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If you're having second thoughts, now would be the time to back out because the final trial, is on a whole other level. {...} No, Jughead, it's not "whatever." You join us, you gotta be willing to die for us. Because we will for you. And your Northside friends? Your girlfriend? You're gonna look up one day, and they're all gonna be gone, because that's what happens when you join a gang. The Serpents are no exception.

"Chapter Eighteen: When a Stranger Calls" is the fifth episode of the second season of Riverdale[2], and the eighteenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on November 8, 2017.


GRAHAM PHILLIPS ("The Good Wife") GUEST STARS AS VERONICA’S OLD FRIEND NICK ST. CLAIR — When Alice publishes a fiery piece in the Riverdale Register blasting the Southside, Jughead is forced to take matters into his own hands to try and keep the peace. Betty turns to Archie for help after receiving an ultimatum that could potentially destroy some of her closest relationships. With their SoDale open house fast approaching, Hiram and Hermione enlist the help of an unlikely to get some potential investors on board. Finally, Veronica welcomes her old friend Nick St. Clair to Riverdale, but his plans for a wild night with the gang quickly takes an unexpected turn.[3]



Betty having a conversation with the Black Hood

The episode picks up where the previous episode left off; Betty Cooper receiving a call from an unknown number, which is revealed to be the Black Hood. How do I know this is real, Betty asks the Black Hood. "I will strike next where it all began", the killer responds, which is a quote from the cipher she decoded. He was at the Town Hall, yet he didn't hurt anyone, which leaves Betty wondering what he wants. The Black Hood wants the same thing she does, to set Riverdale on the righteous path once more by cleansing it of sinners, though Betty never imagined murder as being the means to that end. The Black Hood claims that he only kills people that deserve it, like Polly, for instance. The Black Hood knows of her unlawful pregnancy as well as the location of the farm she is staying at, which is two hours North. If Betty attempts to warn her, he'll know. The Black Hood threatens to kill Polly if Betty tells the police or Jughead that they've had contact. Betty pleads for Polly to be left unharmed, but for that to happen, she can no longer deny him. Without warning, her mother barges into her room, making the assumption that she is on the phone with Jughead. Alice blames Jughead for inspiring Betty's stunt at Town Hall with the fire alarm. Given the letter that the Black Hood sent her, Betty reasons that she didn't know what else to do. However, this is assuming that the letter is from the Black Hood, as the Sheriff isn't convinced. So, he is having it analyzed along with the letter her mother received. In the meantime, her mother wants her home straight after school.

Fred Andrews talking to Archie about the Red Circle

At the Andrews house, Archie has a conversation at the table with his father, who has fully recovered from the shooting at Pop's. Archie says that he wrote the apology letter that Weatherbee asked him to write pertaining to the Red Circle. He even posted an apology video. Fred is happy that "this Red Circle business" is finally over, and he says that he's missing his son. Archie's phone rings, it's Betty texting him, asking if he can walk her to school.

Betty telling Arche about her talks with the Black Hood as they walk to school

On their way to school, after Archie promises not to repeat this information, that Betty is about to tell him, to anyone else, Veronica, Jughead, and his father included, Betty reveals to Archie that Black Hood has been in contact with her. She thinks that it's even risky talking to him about it, but the fact that they're walking together, two best friends that live right next door to each other, won't look the least bit suspicious, assuming that the Black Hood is watching them. Archie becomes increasingly concerned, saying that she has to tell the police, even if the other person on the phone may not have been him. Unfortunately, Betty can't because Polly's life depends on it. If the killer calls her again, she will have to answer. Archie then reassures her that he won't let her go through this alone.

Hermione reading the Register's latest article to the family

Meanwhile, at the Pembrooke, the Lodge family is in Hiram's study, as Hermione reads the Register's latest article. The article addresses the rise in crime in Riverdale, more specifically the stabbing of Northside teen, Dilton Doiley. This recent incident confirms that the true threat to the town is NOT the Black Hood, but the Southside and its corruptive forces. The article then addresses Hiram, an "ex-con", who boasts of his SoDale project revitalizing the so-called "forsaken neighborhood", but the reporter, Alice Cooper, believes that he doesn't want to fix the town's problems, but merely profit from them. Hiram Lodge becomes despondent of the situation, considering that the open house is very soon. He can't let anything derail the project, not Alice, and definitely not the Serpents, and absolutely not the Black Hood. However, their biggest problem, at the moment, is capital; they're running out of it and fast. Hiram has a possible solution to this problem, he's invited potential investors to the event; the St. Clairs from New York. Upon recognizing the family name, Veronica Lodge is surprised, seeming particularly fond of one of the family members, Nick St. Clair. After Hiram and Hermione exchange looks, Hiram chirps in, revealing that Nick is now a budding music producer, and his father is King Midas rich. If they can get the St. Clairs to invest, others will follow. Nick has his father's ear, so, Hiram recalling Veronica wanting a seat at the table, tasks her with helping them close the deal by showing Nick all the good things Riverdale has to offer.

The Serpents planning to bomb the Register

At Southside High, Sweet Pea, Fangs Fogarty, Toni Topaz and several other Serpents gather in the courtyard outside, where they are confronted by Jughead after learning that Dilton Doiley had supposedly been jumped and stabbed by Southside Serpents. According to Fangs, the idiot stabbed himself with his own knife. Sweet Pea, sporting a black eye, explains to Jughead that rather a large brawl broke out between the The Red Circle and Southside Serpents, during which time he was punched by Andrews, and sustained the aforementioned black eye, just before his girlfriend, Veronica, shot a gun into the air. Sweet Pea butts in, saying that they didn't jump him. The Bulldogs were let off free, whilst the gang was hauled in by the police. Tired of being looked at as second-class citizens in their own town, Sweet Pea and Fogarty devise a plan to blow up the Register with a pipe bomb. Jughead objects to such action. Doing so will only worsen the divide between sides, though Sweet Pea is convinced that things can't get any worse than they already are. Jughead wants them to hold off on any destructive behavior, at least until he can talk with Archie. Unfortunately, Sweet Pea is sick of Jughead always wanting to talk things out. Furthermore, he doesn't even know which side Jughead is on. You can't be half a Serpent, he says to Jughead. All the Serpents leave the table, leaving Jughead and Toni Topaz. Jughead sits down next to Toni, who says that the Northside has been dumping on them for years. Jughead's father, FP Jones, tried to keep both sides of the pot from boiling over and trying to prevent the bloodshed. But with him in prison, and no leader present, reckless individuals such as Sweet Pea think that there is only one solution: violence.

Veronica telling Kevin about Nick

Kevin and Veronica sit in the student's lounge, talking about her friend from New York, Nick St. Clair. She refers to their relationship as the "will they or won't they?" of their jet set. She continues to talk about him, saying that he's an outrageous flirt, but they never dated. They'd hop from club to club and go on "madcap adventures" and stay up all night. During this conversation, Archie and Betty walk into the lounge and Archie is asking who the subject of conversation is. She tells Archie to not worry, for it is a ghost from her bad girl past.

Tall Boy and Jughead at the Whyte Wyrm

At the trailer, Jughead stares out the window, then glancing over at his Serpents jacket, which was given to him by Tall Boy, as he contemplates his next move in the war between North and Southside. He decides to put on the jacket and head over to the Whyte Wyrm to Sweet Pea and Tall Boy playing pool. Upon entering, he doesn't receive a warm welcome, as Sweet Pea, in reference to him playing both sides, remarks that Jughead is a lost Northsider. He counters that he is over being half a Serpent, and instead of Sweet Pea congratulating him, he mistakes Jughead's claim as a ploy to save his Northside friends and nudges into him. Toni, sitting not so far from them, shows a sign of concern. Jughead points out that his father was a Serpent and he led the gang, though he wishes to stand with them. Tall Boy is responsible for giving him the Southside Serpent leather jacket, it's about time he starts wearing it. Tall Boy finally speaks and says that he'll first have to survive the initiation before he'll truly become a Serpent.

The article of Alice's arrest in the Southside

At the Cooper house, Betty and Archie are in her room, awaiting Black Hood's call. It finally rings, and the Black Hood goes straight to business. After confirming that her parents are not at home and lying about being alone, Black Hood explains that with Betty's mother being a thorn in both of their sides, the Black Hood devised a plan that would keep her from looming over them. Betty becomes concerned, as the Black Hood might be suggesting something ominous, but he says to check her email, and publish what he has sent, which will prove her loyalty towards him. Her and Archie share a look, and Betty asks for something in return to prove his loyalty. He proposes to answer one of Betty's questions if she completes her task, with the deadline being tomorrow night. In Betty's email, is an archived mugshot of her mother. The article, titled "SOUTHSIDE TEEN ARRESTED AND RELEASED ON BAIL", reveals that Alice was arrested and used to be from the Southside, many years ago.

Sweet Pea and the Serpents starting Jughead's initiation

Jughead wakes in the late hour of the night to the sight of Sweet Pea, along with a few other Serpents, wearing Serpent masks. They announce that his initiation begins with him assuming guardianship of the Beast, otherwise known as Hot Dog.

The next day, while leaving school, Toni asks what he thought of the Beast. Jughead replies that it stinks and had no boundaries. Every new recruit had to take care of Hot Dog, as is it is a tradition, which Jughead is expected to follow. Toni tells him that this is the Serpents' third Hot Dog, making him a third generation, much like Jughead's own family generation (i.e. Forsythe Pendleton Jones III).

Betty and Archie debate over whether to publish the mugshot

Archie and Betty reconvene at school to discuss the Black Hood and the mugshot he wants Betty to publish. Her mother went after the Black Hood with great passion, so it came as no surprise that he seeks to humiliated her, though Betty can not do it to her mother, as it will destroy her credibility. "What credibility?", Archie asks. Betty's mother is always going after them and their friends. In spite of all this, Betty refused to blindside her with the published mugshot.

Veronica welcomes the St. Clairs to Riverdale as they enter the lavish Five Seasons hotel. She tells them that while they're in town, think of her as their "corporate concierge". If they needed anything, they should feel free to ask. For starters, Nick asks for a better hotel, as he and his family are used to establishments of higher quality. Admittedly, she says that it wasn't the Waldorf, nor the Plaza, but, the Five Seasons. However, like all of Riverdale, it has its charms, though Nick can only see one charm, that being Veronica, who is as lovely as ever, he states.

Sheriff Keller at the Cooper's house

Sheriff Keller stops by the Cooper house to inform Alice and Betty that after sending Betty's letter which had supposedly been written by the Black Hood, to two different specialists, they discover that the handwriting isn't a match, meaning, whoever wrote Betty the letter, is either a copycat or an anonymous prankster. However, Alice believes there to be much more banal third option in play; that Betty wrote the letter in an attempt to garner attention. With the cipher being cribbed from a Nancy Drew book, Alice has her suspicions, though she has yet to uncover a motive, as Betty points out. Alice wonders if maybe Betty and Jughead came up with the idea out of boredom. Hoping to stop the back and forth bickering, Sheriff Keller tells them that nothing is being ruled out, at least not until they know what they are dealing with. Fed up with her mother's judgmental ways, Betty messages Archie to let him know that she will be publishing the mugshot.

Toni helping Jughead review the six laws of being a Serpent

At the trailer, Toni assists Jughead in his review of the six laws to being a Southside Serpent, which were, "a Serpent never shows cowardice", and "if a Serpent is killed or imprisoned, then their family will be taken care of". Unfortunately, Jughead failed to cite the remaining laws. Toni instructs him to focus and take the trials seriously. Jughead swears that he is taking it all seriously, though, between Hot Dog and the laws, it is all a bit overwhelming. Why the sudden change of heart, Toni asks. She couldn't quite figure out why Jughead wanted to go from conscientious objector to full-fledged member. Much to Toni's surprise, Jughead replies that his sudden change in direction was because of her prior statement in regards to his father being responsible for keeping Serpents like Sweet Pea inline. Someone needs to step up, in order to keep an all-out war from erupting. Pleased to hear that he, in fact, taking the trials seriously, Toni decides to continue with the review.

Jughead reciting the six laws

After reviewing the laws with Toni, Jughead was ready to complete the trial, so the two of them returned to the Whyte Wyrm, where Jughead is instructed to cite all six laws to Tall Boy. Upon completion of this, Jughead moves on to the third trial, which requires him to retrieve a knife from inside the cage of a venomous rattlesnake. Taken by surprise with Tall Boy's request, Jughead looks to Toni for reassurance, which she provides with a subtle head nod as if to tell him to follow through with the trial. Trusting Toni's judgment, Jughead grabs the knife with little to no hesitation, though he was bitten while doing so. Unbeknownst to Jughead at the time of retrieval of the knife, the snake's venom glands had previously been removed. As he wraps his hand with gauze, Toni explains that it was merely a trial to test his courageousness, and he passed, thus he was one step closer to joining them, "you're almost a Serpent now, Juggie", Toni says. Having called to him by this name for the first time, there is a bit of awkward silence left between the two.

Alice holding her published mugshot

Alice arrives at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, asking for her usual when Pop Tate states that he doesn't judge her because what she did was years ago. She quickly realizes that all the customers are staring at her after taking in Pop's comment. Alice then discovers that Betty has published her old mugshot on the front page of the Blue and Gold, a defamatory article about Alice's arrest during her adolescence. Once home, Alice and Hal confront Betty on the publishing of the mugshot. Having ripped it from every public archive, Alice asks who gave her the article. "Maybe it was one of the Southsiders you attack in your paper, daily," Betty replies. Alice constantly talks down on FP, Jughead, and the Serpents, despite previously being one herself. Alice suspects that this is an attempt at revenge on Betty's part, but Betty says otherwise. She tells her parents that it was done in the name of justice, against her mother and her holier-than-thou attitude.

Veronica and Archie in her room after dinner

After dinner, which both Archie and Nick were invited over for, the two of them follow Veronica back into her room, where she comments on Nick's brown-nosing and how over the top he was during dinner. "How dare you, I love your mother's flan," Nick counters, as he makes himself comfortable on Veronica's bed. Although, he still had room for more dessert. From his coat pocket, Nick pulls drugs. He offers Veronica the first bump, though she isn't interested, and neither is Archie. After snorting the entirety of the drugs that he had initially planned to share, Nick wonders what it is that they did for fun in such a small town. He mocks them with the speculation that they catch lightning bugs with mason jars. He then turns his attention to the set of cat ears hanging on Veronica's coat rack, and believes that its a kink of hers. She explains that she wears them when playing with Josie and the Pussycats. Nick is surprised to learn that she plays in a band called the Pussycats, which in his eyes, made her all the more attractive, though his subtle advances towards Veronica leaves Archie feeling uncomfortable.

Betty answering the Black Hood's call

While brushing her teeth, Betty receives a call from the Black Hood. "How does it feel to knock your mother off her high horse," the killer asks, though Betty does not respond. Instead, she reminds him on their deal, her end of which has already been upheld by publishing her mother's mugshot. Fulfilling his end of their agreement, the Black Hood allows Betty to ask him a question, but it can't be his name. The face under the hood, Betty wonders if she would recognize it. "Yes," He answers. Having given her that response, he feels closer to Betty, as if they were friends. Though, the problem with this is that he's selfish, and didn't like sharing her with other people. He needs Betty to cut them out of her life, or else he will, in his own cynical way, starting with Veronica, who they both know isn't innocent.

Betty and Jughead at Pop's

The next day, Betty meets up with Jughead at Pop's, where he comments that she is a sight for sore eyes, as he enters the diner. Betty greets him with a kiss. They've both been feeling unmoored recently. Jughead wanted to check in with her after the exposé of that she published of her mother's arrest as a young member of the Southside Serpents. While it was intense, it's also a long story that Betty would rather not dive into at the moment. She asks about Jughead's hand, after noticing that it is wrapped in gauze. He claims that he sustained the wound while dog-sitting Hot Dog. As they sit on the opposite ends of the table, holding each other's hands, Betty and Jughead both share the same wish in wanting to leave Riverdale. They hope for the day that they can just get on his motorcycle for some place where there isn't a brewing war between two sides or crazy moms and psychotic killers. They'd be like Romeo and Juliet, Betty imagines, but with a happily ever after instead.

The Pussycats meeting Nick

Upon meeting the Pussycats, who he refers to as pearls before the swine of Riverdale, and hearing them sing, Nick invites them to a party he is hosting in his hotel room at the Five Seasons, in their honor. He then meets Cheryl, who overhears their conversation and introduces herself as "Riverdale's resident 'it' girl". As Cheryl and Nick further discuss their plans for the party, Archie heads into the hallway after seeing Betty pass the door. He tells Betty that he went by her house that morning to walk her to school, but her mother said that she had already left, so now Archie's wondering if she got another call from the killer, which Betty claims she didn't. Moments later, they are joined by Veronica and Nick, who then invites Betty to his party at the Five Seasons.

Nick's party at the Five Seasons

At the party, Nick tells a story about his multiple run-ins with Gal Gadot. Looking to turn the party up a notch, Nick opens his coat pocket to reveal the Jingle Jangle that he had scored from Reggie. Nick suggests that everyone partake the night's festivities, mainly Veronica, who is supposed to be showing him a good time per her father's orders. Archie repeats that they aren't interested in taking drugs with him, though he and Betty would appear to be the only ones, as everyone else agrees to participate in the drug taking. High off the Jingle Jangle, Betty, being the only sober person after Archie changed him mind, watches as Nick dances behind the bar with Valerie and Melody, Josie and Reggie hook up on the sofa, Kevin and Cheryl dance on the couch, and Archie and Veronica sensually grope one another. Veronica approaches Betty, hoping that she will join in the fun, though this kind gesture goes awry, as Betty instigates a fight with her, in order to distance herself from Veronica, per the Black Hood's request. Betty tells Veronica that she is making a fool of herself by acting like some privileged, shallow, airhead party girl. She also claims that Veronica is merely a friend of circumstance and that she isn't who she pretends to be. Veronica may have fooled the rest of them, but she hasn't fooled Betty, who sees Veronica for what she truly is: a bad person. This confrontation ends with Veronica telling Betty to leave since she perceives her to be such a monster.

Toni warning Jughead

Toni stops by Jughead's trailer to warn him about the final trial in his initiation. She tells him that if he is having any second thoughts, now would be the time to back out, because of the final trial, the gauntlet, is on a whole other level. He says that he will be fine if the gauntlet is anything like the Beast. Though, he doesn't appear to be taking her warning seriously. Toni explains if he joins the Serpents, he has to be willing to die for them because they are willing to die for him. As for his Northside friends, he'll look up one day, and they'd all be gone. That's what happens when you join a gang, the Serpents are no exception. Jughead thanks Toni for stopping by, telling her that she can consider him warned.

Nick trying to kiss Veronica

After the party, Nick comments that never has one of his parties fizzled out so spectacularly. Veronica doesn't know what has gotten into Betty as they were supposed to be best friends. Nick tries to seduce Veronica, giving her multiple complements before placing his hand on her leg, as he looks to make his next move, though Veronica reminds him that she is with Archie. So, she apologizes if she gave Nick the wrong impression. But Nick is convinced that she wants him, so convinced that he goes in for a kiss. But Veronica pushes him away, demanding that he stop. "Same old Veronica," he says. She flirted and she teased, but in the end, she still thinks that she's better than him. Veronica tells him that he is a pig. And while this may have been true, he makes a point to remind Veronica that he has the power to implode her father's deal. So, unless she wants that to happen, she needs to start thinking of ways to show him some appreciation. Nick is even willing to offer a few suggestions. He goes in for another kiss, thinking that this time Veronica will comply, but instead, she slaps him, before abruptly leaving.

Betty at the bus stop

In the middle of the night, Betty sits at a dark and vacant bus stop, where she cries her eyes out until receiving another call from the Black Hood. Betty tells the killer that she did what he asked of her by cutting off Veronica, but now she wants her question answered. What will make him stop. He replies that Betty's devotion to him is the only thing stopping the attacks, though she isn't sure how much longer she could continue. He now wants Betty to cut Jughead out of her life. As the son of a Serpent, he isn't worthy of Betty's love.

Betty asking Archie to break up with Jughead for her

Archie confronts Betty at the Blue and Gold, hoping to learn why she lashed out at Veronica, the night before. Betty reveals that she lied to Archie when he asked if the Black Hood had called again. He did call. But she didn't want to tell Archie because she knew he would try to talk her out of it. During their conversation, he told Betty to cut Veronica out of her life, and now, he's requesting that she do the same with Jughead or else he'll kill him. Archie starts dialing a number on his phone, presumably to tell someone of Betty's secret calls with the killer, but she convinces him to put the phone down. The Black Hood hasn't attacked or killed anyone since the two of them started talking. Betty suspects that she's distracting him. But Archie interprets this as the killer's own form of torture, as he is making Betty hurt the people around her. Archie wonders how Betty is going to put Jughead and herself through a break-up, though Betty is hoping that Archie could tell Jughead that they have to stay away from each other for the time being. It didn't have to be cruel, just enough for Jughead to believe it. They could walk him back through everything afterward. As tears fill her eyes, Betty pleads with Archie not to quit on her, as she couldn't bear to break up with Jughead herself.

Hermione and Fred at the open house

Hiram and Hermione arrive at the opening, arm-in-arm, greeting guests as they proceed down the aisle. If the successful turn out of the open house didn't convince the St. Clair's to invest, nothing would. Hiram calls over Veronica to ask how things are going with her showing Nick the best that Riverdale has to offer. From all reports, Veronica's charm offensive is paying off. Veronica then turns around to the sight of Nick and his family arriving at the Gala. Hoping to avoid another confrontation, she makes up an excuse to go silently yell at the caterer after discovering that the canapes were running low. Meanwhile, Hermione wrangles up Fred. She tells him that the entire point of the open house is to socialize, though Fred figures he'd leave it to Hermione and Hiram, the professionals. However, he wasn't without charms of his own, Hermione notes. She and Hiram are glad that he is back at work.

While Hermione and Veronica are off, tending to business of their own, Hiram runs into an old friend; Hal Cooper. Where's Alice, Hiram asks. Just between the two of them, Hal explains that the published mugshot of Alice's arrest, from many years ago, when she was a teenage Serpent, is taking a toll on her. So, they both decided it would be better if Hal covers the event on his own.

Alice arriving at the open house

Hermione tells Fred that she and Hiram would appreciate it if he joined them on stage. She comments that he might as well, considering he built it. However, their discussion is cut short by Alice's unexpected arrival in a red snake print dress and a matching gold snake necklace.

Taking into account his recent actions, Nick arrives at the event with an apology for Veronica, saying that he has been in and out of rehab over the past few months, and while this isn't an excuse, he would like a second chance. While the night before was messy, Veronica understands his struggle, and is willing to put the past behind them by starting over with a glass of ginger-ale. Nick then spots Cheryl entering the event from across the room, as she waves at him.

Jughead asking Archie to leave

As Jughead prepares to proceed with the initiation, Archie unexpectedly drops by the trailer to deliver a message, but before he can get a word out, Jughead insists that he leave. Unfortunately, he fails to get rid of Archie before Sweet Pea, Fogarty, and the others arrive. Archie finally learns that Jughead had been keeping from him that he is friends with the very same Serpents that attacked them. Not just that, but that Jughead is also joining the Serpents. Archie reminds Jughead that the Serpents attacked his friends (i.e. Veronica, Reggie, and Dilton). Jughead asks if that's why Archie is at the trailer park, to warn him. However, this is not the case. Archie regrets to inform Jughead that Betty is breaking up with him, though Jughead has a hard time believing this considering he had just seen Betty the day before. Archie claims that she's been agonizing over breaking up with him for weeks, ever since he crossed over to the dark side, but she just couldn't bring herself to do it, so she sent Archie. She saw where Jughead was headed, as did they all. He couldn't be with Betty and the Serpents. As it sinks in that he and Betty are no more, Jughead tells Archie that the message has been received. He then turns around to see the Serpents watching as it all unfolds, asking if they enjoyed the show, to which Sweet Pea replies that the show hasn't even started yet.

Nick and Cheryl at the open house

Nick approaches Cheryl at the Gala, disappointed that they didn't get much of a chance to talk at the party. Cheryl is choosing to blame Betty's Britneyesque meltdown for that, and so she is willing to let Nick make it up to her. He grabs Cheryl a glass of champagne, slipping a date rape drug into her drink, before handing it to her.

Hiram, Hermione, and Fred take to the stage to make an announcement as the hosts of the event. A new story began in Riverdale that night. A story about reinvention and aspiration. The building would be the first chapter of that story. Luxury apartments, shopping, and even a golf course. The Southside as they knew it would be gone, replaced with a new Eden. So, they raise their glasses to a brighter tomorrow. But for that day, they celebrate with a little music from Josie and the Pussycats.

Whilst everyone else is at the open house, Archie and Betty spend the night miserable. Betty looks out her room window, crying, while Archie sits at Pop's all alone, presumably feeling guilty about the pain he had brought onto Jughead, despite it being in his best interest.

The Pussycats attacking Nick

Back at the open house, Cheryl dances with Nick as the Pussycats perform on stage. Unfortunately, the effects of the date rape drugs slipped into her drink by Nick are fast acting. Cheryl begins to lose her balance. She tells Nick that she's fine, and that she only needs some air, as she's completely oblivious to the fact that she's been drugged. Hardly capable of standing on her own two feet, Nick escorts her into the house, unaware that Veronica and Josie are watching him from the stage. Cheryl stumbles into the hallway, with Nick helping her into his room and onto the bed. A barely conscious Cheryl lays on the bed, helpless to fend off her attacker. Fortunately, the Pussycats intervene. As Josie checks on Cheryl to ensure that she is unharmed, Veronica, Valerie, and Melody viciously attacked Nick, like a pack of wild animals.

The final trial; the Gauntlet

Elsewhere, as the incident with Cheryl unfolds, Jughead prepares for the final trial; the gauntlet. With Tall Boy, Toni, and Fogarty on the sideline, the remaining Serpents stand on both sides of Jughead, forming a straight path, which will eventually lead down to Sweet Pea. Prohibited from fighting back, Jughead walks down the path, as the Serpents deliver many powerful punches, one after another. Despite the ongoing attack, Jughead continues down the path until reaching Sweet Pea. Beaten and bruised, Jughead asks if that is all they have to offer. Sweet Pea, while wearing brass knuckles, delivers a massive punch, knocking Jughead to the ground, instantly. After regaining consciousness, Jughead stands to his feet and shakes Sweet Pea's hand as a show of respect. He is then handed his Serpents jacket by Toni.

As Betty continues to cry in her room, after cutting both Veronica and Jughead out of her life, she receives a call from the killer, asking if she had cut Jughead off, as he requested. After telling him that she has done as he asked, Betty only has one question left to ask, who is the man behind the hood. He tells her that she'll find her answer in an abandoned house on the edge of Fox Forest.

Betty wearing a black hood

On the Black Hood's instructions, Betty heads down to the house at the end of the service road, near Fox Forest. She slowly enters the home before the phone begins to ring. The Black Hood is calling yet again. He asks if she could see the wrapped present he left for her. Inside is the answer to her question. Betty opens the box to find a black hood inside. She is instructed to put it on. Betty carefully places the hood over her head, then turning around to see herself in the mirror. She questions why he is torturing her, to which he replies that he is doing it to show her that they are the same. Betty then drops the hood and runs out the house in a panic, after hearing an odd sound coming from inside.

The aftermath of Nick's attack

On her way home, Betty gets a call from Archie, telling her to come to the Pembrooke, where he, Veronica, and Josie were left to figure out their next move after Cheryl was nearly raped by Nick. Archie asks where he can find Nick, but Cheryl instructs him to put his cape away because she had already been saved by the Pussycats. Veronica is sickened to her stomach. Nick is a monster, and she is convinced that he's done what he did to Cheryl, before, to other girls, right under her nose, though Betty assures Veronica that Nick's actions weren't her fault. Cheryl announces that she will be pressing charges. She wants him to be held accountable for his actions, for him to suffer and burn in hell for what he tried to do to her. As Cheryl cries, Josie and Veronica hold her close, providing comfort in her time of need.

Jughead and Toni kissing

After the initiation, Toni and Jughead returned to the trailer, where she congratulated him on officially becoming a Southside Serpent. As he holds an ice pack to his face, Toni points out that he is going to have a difficult time hiding his brand new double-headed Serpent tattoo from Betty, though Jughead and Betty broke up, which Toni learns in that moment, thus making his tattoo a non-issue. Toni then looks into his eyes, as he looks into hers, just before they share a kiss.

Betty giving up Nick St. Clair to save Polly

After returning home, Betty compiles a list of everything she knows about the Black Hood, for instance, how he is a white male, in his 30's or 40's, with green eyes. Betty answers her phone as it begins to ring. She wasn't sure if he was going to call again. The killer tells her that there is one piece of unfinished business between them, that she has been telling Archie about their chats. He'd been watching her, and she broke the rules. So, now Polly has to pay for her disobedience. Betty begs him not to hurt her sister, but if she wants to save Polly, the Black Hood demands that she give him another name of someone else guilty in exchange. Betty initially refuses to sentence someone to death, but with no other choice, she gives up Nick St. Clair, as he had tried to rape Cheryl. In closing, the Black Hood says, "I told you we were the same".



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