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The doctor said I was lucky it wasn't my neck that I broke on those stairs. And I'm tired of bad things happening to me.
— Billy to Theo[src]

Billy Marlin is a recurring character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. In addition, he appeared in The CW's Riverdale. He is portrayed by Ty Wood.

Billy is a member the local football team, the Baxter High Ravens and would often bully Theo Putnam before the two reconciled. Billy dates Lizzie, and hangs out with Harvey and Roz when she joins the cheerleader team, and sets up Sabrina with Carl for a date. Billy has also been the victim of several spells, including being turned into a pig, breaking his leg, being scared off by the Weird Sisters and Sabrina, who wanted to punish him and his friends for bullying Theo, and then by the spooky Bloody Mary, a prank by Sabrina and Salem.

Early Life

Not much is known about Billy's early life other than what is revealed by Hilda Spellman at Cerberus Books. She claims that Billy went through something traumatic by a group of boys at a summer camp when he was only eleven years old and none of the counselors would believe him. She also reveals that his father didn't believe him and his mother washed his mouth out with detergent until he just stopped talking.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Throughout Riverdale

Season 4

Billy talks with Betty

At Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, a diner in Riverdale, Billy sits in a booth with Betty Cooper, the reporter for the Riverdale High's newspaper. Betty is interviewing players from various schools regarding Stonewall Prep and their underhanded tactics. She’d been studying game tapes and had uncovered a pattern of violence. Between the players from Seaside High, Baxter High, and Centerville High, Betty's informed that the Stonewall Stallions intentionally injure their opponents and pay off the referees to look the other way. The worse the injury, the bigger the bounty. Billy, who got a broken arm in plaster, says that the Stonewall coach pays the players to hurt the other teams.[1]

Physical Appearance

Billy is a tall and handsome young man, with wavy blonde hair and a suitably athletic figure, given he is a regular football player. He is shown wearing the Baxter High football team jackets, along with his fellow teammates. 


Billy uses the fact that he is on the football team to bully people, his main victim being Theo Putnam. He is ruthless in his taunting, going as far as insulting Theo's gender identity. He tends to travel with a pack of his friends, who are carbon copies of himself. His friends often join in on the bullying as well. Billy is highly transphobic and homophobic, having no problem with throwing out hurtful slurs at people.

However, despite his seemingly tough and toxic masculine persona he projects, he is in fact incredibly insecure and rather cowardly. As noted by Hilda Spellman using her divination, he harbors homophobic attitudes and bullies others, mainly due to a traumatic memory of being very likely sexually assaulted by other boys at summer camp when he was eleven, along with being ignored by the camp counselors and abused by his mother as a result of his accusations. This means that ultimately he is an emotionally damaged individual. He is also shown to be rather cowardly and easily frightened, given when he and his friends are terrified with the Weird Sisters illusory projection of having ghastly appearances in the Greendale Mines. Billy is also quite insecure during lessons, and other students and teachers often tease his poor achievements.


Theo Putnam

Billy and Theo

Billy's encounters with Theo started out as your typical bully and victim relationship, respectively, with Billy and his friends tormenting Theo and insulting his gender identity, often questioning if Theo is a girl or boy. Their encounters have also turned physical with Theo charging at Billy, and him punching Theo in the face. However, after Billy broke his leg, which unbeknownst to him, was a result of Theo using a magical object, he apologized to Theo for having bullied him in the past as he believed that the bad things that happened in his life were a result of him being so cruel to others.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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