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I grew up an only child. My mom was my only family. So, naturally, all I ever wanted was a sibling. When I met Jorge in the third grade, I finally got the brother I always wanted. And he got a sister, which was a blessing considering he was the youngest of six boys. We were family, and when crisis hits, a family comes together, no matter what.

"Chapter Eight: It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" is the eighth episode of the first season of Katy Keene, and the eighth episode of the series overall.[2] It premiered on March 26, 2020.


WE ARE A FAMILY – With everyone reeling from what happened to Jorge, Jorge must now explain to his dad about Ginger. Katy is vying for an important apprenticeship, but in order to earn it she is given an impossible task that involves dealing with Xandra. The group all wants to celebrate Pepper's birthday like in years past, but this year she does something a little different, but her plan gets hijacked by Ms. Freesia. Meanwhile, Josie is eager to get her music out into the world, so she shoots a music video behind Alexander's back.[2]



Katy comforts Jorge as Bernardo recounts the attack

Jorge and Bernardo retreat to the apartment after being jumped, where they are comforted by Katy, Josie, Pepper, KO, Luis, Luisa, and their sons. Bernardo recalls three to four attackers. They reported the attack to the police, but there isn’t much that can be done without any eyewitnesses. Jorge’s brother, Mateo, knows some of the guys at the precinct and offers to give them a call. KO went to Molly's Crisis to ask if anyone saw anything. He tells Jorge that they’ll always be family, before leaving.

Katy follows KO into the hallway and tells him that he doesn't have to leave, but KO feels that Jorge has enough people hovering over him. Katy wonders if it was a mistake to call KO over, but he insists that he wanted to be there for Jorge. Katy proposes that they try being friends and go out for lunch.

Luis discovers that Jorge is a drag queen

Luis can’t believe that the hospital released Jorge in the condition that he’s in. However, it was Jorge’s idea to avoid any medical expenses. Luisa is thankful that Bernardo was there to protect Jorge, to which Jorge replies that he got a couple good swings in with his high heels. Luis questions why Jorge was wearing heels. Bernardo claims that he didn’t have time to change. Nevertheless, Luisa tells Jorge that moving forward, he is to put on his normal clothes when walking home. However, Jorge refuses. He reveals to his father that he’s been out in public dressed as a woman many times. Katy returns, and Jorge looks to Pepper and Josie for reassurance before revealing to his father that he’s a drag performer. Luis is outraged, even more at the fact that the rest of his family already knew.

Josie questions why she can't take the Apollo gig

At Chubby’s, Alex asks about Jorge and if he wants to take a break from "Kiss of the Spider Woman." Alex is willing to cover the costs. He then reluctantly tells Josie that her performance at the Apollo is off the table as Alex’s father didn’t approve of the gig. However, he assures Josie that once his father listens to the whole EP, he’ll change his mind. If Josie can’t release the EP or play gigs, she wonders what kind of career she could possibly have. Alex promises her that he’ll get his father on board, but until then, his hands are tied.

Ms. Freesia wishes Pepper a Happy Birthday

Ms. Freesia and the doorman from the Georgia Hotel arrive at the Pepper Plant to wish Pepper a happy birthday. Ms. Freesia sends the doorman downstairs to retrieve Pepper’s gift. She asks Pepper what con she is playing this year. However, Pepper isn’t in the mood to run a scam. She had been considering what Ms. Freesia said to her the last time they spoke about dropping the nickel and dime cons. However, Ms. Freesia insists that Pepper do something, as it’s become tradition for them. Pepper then informs Freesia about her friend, Chad, who wanted to invest in the Pepper Plant. His sentence just got reduced to time served, and as of today, he’s a free man and his bank accounts are unfrozen. Ms. Freesia takes this to mean that Pepper wants to run a scam, but to the contrary, Pepper wants to go legit.

Jorge, Katy, and Pepper help Josie send out her EP

Katy, Jorge, Pepper, and Josie convene in the basement of Chubby’s, where they assist Josie with sending out her EP to every local radio station, against Mr. Cabot’s wishes. With Josie going rogue, Jorge suggests she drop a music video, and Pepper recommends Raj Patel as the director. Katy then tells them how she wants to be real friends with KO, but Jorge, Pepper, and Josie advise her against it. While Josie keeps in touch with Archie, she adds that he’s all the way in Riverdale. Meanwhile, Jorge hasn’t talked to Buzz since they broke up on Valentine’s Day. As for Pepper, she never thinks it’s worth the work unless there’s benefits involved. Katy explains that she misses him and that seeing him at the apartment the night before reminded her that he too is a part of her family. Josie asks if Katy’s apprenticeship means she’s quitting Lacy's, but it doesn’t as it's an unpaid apprenticeship, which doesn’t bother Katy because after the dilemma with Patricia, she could use a mentor. Pepper remarks that Guy is amazing and that she is considering coming by the store to buy herself something in preparation for her birthday, though she isn’t sure if she’s having a party, especially after what happened to Jorge. Although, Jorge insists that he’s fine and that Ginger is ready to party.

Jorge meets with his manager, Marlie, at Molly’s Crisis to discuss their next plan of action regarding "Kiss of the Spider Woman." Marlie suggests that Jorge take a week off as Deveraux has offered to fill his role, but he is reluctant. Jorge then makes a call to someone to ask for help.

KO tells Katy that he's dating Xandra

As planned, Katy and KO have lunch in the park. She notices that he’s eating a salad. KO explains that he has a modeling photoshoot tomorrow. It’s for Caboture. It was Xandra’s idea, who he is now dating. Katy isn’t surprised, as she noticed a vibe between him and Xandra. Katy claims that she’s happy for KO. He then asks how her life is going and if she’s still designing the dress for Patrica, which she isn’t. The dress was designed by another designer, but on the plus side, Katy’s going to be his apprentice. KO and Katy share a hug, and he tells her that he’s proud of her.

Katy tells Guy that KO's dating Xandra

Katy arrives at Guy’s office to find a long list of designers also aspiring to be his assistant. Guy asks Katy how she learned how to sew. Katy tells him that she learned from her mother. She then asks about the long line of designers in the hallway looking to be his assistant as well. While Katy doesn’t have the most impressive resume, she’s hoping to hear back from Parsons and no one will work harder than her. Guy notices that Katy is rattled and asks why. Katy reveals that KO is dating Xandra. Guy questions if it will be a problem for Katy to prioritize her job over whatever drama she may be experiencing in her life. Katy prides herself on keeping her work life and real life separate.

Buzz offers to help Jorge

Buzz arrives at Molly’s to discuss Jorge’s attack. He’d been reading about the recent string of assaults over the last few weeks, but until Jorge called, it didn’t seem real. It’s for reasons like this that Buzz hasn’t come out as gay yet. Jorge tells Buzz that being himself and being seen out in public with someone who wants to be with him is worth being beaten up. Buzz offers to help Jorge; give legal advice to him or anyone who’s been assaulted, free of charge. Unfortunately, anything that Buzz does as a lawyer is reactive, he wishes they could do something proactive to prevent these things from happening.

Pepper invites Chad to her Birthday party

Pepper greets Chad for the first time since he’s been released from prison in Baltimore. Chad informs Pepper that he’s sober now. He had to take a long, hard look at his life and what he can offer of value, which is art. Pepper asks for his thoughts on the Pepper Plant. He likes the space and location but wants to meet the artists. Pepper’s hosting a party to celebrate her birthday and all of the Plant’s most talented artists will be there. She invites Chad to attend.

Luis begs Jorge to stop dressing as a woman

Jorge calls Pepper after learning that she’s having a party after all. As he’s getting his dress prepared, he is approached by Luis, who apologizes for walking out before. He sees Jorge’s dress and says that he’s always known that Jorge wasn’t the same as his brothers. He was always more sensitive. Whenever Luis was tired and stressed from a long day at the Bodega, Jorge’s brothers would barely notice, but he would still have to act strong even when he didn’t feel like it because Jorge would know and it would upset him. Luis is scared for Jorge. He was attacked because he was dressed like a woman. He begs Jorge to stop doing drag because he doesn’t want to lose him.

Guy tells Katy to get a dress back from Xandra

Guy tasks Katy with retrieving a dress from Xandra, which he loaned her when she was courting him for a business partnership. After the saga of Patrica’s wedding dress, Guy wants to test Katy to see if she can execute her professional life no matter what is going on in her personal life.

Josie thanks Raj for helping her make a music video, even without a budget. Raj retorts that sometimes the best art comes from financial constraints. His cousin owns a trucking company in Queens. Their parking lot looks out on the east river. It has a ton of production value, so he’d like to shoot the video there.

Katy asks Xandra to give her the dress

Katy tracks Xandra down and arrives just in time for KO’s photoshoot. Katy tells Xandra that she knows that they’re dating, and she’s happy for them. Katy reveals the reason that she came is to retrieve the dress that Guy loaned Xandra, but she refuses, claiming it was a gift from Guy. KO joins them, and Katy invites the two of them to Pepper’s party.

Josie films her music video near the east river with Raj as the director. They return to the Pepper Plant, where Raj finalizes the footage. He explains to Josie that he was an assistant editor on one season of the Matchelorette, so he’s used to working fast. Raj then uploads the video online.

Jorge isn't attending the party as Ginger

Katy reveals to Jorge and Josie that she invited Xandra and KO to Pepper’s party. Despite all the bad that she’s done, Katy is hoping that this will turn out to be good for all of them. Hopefully, she can get Xandra drunk and happy enough to hand over Guy’s dress. Jorge’s decided to go as himself rather than Ginger, which alarms Katy and Josie, but he claims that he simply didn’t want to upstage Pepper.

Chad and Pepper welcome the guests

At Molly’s Crisis, where Pepper is hosting her party, she and Chad greet the guests, starting with Katy and Josie, who she introduces to Chad as tomorrow’s leading designer and future Tony/Grammy award winner, respectively. Alex arrives right behind them, who Chad is familiar with from Collegiate. He recalls that Alex took his spot on Varsity lacrosse. Jorge and Bernardo arrive moments later. She’s surprised that he didn’t come as Ginger. Pepper tells Chad that Jorge’s drag show is the hottest in town. He asks if Jorge was ever on Drag Race, to which he replies "not yet." Chad then asks what Bernardo does, and he answers that he’s a firefighter.

Didi tells Pepper that Freesia has been calling for her

Didi informs Pepper that Ms. Freesia has been calling and asking for her. Pepper tells Didi to tell Freesia that she’s not available. KO and Xandra arrive soon thereafter. Chad refuses to talk to Xandra, who burned him on a deal last year. Seeing her makes him want to drink. Pepper greets KO with a hug and compliments Xandra’s dress, which she reveals to be the very same dress that Katy was tasked with retrieving.

Pepper instructs Didi to keep Xandra away from Josie because she’s promised them both the role of the Spider Woman. And Raj can’t mingle with Alex because he doesn’t know about Josie’s music video.

Xandra tells Josie that her stepfather didn't like her EP

Raj brings Josie a drink and tells her that they’re getting a lot of views on her music video. Xandra inquires about the video. Josie claims that she was simply helping Raj with a student film of his. Raj remarks that he hasn’t seen Xandra in a while, usually he just hears her and KO having sex through the wall. Embarrassed by his remark, he leaves. Xandra sympathizes with Josie. Too many times has her stepfather denigrated her. She tells Josie that his opinion isn’t a reflection of Josie’s talent. Despite Alex claiming that his father hasn’t listened to Josie’s EP yet, Xandra informs her that he listened weeks ago but didn’t like it. While Xandra on the other hand loved it.

Katy flirts with KO

Katy spots KO at the snack table and tells him that it’s okay to eat something now that his photoshoot is over. However, since he’s been with Xandra, he’s been watching what he eats. Although, he’s always been in great shape for as long as Katy’s known him. KO’s not used to being objectified, referring to modeling in his underwear. Katy jokes that she used to always objectify him when they were together. She mistakenly adds that he looked hot, resulting in an uncomfortable silence.

Katy, Josie, Pepper, Didi, Xandra, KO, Alex, Raj, Bernardo, and Chad gather around the stage as Jorge proposes a toast in Pepper’s honor, who has dedicated herself to building a safe haven for artists of all stripes.

Ms. Freesia arrives and wants in on what she deduces to be Pepper’s birthday scam. Pepper plays along. She tells Ms. Freesia to go home, and they’ll debrief tomorrow, however, she doesn’t want to miss out on the fun.

The party gathers around Ms. Freesia as she reveals her past with Pepper

Katy, Jorge, Josie, Pepper, Didi, Xandra, KO, Alex, Raj, Bernardo, and Chad listen to Ms. Freesia tell stories of her past. Katy asks how they have never heard about her aunt before. Pepper replies that it is because Freesia isn’t actually her aunt. However, she has known Pepper since she was a little girl. Ms. Freesia reveals that Pepper and her father lived in her building, but he was always away on business. Most days, Freesia would find Pepper all by herself, doing her homework in the lobby of the Georgia Hotel. And one day, Ms. Freesia invited her up for tea, and they’ve been like family ever since. Katy and Jorge recall Pepper telling them that she grew up in London. Pepper claims that she did live in London up until a certain age. She spent time in London and New York. Ms. Freesia then tells Chad about Jorge’s musical that Pepper produced. She missed it but promises to cheer them on during opening night on Broadway. It’s then that Xandra reveals her deal with Pepper that ensures that she will play the role of Spider Woman should the play make it to Broadway. Alex grows upset and accuses Pepper of running a con.

Xandra spills red wine on her dress

Xandra spills red wine all over her dress. Katy accuses her of doing it on purpose, but she insists that it was an accident. Katy worries that this will ruin her chance at the apprenticeship. KO takes Katy’s side, telling Xandra that she had plenty of dresses to choose from. Xandra grows upset that KO is more concerned with Katy’s dreams than he is her feelings. Katy interjects that while KO and Xandra have only been dating for ten minutes, she and KO were together for ten years. And they supported each other’s dreams while Xandra is trying to change everything about him to suit herself. Xandra tells Katy to consider that she may no longer know what KO likes and doesn’t like. If Katy fought for KO half as hard as she is fighting Xandra, they’d still be together. Xandra leaves, and on her way out, tells KO to find his own way home.

Katy apologizes to Xandra

Katy finds Xandra as she is cleaning herself off in the bathroom and apologizes. Katy admits that she still feels something for KO and seeing him happy with someone else is difficult to comprehend. Xandra can relate as that’s how she felt seeing Alex with Josie. Admittedly, she may have taken things too far with KO, but Xandra doesn’t want him to be a different person. She simply thinks that he’s capable of more. Xandra then accepts Katy’s apology.

Alex reveals that he took down the video

Josie approaches Alex after learning that Xandra took down her music video for Copyright Infringement. Alex reveals that he had Josie’s video taken down. Unlike Alex, Josie’s hands aren’t tied, and she felt that she had to do something. Josie tells Alex that she knows his dad heard her EP and disliked it. She understands why Alex lied to her, but she doesn’t need protecting. When Alex’s dad heard the EP, he was going to cut Josie loose, but Alex convinced him not to. Josie only gets one shot at a public rollout, and he worries that a low budget music video would ruin that and her chances to become a huge star.

Jorge worries that he's losing his family

Katy tells Jorge that she thinks Xandra may be good for KO. She let her unresolved feelings for him screw up her apprenticeship. Katy then asks if Jorge is okay, as they haven’t talked about him getting attacked. Jorge is angry that he can’t walk down the streets without looking over his shoulder and angry that there’s nothing he can do to find the thugs that attacked him. Worst of all, things are really bad with his father. Jorge isn’t scared of being attacked. What bothers him is that he could lose the support of his family. Katy reminds Jorge that she’s his family and that family isn’t just his blood. It’s who he chooses.

Pepper approaches Chad as he’s leaving the bar. She hopes he’ll consider investing in the Pepper Plant. He informs her that he’s already in. He signed her check over to her partner, Ms. Freesia. She sold him on Pepper’s vision.

KO returns Guy's dress

KO delivers Guy’s dress to Katy. Xandra had it dry cleaned. It’s wine-free. Katy apologizes for her behavior last night and admits that it’s a lot harder than she thought it would be to see KO with someone else. KO regrets not standing up for Xandra. He’s just so used to being on Katy’s side. However, he does want to be friends with her and wishes her luck on getting her apprenticeship.

Alex tells Josie about his father's plans to form a band

Alex meets with Josie at Chubby’s to share with her the good news. While his father still isn’t a fan of Josie’s EP, Alex convinced him to look through her discography, and in doing so, he came across some old videos of Josie and her high school band, the Pussycats. Now, he has an entirely new vision for Josie. He wants her to lead the ground. Like Diana Ross started off with the Supremes and Beyoncé with Destiny’s Child.

Katy delivers Xandra’s dress to Guy, who’s impressed with her ability to come through. Katy says that KO convinced Xandra to give it back and that sometimes your personal life can help your professional life. Katy admits that her life is messy, but she never lets her feelings get in the way of fashion. Guy then appoints Katy as his new apprentice.

The doorman is Pepper's father

The doorman brings Pepper another cupcake, as it’s tradition. He’s still trying to figure out the exact day of the month that Pepper was born. He’s not going to give up because she deserves to know when her real birthday is. Pepper hugs the doorman and says "you’re the sweetest. I don’t know what I’d do without you, dad." She then asks if her father has seen Ms. Freesia. He reveals that Ms. Freesia left the Georgia Hotel with two bags and her cat. All she left was a forwarding address in Zermatt.

Ginger refuses to stop being herself

Luis runs into Ginger as she’s leaving the apartment building. He calls her Jorge and reminds her of the conversation they had. However, Ginger doesn’t want to give up her passion just because something bad happened. Luis explains that Ginger is putting herself in danger and if something bad happens to her, it happens to all of them. He calls what Ginger is doing selfish, but she replies that "It's not selfish, Dad. This is me."

Ginger leads the gay pride rally

Katy, Pepper, KO, and Josie meet up with Ginger and Bernardo at a gay pride rally. They’re impressed with the turn out. Pepper promises to write about it in the Daily Hail so that the whole city will know. Ginger then gives a speech. She refuses to hide herself and insists that the city see them as they really are. Katy tells Ginger that she loves her and gives her a hug. Buzz arrives and reveals that he came out at work. Ginger then introduces Buzz to Bernardo. Katy, Ginger, Pepper, and Josie watch as a public transportation bus passes by with a Caboture promotional ad on the side with KO as the model.



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