People like to say that the death of Jason Blossom changed everything at Riverdale High, but certain things, certain traditions, never change. Take homecoming for instance. Though Jason's jersey had been retired, the Riverdale Bulldogs would still be playing their arch-rivals the Baxter High Ravens with the River Vixens cheering them on. As in previous years, graduates from days of Riverdale past will come to town to relive their more youthful, more carefree days or... To make up for lost time.
Jughead Jones

"Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again" is the eleventh episode of the first season of Riverdale. It premiered on April 27, 2017.


SUSPICIONS CONTINUE TO GROWBetty is slammed overseeing Homecoming and Reunion weekend, but Alice wants her to help with the Jason Blossom investigation. Alice turns to Archie and Veronica for help, but when Betty discovers they are working with her mom, she is not happy. After seeing his father FP start to clean up his act, Jughead wonders if it’s the right time to give him another chance. Cheryl and Polly have both decided to go to Homecoming in Jason’s honor, until a revelation waylays their plans. Meanwhile, Fred and Mary attend the Homecoming dance, leaving Fred to possibly reconsider the divorce.



Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Jughead on his laptop

Jughead writing his story on Riverdale.

The episode opens up with the narration of Jughead Jones voice, who writes from Riverdale High's gym bleachers saying "People like to say the death of Jason Blossom changed everything at Riverdale High," yet "certain things, certain traditions never change." He continues writing about the Homecoming and the Riverdale Bulldogs, stating that even though Jason's old Bulldogs jersey is now retired, the Riverdale Bulldogs will still be playing against their arch-rivals, the Baxter High Ravens, with the River Vixens cheering them on. Betty is then seen to be talking to Mr. Weatherbee, where she notifies him that she will be handing over some of her decorating duties to Ethel so she can be more focused on The Blue and Gold. Mr. Weatherbee is displeased by the news and quickly reminds her that she made a commitment and needs to honor it. The Homecoming is a reunion weekend event where old high school graduates who once attended Riverdale High would come back to town to relive their old High School senior year, or as Jughead puts it, their "more youthful more carefree days make up for lost time".

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Archie and Mary (2)

Archie and Mary bonding.

Meanwhile, over at the Andrews house, Mary is having a conversation with her son Archie. While Mary talks to him about the real reason why she came back to Riverdale, Archie quickly responds with an answer saying it is because he drunk dialed his father about not going through with the divorce that Fred and her were about to finalize. Mary tells Archie that when she left, she thought that Riverdale would be better and safer for Archie than Chicago. Archie then tells her its okay while also assuring her that he is okay. He tells her that it is not completely all that bad, saying that his friends are amazing, and his relationship with his father has been closer than ever. Mary also adds with joy that he is singing, and Archie tells her he's been both writing songs and singing. Mary tells Archie that his father has also told her that he's great and very talented. Mary also tells him that she hopes he will play her some songs before she leaves town, and Archie is thrilled to hear about his mothers interest in him and his music. He tells her that he will be playing at the school dance and invites her to come see him play live.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Hermione vs Veronica

Veronica and Hermione argue.

Later that morning at The Pembrooke hotel, Hermione is talking on the phone and looks thrilled after hanging up. Veronica asks her if there is some good news for a change. She then replies by saying that she was on the phone with her father's attorney. She informs Veronica that their statements for Hiram's case made a difference, and the judge decided to give her father a break. Veronica than asks her mother, "how much of a break will the judge be giving her father?" Hermione says "a few more months" and he will have then completely served his time while in prison. Veronica than responds with a look of concern on her face and questios her: what happens next; they move back to New York? Hermione than quickly replies, assuring her that her father could move back in with them in Riverdale. With the look of concern still shown on Veronica's face, it appears as if she is unhappy with her mothers response. Veronica questions her about her father's known history of the crimes that he had committed, accusing him of possibly being involved in the Jason Blossom Murder. Hermione's reply is that there is no proof of her father being linked to Jason's murder, and she should be more supportive of her father instead of demonizing him.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again FP and Jughead at the table

Jughead and FP have Breakfast together.

That following morning, Jughead visits his father at the Sunnyside Trailer Park and brings coffee and donuts for the both of them. When he enters his fathers home, he is surprised at how the place looks since his father has cleaned the place up. He was overjoyed when he even saw his father rocking a clean shave. He was proud to see his father turning over a new leaf and happy to hear that his father read his script about the Jason Blossom Murder case. He was even happier to hear that his father was showing an interest in his work that he even complimented Jughead, telling him he had a gift. Later, FP asks Jughead if he could ask him some questions on why, out of all the things he could have chosen to write about, he chose to write about the Jason Blossom Murder. The two of them eat breakfast together, and Jughead responds to his fathers comment by saying that the story kind of chose him; he wanted to tell the story that no one else was going to tell. FP asks Jughead who he thinks the murderer is. Jughead replies that he doesn't look at it as "who done it"; rather, he looks at his story as a reflection on this question: is Riverdale a place of good, or a place of darkness and evil? FP then tells his son that it could be both but that Jughead should eventually stop digging into this story and move on. He can't let this be the only story he's going to tell, let alone be the most important one.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again High School hallway

Riverdale High Logo

Following that morning at Riverdale High, Archie and Veronica meet up together in the school's main hallway. He apologizes to Veronica for not calling her with the excuse that some stuff came up with him and his mom. Veronica tells him not to worry about it, and Archie asks her if they are not going to talk about last night when the two of them kissed right after Jughead's 16th Birthday Party. Veronica tells Archie that they had a moment, a beautiful but fleeting moment. Archie adds that she spent the night, but Veronica likes to call it "they crashed" while being in two separate beds. Archie tells her that he doesn't regret anything that he said or did last night while Veronica adds neither did she. She mentions that she might think he's boyfriend material while Archie assures her that he is, asking her to test her theory at the Homecoming Dance. Veronica responds to Archie's offer by telling him that she doesn't think he's ready to see anyone right now. He later offers her to do a duet with him since his mother will also be attending the Homecoming dance. yet she declines the offer and asks him to forget the night they had together.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Alice and Veronica

The Blue and Gold office.

Later, Veronica met up with Betty and Alice Cooper at the school news paper office where they were discussing who were murder suspects to the Jason Blossom Murder, in which Hiram and the Serpents were top suspects for Alice. In which Alice asked Betty to find out from either FP or through Jughead for more information, Betty refused to do so, telling her mother that she already spoke with Jughead about the topic earlier and she believed him, right before she left with Veronica to prepare for the Homecoming Dance. Veronica later came back without Betty knowing about it to speak with Alice, telling her she understands why Betty refused to investigate the Jones Family, while also admitting that she doesn't have the same loyalties towards the Jones Family like Betty does. She even offered her services in helping Alice find out whatever she needed her to find out from the Jones Family, which Alice was thrilled to hear about.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Archie and Veronica in empty class

Archie and Veronica talk in the school's science lab.

During lunch time, Archie and the Gang were seen sitting next to each other while having lunch together. Where Archie asked Betty if he could sing a few songs at the Homecoming, while Betty was more than happy to let Archie sing some songs, she admitted that the dance needed to be fun, in which she complimented Archie saying even though his music is really good, it didn't really fit the occasion. As Jughead added, as good as his music was, "they also want to make you slit your wrist", which he also added "in a good way", which Veronica later added "in an amazing way". Veronica than assures Betty that she doesn't have to worry about Archie's music being sad, while telling her she and Archie were planning on doing a duet together, Archie appears to be surprised by her sudden change of heart. The two of them later met up in the school's science lab where Archie asks her the question, "not that he's complaining or anything, but why the sudden change of heart?" Veronica later responds to his answer while also asking him to do her a favor, in which she wanted to find out if her dad was involved with FP and if he was really and truly innocent before he was coming back home. Archie doesn't sound to thrilled by what Veronica had to say, especially if it meant going behind Jugheads back. However Veronica manages to convince Archie into going through with her plan.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Betty talking to Polly

Betty and Polly chat on the phone.

Later that afternoon Mary decided to pay Fred a visit at the construction site, at Andrews Construction where she would find Hermione instead working at the office. The two were seen to have had a brief conversation with one another about their old high school years and Fred. Later, Betty was seen to be on decorating duty while she received a phone call from her sister Polly asking her whats going on and why is she running to be Homecoming Queen with Cheryl. Polly informs Betty that her plan is to keep her distracted while she is also investigating the Blossom's while at her stay at the Thornhill. Which she had quickly ended her phone call before Penelope had entered the room, she is seen to have given Polly a Strawberry milkshake while also informing Polly that she has been aware of the recent activities Polly has been doing around the house.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Betty and Jughead working on Homecoming

Betty and Jughead on decorating duty.

Jughead is later seen at the Homecoming stage helping Betty out with the decorations, while he also informs Betty that he revived an invitation from Alice to come over to her house with his father for dinner. Which Betty appears to be surprised by the news, Jughead later tells Betty that he was a bit terrified when he first was given the news, but is thrilled to be given the opportunity for their families to get to know each other better, while also telling her how important he thinks it is especially since they both were now dating. Later that evening Betty confronts her mother about her sudden invitation to invite the Jones Family, while she also informing Alice that she is aware that she is trying to lay some sort of trap out for Jugheads father. Alice informs Betty that is not the case, but Betty appears to be not buying her mothers lie, while she also reminds Alice that FP is innocent.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Archie, Mary and Fred in the kitchen

Archie and his Parents bond with each other.

Meanwhile, at the Andrews house, Fred and Mary were trying to decide what were they going to order in for diner, which was either Chinese food or Pizza, Archie was later decided as the deal breaker in which he says the usual, which was Pizza. A look of discomfort was shown by Archie, which Fred asks what seems to be the matter, Archie later replies to his father that its nothing, that it was just that he wasn't used to seeing to two of his parents together in the same room, that it was a nice feeling for a change. Jughead later comes in the room not knowing that he was interrupting a family moment, in which the family later replies that its nothing. The subject was quickly changed to a new topic which was on the Homecoming. Where Mary informs Fred that she also invited Hermione to also accompany them to the dance. Archie appears to be surprised by the new that both of his parents will be attending the event together, which the parents informed Archie that they spoke about it and that they both wanted to see him play if he was okey, Archie appears to be happy by the news and assures them both that he is okey with it.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Veronica 'booty call'

Archie and Veronica's plan to investigate FP.

Later that night while Archie and Jughead were getting ready for bed, the two were seen to be happy as they both talked about the big changes that they recently noticed in both of their families. Jughead later consults Archie that he might move back in with his father, while also informing him that he never missed a day of work while also telling Archie that his dad has also recently quit drinking. Concerned that Jughead might have his heart broken again by his father, Archie goes out for another on of his late night runs, where he goes to see Veronica at The Pembrooke hotel, to consult with her about her plan. Veronica than asks Archie what promoted his return sudden sanity, which Archie replies to her that its Jughead. He informs Veronica that Jughead has been hurt and let down by his dad so many times, he than questions that what if FP really did help Veronica's dad, which Veronica agrees with Archie immediately. Archie than tells Veronica that if they go through with her plan, Jughead can never find out what they were doing behind his back, which Veronica adds neither can Betty.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Cheryl Polly (4)

Polly and Cheryl snooping around Penelope's room.

The following day after at the Thornhill, Polly and Cheryl were seen to be talking to each other while Cheryl was doing Polly's makeup. They were discussing about the school's theme for the dance, which was "Blast from the Past", which Polly suggested that they barrow some of Cheryl's mothers old jewelry . Which meant they both had to go into Penelope's room, Polly knew that she wasn't allowed to go in there, since she was personally told by Penelope that her room was off limits. However Polly suspected that they were hiding something about Jason's Murder and if they were hiding anything it would be hidden in her room. The two girls where having their casual conversation together until Cheryl stumbled across her nana's wedding ring. Which Polly informs Cheryl, that was the same ring that she gave to Jason, which he proposed to her with. Polly later questions Cheryl how did Penelope end up have the ring back, she than reached to take back the ring, which Cheryl than pulled away from her reach telling her to keep her hands off it. Polly than responds to Cheryl telling her the only way Penelope could've gotten that ring back, was if she or Clifford took it away from him, later adding that Jason wouldn't have given it up to them, not even if it was over his dead body. Polly is seen angry and furious over the ring that was given to her was in the Blossom's possession, she is seen to reach over for the ring once more to take it back, in which Cheryl grabs her wrist reminding Polly that she is carrying precious cargo. While she also warns Polly that the babies that she is currently carrying won't guarantee her safety, informing her that she is in for a rude awakening. Polly is later seen leaving the room after her argument with Cheryl.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Alice, Betty, Jughead and FP

The Cooper and Jones Family having dinner together.

Later that following evening at the Cooper's house, FP and his son Jughead were seen to have been accompanying the Coopers for dinner. Which FP and Jughead complimented Alice on her cooking, FP also mentions to Alice, its been a long time since he's late eaten a home cooked meal while also joking about it. Alice later asks FP some questions about her recent news about FP now working back at Andrews Construction while also being a Southside Serpent. She questions him how he manages to do it all of that with his other responsibilities. The two engage in the conversation together which FP explains himself to her to the best he can. With Alice continuing to ask FP with another question after the other, it didn't take long for FP to catch on to see what Alice was trying to accomplish that evening. The conversation was quickly interrupted when Hal joined the family for diner, which whom Betty graciously invited to accompany them while the Jones Family were there as their guests. As she reminded her parents that it is Homecoming, and their families should be coming together.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Penelope and Polly

Penelope and Polly talk about Jason.

Meanwhile, at the Sunnyside Trailer Park, while Alice was keeping the Jones Family busy, Archie and Veronica were searching FP's trailer to see if he had anything suspicious to hide from the authorities, while the two pairs had doubts that FP was working with Hiram under the radar. Later Penelope is seen to be sitting beside Polly, while she is in an emotional state trying to explain herself to Polly about Jason. She explains to Polly the last time Clifford saw Jason, was the day her son washed his hands of their family. As she continued telling Polly that Jason wanted nothing more to do with the Blossom name, nor their lineage, including the ring which he threw in Clifford's face as his final rebuke. She continued that Clifford then gave the ring to her for safekeeping. Polly then replies to Penelope's story, telling her that all this time she thought the ring had been lost, which Penelope added, nothing is lost forever, everything comes back. She then hands Polly another Strawberry milkshake right before she leaves the room.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again FP not up for games

FP not up for games.

Much later, during that following night at the Cooper's house. The Jones Family and the Cooper Family were seen to have been continuing their discussion. Which Hal is seen to have asked FP that he hopes he has some vacancies available down at Sunnyside. As he continued telling FP that he's been sleeping at his office down at the paper, where he complains to FP that its getting "a little chilly at night". FP later adds, telling Hal that he bets his office beats the trailer park, which Hal later informs FP that Alice has been recently been redecorating the Register, telling FP the other day Alice threw a brick through the window. FP is seen to be amused by this news, in which Alice informs Hal that if he keeps talking, the next brick that she throws may not be at the window. FP later changes the subject by asking Alice and Hal if they remembered their Homecoming when they were back in high school. Which he later directs the question to Betty, asking her if her mom ever told her about that night. Betty later responds saying that all she told her about that night, was that her and her father were both crowned king and queen. Which FP agrees telling her "of Hell", Jughead is shown to have a worried look across his face, in which FP assures Jughead that theirs nothing to be worried about, promising him "its a fun story". FP begins to tell the story that Fred and him were set to play around at the dance, where he was backstage dropping off their gear, when he heard these voices yelling. Telling Betty that it was her mom and dad, telling her they were fighting...about something he didn't know about, while also adding that it sounded like life-or-death. Before FP could finish his story, Alice furiously tells FP to shut up, in which FP was more than happy to oblige if she was. In which FP informs Alice that he doesn't care what she thinks of him, but warns her to not jerk him around especially in front of his son Jughead. Before things got anymore intense, Betty left with Jughead and FP for the school dance.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Penelope and Clifford

Cheryl talking to her parents.

Back at the Thornhill, after Polly and Penelope had an emotional conversation about Jason before he died. Cheryl and her parents are seen in Polly's room. Where Polly is seen out cold, sleeping, while an empty cup of Strawberry milkshake is shown on her nightstand. Cheryl then asks her parents with a furious tone in her voice, as to what did they put in her milkshake. Penelope is then seen to respond to Cheryl, telling her that Polly was so agitated earlier, so she gave her an all natural relaxer, stating that it was nothing that would hurt the babies. Tell Cheryl that however, she would be asleep for the whole night, missing the school dance. Cheryl then later answers her parents with another question as to if their story was true about how they got back nana's ring. As if she didn't believe their story with a doubt in her mind. Clifford then answers Cheryl, assuring her that every word of it was true. As he also stated to her that her brother rejected them, their way of life, their business, everything that they stood for. While also telling her that he groomed him spending all of his time preparing him to take over "their empire". As he then tells Cheryl that the whole time he was preparing Jason for their families legacy, he should have been preparing her instead. As he defined Cheryl that she was stronger then Jason, as to handling everything that came with their family. Describing that Cheryl was a true Blossom, unlike Jason ever was to them. Before Cheryl left the room, her mother asks her about where Nana Blossom's ring is, as she tells her that it wasn't in her jewelry box. While also stating that she didn't find it with Polly either. Cheryl then responds to her mother that it wasn't her fault, that Polly tried to take it from her earlier and she panicked on what to do with it. So she disposed of the ring as she thought it would be in everyone's best interest. Stating that encase if Polly ever said anything to anyone, there would be no proof of any evidence towards them. Adding that nobody would believe her word against their families word. She then asks her parents if she did something wrong, which Clifford is seen to be happy by the decision that Cheryl made. As he smiles telling her that it was the right call to make.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Archie and Veronica kiss

Veronica and Archie kiss.

Meanwhile, back at the Sunnyside Trailer Park where FP lives. Veronica and Archie are seen to be searching FP's trailer, in which Archie tells Veronica that he checked everywhere twice, and didn't find anything weird or dangerous that looked suspicious to towards him. Veronica then tells Archie that she hasn't found anything either, as she still had her doubts about FP and her father working together. As she was willing to keep looking to find a piece of evidence, which Archie then questions her to what are they looking for specifically. Asking if it was a signed contract between her father and Jughead's, as he stated that he doubt they were that stupid to leave something like that laying around for anyone to see. As he later reminded Veronica that she wanted to see if they would find anything incriminating, which he tells her they both didn't find anything. Archie then asks Veronica if she wanted her father to be guilty, as she responded that she wanted to know the truth, to be sure that he wasn't really guilty. Archie then responds to Veronica, telling her that they could be looking together forever, and they still wouldn't find anything. As a look of fear is later shown across Veronica's face, while she asked Archie what about when he comes home? Archie then tells her that he's not sure. But instead, telling her that he would be there, right beside of her, doing what he can to help her, if she let him. He then tells her that maybe he's wrong, but finding anything tonight feels like a win. As he described it as a major win for the home team. He manages to cheer Veronica up, and the two are later seen to sharing a kiss between one another. But was interrupted by her phone, when she received a message from Betty's mother, telling her that FP had left their house.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Betty outside the dance

Betty waiting in the rain for Jughead to come inside with her.

At Riverdale High, FP is seen to be dropping off Betty and Jughead at the school dance in his green Ford pickup truck. Before leaving, FP tells Jughead to be a gentleman tonight, as Betty is seen to be smiling back at him, assuring FP that Jughead always is a gentleman toward her. Betty than spots her mother at the entrance of the school, where her mother looks back at her as she sees her. Jughead then asks Betty is she would mind giving him a minute with his father. Which Betty had no problem with as she told him to take his time, while she wad headed for the front doors of the school. FP asks Jughead what was on his mind after he re-entered the truck to talk to him. In which Jughead replies to his father, as he told him that he was thinking about moving back home in with him, if it was okey with him. FP is happy to hear what Jughead had to say to him, as he later tells him that he would do him one even better. Stating to Jughead that it was time that the whole family got back together again. As he told Jughead he had a sweet setup in Toledo, adding that there was decent work there. Jughead is then surprised to hear what his father had to say after he mentioned Toledo, as he asked him why he wasn't looking for a place in Riverdale? In which FP told his son it was because of dinners like they just had with the Coopers while Alice was interrogating him. He also adds that it was about what Jughead was writing about it his book, as he told him that he knows what happens to people like them in Riverdale, stating that they get "chewed up". Jughead is disappointed to hear the news from his father. As he looked out of the passengers side window, looking back at his girlfriend Betty, as she waited for him outside in the rain to come inside with her.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Homecoming

The Homecoming Dance.

During the Homecoming dance, Fred is seen to be walking into the room with both Hermione and Mary accompanying him. Which Hermione later thanks Fred for letting her tag along with them to the dance, in which Fred later tells her that it was Mary's idea. As he stated that he always liked to have a beautiful woman on his arm, but tonight he has two. Which Mary later tells them both that she's having major deja vu. As she asked them both if they remembered when this was their lives. As Fred adds it was the best of times. Jughead and Betty are later seen with each other, in which Jughead asks her after the dance, he'd like to talk to her about something. As he told her it had something to do with his father. She then asks him if everything is okey? As he tells her it was, adding that he feels that things are great. As he tells her that it's been better than they've ever been in a while, but he wanted to figure out something together with her. She later spots Cheryl upon her arrival at the party, but without her sister Polly. In which she asks Jughead if he'd be okey for a second without her, which he assures her he will be. She then walks over to Cheryl asking her about where her sister is. Cheryl assures her that she's fine. As she explains, telling Betty that she "sugar-crashed" and "canceled" on her at the last minute. Stating that she left her high and dry. As she told her that its the reason why she's never doing anything nice for anyone ever again, as she was being over dramatic. She's then seen to excuse herself as she walks away from Betty.

Mary and Alice Season 1 Episode 11

Alice and Mary in the girls washroom.

Later, during the dance, Mary and Alice cross paths in the ladies restroom. Where they were both seen to be doing their makeup. Alice then tells Mary, after they both greeted each other, that she saw her swanning in earlier with both Fred and Hermione. As she later tells Mary that she didn't realize that she was a "polyamorist". Which Mary later smiles after hearing Alice's comment as she tells her that she doesn't think that's an actual word. Which Alice states to her that she was trying to give her a compliment. As she later adds, stating that she couldn't be in the same room with those two, informing her after she found out about their "money business" together. Mary then sighs at Alice, as she asks Mary if she didn't know? Mary then responds to Alice as she is seen to get upset at her, as she saw what Alice was trying to do. Which she quickly figured out as Alice was trying to play some game with her. In which Mary pointed out, that she was playing the same game since junior high, adding that it was exhausting then and its exhausting now. As she continued that Fred is a grown man, that he can do as he pleases. Adding that she came to the dance to have fun with both of her date. As she tells Alice if she has a problem with that--, before she could finish her conversation with her. Alice's cell phone rings in which is leaves the washroom, stating that she had to take the call.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Alice, Veronica and Archie

Alice speaking to Archie and Veronica.

Back at the dance, Betty is later seen to be walking up toward Kevin, as she asked him if he's seen Archie and Veronica. As the two of the were seen walking in together while she was asking him for them. While she was walking toward them, she sees them talking to her mother. As she was now suspicious as to what they were talking about with her. Since Betty was well aware of how noisy her mother was and when she's usually up to no good. Archie later left them where Veronica was still talking to Alice. Before Betty could get the chance to find out what they were talking about from Archie, she was interrupted when the mayor and Principle Weatherbee approached her to ask her if she was interested in an intern position and to review the evening's itinerary. While she was listening to them, she was more focused as to what her mother was speaking to Veronica about, as to what Sierra McCoy was saying to her. Veronica looks back, in which she spots Betty looking at her, which she immediately leaves Alice after their discussion. The mayor then asks Betty if she could walk her up to the stage, in which Betty had to refuse as she was determined to find out what was her mother talking to Archie and Veronica about. Asking Mr. Weatherbee if he could do the honors instead, as she told him she had to go.

Betty later walks over toward Veronica and Archie after seeing them together talking with Jughead after. She then asks them that where were they? In which Archie stammers as he tells her that they stopped at Pop's. She than hits Archie with another question, asking both him and Veronica what were they talking about with her mom. In which Archie had to interrupt, asking if they could get a table an talk about it later, as they had to get ready for their performance.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Sheriff Keller with a warrant

Sheriff Keller and his boys arrive at FP's home with a search warrant.

After, Veronica and Archie are seen to be on stage for their performance. I which they were doing a duet together, singing the song "Kids in America". During their performance, someone tipped off the cops, arriving at FP's home with a search warrant to search his house. FP had no problem with it as he welcomed them in his home, stating to them at he had nothing to hide. As Veronica and Archie were performing, Sheriff Keller and the rest of the cops were tearing up FP home, looking for evidence to linked to Jason Blossom's murder. During their performance, Cheryl appeared to be upset, as she is seen walking out of the gym with tearful eyes as she left the school. Meanwhile, back at the Sunnyside Trailer Park, Sheriff Keller finds a box in FP's closet, where he find a gun inside of it. The same gun that was used to kill Jason. As he later shows the box to FP asking him if he would like to explain this to him? As he showed FP the box while opened with a gun inside of it. FP looks shocked by what the Sheriff had found, as he had no idea where it came from.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Kevin's arms around Joaquin

Kevin spots his father talking to the mayor while dancing with Joaquin.

Much later, at the dance, Mary and Fred are seen to be slow dancing with each other. Where she asks Fred if Archie and Veronica were together. In which Fred informs Mary that they haven't exactly had the conversation, but they Magic 8 Ball says yes. In which Mary later responds to him say that the "Andrews Men are such players". As Hermione is seen sitting down, as she watched the two of them share a dance together. Kevin and Joaquin are later seen dancing with each other as well, as he tells Joaquin that this is the first time that he's brought a boyfriend to one of these event, while also adding that it was the first time that he's had a boyfriend. Explaining to him that his past experiences were mostly hookups with closeted guys. Jughead later walks up to the couple, as he asks them if they've seen Betty anywhere. Which Kevin responds to him, saying that they all need tracking devices. As he later tells Jughead he thinks he saw her headed out to the hall with Veronica and maybe Archie. As Jughead thanks him and leaves, Kevin spots his father at the dance speaking to the mayor. In which he later walks over to find out whats going on. Joaquin appears to be worried about if the sheriff was looking for him, as he left the dance, after FP warned him a while back that things could backfire in on the both of them.

Meanwhile, in the school hallway, Betty is talking to Archie and Veronica. Where she finds out and confronts them both about working together with her mom and going behind her back to investigate Jugheads father, looking for evidence against him. Veronica apologizes to her while she explained that she knew that FP had some sort of an arrangement with her father, explaining that she had to make sure it wasn't about Jason Blossom. In which Betty then turns to Archie asking him what was his excuse, which he responded to her that he was looking out for Jughead, in case he was doing shady stuff, explaining that he was trying to protect Jughead. Veronica then tells Betty to blame her, as she admits and takes responsibility, as she told Betty that she asked Archie to help her. Which Betty asked what did she ask Archie to do, adding what did the two of them do.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Archie admitting the truth

Archie talking to Jughead.

Jughead then interrupts their conversation, as he entered the hallway, asking betty what was going on? Adding that why he felt that he was suddenly left out? Which Betty looks back at Archie and Veronica asking them both if they wanted to tell him her should she be the one to do it. Which Jughead asks what they have to tell him. Archie later walks up to Jughead with Veronica, as he tells him that they went to his fathers trailer to search it. Jughead then asks them why would they do that, in which Betty tells him that her mother put them up to it. As she explains to Jughead that her mother was convinced that he was hiding something about Jason. Veronica then tells him that they were wrong, all of them. As she told him they didn't find anything while they were searching FP's place. Before Archie could finish is sentence as what they were trying to prove, Jughead interrupts, as confronts them that they were looking to see if his father was a murderer. As he was disappointed, pointing out to Archie that he went behind his back. Jughead than asks them when did they know when to go to his dads trailer, which Veronica told him that they knew he would be at dinner at the Cooper house. Jughead was stunned by the news as it looked bad on Betty. As he later asks Betty if that was the reason why her mother invited him and his father over? As he confronted Betty that it was a distraction to allow Archie and Veronica to be able to break in while her mother was interrogating him. As he was upset after what he just heard them tell him. Betty then tells Jughead that she didn't know what they were doing, but admits that it was indeed the reason why her mother invited them over. Jughead later admits to Betty that he was actually considering on passing up on moving to Toledo with his family for her, as Betty was shocked with tears filled in her eyes after what he told her. As he confronted her later, stating that when they both went to his fathers trailer, and she asked him if he believed if his father was telling him the truth. Which he reminded her that he told her that he believed his father was telling the truth. As he told her if it wasn't good enough for her. Which Betty states to him that it was, adding that she tried to stop her mother. Which Jughead confronted her that she could've told him by warning him what her mother was planing. In which she tells him that he was so happy that she didn't want to disappoint him. In which Jughead confronts her, stating that instead she lied to him, they all lied to him.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Homecoming - Betty, Jughead, Fred, Mary, Hermione, Alice, and Kevin

Jughead hears the tragic news of his fathers arrest.

After, Kevin, Alice, Hermione, Fred and Mary arrive in the hallway. In which Kevin informs Jughead that his father just told Mayor McCoy about FP. As Jughead asks what was said about his father. Which Fred informs Jughead with a sad sympathy voice that his father was just arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom. As the gang was shocked to hear the news for Jughead while Betty sheds a tear. Jughead is later seen to walk out in a hurry out of the high school where the gang followed him to the front doors as they stood there watching him run to his fathers trailer. As Jughead reached his fathers home, as he saw the place was torn apart by the cops after their search. He seen heartbroken after taking a look at the place, while angry and upset as he throws objects off of the ground to the side, as he later sits in a corner of the trailer as he cries his heart out.

Later, back at the Cooper house, Betty is seen in her room talking to her mother. As she tells her that Kevin told her that someone tipped off his dad. As she asks her mother if it was her, which she tells Betty that she was at the dance. Betty appeared furious as she asked her mother to answer the damn question, telling her not to lie to her. As she asked her again if she was the one who tipped of Sheriff Keller, which Alice assures Betty that it wasn't her. As she stated however that she was glad that she is safe. As she told Betty that as much as she liked Jughead, that she was glad that she was done with his family. Which Betty responds to her saying done? As she stated to Alice that she loves Jughead, and that he was as much of her family as she is to her, adding more so right now. As she is ready to talk away, Alice gets in front of her path, as she tells Betty that she isn't going anywhere. Betty then demand to her mother that she is going out looking for Jughead, as she warns her mother not to push her tonight. As she assures her if she does, she will indeed push back looking at her mother straight in the eye. Alice then moves out of her way as Betty walks out of her bedroom.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Hermione and Veronica together

Veronica and her mother talking.

Meanwhile, at the Pembrooke, Veronica and her mother a seen sitting in the living room couch as Hermione tells Veronica if FP confesses, he might drag them in the situation as well. Telling her that he might talk about their dealings with the serpents. Which Veronica then tells her mother, that at least they'll know if her father hired him to kill Jason. Which Veronica then asks her mother, if he did, and her mother can't pretend otherwise? Hermione then tells her daughter if it is true, then they'll cut all ties with him. Adding that he'd be dead to them. Which Veronica then responds to her mother that they may not be able to walk away from this one so easily this time. As Hermione reaches to hold Veronica's hand, while she is worried what might happen next.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Mary asking Archie to live with her

Archie and his mom talk in the Kitchen alone, after FP's arrest.

While back at the Andrews house, Mary tells Archie that FP has always had his demons. As Archie later tells her that he really thought he'd changed. As Mary tells her son that it's very hard for people to change. She later tells him after she heard him play before everything else had happened. That she was going to ask him, if he would come back to Chicago with her, to stay. As she was speaking to Archie, Fred overheard her talk, as he stopped at the staircase to hear what else she had to say to Archie before he came in the kitchen. As she told him that he could study music. Archie then tells her that he isn't thinking about that right now, as Mary told him that she knows. As she continued to tell him, that she just wanted him with her. As she told Archie that she doesn't think Riverdale was safe for him anymore. As she told him that she felt that Riverdale was getting ready to slide off of a mountainside, and that she didn't want Archie to be anywhere around it when it happens. She later asks him if he could promise her if he could at least think about it. Which Archie tells her that he will.

While back at the Thornhill, Cheryl is seen to be making sure if Polly was still asleep. As she later covers her up with a blanket and walks away from her, while over hearing her mother crying to her father in their own bedroom. As Cheryl stood in the hallway as she watched through their bedroom door, while she was holding her Nana's ring in her hand. The ring which she told her parents that she disposed of.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Archie and Veronica at pop's shoppe

Archie and Veronica talking to Betty about FP being framed.

Meanwhile, at Pop's, Betty walks in the diner in hopes of looking for Jughead as she asked Pop Tate if he's seen him by any chance. Which he tells her he hasn't, while also telling her that she wasn't the only person looking for him, as she turned around and saw Archie and Veronica instead sitting in a booth, wait and hoping Jughead would arrive. The two of them walk up to Betty revealed to see her there, as Archie told her that they were going to call her. She tells them that shes not talking to them every again. Archie interrupts her as he tells her that it is about Jughead. As Veronica then tells Betty that Kevin called her earlier, telling her that his father found a gun, the gun that killed Jason in a lock box in FP's closet. Which Archie tells Betty that when they were both there earlier, they searched FP's trailer looking through that same closet. Which they told her that they didn't find a lock box there before. Which Archie tell's Betty that someone put it there after they left. As he tells Betty that Jughead's father is being framed.



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Polly: "How many wigs does your father have?"
Cheryl: "One for every mood."
―Polly and Cheryl in the Blossoms closet

Polly, you are carrying precious cargo, but if you think for one second that those babies guarantee your safety, you're in for a rude awakening.
— Cheryl to Polly

Alice: "Well, well, well... Mary Andrews."
Mary: "Well, well, well... Alice Cooper."
Alice: "I saw you swanning in earlier with Fred and Hermione. I didn't realize that you were a polyamorist."
Mary: "I don't think that's an actual word."
―Alice and Mary at Homecoming

Alice: "You are not going anywhere, young lady."
Betty: "I'm going to look for Jughead. Do not push me tonight, Mom. Because I. Will. Push. Back."
―Betty threatens her mother

I want you with me. I don't think that this town is safe anymore. I feel like Riverdale is getting ready to slide off of a mountainside and I don't want you anywhere around when that happens.
— Mary to Archie



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