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After the false prophet is sacrificed, the shire will have a bacchanal to celebrate the coronation of the Gryphon Queen. [...] Upon her crowning, the Gryphon Queen will ensure the King's arrival by subjugating herself and declaring that the one true monarch of Eldervair is the Gargoyle King.
Jughead reading the Gargoyle King's Gospel

"Chapter Fifty-Five: Prom Night" is the twentieth episode of the third season of Riverdale, and the fifty-fifth episode of the series overall.[2] It premiered on May 1, 2019.


CHAOS ON PROM NIGHTBetty takes matters into her own hands after learning some unsettling news about her father. Mary grows concerned by Archie's desire to take boxing to the next level. Elsewhere, Cheryl runs into a roadblock during her campaign for prom queen, while Jughead and Betty's plan to confront the Gargoyle King takes an unexpected turn.[2]



Veronica and Betty arrive at the crash site

Betty and Veronica arrive on the scene of the prison bus crash to find charred remains lined along the road by deputies. FP is already on site, and he tells the girls to stay back. Betty informs him of the Black Hood’s return as her father was on the bus, and likely caused the crash to escape. However, FP tells her no one survived the crash. There were five inmates and one driver on the bus. Six in total, which is the number of heads they’ve found. DNA tests will confirm their identities. Betty grows concerned that her father escaped, and is now loose in Riverdale.

Mary returns to Riverdale, arriving at the Andrews house, where she is greeted at the front door by Archie, and from there the two plan to have dinner and briefly discuss Archie’s passion in boxing. Mary claims that she hasn’t come back to talk him out of boxing, but that she simply wanted to see him again while Fred was away.

Betty warns her mother of her father's escape

Betty rushes down to the Farm's compound to warn her mother of her father’s escape. However, Alice is very much aware as FP has already called, and told her there were no survivors from the bus crash. However, as Betty points out, Dr. Curdle Jr. has yet to identify the bodies. This is precisely what Alice means when she says Betty should let go of her past. She has to stop indulging in her delusions that her father is still alive. Betty then notices the tattoo on her mother’s wrist. Alice explains that Edgar asked her to get it. Alice likes to think of it as an engagement ring.

Jellybean tells Jughead about the Gospel

At the Jones house, Jellybean is still upset about having been left behind by her mother. Jughead explains to Jellybean that she wasn’t abandoned and their mother leaving town was probably the most selfless thing she had ever done. Still, Jellybean has never lived anywhere without her. Jughead expresses his joy in her staying, but while she’s there, Jughead insists that she doesn’t play G & G again. Jellybean, however, doesn’t see the big deal. As far as she’s concerned, it’s just pretend quests in costumes, to which Jughead inquires further about the costumes and who was wearing them. Jellybean tells him about Ricky’s ears and her crown. Not to mention the Gargoyle King, who Jellybean met in person. He gave her a quest. He said that she couldn’t enter the Kingdom until she found the gospel, though Jellybean and Ricky never found it. The Gospel is where the Gargoyle King keeps all his secrets.

Veronica got Archie into the Regional tournament

While sparring in the ring, Archie and Mad Dog are approached by Veronica, who comes bearing good news. She has Archie’s fight application for the regional tournament. All Archie has to do is get one of his parents to sign off on it. This is the perfect opportunity to jump-start Archie’s boxing career. Mad Dog tells Veronica to keep him in mind should she ever decide that she wants another boxer under her roster. Fangs comes running from the back soaking wet. He tells them about a busted pipe, which he shut off, but it needs fixing. Archie volunteers to fix it, but Veronica would rather he call a professional plumber. Speaking of which, as Archie’s manager, Veronica had been thinking about updating the gym. She even offers to front all the money. La Bonne Nuit has been doing well, and she would like to diversify her portfolio with property on the south side.

Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead discuss the crash

Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead meet up in the student lounge, where Betty shares with the group her conclusion that she was used by her father so that he could escape from prison. Veronica was with Betty and having seen what was left of that bus, she doubts that Betty’s father survived the crash. However, if he did, Jughead assures Betty that she has him, the Serpents, and Archie’s fight club looking out for her. Jughead also extends Betty another invitation to move back in with him considering things have calmed down since his mom left. Archie asks how Jellybean is faring during this time. Jughead is surprised by how well she has taken to everything. She’s even filled in some key blanks. Apparently, there’s a Gospel of the Gargoyle King out there somewhere. Could be important, so Jughead’s dad has been sweeping Junkyard Steve’s. Cheryl interrupts to inform them of the upcoming Fire and Ice Junior Prom. She and Toni are running for Prom Queens, and Cheryl would appreciate their vote. This, however, is the first that the gang is hearing about Prom. Betty asks Jughead to go to Prom with her, to which he agrees.

Mary doesn't support Archie boxing

Mary brings Archie up a snack, hoping that he’ll take a break from pounding on the punching bag in his room. Archie then asks her to sign his application to compete for the Regional Classic tournament. However, Mary is very much against Archie boxing given its brutality. While she understands that Archie’s been going through a lot lately, she can’t support him getting beaten up.

Betty fires at a target at the gun range. She then gets a call from Dr. Curdle Jr., who tells her that while the corpses were charred beyond recognition, he was able to work with one semi-intact hand, which matches that of her father, DNA and fingerprints. Betty goes through a whirlwind of emotions after hearing that her father is dead.

Jughead finds the Gospel

Jughead comes downstairs in search of Jellybean. Before long, he gets a call from his father, who tells Jughead that he took Jellybean to school and that they need to meet up at Junkyard Steve’s since that’s where Kurtz took Jughead and was killed by the Gargoyle King. And so, they do just that. At the junkyard, they find an abandoned school bus, marked in runic symbol and other G & G paraphernalia, such as Gargoyle masks. It appears they’ve found Kurtz’ hideout. Inside one of the bus seats, Jughead finds the Gospel, which he hides from his father, tucking it away in his bag.

Archie and Veronica buy Prom tickets from Cheryl and Toni

Archie finds Veronica at school to give her his application with his mother’s forged signature. She asks if he’s sure. If he thinks it’s too soon, Veronica could always send Mad Dog. However, Archie insists that he’s ready. He then asks Veronica to go to Prom with him, as friends. They proceed to purchase their prom tickets from Cheryl and Toni. Cheryl concludes that Archie and Veronica are back together considering that they’re going to Prom and apparently, she and Toni had some kind of wager going. Veronica corrects Cheryl, informing her that she and Archie are going as friends. Evelyn then approaches the ticket table to inform Cheryl and Toni that campaigning for Prom Queen is strictly forbidden. The Farm prohibits it because it goes against their strictures of equality. Cheryl retorts that it’s easier for Evelyn to brush it off as she’s likely been to many Prom given how much older she actually is. Evelyn tells Cheryl and Toni that this is a test. They can either be Queens for one night or they can live in the glory of the Farm for all eternity. Cheryl answers that she wants both.

Jughead reads the Gospel

At the Serpents den, Jughead informs Betty of all his mythological readings from the Gospel as she looks upon their suspect board. He reads to her a story of the Gargoyles and the Gryphon Queens. Betty states that while all this lore builds the Gargoyle King up to be a supernatural creature, in reality, they’re facing a serial killer. The Gargoyle King is flesh and blood, which means that he can die. Jughead tells Betty that it would be okay if she took a couple days off, but she refuses. Jughead then gets a message from Dr. Curdle Jr., who has results from Kurtz’ autopsy.

Archie agrees to meet with naval academy recruiter

Mary knows that Archie’s upset with her for not allowing him to enter the tournament. And while he may not believe her, she is happy that he’s found something that he’s passionate in, which is why she’s called an old friend of hers who is a recruiter from the naval academy, which has a boxing program, along with a scholarship. Archie could box and get an education.

Betty and Jughead arrive at the coroner’s lab, where Dr. Curdle Jr. informs them of Kurtz’ tattoos, which he surmises are no more than a month old. The same runic symbols that were carved into Ben, Dilton, and Baby Teeth. Jughead read in the Gospel that those markings are needed to ascend to the Kingdom. Whoever gave Kurtz the tattoos could be their next lead.

Mary and Archie meet with Brooke

Mary invites her friend and recruiter for the naval academy, Brooke Rivers, over to meet Archie. Mary and Brooke were roommates freshman year at Sarah Florence. Archie states that he might be interested in boxing for the naval academy. Brooke explains that the academy’s physical education program requires all to midshipmen to participate in boxing, so there will be plenty of competition, and as a member of the boxing club, Archie will train with the best. The academy will also train Archie for life outside the gym. Over four years, during which time he’ll get a great education, a college degree, and a job. Upon graduation, he’ll serve five years of active duty. However, by the time he finishes, his prime boxing years might be behind him. This is why Archie needs something real to fall back on, Mary explains. Brooke adds that many of their boxers go on to have professional careers. But first, Brooke wants to see Archie in action. Archie agrees to set up an exhibition match with Fangs.

Betty and Jughead question a tattoo artist

Betty and Jughead enter the local tattoo parlor with a $20 bribe and a photo of Kurtz’ tattoos. The tattoo artist recognizes the symbols. He claims Kurtz came in asking for them a few weeks ago. He showed the artist the design and paid cash, just like the first guy, the tattoo artist says. Jughead asks about the "first guy". The tattoo artist explains that he gave that same tattoo to someone about a year ago. Same symbols. Also on his back. Betty asks did he get the guy’s name, but he didn’t. Normally, the artist likes to take photos of his finished work, but this guy wouldn’t allow it. Betty asks for a description. The tattoo artist describes the guy as having blonde hair, blue eyes, and being weirdly magnetic.

Edgar prohibits Cheryl from campaigning for Prom Queen

Edgar calls Cheryl into his office to confront her after learning from Evelyn that she is campaigning for Prom Queen. Cheryl explains what it would mean if she’s Prom Queen. She could use that platform to spread the Farm’s message. Edgar asks Cheryl if she likes being a member of their community, to which she replies she does. In that case, Edgar tells Cheryl that standing with them requires sacrifice, though if she can’t let something as trivial as Prom Queen go, then he can’t allow Cheryl to speak with Jason anymore. Cheryl understands and immediately drops her campaign.

Veronica has Pop's appraised

Veronica meets with an appraiser from the bank at Pop’s. The appraiser tells Veronica that without question, the diner is a unique and handsomely maintained property. Pop Tate grows concerned as he is under the impression that Veronica is selling the diner, though she eases his worries, explaining that she is just taking out a loan so that she can upgrade Archie’s gym. Like everyone else, Pop Tate thought that Veronica and Archie were over, which they are. Veronica explains that she’s just helping a friend and business associate.

Archie fails to make weight as he's over by 6 lbs, and there’s no way he can do so by Friday. Archie is confused as he thought the fight was on Saturday, but apparently, there’s been a change. Archie insists that he’ll be there, minus the 6 lbs.

Betty suspects Edgar is the Gargoyle King

Betty and Jughead head back to the Serpents den, where they discuss all the information they’ve gathered. The tattoo artist said that a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes got a Gargoyle King tattoo about a year ago, which is around the same time the Farm came to town and right before G & G resurfaced. Add the fact that her mother just got a tattoo per Edgar’s request. But if the Gargoyle King is Edgar, Jughead wonders how that explains her mom seeing it during ascension night, nearly two decades before Edgar came to town. Betty has concluded that it isn’t the same Gargoyle King. Her mother gave testimony about the Midnight Club to the Farm. Maybe Edgar took on that persona. Betty is confident that he is the King. Edgar bought the Sisters, where the game originated. Both he and the Gargoyle King preach ascension, both also have followers who they manipulate, and both are really creepy by Betty’s account.

Archie has to meet weight

Archie informs Veronica of the weight he must lose by Friday while jumping rope. He asks that she give him a ride back to the gym after as he has to focus in the car on his second fight, but this time with Fangs. Archie explains to Veronica how his mom invited a recruiter to see him box. Veronica tells him that he shouldn’t try to fight twice in the same day. She suggests that he invite his mom and the recruiter to the tournament, but he can’t do that because his mom doesn’t know he’s fighting in the tournament. Archie reveals to Veronica how he forged his mother’s signature. She doesn’t want him boxing, so much so that she’s brought a recruiter from Minneapolis. With that being said, Veronica agrees to get Archie back in time.

Edga proves he isn't the Gargoyle King

During one of the Farm’s meetings, Edgar tells them that many tribes consume the bodies of their elders when they die to absorb their wisdom. Betty and Jughead then interrupt and accuse Edgar of being the Gargoyle King. He invites Betty to join them so that they can unpack her obsession with the Gargoyle King. Betty instead tells Edgar to take off his shirt so that she can see his tattoos. Edgar claims that he only has one tattoo. An infinity symbol on his wrist, like many members of the Farm. Betty's talking about the runic symbols she believes are on his back. With nothing to hide, Edgar takes off his shirt, revealing a bare back with no tattoos, asking if Betty is satisfied.

Mad Dog assists Archie during his workouts to help him lose the 6 lbs needed to meet weight. After days of working out, throwing up, and ice baths, Archie just barely makes weight.

Betty and Jughead ask Cheryl to change the theme of Prom

In The Blue and Gold offices, having ruled Edgar out, Betty and Jughead continue their investigation into the Gargoyle King. Their only chance of catching him is on his own terms. Jughead wants to use a ritual from it to invoke him. Jughead reads one ritual that sounds similar to Prom. In this scenario, Betty is the Gryphon Queen, and they have to ensure that she’s crowned Prom Queen. They also have to switch the theme to something G & G related. They then go to Cheryl, chair of the prom committee, for approval of their G & G themed prom proposal. While the theme of Fire and Ice was decided months ago, Betty and Jughead attempt to persuade Cheryl to specify the theme with something more medieval. With zero resistance, Cheryl agrees. They can change the theme to whatever they like. She no longer cares since she can’t be Queen.

Veronica doesn't want Archie to fight again

Archie limps back to Veronica’s car after having lost the Regional tournament fight. Even after the major loss, Archie intends to go through with the exhibition fight with Fangs, which Veronica says is a bad idea. Veronica is willing to do whatever she has to, but she’s not allowing Archie into the ring. Veronica later arrives at the gym to inform Fangs, Mary, and Brooke that Archie has food poisoning and that he can't make the fight. However, Archie comes out the back geared up and ready to fight. Archie faints and hits the canvas as he enters the ring.

A union between the Serpents and Pretty Poisons

Betty and Jughead have called a meeting between the Serpents and Pretty Poisons, with whom he has a proposition for. Peaches 'N Cream states that they don’t take orders from Jughead, though Betty pleads with her to make a prom night truce so that they can all work together to catch the Gargoyle King. During prom, groups of them will be stationed at every entrance. Once the announcement for Prom Queen begins, they’re going to keep everyone from exiting the gym. The Gargoyle King will be there, and this is their one chance at getting him, though they don’t know if he’ll be in costume or not. At the minimum, he will have some kind of kingly signifier, like a crown or antlers. He’s going to make his move after Betty is crowned Prom Queen. The Serpents and Poisons then come together as one.

Mary scolds Archie

Mary watches over Archie as he sleeps. Before long, he awakens. Archie regrets double booking the fights. Mary scolds him for also forging her signature and lying to her. Not to mention that he risked his health. Archie explains that he wants to box more than anything else. And with his mom being so happy about the recruiter, he wanted to at least give her way a shot, but he doesn’t want to go to the navy or college. He wants to see how far fighting can take him. However, Mary doesn’t think Archie’s looking far enough into the future.

Veronica learns that her father still owns Pop's

Veronica tells Pop Tate that she’s closing La Bonne Nuit early as most of her regulars will be at Prom. Pop Tate then reveals to Veronica something he learned a few months back. As it turns out, she doesn’t own Pop’s or La Bonne Nuit. Hiram still does. He gave her a fake deed and kept the real one.

Prom has finally arrived. Kevin and Fangs take photos. Betty and Jughead arrive not long after. Peaches N’ Cream asks if they want to run for Prom court. Betty has been running unopposed. As an extra measure, Betty has cooked up dozens of fake votes, which Peaches proceeds to add to the count. With the Serpent and Poisons in place, Betty and Jughead now have to wait for him to make his move. They decide to dance while they look for him.

Veronica tells Archie about the deed to Pop's

Veronica recalls the back-to-school dance and how much has changed since then. Archie states that some things have remained the same though. Veronica then shares with Archie the bombshell Pop Tate dropped on her, that her father owns the diner and La Bonne Nuit as he gave her a fake deed and kept the original. All this time, Veronica has been working for her father. However, to her advantage, he doesn’t know that she knows. And she’s going to act as if nothing has changed. She is going to manipulate him into digging his own grave. As they reminisce over the old days and their time spent together, Veronica asks Archie to help her take down her father for good.

Toni and Cheryl at Prom

As they dance no more than a few feet away from the thrown, Toni expresses how sorry she is that Cheryl won’t get to be Prom Queen. Cheryl says it’s okay as Edgar gave her something more than a queen-ship, that being humility, which Toni knows isn’t true. Cheryl admits this and reveals that being a Farmie is starting to lose its appeal.

While getting some punch, Betty is given a letter for the Gryphon Queen, from a masked court jester. Betty’s been summoned to the place ascension night was held. She is told to come alone or else everyone else at the Prom will pay the price. Looking to prevent anyone else from getting hurt, Betty abides by the Gargoyle King’s rules and sneaks out the gym. Jughead, Archie, Veronica, Kevin, Fangs, Evelyn, Cheryl, Toni, and Peaches stand in the crowd as Betty is announced as the Prom Queen, though no one seems to know where she is. Jughead asks Archie and Veronica, but they are unaware.

Betty finds the bathroom vandalized

Betty makes her way through the dark halls of Riverdale High alone. She enters the girl’s restroom, where she finds the walls riddled with runic symbols and writing, instructing her to flip for her fate. On the sink sits two chalices and a coin. The scenario is strikingly similar to that of ascension night when Alice found herself in the same position. Much like her mother, Betty decides not to play and exits the restroom. Standing in the hallway, Betty finds the Gargoyle King. She did as it asked. Came alone. But now she wants to know what it wants. Betty then pulls a gun from her purse, demanding to know who is under the mask. However, she is ambushed and knocked to the ground by the Black Hood. He stands before her with a hook in hand. Just a few feet behind him stands the Gargoyle King, who watches as this unfolds.

The Black Hood attacks Betty

The Black Hood lunges at Betty, but she avoids his attack and makes a run for safety. She enters the Blue and Gold, and shuts the door behind her. Inside, on the floor, lays the body of a female classmate. Just outside, the Black Hood bangs on the door, attempting the gain access. Betty pleads with the Black Hood, whom she assumes is her father, to stop but he continues to pursue her, forcing his way in, and grabbing Betty. Betty does, however, fight back. She stuns the Black Hood long enough for her to get out the Blue and Gold, though the exit is chained lock, and so Betty is forced to find another way out, running through the halls, calling out for help, with the Black Hood not far behind her, dragging his hook along the lockers as he stalks Betty.

Jughead finds Betty

Betty runs into the boy’s locker room, where she finds another dead classmate inside the showers. As the Black Hood enters, Betty attacks him from behind with the hockey stick and makes her way out the locker room. She then hides in the storage closet under the steps. Inside that closet, Betty finds yet another body but this one is headless. Betty screams, which alerts the killer of her location. He attempts to fight his way in but Betty manages to keep him out. He eventually leaves, and not long after, Jughead arrives. Betty rushes out the closet, into Jughead’s arms. She tells him how the Black Hood is back and that he attacked her.

After the attack, Jughead calls his dad and the three of them sit down to recount the attack. Betty informs Jughead and FP that it was a set up from the beginning. The Gospel that they found, it was all to get Betty alone with her dad again. Now they have two serial killers in town, possibly working together.

Mary supports Archie boxing

The following morning, Archie and Mary discuss the return of the Black Hood and the murders that occurred while they were at the dance. It’s because of this that Mary decides to stay in Riverdale a little while longer. She doesn’t want Archie alone in the house while Fred is away. Archie then gets ready to head out for a run. Mary sees his commitment to boxing. Archie explains that he tried music and football, but it wasn’t for him. Mary remarks that with the world being as dangerous as it is, it’s probably a good idea that Archie learns to defend himself. If this is his path, she wants to support it, so long as he does it the right way. Archie promises that there will be no more crash diets or double bookings, but he’ll need her help in convincing his father.

Betty agrees to live at the Farm

Betty rushes to the Farm’s compound to inform her mother of her father's return. He survived the crash and attacked her at Prom. Alice tries arguing against Betty, but she has to deal with this. The Black Hood is back, and Betty suspects that the Farm may be his next target because Betty told him about her mother’s engagement to Edgar, and how he plans to adopt Juniper and Dagwood after the marriage. Alice questions why Betty was even talking to her father, to which Betty admits that she was fooled, and now she has no idea what they’re going to do. Edgar, having listened in on their discussion, tells Betty to stay at the Farm. Their walls are strong and their members are stronger. He wishes to protect both Betty and Alice. With very few options, Betty agrees to stay at the Farm.



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