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You made amends with the Ronsons the best way you could. And, now, it's time to look to the future. You're not Riverdale's Reaper. If anything, you're its Red Hope.

"Chapter Fifty-Four: Fear The Reaper" is the nineteenth episode of the third season of Riverdale, and the fifty-fourth episode of the series overall.[2] It premiered on April 24, 2019.


JELLYBEAN GOES MISSING — When Jellybean goes missing, Jughead, Gladys and FP follow a series of cryptic clues to get her home. Elsewhere, Archie faces the fallout from his latest boxing match, while Betty makes a major discovery about Evelyn's past. Finally, Josie makes a big decision about her future.[3]



Jughead and FP find an invitation

FP and Jughead return home in search of Jellybean, and though they do not find her, they do find an invitation to play a round of Gryphons and Gargoyles, the outcome of which will determine Jellybean’s fate. When Gladys arrives, they inform her that Jellybean was taken by Kurtz and the Gargoyle King.

Mad Dog, Archie, and Veronica confront Elio

Following the fight, Randy Ronson is taken to Riverdale General Hospital, where Mad Dog, Fred, Tom, Josie, Archie, and Veronica sit in the lobby, waiting to hear news of his fate. Just a few feet away sits Elio with Randy’s family. Unfortunately, Dr. Patel arrives to deliver the news that Randy did not survive. As he proceeds to take Ms. Ronson to claim the body, Archie and Mad Dog inform Dr. Patel that Randy was on drugs and that Elio was his supplier, though Elio claims to have had no knowledge of any substance abuse, which Archie, Veronica, and Mad Dog know to be untrue. Mad Dog states that Randy’s blood is all over Elio’s hands, though Elio retorts that it literally all over Archie's.

Gladys, Jughead, and FP agree to play G&G

FP, Gladys, and Jughead tie Kurtz to a chair and beat him mercilessly in hopes of gaining the truth behind Jellybean’s whereabouts. Kurtz simply replies that she’s being very well taken care of by an associate of his and that they should accept the invite to play. FP, Gladys, and Jughead regroup in the kitchen. Jughead explains that he's played the game enough to know that players like Kurtz are completely devoted to the Gargoyle King and its rules. Their only chance is to play and win, to hopefully get Jellybean back. And so, the Joneses agree to play the game. They start with their avatars. FP is Deadeye, like in high school, Jughead remains the Hellcaster, and Gladys is the Alchemist. FP rolls first.

At the Andrews house, Fred reassures Archie that Randy’s death is not his fault, though Archie begs to differ. He knew that Randy was juicing, and he could’ve stopped the fight, but he didn’t want to forfeit. And because of that, Archie has no intentions on boxing ever again.

Veronica and Betty asks Hiram for a prison transfer

Betty and Veronica meet with Hiram at La Bonne Nuit, where Betty asks Hiram for a favor. Her father is incarcerated two hours away in a windowless cell. He heard about Hiram’s facility and how some of the cells have a view of Sweetwater River. Betty explains that her father would like to be transferred there. Veronica assures her father of all the publicity that would come with it, and with that in mind, Hiram says that he’ll see what he can do.

Mad Dog calls Archie to ask about the drugs he gave him because the police just raided Elio’s gym with a warrant, and they’re likely to do the same with El Royale. After Archie says they're in his locker, he and Mad Dog meet up at the gym to recover the drugs and dispose of them. However, before they can get the chance to do so, the police raid the gym, catching Archie and Mad Dog with the drugs in hand. And so, the two of them are arrested on site.

Gladys reveals that she's the new drug lord

The Joneses have reached their first challenge. It’s called "Cards on the Table". Inside two of three pouches are white marbles. Inside one pouch is a black marble. If they choose the black one, they must reveal their secret. FP remarks that they’ve been playing "Secret and Sins" since high school. Gladys is up first. Her pouch contains the black marble, meaning she must reveal her secret. Kurtz insists that Gladys tells the truth. She initially claims to have no secrets, but after Jughead reminds her that Jellybean’s life is on the line and threatens to reveal the secret himself, Gladys comes forward. She reveals for the first time to FP that she’s the new Fizzle Rocks dealer in Riverdale and that Kurtz used to work for her. FP is frustrated, even more so that Jughead knew and didn’t share this with him. However, Gladys told Jughead not to say anything because she wanted to protect them and keep them out of it. FP explodes with rage as she brought this chaos into their lives. While finishing the game and bringing Jellybean home is top priority, FP assures Gladys that there will be a reckoning.

Josie calls her dad after seeing that he has a gig nearby and is hoping that they can grab some dinner beforehand.

In the Blue and Gold offices, Toni tells Betty that everyone is gearing up for the wedding between Edgar and Betty’s mom. After the big wedding, Edgar’s also planning to adopt Juniper and Dagwood.

Archie, Veronica, and Mad Dog hold a press conference

Veronica bails Archie and Mad Dog of jail. Mad Dog insists that they’ll pay her back, though that’s the least of their worries as Elio has flipped Randy’s death on Archie. Archie, Mad Dog, and Veronica head down to Pop’s, where they watch the news report of Elio claiming that Archie provided Randy with the drugs that killed him. It’ll be a nearly impossible task to prove that it was, in fact, Elio who gave Ronson the drugs and that he’s setting Archie up. However, Veronica has a plan, which starts with a drug test for both Archie and Mad Dog. Afterward, Veronica holds a press conference outside of Pop’s to announce that Archie and Mad Dog’s drug tests have come back negative. Randy’s sisters, Ms. Ronson, led by Elio, interrupts the press conference and accuses Archie of murdering Randy. Archie swears that he didn’t kill Randy, but if he could take back what happened, he would. However, the Ronsons are still distraught over Randy’s death, and his sister slaps Archie. Again, Archie apologizes, saying that he wishes it could’ve been him instead of Randy.

Betty breaks into Weatherbee's office

While in line for her meningitis vaccination, Betty overhears Ms. Bell asking Evelyn if she’s had hers. However, Evelyn explains that the Farm doesn’t believe in putting foreign substances into their bodies. She tells Ms. Bell to check her file as her father has written Principal Weatherbee a letter, opting her out of all elective medical procedures. Later that night, Betty sneaks back into school, breaks into Weatherbee’s office, and takes photos of Evelyn’s files.

Gladys, Jughead, and FP have to rob Pop's

Gladys, Jughead, and FP have reached their next quest. Kurtz orders them to rob Pop’s. He tells them to consider it as Jellybean’s ransom. The money they obtain will get him out of town. However, FP isn’t so willing to oblige, stating that this ends with Kurtz buried six feet under. Although should that happen, Kurtz has arranged Jellybean’s demise.

Archie races over to the Pembrooke to talk to Veronica as he can’t stop thinking about Randy and his sister, who called him a murderer. Veronica tells Archie that Randy’s death is Elio’s fault, though Archie still feels responsible and wants to help them somehow. Veronica recommends a benefit concert at La Bonne Nuit. After all, Josie has been calling her about doing a set. Veronica will arrange it all.

Betty shares her discovery with Ms. Weiss

While impersonating Ms. Bell, Betty calls Evelyn’s old schools, claiming that she’s just checking their records and asks what grade Evelyn was in while in attendance. Betty learns that Evelyn’s was enrolled in as Junior at her last five schools. Afterward, Betty contacts Ms. Weiss to inform her of her discovery. Betty discovered that Evelyn has been repeating her Junior year, enrolling in high schools, pretending to be 17 for over a decade. From what Betty has gathered, Edgar works on the parents while Evelyn is sent to recruit teens for the Farm. It’s a cover for their cult. Ms. Weiss is more than willing to help. She will make some inquiries to see what she can find out.

Gladys, Jughead, and FP sit in a truck just outside Pop’s, as they plan the robbery. Gladys intends to be in and out within 30 seconds and she’ll do all the talking. She remarks that it reminds her of the old days, which FP has no desire to relive.

The Jones rob Pop's at gunpoint

As planned, Josie grabs dinner with her father at Pop’s. Myles was more than willing as his next tour will be a long one. This is precisely why Josie wanted to meet up. She explains how recently she’s been the headlining act downstairs at La Bonne Nuit, but Riverdale is a small town, and she wants to go on tour with him to broaden her musical horizons. Myles explains that it’s a hard life being on the road. Josie begs, asking that he at least come see her perform. Before he can answer, Gladys, Jughead, and FP barge into Pop’s disguised with their identity shielded behind Serpent masks, with guns pointed. They empty the register and head for the door. As they do, Pop Tate comes from behind the counter with a shotgun and opens fire, hitting FP. As he prepares to shoot again, Jughead rips off his mask and tells Pop Tate to stop shooting as it’s not what he thinks. Jughead attempts to tend to his father, who lays on the floor bleeding but is pulled away by his mother, as it is now up to the two of them to continue the game. Myles and Josie watch from the floor as this unfolds. Josie lends to this incident as yet another reason why she needs to get out of town.

Jughead and Gladys plan to relocate

Jughead and Gladys return home, where Jughead knocks Kurtz unconscious with a single punch. Considering that the cops are probably on their way, Jughead and Gladys will have to relocate Kurtz and the game.

Betty informs her father that his transfer papers have been processed and that he’ll be moved by the end of the week. Betty then reveals Edgar’s plans to adopt the twins after he marries Alice, which Hal refuses to allow to happen. So, he sends Betty to Penelope for help, stating that she will be uniquely motivated.

Penelope comes to an agreement with the Farm to keep Dagwood

Betty heads down to the Five Seasons, where she informs Penelope of the marriage and Edgar’s plans to adopt the twins, Penelope’s grandchildren. Polly, Alice, and Cheryl made their decisions, but the twins are helpless. Betty reminds Penelope that she knows what it is like to be adopted into a family that only wants to control you. Having taken this all in, Penelope agrees to help. Together, she and Betty infiltrate the Farm’s compound, where Penelope negotiated the freedom of Dagwood. She gets the boy, but the Farm will keep Juniper. Those were the only terms they would agree to despite Penelope’s threats to come after the Farm. Betty explains that they’re twins and that they shouldn’t be separated. Furthermore, Edgar isn’t their father. But, as Penelope points out, Polly is their mother, meaning it’s her decision. Penelope remarks that it was a miracle that they were even able to get one child, referring to Dagwood as Jason Jr.

Elio awards Archie

Archie is approached by Elio at the gym. He has come to award Archie his $50,000 reward for winning the Gilded Gloves tournament. Archie doesn’t want Elio’s blood money though. Elio insists that Archie take the money. He went 12 rounds in his first fight, meaning he’s a winner. Elio wants to make Archie famous. Tag him the "Riverdale Reaper". A lot of people would pay to see him in the ring, though Archie isn’t interested, demanding that Eio leave.

Jughead and Gladys have relocated with Kurtz to the bunker. He can’t believe they just robbed Pop’s at gunpoint. How can they stay in Riverdale after that, he wonders. We don’t, Gladys replies. She thinks they should drive up north and keep going until they find a town where nobody knows them. Jughead realizes that his mother simply doesn’t get that she’s the problem. Riverdale is their home. They're happy there, but Gladys destroyed that.

Veronica plans a benefit

Archie, Josie, and Veronica convene at La Bonne Nuit, where Veronica informs Archie that on top of everything else, Elio is also refusing the Ronsons Randy’s insurance money. Veronica is hoping they can make Josie’s show tonight a benefit, with the proceeds going to the Ronsons. Archie then gives Josie a kiss and heads off to settle things with Elio.

Jughead dumps a bucket of water on Kurtz to wake him up and asks for the next challenge, which is a Trial with the Cyclops. While this character class is unfamiliar to Jughead, Gladys suspects that she knows what Kurtz is referring to.

Veronica tells Josie that her dad isn't coming

Just before the show, Josie looks into the crowd, though there’s no sign of her dad, and Veronica checked the front door, and he never picked up his ticket.

Archie ambushes Elio outside his gym. While Archie has no interest in fighting for Elio, he does want the prize money that he’s owed. Elio made a promise to the Ronsons. That money is there’s and Archie’s come to ensure they receive it. When Elio refuses, Archie slams him up against his car and takes the check.

Penny vs Gladys

Kurtz takes Jughead and Gladys to meet up with the Cyclops for a battle. As it turns out, Penny Peabody is the aforementioned Cyclops. She has an eye-patch covering her left eye. Jughead thought she was dead, but instead of killing Penny, Gladys simply cut out her eye. Penny and Gladys must fight. Their weapons, as chosen by the Gargoyle King, sais. The two begin to battle as Jughead and Kurtz watch from the couch. During the battle, Penny breaks Gladys’ arm. Jughead rises to help, but Kurtz sits him back down and informs him that the fight is between Gladys and Penny. Should Jughead try to intervene, Jellybean will pay the price. Even with an injured arm, Gladys manages to best Penny, though Jughead stops his mother from killing her. While Gladys leaves Penny alive, she does, however, stab her in the leg.

Josie performs

At La Bonne Nuit, Josie performs. As her performance concludes, the crowd erupts in applause. The loudest applause of them all coming from Myles, her father, who little did Josie know, was there for her entire performance.

After following Betty’s paper trailer, Ms. Weiss shows up at the Pembrooke to discuss with Betty what she’s discovered. Evelyn is much older than she appears. 26 to be exact. Ms. Weiss also discovered that Evelyn is Edgar’s wife, not his daughter. Betty then calls Toni to tell her that she has to get back into the Farm immediately.

Kurtz agrees to take Jughead to Jellybean

After dropping his mother off at Riverdale General for a broken arm and ruptured kidney, Jughead demands to be taken to Jellybean. Kurtz agrees, but he’ll drive and Jughead has to wear a blindfold.

Myles complements Josie on her performance. Josie says that she thought he bailed on her again. Myles explains that was his intention. When you’re on the road, gig after gig, you have to get on stage and give it your all no matter what. Josie has to want to play music more than anything else. With that, Myles agrees to allow Josie to tour with him.

Archie gives Ms. Ronson money

Archie goes to see Randy’s sister, Ms. Ronson, who explains that Randy had his demons. He had a history with drugs as they were on their own at a young age. She did her best to raise him and their sisters right, but at some point, he made his own choices. Archie then hands Ms. Ronson the prize money from the Gilded Gloves and some donation money Veronica put together. Overwhelmed by Archie’s generosity, Ms. Ronson starts to cry and she thanks Archie.

The Farm surrounds Betty

With Toni’s help, Betty sneaks into the Farm’s compound to kidnap Juniper. Betty grabs the baby and together, she and Toni make a run for it. However, Betty is led straight into a trap by Toni, who has succumbed to the Farm’s allure. Edgar, Alice, Polly, Cheryl, Evelyn, Kevin, Weatherbee and the other Farmies surround Betty. When Betty asks why Toni betrayed her, she explains that she’s been in search for a family her entire life, first with the Serpents, then the Pretty Poisons, but she’s never felt such belonging, as she does at the Farm. Betty reveals to her mother that Edgar is already married to Evelyn, but Alice is well aware. There are no secrets at the Farm. They’ve all come together to get Betty to join them. Edgar explains that everyone Betty cares about is in the room, her mother, sister, best friend, cousin and sister. In unison, the Farmies recite "Join us." If only for a second, it seems that Betty begins to consider the offer, but she declines it nonetheless and takes off running, with Toni, Cheryl, Kevin, Evelyn, and the other Farmies just behind her. Betty just barely makes it to her car and pulls off.

Jughead trapped in a refrigerator

Kurtz has taken Jughead to the junkyard. Before Jughead sits two refrigerators. Behind one of the doors is Jellybean. Behind the other is Jughead’s doom. The final challenge is simple. Jughead has to choose one. He opens the refrigerator marked with a Gryphon first, but it’s empty, as is the second refrigerator marked with a Gargoyle. Jughead then realizes it was a trap, as Kurtz holds him at gunpoint and tells him to get inside the refrigerator. Jughead agrees to get in, but only if Kurtz assures him Jellybean’s safety. So, Kurtz calls Ricky and tells him to put Jellybean on. She answers the phone and tells Jughead that she just got home and that she’s been playing G&G even though Jughead told her not to. He tells her it’s okay and that he’ll see her soon. Once Jughead gets into the refrigerator, Kurtz tells Ricky to kill Jellybean and he then locks Jughead in. After slamming his body against the door repeatedly, Jughead manages to break the lock and free himself. When he exits, he finds Kurtz dead on the ground and the Gargoyle King standing right behind him.

Jughead returns home to find Jellybean unharmed. As they share a hug, Jughead asks about Ricky, who Jellybean claims left after they spoke on the phone.

Archie and Josie kiss goodbye

Archie finds Josie after her show singing in the music room. He apologizes for not making it back in time to see it. Josie then reveals that she decided to go on tour with her dad, but she doesn’t know when she’s coming back, if at all. While she’s loved their time together, they’re not endgame, which she’s fine with. Archie’s life is in Riverdale while hers is somewhere out there, maybe New York. Archie tells her that he was going to ask her to prom, but that’s no longer an option now, and the two say goodbye with a kiss.

Gladys plans to leave Riverdale

At Riverdale General the following morning, Jughead tells Gladys that FP will be out of jail in a couple days thanks to Attorney McCoy, who cleared everything with the judge. She said that FP was under duress when he committed the robbery. Jughead wonders how his mother plans to answer for all she’s done, to which Gladys explains her plan to leave town with Jellybean, though Jughead argues that Jellybean should stay in Riverdale as she deserves better than to live on the road. He also wants his mother to stay as well, and face the consequences behind her actions. Gladys wishes she could, but it would probably be best for everyone if she disappears for a while, at least until FP cools down. And then maybe they can try again.

Elio and Hiram plot against Archie

Elio and Hiram meet up in the steam room, where Elio informs Hiram of all that has occurred, including Randy’s death, Mad Dog leaving his gym, and the integrity of Casa Grande being called into question. Hiram explains that the gym is of no concern as it still has his financial support. As for Archie, who Elio surmises is a great threat, Hiram will handle him. He claims that there are two Archie Andrews. There’s the one who saved Hiram’s life at the hospital after he’d been shot and then there’s the other Archie, who pointed a gun at Hiram’s head. He was there to kill Hiram, the real Archie Andrews. The one with murder in his heart. As for Archie’s boxing career, Hiram isn’t so convinced that it’s over considering that Veronica’s in Archie’s corner.

Veronica convinces Archie to keep fighting

Mad Dog calls Archie into the ring as he needs a sparing partner. Veronica advises him to get back in the ring or he never will. Archie believes that may be for the best as he doesn’t want to be known as the Riverdale Reaper. Veronica says to Archie that he made amends with the Ronsons the best way he could, and now it’s time to look into the future. Archie’s not Riverdale’s Reaper. If anything, he’s its red hope. Veronica pleads with him to pick back up his gloves, and so he does just that, joining Mad Dog in the ring.

Gladys says goodbye to her family

Gladys says goodbye as she prepares to leave Riverdale, doing just as Jughead said and leaving Jellybean with them. When Jellybean asks to join her, Gladys tells her that she’s better off in Riverdale, just before hugging Jellybean. She then says goodbye to FP, telling him to not only take care of the kids but to take care of himself as well. Lastly, Gladys says a tearful goodbye to Jughead, giving him a hug and then walking out the door.

When Betty returns to the Pembrooke, Veronica informs her that her dad and a few other inmates who were being transferred to the new prison were involved in some kind of accident that left no survivors.



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