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"Chapter Eighteen: The Miracles of Sabrina Spellman" is the seventh episode of the second part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the eighteenth episode of the series overall.[1]


On the heels of a most perplexing spectacle, Sabrina dives deeper into her newfound power, and Zelda slips into the role of Lady Blackwood.



Sabrina lies lifeless in the dormitory

Following the destruction of the angelic witch-hunters, Harvey carries an unconscious Sabrina back to the Academy of Unseen Arts. He is followed by the Weird Sisters, Elspeth, Melvin, and the remaining liberated students. Nick tells Harvey that Aunt Hilda is in the dormitory. Hilda has not yet finished patching up Ambrose. She panics and tells them to leave the arrows inside Sabrina until she has finished tending to Ambrose.

Ambrose is healed by Sabrina

Nick asks Harvey what happened. Harvey tells Nick that Sabrina was floating in the air and that her eyes were white. He adds that she did several crazy things and then collapsed as if the light had gone out of her. Nick doesn't understand what Harvey saw until Melvin explains that Sabrina slaughtered two angels while Elspeth mentions that Sabrina also brought them back from the dead. Elspeth likens Sabrina to a God. Despite her efforts, Hilda is unable to stop Ambrose's wounds from bleeding due to the angels' blades. Sabrina tells them she can help and rises from the bed, fully healed. She walks to Ambrose and lays her hands on him. She tells him that he is strong and that his wounds are stitching themselves shut. Sabrina heals Ambrose and tells him that he will be just fine. Hilda and the others are shocked by Sabrina's miracles.

Sabrina thanks Harvey for helping

Nick advises Harvey to leave and Sabrina backs up Nick by telling Harvey that it is too dangerous for him to remain in the Academy. Harvey wants to stay, but Sabrina offers to walk him out. Harvey likens Sabrina's new powers to the character Phoenix from the X-Men comics. Harvey explains that Jean Grey was a powerful mutant who was saved by the cosmic Phoenix Force when she was on the verge of death. He explains that when she was floating she did not look like herself and asks what was that. Sabrina assures Harvey she is fine now and promises to see him at school tomorrow. She thanks Harvey for catching her and kisses him. Sabrina is being watched by Nick, who is jealous of Harvey.

Nick wishes he was there to catch Sabrina

At the Spellman household, Sabrina is soaking herself in a hot bath as she chats with Salem regarding her recent emergence of power. Sabrina tells Salem that there must have been a reason why she came back. Nick says he wished that he was in the desecrated church with her. Sabrina realizes that he was eavesdropping on her and Harvey, and warns him that this is uncharted territory. She asks if he can handle it. Nick says that is what warlock boyfriends are for and the two embrace each other.

Ambrose is cornered about Sabrina

Ambrose asks Sabrina how she is doing considering what happened last night. Sabrina insists she is fine. Ambrose says that he and Hilda are just worried about her. Hilda says that Sabrina is not a healer, but Sabrina retorts maybe she did not know that she had the power to heal. She says that she will go and asks Ms. Wardwell. Hilda insists that Sabrina stay home until Aunt Zelda gets back from her honeymoon. Ambrose reminds them of his impending execution. Sabrina responds that Ambrose should be pardoned for his role in defending the Academy and asks if someone can testify on his behalf. Ambrose responds that the only ones who know the truth are him, Faustus Blackwood, and his dead familiar Leviathan. Hilda suggests they have a picnic indoors, but Sabrina says maybe the weather could clear up. She uses her new-found powers to stop the rain and to bring sunny weather, startling both Ambrose and Hilda.

Sabrina goes to Baxter High in search of Ms. Wardwell

At Baxter High, Sabrina asks Mrs. Meeks if she has seen Ms. Wardwell. Meeks says that Ms. Wardwell is having an upset stomach and should be back tomorrow. Sabrina decides to research this matter herself.

A bitter Lilith thanks the late Adam Masters for reminding her what she truly is. As it was because of him that she had grown too comfortable being Mary Wardwell. She then burns the fetish doll from the Shona people that he gave her, saying that it is time to birth a monster.

Sabrina recounts her encounter with the witch-hunters

In Baxter High's library, Sabrina speaks with Theo and Rosalind, who have been informed about what has happened with the angelic hunters by Harvey. Sabrina thanks Roz for saving her life, as it was Roz who warned her of Jerathmiel. Considering that she saved her cousin life by touching his wounds, Roz asks if Sabrina can heal her, explaining that her dad had talked about sending her to a school for the blind. Roz is scared that if she goes there, she will never come back. Sabrina reassures Roz she doesn't need spells.

Sabrina restores Roz' sight

Sabrina, Harvey, and Theo take Rosalind into the bathroom. Sabrina turns the sink on and touches the water. She tells Roz to wash her eyes out with the tap water. Harvey and Theo lead Roz to the sink. Roz washes her eyes and suddenly she can see again. Roz is amazed and relieved that she has regained her sight. She thanks Sabrina and hugs her friends. They are joined by Aunt Hilda, and Roz tells Hilda that Sabrina lifted the curse on her. Hilda then tells Sabrina that she has to return because they have been summoned back by the Council at the Academy as Zelda and Blackwood are back from their honeymoon. Roz then kisses Harvey after Sabrina has left.

Methuselah reminds Father Blackwood of his status

At the Academy, Father Blackwood tells Sabrina that he and Zelda were recalled from their honeymoon to deal with the emergency caused by the witch-hunters. After interviewing her classmates, Blackwood tells Sabrina that she has displayed some miraculous abilities. Sabrina responds that she was only saving her fellow witches. Father Blackwood tells her to address him as his Unholy Eminence due to his status as Anti-Pope. Methuselah reminds Blackwood that he is only Interim Anti-Pope.

Father Blackwood interrogates Sabrina

Blackwood asks how can a first-year, half-mortal student levitate, resurrect the dead, and kill angels. Sabrina responds by recounting the story of Pandora's jar, arguing that the gods armed her for destruction and vengeance. To dissuade Blackwood from asking her about those miracles, she asks if he really wants to open that lid. Father Blackwood takes offense, but Sabrina responds that he should be thanking her. Methuselah thanks Sabrina for her work, but tells her to stay within Academy walls while the Council investigates the matter of her miracles. Hilda gets permission to spend time with Zelda. Methuselah allows Sabrina and Nick to roam the school grounds but orders that Ambrose be returned to his cell.

At the Kinkle house, Mr. Kinkle asks if his son Harvey is okay. Harvey says he is okay but his head needed a break. Mr Kinkle tells him he is welcome to come work with him down in the mines if he's looking too clear his head. Harvey says that he will take up his dad's offer. Harvey has been working on a drawing of Sabrina from the night the angels attacked.

Sabrina and Nick theorize where she gained her powers from

In the Academy's cafeteria, Sabrina notices that the other students are all terrified of her. As she and Nick sit down, he explains that she died and brought herself back from the dead. He describes her feats as miracles. Sabrina says she has never done them before. She talks about healing her mortal friend Roz without a spell or a sacrifice. Nick explains that is not how their witchcraft works since it always involves an incantation.

Melvin and Elspeth join Nick and Sabrina

Sabrina suggests that she is not a normal witch and that being half-mortal may be allowing her to tap into these mystical energies. Sabrina thinks that she was given these gifts to make the world a better place and that was why her father's vision for the Church of Night hinged on a union between witches and mortals. To produce as Nick put it, "witches 2.0." Sabrina thinks she has been resurrected to spread her father’s Gospel. Nick warns her to be careful because the Council will not like their authority to be challenged by a 16-year-old girl. Sabrina vows not to be silenced but admits that she does not know how to go around spreading her Gospel. The two are joined by Melvin and Elspeth. Elspeth asks what Sabrina was talking about and Sabrina replies that she was talking about her father's teachings.

Zelda asks to be addressed about Lady Blackwood

Zelda shows Hilda a present from Father Blackwood, a music box based on Leonardo's designs. Zelda insists on being addressed as Lady Blackwood and that Father Blackwood be addressed as "His Unholy Eminence." Zelda is enamored by Blackwood and says her husband is a marvelous dancer. After briefly dancing, she serves Hilda some tea. Hilda raises the matter of Ambrose and Sabrina but Zelda replies that her husband knows best on these matters since he is the Anti-Pope. Zelda asks Hilda if she takes sugar with her tea. The sugar reacts with the tea, stirring up bubbles. She is behaving out of character.

Sabrina preaches her father's will

Back in the cafeteria, Sabrina tells Nick, Melvin, Elspeth, and the other Academy students that her father was in the process of reforming the Church of Night before he died. She explains that one of his key tenets was that it was the sacred prerogative for witches to mingle with mortals. Elspeth says that goes against everything that Father Blackwood has taught them. Sabrina responds that Blackwood is taking them down the path of isolation, intolerance, and xenophobia. Sabrina believes that their future and survival depends on the union between witchkind and mortals.

Sabrina makes it rain rose pedals

Prudence enters the cafeteria with Dorcas and Agatha and mocks Sabrina's ideas. Prudence says that mortals hate and fear witches and is astounded that Sabrina expects witches to be with them. Sabrina counters that her father married a mortal. Prudence disagrees. Knowing that she is unable to convince Prudence and the Weird Sisters with her words, Sabrina uses her powers to cause rose petals to fall. Prudence is frightened and asks Sabrina how she is doing this.

Meanwhile, in the Greendale mines, Harvey hears a female voice calling to him. The voice tells him to enter a chamber marked 13 that has been sealed off. Harvey tries to peer inside, but his father, Mr. Kinkle pulls him back and warns him to stay with the others. Harvey follows his dad, leaving the cavern behind.

Sabrina and Nick are allowed to adjourn their studies

At the Academy, Methuselah announces that the Council has come to a decision. Due to their heroic efforts in combating the angels, he allows Sabrina and Nick to continue their studies at the Academy of Unseen Arts with full privileges. Hilda asks about Ambrose. Methuselah announces that Ambrose will be executed per witch law and custom. Sabrina and Hilda protest that Ambrose was being controlled by his familiar which Father Blackwood gave him. Father Blackwood asks where is this alleged familiar now and why he has not been presented as evidence.

Methuselah gives Sabrina and Hilda 24 hours to prove Ambrose's innocence

When the Council asks about the familiar, Sabrina explains that he was inside Ambrose when the Anti-Pope was murdered. She thinks that Ambrose was puppeteered into committing murder. Hilda vouches for Ambrose's role in repelling the witch-hunters and says that he stayed to warn the children. Methuselah gives Sabrina and Hilda 24 hours to present the familiar or Ambrose will be executed by guillotine. Sabrina tries to protest, but Father Blackwood sets the hourglass. Methuselah reiterates his conditions.

Father Blackwood urges the Council to execute Sabrina

After Sabrina has left, Father Blackwood tells the Council that Ambrose is not the only Spellman who should be sent to the guillotine. He asks Zelda for tea. Methuselah says they are not barbarians who are afraid of a schoolgirl. Blackwood says that if Sabrina is truly manifesting those powers, she is a threat to the established hierarchy of all Churches of Darkness. He warns that it would be dangerous if their younger members start to believe that Sabrina is more powerful than the Anti-Pope or the Council itself. Prudence gains permission to speak and observes that Sabrina loves her cousin and will do anything to save him from execution including performing a miracle. Methuselah warns that if Sabrina uses her powers to interfere with tomorrow’s execution, the Council will take lethal action against the girl.

Sabrina resurrects Leviathan

At Dorian's Gray Room, Dorian Gray expresses doubt that they will ever find Ambrose's Leviathan. Nick returns after having found Leviathan's corpse at the very bottom of the dumpster. He unwraps a napkin containing the mouse's body. Dorian asks what good is a dead familiar. Sabrina uses her powers to bring Leviathan from the dead and the mouth begins squeaking. She asks Leviathan if he knows the truth about her cousin Ambrose. Sabrina, who can understand the mouse's language, says that he does and that he will tell the Council about Father Blackwood’s role in the Anti-Pope’s death. Nick says they should get Leviathan somewhere safe since there are eyes and ears all around.

Dorian calls Father Blackwood

After Sabrina and Nick leave, Dorian calls Father Blackwood and informs him of their discovery. Blackwood is delighted by the news and asks Dorian what he owes him for his allegiance. Dorian replies that he is merely a spectator. Blackwood tells Zelda, who appears to be in a trance, that a mouse is in the Spellman household and orders her to find the creature and eviscerate it. He orders Zelda to do the same to anyone who tries to stop her.

Lilith lures a man to her apartment and allows him to use her bathroom. She tells him to freshen up while he is at it. The man enters the bedroom and sees a figure in the tub. Lilith then clubs him unconscious.

Hilda warns Sabrina about the debt she's wrecking up

At the Spellman household, Sabrina places Leviathan in a glass case. She tells Hilda the good news about resurrecting Leviathan. Sabrina hopes that Leviathan will be able to testify at Ambrose’s trial. When Hilda asks if she had to sacrifice any creature to resurrect Leviathan, Sabrina tells her that she did not. She resurrected him through her own powers. Hilda warns her that everything has a price. Sabrina disagrees and says that she has tapped into a different kind of magic that is not cause and effect based. Hilda warns Sabrina that she is wrecking up a cosmic debt that the world has never seen.

Sabrina wants to reveal the existence of witches

While Hilda warns Sabrina that her activities will attract the attention of mortals, the entranced Zelda searches for the mouse. Sabrina says that she wants to share her gifts with the world. Hilda warns that the most terrible things happen to witches when they reveal themselves to mortals. When Sabrina raises her parents' relationship, Hilda counters that Edward Spellman revealed his identity as a warlock to her mother Diana over time. Sabrina responds that Hilda revealed her identity to Dr. Cerberus overnight. Hilda takes offense and says that he is someone that she loves and trusts. Sabrina says that now is not the time for discretion since Ambrose's life is in danger.

Zelda kills Leviathan

Meanwhile, the entranced Zelda prowls the house for Leviathan. Sabrina is determined to bring her vision of uniting witchkind with mortals to the Council. Hilda is skeptical, but Sabrina says that she came back from the dead with powers she cannot understand. Meanwhile, Zelda finds Leviathan in his cage and carries him down. As he squeals, she forces the mouse through a grinder. While Sabrina and Hilda are arguing, Hilda hears something being ground to shreds. Zelda grinds Leviathan to death. Sabrina and Hilda confront Zelda, who responds that one must not simply keep a mouse in the house.

Hilda and Sabrina realize that Zelda is under a spell

Hilda realizes that Zelda is under a Caligari spell, an old spell that warlocks used to control wives when they got "uppity." She explains that it turns them into somnambulists or sleepwalkers. Hilda realizes that Father Blackwood must have put a spell on her during their honeymoon and that he must be controlling her with a music box in a chamber in the Academy. Zelda begins cleaning up the remains while Hilda describes the music box to Sabrina. Sabrina uses her new-found powers to beam the music box into the Spellmans' kitchen. Zelda wants to get squashed lemons to freshen up the room while Hilda and Sabrina fiddle with the enchanted music box. They find a picture of Zelda and break the mechanism. Zelda quickly snaps out of her entranced state and asks what the hell is she wearing as the music comes to a stop. Sabrina and Hilda breathe a sigh of relief.

Sabrina is prepared to take on the Council

Zelda says that it was torture being conscious while Father Blackwood made her dance to his infernal tune. Zelda says that she was aware every second and yet unable to make her own choices. Zelda acknowledges that Sabrina was right about Father Blackwood and tells them they must act quickly. She explains that Ambrose's impending execution is just one step in his plans to topple the Spellmans. Zelda says that Blackwood wants Sabrina to manifest her new abilities in the presence of the Council so that they can burn her as a heretic. Sabrina vows that she will not let Ambrose be executed. Zelda warns her that the Council is comprised of extremely powerful, albeit old, warlocks. She tells Sabrina not to underestimate them. But the three of them together stand a chance. Zelda now has to return to the Academy and play the role of the biddable wife in order not to arouse Father Blackwood's suspicions. And Sabrina magically returns the music box to the Academy. Zelda departs and takes Leviathan's remains with her.

Ambrose is scared

Prudence visits Ambrose in his cell and taunts him, however, Ambrose thinks Sabrina will save him. She asks him what he knows about Sabrina's miracles and clarifies that she is asking for herself. Prudence confides that seeing Sabrina come back from the dead made her cry. Prudence asks Ambrose what is Sabrina. Ambrose tells Prudence to ask her for herself. Ambrose admits that he is frightened. Prudence tells him not to be frightened because he lives with honor and will die with it. She bids him "may Satan keep you."

Lilith cuts out a rib from her own body and fits it into the straw poppet in her bathtub.

Ambrose is saved by Hilda

The following day at the desecrated church, the Church of Night have gathered for the execution of Ambrose. Sabrina, Nick, Hilda, Father Blackwood, Prudence, Zelda, Dorcas, Agatha, Elsepth, and Melvin are in attendance. Due to the lack of new evidence, Methuselah orders that Ambrose's execution to proceed as plan. Father Blackwood is jubilant while Zelda plays the role of the biddable wife. The Infernal Bailiff drags Ambrose before the guillotine and places his head in the block. Father Blackwood orders the executioner to carry out the sentence despite Ambrose's defiance. The executioner lowers the blade but is instead beheaded by a killing spell. Ambrose laughs. Blackwood asks Prudence how Sabrina did it, but Prudence says that Sabrina did not move or blink. It is Hilda who is holding a pair of pruning shears and a decapitated poppet.

Dark Lord orders Ambrose's release

While Ambrose laughs, Blackwood orders Marcus Pierce to carry out the sentence. Sabrina dares Blackwood to execute Ambrose himself. Ambrose howls in protest, but Blackwood instead orders Sabrina to carry out the execution. Before Sabrina is forced to do anything, there is a high-pitched screech followed by a shout of "Enough!" Everyone looks toward the entrance to the Church and finds that Sabrina has made The Dark Lord appear. As the congregation bows, he asks Father Blackwood if he is so blind to His will. Fearing he knows about his treachery, Blackwood stutters for a respectful response only for Satan to tell him "Silence Pretender." Lucifer chastises him for degrading the coven with his pettiness and orders Ambrose spared before disappearing. Methuselah declares that Ambrose is reprieved and orders his release.

Father Blackwood is stripped of his title as Anti-Pope

Father Blackwood meets with Methuselah and the Council. He tries to make a suggestion only for Methuselah to tell him he may not do so. Blackwood tries to bring Sabrina up again only for Methuselah to reveal that they disagree with his assessment that Sabrina is a threat. He adds that what did become clear is that Father Blackwood has displeased the Dark Lord and declares that as such he is stripped of his title of Interim Anti-Pope. Zelda maintains her ruse and serves Father Blackwood tea.

Sabrina plans to show mortals a miracle

In the woods, Sabrina proposes that Nick and other like-minded individuals gather at her house to celebrate Ambrose's pardon and discuss her father's controversial doctrines. Nick thinks it may not be such a good idea, but Sabrina thinks that recent events provide the opportunity for her to disseminate her father's teachings. She believes that it is her destiny to bring the witch and mortal worlds together. Sabrina proposes inviting both her witch and mortal friends to her place tonight. Nick is skeptical that this will be a good idea. Sabrina proposes showing them a miracle in front of mortals. Nick thinks this is risky, but reluctantly agrees to help her gather Academy students who are willing to mix with mortals. He asks Sabrina which mortals she has in mind.

Sabrina meets with Rosalind who agrees to come. Roz confides that there are kids in her church who want something to believe in. Sabrina asks if Roz will invite Harvey and Theo. She says that she will try, but that they have been missing in action, especially Harvey.

Harvey and Theo investigate the mines

Meanwhile, Harvey shows Theo several boxes that his father gave him as well as a map of the mines from 1910. He explains that it charts all the tunnels except Tunnel 13. He is curious as to why it is sealed. Harvey also shows Theo a log from his great grandfather, who served as the mine's foreman at the time. Harvey reads from the log and recounts his ancestor’s encounter with a mysterious woman dressed in white. Harvey tells Theo that he heard a woman’s voice calling from Tunnel 13. Theo says that it sounds like an adventure and reassures him that he is not hungry. It seems as if she's a guardian of something.

Roz, Nick, and Sabrina at the party

At the Spellman household, Hilda encourages Ambrose to eat. The three share a toast. The bell rings and Sabrina reminds them of the meeting she had organized. Sabrina receives many visitors including some of Roz' friends. Rosalind explains that church kids are drawn by food and music. Nick adds that Agatha and Dorcas also invited their friends and thinks that tonight should be a party rather than a "coming out" party. Sabrina asks Roz if she heard anything about Harvey and Theo.

The Woman in White

Harvey and Theo break through the barrier in Tunnel 13 and explore the cave. As they enter, Theo finds bones and likens it to the movie Descent. Theo has doubts about the secrecy of their trip. Just then, Harvey is attacked by the woman in white. A struggle ensues but Theo kills the woman by stabbing her in the back with a pickax. Harvey recalls that the journal says that the woman was guarding something. Harvey recalls that the journal said she was guarding something.

Nick and Sabrina discuss her revealing her powers

Sabrina wonders what her father would think about her bringing witches and mortals together. Nick says that her father would be proud of her and that he is also proud of her. She wants witches and mortals to come together. Nick supports Sabrina’s decision to follow her father’s doctrine. Sabrina is prepared to step out the shadows. Nick wonders where that would leave him and Sabrina since her father's doctrine is based on the union of mortals and witches. How could Sabrina preach that gospel without living it. Sabrina explains that she's about to step into the great unknown, and he's the one by her side, holding her hand. Sabrina kisses Nick and says it is time to show her powers to the others and asks if he will catch her if she falls.

Lilith speaks to her resurrected scarecrow poppet, giving him orders. She explains that she's it's mother and it will do as commanded. And since she made it from her rib, she decides to name it Adam.

Sabrina prepares to show the moral world that she's a witch

Back at the Spellman household, Nick, Rosalind, Dorcas, Agatha, Elspeth, Melvin, and the remaining party-goers head outside. Nick reassures Rosalind that Sabrina can be do provide a miracle to the mortals. Roz affirms her faith in her friend. Someone spots Sabrina standing on the top of her roof with a broomstick. Hilda is shocked to see Sabrina on the roof and orders her to get down now. Ambrose tells Hilda that Sabrina’s plans are going to change things, but maybe not for the better. Sabrina addresses her friends and says that her father saw a world where witches and mortals can be together. Before she can continue, she is interrupted by Harvey, who tells her that if she ever loved him to stop what she is doing and to come down right now. He implores her to come down. Theo reveals that he and Harvey found something in the mines that Sabrina really needs to see.

Inside the mines, Harvey and Theo show Sabrina, Nick, and Rosalind a mural of Sabrina around several candles. Harvey asks Sabrina what the mural means. Nick explains it's a prophecy. Sabrina realizes that she is the Herald of Hell and thinks that it means that she is evil.



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