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"Chapter Nine: The Returned Man" is the ninth episode of the first part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the ninth episode of the series overall.[2]


Sabrina recruits Roz for a crucial mission. Susie reconnects with her past. Lord Blackwood challenges Aunt Zelda's authority.



Sabrina visits Harvey

Sabrina arrives at Harvey's house with the excuse of just wanting to check on him. Harvey is ecstatic because Tommy has returned. Sabrina is happy for him although she begins to worry after she hears that Tommy hasn't been talking. Sabrina wants to see Tommy but Harvey won't let her see him tonight. He gives her another hug as he happily exclaims that his brother is back.

Ambrose gets ready for his first day at the Academy

At the Spellman Mortuary, Ambrose models his outfit for his first day at the Academy of Unseen Arts. Hilda asks him to get Zelda and Sabrina because the stew is ready. Sabrina is at Harvey's and Zelda... well, Ambrose doesn't know where she is. Meanwhile, Zelda is putting on her clothes after having been "punished" by Father Blackwood. He remarks that penance of the flesh is the purest form of worship. It offers both punishment and pleasure. For the meantime, they must keep their "devotions" secret. Blackwood misses the old days when monogamy was solely for mortals. Zelda argues that there is something to be said about having a single partner with whom one explores all the realms of agony and ecstasy. Father Blackwood confesses that he fears that Constance isn't the mother his children will need. So, he asks Zelda to be his twins Night Mother and offers her a position at the academy. Zelda happily says yes to both offers.

Sabrina confides in Ambrose and tells him that the resurrection spell worked, though Tommy didn't return quite as himself. Sabrina is certain that he will return in a couple days. Ambrose still thinks that they should tell the Aunties about what Sabrina did especially after Sabrina tells him Tommy’s not eating. Sabrina isn't worried about them because by the time they do find out about Tommy, he'll be back to normal and their aunts won't be able to undo anything.

Agatha throws up gravel dirt

Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas are praying when Prudence notices that something is wrong with Agatha, who begins to throw up dirt.

Sabrina is in the middle of getting ready for bed when Nick appears. He's astral projecting into her room because he wants to tell her about Agatha, who is vomiting dirt. Sabrina believes that it has nothing to do with her. Nick then asks about Tommy. Sabrina lies and tells him that he is doing just fine. Nick replies that she's a terrible liar and voices how she must really love Harvey. Nick then realizes Harvey doesn't know that Sabrina is a witch and warns her that it will be a dangerous thing if her resurrection is proven to be botched. Trying to get him to leave, Sabrina tells him that in a couple of days Agatha will be fine. Nick hopes so and says he'll keep her posted about Agatha's condition. Worried about Harvey, Sabrina sends Salem to keep watch over the family.

Harvey and Tommy look at family album

Harvey finds Tommy staring at himself in the mirror. He guides him to the sofa and sits him down. Harvey begins to show him pictures of their past because the doctor said that that might help. Tommy sees a picture of himself and points at it. Nearby, Salem sits in the shadows as he watches the two brothers interact.

Susie is in her room talking to Dorothea when her dad knocks on the door. He asks who she's talking to and she says no one.

Sabrina learns the miners' bodies have been recovered

Hilda gets a call at the mortuary telling her that the bodies of the miners have been recovered. Sabrina and Ambrose share a look. Zelda asks Sabrina how Harvey is. Sabrina says that Harvey is doing fine. Zelda says that she'll be around to accept the bodies and Ambrose will handle them after he returns from the academy. Zelda informs them that she'll be at the academy later too. Zelda assures them that good things are coming. She can feel it in her bones. Ambrose then gives Sabrina another look.

Sabrina lies to Ms. Wardwell

At Baxter High, Sabrina tries to sneak into Ms. Wardwell's office to return the book she borrowed. Madam Satan catches her and asks her if she felt the ill wind that blew through Greendale last night. Sabrina says that she mostly stayed in last night. Madam Satan tells her that every dog in Greendale where howling all night long. She then informs Sabrina that if she wanted to borrow the Book of the Dead that she could just ask. Sabrina claims that she actually wanted to borrow the occult's almanack.

Roz informs Sabrina that the town is already talking about Tommy's return. She fears that Tommy being back may not be a good thing. Roz goes on to describe a dream she had about some dogs tearing Tommy's body apart. Sabrina pulls Roz aside and asks her to help her find out if something is wrong with Tommy. Sabrina suggests getting Roz close enough to Tommy to establish contact with him so that she can have another vision. Roz nods her head in agreement.

Ambrose is welcomed at the Academy

At the academy, Father Blackwood gives Ambrose a familiar named Leviathan. He then informs Ambrose of his plans to reform the Church of Night; it's laws, teachings, and the foundation it's built upon. For the time being, he asks that Ambrose help Luke translate a nine-volume set of the Apostate Gospels. He welcomes him to the academy and leaves both him and Luke in his office. Luke and Ambrose begin to make out and undress when Dorcas, Prudence, and Nick walk into the room. They are looking for Blackwood but ask Ambrose for help as Agatha's condition worsens. Ambrose isn't an expert on the Cain pit but he knows someone who is.

Susie is harassed by the Baxter High football jocks

Susie attempts to steal a book from Cerberus Books when she is confronted by Billy Marlin and Carl Tapper. Hilda intervenes and reveals that she knows everything about Billy, including the terrible incident that happened to him at summer camp; what those boys did to him and how none of the counselors believed him. Nor did his father or mother, who washed his mouth out with detergent until he stopped talking. She then turns her attention to Carl, who she reveals is in love with Billy. With their deepest secrets exposed, the two boys flee. She tries to talk to Susie afterward but she rushes out as well. The phone then starts to ring and Hilda answers it.

Hilda checks on Agatha

Hilda goes to the academy and looks Agatha over as she grows weaker by the moment. Nick reveals that her illness started last night. Hilda reveals that Agatha came back too soon and that this illness will pass. Hilda believes that Agatha has "too much earth in her system" and gives them instructions on how to take care of Agatha; they need to rebalance her elements. She tells them to prepare a tonic of fizzy water, which will give her water and air. And a dash of cayenne pepper for fire. Three times a day, for a week. Hilda then leaves with Ambrose in tow. Ambrose questions what she prescribed for the girl. Hilda admits that prescription was just to keep the girls busy. Agatha shouldn't be alive and the Earth is owed a soul. It means to collect. She asks Ambrose what Agatha was doing in the Cain pit in the first place.

Roz sees a ghoulish Sabrina in her vision

Roz and Sabrina arrive at Harvey's house. They call out to Tommy but he doesn't respond. He reacts, similar to a robot, but he isn't necessarily responsive. Sabrina asks if Tommy has eaten, which he hasn't. Sabrina keeps Harvey busy while Roz touches Tommy. In her vision, Roz sees Tommy lost in the woods but when Sabrina touches her shoulder, she also sees Sabrina's ghoulish face with a noose around her neck. Roz is startled. She tells Sabrina about her vision of Tommy in the fog alone but lies about not seeing Sabrina's witch form. She adds that she also heard a baby crying. Mr. Kinkle arrives home and the two of them leave.

Susie talks to Dorothea about the almost attack at the bookstore. She mentions how Hilda Spellman saved her. Dorothea asks if the Spellman's are still witches.

Hilda confronts Sabrina about Tommy’s resurrection

Sabrina is up in Ambrose's room looking through his books. She finds what's wrong with him; it's known as "soul separation." They brought back his body but not his soul. She is then confronted by Hilda, who is disappointed in Sabrina because she did the one thing that Hilda asked her not to do. Sabrina recalls what Roz said about a baby crying and Tommy being lost in a foggy woods. She surmises that he's in Mortal Limbo — it's where the souls of unbaptized babies go when they perish, or the souls of people who died before their time. Sabrina simply needs to retrieve Tommy's soul. Sabrina asks Hilda if she'll help her find Tommy's soul to put back in his body. Hilda tells her that there are two limbos and that it's impossible for witches to cross over into mortal limbo. Sabrina replies that she can cross over as she's half-mortal. Hilda says that it's too late as Agatha is getting sicker and sicker because the Grim Reaper is expecting a body and her suffering won't end until the balance is restored. Ambrose interrupts their conversation and tells them that they need to see something in the embalming room.

Nick, Prudence and Dorcas reveal what happened to Agatha

Zelda is directing the choir at the academy while Father Blackwood watches. Suddenly, Agatha walks in and collapses. Blackwood demands to know what's happening to her. Prudence, Nick, and Dorcas tell them everything and how it's all Sabrina's fault. Tommy is alive and well but Agatha keeps getting worse. Blackwood goes to kill Tommy to restore the balance but Zelda tells him that she'll do it because Sabrina is her responsibility. Ambrose shows them the bite marks on the cadaver. He tells them that this is why Tommy isn't eating, because he isn't hungry... yet.

Tommy chokes his father

At the Kinkle residence, Mr. Kinkle gets drunk and confronts Tommy, referring to him as a vegetable. Mr. Kinkle steps in front of Tommy and shouts in his face in hopes of getting a reaction. Harvey intervenes and pushes his dad after he tells Tommy that he should've stayed in the mines. Mr. Kinkle punches Harvey in the face. Too weak to defend himself, Tommy comes to his rescue and grabs Mr. Kinkle by the neck. Harvey tries to separate them and eventually manages to do so. Sabrina arrives and watches as Mr. Kinkle runs out of the house. He warns her not to go in there. Sabrina goes inside and gives Harvey something for Tommy to drink.

Sabrina and Harvey sit outside. Harvey finally admits that something's wrong with Tommy. He keeps wondering how Tommy survived. His hard hat was covered in blood. Sabrina tells him that they'll get through this. However, she does make Harvey promise that if Tommy tries to attack him that he'll run.

Sabrina is scolded by Zelda and Hilda

Sabrina returns home to find her family waiting for her. Zelda is enraged at Sabrina's actions. She also asks how Sabrina knew what spell to use as Ambrose told her that he didn't give it to her. Sabrina admits she took a Book of the Dead from Ms. Wardwell's office, to which Zelda retorts "Oh so you're a thief as well as a murderer!" She tells Sabrina that she's going to fix this but Sabrina is still adamant about crossing over into mortal limbo and retrieving Tommy's soul. Zelda refuses to allow Sabrina to go to mortal limbo as she doesn't possess the power to do so. Also enraged that her family's attempts to prevent her from saving Tommy, Sabrina exclaims that Zelda isn't her mother and tells her to sop acting like it. An angered Hilda steps in to defend her sister, but Zelda says that it's fine. Sabrina is a "grown-up witch" and she must learn that everything has a price. Zelda warns Sabrina not to come crying to her when everything blows up in her face. Zelda and Hilda walk away. Ambrose tells her that no one will help her but Sabrina retorts that there is one person that will.

Madam Satan agrees to help Sabrina

Sabrina goes to see Madam Satan. She explains everything that she did and apologizes for lying and stealing the Book of the Dead. Madam Satan explains that limbo is a realm at the edge of death and that it's dangerous. The souls trapped there are hunted by the Soul-Eater. So, she asks if Sabrina's sure that she wants to go. Sabrina replies that Harvey would do it for her in a heartbeat. Madam Satan tells her that they must go into the wood where there a portal to limbo.

Back at the mortuary, Hilda catches Zelda punishing herself. Zelda regrets having taken Sabrina in. She wishes they let Diana's family have her. She recalls how much Sabrina looked like Edward back then and couldn't fathom giving her up.

Father Blackwood charges Prudence and Dorcas with killing Tommy because he doesn't trust that Zelda will do it. Every moment that he is live is another moment their existence is at risk. Nick overhears this and follows them. Prudence and Dorcas go to Harvey's house but Nick stops them by driving stakes through their footprints. He explains that it's an old witch catching spell to prevent them from moving. Prudence and Dorcas cry out for help. Nick says that they are going to stay put until the Spellman fix their mistake.

Sabrina in limbo

Sabrina and Madam Satan arrive at the door to mortal limbo. Madam Satan wraps a string around Sabrina's wrist in order to keep track of her. Sabrina recites the words and steps through the portal. Sabrina wanders through the fog aimlessly, calling out to Tommy without response. While there, Sabrina meets her mother. Diana can not believe it. She says "They took my baby after the baptism." and "The witches are coming." As the soul-eater approaches, Diana tells Sabrina to run. Sabrina runs and bumps into Tommy. She grabs his hand and tells him that they must leave now. Sabrina calls out for Ms. Wardwell and tugs on the string but it breaks. Sabrina quickly casts a spell and the portal opens: Hear me, Spirits of the Dead, and reveal the portal! Help me to pass through with this brave mortal! She and Tommy run through it. Sabrina makes it to the other side but the soul eater grabs Tommy before he can make it out. Madam Satan tells Sabrina that there is one other path she can follow. She can tell Harvey the truth. Sabrina walks off to go tell him. Madam Satan praises Satan that, finally, Sabrina's strongest tie to the mortal world will be severed.

Roz and Susie go to Cerberus Books to discuss her Nana Ruth and the Cunning. Roz recalls how her grandmother told her that witches cursed the Walker women and that's how they developed a sixth sense. Roz tells Susie that she thinks that the curse and the witches are all true. Furthermore, she thinks that Sabrina may be a witch. Susie replies that she thinks all the Spellman's are witches. They questions what being a witch means and if Sabrina could be dangerous.

Harvey kills his brother

Sabrina goes to the Kinkle house and reveals that she's a witch and that she resurrected Tommy. Harvey recalls Sabrina telling him this before. Just before her 16th Birthday. But then she made him forget with a spell. She even reveals to him that he comes from a family of witch hunters. Lastly, she tells Harvey that the Tommy he knew is dead and that the man in his house is merely a shell of his former self. Harvey asks why she did this to him. Sabrina explains that she was simply trying to help. She wanted him to stop hurting but she sees the error in her ways and now must put Tommy back where he belongs. Harvey asks if it'll hurt him. Sabrina doesn't think it will as he doesn't feel the same way they do. Given that Tommy is his brother, Harvey takes on the responsibility and asks Sabrina to leave as he doesn't want to talk to her. Once Sabrina is gone, Harvey grabs one of his father's hunting guns. As Sabrina walks away from the house, she hears the gunshot.

Sabrina arrives home and finds Zelda waiting for her on the porch front. Sabrina collapses on the stairs and begins to cry. Zelda comes down to comfort her in her time of need.



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