When our helicopter went down on the way to Marsha's vineyard, I said a prayer, Veronica. If only one of us will survive this crash, I thought... Please let it be my wife. Let it be the woman I want to build a life with. The woman I want to be the mother of my children. And then we both survived, and all I could think is now we can do those things. I don't wanna waste a minute.
— Chad to Veronica[src]

Chadwick "Chad" Gekko was a guest starring character on The CW's Katy Keene. He is currently a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. He was initially portrayed by Reid Prebenda but was later recast as Chris Mason during the fifth season of Riverdale.

Chad is a Wall Street businessman and Veronica Lodge's soon-to-be ex-husband.

Character Description

Veronica's controlling and jealous husband who works on Wall Street. An Alpha dog, Chad is threatened by Veronica's life in Riverdale, especially her friendship with Archie.

Throughout Katy Keene

Season 1

Meeting Pepper

Chad considers investing in the Pepper Plant

Chad meets with Pepper Smith at a cafe. She pitches the idea of a modern day version of Andy Warhol’s Factory. The "Pepper Plant." A place where emerging artists can collaborate and party. Chad admits to loving to party and asks Pepper if she would like to do some coke in the bathroom even. Pepper turns him down, redirecting her focus back to the Pepper plant. His backing could help produce the greatest art of this generation. She’ll need him to provide eight million dollars though. He tells her to lock down a location, and then they can talk.[1]

Investing in the Pepper Plant

Pepper shows Chad around the Pepper Plant

Pepper greets Chad for the first time since he’s been released from the Baltimore state prison. Chad informs Pepper that he’s sober now. He had to take a long, hard look at his life and what he can offer of value, which is art. Pepper asks for his thoughts on the Pepper Plant. He likes the space and location but wants to meet the artists. Pepper’s hosting a party to celebrate her birthday and all of the Plant’s most talented artists will be there. She invites Chad to attend.

At Molly's Crisis, where Pepper is hosting her party, she and Chad greet the guests as they arrive, including Katy and Josie, who she introduces to Chad as tomorrow’s leading designer and future Tony/Grammy award winner, respectively. Alexander Cabot arrives right behind them, who Chad is familiar with from Collegiate. He recalls that Alex took his spot on Varsity lacrosse. Jorge and Bernardo arrive moments later. She’s surprised that he didn’t come as Ginger. Pepper tells Chad that Jorge’s drag show is the hottest in town. He asks if Jorge was ever on Drag Race, to which he replies "not yet." Chad then asks what Bernardo does, though he's simply a firefighter.

Chad agrees to invest in the Pepper Plant

KO and Alexandra Cabot arrive soon thereafter. Chad refuses to talk to Xandra, who burned him on a deal last year. Later, they gather around the stage as Jorge proposes a toast in Pepper’s honor, who has dedicated herself to building a safe haven for artists of all stripes. Ms. Freesia then tell stories of her past. She reveals that Pepper and her father lived in her building, but he was always away on business. Most days, Freesia would find Pepper all by herself, doing her homework in the lobby of the Georgia Hotel. And one day, Ms. Freesia invited her up for tea, and they’ve been like family ever since. Ms. Freesia then tells Chad about Jorge’s musical that Pepper produced.

Pepper approaches Chad as he’s leaving the bar. She hopes he’ll consider investing in the Pepper Plant. He informs her that he’s already in. He signed her check over to her partner, Ms. Freesia, who sold him on Pepper’s vision.[2]

Throughout Riverdale

Season 5

One Year Anniversary

Chad and Veronica celebrate their one year anniversary in their home on the Upper East Side of New York City. The only thing they’re missing is a child, Chad remarks, but Veronica isn’t so keen on the idea of having babies just yet. He proposes that she cut back at Lacy's, but Veronica insists that she’s fine. In fact, she misses being on the main floor with him at Wall Street.

Chad confronts Veronica for lying

The following day, Chad calls Veronica from Lacy's and confronts her about lying to him, as he was under the impression that she had been working with Katy at Lacy’s. When Veronica returns home, Chad continues to express his frustrations. Veronica explains that Lacy’s was lacking edge and rather unchallenging. Chad also reminds Veronica that they're supposed to be working towards a baby. Veronica changes the subject and reminds him of the passionate sex and their power couple status at work when they first met. She asks what changed. Chad replies "the accident," in which Veronica almost died. So, he didn’t want her going back to Wall Street because it was too stressful, to which she reluctantly agreed but that was admittedly a mistake. Veronica lastly tells Chad that he needs to accept her for who she is.

Chad apologizes to Veronica

The very next night, Chad has a bouquet of flowers waiting for Veronica when she returns home. He apologizes for the fight. Chad explains that when their helicopter went down on the way to Martha’s Vineyard, he said a prayer, hoping that Veronica would at least survive the crash. And then they both survived, and he realized that there was so much that they hadn’t gotten to do. Veronica understands his perspective, but she reminds him that they’re partners and that she’s fully capable of making her own decisions, which she hopes Chad will have faith in. As an apology gift, Chad gives Veronica a Glamerge egg, informing her that a new one comes out each year.[3]

Controlling Veronica

Chad claims there was an error at the bank

In order to push Veronica into returning home sooner rather than later, Chad freezes her cards, though when Veronica calls, he claims that there was a mishap with the bank. He then asks Veronica when she intends to come home. Veronica says that Pop Tate’s retirement party is two days, so she’s likely to return the day after.

Chad gets on another video call with Veronica a couple days later. She reveals that she isn’t coming home just yet, as Riverdale High has fallen on hard times and needs her help. She then reminds him that she makes most of the money in their joint accounts and gives him 30 minutes to unfreeze them. Should he fail to comply, she threatens to return to Wall Street and tear out his throat in front of all the other alpha dogs on the floor come Monday morning.[4]

Arrival in Riverdale

Chad surprises Veronica

Chad surprises Veronica with a visit as she's teacher at Riverdale High. Afterward, he meets her friends, who proposes they celebrate two successful days back with karaoke at the Whyte Wyrm. To Veronica’s surprise, Chad agrees to join them. That night, they all gather around a table as Veronica performs Shallow on stage. Chad joins her mid-performance and they conclude their duo with a kiss. The next day, Veronica and Chad wake up in bed. She confesses that she enjoys having Chad around, and he suggests staying in Riverdale for a few more days.

Veronica takes Chad to Blue Velvet Video and informs him of her plans to reshape the shop into a jewelry store. Veronica reveals that being back in Riverdale and seeing her friends has been good for her soul. Chad warms up to the idea of having a place both in New York and Riverdale and gives Veronica his full support. He then asks Veronica if they’re going to buy a new house or continue to live in the Pembrooke. Veronica replies that she never wants to leave the Pembrooke but admits that the apartment could use a remodel.

Chad apologizes to Veronica

Chad and Veronica work out their schedules to divide their time between Riverdale and New York. Chad mentions that her father suggested he move to Riverdale full-time to help him manage the SoDale properties. Veronica reminds Chad that he works in finance, not real estate. She then wonders just how long Chad and her father have been talking behind her back. Archie shows up unexpectedly and asks Veronica to fund the Bulldogs, which she happily agrees to. Archie promises Veronica that he’ll pay her back in full. Chad interjects that Archie will pay both him and Veronica back in full, as they have a shared account. Chad recalls that Archie is a vet and remarks that he probably doesn’t like taking handouts. So, he proposes that instead of loaning Archie the money, he renovate their apartment in exchange for them funding the Bulldogs. After Archie leaves, Veronica confronts Chad for his rude behavior towards Archie. Chad replies that he’s been nothing but accommodating to her every whim, from hanging out with her friends to singing karaoke. He did these things because he claims to love Veronica and then apologizes for his attitude towards Archie. Veronica forgives him and suggests going to Pop’s for dinner, however, Chad is disgusted by Pop's food and suggest going to a diner recommended by her father, Mia.

Chad awakens the following morning to find that Veronica has packed his belongings. Upon reflection, she has decided that it would be best for them to take some time apart. She needs time to figure out if she’s a Pop’s girl or a Mia’s girl or both. Chad accepts her decision and tells Veronica to call him when she’s ready to talk.[5]

Divorcing Veronica

Chad returns to Riverdale for Cheryl's key party. Chad approaches Archie at the party and asks how is it that in a podunk town like Riverdale, all the woman are so hot. Archie doesn’t reply, simply choosing to walk away rather than engage.

Chad refuses to allow Veronica to leave with Archie

Cheryl gathers the guests, happy to see that they’ve all decided to attend. She says that tonight’s key party is a bold rejection of death and reveals the house rules. Whatever happens must be completely consensual, and because they’re all a progressive, fluid, and inclusive group, there will be no redrawing of keys. But the main rule is that they will be free to do whatever they desire. It’s essentially a free pass. Veronica draws first from the bowl. She picks up Archie’s keys, but Chad refuses to allow her to go off with Archie and grabs her arm. Archie demands that Chad unhand Veronica and treat her with respect. Veronica refuses to allow them to fight over her. So, she grabs Chad’s keys from the bowl and leaves.

Chad questions if Veronica invited him to Riverdale solely to make him jealous. Veronica explains that this is not the case. While Cheryl’s party may have been ill-advised, it confirmed something she had been feeling for a long time.[6]

Trapping the She-Wolf

Chad sends Veronica photos

Chad gets a call from Veronica, asking if he's signed the divorce papers, which he hasn't. He tells Veronica that they’re bonded for life after all they’ve been through, but Veronica insists that he sign the papers. Rather than honoring Veronica's request, Chad proceeds to mail her photos of her and Archie kissing after a football games. Attached to the photo is a sticky note that says: "We should take. In person. — Chad."

Veronica and Chad kiss

Veronica calls Chad again and agrees to meet with him in the city for dinner. Chad cancels their reservation at the last minute to lure Veronica to the apartment, where he has prepared dinner — Chinese food by candle light, similar to when they first started dating. He wants to reminisce on the good times rather than dwelling on the bad. Chad and Veronica decide to drink wine and look through old photos. Their wedding song then begins to play and they share a dance. With them having been through so much, Chad thought they would be together forever. Veronica recalls the night of the accident and asks if Chad crashed on purpose. He questions why she would think this. She replies because then they would be together forever. Chad claims that all he’s ever wanted to do was make Veronica as happy as she makes him. He even signed the divorce papers just before she walked in, he claims. All he wanted with her was one last night. Veronica then kisses him.

Chad reveals that he's in debt

The following morning, Veronica confronts Chad after learning that he lied about signing the divorce papers. He reveals that he recently got involved in an investment scheme. It was supposed to be an easy way to get them out of debt, which Chad got them into with bad investments. Chad figured out a way to get them out the hole, but it meant borrowing from other investors, and he had to make the investments in the name of an existing company, that being Veronica’s new jewelry store. She is distraught and demands that he sign the divorce papers immediately. However, Chad reminds Veronica that them divorcing would mean he could testify against her in court. And no one would believe that the "She-Wolf of Wall Street" didn’t know about the dirty dealings within her own business. He promises Veronica that he’ll make it all back with a little bit of time and her help.[7]

Physical Appearance

Chad is a young Caucasian male with short brown hair and blue eyes. He is clean shaven and often wears business suits.


Prior to his arrest, Chad admittedly loved to "party." During his first encounter with Pepper, he proposed that they sneak off into the bathroom to do some coke. However, after his stint in the Baltimore state prison, he sobered up and began to value his life and evaluate all that he had to offer. While he may have given up on the drinking and drugs, Chad still possess the typical alpha male persona and is threatened by powerful women, specifically, Veronica, who he often tries to control in order to further his ideal version of life. He also has a tendency to try and make himself look like a victim during his disputes with Veronica, hoping to convince her to be a stay-at-home wife so they can start a family.


Katy Keene

Season 1


Season 5


Katy Keene

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