"Chapter Fifteen: Doctor Cerberus's House of Horror" is the fourth episode of the second part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the fifteenth episode of the series overall.[1]


Sabrina, Theo, Roz and others attempt to navigate the lines between fact, fiction and fate when a mysterious stranger sets up shop in Cerberus Books.



The episode begins with Aunt Hilda entering Dr. Cerberus's bookshop on a wet, rainy day. Hilda thinks they could spend some time alone since there are not expecting a lot of customers today. Just then, a gust of wind blows the door open. Before Aunt Hilda and Dr. Cerberus can spend time together, a lady named Mrs. McGarvey enters the store seeking refuge from the rain. Dr Cerberus invites her to sample some of her spare wares but she says she has no cash. However, she offers to do a tarot reading in the store.

Sabrina and Nicholas then enter the store, having just come from the movies. Hilda asks Sabrina if she is alright. Sabrina confides that she has been feeling weird about Nick since Lupercalia. Mrs. McGarvey offers to do a tarot reading for Sabrina, which she accepts. Sabrina confides that Nick lied and is a bit of a “bad boy.” She fears that she is walking down a "darker path" and does not know whether to trust Nick.

Mrs. McGarvey presents a card showing a handsome magician and explains that the cards tell her that Nick is a handsome trickster which few women can resist. She presents a second card and says that three swords pierce his heart. The third card shows an upside down tower.

In the vision, Sabrina greets Nick as he is flirting with the Weird Sisters at the Academy of Unseen Arts. Prudence asks Sabrina if they are taking part in the Academy's talent show. Nick explains that they hold a talent show each year to blow of some steam. He tells her that he is thinking of being a magician this year and asks if she would like to be the magician’s assistant. Prudence offers to lend her some fishnet stockings. Nick tells her to shut up but Prudence responds that she was not the one who killed his familiar Amalia.

Later, Sabrina asks Nick if he told anyone else about killing Amalia and that they didn’t have intercourse on Lupercalia. Nick explains that the Weird Sisters are telepaths. Sabrina asks Nick if he is cheating on her but he denies having other girlfriends. Sabrina does not believe him and storms off, adding that she also won’t serve as his magician.

At the talent show, Nick discovers that his audience consists solely of adoring female fans. A frowning Sabrina is watching in the background. For his first act, he picks Agatha and Dorcas as volunteers. Nick gets Agatha to lie in a box which is then sawed in half. When he opens the box, Agatha to the horror of everyone is sawed in half, with her guts spilling out. However, Nick and Dorcas soon reveal this was a trick and Agatha steps out of a wardrobe.

For his second act, Nick picks Prudence and asks her if she has traveled beyond the astral realm into the feared Other Realm. He asks if she will dare to venture there. Nick places her inside the cupboard and chants an incantation. Nick opens the door and finds that she has disappeared. He asks if she can hear him. Prudence says she doesn't like it and tells Nick to bring her back. He chants an incantation but she doesn't reappear. Prudence panics and tells him that something is troubling here. Sabrina panics but Prudence reveals that this was all a trick and that she bi-located.

For his third act, Nick calls for the bravest lady in the room. Sabrina volunteers for this trick. Nick asks her if she has experienced true weightlessness and tells her to trust him. In private, Nick whispers that he will not do anything to hurt. Nick uses a magic trick to levitate Sabrina into the air. However, he struggles to control his powers. Sabrina think that the Weird Sisters are behind this. While Nick struggles to find a spell to bring her down, Sabrina floats through the roof into the sky. Unable to control the spell, Nick accuses the Weird Sisters of sabotage. Sabrina finds herself floating through outer space.

It turns out that this was a vision conjured up by Mrs. McGarvey's tarot cards. McGarvey claims that we don't read the cards but that the cards read us and whisper secret truth. She warns her that it is not the boy you need to fear. She says she doesn't need to fear the dark path as long as she trusts Nick. Nick reappears and tells Sabrina that he has found a book of Houdini’s stage tricks.

Meanwhile, Theo Putnam visits Cerberus Books and is startled by Mrs. McGarvey. She claims that her tarot cards can provide answers to his questions. She tells him that as he looks into the cards, they look back into you. The first card depicts a knight. Mrs. McGarvey tells him that he is on a quest to seek the grail that is just out of reach. Theo asks if he will get there. Mrs McGarvey presents a card showing a compass.

Theo experiences a vision of himself in his room. While coming to terms with his new masculine identity, Theo is visited by Aunt Dorothea, who tells him that Putnams do not settle. Theo says that no doctor in Greendale who can help him. Aunt Dorothea suggests turning to the witches and taking what he needs.

Theo sneaks into the Spellman household and steals a "gendered spell of metamorphosis." He mixes the ingredients and applies it over his body. Theo is unsure whether the spell will work but Aunt Dorothea tells him to sleep and dream of the boy that he will become. The following day, Theo is awoken by the alarm clock and finds himself having more masculine characteristics.

At Baxter High, Theo is praised by Billy Marlin and the other basketball players in the locker room. They praise him for his sporting prowess. When Theo is alone, he notices that his right hand and arm are turning into wood. Theo later visits the Spellman household and confesses to Hilda that he stole one of their spells. Examining the situation, Hilda tells him that his flesh is petrifying into wood and that plant-based spells can be tricky. Theo asks if there is a way to stop it.

Hilda says she can either reverse the spell's effects or just cut off his infected arm. She tells him that it is a Sophie’s choice. Theo says that he won’t give up this body. Later, Mr. Putnam arrives with an ax and asks his son if he is sure about it. Hilda gets Theo to bite on a piece of rubber while he chops of Theo’s infected right arm. Later in bed, Hilda reassures him that he will be better. Theo finds that his legs have turned to wood.

Theo is horrified by his vision. Mrs. McGarvey reassures him that it is a warning not to steal. She counsels him to seek help from others that can help him reach the prize that he covets. Theo thanks her and take his leave.

Later, Roz enters the House of Horror with her father guiding her. He tells her to wait while he goes to the bank. Mrs. McGarvey visits Rosalind and offers to read her tarot card. Rosalind admits she is blind. McGarvey tells her that she is a cunning woman and tells Rosalind that she feels guilty about something that has not yet come to pass but is about to. Roz tells her that she has a decision to make about an operation which she feels is not worth the cost. McGarvey shows her a card with Lady Justice wielding a sword and the scales of justice.

In the vision, the doctor tells Reverend Walker that the operation is difficult and expensive. He warns that it is not entirely successful. Roz says that it is okay if we cannot afford it. Her father says he supports any decision. Roz consents to the operation. Following the operation, Roz can see her dad and all her friends. She hugs them.

Later, she is kissing Harvey in the kitchen. Harvey asks her if everything is okay. Harvey says he is happy for her and that the doctor is a miracle worker. Reverend Walker responds that God is the only miracle worker. He tells her to be grateful to the congregation for their prayers and donations.

Later at the school library, Roz apologizes for her dad's behaviour. Harvey says it is okay. Harvey sense that Roz is sad and she confides that she has struggled with her faith for a long time. She tells him that she doesn’t have issues with God but that she doesn't believe in her dad. Roz explains that her dad got the church to pay for the operation. Harvey says they raised money for the operation but Roz expresses concern about the influence that her father has over the church, saying that the church gave him money to buy a new car or to pay off for their house. Roz says that she thinks her dad takes money. Harvey reassures her she can see again and suggests that she try to pay it forward.

Roz toys with volunteering at a home for the blind. She visits a blind girl named Audrey, who is blindfolded. Roz offers to read or keep her company. Audrey says she has been here a couple of weeks. Roz asks Audrey how she became blind. Audrey turns her head and tells her that she stole her eyes. Audrey angrily replies that Roz stole her eyes and removes the blindfold. Audrey tells Roz that her father paid her father with the church money and took here eyes. She demands back her eyes.

Roz panics and Mrs. McGarvey reassures her that her fate is not fixed and that she still has a choice to make. When her dad returns, Roz tells him that she does not want to take money from the church to pay for her operation. Reverend Walker counters that it is expensive. Roz says that patience is a virtue. He respects her decision and the two leave the House of Horror.

Later, Aunt Zelda visits the House of Horror. She rebuffs Dr Cerberus's greetings and demands to see her sister. Zelda chides Hilda for not being at home where Faustus Blackwood was waiting to taste the seven wedding cakes she had offered to bake. Zelda is frustrated that she is trying to derail their wedding. Hilda suggests that Zelda do a tarot ready with Mrs. McGarvey. Zelda is initially hostile and McGarvey comments that the former is a powerful woman.

After the picking the card, McGarvey tells Zelda that an obstacle stands between her and the altar. She says it is a secret and shows her a card of a female hermit. In the vision, Hilda is dressing Zelda in a black wedding gown. Zelda says that she can't marry Father Faustus without telling her the truth about what she did with baby Leticia and hid her with Dezmelda. Zelda believes she can make Father Faustus understand.

She visits Dezmelda to fetch Leticia. She is greeted by a young Dezmelda, who tells her that the Goddess of Youth blessed her and made her young again. Dezmelda turns out to be 400 years old. She explains that the Goddess blessed her after she consumed the marrow of an infant witch. Zelda is horrified that Dezmelda consumed the baby and became young again. Dezmelda demands that Zelda invite her to the wedding in return for keeping her secret.

At the wedding, Zelda is greeted by the Weird Sisters. She asks them about the whereabouts of Father Blackwood but they don't know. Ambrose tells Zelda that Blackwood is inside his office. Zelda finds Father Blackwood caressing Dezmelda. He claims that Satanic law allows him to snog as many women as he wants on his wedding day. Zelda demands that she stops but Blackwood demands one good reason to stop. Several wedding guests laugh from the outside. Zelda is upset and dismisses it as a filthy trick. McGarvey warns her that some secrets should remain secrets.

Later, Harvey visits Mrs. McGarvey and asks if she shows fortunes. She shows him the card of a fool. Harvey remarks that the figure in the card looks like him. Mrs. McGarvey tells him that he hangs between two futures: one in Greendale and one in Rhode Island. She brings a card of a hanged man.

At the Baxter High library, Harvey is drawing a hanged man when he is confronted by Roz and Theo. The former has experienced a vision and learned that Harvey has received an invitation to a summer internship at Providence in Rhode Island. At his quarters in the Arkham Colony for the Arts, he is greeted by his flatmate Howard. Harvey is impressed by Howard's horror art.

Howard tells him that he keeps strange hours. Harvey starts to unpack. Later that night, Harvey awakes to find Howard communing with demons. Howard tells him to go back to sleep. Harvey sees Howard’s demonically-inspired paintings including one of the Dark Lord. Howard is angry that Harvey is looking at his work. Harvey tells him that he saw the Dark Lord and asks what these things are. Howard claims that he is visited by Harbingers of the Void and that his closet is a portal to the demonic underworld. He warns Harvey that the demons are planning something. By painting them, he though he could paint or bind them.

Later that night, Harvey experiences more terrifying visions. The following morning, Harvey awakes to find that Howard has hung himself. Harvey opens the closet and only sees clothes. Later that night, he finds that the closet is a portal to the underworld.

Harvey asks what the vision means. Mrs. McGarvey tells him that the vision says that he will suffer for his art but that he does not need to leave home to do so. She tells him that he will dig deep to unearth his true calling and shows him a card of the Ace of Pentacles. Harvey realizes that his true calling is in Greendale and thanks Mrs. McGarvey.

Later Ambrose visits the shop and Mrs. McGarvey tells him that many questions hang over him. Ambrose disagrees and says he is blessed with talent, good looks, and a hot boyfriend. Ambrose's boyfriend Luke Chalfant is away on business. Mrs. McGarvey tells him that he is not well connected yet. Ambrose agrees to let McGarvey read his tarot cards. He picks a hierophant and a Devil.

In the vision, Father Blackwood tells him that he wants to induct him into a secret brotherhood in return for absolute loyalty. First, Blackwood requires some assistance in the Desecrated Church. On that night, he claims that he will forge Ambrose's future with sacred and arcane metallurgy and alchemy. He tasks him with crafting a tool that will unlock his full powers.

Ambrose forges a tool while Father Blackwood tells him his secret agenda to reverse Edward Spellman’s damage to the Church of Night. Father Blackwood offers to mould Ambrose in the Dark Lord’s image in return for correcting his aunties and cousin Sabrina, claiming that he will be their prison until then. Father Blackwood gives him a sharp tool and tasks him with putting his house in order.

Ambrose returns to the Spellman household. He is greeted by a growling Salem. Ambrose kills Zelda. He runs into a startled Hilda and ends her as well. Ambrose then enters Sabrina’s room and kills her. A blood-stained Ambrose returns to Father Blackwood, who inducts him into the Judas Society and leaves a badge on his jacket.

In the present, Ambrose realizes that Luke was not in his vision. Mrs. McGarvey tells him that in this case not knowing the truth is better. He demands that she shows him that card but she refuses. He leaves the store, bumping into Dr Cerberus.

Mrs. McGarvey thanks Dr. Cerberus and Hilda. Hilda says she hasn’t had her reading yet but Mrs McGarvey says that she has to leave. She is pleased to see Cerberus and Hilda as a couple.

Later that night, Nick asks Sabrina what is on her mind. Sabrina asks if he is her boyfriend. Nick affirms his love for her. Sabrina tells him to stay away from the Weird Sisters. Nick asks if she trusts him. Sabrina says she trusts him but that she does not trust the Weird Sisters. The two kiss.

Ambrose enters Father Blackwood's office and demands to know whether he will not harm the Spellmans. Father Blackwood says that by marrying Aunt Zelda he liberated him from house arrest. Blackwood tells Ambrose that Luke died in service to the Dark Lord. Ambrose looks at the card of death. Blackwood tells Ambrose that Luke was a true warlock and asks Ambrose if he will take his place in the Judas Society.

Later, Mrs. McGarvey returns home and is greeted by Stolas. McGarvey reveals that she is Lilith and tells Stolas that she has been manipulating Sabrina, her family, and friends. She tells Stolas that nobody can be trusted in the coming war. Lilith talks about the coming Apocalypse and all hell breaking lose, adding that it's every woman for herself. As the fire burns in the fireplace, Lilith gazes at a card of the Empress, hinting at her ambition of supplanting the Dark Lord.



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  • Harvey's reading has many ties to H.P. Lovecraft stories.
    • The character "Howard" is a nod to author H.P. Lovecraft who wrote of ancient gods that often caused madness.

This episode reveals that Nick is Bisexual


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