"Chapter Five: Dreams in a Witch House" is the fifth episode of the first part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the fifth episode of the series overall.[2]


A mysterious demon wreaks havoc on Spellman Mortuary. Sabrina goes rogue and puts her powers to the test.



The Spellmans entrap the demon inside the house

Hilda is in her room reading a novel while Zelda is reading the Satanic Bible. Suddenly, Sabrina runs into Zelda and Hilda's room and tells them she's released a demon into the house after having solved her dad's Acheron Configuration. They rush downstairs where Ambrose meets them after having heard all the noise. Sabrina tells Ambroise about the demon. Zelda tells her niece not to worry as they have protocols in place. The four of them grasp hands and perform a sealing spell to trap the demon within the Spellman Mortuary. The demon appears on the staircase and Ambrose asks what it wants. It tells them that it wants revenge on the Spellman Family and then freedom to give other people nightmares. Zelda quickly grabs an empty urn and uses it to trap the demon within. After the Spellman's sit and have some tea. Sabrina learns that her Dad must've trapped the demon long ago because it had been tormenting him and giving him insomnia. They go back to bed and Sabrina asks Hilda what would've happened if they hadn't captured the demon. Hilda tells her that it would've lulled them to sleep, separated them, torturing them until one of them broke and released the sealing spell.

They do not realize that the sleep demon has already lulled them all to sleep after they finished the spell to seal the house. The demon tells them all to have sweet dreams, nothing bad, no nightmares.. (For Now) Ms. Wardwell spies the demon through the mirror in Sabrina's room and identifies her as the Batibat. Batibat spots her and recognizes her as Lilith the Mother of Demons. Lilith tells the Batibat not to harm a hair on Sabrina's head. The Batibat smashes the mirror and goes on a hunt for Salem.


Sabrina dreams of a witch-human merged life

Meanwhile, inside Sabrina's dream, her witch life and mortal life are fused together. The Weird Sisters are cheerleaders who mock her, and Nick is a football player who flirts with her. Harvey proposes to Sabrina. On the day of the wedding, Sabrina tells Harvey that she's a witch. He seems to accept it but later, at the ceremony, Harvey starts to choke her. He asks her why she had to tell him that she was a witch. He shoves her into an Iron Maiden torture device and seals her inside. The Batibat appears and offers to let her out if only she'll tell it the spell to release the seal. Sabrina says that she won't and is left to scream in pain at being trapped and bleeding from the sharp spikes inside of the device.


Ambrose dreams of his own autopsy

Ambrose dreams of having to do his own autopsy. He gets called upstairs by Hilda because Faustus Blackwood has come to see him. As he makes his way upstairs, he runs into Ms. Wardwell who tells him that she's in the wrong nightmare. Father Blackwood tells Ambrose that the hex that keeps him in the house has been broken and that he's finally free. He's given a bag of money and told that a car outside waits for him. As he leaves, the Batibat appears and starts to stab him. He wakes up as the body on the slab and watches as he does the autopsy on himself. The Batibat asks him for the spell to unlock the house but Ambrose says no. It says that it'll be back because it believes that either Ambrose or Hilda will break first.


Hilda dreams about her burden of being Zelda's sister

Hilda is called in to see Principal Hawthorne. He's lured her to his office under the guise of talking to her about Sabrina. In reality, he's trying to make a pass at her. As he does, Ms. Wardwell interrupts and asks if they've seen Sabrina. The principal shoos her away and he asks Hilda out on a date. Later, Hilda is trying to get ready but Zelda keeps shooting down everything she tries on and makes fun of Hilda. Telling her that no one will ever love her. Hilda finally snaps, slapping Zelda. Zelda turns around and you see that a piece of flesh has been sewn over her mouth (put there by Hilda). Hilda confides in Hawthorne about how Zelda treats her and gets drunk on their date. He helps her upstairs in the guise of helping her to bed. You then see a flash of Hawthorne and Batibat over Hilda, laughing, holding surgical tools and a mask to drug her. Hilda is then shown awake sitting on the couch, looking drugged and dazed. Hawthorne is talking to her, he finally confides in Hilda telling her that he absorbed his twin in the womb. He shows Hilda his twin brother's deformed figure which is on his stomach. Hilda tries to leave but finds herself sewn together with Zelda. The Batibat appears and tells her that it'll separate them if she gives it the spell to unlock the house.


Zelda dreams about losing her sister

Zelda is reading to the children about the false god and Adam and Eve when the Weird Sisters appear. They tell her that The Dark Lord will be coming to dinner at her house tonight. She tells Hilda and decides to roast a child in his honour. The Dark Lord arrives but decides to only eat Hilda's vegetable pie since Zelda roasted a Child of the Night. The Dark Lord eats and dances with Hilda only further enraging Zelda. Once the Dark Lord leaves Zelda hits Hilda on the head with a shovel and kills her.She takes her to the Cain pit to bury her. She is inside washing up when The Dark Lord returns and asks where Hilda is. Zelda explains to him that this is just a game the two of them play and that Hilda will come back. The Dark Lord tells her no that this time Hilda is gone forever. Zelda starts wailing and crying at the Dark Lords revelation. The Batibat appears and tells Zelda that if she gives it the spell to unlock the house it'll bring Hilda back.


Sabrina tries to banish Batibat

Sabrina continues to scream from inside the coffin. Ms. Wardwell finally finds Sabrina. Sabrina asks how she is there in her dream. Ms. Wardwell says it's with a gin clear mind, self-induced sleep and clear intent. She tells her that she's going to wake her up and that after she must run from the house to safety. Ms. Wardwell wakes up and picks up the voodoo doll she made of Sabrina. She stabs it in the hand and Sabrina wakes up screaming. The Batibat comes to investigate but Sabrina is hiding under the bed. The Batibat leaves and Sabrina escapes up to Ambrose's room. She tries to wake him up but can't. So she grabs one of his books and learns a spell to banish the Batibat. Salem tries to dissuade her from doing it but Sabrina is stubborn and says that she just has to surprise her. Sabrina confronts the Batibat but nothing happens when she says the spell. The Batibat attacks her and slashes Sabrina's arm.


Sabrina successfully traps Batibat

Sabrina runs upstairs and tries to wake up her Auntie's but can't. She decides to lucid dream so that she can wake up her Auntie's and Ambrose from the inside. With Salem's help, Sabrina manages to distract the Batibat long enough for her to take some foxglove and go back to sleep. She goes to Zelda's dream first but is unable to wake her. Next, she visits Hilda who helps give her an idea of how to trap the Batibat. Finally, she goes to Ambrose and asks him to help distract the Batibat. Ambrose calls for Batibat and distracts her. The Batibat realizes what's going on and goes looking for Sabrina. Sabrina uses Hilda's familiars and the spell her aunt used to trap the Batibat in a web (a dreamcatcher). The others wake up and go to check on Sabrina. This time they seal the demon in a mason jar.


Sabrina calls Harvey

Ambrose, Zelda, and Hilda are all on edge because Sabrina walked through their dreams, seeing all of their darkest nightmares. Sabrina tells them that she hardly remembers any of it. Because of her dream, Sabrina calls Harvey and asks him if he'd ever hurt her. He says no. She tells him she'll see him at school tomorrow and he says yes in class with Ms. Wardwell. This reminds Sabrina of Ms. Wardwell being in the dream with her.

Sabrina goes and pays Ms. Wardwell a visit. She confronts her by demanding that she tell her who and what she is. Ms. Wardwell invites her in and tells her that she better sit down.



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  • The episode title comes from The Dreams in the Witch House, a horror short story by American writer H. P. Lovecraft. It is part of the Cthulhu Mythos cycle.
  • When Ambrose begins the autopsy on himself in the nightmare, he quotes Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 1: "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy," substituting his own name for Yorick.
  • Zelda's nightmare mirrors the tale of Cain and Abel with Zelda being Cain who out of rage murders her sister for being the Dark Lord's favourite as Abel was murdered by Cain was God's favourite.Zelda even quotes Cain, when the Dark Lord asks her where Zelda is telling him she is not her sister's keeper,the same thing Cain said to God.


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