Nearly a hundred years ago, Grandfather Blossom came to this sacred maple grove. This annual tapping ceremony portends each season's bounty. Now I've performed this ceremony many times in my life. My son, Jason, when he came of age, performed it, as well. In his place, I put forth my daughter, Cheryl.
Cliff Blossom holding his speech.[src]

Blossom Tree Tapping Ceremony is an annual event hosted by the Blossom family to honor the Blossom heritage and bloodline.


Season 1

Every year, the Blossoms throw an exclusive maple tree tapping ceremony. Cheryl used to go with Jason, but after his death, she could not face it alone. She asked Archie to escort her to the ceremony, but Archie rejected the offer, stating he could not accept her invitation because he had a girlfriend. Later on, Cheryl's mother, Penelope, offered to put a word on Archie's behalf to a family member at the Brandenburg Music Academy for a spot in the exclusive summer music program. Brandenburg Music Academy was a school for the musically gifted and hard to get into, so Archie was happy with this offer. However, Penelope stated that would only happen if he reconsidered escorting Cheryl to the tapping.

The next day, as the tree tapping ceremony was ready to commence, Archie was told he only needed hold a bucket steady for Cheryl; she would handle the rest. Archie wondered who all the unfamiliar guests were, and Cheryl explained that they were her father's board of trustees. They were worried that Cliff was losing his grip on the company, and if this was to be proven true, they would join together to steal it from him. Jason's death was a PR debacle, and Polly being pregnant and unwed definitely did not help the situation.

Cliff was holding his speech with Penelope next to the maple tree. Cheryl was called to stake the tree, and dragged Archie along with her. Cheryl was nervous as she had only seen Jason do it but had never done it herself. Archie, who was holding the bucket, gave Cheryl a pep talk, telling her she could do it in her sleep. She managed to do it successfully, just like Archie said she would. Everyone applauded Cheryl, and her parents smiled as well.

The ceremony ended as everyone stood for a group photo. Following the group photo, Archie checked in on Polly as requested by Betty earlier. He asked why she was not returning Betty's calls and treating Betty as an enemy, to which Polly replied that she was fine.[1]




Former Performers



Season 1


  • Harvesting maple syrup is a much slower process than the one shown in Riverdale. When tapping syrup from a tree, in fact, it does not flow quickly but drips.



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