We were tested this year. As a town, as a company. Mainly, as a family. And it may not have been Jason's hand that staked the maple this year, but it was in the hand of hope.
Cliff Blossom holding his speech[src]

The Blossom Banquet was a formal dinner hosted by the Blossom family at the Belmont Lodge for their company's board of trustees. The event took place a few days after the Blossom family's start of maple season tree-tapping ceremony.

The event was organized to appease the Blossom Maple Farms board of trustees who were concerned that, following Jason Blossom's Death and the scandal involving Polly Cooper, Clifford Blossom was losing his grip on the company.


It took some convincing until Archie attended the banquet. As promised, Archie escorted Cheryl to the banquet that week. As everyone gathered at the dinner table, Cliff held his speech. After the speech, Cheryl told Archie that her parents kind ways were not genuine as they wanted her to fail the tapping. Just then, Cliff requested to speak with Archie privately, he had decided to help Fred since Archie had helped them, the Andrews had a bright future with the Blossoms. Archie reminded him that they did not have to keep doing him favors, he liked Cheryl and was happy to be there for her as a friend. Though Cheryl was a bright girl, the trustees were skeptical of having her play an active role in the company, but if someone with Archie's character were at her side to temper her erratic behavior, they would be more inclined. So having Archie with Cheryl created an appealing picture.

Polly interrupted the two of them, asking to have the first dance with Archie. As they were dancing, she explained that the Blossoms had something to do with Jason's death, and she was there to figure out how, but she needed Archie to get Betty to back off. Upon that discovery, he noticed Cheryl storm off after a fight with her father, in which Archie followed her out to the pool in order to check on her.

Cheryl felt as if everyone hated her, but Archie did not want her to worry about them because he thought she was awesome, which is why Cheryl often thought that Archie was the only decent person left in Riverdale. Cheryl then kissed Archie, taken by surprise, all Archie could do was walk off, however, while doing so, he stumbled upon Cliff and Penelope, who were boasting about how Cliff got Veronica's father arrested.

On the other side of the lodge, after Cheryl had finally caught up, Archie revealed that he could no longer be a part of the arrangement with the Blossoms, but Cheryl reminded him that all the good they had done would go away too. Archie claimed that he was there as a favor to her mother, but Cheryl corrected him, saying that he was there because he wanted something from them, making him no better than the others.[1]





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