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It feels wrong. Everything feels wrong. I'm trying to save this town, but it is so... corrupt... broken, full of awful, despicable people. I mean, the lowest of the lows, dog fighters. Makes me think there's nothing worth saving here.
Archie to Frank

"Chapter Eighty-Nine: Reservoir Dogs" is the thirteenth episode of the fifth season of Riverdale and the eighty-ninth episode of the series overall.[2] It premiered on August 25, 2021.


COYOTE UGLY — While helping Eric deal with his PTSD, Archie is forced to confront his own past trauma in the Army. To find the Lonely Highway killer, Betty and Tabitha come up with a way to lure truckers to Pop's. Cheryl extends an invitation to Kevin and Veronica gives Reggie a shot to prove her wrong.[2]



Eric has a flashback

Archie awakens from a dream in which he and Eric are back in war and trapped in a trench with enemy gunfire flying above their heads. Archie tends to a wounded Eric, who notes that he can't feel his legs and asks Archie to check. When he checks, Archie spots Eric's leg a couple feet away, completely detached from his body. Upon awakening from said dream, Archie hears glass shattering and races downstairs, where he finds Eric in the middle of a flashback with a loaded rifle. He knocks Archie to the ground and holds him at gunpoint until Frank intervenes and places Eric in a chokehold.

Glen takes Betty's badge and gun

Betty and Tabitha are monitoring the Lonely Highway, with Tabitha acting as base from Pop's while Betty tails a suspicious truck. Tabitha warns Betty that she's almost out of range and to be careful. When the trucker pulls over, Betty approaches him under the ruse that she's a working girl and suggests they get together. Unbeknownst to Betty, she has found herself in the middle of an FBI sting operation. When Betty flashes her badge, Glen arrives and reminds Betty that she's no longer an agent, after quitting. Betty confronts Glen for entrapping young women rather than arresting the actual killer. Glen reminds Betty that it's illegal to impersonate an FBI agent and orders her to hand over her badge and gun.

Cheryl spots Kevin cruising

While on a late night stroll through the woods, Cheryl crosses paths with Kevin, who is in the middle of cruising and flees.

The next morning, Frank asks Archie about Eric's nightmares and whether they're recurring. Archie explains that he's had nightmares before, but last night was the worst it's gotten. As for Archie, he claims that he hasn't had a nightmare in months. Frank has known soldiers like Eric. Their only way back is through professional help, like the therapeutic housing at the VA Eric signed up for, but they continue to neglect him.

Reggie works alongside Veronica at her shop. She comes in with a list of leads that she got from a former colleague in New York City — names of potential investors. Veronica needs to bring in more cash to replace the funds Chad lost, so she's returning to aggressive investment banking.

Cheryl asks Kevin to join her ministry

Cheryl visits Kevin at Riverdale High to confront him over their crossing of paths in the woods the night before. While Kevin had initially given up cruising, the allure was too powerful. Cheryl believes that more than a hookup, Kevin was looking for meaning and peace. She proposes that Kevin join her family ministry. Kevin is reluctant, as it sounds like a classic Blossom scam, but Cheryl is sincere, even if she can't speak for her mother's intent. Since she began ministering, Cheryl's felt the best she has since their key party and invites Kevin to a single service, to which he agrees to attend.

Tabitha and Betty devise a plan to lure in truckers

Tabitha reminds Betty just how lucky she was to have run into Glen as opposed to the actual highway killer. Now that Glen's gunning for Betty, she'll have to fall back from the Lonely Highway. In response to this, Tabitha suggests they lure the highway killer to Pop's. Given that he is most likely a trucker, they could bring the truckers in with the promise of entertainment. Betty suggests they host Riverdale's very own Coyote Ugly from the Whyte Wyrm. Additionally, they can wire up some cameras and compile a database that not even the FBI has.

Frank brings home a dog

Archie and Eric return from the VA, disgruntled after waiting for six hours. Frank calls them into the living room to reveal that he's brought home a dog.

Frank has known a lot of veterans who adopted pets to help transition back into civilian life. It helps with their anxiety and gives their day structure, as well as a loyal companion. Frank got him from the shelter downtown. According to the vet, they found him near a dumpster, and they're not sure what happened to his ears, which appear injured. Frank then recalls Vegas, who was initially taken to Chicago to stay with Mary, but he died while Archie was overseas.

Nana Rose plays the piano as the ministry holds another service and Cheryl and Penelope sing from the stage. Kevin is in attendance but exits abruptly.

Reggie insists he can close

Veronica struggles with getting new investors. Back in New York, she had a team of 20 working under her, but now she's just one broker with no firm to back her up. Reggie offers to work for her, but as Veronica point out, he lacks the skill. After listening to Veronica all day, he concludes that all he truly needs to do is be able to close to deal, similar to when he's working at Mantle Motors. Reggie insists he can close and asks for a shot. So, Veronica gives Reggie two hours to secure one client.

Betty and Tabitha approach Fangs with their idea

Betty and Tabitha approaches Fangs with their idea to attract the highway killer to the Whyte Wyrm by turning the Wyrm into a Coyote Ugly style bar — hot ladies dancing on the bar with free flowing alcohol and Tabitha and Betty acting as the hot ladies.

Archie makes a call and attempts to get a referral for a doctor for Eric, but he's having a difficult time. Frank joins him and sees Archie watching Eric and the new dog. He suspects that Archie is thinking about Vegas, but in actuality, Archie's thinking about Bingo, a stray dog their platoon adopted. Unfortunately, he didn't make it.

Much to Veronica's surprise, Reggie successfully manages to secure a client by 4:00 PM. She welcomes him officially to Pearls and Posh.

Cheryl advises Kevin to apologize to Fangs

Kevin informs Cheryl that her service wasn't his "speed." Cheryl accepts this but maintains that there's a hole inside Kevin, likely due to his breakup with Fangs. Kevin admits that breaking up with Fangs is the worst thing he's ever done. Cheryl can relate to the regret, as it haunts her as well. She advises Kevin to go to Fangs and apologize. Regardless of how he responds, Kevin will feel better having tried.

Kevin takes Cheryl's advice and goes to see Fangs at his apartment. He pushes his way inside the apartment to discover that Fangs has been dating Moose. Fangs invites Kevin to join them, but Kevin is having trouble processing this revelation and leaves.

Archie's nightmare

Archie has another nightmare. He and Eric are back in the trench, and he is pleading with Eric to stay awake until nightfall, when he'll be able to carry him to safety. Eric then hears Bingo barking, as he's trapped in the middle of no man's land. Archie wishes to go and retrieve him, but there's too much gunfire, and Eric holds him back to prevent him from getting himself killed. Archie is then awakened from his sleep by Eric, who alerts him that the new dog is missing.

Frank informs Archie and Eric that he's found the dog, who is simply sleeping in the bathroom.

Reggie proposes he and Veronica steal Hiram's investors

Veronica and Reggie run through their list of potential investors, with Veronica closing on her fifth and Reggie on his third. Reggie's commission is 5%, but he would like an increase of 15% if he can secure more clients, however, they ultimately settle on 10%. Reggie admits that's there's a catch. The leads are from SoDale. The thing about SoDale, Reggie explains, is that it doesn't exist. It's a muddy field with no construction. Hiram sold his investors on a vision of something that will never be built and is using their money to fund his search for palladium. The investors are constantly asking questions. So, Reggie proposes they go after Hiram's investors and convince them to pull out of SoDale.

Eric was bitten by the dog

Archie returns home to find the new dog in attack mode, growling and barking at Eric and Frank. Eric took the dog for a walk, and they ran into a bigger dog, during which their dog freaked out and bit Eric's arm. Archie goes to call the shelter, but Frank begs him not to, revealing that this is all his fault.

Alone in the kitchen with Archie, Frank reveals that the dog isn't an ordinary rescue. The woman at the shelter told him that based on his injuries, he was likely part of a dog fighting ring in Riverdale, which started popping up a few years ago, after everyone started moving away and leaving their pets behind. Archie is enraged and is determined to do something about it.

Veronica steals one of Hiram's clients

Veronica and Reggie move forward with snaking Hiram's SoDale investors. Veronica calls Mr. Barry, who admits that construction isn't happening as quickly as he'd like. She reveals that SoDale is a scam and suggests that he invest with her. Mr. Barry gets Hiram on the other line and confronts him. When Veronica makes her closing offer, which includes a Glamourge egg, Mr. Barry decides to invest with her. He then informs Hiram that he's pulling out of SoDale and wants all his money back. Hiram is outraged and throws his phone against the wall.

Veronica and Reggie toast to a successful day. Now, they take the night off to help Betty and Tabitha, and then they keep doing what they've been doing.

Kevin tells Cheryl about Fangs and Moose

Kevin reveals to Cheryl that Fangs and Moose are together. Cheryl assures Kevin that he did nothing wrong and that there is a victory in sharing his truth with Fangs. However, Kevin still feels so forsaken. Instead of focusing on himself, Cheryl believes that Kevin may gain true comfort by helping others. So, she invites Kevin to join her as she assists Betty and Tabitha with their Coyote Ugly performance.

Coyote Ugly prep

Betty, Tabitha, Kevin, Alice, Cheryl, Veronica, and Reggie meet at the Wyrm. They'll be checking everyone's IDs — writing down their names and driver's license numbers. This is of course after Tabitha's new cameras catch their faces coming in. Alice will be working the bar and keeping an eye out for anything sketchy. Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and Tabitha will be performing. And while they keep the truckers busy, Kevin and Reggie will be picking open their trailers and looking for anything suspicious.

Archie, Fangs, and Eric plot

Fangs meets with Archie and Eric after asking around and confirming the dog fighting ring. Once a month, guys from as far north as Montreal meet at 1867 Dubois to bet on dogs. The address is where the ring leader lives, but the next set of dog fights aren't for another couple weeks. Fangs wants to loop in Sheriff Keller, but Archie refuses. He also wants to keep this a secret from his uncle. Archie doesn't want the ring leader arrested, he wants him hurt. Eric reminds Archie that their objective is to rescue the dogs. Archie agrees, but he also intends to teach the ring leader as well.

Tabitha, Veroncia, and Cheryl perform

As planned, Betty, Tabitha, Veronica, and Cheryl perform at the bar in front of a room full of truckers while Kevin and Reggie pick the locks to their trailers. They come across one truck with blood in the back and call down to Alice at the bar. Alice then signals Betty.

Disguised as FBI agents, Betty, Kevin, and Reggie confront the trucker as he returns to his truck. The trucker reveals that he just did a huge meat delivery and what they see is cow's blood. He has the documents and receipts to prove it.

Archie, Eric, and Fangs arrive at the ring leader's home. Eric and Fangs free to the dogs while Archie drags the ring leader from his house and beats him with a set of brass knuckles. Eric and Fangs are forced to intervene as Archie beats the ring leader mercilessly.

Betty meets a trucker

Not a complete success, but Betty and Tabitha have the names and IDs of 57 total truckers. Betty will do some background checks tonight, and tomorrow, they'll do more dancing and recon. As Betty exits the diner, she is approached by a trucker, who has come for the Coyote Ugly performance. Upon learning that he missed it, he propositions Betty. She only agrees to join him after noticing the blood on his truck and texts Tabitha to track her location.

The killer goes after Betty

The trucker claims that he's come to Riverdale to visit his ill grandmother. However, he isn't sad over her death, even stating that it's a beautiful thing to watch someone die. He then pulls over to supposedly stretch his legs and pee. However, upon exiting the truck, he pulls out a knife and heads towards Betty's side. When he grabs the door, she kicks him over before knocking him out with a swift kick to the face. She turns her back to call Tabitha, and when she turns back around, the trucker is gone, but he soon returns with a chainsaw, and Betty retreats back into the truck. Armed with a wrench, Betty flees the truck as the killer begins cutting into the roof. With the trucker coming towards her with a chainsaw, she throws the wrench at his face, rendering him unconscious. Tabitha then arrives, and Betty tells her that she's secured the killer.

Eric reveals that Bingo was a soldier

Archie and Eric return home. Archie heads upstairs, and Frank confronts Eric with his suspicion that they went after the dog fighter, which Eric admits is true. Frank wishes Archie wouldn't have done that, but he's not surprised after what happened to Bingo. However, Eric reveals that Bingo wasn't a dog, he was a soldier.

With the killer restrained, Betty now plans to find an out-of-the-way place to park the truck. Tabitha wants to turn the trucker into the police, but Betty first wants to interrogate him to see if he knows anything about Polly's disappearance.

Archie struggles with his choices

Frank confronts Archie with the truth about Bingo. He sympathizes with the impossible decisions Archie had to make at war, but going back for Bingo would've been suicide. Frank assures Archie that he made the right choice and reminds him that he can't save everyone. Archie has a hard time accepting that. He's also trying to save Riverdale, but it's so corrupt and broken and filled with terrible people. It makes him feel that there's nothing worth saving, but Frank encourages him to keep going.

Kevin is dissatisfied with his life

Cheryl heard about Kevin being called to Weatherbee's office and inquires why. Kevin reveals that he's just been awarded teacher of the year, yet he still appears sad. Cheryl presumes Fangs is the reason. Kevin admits that is partly why. But he's also disappointed with his entire life. The reward is a painful reminder of all he hadn't accomplished. He's supposed to be in New York, writing, performing, and directing. Instead, he's still in Riverdale, cruising the woods, unlucky in love, and named teacher of the year at a dying high school. He refuses to accept this as his life. While Cheryl can't help his problems, she has an idea that might replenish his artist soul.

Eric and Frank arrange a pet adoption event at the community center for the dogs they rescued. Eric then decides to name their dog Bingo, hoping that it's not disrespectful to their fallen comrade.

Kevin and Cheryl sing

Cheryl and Penelope hold another service. She discusses how comforting those around them will lead to their own salvation. Closing out their service, Cheryl and Kevin, the ministry's new artistic director, sing the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

Afterwards, Kevin meets with Fangs at the Wyrm to discuss his relationship with Moose. Fangs apologizes to Kevin for having to find out the way he did. They tried to figure out a way to tell Kevin without causing a spiral. Kevin insists that his days of spiraling are over. Fangs is glad to hear that and proposes that he and Kevin be friends. Kevin replies that they are friends and that he's happy for Fangs and Moose. Meanwhile, Veronica and Reggie continue to secure new investors.

Archie seeks help

Archie has another nightmare of him and Eric stuck in the trench and Archie calling out to Bingo without answer. Eric regretfully informs Archie that Bingo is dead. Archie awakens from his sleep after getting a call from the VA. They're returning his call. While Archie may have initially made contact on Eric's behalf, after seeing Bingo in the corner of his room, he decides to look into options for himself as well.



Guest Starring


  • Kory Grim as Ring Leader
  • Adrian Neblett as Mr. Barry
  • T.J. Riley as Trucker #2
  • Anthony Timpano as Benjamin "Bingo" Butler
  • Corey Turner as Trucker #3


  • Riverdale cast feat. Madelaine Petsch, Camila Mendes, Erinn Westbrook, Mädchen Amick & Lili Reinhart - Nothin' But a Good Time
  • Riverdale cast feat. Madelaine Petsch & Casey Cott - Everything's Alright
    • Scene: Cheryl and Kevin close out the service with a song.



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