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People like to say that the death of Jason Blossom changed everything at Riverdale High, but certain things, certain traditions, never change. Take homecoming for instance. Though Jason's jersey had been retired, the Riverdale Bulldogs would still be playing their arch-rivals the Baxter High Ravens with the River Vixens cheering them on. As in previous years, graduates from days of Riverdale past will come to town to relive their more youthful, more carefree days or... To make up for lost time.

"Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again" is the eleventh episode of the first season of Riverdale. It premiered on April 27, 2017.


SUSPICIONS CONTINUE TO GROWBetty is slammed overseeing Homecoming and Reunion weekend, but Alice wants her to help with the Jason Blossom investigation. Alice turns to Archie and Veronica for help, but when Betty discovers they are working with her mom, she is not happy. After seeing his father FP start to clean up his act, Jughead wonders if it’s the right time to give him another chance. Cheryl and Polly have both decided to go to Homecoming in Jason’s honor, until a revelation waylays their plans. Meanwhile, Fred and Mary attend the Homecoming dance, leaving Fred to possibly reconsider the divorce.



Jughead writing his story on Riverdale.

Jughead writes in his novel from Riverdale High's gym bleachers saying "People like to say the death of Jason Blossom changed everything at Riverdale High," yet "certain things, certain traditions never change." He continues writing about the Homecoming and the Riverdale Bulldogs, stating that even though Jason's old Bulldogs jersey is now retired, the Riverdale Bulldogs will still be playing against their arch-rivals, the Baxter High Ravens, with the River Vixens cheering them on.

Betty approaches Mr. Weatherbee and notifies him that she will be handing over some of her decorating duties to Ethel, so she can be more focused on The Blue and Gold. Mr. Weatherbee is displeased by the news and quickly reminds her that she made a commitment and needs to honor it.

The Homecoming is a reunion weekend event where old high school graduates who once attended Riverdale High come back to town to relive their old High School senior year, or as Jughead puts it, their "more youthful, more carefree days. Or to make up for lost time".

Archie and Mary bonding.

Meanwhile, over at the Andrews house, Mary confronts Archie for drunk dialing his father. Mary tells Archie that when she left, she thought that Riverdale would be better and safer for Archie than Chicago. Archie tells her it's okay while also assuring her that he is okay. He tells her that it is not completely all bad, explaining that his friends are amazing and his relationship with his father has been closer than ever. Mary also adds with joy that he is singing, and Archie tells her he's been both writing songs and singing. Mary hopes he will play her some songs before she leaves town, and Archie is thrilled to hear about his mothers interest in him and his music. He tells her that he will be playing at the school dance and invites her to come see him perform live.

Veronica and Hermione argue.

At The Pembrooke, Hermione informs Veronica that their statements for Hiram's case made a difference, and the judge decided to give her father a break. Veronica asks her mother how much of a break will the judge be giving her father. Hermione replies "a few more months" and he will have served his time. Veronica wonders what happens next; they move back to New York? Hermione proposes that her father could move back in with them in Riverdale. Veronica isn't happy and makes note of her father's crimes, even accusing him of possibly being involved in the murder of Jason Blossom. Hermione's retorts that there's no proof of Hiram being linked to Jason's murder and that she should be more supportive of her father instead of demonizing him.

Jughead and FP have Breakfast together.

Jughead visits his father at Sunnyside Trailer Park and brings coffee and donuts for the both of them. When he enters the trailer, he is surprised at how clean the place looks and how clean his father is in appearance. Additionally, FP has read Jughead's novel about the Jason Blossom murder case and tells him that he has a gift. FP asks Jughead why out of all the things he chose to write about Jason Blossom. Jughead replies that the story kind of chose him; he wanted to tell the story that no one else was going to. FP asks Jughead who he thinks the murderer is. Jughead replies that he doesn't look at it as "who done it," rather, he looks at his story as a reflection on this question: "whether Riverdale a place of good or a place of darkness and evil." FP then tells his son that it could be both, but that Jughead should eventually stop digging into this story and move on. He can't let this be the only story he's going to tell, let alone be the most important one.

Riverdale High Logo

Archie and Veronica meet up together in the school's main hallway. He apologizes to Veronica for not calling her with the excuse that some stuff came up with him and his mom. Veronica tells him not to worry about it, and Archie asks her if they are going to talk about last night when the two of them kissed right after Jughead's 16th Birthday Party. Veronica tells Archie that they had a moment, a beautiful but fleeting moment. Archie adds that she spent the night, but Veronica likes to call it "they crashed" while being in two separate beds. Archie tells her that he doesn't regret anything that he said or did last night while Veronica adds neither does she. She admits that Archie might be boyfriend material, and he proposes they test the theory at the Homecoming dance. However, Veronica doesn't think she's ready to see anyone right now. Instead, Archie suggests that they at least do a duet at the dance, but she declines the offer and asks him to forget the night they had together.

The Blue and Gold office.

Veronica meets up with Betty and Alice at the school newspaper office, where they discuss murder suspects in the Jason Blossom case, in which Hiram and the Serpents are top suspects for Alice, who tasks Betty with finding out from either FP or through Jughead more information, but Betty refused to do so, telling her mother that she already spoke with Jughead about the topic earlier and that she believed him. Alice then asks about Hiram, who Veronica admits is also a potential suspect due to his affiliations with the Blossoms. Alice and Veronica both suspect that Hiram may have paid FP and Joaquin to kill Jason.

Polly creeps throughout the halls of Thistlehouse. She comes across Clifford Blossom, who she discovers actually has gray hair and wears a red wig.

Veronica returns to the Blue and Gold without Betty, who is too loyal to the Jones. She offers her services in helping Alice find out whatever she needs her to find out from the Jones family.

Archie and Veronica talk in the school's science lab.

During lunch, Cheryl reveals that she's bringing Polly to the dance as her date and that they're co-campaigning as Homecoming Queens. This is the next best thing to Polly and Jason being crowned. Archie asks Betty if he could sing a few songs at the Homecoming. While Betty is willing to let Archie sing some songs, she notes that the dance needs to be fun, in which she notes that though his music is really good. Veronica comes to Archie's rescue and reveals that she'll be joining him on stage for some upbeat covers. After lunch, Veronica pulls Archie away into an empty classroom and asks him for a favor. Veronica reveals that she believed that her dad and FP may have been involved in Jason's murder. So, she needs Archie's help searching FP's trailer for anything that links FP to Jason or her dad. Archie is resistant, especially since it means going behind Jughead's back.

Mary decided to pay Fred a visit at the construction site, where she finds Hermione instead working at the office. She was hoping to surprise Fred for lunch, but he's with a vendor. Mary then mentions that she's been following the news and all the Lodge family turmoil. Karmic payback for being such a mean girl in high school, Hermione supposes.

Betty and Polly chat on the phone.

While decorating the gym, Betty gets a call from Polly, who reveals to Betty that she's only running from Homecoming Queen with Cheryl to keep her distracted while Polly continues to search through Thornhill for proof that the Blossoms were involved in Jason's death. Polly then quickly ends her call with Betty as Penelope enters the room with a Strawberry milkshake. She warns Polly that the east wing is off limit, as Clifford values his privacy.

Betty and Jughead on decorating duty.

Jughead informs Betty that he received an invitation from Alice to come over to her house with his father for dinner, which Betty was unaware of. Jughead admits that he is a bit terrified but that it is a good opportunity for their families to get to know each other better.

Later that evening, Betty confronts her mother about her sudden invitation to Jughead and FP for dinner. Betty suspects that her mom intends to interrogate them. Alice insists that is not the case, but Betty doesn't believe him. Betty threatens to tell Jughead the truth, but Alice reminds Betty how happy Jughead was to be invited over.

Archie and his parents bond with each other.

Meanwhile, at the Andrews house, Fred and Mary are trying to decide what they are going to order in for diner, which is either Chinese food or Pizza. Archie is the tiebreaker and leans towards pizza. Archie appears a bit thrown off, admitting that he isn't used to seeing his parents together in the same room, though it is a nice feeling for a change. Jughead arrives, and they begin discussing the dance and how Mary invited Hermione to join them. Archie appears to be surprised by the news that both of his parents will be attending the event together. Fred and Mary explain that they both wanted to see him play, the notion of which excite Archie.

Archie and Veronica's plan to investigate FP

Later that night, as Archie and Jughead get ready for bed, the two discuss how well Archie's parents have been getting along, though Archie doesn't think they'll be getting back together. Jughead then changes the subject to his parents, specifically his father, who Jughead is considering moving back in with after noticing that his father is getting his life back together; he's quit drinking and has yet to miss a day of work. However, Archie is concerned and advises Jughead to wait, but Jughead is determined to move back in. After learning that FP has asked Jughead about Jason Blossom, Archie makes up an excuse to go see Veronica, who he agrees to help break into FP's trailer in fear that FP might hurt Jughead again. Archie tells Veronica that if they go through with her plan, Jughead can never find out what they are doing, to which Veronica adds neither can Betty.

Polly and Cheryl snooping around Penelope's room.

The following day, at Thornhill, Cheryl does Polly's makeup in preperation for the Homecoming dance. With the theme being "Blast from the Past,"Polly recommends they borrow some of Penelope's vintage jewelry, which means they both have to go into Penelope's room, which is off limits. However, Polly uses this opportunity to search for evidence linking them to Jason's murder. Cheryl then stumbles across her nana's wedding ring, which is the same ring Jason proposed to Polly with. Polly questions Cheryl how did Penelope end up with the ring, but not even Cheryl is sure. The only way Penelope could've gotten that ring back was if she or Clifford took it away from him, later adding that Jason wouldn't have given it up to them. Polly attempts to take the ring back, but Cheryl grabs her wrist and warns her that just because she's carrying precious cargo doesn't guarantee her safety.

The Cooper and Jones Family having dinner together.

As planned, Jughead and FP have joined Betty and Alice at the Cooper's house for dinner. Both FP and Jughead compliment Alice on her cooking. Alice asks FP how does he balance working for Fred and being a Serpent. FP isn't ashamed and reveals that there's a bunch of Serpents working at Andrews Construction. Alice asks about his time before that. FP reveals that he scrapped by working odd jobs and also spent a bit of time at the drive-in. Lastly, Alice asks if he was surprise when Hiram bought the drive-in. The conversation is interrupted, however, by Hal, whom Betty graciously invites inside as Homecoming is a time to come together, Betty explains.

While Alice is keeping the Jones' busy, Archie and Veronica sneak into FP's trailer to search for evidence. Archie starts in the bedroom while Veronica searches the living room.

Penelope and Polly talk about Jason.

Penelope sits beside with Polly and reveals that the last time Clifford saw Jason was the day her son washed his hands of their family. Jason wanted nothing more to do with the Blossom name, nor their lineage, including the ring which he threw in Clifford's face as his final rebuke. Clifford then gave the ring to Penelope for safekeeping. Polly thought the ring had been lost, which Penelope replies that nothing is lost forever, everything comes back. She then hands Polly another Strawberry milkshake right before she leaves the room.

FP not up for games.

Back at the Coopers, Hal reveals that Hal is seen to have asked FP that he's been sleeping at his office down at the paper, where he complains to FP that its getting "a little chilly at night." Hal explains that Alice has been recently been redecorating the Register, telling FP how Alice threw a brick through the window. FP is amused by this news, and Alice informs Hal that if he keeps talking, the next brick that she throws may not be at the window. FP then recalls their Homecoming, where Alice and Hal were king and queen. FP reveals that hm and Fred were all set to play at the dance. He was backstage dropping off their gear when he heard Alice and Hal yelling. They were fighting about what FP claims sounded like life-or-death. Before FP could finish his story, Alice furiously tells FP to shut up, in which FP is more than happy to oblige if she does the same. He informs Alice that he doesn't care what she thinks of him but warns her to not jerk him around, especially in front of his son. Before things get any more intense, Betty leaves with Jughead and FP for the school dance.

Cheryl talking to her parents.

Back at the Thornhill, Cheryl discovers that Penelope slipped Polly an all natural relaxer after in her strawberry milkshake, which has knocked Polly out cold. Cheryl asks her parents if their story was true about how they got back Nana's ring. Clifford assures her that every word of it was true. As he also stated to her that her brother rejected them, their way of life, their business, everything that they stood for. He groomed Jason and spent all of his time preparing him to take over "their empire." However, he now realizes that he should've been grooming Cheryl. Jason never had the stomach for it, but Cheryl is a Blossom, through and through. Penelope then asks Cheryl about the location of Nana Blossom's ring. Cheryl claimed that she panicked and flushed the ring down the drain in case if Polly ever said anything to anyone, there would be no proof of any evidence towards them.

Veronica and Archie kiss.

Archie and Veronica have failed to come up with anything that indicates FP worked with Hiram. Veronica is desperate to find anything that confirms her father is guilty, as she still has her doubts about FP and her father working together. Archie questions what are they looking for specifically, telling her that they could be looking together forever, and they still wouldn't find anything. Veronica fears what will come next when her father returns. Archie isn't sure, but he tells her that he will be there right beside her, doing what he can to help. Maybe them not finding anything is a good indication, Archie points out. He manages to cheer Veronica up, and the two share a kiss. Veronica then receives a message from Betty's mother, telling her that FP has left their house.

Betty waiting in the rain for Jughead to come inside with her.

FP drops Betty and Jughead at the school dance in his green Ford pickup truck. Before leaving, Jughead tells his father that he's ready to move back in. FP is happy to hear this, as he intends to get the whole family back together and setup in Toledo. FP explains that they can no longer stay in Riverdale because of people like Alice Cooper and tragedies like Jason's death. People like them in Riverdale get "chewed up."

The Homecoming Dance.

Fred enters the Homecoming dance with both Hermione and Mary accompanying him. Hermione thanks Fred for letting her tag along with them to the dance, to which Fred replies that it was Mary's idea and that he always liked to have a beautiful woman on his arm. Mary is having major déjà vu. She remembers when this was their lives.

After Jughead tells Betty that they need to talk after the dance, Betty approaches Cheryl, who has arrived at the dance without Polly. Cheryl claims that she sugar crashed and canceled at the last moment, leaving her high and dry.

Alice and Mary in the ladies' washroom.

Mary and Alice cross paths in the ladies' restroom, where they were both seem to be doing their makeup. Alice makes mention of how Mary came in with Fred and Hermione and says that she didn't realize that she was a "polyamorist," which Mary smiles and replies that it's not an actual word. Nevertheless, Alice states that if she were Mary, she couldn't be in the same room with Fred and Hermione after their affair. Mary is aware that Alice is trying to upset her. Rather than get angry, she replies that Fred can do as he pleases, as she came to have fun with both of her dates. Alice then gets a call and abruptly exits.

Alice speaking to Archie and Veronica.

Betty approaches Kevin and asks him if he's seen Archie and Veronica. The two then enter, and Betty watches as they head towards her mother and speak to her in secret. Before Betty could get the chance to find out what they were talking about, she is interrupted by Mayor McCoy and Principle Weatherbee, who asks her if she's interested in an intern position and to review the evening's itinerary. However, Betty is more focused on Archie and Veronica. So when Mayor McCoy asks Betty to walk her up on stage, asks Weatherbee to do so instead.

Betty confronts Veronica and Archie after seeing them together talking with her mother. Archie stammers as he tells her that they have to table the discussion for later, as they have to get ready for their performance. They get on stage and perform "Kids in America".

Sheriff Keller and his boys arrive at FP's home with a search warrant.

Sheriff Keller arrives at FP's home with a search warrant, for which FP is compliant and allows them to search. They tear up FP home, looking for evidence to link him to Jason Blossom's murder. Sheriff Keller finds a tackle box in FP's closet, where he discovers a gun inside. The same gun that was presumably used to kill Jason. FP is shocked and has no idea where it came from.

Kevin spots his father talking to the mayor while dancing with Joaquin.

Mary and Fred dance together and discuss how Archie and Veronica are dating. Mary responds that the "Andrews Men are such players." Hermione watches from afar. Meanwhile, Kevin and Joaquin dance as well, as the former tells Joaquin that this is the first time that he's brought a boyfriend to one of these event, while also adding that it was the first time that he's had a boyfriend at all. All his past experiences were mostly hookups with closeted guys. Jughead interrupts, asking if they've seen Betty anywhere. Kevin sarcastically replies that they all need tracking devices and says that he saw her headed out to the hall with Veronica and maybe Archie.

Archie talking to Jughead.

In the school hallway, Veronica reveals to Betty that she and Archie broke into FP's trailer to see if they could find any evidence connecting him or her father to Jason Blossom. Betty is just as upset with Archie as she is Veronica, but Veronica tells Betty to blame her, as she takes full responsibility. Jughead joins them and Archie reveals that they went to his father's trailer to search it. Betty tells him that her mother put them up to it, as she was convinced that FP was hiding something about Jason. Jughead then realizes that the dinner at the Coopers was a distraction so that Archie and Veronica could break in. Jughead is just as upset with Betty for not warning him about her mother's plans. Betty pleads with Jughead, who says that he was actually considering on passing up on moving to Toledo with his family for her. He questions why him saying his father was innocent wasn't good enough for her, though Betty insists that it was, adding that she tried to stop her mother, but Jughead is furious with all of them for lying to him.

Jughead hears the tragic news of his fathers arrest.

Kevin, Alice, Hermione, Fred and Mary arrive in the hallway and inform Jughead that his father was just arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom.

Jughead flees to school and heads to his father's trailer. He tears down the yellow crime scene tape and barges inside to find the trailer an absolute mess. In a fit of rage, he wrecks the trailer even more and recalls how his father told him that he didn't kill Jason.

Betty returns home with her mom and asks if she tipped off Sheriff Keller, but Alice insists that she didn't. Alice presumes that Betty is done with the Jones family, but that couldn't be further from the truth, as Betty loves Jughead. Alice tries to stop Betty from leaving, but she bypasses her mother to search for Jughead.

Veronica and her mother talking.

A the Pembrooke, Hermione fears that FP might drag them down along with him given their dealings with the Serpents. Veronica replies that at least they'll know if her father hired him to kill Jason. Then Hermione won't be able to pretend otherwise. Assuming Hiram did have a role to play in Jason's death, Hermione says they will cut ties with him.

Archie and his mom talk in the Kitchen alone, after FP's arrest.

At the Andrews house, Mary tells Archie that FP has always had his demons and that it's very hard for people to change. She then tells him that after she heard him play, she was going to ask him if he would come back to Chicago with her, where he could study music. She fears that Riverdale is no longer safe. Fred overhears her from the staircase but doesn't speak or interrupt. She feels that Riverdale is getting ready to slide off of a mountainside, and that she doesn't want Archie to be anywhere around it when it happens. She asks him to at least consider what she's asking.

Cheryl tucks Polly into bed back at Thornhill. Afterward, she walks past her parents' room while holding Nana Rose's ring that she claimed to have flushed. Inside, Penelope is crying hysterically upon the revelation that FP killed Jason.

Archie and Veronica talk to Betty about FP being framed.

Betty arrives at Pop's in hopes of finding Jughead. She doesn't, but Pop Tate tells her that she isn't the only person looking for him, pointing towards Archie and Veronica. They inform Betty that Kevin told them that they found the gun that killed Jason Blossom in FP's trailer. However, Archie and Veronica searched that whole trailer and turning up with nothing, meaning someone planted it after they left and that Jughead's father is being framed.



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