Centerville is a neighboring town near Riverdale, specifically two towns over.


Archie and Jughead were supposed take a bus trip together to Centerville to watch the Fourth of July fireworks, but the morning of, Archie ditched him.[1][2]

Hermione Lodge has put in calls to Greendale and Centerville for construction crews on the SoDale project site, but Fred eventually followed FP's advice and hired several members of the Southside Serpents to help out with the construction while also patrolling the site from vandals.[3]

Sheriff Keller was planning to send the encrypted message sent by the Black Hood to a cryptologist in Centerville for further examination, though Alice informs him that she had already posted the encrypted message on The Register, so that all citizens could have the entire town working on it.[4]

Betty and Alice Cooper visited Centerville's Last Resort Youth Hostel to see Charles, her long-lost brother Alice was forced to give up for adoption. In Room 237, they meet a guy who introduce himself as "Chic". As they prepare to introduce themselves, he admits to already knowing who they are, as he was given their address after being kicked out by the Sisters of Quiet Mercy at the age of eighteen. He also admits to stopping by their house once before and shows resentment towards Alice and her pretty family. Unfortunately, the longer they stay, the angrier Chic becomes and he asks them to leave because he has a client for his "Fantasy Fulfilment" job on the way. In the parking lot, Alice cryes out her sadness and is conforted by Betty.[5]

At the hostel, Betty rescued her brother Chic from a thug called Marcel, who wanted to force Chic to work even though he wasn't interested that evening and wounded Chic with a knife. However, Betty believes the whole situation was fishy and asked Kevin to help her discover the truth.[6]

Dwayne, a shady man involved in Chic's illegal activities in Centerville, arrives at the Cooper house to collect his money.[7] Alice gets rid of him, but Dwayne's girlfriend Darla manages to blackmail the Cooper family until the Serpents lead by Jughead drive off Darla and her thugs back to Centerville.[8]

Betty and Jughead continued to investigate into Chic's past. They go back to Centerville to question some neighbors. They discover the existence of two guys who used to live there and that following a violent argument, the mild one disappeared. Betty deduces that Chic killed her real brother and impersonated him all along. After torturing Chic in the Cooper house's basement, they find out that it was an accident and that the real Charles was addicted to Jingle Jangle according to Chic.[9]

During mayoral campaign, Hermione Lodge claims that they're already making strides to fight back the Black Hood in Riverdale. She and her husband personally recruited Sheriff Minetta from Centerville after Tom Keller resigned.[10]

Jughead gets a call from Fangs, who tells him that the Centerville Serpents saw rogue-Serpent turned-Gargoyle Joaquin at the Last Resort Hostel and that they are on their way to retrieve him.[11]





  • Last Resort Hostel
  • Centerville High School[12]


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