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Turns out, Maple Syrup was a front for his true business, transporting heroin from Montreal on his trucks.
Jughead in narration[src]

Blossom Maple Farms is the Blossom family business. Since its founding in 1941, the Blossoms have held a monopoly on the lucrative maple syrup trade.

Prior to Jason Blossom's death, he was the named heir of the company. After his murder, which was a PR disaster, the board of trustee's descended upon Riverdale contemplating a hostile takeover. With Jason's death and Polly Cooper pregnant and unwed, they believed Clifford had lost control of things and actively looked for a way to take the company from him.

Its true purpose was revealed to be that Cliff Blossom used the company as a front to smuggle in drugs from other countries. The Maple Farms was also the sight where Clifford presumably hung himself after being exposed as Jason's murderer.




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