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After Mr. Andrews' funeral, the rest of summer vacation passed in a surreal haze. Betty, Veronica, and I spent as much time as we could with Archie. We had dinner at Pop's every night. And every day you could tell he was getting better and better. I'm not saying he wasn't still heartbroken, the entire town was, but my pal Archie's a fighter. And by the last day of summer vacation, while the football field was being mowed for the new season, and the school floors were being buffed to a shine, and banners for the first dance of the year were being hung, Archie was doing what he does best.

"Chapter Fifty-Nine: Fast Times at Riverdale High" is the second episode of the fourth season of Riverdale, and the fifty-ninth episode of the series overall. It premiered on October 16, 2019.[2]


FIRST DAY OF SENIOR YEARArchie encourages Mad Dog to attend Riverdale High and join the football team. Jughead meets Mr. Chipping, who offers him a spot at an elite school called Stonewall Prep. Veronica is conflicted when information about her involvement in Hiram’s arrest leaks to the public. Kevin applies for a spot on the Blue & Gold to make amends with Betty. And Cheryl goes head to head with Mr. Honey, the school’s new principal.[3]



Archie and the Gang at Pop's

Two months have passed since the death of Fred Andrews. Jughead sits at the front counter at Pop’s, typing on his computer. During the summer, he, Betty, and Veronica spent as much time as they could with Archie. They had dinner at Pop’s every night, and everyday they could tell Archie was getting better. By the last day of summer vacation, the gang was preparing for senior year.

Archie convinces Mad Dog to enroll in school

While sparring at the gym, Archie suggests that Mad Dog enroll at Riverdale High, especially since his younger brother will be a freshman. Mad Dog is reluctant but eventually agrees.

Betty meets with her brother Charles, from whom she learns that her mother missed her last check-in. However, this isn’t the first time Alice has been late with her report, Charles claims. Nevertheless, Betty is concerned. Charles advises Betty to worry about her academics and he promises to update her if anything changes in the investigation.

Veronica meets with her family's lawyer

Veronica meets with her family’s lawyer to discuss her parents’ upcoming trials. He recommends that Veronica issue a statement of support, however, she has no comment on the matter.

Cheryl asks Jason’s rotting corpse which of her two outfits would be best for the first day of school, and though he doesn't respond, she appears to agree with his answer.

Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead on the last day of summer

Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and Betty spend their last night of summer vacation drinking wine at the Pembrooke. They ponder how close they are to finishing high school. Archie and Veronica then head into the back, where they have sex as Betty and Jughead do the same on the couch.

The following morning, Veronica wakes Archie, Betty, and Jughead up after accidentally sleeping in. The four rush to school, where they are confronted by the new principal, Mr. Honey for being late. He assures the gang that the school will run differently under his command and then dismisses them.

Mad Dog and Archie ask to join the Bulldogs

As Coach Clayton runs the play with Reggie, Archie asks if there’s room for Mad Dog on the Bulldogs, who now prefers to go by his first name of Munroe. Despite having a full roster, Coach Clayton agrees to give him a chance.

Kevin enters the Blue and Gold to sign up, but Betty has been avoiding him. Kevin has been doing a lot of work on himself since being left behind by the Farm, and he realizes that he doesn’t need them to feel whole, but he does need Betty, his former best friend, and apologizes for his actions while under the Farm’s influence, such as dragging Betty by her legs. Kevin hopes to regain Betty’s trust. She's willing to give him a chance and tells him to fill out an application form.

Jughead turns down Mr. Chipping

Jughead is called to the principal’s office, where he is introduced to Mr. Chipping. Over the summer, Jughead submitted a short story for a writing contest, which he didn’t win. Mr. Chipping was one of the judges, and he was very impressed with Jughead’s voice. While he couldn’t sway his fellow judges, he offers Jughead to come study writing with him at Stonewall Prep, a prestigious private school for gifted writers. Mr. Honey assures Jughead it is a tremendous offer. Still, Jughead declines the offer.

Archie and Veronica discuss her going to Harvard

While walking down the hall, Veronica informs Archie that she’s a shoo-in for Harvard. Archie plans to look at community colleges in the neighboring area so that they can be close. They are then ambushed by paparazzi and journalists all inquiring about her parents’ upcoming trials. Veronica pulls the fire alarm, and she and Archie make their escape through the crowded hall of students.

Cheryl and Toni's back-to-school dance is canceled

Cheryl and Toni meet with Mr. Honey to welcome him to Riverdale High. He wanted to speak with them regarding the back-to-school dance that they organized. He’s canceled it because two students were murdered during the last dance. Cheryl argues that’s precisely why they need the dance, to heal. Speaking from personal experience, the back-to-school dance following Jason’s death provided Cheryl with much-needed catharsis. However, Mr. Honey disagrees and will not be swayed, stating once again there will be no dance.

Reggie guards Mad Dog

Archie leads the offensive line at Bulldogs' practice. Reggie is on defense, covering Mad Dog, and his dad is cheering him on. Mad Dog gets the better of Reggie and scores. Marty Mantle, Reggie’s dad, calls him over and scolds him.

Veronica and Cheryl confront what they initially believe to be a peeping Tom taking photos of them in the girls' locker room. However, he reveals that he’s actually there to get a photo solely of Veronica. A reporter from reached out to the junior photographer and offered him $500 for a photo of Veronica.

Archie tells Mad Dog to ignore Reggie

Reggie picks a fight with Mad Dog in the locker room after practice. He inquires about Mad Dog’s time in juvie. Mad Dog pushes Reggie, but Archie is there to see that the situation escalates no further. Archie asks Reggie what his problem is. Reggie replies that he’s been captain of the Bulldogs since sophomore year, and he’s concerned that Mad Dog has come to take his position.

Jughead returns home to find his father talking to Mr. Chipping. However, Jughead’s answer still hasn’t changed, even as FP encourages him to take the opportunity. Mr. Chipping recommends that Jughead at least take the tour to see if he likes the school.

Betty discovers that Kevin is under surveillance

Betty returns to the office with takeout for her and Charles. On his desk, she finds a classified file which details the FBI’s surveillance on Kevin, which she was unaware of. Charles reveals that he’s always suspected that Kevin still had ties to the Farm. He’d been monitoring Kevin’s phone activity and it turns out he’s been texting with Fangs. Charles wants to use Kevin’s relationship with Fangs to their advantage. In the text messages, Kevin keeps pushing to meet in person, but Fangs keeps pushing him off as he can’t risk it unless Kevin has something useful to offer. Charles wants to "accidentally" let slip some kind of fake intel about their investigation in front of Kevin to lure Fangs out of hiding.

Toni searches for Cheryl

Toni ventures downstairs in search of Cheryl who, unbeknownst to Toni, is in the cellar talking to Jason’s corpse. However, Cheryl claims that she was simply praying for divine guidance on how to handle their discord with Mr. Honey. She’s come up with a plan to host a back-to-school party at Thistlehouse.

Cheryl and Toni lead the River Vixens in passing out flyers for their back-to-school party. Cheryl confronts Mr. Honey, informing him that she will always be Queen Bee.

Jughead and Betty are greeted by Bret

Betty joins Jughead for his tour of Stonewall Prep. They are greeted by Bret, who takes them on a tour of the school. The school’s faculty holds 132 master’s degrees and 28 doctoral degrees. Mr. Chipping interrupts to invites Jughead to join them tomorrow for a discussion of the book Moby Dick. Bret extends the invite to Betty, but she’s had enough of Stonewall Prep in the little time she’s been there.

Mr. Honey advises Veronica to go on sabbatical

Veronica is called into the principal’s office by Mr. Honey, who wishes to speak with her regarding recent headlines and drama-to-come, particularly an article from claiming to expose Veronica. An unnamed inside source that worked at the speakeasy is claiming that Veronica is responsible for the crimes that her father allegedly committed. Mr. Honey advises that Veronica take a sabbatical from school until her personal matters are sorted, but she plans to do no such thing.

Betty tells Kevin that the FBI have a lead

Betty and Kevin eat out at Pop’s. He recalls freshman year when Betty was crushing on Archie and he was having random hookups. Betty reveals the reason she was so cold to Kevin previously is that her mother and sister are still at the Farm, and her brother Charles has been working the case. Betty claims that today there was a break in the case. The FBI found a witness who’s willing to testify against the Farm.

Kevin meets up with Fangs

Kevin immediately hits up Fangs to arrange a meet up in the woods, where he reveals that the FBI has a witness who is ready to come forward against Edgar. Fangs asks for the identity of the witness, but Kevin doesn’t know who it is. Fangs explains that Edgar and the rest of the Farm no longer trust Kevin, but if he found out who the witness is, they might accept him back. Once Fangs is gone, Betty confronts Kevin.

Veronica accuses Reggie of being the leak

Veronica calls Reggie down to La Bonne Nuit, where she asks if he’s the source for Rumordale. Reggie removes his glasses, revealing the black eye that Veronica is certain he got from his father, and claims that he’s not the inside source, but he tells Veronica that it could’ve been her own father who relayed this info to the press. Veronica returns home from the speakeasy and gets in bed with Archie and reveals to him that Reggie’s being abused by his father.

Betty and Charles interrogate Kevin

Betty has taken Kevin back to Charles, where the two of them cross-examine him. He apologizes for everything, but he wasn’t thinking clearly and just wanted to see Fangs again. Charles suspects that Kevin wanted to share information in order to get back in the good graces of the Farm, but he assures Charles that is not the case. Kevin explains that Fangs is all he has left after Betty ignored him all summer. Charles pulls Betty out to speak with her privately. He wants to cut Kevin loose, though Betty thinks he may still be of use as she believes Kevin can still help, Charles doesn’t agree.

Archie comes to Reggie's defense

During Bulldogs' practice, Archie's positioned as a quarterback. He throws the football to Reggie, who loses the ball after being tackled by Mad Dog. Coach Clayton calls an end to the practice. Reggie is once again scolded by his father for his poor performance. He even threatens Reggie, forcing Archie to intervene, who even accuses Marty of hitting Reggie. However, Reggie doesn’t want Archie’s help and tells him to mind his business. Archie tells Marty Mantle to leave or else he’ll make him. Reggie comes to his father’s defense and warns Archie to back off, even pushing him. When the altercation turns violent, Mad Dog and Coach Clayton separate the two.

Salon for Moby Dick

Jughead attends the book discussion of Moby Dick at Stonewall, where Bret introduces him to Donna, Jonathan, and Joan. Mr. Chipping enters the room and they begin discussing the book. Jughead believes that the whale in Moby Dick holds no sense of symbolism. The book's author, Herman Melville’s biggest fear was that Moby Dick would be seen as a fable.

Disguised in a blonde wig, Veronica visits her father in his prison to confront him for exposing her misdeeds. Hiram refuses to pay for Veronica’s crimes, so he told the world what she is, that being a Lodge.

Cheryl promises to behead Honey before Homecoming

Cheryl and Toni go through with their back-to-school party as planned, with Peaches as the DJ. Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Mad Dog, and Reggie are in attendance. Cheryl declares Mr. Honey as their latest enemy. She assures the student body that he’ll be taken care of by Homecoming.

Betty informs Veronica how Jughead is being recruited by Stonewall Prep. Much to Jughead’s surprise, he enjoyed the salon. However, Veronica tells him that there is no school more privileged than Stonewall. Not to mention that in attending, he’d be leaving Betty behind. However, Betty reassures him they could make any situation work. Nonetheless, Veronica doesn’t believe Stonewall is the right fit for Jughead. She foresees him being miserable.

Reggie heads downstairs in search of a bathroom. Cheryl confronts him before he can pass the gate, where unbeknownst to him, Jason’s corpse sits just a few feet beyond. Cheryl then drags him back upstairs.

Betty asks for Kevin's help

Betty finds Kevin sitting alone in Cheryl’s room. She apologizes for interrogating him, though he understands that Betty was trying to save her mom. Betty reveals to Kevin that her mother is undercover at the Farm. She’d been sending them messages all summer, but she recently stopped and now Betty’s worried that she may be in trouble. Betty’s aware of the possibility that Kevin could tell Fangs, but she’s choosing to believe that their friendship runs deeper than Edgar’s brainwashing. Kevin tells Betty it does. In that case, Betty needs Kevin to arrange another meeting with Fangs to tell him where Edgar’s hiding, but he’ll only give that up if Kevin tells him the name of the fake FBI informant. Betty proposed telling Fangs that Penelope Blossom is the informant.

Cheryl learns from Sheriff Jones that Honey is targeting her

Reggie finds his way back outside, where he tries to pick another fight with Mad Dog. He asks Cheryl if she knows Mad Dog, which she doesn’t, though she doesn’t object to him being at the party, which is more than she can say for Reggie. FP arrives after receiving a noise complaint and brings an end to the party. An intoxicated Reggie offers to get FP a beer. Rather than seeing him get arrested, Archie escorts Reggie home. FP informs Cheryl that Mr. Honey made the noise complaint.

Reggie destroys his father's car

Archie asks Reggie about his black eye. Reggie admits that his father often hits him and has been doing it for years. Reggie was always jealous of Archie’s relationship with his father. No matter what it was, Fred always supported him. Reggie has no idea what that feels like. And when Archie’s dad died, all he kept thinking was what if it was his dad instead. Archie wants to help, but Reggie tells Archie that he’s already done his part by calling Reggie's dad out. The rest is up to Reggie. He takes a stand against his father by bashing in the windshield of his precious car with a baseball bat.

Betty tells Jughead to go to Stonewall

Betty pulls Jughead out of class during a mind-numbing reading session and convinces him to go to Stonewall Prep. It’s the chance of a lifetime and she assures him they can make it work.

Archie asks Reggie how his dad reacted to his car being trashed. Reggie explains that it got them talking, and Reggie said some things he needed to hear. His dad won’t be coming around practice anymore. He and Archie then embrace one another.

Veronica addresses the press

Veronica opens her front door to the sight of paparazzi and flashing cameras. After hiding behind her door for a few moments, she decides to face them head-on. Veronica tells the press that she will give her only press conference on the subject of her parents tonight at her speakeasy after a special performance.

That night at La Bonne Nuit, Veronica, Toni, and Cheryl perform. Afterward, Veronica holds a press conference, during which time, she admits to doing all those nefarious things accused her of doing. She claims to have done them under duress because her father threatened her. As for who she’s standing with regarding the upcoming trials, neither of her parents. She stands only with and for herself.

Archie and Veronica sit in the student lounge, where Veronica revises her Harvard application. The Lodge name is tainted, so she will take up her mother’s maiden name, Gomez.

An active beehive sits on Mr. Honey’s desk. Bees flying everywhere. Cheryl enters the main office to briefly taunt Honey before leaving.

Kevin infroms Betty and Charles that Edgar is heavily armed

Betty asks Charles if he has heard from their mother, which he hasn’t. He begins to question his previous decision of cutting Kevin loose. Betty seizes the moment and tells Charles that she’s already working with Kevin. She gave him the fake name of their witness Penelope Blossom. She also told him about their mother being undercover. Charles questions how she could put their mother’s life in danger so recklessly, but Betty trusts Kevin. Kevin arrives and reveals that Betty’s plan worked. He connected with Fangs and told him about Penelope Blossom. Fangs led him to where the Farm is staying. It’s an abandoned hotel behind the maple barrens. He didn’t see Betty’s mom, but he did see Edgar, who is heavily armed. Charles realizes that Edgar is gearing up for war.

Jughead prepares to leave for Stonewall

Dressed in his Stonewall Prep uniform, Jughead asks his father and sister how he looks. FP states that he looks like a gentleman, however, Jellybean appears sad to see him leave, even as Jughead promises her that he’ll be back every weekend. FP’s glad that Jughead will be attending. He’s somewhat a legacy. His grandpa Forsythe the First also went to Stonewall, though only for a couple of months until he dropped out. He quit at everything, including being a parent. He went out for a pack of smokes and never came back. FP didn’t mention this before because he wanted Jughead to make his own decision without any outside influences. It’s a chance for Jughead to do something good for himself.

Flash forward to Spring Break, Jughead is missing. Archie, Betty, Veronica, Kevin, Cheryl, Toni, and Jellybean join FP’s police-led search party for Jughead in the dark woods.



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