"Chapter Eight: The Burial" is the eighth episode of the first part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the eighth episode of the series overall.[3]


A disaster rattles the Greendale community. Desperate to help, Sabrina attempts a new kind of dark magic -- with the assistance of an unusual ally.



Zelda learns there has been an accident in the mines

Sabrina is watching a movie when Ambrose walks in. He asks her what her plans are for the evening. Sabrina tells him that after Harvey's shift in the mines they're going to go watch a movie. Ambrose tells Sabrina that Luke has a connection with the high priest and that he's going to speak to him on his behalf. Zelda comes storming in looking for Hilda but Sabrina reminds her that she's working at Dr. Cerebus bookstore. The phone rings and Zelda gets a call telling her that there has been an accident in the mines. Sabrina quickly gets up and heads to the mines.


Sabrina is relieved to see Harvey alive

She arrives at the mines and frantically looks for Harvey. She finds him and hugs him because he got out in time. He tells her that Tommy is still in there and that he has to go back in to get him. Sabrina tries to stop him. He tells her that he's going to go find his Dad and walks away. Roz and Susie show up at the accident site to help. They set up a buffet and serve the workers. Harvey emerges from the mines and tells Sabrina that the hole to get to Tommy is too small and that he can't fit through it. Sabrina tells him to not go back in there because he's bleeding. Susie overhears their conversation. Sabrina takes Harvey to his truck and looks at his hand. She says he needs stitches and goes to get a doctor. While there she learns that someone slipped into the mines. Roz comes running up because she can't find Susie.


Susie emerges from the mines with Tommy’s helmet

They push through the crowd and find Susie all dirty from having been in the mines. In her hand, she holds Tommy's helmet. Mr. Kinkle takes it from her and Harvey says that they have to keep searching. Mr. Kinkle tells him that they will but not today. He sends everyone home except the workers and rescue workers. Harvey says that what if they're too late and Mr. Kinkle tells him that they're doing the best that they can. Sabrina walks over and gives Harvey a hug as they stand before the entrance of the mines. Harvey tells Sabrina how Tommy saved him. During the mine collapse, Tommy had told Harvey to run so he ran away. He wonders why he was the only one to make it out of there. Sabrina thinks back to the day when she put a protection spell around him. He realizes that she's cold so he pulls her closer and the two of them lay down. He asks if she'll stay with him and she snuggles close as she says that she'll stay all night long.


Ambrose reveals there are no survivors

The next morning, Sabrina arrives back at the mortuary at the same time Hilda does. Zelda tells them both to come inside. They sit at the kitchen table as Ambrose tells them that he astral projected into the mines and found no survivors. Sabrina wants to tell Harvey but Zelda says that they can't interfere or else bad things will happen. Zelda explains that the laws of Churches of Darkness states that the natural order must be preserved and that they can't reveal themselves to mortals. As such, they must be like Cassandra. Ambrose asks if she was close to Tommy but Sabrina says that she only met him a few times. She starts to cry because she knows that Harvey is going to be devastated.

Harvey walks into the family room to find his dad talking to a banker. Mr. Kinkle tells him that they're calling off the search for the other men's safety. Harvey goes to Sabrina's house and rants that Mr. Kinkle is coming to the mortuary tomorrow to plan Tommy's funeral just to get a check from the insurance.


Prudence suspects Agatha and Dorcas

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Nick asks Dorcas and Agatha if they've seen Sabrina. They tell him about the tragedy at the mine and how there's going to a funeral but that they are burying an empty casket. Prudence overhears them talking to Nick and becomes suspicious of their actions.

Back at the mortuary, Sabrina asks Hilda what happens to them when they die. Hilda tells her that she doesn't know. Sabrina asks if it hurts when Hilda dies. Hilda says it depends on Zelda's weapon of choice. Sabrina then asks how she comes back to life. Hilda tells her that it's all about the soil and that their soil was rumored to have been taken from Cain's garden. It contains all the mysteries of life and death. Hilda knows why Sabrina is asking these questions but she tells her that they can never, ever bring back mortals. Sabrina says that she isn't going to do anything and besides they don't have Tommy's body.


Tommy's funeral

Ms. Wardwell arrives at the funeral. Sabrina tells her about the protection spell that she put on Harvey. She had placed it after the Kinkles had killed the familiar because she suspected that the Weird Sisters might retaliate. Sabrina asks Ms. Wardwell if she thinks that they did this. Ms. Wardwell says that people always want someone to blame but this was a natural occurring accident. Roz sings at the funeral before Hilda tells Harvey that it's his turn to speak. Harvey goes up to the podium but has trouble speaking so Sabrina casts a spell to make him more confident. He says a few words about Tommy before he sits down again with Sabrina. Next up is Mr. Kinkle. He talks about how Tommy loved the mines but Harvey interrupts him and tells him that Tommy hated the mines. They start to argue and things begin to get physical. They knock over the empty casket and Tommy's helmet lands on the ground. Harvey runs off with Sabrina not far behind him.


Harvey is distraught

Outside, Harvey tells Sabrina that he can't live with his Dad and voices his belief that he killed his brother. He shows her an acceptance letter to Notre Dame that Tommy got three years ago. He could've left but he stayed for Harvey. Harvey thinks that he killed his brother and Mr. Kinkle arrives just in time to agree with him. Mr. Kinkle tells Harvey that he wishes he'd died in the mines instead. Harvey wishes that too. Angry that he was embarrassed in front of the guys, Mr. Kinkle goes to hit Harvey but Zelda stops him. She tells them to leave since the rest of their guests are. Sabrina tries to follow Harvey but he tells her that he wants to be alone.


Sabrina and Ms. Wardwell discuss Tommy’s resurrection

Sabrina goes to Cerebus Book's with Ms. Wardwell. Sabrina tells Ms. Wardwell her idea to resurrect Tommy. Ms. Wardwell tries to dissuade her from doing it but does tell her that she has a book about the dead at Baxter High. She also tells her that if she brings back Tommy, someone has to take his place. Ms. Wardwell tells her that Sabrina isn't a killer and wouldn't be able to do that part.


Father Blackwood has a proposal for Ambrose

Father Blackwood arrives at the Spellman Mortuary to see Ambrose. Blackwood has read Ambrosie's dossier and discovered how he even taught stage magic to Harry Houdini. Blackwood asks Ambrose how he fell into a group that wanted to blow up the Vatican. Ambrose says that it's because he was searching for a father figure and he finally found one with their leader: A young Crowley. When he was arrested, he was told that he'd get immunity if he gave up the names of the others involved. He couldn't make himself do it. Blackwood tells him that if Ambrose tells him the names that he'll set him free. Blackwood tells him he'll return for his answer and leaves. As he's leaving, Zelda pulls him aside for Satanic Confession. She admits to Blackwood that she fears that her family is moving away from the Path of Night. She kneels before him and continues to tell him that she feels like she's failing everyone. Blackwood tells her that he feels fear to and confesses to her that he hasn't had sex in a long while. They look at each other before they begin to kiss.

Susie wakes up in the middle of the night to find Dorothea's ghost standing in her room. She tells Dorothea that she did what she asked. Dorothea asks how it felt. Susie says it felt scary but really good as well. Dorothea tells her that that's just the beginning.


Sabrina finds out from Roz that Dorcas and Agatha are the culprits

The next morning, Sabrina calls Harvey but Harvey ignores her phone call. At school, Roz tells Sabrina that she had a vision when she picked up Tommy's hard hat. She saw two creepy girls in lace collared dresses using rocks to crush dolls. Sabrina asks Roz to give her details about the two girls. Later, Sabrina summons Prudence in the woods. Prudence asks what she wants and Sabrina says revenge. She explains what Dorcas and Agatha did. Prudence again asks what she wants. Sabrina says that Prudence owes her since she saved her from Constance Blackwood. She wants her help because she has a plan to bring Tommy back.


Sabrina and Prudence confront Agatha and Dorcas

Sabrina and Prudence go to the Academy of Unseen Arts. Sabrina confronts Agatha and Dorcas. Prudence reprimands them for acting without her permission. Sabrina says that one of them is going to die so that Tommy can live. The sisters tell Sabrina that she doesn't have the guts to kill them. Prudence says that she does. She asks who the mastermind was and Dorcas quickly sells out Agatha. Sabrina tells Prudence to bring them both to the woods. Nick asks if he can come along and watch. He asks what time and Sabrina tells him midnight in the clearing in the woods near the creek bed. Nick points out that she needs a book of the dead. Sabrina says that she'll get one. Sabrina sneaks into Baxter High at night and goes into Ms. Wardwell's office. Sabrina finds the book and leaves unaware that Ms. Wardwell had been watching her the entire time.


Sabrina and her entourage perform the resurrection spell

Sabrina and her entourage arrive at the clearing. They draw a pentagram and stand around it as they recite the spell. They get to the stage where they must sacrifice Agatha. Prudence asks if she's sure and Sabrina says she has to be. She pulls the knife back and slits Agatha's throat. Now they must wait thirteen minutes for Agatha's soul to leave her body. After that, they take her to the Spellman graveyard and bury her. Ambrose comes out of the house and yells for Sabrina. He reprimands her for using this type of magic. Sabrina is stubborn and says that what's the point of being a witch if she can't help the ones she loves. Ambrose tells her that she crossed a line this time. Suddenly, Agatha's hand shoots up through the dirt just as Sabrina planned. Sabrina says as much but Ambrose tells her that those are infamous last words as he walks away. Agatha pulls herself out of the ground. Prudence tells her that actions have consequences and that what she did could've revealed their existence. Prudence says that she is never supposed to take such action without her permission.

As Hilda is leaving for work the next morning she runs into Zelda. Hilda asks what she's going to do today and Zelda says that the High Priest is calling.

Sabrina is in the library with Roz creating WICCA posters. Roz tells Sabrina about how her grandma Ruth had visions after she went blind. How their blindness is a curse from a witch.


Zelda and Father Blackwood engage in a Penance of the Flesh

Blackwood visits Ambrose and asks what he's decided. Ambrose says that he can't give up his fellow co-conspirators. Blackwood says that he's glad to hear it and offers him the chance to work at the Academy as a sort of community service. Zelda pulls Blackwood aside and tells him that he's going to have twin sons. Zelda tries to kiss him but he tells her that she forgets herself. Blackwood tells her that they're going to spank each other and suffer in exquisite ecstasy.


Sabrina returns to the mines

At school, Harvey tells Sabrina that everyone is treating him differently. Sabrina tells him not to give up hope because a miracle could happen. Sabrina goes to the ritual site but doesn't find anything. She returns homes where she finds Ambrose sitting on the porch and whistling. He asks about Tommy and she tells him that it's been over 13 hours and nothing has happened. Ambrose tells her that the soul returns to the body and gets upset that Sabrina doesn't know even the basics. Sabrina realizes that Tommy is in the mines. Sabrina returns to the mines and finds that the boards that have been placed over the entrance have been broken. Harvey and his dad are eating dinner when someone starts knocking at the door. Harvey gets up and goes to answer it.



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  • Agatha says, "Blood must have blood" when answering for her role in the mine collapse that caused the deaths of Tommy Kinkle and the other four miners. Interestingly enough, this is a statement made often by the Grounders on the television series The 100  which airs on Riverdale's network, The CW, and on which Tati Gabrielle, the actress who plays Prudence, also stars.
  • Roz sings the traditional Christian hymn Blest Be The Tie That Binds at Tommy Kinkle's Funeral.


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