, so that they can expand their drug-dealing horizons and upgrade out of the "literal hellhole" they're already in. Malachai one-ups him and says that he'll take Sunnyside Trailer Park as well, which is Jughead's home.

Cheryl confronting Nick St. Clair, her attempted rapist.

At Pop's, Cheryl is dining an unconventional way: by slicing her burger. Nick St. Clair, her sexual offender, walks in and orders. Cheryl is shocked to see him and immediately goes on the defensive. He looks over, and is shocked to see her as well. Nick calls her Sharon, but Cheryl immediately corrects her. She asks him what he's still doing in town, and he says that he's getting some fuel for the ride home. Nick asks how is she, and Cheryl is taken aback, as he was the one that attempted to sexually assault her whilst under the influence. She says that he roofied her, and attempted to rape her, which is true, but Nick denies it, saying that he doesn't think that's what happened. She calls him a Less Than Zero monster, and Nick fires back, saying that at least he's not some desperate tart from a truck-stop town. He continues by saying that they should not distort reality to cover Cheryl's morning-after shame. He says that they both were high, half-naked and begging for it. Cheryl is fueled by rage, and tells Nick to call his lawyer, as seeing that he's such an unrepentant spore, she'll be pressing charges after all. Nick asks Cheryl if she knows about the arrangement his parents made with her "cobra-like" mother, and says that she'll never be saying what happened that night to anyone. It is revealed that the arrangement is considered as hush money, which is a payment to an opposite party that ensures they will keep quiet, or hush, hence the name.

Betty and Jughead's first time talking since the forced breakup.

At the mechanic, Betty is fixing a car that Reggie Mantle loaned to them for the race against the Serpents and the Ghoulies. She's with Jughead, and says, "God bless Reggie Mantle and his inferiority complex." She continues, saying that his car is similar to him: beautiful to look at, but not much going on in the hood (brain). Betty asks Jughead for a crescent wrench. Jughead and Betty are still reeling over the forced breakup by the Black Hood, but Jughead doesn't exactly know about the forced breakup by the Black Hood stuff, which means Jughead is still mad at Betty, as he thinks it was her that commenced the breakup. Betty attempts to make conversation but to no avail. Jughead speaks and tells Betty to go ahead and say what's on her mind, which is that he said that he wouldn't join the Serpents. He fires back, saying that Betty loved him, and then she dumped him, via Archie, which he says is much more worse than text. She sincerely apologizes, and that the reason for the breakup wouldn't make sense, but everything surrounding them was imploding, and that she did it to protect him. Jughead says that she did the only thing that could really impact him, and Betty replies, saying that she will explain everything to him, in time, but all she needs to do right now is get him through this one race. Jughead scoffs and turns his back to Betty again.

Cheryl confronts her mother about the hush money from the St. Clairs.

Back at Thistlehouse, Penelope is feeling her burn scars, the aftermath of the fire at Thornhill. Cheryl confronts her mother about the little conversation she and Nick St. Clair had at Pop's and how she was rummaging through her room, until she found the hush money given to her by the St. Clairs. Penelope says that before Cheryl should cast stones, she should know that the Lodges are still accepting money from the St. Clairs to support their SoDale construction, which is still a work in progress. Cheryl is vehement, saying that she cares about her mother, not about the Lodge family. Cheryl continues, saying that Penelope would still defend Clifford Blossom, even after he murdered Jason, his own son, but won't defend Cheryl and stand up to her would-be rapist. Penelope tells Cheryl to not be absurd, and orders her to hand over the check. Cheryl says she will not, until Penelope caves and tells her the truth about the Sugar Man. She already knows that he worked with Clifford Blossom, which means he exists. Penelope still won't cave in, and Cheryl is close to tears, and begging her mother to just for once in her life, to be honest with her and to care about her. And again, Penelope will not give in, and Cheryl concedes. "It's simple," she says. "The St. Clairs bought your silence." However, Penelope will not be getting paid the hush money, until Cheryl be told the truth.

Archie laying in bed with Veronica.

At the Andrews house, Archie is laying in bed with Veronica, with Archie shirtless. Veronica asks him what she can do to keep him here at home, instead of going to the dangerous, dumb and possible deadly street race between the Serpents and the Ghoulies. Archie tells Veronica not to fret, as he has a plan. "Kind of like the plan you and Betty had when you snuck into Ghoulie headquarters," Archie said. They both share a laugh and a kiss. Archie says that he hopes it's a plant that'll keep everyone alive. Veronica receives a phone call from Cheryl, and she hurries to the Pembrooke.

Veronica tells her parents about Nick St. Clair's sexual advances on women, especially herself.

The Lodges are playing a game of chess, and Veronica confronts them. She asks them if they are still doing business with the St. Clairs, and letting them invest in SoDale after what Nick did. Veronica says that Cheryl is telling the truth, and she reveals that Nick also attempted to make sexual advances towards her as well, to both the parents' shock. Veronica realizes that she has done a bad thing, revealing what Nick had attempted to do to her. Hiram becomes infuriated, asking Veronica if Nick St. Clair actually hurt her, and Veronica says that he tried to, but stopped him before it got too far, and the next night Cheryl was the next victim. Hermione reaches over for her hand and asks her why she didn't say something, with Veronica saying that she didn't have any proof, and that she knows for sure that Nick has done it to other women too. The heads of the Lodge family say that as God is their witnesses, they will not take a penny from the St. Clairs.

Riverdale Drag Race

The Riverdale Drag Race is smoothly on its way, with everybody extremely hyped, as the stakes are high. Kevin said that it's not the kind of drag race that he ever imagined himself going to, but at least the guys are hot. Archie tells Veronica not to worry, that him and Jughead have it in the bag. Veronica tells him just make it back to her, and preferably in one piece. They share a passionate kiss, as Jughead slams down the hood of the car. Betty tells him that before he gets in the car, she needs him to know that she never stopped loving him, and she's not sure if she can even stop. She diverts from the romantics and gets straight to the car, telling him to not ride the clutch and don't let it slip between gear shifts. Jughead calls Betty an "enigma" and gets in the car. Tall Boy tells the competitors to get on the road, and Malachai and Jughead shake hands. The rules are that they shall race over Herk Harvey Bridge to Dead Man's curve, and the first one back to the starting line wins. Cheryl walks up with a red flag, and Toni says that she usually does the honors, but Cheryl tells her, "Not today, Cha-Cha!", and says that she was born for this moment. They start up their engines as Cheryl walks up to the starting line. She throws the flag up and arches, starting the race. Everybody cheers, exhilarated. Jughead seems he is in his element, as he is extremely happy and excited, with Archie terrified as the passenger. The Ghoulies car bumps into theirs, attempting to sabotage them, and they do it again, attempting to agitate the opponent. Malachai is taunting them, as they take the lead. They're nearing the bridge, and Archie becomes worried, saying that the bridge is too narrow for both of the cars. Archie says that they should abort, and Jughead is mad, due to them not being able to win the race. Archie says that they both will crash on that bridge, and Jughead fires back, saying that the Serpents are joining the Ghoulies over his dead body. Archie apologizes in advance, saying that he's not down for those terms, and grabs the clutch and veers, skidding to a stop right near the bridge, letting the car of the Ghoulies race past. Jughead becomes infuriated, and grabs Archie's letterman jacket and asks why he did that, and Archie tells him to trust him, as he will thank Archie for it later. Right on cue, the police sirens start wailing, and Jughead races towards the sound, with Archie telling him to stop. Jughead is seeing the Ghoulies be confronted the police, led by Sheriff Keller, and it's soon revealed that this was the plan Archie hatched that would "keep everybody alive".

A gang member is telling all the attendees of the race to scatter, due to the cops rounding up the Ghoulies. Archie and Jughead's car appear out of the dust, and so do they, Veronica shares a hug with Archie, glad that he's in one piece. Archie tells her that they have to get out of her. Jughead is also in haste, also telling everyone that they have to leave right now. Tall Boy runs up, furious, asking Jughead if he called the cops. He continues, infuriated, saying that Jughead wouldn't throw in with the Ghoulies, but he will with the cops, and asks for the honor in that, his face completely red. Jughead tells him to calm down, and asks him if he knew the sheriff would be there, and Archie tells them that he called Keller. And Jughead, again, becomes furious and asks him if his dad told Archie about this as well, and Archie says that it was his idea only, to get rid of the Ghoulies, which apparently worked, but not for Jughead. He says that they're going to want Archie's head on a stake, hell, all of their heads. Betty looks at Archie, despondent, as she enters Jughead's car.

Penelope breaks down after telling the truth about the Sugar Man.

Back at Thistlehouse, Penelope is sitting by the fire. Cheryl walks past and spots her mother. She walks up to her, and tells her mother to be careful, in case she gets burned again. Penelope said that Cheryl said she never protected her. She continues, saying that the Sugar Man was a story she concocted to turn an all-too-real monster into a mere bogeyman. Cheryl replies, saying that it only worked for a while, and takes off her bag, and sits in the seat opposite her. Cheryl continues, saying that she needs to know the truth. Penelope says that over the years, there were many Sugar Men, each taking over for the last. She continues, saying that when Clifford decided to groom Cheryl's brother to take over the family business, he wanted him to meet the current Sugar Man. Penelope protested, however, Clifford insisted, and she gave in, as Clifford is the head of the family. And that's when the terrible series of events began that led to Jason's death. She covers her mouth, and starts to sob. Cheryl hands over the hush money given to her by the St. Clairs. Penelope takes it, and throws it in the fire. Cheryl thanks her, and asks Penelope one more question: the current identity of the Sugar Man.

Betty and Veronica talking to Cheryl at Pop's.

Betty is at Pop's, and her phone begins to ring. She is joined with Veronica, and they both suspect it's the Black Hood. False. It is Cheryl, telling Betty the true identity of the Sugar Man, as Veronica listens intently. Betty asks if she's positive, and a pause. She receives the answer and ends the call. Veronica asks what is it, and Betty tells her that Cheryl just told her the name of the current Sugar Man. Veronica is shocked, and says "Cherry Bombshell for the win". Betty exhales a breath of relief, and asks Veronica what she should do now. If Betty gives the name of the Sugar Man to the Black Hood, the Sugar Man is not safe at all, "May God have mercy on the Sugar Man," she says. She continues by saying if she doesn't, all of the people aren't safe, "May God have mercy on all of us," she says.

Betty standing up to the Black Hood about his atrocities.

At the Cooper house, Betty's phone rings once more, and it's finally the Black Hood. She assumes her time is up, and Black Hood agrees, and asks if she found the Sugar Man for him. She says that she did, and the Black Hood asks for his name. Betty says that she could, but it wouldn't do him any good now, as she let the police in on the true identity of the Sugar Man, and the Riverdale High School newspaper will air an exposé containing the Sugar Man's identity, and asks for a comment. The Black Hood ins angered, and Betty follows up by saying that the Sugar Man needed to be brought to JUSTICE, NOT EXECUTION, and he will be dealt with, in the right way. Black Hood says that she's playing an extremely dangerous game, and Betty says that it's her game now. The Black Hood asks what game, and Betty says it's game that ends with her catching the Black Hood. She says that she found out who killed Jason Blossom, found out who the Sugar Man was, and says that the Black Hood is next. She says that she's breathing down the Black Hood's neck and asks if he can feel her, as the Black Hood abruptly ends the call.

The true identity of the Sugar Man.

Toni and Jughead are walking through the halls of Southside High, and asks what other people thought of the race, and Toni said that some people gave him props for challenging the Ghoulies to a race and beating them, and others hate that you cut a deal with Keller because it puts us in bed with the pigs. Jughead denies that, and says that it was Archie's doing. Toni says that she knows that and so does Jughead, but some of them don't. The police turn the corner, and it's two cops leading the way, with Sheriff Keller holding a handcuffed Robert Phillips with an iron grip. Jughead asks if this is another raid, and Toni reveals that they caught the Sugar Man.

Archie and Fred talking about the recent arrest made at Southside High.

At the Andrews house, Fred and Archie are in a room, talking about the recent arrest at Southside High that was just made. Archie reveals that he tried helping Jughead with something and it "sort of" backfired. Fred pops a pill, presumably for his health, and Archie is concerned, asking if he's okay, and Fred replies saying that he's getting better with every passing day.

At the Pembrooke, the Lodge family receives a call, and it's revealed that the St. Clairs have been involved in a car accident; their car ran off the road. Nick will recover with time, several months. However, the status of his parents is still unknown.

Robert Phillips in the Black Hood's line of fire.

Betty and Jughead are sitting together on the couch in his trailer at Sunnyside Trailer Park. Betty is reading "The Silence of the Lambs", as Jughead is writing yet another section to his ongoing book about Riverdale. He says that "In the end, the Girl Next Door came clean about her "Danse Macabre" with the Black Hood. Further confirmation that everyone in Riverdale wears masks. Case in point, Robert Phillips." Robert is sleeping in his holding cell. "By day, he is a kind caring English lit teacher, hiding his true identity, a ruthless drug-dealer." The shadow of the Black Hood looms over him, with a gun pointed at him. It cuts back to the trailer, with Jughead whispering, "Sweet dreams, Sugar Man."



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