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Riverdale is like Bizarrotown, where murder, mystery, and candy drugs aren't the exception, they're the norm. You forget sometimes that people are still just living their lives. Doing things as ordinary as getting married.

"Chapter Forty-Seven: Bizarrodale" is the twelfth episode of the third season of Riverdale, and the forty-seventh episode of the series overall.[2] It premiered on February 6, 2019.


THE NEXT LEVEL — Amidst preparations for their upcoming wedding, Sierra and Tom receive an unsettling message, which forces "The Midnight Club" to reunite. Meanwhile, Veronica and Reggie take drastic measures to clean up a mess they created. Cheryl learns some unexpected news about the college she has set her sights on. Lastly, Kevin gives Moose an ultimatum.[3]



Josie and Kevin ask to throw an after party

Betty, Jughead, Archie, and Veronica sit in a booth at Pop’s, enjoying their meal and having conversation. Just a few feet away sit Sierra, Tom, Josie, and Kevin. Sierra and Tom reveal that they don’t want a big wedding, both having just finalized their respective divorces. Not to mention the Gargoyle King’s constant lingering presence. Tom and Sierra would prefer to keep it simple and get marred at Town Hall. While Josie and Kevin fully disagree, they respect their parents' decision. However, at the very least, Josie and Kevin would like to throw them an after-party at La Bonne Nuit. Tom and Sierra reluctantly agree to a small party. As Moose enters the diner with his father, Major Marcus Mason, Sierra and Tom take the opportunity to invite them to the wedding, though Marcos doesn’t appear to be too enthusiastic, almost brushing off the invite. Tom explains to Josie and Kevin that he and Marcus used to be good friends, as they both were in RROTC together. But, they grew apart. Sierra surmises that this was due to Marcus being jealous of her and Tom’s relationship as he had a crush on Sierra.

Toni and Cheryl get their SAT results

Toni and Cheryl lay in bed, simply enjoying each other’s company and the fact that they’re laying in an actual bed. While Toni doesn’t miss the mud or cold of Sunnyside Trailer Park, she does miss the Serpents. They both receive simultaneous alerts on their phones, sounding the arrival of their SAT scores. Fortunately for Cheryl, her grades are good enough to land her in Highsmith College. The women of her family have gone their for generations, and Cheryl doesn’t intend to break Blossom tradition. As for Toni, Cheryl remarks that her score is flawless.

Hermione forces Veronica and Reggie to take responsibility

Hermione calls Reggie and Veronica down to Town Hall since the two of them decided to take it upon themselves to burn all the Fizzle Rocks that she had already sold. Since this is their fault, Hermione has decided to make them responsible for paying back the money that’s owed. Hermione suggests that they start with the speakeasy’s coffers. However, as Veronica explains, they don’t make nearly enough to pay it off, though this is no longer Hermione’s problem. She recommends Veronica come up with the money fast as the buyer has a reputation for being dangerously unhinged. Veronica asks who the buyer is, but Hermione refuses to tell her, only explaining that they’re sending an intermediary. As for how much money they owe, Hermione hands Reggie and Veronica a piece of paper with the exact amount on it and it is indeed a heavy sum.

Cheryl's interview at Highsmith

Cheryl has an interview at Highsmith college in order to determine her acceptance. She’s successfully balanced her duties as Captain of the River Vixens and president of the student body while maintaining a 4.2 GPA, perfect attendance and achieving an almost perfect SAT score. For these reasons, Cheryl believes that she’s an exemplary candidate for Highsmith college. Not to mention that she's legacy. While this may be true, most recently, Highsmith’s Board of Directors have decided it’s time to diversify their student body with women outside the alumni pool.

Kevin wants Moose to come out to his father

Kevin and Moose find time to make out in an empty classroom. Kevin stop to ask Moose if he’ll be his date to his dad’s wedding. Kevin’s aware that this is a public event and that Moose hasn’t yet come out to his father, but he thinks it might be time as the two of them have been together since the start of summer. While Kevin enjoys their clandestine meetings, he can’t help but think of all the things they’re missing out on, such as spending the night together. Moose would like to but he’s too scared. Their time together comes to an end as Major Mason and the other cadets enter the room. He informs them that the meeting with the Navel Academy recruitment officer is about to start.

Sweet Pea blows Josie off

Sweet Pea receives a surprise visit from Josie. She enters his trailer to invite him to her mother’s wedding, though he mistakes her unexpected arrival as a booty call as it wouldn’t be the first one they’ve had since their summer fling ended. However, this is not the case. Josie was hoping that Sweet Pea would be her date to the wedding. He hopes this means that they’re officially together, but Josie would rather it not be so official. Admittedly, Sweet Pea likes her and would be all in with her without a second thought, but he’s not built for her to just slide back into his life whenever she doesn’t want to be alone.

Penelope rejects Cheryl from attending Highsmith

Cheryl arrives at the Five Seasons and enters the Maple Club to confront her mother for her efforts to sabotage Cheryl’s admission to Highsmith. Cheryl spoke to the Headmistress, who enlightened her about a new policy that seems designed specifically to keep Cheryl from attending. Penelope admits that this was her doing. The harrowed halls of Highsmith shall not be polluted by someone of Cheryl’s alignment. Penelope calls her an aberration. With that, Cheryl’s attempts to blackmail her mother, stating that the alumni newsletter would be thrilled to profile a twice-widowed dominatrix with a proclivity for poison. However, with the hefty financial gifts that Penelope has bestowed open them over the years, she doubts they would care, and then tells Cheryl to accept that she will not be accepted into Highsmith.

Sierra gets a letter from the Gargoyle King

Alone in the room, Sierra and Tom role play in bed. She is a law enforcement officer and he is the suspect. She then gets up to get a snack. In doing so, she discovers a message left for them from the Gargoyle King. It’s a letter, congratulating them on their upcoming nuptials. However, if they wish to live long enough to see the blessed event, they must reunite with the Midnight Club to complete Ascension Night once and for all. Lastly, the letter reads tell no one or their children will pay the price.

Cheryl advises Kevin on dealing with Moose

Cheryl finds Kevin in the student lounge eating his sorrows away. She tells him to put down the candy and share with her his tale of woe. Kevin explains that he and Moose have been having problems. The "Koose" ship has been trouble from the start , Cheryl believes. She suggests that Kevin move on, to which he replies that he can’t go back to Fox Forest. Cheryl wasn’t referring to cruising. She’s talking about Bumble. A dating app. There, Cheryl’s sure Kevin can find someone more his speed. Kevin admits that would be nice, but he likes Moose. Kevin just wishes Moose would be honest with his dad so they could openly date, but Major Mason’s not a big fan on their persuasion. This upsets Cheryl, as she can’t believe there are still people who believe that being gay is anything less than rapturous. Kevin starts to think that Moose doesn’t like him enough to come out, but Cheryl assures him that this is due to no fault of his own. Moreover, she thinks Moose may be in need of a subtle nudge.

Cheryl unintentionally outs Moose

Persistent in helping Kevin further his relationship with Moose, Cheryl takes it upon herself to make an announcement. As Riverdale High’s first openly lesbian Student Body President, she announces that the launch of a new club, an LGBTQIA alliance, with the mission to find and support their fellow queer and questioning students. Kevin and Moose listen from class and Toni from the hallway as Cheryl continues. This weeks blind item will be on theme. Cheryl exposes that an all-American RROTC cadet is afraid to come out of the the closet. This concerns both Kevin and Moose, as well as Toni.

Kevin gives Moose an ultimatum

Moose pulls Kevin into the hallway to ask if he put Cheryl up to that, which Kevin denies having down anything of the sorts. He’s opposed to publicly outing people. Moose worries that people will start to guess it's him that Cheryl was referring to. Putting aside what Cheryl did, they’ve been together for a while, Kevin can’t keep this relationship going if Moose refuses to come out the closet. And so, Kevin gives Moose an ultimatum. Either he comes out to his dad or he and Kevin have to break up.

Toni scolds Cheryl

Outraged by Cheryl’s announcement, Toni confronts her for outing Moose. Though, Cheryl appears to be completely oblivious to her wrongdoing. Toni explains that Moose’s father could’ve heard that announcement, which could be bad for him. Cheryl only seems to be concerned with herself, realizing that she and Toni are having their first fight. Toni tells Cheryl to get some perspective. Toni shares how her uncle hated the fact that she dated girls. That’s why the Serpents, acting as a surrogate family, were so important to her. Cheryl apologizes, though Toni is still very much outraged. She understands that Cheryl’s mad at her mom and even more upset that she’s not going to Highsmith college, which for the record Toni could never get into or afford. Highsmith college was Cheryl’s legacy and the Serpents were Toni’s. Now they’re not. Cheryl claims that she’ll fix everything as Toni is the most important person in her life.

Josie worries about her Julliard audition

Archie finds Josie sitting alone in the music room and decides to join her. She reveals to him that there’s a recruiter for Julliard holding local auditions and Josie’s slot is this afternoon. Archie assures her she’s going to do great, but Josie isn’t even certain how she’ll get there. It’s at Seaside, and she just assumed Sweet Pea would give her a ride, but she didn’t even get a chance to ask him. Archie questions if Josie and Sweet Pea are together, but as Josie informs him, she had to end it so that she could focus on her music. Which is what she always does. So much so that she’s pushed everyone away. She can’t even ask her mom for a ride because she doesn’t even know about the audition. If Josie told her and she didn’t perform well, then her mother would start asking about her backup plans, which Josie doesn’t have. Archie volunteers to take Josie in his jalopy.

Reggie comes up with an idea to acquire money

Time is running and Veronica and Reggie have yet to come up with a way to pay back the mysterious buyer, whose Fizzle Rocks they burned. Veronica’s combined her liquid funds from Pop’s and La Bonne Nuit. Even with that, they’re not even close. Reggie suggests robbing a bank, which Veronica is opposed to as they tend to have round-the-clock guards with guns. Instead of robbing a bank, Reggie comes up with a robbery on a smaller scale. He wants to rob his father’s dealership, where he keeps a safe. Veronica is initially against this, as she does want Reggie stealing from his own family. Reggie explains that everything is insured, so his dad will receive a nice pay out, which is more than he deserves for all the black eyes he’s given Reggie over the years. His father’s security is only on duty at night, after closing, so they can hit the lot during the day, while his dad is usually at Pop’s with a customer, trying to close a sale. Veronica recommends that he wear a Gargoyle mask, so as not to get recognized. Veronica even offers to join Reggie as the getaway driver. They then share a kiss.

The Midnight Club come together once again

Tom, Sierra, Penelope, Hermione, Fred, Marty, Alice, and FP meet at the Five Seasons to discuss the letters that they all received, demanding they finish Ascension Night. Hermione thought that FP caught the Gargoyle King. However, as FP explains, Tall Boy was only using the game as cover to deal drugs. He wasn’t the original Gargoyle King. The one who set up the chalices when they played in high school. Hermione is in disbelief that they’re actually taking these letters seriously, but Tom believes it to be in the best interest of the kids. Alice, much like Hermione, is against playing, as she reminds everyone what happened last Ascension Night. Featherhead ended up dead. However, as far as Penelope is concerned, they don’t have a choice. They all know why this is happening again; two members of the original Midnight Club are daring to get married, and the Gargoyle King wants to destroy that. If they don’t finish the game now, the Gargoyle King may never leave them alone. FP agrees, and hopefully, in playing, they can catch the Gargoyle King. Sierra informs them that the problem with this is that it says all members have to participate, which includes Hiram, who Hermione will retrieve. With that, they collectively decide to finish the game.

Josie's Julliard audition

Josie arrives at her audition for Julliard and takes center stage. Archie watches from the back as she performs.

Veronica sits in the getaway car reading a book as gunshots ring throughout the neighborhood. In her rear view mirror, she sees Reggie, disguised in a Gargoyle mask, running towards the car with a bag of money. He’d been shot in the arm, though he’s alright, and so the two of them make their getaway.

Cheryl and Toni take photos of the Maple Club

With a mega plan in the works, Cheryl takes her first step, better known as "Fifty Shades of Blackmail", as she intends to blackmail her mother with the photos that Toni takes of the Maple Club, its clients and workers. However, they are almost immediately caught by Penelope, though not before Toni gets a few snaps. Penelope refuses to allow the girls to jeopardize her business. Cheryl demands that her mother step down from the Highsmith college board and revoke her ban on Cheryl’s admittance, otherwise, Cheryl and Toni will go public with the photos they’ve taken. Penelope isn’t concerned as she isn’t ashamed of her work. Penelope informs Cheryl that blackmail is far more illegal than anything that goes on in the Maple Club. Toni questions how Penelope’s clients will feel once she and Cheryl has published their names and photos.

Archie offers to be Josie's date

Archie and Josie sit in a booth at Pops, where they await the results of Josie’s audition. Unfortunately, they are unable to invite her back for callbacks, which deeply upsets Josie as she sang her heart out for it still only not to be enough. She’s given up so much for this moment and kept telling herself that in the end, it would be worth it. She had built up so many walls just to focus on this one thing and now she’s all alone because of it. Archie assures Josie that she’s not alone. He’ll even accompany her to her mother's wedding. Archie’s been truly alone these last few months and can sympathize.

Dye pack explodes on Reggie

Veronica and Reggie return to La Bonne Nuit, where Veronica patches up Reggie’s wound, where he was grazed by a bullet. Reggie then opens the bag to see how much money they got away with only for the dye pack to explode, covering both Reggie and the money in blue dye.

Moose surprises Kevin with a kiss as the school day begins. He proceeds to reveal to Kevin that he came out to his dad. He was quiet and weird at first, but then seemed to come to terms with it. They then went to Pop’s and had a meal. This means that Moose can now be Kevin’s date to the wedding, and more importantly, they can spend the night together.

Cheryl gives Toni her interview time

Cheryl returns to Highsmith college, where the Headmistress reveals that the school’s policy not to admit legacy candidates has been reconsidered, so they can now proceed with their interview. Cheryl’s aware that Headmistress Patricia only performs a limited number of one-on-one interviews, and with Cheryl’s qualifications, she’s obviously a shoo-in. Therefore, Cheryl wants to cede her time to Toni, who is also a worthy candidate for Highsmith. Cheryl introduces Toni to the Headmistress as future photojournalist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Cheryl then offers Toni a few words of encouragement and reminds her that this is only step two in her mega plan.

Gladys is the Fizzle Rocks buyer

Veronica and Reggie wait at the meeting point for the mysterious buyer’s intermediary. It turns out to be Gladys Jones, Jughead’s mom, though neither Veronica nor Reggie are aware at the moment. Gladys exits her vehicle and approaches Veronica and Reggie. They throw the bag of money at her feet. Inside is only some of her money, all of which is covered in blue dye. Gladys correctly identifies Veronica as Hermione’s daughter. Gladys then introduces herself to them as Jughead's mother. Both Veronica and Reggie are shocked, though they take this opportunity to ask for more time to recover the rest of the money. Gladys admires the fact that the two of them came out there knowing they were short. It shows responsibility. Not to mention that they sort of remind Gladys of herself and FP back in the day. Gladys makes them a deal. Since she’ll be sticking around Riverdale for a while, she’ll take their dyed money, but she’s going to have to charge a fee because she’s going to have to get it laundered. And then they’ll figure out a payment plan for the rest of the money they owe. But in exchange, Gladys wants Reggie’s car. Lastly, she asks that they don’t tell Jughead about their business dealings. If they do, then she’s going to have to tell Hiram about Hermione going behind his back for a cut.

Cheryl apologizes to Moose

Cheryl approaches Moose at Pop’s to apologize for outing him. She admits that it was wrong and that it was a personal decision she never should’ve taken from him. Moose accepts her apology. And while what she did wasn’t right, it ended up benefiting Moose as he’s out with his dad now. On top of that, he and Kevin are finally going to spend the night together in the bunker. Cheryl suggests that Moose bring a fresh change of sheets as a lot of people have had sex on that cot.

The Midnight Club break into the school

The Midnight Club reunites one final time to finish what they started at Ascension Night. Alice, Penelope, FP, Fred, Tom, Sierra, and Marty sneak into the school through the window after hours. They decide to start the game by finding the chalices. Then they’ll flip for their fate and drink from the cups. Penelope has brought with her the antidote for cyanide. She gives everyone a vile to take, which will inoculate them for the next several hours. Hermione and Hiram, who now walks with a cane, join the others, though few are happy to see Hiram.

Kevin fills the bunker with candles in preparation for is night with Moose. Moose arrives with candles of his own and the two begin to kiss.

"Got You"

Alice and FP check the girls restroom for the chalices as that’s where Alice found them initially, but to no avail. Fred and Marty checked the trophy case, student lounge and the closet where they found Featherhead and also came up empty handed. The second floor is also clear according to Sierra and Tom. Same goes for the cafeteria and library, says Hiram and Hermione. Just as Alice questions the whereabouts of Penelope, she horrifically screams, gaining the rest of the Midnight Club’s attention. On the projector screen written in what appears to be blood is "Got You". And on the desk sits a bloody skull. They realize that they’ve been played. It’s just another iteration of the game. What the Gargoyle King wanted all along, to distract them and lure them all away from their kids. They all frantically grab their phones to call the kids.

Penelope warns Cheryl and asks her about Kevin's whereabouts

At the Andrews house, Archie and Josie rehearse a song together. Their phones ring simultaneously. It is Josie’s mother and Archie’s father. When Josie reveals that she’s rehearsing with Archie, Fred then instructs Archie to lock the doors to the house. Archie replies that the doors are already locked, but now he's worried, asking what’s wrong. At the Pembrooke, as Veronica and Reggie are about to have sex, their phones ring. It’s Veronica’s mother and Reggie’s father. Reggie worries that maybe his dad knows that it was him who robbed the dealership. At the Cooper house, as Betty and Jughead are in the middle of having sex, they both get calls from their parents, asking where are they. Toni and Cheryl’s make out session at Thistlehouse is interrupted as Cheryl gets a call from her mother, who tells her to keep her bow close as the Gargoyle King may be after them. Everyone’s accounted for with the exception of Kevin, which worries Tom, and so Penelope asks Cheryl if she knows where Kevin is.

Kevin and Moose are taken by the Gargoyles

Meanwhile, Kevin and Moose lay up next to each other in the bunker. Part of Kevin thought that it was never going to happen, but he’s glad it did. The bunker door then opens. Kevin initially believes it to be Betty, and so he tells her that he’s reserved the bunker. However, he and Moose get out of bed to discover that it’s not Betty, but in fact the Gargoyle Gang. They shine red lights in Kevin and Moose’s faces before attacking them.

Moose and Kevin are forced to drink from the chalices

Kevin and Moose are taken to a clearing, where they Gargoyle King awaits their arrival. Before them sits two chalices. The Gargoyle King wants them to flip for their fate. When Moose refuses to play along, the Gargoyles pull out knives as incentive. Should they refuse to play, they’ll be killed. With no other choice, Kevin decides to go first. He flips the coin and just as he prepares to sip from the chalice, the Gargoyle King is shot by an arrow, fired by Cheryl, who along with Toni, Tom, FP and his deputies, bring an end to the ritual. They unmask the Gargoyles and much to Kevin and Moose’s surprise, they’re the RROTC cadets. They were being lead by Marcus Mason, who is disguised as the Gargoyle King.

FP brings Marcus in for interrogation

FP takes Marcus to the Sheriff Station for interrogation. Marcus reveals that there wasn’t any poison in the chalices. He was just trying to scare Moose and Kevin straight. FP wonders how he talked his cadets into helping. Marcus explains that he made it a quest. The Gargoyle King told them their brothers needed help. The RROTC was the same way when Marcus and Tom were in school. Back then, he and Tom were best friends. One day, he tried to kiss Tom, who rejected him. When Marcus’ parents found out about his inclinations, they sent him to the Sisters to get help for his weakness of character. That’s where Marcus first met the Gargoyle King, and where he started playing Gryphons and Gargoyles, and later learned that Tom played too along with the Midnight Club. The Sisters cured Marcus of impure thoughts. He became strong as he has been all these years. But then he heard that Tom and Sierra were getting married just as Moose told him that he was seeing Kevin. FP realizes that Marcus wanted to destroy what he couldn’t have. The Sisters scared Marcus with the Gargoyle King, so he thought he could do the same to Moose and Kevin. FP almost seems to feel bad for Marcus, commenting that the Sisters did a number on him.

Jones family reunited

FP and Jughead return to the trailer, where they continue their discussion in regard to the Gargoyle King and those who have put on the mask for their own distinctive reasons; Tall Boy did it to sell drugs and Marcus did it to scare Moose. FP remarks that it’s like playing "Whac-A-Mole", as every time they take down a Gargoyle King, another pops up in their place. However, the true Gargoyle King, who killed Featherhead, is still at large. Much to FP and Jughead’s surprise, Gladys and Jellybean are in Riverdale. They surprise them at the trailer and Jellybean greets both her father and brother with a hug. Gladys then gives Jughead, who wonders what they’re doing in town, a hug. Gladys informs the boys that she and Jellybean aren’t just there to visit. They intend to stay awhile.

Josie and Archie's duet

In the music room, Josie tells Archie how in the end, her mother and Kevin’s father got the wedding they wanted. Just the four of them at Town Hall. They said it didn’t feel right having a party. As for what’s next for Josie, after everything Kevin and Moose went through, not getting into Julliard doesn’t seem like such a big deal to Josie anymore. For now, she's just going to take it day by day, which is precisely what Archie’s been doing. Archie and Josie then start to sing together.


At the Five Seasons, Tom and Sierra look over at their wedding cake, which Sierra is glad that it was too late to cancel for as its beautiful. Tom then looks Sierra in her eyes and tells her that she’s beautiful. The newlyweds then profess their love for one another before sharing a kiss.

Moose finds Kevin at school only to tell him goodbye. He can no longer stay with his father in Riverdale. So, he’s moving to Glendale to stay with his aunt. Kevin is saddened by this decision, telling Moose that all his friends are in Riverdale and that he can stay with them. However, Moose can’t stay in Riverdale, at least not for a little while. He and Kevin share one last kiss before parting ways.

Toni and Cheryl form a new gang

Toni is disgusted with what Major Mason did to Moose and Kevin. Cheryl informs her that it’s a result of the Sisters’ conversion therapy. It twisted his soul. Cheryl recalls the day that Toni (and Veronica) saved her from the Sisters and says that she’ll never forget it. Since Toni has done so much for her, Cheryl wants to repay the favor. Call it step four of her mega plan. They enter a classroom to about half a dozen female students, one of which being Peaches 'N Cream. Cheryl informs Toni that it’s her new gang if she wants it to be. Cheryl knows how much Toni misses being a Serpent as they were her family. So, she found some other girls who were looking for support or community or even fisticuffs. With this gesture, Cheryl would like to start a new family. Toni is extremely grateful, referring to Cheryl’s gesture as the most bad ass and romantic thing she’s ever done. Peaches 'N Cream inquiries about the name for their newly found family, to which Toni falls on the name "Pretty Poisons." Pretty by day, poison by night.

Veronica and Reggie call Hermione down to La Bonne Nuit with an update. But first, they would have liked for her to have informed them that the buyer was Jughead’s mom. Hermione is surprised that Gladys showed up herself as she was supposed to send an intermediary. Furthermore, Gladys has no intentions on returning to Toledo and plans on making Riverdale her home once more.

Gladys and Jellybean plot to take over

Gladys and Jellybean hangout at the trailer, and as it seems, they are there for much more nefarious reasons than they’ve lead on. Jellybean remarks that she has FP wrapped around her finger. Gladys adds that Jellybean is FP’s weakness. Which means, they have the whole town. FP is the Sheriff. The mayor owes them a ton of money, and she even has Veronica working for her.

As Archie and Josie end their duet, they find themselves face-to-face. They inch closer and Archie asks Josie if he can kiss her, to which she agrees, and the two proceed to kiss.



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