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As a matter of fact, I had a very good explanation for why I was passed out in a Lacy's display window. Like all the best stories, it all started with a guy. It had been a week since KO and I broke up. And I guess you could say I was in my feelings about it. [..] Everywhere I looked, I still saw him. KO left a gaping hole in my heart and the only person who could possibly understand how I was feeling, was the same person I couldn't lean on anymore.

"Chapter Four: Here Comes the Sun" is the fourth episode of the first season of Katy Keene, and the fourth episode of the series overall.[2] It premiered on February 27, 2020.


LETTING GOKaty decides to put all her energy into work to avoid her personal life, but she finds herself in hot water again at work. Determined to fix things, she enlists Pepper's help to track down the designer that is key to saving her job. Meanwhile, Jorge questions his new relationship and Josie stands up to Alexander and Xandra, which gives her the upper hand.[2]



Katy wakes up in the Lacy's display window

Gloria arrives at Lacy's to find Katy sleeping in the front window. She knocks on the glass, waking Katy, who’s wearing only a jacket and her underwear, from her sleep. Gloria demands an answer for Katy’s inexcusable behavior.

Josie, Pepper, and Jorge propose a girls night out

Flashback to the day before. It had been a week since Katy and KO broke up, and Katy was feeling depressed, spending most of her time either in bed or on the couch eating ice cream and watching sad movies. Everywhere she looks, she sees KO. So, Katy decides to text him to see how he’s doing. However, KO doesn’t respond. Katy exits her room to find Josie, Jorge, and Pepper standing by her door. They’re worried about her, and so they propose a girls night out. They even brought Katy a brand new pair of sparkly red heels. Still, Katy isn’t up for a night out. Instead, she plans to throw herself into work.

Alexander asks Josie to meet his father

Alexander asks Josie to meet his father, who he’s meeting at a private club tonight. Josie is reluctant, but this may be their one chance to go to Alex’s father and prove how talented Josie is. With that, they’ll have a chance of finally relaunching Cabot Records. Alexander promises Josie that his sister won’t be there, and so she accepts his proposal.

Bernardo meets Luis and Luisa

Jorge and Bernardo make out in his room until being interrupted by the arrival of Jorge’s parents, Luis and Luisa. Jorge and Bernardo get dressed and meet them in the kitchen. They invite Bernardo down to the bodega to eat, but he has to leave, promising to take them up on the offer at another time. Jorge tells his parents that his relationship with Bernardo is new. Luis is in disbelief that Jorge managed to get a guy like Bernardo, a big, strong firefighter.

Katy and Francois prepare the window

Katy and Francois dress the mannequins in the display window. Francois suggests that Katy take the day off after noticing that she put the mannequin’s torso on backwards, however, Katy needs the work as a distraction from her break up with KO. Francois informs Katy that some say it takes half the length of one’s relationship to fully heal. And twice as long for women. Amanda interrupts to inform Katy that she’s been summoned by Gloria.

Gloria prepares for the arrival of Guy

Gloria informs Katy that they’re preparing for the arrival of Guy LaMontagne, Creative Director of the House of Karloff in Paris. Rumor has it that he’s moved back to New York City indefinitely. Mrs. Lacy asked Gloria to convince him to sell at Lacy’s exclusively. To begin, Gloria tells Katy to purge herself of her relationship problems, as they need to show Guy that they’re the only team worthy of selling his line.

Pepper rents her space out to Raj

Pepper shows Raj around her rented space, soon-to-be named the Pepper Plant. Raj is roommates with KO. Raj is looking to rent Pepper’s space to use it as a filming location. He’s working on a thesis about the intersection of organized crime, homo-eroticism, and American cinema. Pepper tells him to keep it low profile as it’s unpermitted. Raj then reveals he can only pay Pepper half of what they talked about. Raj’s crew then starts to bring in the furniture, including a red couch, that Pepper asks to keep in exchange for allowing Raj to film in her space. Pepper then learns that Raj is shooting a gay porn, and the title of his erotic film is "The Rodfather Part 2."

Guy declines Lacy's offer

Gloria takes a seat across from Guy, who doesn’t care for Lacy’s nor does he wish to sell from them exclusively, referring to the store as a thing of the past. While he respects the legacy, Lacy’s feels old fashioned. Guy questions if Gloria truly understands his work, and Katy assures him that no one knows his designs better than Gloria. Unfortunately, Katy mistakenly confuses Guy with another designer, which is all he needed to make his final decision to not sell from Lacy’s. Katy apologizes for her mistake, not that Gloria accepts it. When Katy asks if they really need Guy’s partnership, Mrs. Lacy informs her that they do. Lacy’s is struggling. They’ll shutter if they have another bad year. Katy promises to fix it. Mrs. Lacy is doubtful, but if Katy manages o do as she promises, Mrs. Lacy won’t fire her.

Katy asks Pepper to find Guy

Katy contemplates calling KO to vent about her bad day, but instead she calls Pepper to ask if she knows Guy LaMontagne, which she does. They were both on the same 30 Under 30 list. They indulged in edibles during the photoshoot. Katy asks Pepper to help her track Guy down. Pepper agrees to help and tells Raj that she has to leave and asks him to keep an eye on the loft.

Josie prepares to meet Mr. Cabot

Katy, Jorge, and Pepper support Josie as she prepares to meet with Mr. Cabot. They’re all very impressed with her outfit. Katy asks if Pepper has heard back from Guy, which she hasn’t. Katy explains how her job is on the line. Should she fail to convince Guy to design a line for Lacy’s, she’ll be fired. Jorge then asks about his outfit, as he feels self conscious when he’s around Bernardo. Whenever he’s with Bernardo, he feels the same insecurities he used to feel when he was growing up with his brothers. Josie, Pepper, and Katy assures Jorge that he’s perfect and encourages him to invite Bernardo out. Josie, Jorge, and Pepper try to convince Katy to find a new man, but she refuses to entertain the notion. She’s more focused on her work. The four of them then start to sing and dance.

Josie plays on the piano

Josie meets Alexander at his father’s private club. As she takes a seat, she is asked to sign an NDA. Mr. Cabot arrives, and Josie complements his place. Alexander brags about how amazing of an artist Josie is and asks her to play "His Eyes on the Sparrow." As Josie’s plays the piano and sings, Alexandra interrupts and sings over Josie.

Josie, Alexander, Alexandra, and Mr. Cabot discuss Cabot Records

Josie, Alexander, Alexandra, and Mr. Cabot discuss the possible resurrection of Cabot Records. Alexandra doesn’t think they should reboot the label until they find a household name. However, Mr. Cabot isn’t interested in her opinion. Alexander tries to get her to leave, reminding her that she’s been tasked with convincing Guy LaMontagne to sell from them exclusively. However, Alexandra has already scheduled a meeting with Guy at Studio 34. Hoping to push Josie away, Alexandra informs Josie how she and Alexander were high school sweethearts. It’s how their parents met and got married, making Alex and Xandra step siblings. Josie is tired of putting up with the Cabot’s dysfunction. She storms out and tells Alexander not to follow her.

Pepper, Katy, Jorge, and Josie arrive at Studio 34

Josie calls Katy, Jorge, and Pepper to inform them that she learned from Alexandra that Guy LaMontagne will be at Studio 34. Luckily, Pepper can get them in. Pepper, Katy, Jorge, and Josie arrive outside of Studio 34, where Josie informs them of her discovery that Alexander and Alexandra were high school sweethearts. Josie tells Pepper that she signed an NDA, and therefore, she can’t write about this in her column. They circle around the back of Studio 34, where hey’re greeted at the backdoor by Claude.

Pepper introduces Katy to Guy

Once inside, Jorge spots Bernardo and goes to join him. Pepper, Katy, and Josie devise a plan to lure Alexandra away from Guy. Josie remarks that Alexandra can’t resist a chance to insult her, so she passes by Guy and Alexandra, gaining the latter’s attention. As Alexandra follows behind Josie, Pepper takes this opportunity to introduce Guy to Katy, who she begs to hear Katy our.

Jorge and Bernardo at the bar

Jorge and Bernardo sit at the bar, where they get free drinks due to Bernardo being F.D.N.Y. Bernardo is approached by a guy who seeks to sit next to him, but Jorge interjects, sending the man away. Jorge reveals to Bernardo that he’s upset that he didn’t text him back earlier, and he's been spiraling since then. Bernardo assures Jorge that he only has eyes for him.

Josie calls Xandra a bitter ex-girlfriend

Alexandra confronts Josie for following her to Studio 34. She asks if it is because Josie can’t get enough Cabot or does she simply want to do another duet. Josie recalls when she and Alex played Xandra her demo, and she said it wasn’t good enough. That weighed heavily on Josie. But now, she realizes that Alexandra’s comments had nothing to do with her talent. Those were merely the words of a bitter ex-girlfriend. Before leaving, Josie tells Alexandra that she’s a good singer, even if her stepfather doesn’t think so.

Katy fails to persuade Guy

Katy attempts to persuade Guy into selling from Lacy’s, explaining to him how their window displays have been captivating New Yorkers for over one hundred years. However, Guy is still reluctant and decides against selling with Lacy’s. Alexandra returns and asks if Katy is bothering him, to which Guy replies that she was just leaving.

Katy makes eye contact with KO

Katy drinks her sorrows away along with Josie, Pepper, and Jorge after failing to convince Guy to sell with Lacy’s. Just as Josie suggests they go home, KO arrives and sees Katy from across the club. Pepper then gets a call from Raj, alerting her that a neighbor saw what they were filming through the window and called Pepper’s landlady, who’s threatening to shut them down. Pepper comes up with a plan, starting with instructing Raj to bring the wardrobe rack into the hall.

Jorge asks Bernardo why he's with him

Jorge and Bernardo hit the dance floor. Jorge questions if attractive men hit on Bernardo everywhere he goes. Again, Bernardo questions what’s wrong with Jorge, who’s letting his insecurities show. The guy at the bar couldn’t even fathom that they were together, forcing Jorge to wonder why Bernardo is even with him. Before he can answer, Pepper interrupts and asks for their help.

KO tells Katy that he's hurting

Just outside Studio 34, KO informs Katy that he’s interviewing for the bouncer position. He quit Molly's Crisis as he figured that Katy would want it in the "divorce." But she accuses him of quitting his job to avoid her. Katy is clearly drunk, and KO offers to get her some water, but she insists that she’s fine and asks KO to stop being so nice to her. She asks why he didn’t respond to her text. He explains that he didn’t know how to respond. He’s miserable and Katy’s responsible for him feeling that way. He tells Katy to take care of herself as he leaves. Josie joins Katy and hugs her tight.

Jorge and Bernardo pose as officers

Pepper arrives at her loft, where Raj worries that he’s losing filming time. Pepper is confronted by the landlady, who scolds her for shooting a porn film in her space. She warns Pepper to shut the production down before she calls the police. Just then, Jorge and Bernardo, disguised as police officers, arrive and assure the landlady that they’ll shut it down. Raj then asks Bernardo if he acts, as he’d be great for his next film. Bernardo turns him down, as it is Jorge who is the actor, but Raj isn’t interested. Jorge then tells Bernardo that he wants to end the night with his girls, leaving with Pepper.

Katy tells Guy that his work was overrated

Pepper and Jorge meet up with Josie and Katy at Brunetti’s pizza shop. Josie gets a call from Mr. Cabot’s office. He’s requested to see her at his club tomorrow morning. Katy then reveals that KO quit Molly’s Crisis for her. Even post-breakup, he’s still the greatest guy in the world by Katy’s account. Katy then spots Guy as he’s walking to his car. She tells him that his work was overrated. Guy is impressed with her honesty and asks what else she really thinks. Katy explains that Lacy’s is more than just a job. It’s a home to her. Admittedly, Lacy’s is a thing of the past, but that’s what makes it magical. With that said, Guy asks Katy to give him a tour of Lacy’s.

Katy and Guy share stories

Katy takes Guy to Lacy’s and gives him the grand tour, explaining that when you buy something from Lacy’s, you’re engaging with history and creating a memory that stays with you forever. Guy asks to know Katy’s memory of Lacy. Katy recalls that when she was six, her mother brought her to Lacy’s after school, and they found a candy apple red cashmere sweater with a hole in it. Katy remembers everything about it, down to how soft it felt. Her mother told her that it’s imperfection is what made it so special. And that night, they repaired it. While Katy can no longer fit it, she keeps it close. Guy pulls a wallet out of his back pocket and tells Katy how he was 15 when his grandfather gave it to him. He’s carried it with him ever since. Guy had one of the best jobs in fashion, but he decided to leave. Katy asks why. He was desperate to assert his own identity. But now, he’s terrified. Karloff was stable and safe. While the future feels uncertain, Katy tells Guy to follow his heart. And she refuses to believe that Guy’s heart is in Xandra Cabot’s online shopping website. Guy admits this is true, but Lacy’s is an even riskier choice. Katy offers Guy his own floor for his designs, which is a call she’s not allowed to make. Katy then throws up.

Katy calls Jorge, Josie, and Pepper

Afterward, Katy calls Josie, Pepper, and Jorge to inform them how she threw up in her handbag, on her dress, and her coat. So, Guy gave her his coat. She ran to the bathroom to clean herself up and by the time she came back, he was gone. Josie tells Katy, who’s laying down in the display window bed, to come home. Katy assures them that she’ll be home shortly but ends up falling asleep.

Mrs. Lacy tells Katy that Guy agreed to sell through them

Katy is then awakened by Gloria the following morning, informing her that Mrs. Lacy has summoned her. Mrs. Lacy explains that never once in the history of Lacy’s has a shopgirl behaved in such an atrocious manner. And then, Mrs. Lacy got a call from Guy, who has picked Lacy’s as his exclusive retailer as long as they give him the entire 8th floor. Gloria suggests that they move their overstock storage to the basement. Having Guy set up shop could keep Lacy’s relevant for years to come. Mrs. Lacy agrees to consider it.

Jorge apologizes to Bernardo

Jorge invites Bernardo over to apologize for his behavior last night. He explains that growing up, he never felt like he was masculine enough for his dad. And then he met Bernardo and all those old insecurities resurfaced. Bernardo forgives Jorge. To answer Jorge’s question from last night, he’s with Jorge because he’s sexy and talented. He tells Jorge that he’s a star.

Pepper and Raj kiss

Pepper and Raj review the film. Raj admits that he was never making an art film. He has a lot of student loans, and porn pays well. However, what he really wants is to be a great filmmaker. Pepper tells Raj that she can see it. With the right music and editing, they can spin the film as experimental erotica. Pepper and Raj then kiss.

Jorge tells his dad that he doesn't like his remarks

While fixing the sink, Luis asks Jorge if he’s going to see Bernardo tonight, which he isn’t, as he’s working. Luis tells Jorge to hold onto Bernardo because he won’t find that again. Jorge asks his father to stop making such remarks because when he says it, it makes Jorge feel like he doesn’t deserve to be with a guy like Bernardo. Luis explains that he’s only joking, however, it’s how he’s talked to Jorge his entire life ,and he’s tired of it. He knows that his father wishes that he would be more masculine, but Jorge isn’t changing for anyone.

Mr. Cabot offers to fund Josie's first EP

Mr. Cabot addresses the performance Josie gave the night prior. He then goes on to say that he has no intentions on rebooting Cabot Records. At least not yet. But Josie’s talent is undeniable. However, talent alone isn’t enough. What people really like is fire, and Josie made a fiery exit when she stormed off last night. He gives Josie the chance to prove herself. He’s willing to fund her first EP in exchange for keeping Alex on the straight and narrow. Mr. Cabot noticed that Alex excels when he’s dating a woman of strong moral character, and he can tell that Alex listens to Josie. While they admittedly had a relationship, Josie explains that she and Alex decided to keep their relationship professional. However, Mr. Cabot trusts that she can make it work.

Guy returns Katy's shoe

When Katy got home that night, instead of watching another sad movie, she started to sketch and sew again. She finally started to let go of KO. She was scared as she didn’t think she’d be any good without him, but now she's reminded of all the other things she enjoys doing. The following morning, as Katy is walking the crowded New York streets, she runs into Guy, who found her sparkly red shoe in his car. He returns it and then tells Katy that he has a meeting with Mrs. Lacy about his floor. He admits that Katy has more pull around Lacy’s than he initially gave her credit for.



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