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Veronica: "Betty, can we make a vow?"
Betty: "Sure."
Veronica: "That no matter what, no boy will ever come between us again. Deal?"
Betty: "Deal."
―Betty and Veronica make a vow of friendship[src]

The friendship between Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge, commonly referred to as "Beronica" among fans, is better than it has ever been. Betty and Veronica are best friends, though this wasn't always the case. At first, Veronica kissed Archie during Cheryl's after-party, thus bringing an end to the brief friendship as it quickly turned to somewhat of a rivalry over the affections of Archie Andrews. However, the girls eventually resolved these issues, making their relationship better than ever. No matter what comes their way, Betty and Veronica have proven a number of times that they're willing to do anything in the name of their relationship.

Betty was later forced to end her friendship with Veronica after the Black Hood threatened to kill Veronica if she didn't. Their friendship was strained, as Veronica didn’t know why Betty said the horrible things that she did.

Eventually, Betty came clean to Veronica about the Black Hood and the two resumed their friendship. This is shown when the duo teamed up to find out the identity of the Sugarman.

In "Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors", Veronica decided to run for student council and asked Betty to be her running mate, which Betty accepted. However, Betty found out that Veronica knew about the closing of Southside High, which made Betty quit and become the running mate for Jughead. They didn't make up until they were both cast in Carrie The Musical, which emphasized the their relationship as they realized that nothing can break their friendship.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

Betty and Veronica first met at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe when Betty and Archie were having dinner together. Betty was on the verge of confessing her feelings to Archie when they were interrupted by Veronica, who had arrived to pick-up takeout. New in town, Veronica introduced herself and recognized Betty's name as that of her tour guide the next day at Riverdale High School. Archie then asked her to join him and Betty but Veronica had to decline as she was picking food for her mother waiting back at home.

Betty gives Veronica a tour of the school.

The next morning, Betty gave Veronica a tour of the school and the two chatted before Kevin Keller interrupted them to ask Veronica if the scandal about her father was true, much to Veronica's dismay. They bumped into Archie again, and Veronica expressed her attraction for him but put it to the side when Kevin informed her that Betty was in love with Archie.

Later that day, Veronica joined Betty, Archie and Kevin for lunch when Cheryl Blossom arrived and invited Veronica to try out for the school's cheer leading squad, the River Vixens, of which she was captain. Interested, Veronica insisted Betty try out as well, however, Betty had doubts that she'd actually make the team as she and Cheryl didn't get along. Veronica wasn't taking no for an answer and encouraged Betty with compliments and offering to assist her in preparing for the try-outs.

Veronica kisses Betty.

In spite of their best effort at try-outs, Cheryl was unimpressed which prompted Veronica to kiss Betty in an attempt to save their routine. Sadly, Cheryl stated that faux lesbian kisses were outdated. During the interview portion of the try-outs, Cheryl pressured Betty into telling Veronica about her sister Polly, and her relationship with Cheryl's missing brother, Jason, which had ended with Polly being placed in a group home. However, Betty didn't let herself be goaded and calmly told Cheryl how sorry she was about her brother. Cheryl then welcomed Veronica to the team, denying Betty a spot, which led Veronica to come to her defense. She demanded that Betty be allowed to join, declaring she and Betty came as a pair and with no other choice, Cheryl reluctantly agreed. After acquiring their new River Vixens uniforms, Betty and Veronica bonded over the sadder aspects of their respective family histories and Veronica revealed that she used to be a mean girl like Cheryl and was trying to turn over a new leaf. She then encouraged Betty to ask Archie to the back to school Semi-formal, but Betty's courage failed her and invited him to go with both her and Veronica as friends instead.

At the dance that evening, Veronica left Betty and Archie to their own devices, encouraging Betty to make a move. She eventually did so, but Archie did not reciprocate her feelings much to Betty's dismay. At the after-party, hosted by Cheryl, they played a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven. Cheryl, wanting revenge on Betty and Veronica, was keen to stir up drama by forcing Archie and Veronica to go in the closet together where they shared a kis. When they came out, Cheryl was delighted to inform them Betty had ran off upset.[1]

Veronica tried to make amends at school the next day by presenting Betty with a series of elaborate gifts, such as flowers, cupcakes flown in from New York and a gift certificate for blow-outs and mani-pedi's. Betty seemed accepting of her apology at first, but was unable to get over the events of Cheryl's party and broke off their burgeoning friendship. Veronica claimed that she only went into the closet with Archie to prevent Cheryl from going in, however, while she may have gone in with the best intentions, it did not end that way. Veronica explained that it wasn't anyone's fault that Archie didn't like her though, that's just the way it was, the people they like often don't like them back, but at least now Betty wasn't pining after Archie in secret. Still upset, Betty pretended to befriend Cheryl to make Veronica jealous, inviting her to the salon with the certificate Veronica had given her. Later on, Archie walked Veronica home and home and she remarked that even though she had just met Betty, she felt that they had been destined to be friends before she messing things up.

The two made up later, however, when Betty witnessed Veronica's compassionate side and realized she was a better person than she had given her credit for. They sealed their friendship with milkshakes at Pop Tate's, vowing never to let boys get between them again.[2]

After a date with resident golden boy Chuck Clayton, Veronica was slut-shamed by him and he subsequently laughed off her outrage when she confront him about it. Endeavouring to help her friend, Betty sought out other girls who had been treated the same by Chuck and his group, of which there were many. One of the girls, Ethel Muggs, revealed that the boys kept score of their 'conquests' in a secret playbook, and Betty and Veronica aimed to find it. That night, after a tip from Trev Brown on the location of the playbook, Veronica, Betty, Kevin, Ethel and Cheryl broke into the school to retrieve it. Inside the book, they found Veronica and Ethel listed, as well as Betty's sister Polly, next to Jason's name. To get revenge on Chuck and his goon squad, Betty came up with a plan.

Veronica sees 'Dark Betty'.

She began by asking Chuck to meet her at Ethel’s house, under the guise that she wanted to be less of a 'good girl', and wanted Chuck to help her, but when he arrived, Veronica met him at the door. She explained that she and Betty had decided to share. Betty then came out in lingerie and black bob wig, much to Veronica and Chuck's surprise. “Betty couldn’t make it, so she sent me instead,” she said.

With Chuck in the hot tub, Veronica and Betty mixed a powdered muscle relaxer into Chuck’s drink to form a “truth serum” and he then found himself handcuffed to the sides of the hot tub while Veronica recorded him on her phone. Betty began interrogating him about what actually happened between him and Veronica, turning up the temperature in the tub more and more and pushing his head under the water until he confessed that he had lied about Veronica. She then poured a bottle of maple syrup all over his face so he could have a 'sticky maple' of his very own. Carried away, Betty began telling him to apologize for ruining Polly, addressing him as Jason. She then wanted him to apologize to her, as if she were Polly. Disturbed, Veronica told her that that was enough.

The next morning, after Betty published an article in The Blue and Gold exposing Chuck, Veronica found her by the lockers. She expressed her appreciation for Betty’s help but also told her how concerned and freaked out she was by her odd behavior, thinking she was Polly. However, Betty professed not to know what Veronica was talking about. They then watched as Chuck and his cronies were escorted from the building, banned from the Riverdale Bulldogs and suspended from school, thanks to Betty and Veronica.[3]

At Pop's, Betty and Veronica were with Kevin and Jughead discussing the closing of the Twilight Drive-In, when Kevin noticed Archie enter the diner with his father and Ms. Grundy, an odd pairing he thought. Betty abruptly got up and pulled Archie outside, which led Veronica to wonder what they were talking about, and if it was her. Curiosity got the better of her, and Veronica followed them out just in time to overhear that Archie was having a secret affair with Ms. Grundy, which she thought was scandalous. Veronica backed Betty up on her stance of Archie and Geraldine's relationship being wrong not to mention illegal, however, after Archie explained that Ms. Grundy believed in him when no one else did, they backed off the subject.

The next day, Veronica and Betty researched Ms. Grundy online, and presented the information they found to Archie at Pop's. According to them, she didn't exist until a year prior, there was no record of her. However, Archie wouldn't listen to them and asked Betty to let it go.

Betty and Veronica search Ms. Grundy's car.

That night, Betty and Veronica broke into Ms. Grundy's car, however, before she committed a felony, Veronica asked Betty if she was doing what she was doing because she still had feelings for Archie. Betty assured her that was not why. Ms. Grundy had Archie under a spell and would not listen to reason and they were looking for anything that would prove that Grundy wasn't as clean as she appeared. While searching, Betty picked a lock box and, much to their surprise, they found a driver's license with the name Jennifer Gibson on it, and a revolver hand gun. Once again, they approached Archie with the information they had gathered, and their suspicion that Ms. Grundy might have had something to do with Jason Blossom's death. However, despite of all the evidence, Archie still defended Geraldine. Veronica suggested that he open his eyes but Archie just walked away.[4]

Days later, as Veronica, Betty, Jughead, Kevin, and Archie sat in the bleachers during lunch at school, Veronica insisted that Betty tell her everything about her upcoming date with Trev Brown, as Betty was positively glowing. Kevin teased her that there was nothing romantic going on between Betty and Trev, as Betty had denied it being a real date earlier, that Trev was just a source for The Blue and Gold. Veronica then wondered why a date couldn't just be a date.[5]

In the student lounge, after Betty's sister Polly escaped from the group home her parents had hidden her away in to hide her pregnancy by Jason Blossom, Betty recounted to the group all that had happened with her sister. She became upset and Veronica noticed a moment between Betty and Jughead as he comforted her which Veronica later asked Betty about. Betty admitted there was something between them and Veronica was excited for her, approving of Jughead. She then joined the search party Betty and Jughead organized to find Polly, which was ultimately unsuccessful.

The next morning, Betty discussed Polly with Veronica at school. Betty had secretly found Polly hiding out in the attic of the Cooper house the night before and did not know what to do. Polly could not stay at home, due to her parents wanting her to give up her baby so Veronica offered to speak with her mother to help, however, Cheryl interrupted shortly afterwards offering the same.

After Betty and Polly took Cheryl's parents up on their offer to allow Polly to stay with them, Veronica sat beside Betty and Polly at Pop's as they waited for the Blossom's to arrive. However, Cheryl enter alone and told them to leave as her parent's just wanted the baby and Polly wouldn't be safe with them. Panicking, Polly looked to Betty and wondered where she could go and Veronica again offered her a place to stay, and Betty and Veronica brought Polly to The Pembrooke where Hermione welcomed them.[6]

At The Pembrooke, Veronica sat with Betty as Polly gave her statement to Sheriff Keller of the days leading up to Jason Blossom's death. Later, in the student lounge at school, Betty discussed Polly's dilemma with the group, in which the Coopers wanted her but not the baby, while the Blossoms wanted the baby but not her. As a potential solution, Veronica suggested they host a baby shower for Polly, as she thought baby steps would be the best way to approach the situation, starting with getting Polly and her parents together and in a public setting where they couldn't fight. Just as she asked Betty what she thought, however, Alice entered the lounge, demanding to speak with both her and Betty. Apparently, after Sheriff Keller interviewed Polly that morning, he had informed Alice of Polly's whereabouts, which Veronica took the blame for since she she was the one who made the offer. Betty, however, defended her friend, as unlike Alice, she was trying to help. As Veronica looked on proudly, Betty stood up to her mother, informing her of Veronica's offer to host a baby shower, which Betty thought was a great idea, and told Alice to stay away if she would not be supportive.

Betty and Veronica swapping worried looks

Over breakfast the next morning, Veronica and Betty approached Polly with the baby shower proposal, which Polly was initially hesitant towards, but eventually warmed up to. However, Polly wanted her mother to attend as well as the Blossoms, which caused Veronica and Betty to swap worried looks. The next afternoon, while Alice had not yet said if she would attend, Veronica did inform Polly that she had been invited. Then, as Veronica watched elatedly, Polly announced that she wanted Betty as her baby's godmother.

That night, Betty, Veronica and Hermione, with help from Jughead hosted the baby shower for Polly. During the gift portion of the evening, Archie stormed into the room and announced to both Veronica and Betty that Jughead's father was a member of the Southside Serpents. And while this news was scandalous, it was Polly's night, so in respect for her, Veronica suggested that the boys check themselves and settle their differences elsewhere. Later, Betty and Veronica had to watch as the shower ended in an argument between Alice and Penelope Blossom.[7]

Betty comforts Veronica.

Days later, Betty went to a lunch at The Pembrooke Veronica was having for Ethel who revealed that her family was having financial trouble and might lose their house. Later, Hermione pulled Veronica aside and informed her that Ethel's family's problems were the fault of Veronica's father, Hiram, much to Veronica's disgust. At school a few days later, Kevin informed a shocked Betty and Veronica that Ethel's father had attempted suicide. Distraught, Veronica ran to the bathrooms in tears where she was found on the floor by Betty, who hugged her in comfort. They took flowers to the hospital that evening for Ethel, where they met Mrs. Muggs, who reacted with anger upon learning that Veronica was a Lodge. As they left, Betty put her arm around an upset Veronica and walked her out, worried for her friend.[8]

At school, Archie and Betty revealed to Veronica that Archie had overheard Mr. Blossom say that he was the one responsible for her father being arrested and imprisoned. Shocked, Veronica wondered why Clifford Blossom would have anything to do with why her dad was in prison, however, they had no answer. Later in the cafeteria, when Betty proposed throwing Jughead a surprise birthday party, Veronica thought it was a fantastic idea and they began planning, with Veronica suggesting a small gathering with just close friends.

The next day, at River Vixen practice, Veronica, upset with the Blossoms, challenged Cheryl to a dance-off to see who of the two was the better dancer and would feature front and center at the Vixens homecoming performance. Betty looked on proudly while Veronica was unanimously declared the winner. Later that night, Veronica arrived to Jughead's 16th birthday party, upset after a meeting with her father's lawyer and not in a good mood. She began to cry when Betty brought out Jughead's cake and ran to the kitchen where Archie tried to comfort her, before Jughead and Betty interrupted. Concerned, Betty wondered what was wrong, but Veronica just said she wasn't in a partying mood. Moments later, Cheryl and Chuck crashed the party. Cheryl would later declare they play a game she called 'Secrets & Sins', which outed the fact that Veronica's father illegally purchased the drive-in's land, Archie's affair with Ms. Grundy as well as what really happened the night Betty and Veronica got their revenge on Chuck. The party was ended by FP Jones after Jughead and Chuck got into a fight, and Veronica stayed behind with Archie and they ended up making out and Veronica spending the night.

Veronica joins the investigation into Jason's murder.

At school, Veronica went to see Betty at The Blue and Gold offices with coffee and pastries and Betty remarked, amused, that the last time Veronica had brought her baked goods was when she kissed Archie at Cheryl's Semi-formal after party, not knowing what had happened between her and Archie the night before. Veronica said nothing and instead told Betty that she had just come from testifying on her father's behalf, to help his chances of being released from jail. Betty thought this was good news, however, Veronica revealed that her father had not only purchased the drive-in from jail, he had hired FP and the Serpents to trash it and decrease the property value. She then put forth the notion that he might have hired FP to do other jobs, like go after Jason Blossom as payback against Clifford Blossom. She wanted the truth and volunteered to aid Betty in her investigation, no matter what was revealed.[9]

Betty and Veronica were both at the Homecoming with their respective dates, Jughead and Archie, where Betty fought with Archie and Veronica over their breaking and entering into FP's trailer to search for evidence of him being involved in Jason's murder. Betty later said she never wanted to speak to Veronica again but she put this aside when they all tried to prove FP's innocence.

Season 2

Fred Andrews' Shooting

Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead at Graduation

Betty and Veronica appeared alongside Archie and Jughead in one of Fred Andrews' hallucinatory visions following the shooting at Pop's. Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead were in their caps and gowns, prepared for graduation. In the student lounge, they stood collectively, waiting for Fred to take a photo of them. Next to Fred, was Archie's mother, Mary Andrews. Fred commented that he didn't think he would live to see the day, to which Betty replied that he didn't, meaning he didn't survive the attack at Pop's. Before Fred could respond, the shooter appeared at the scene. As he entered the lounge with his weapon drawn, Fred yelled for everyone to go down, before a gunshot was heard.

Veronica rests her head on Betty's shoulder for comfort.

After learning that Archie's father had been shot by a hooded gunman, Betty raced down to Riverdale General Hospital with her mother. She, Veronica, and Jughead arrived simultaneously, gathering in the hallway before embracing Archie into a group hug. After settling down, they sat around him as he recounted the events at the diner — Archie came out the bathroom to find a hooded man pointing a gun at Pop Tate, then at his dad. He fired the gun, then bolted, leaving a bloody Fred on the floor. While Archie held his bleeding father, Pop Tate called the ambulance, but when they didn't come, Archie took it upon himself to drive him all the way to the hospital. However, now he was now questioning this decision as he thought he may have made matters worse. They insisted that Archie did the right thing, with Jughead saying that first, he saved Cheryl, now his father. If he kept it up, he might need a superhero name, Jughead proposed 'Pureheart the Powerful'. Veronica then rested her head on Betty's shoulder after a brief back and forth between Alice and Jughead.

Betty and Veronica in the lobby

As Betty and Veronica waited in the hospital lobby, Veronica told Betty a list of things that she was good at, such as makeovers, party planning, dance-offs, dropping vintage bon bots as if they were bonbons. This made Betty chuckle. However, there was also a list of things which she wasn't good at, which included grief, bedside vigils, and comforting boyfriends. She had a look of discomfort and shame, explaining that she didn't know what to do in situations like Archie's. Betty informed her that was the old Veronica she was referring to. Veronica commented that old Veronica would've already bolted, but new Veronica didn't want to let Archie down, yet she still feared that she might. Betty assured her that she wouldn't because she had confidence in Veronica that she would know what to do to help Archie out in a time of need. Archie and Jughead then reentered the lobby following their discussion with Sheriff Keller.

Veronica telling Betty that Archie is at the station

After shower sex with Archie, Veronica returned to the hospital to speak with Betty and Jughead. She informed them both that Archie was at the police station, attempting to identify the shooter. Betty suggested that they go down there, as it'd be traumatizing for Archie to be there alone. However, Veronica had something else in mind; Fred's wallet was missing, Veronica and Archie thought it might still be back at Pop's, so she tasked them with the job of finding the wallet. His wallet was either there, or maybe in possession of the shooter. Betty suggested that the gunman probably took his wallet for the cash. However, Jughead offered a more distressing theory; what if it wasn't just a robbery and was a hit instead. This coming from the fact that Riverdale was also the place where fathers kill their own sons, in reference to Cliff and Jason Blossom. Adding that people had grudges, he believed it was possible that it was a hit. Betty reassured Veronica that the wallet could still be at Pop's and told her that they'd go check it out.

Betty, Veronica and Jughead learning the truth from Archie

Later that day, as Betty, Veronica, and Jughead at lunch together, Archie revealed that he hadn't told them the entire story because he felt so ashamed. He wasn't the hero that they believed him to be. After the hooded attacker shot Fred, Archie revealed that he stood there doing nothing, paralyzed with fear. He didn't move an inch, not even when the shooter held a gun to his head. He shut his eyes and kept then shut until hearing the bell on Pop's door ring. Archie perceived his actions as cowardice, but Jughead, Betty, and Veronica would beg to differ as there was nothing else he could've done. As Betty tried to reassure him that there was nothing he could've done, Archie admitted in shame that he was a coward, because he had a chance to comfort his father or tackle the shooter. Now, him, his father, and Pop Tate are witnesses.

While Fred laid in the hospital bed unconscious, Betty and Veronica appeared in another one of his dreams. But this time Betty was the bridesmaid at Archie and Veronica's Scottish themed wedding. Betty stood alongside Veronica as she reached the altar. However, the dream came to an abrupt end as the hooded assailant appeared and fired his gun.[10]

Saving Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe

The gang at school

Betty and Veronica met up with Archie and Jughead at school that morning to learn that Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe had been vandalized and that Pop Tate's entire staff quit on him. To make matters worse, he wasn't sure how much longer he'd be able to keep the diner doors open. Archie pointed out that the diner's closing was a result of his father's shooting. People were scared, not that he blamed them as he too was actively avoiding the diner. Betty couldn't believe what she was hearing; her friends accepting the fact that Pop's was closing. She wasn't going to allow one psychopath with a gun dictate what happens to their favorite hangout place. She reminded Jughead of his crusade to save the Twilight Drive-In when it was closing, though with his father's hearing approaching, he didn't have it in him to take on any further social issue, which is why Betty, with Veronica's help, volunteered to take point on saving the diner.

After telling Jughead to meet her at the mayor's office, Betty called Veronica to inform her that Archie's bedroom had been alarmingly empty ever since he and his father returned from the hospital.

Veronica and Betty at River Vixens practice

Betty and Veronica entered the gymnasium for River Vixens practice, where they were greeted by Cheryl and the newest recruit, Josie. This caused Veronica to question if Cheryl was taking the squad back from her. Cheryl replied that they were never hers to begin with. They then asked Cheryl if she was open to the possibility of the Vixens being used in support of an event to help Pop Tate, which they came to call Retro Night. Unfortunately, Cheryl declined their request before rudely dismissing them.

At Retro Night, Betty and Veronica help kick off the event by making Josie and the Pussycats perform, hoping to boost the attendance rate, and ending with a success. Afterward, as the night came to an end, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Archie shared a booth, where they relished in their victory; a rare win for the good guys.[11]

Betty and Veronica talking about the shooting at Lover's Lane

After learning that Moose and Midge were attacked at Lover's Lane by an black hood wearing assailant, Betty arrived at school and sat alongside Veronica to discuss with her friends the recent shooting. With Kevin being the person responsible for finding Moose and Midge, Archie wondered what he was doing in the woods to begin with. Kevin claimed that he was night jogging, but Betty appeared unconvinced. Now that another shooting has taken place, Archie hoped that they all could finally agree that there was a killer in Riverdale. However, with so much uncertainty surrounding recent events, Betty wasn't convinced that the latest shooting was in any way tied to Ms. Grundy' murder. Veronica then interrupted to invite them all over to her place to officially meet her father.

Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Archie at the Pembrooke

Betty, Jughead, and Archie gathered at the Pembrooke that evening to watch the Matchlerette and officially meet Veronica's father. However, Archie was distracted by the recent shooting. He expressed his frustration with Sheriff Keller and his inability to apprehend the shooter. He started to feel as if they were being specifically targeted by the killer. It was then that Mr and Mrs. Lodge entered the room to greet everyone before leaving for dinner. Veronica introduced each of them to her father, starting with Betty and ending with Archie. Mr. Lodge couldn't help but overhear their discussion in regards to Sheriff Keller's shortcomings. For someone who's had his own share of run-ins with the law, he could confidentially say that the police weren't always the answer.

Later that week, Betty and Veronica arrived at school, arm and arm with, before parting ways.[12]

The End of B & V?

Veronica talking about her friend, Nick

Betty and Archie joined Veronica in the student lounge as she told Kevin of an old friend who was visiting Riverdale, Nick St. Clair. Veronica and Nick were the "will they or won't they?" of their jet set. While he was an outrageous flirt, they never dated. They'd used to hop from club to club, where they would go on these madcap adventures, and stay up all night.

The next day, while passing the music room at school, Betty was approached by Archie, Veronica, and her friend Nick, who invited her to a party being held in Nick's Five Seasons hotel room. "I wouldn't miss it.", Betty said.

Nick's party

That night at Nick's party with Veronica, Archie, Cheryl, Kevin, Josie, Reggie, Valerie, and Melody , after being instructed by the Black Hood to cut off those closest to her, Betty commenced her plan to break up with Veronica. When Nick suggested they turn up the party with some Jingle Jangle that he scored from Reggie, Betty told them that she wasn't interested, though everyone else, Veronica included, was more than willing to indulge. As all her friends got high and partied under the influence, Veronica attempted to encourage Betty to have some fun, as she was without Jughead for the night. Betty told Veronica that she was making a fool of herself by acting like a privileged, shallow, airhead party girl. She continued, saying that Veronica wa just friend of circumstance and that she wasn't who she pretended to be. Veronica may have fooled the rest of the attendees of the party, but not Betty, as she saw Veronica for who she truly is: a terrible person. In conclusion, Veronica told her to leave, if Betty truly considered her a bad person. Betty was uncharacteristically mean to Veronica. However, this was the price she had to pay to appease the Black Hood and keep her loved ones safe.

Betty learning that Nick attacked Cheryl

Following her parents' open house, where Nick nearly raped Cheryl, Veronica returned to the Pembrooke with Cheryl, Josie, Archie, and Betty. Archie asked where Nick was in that moment, but Cheryl instructed him to put his cape away because the Pussycats had already saved her. Veronica felt sick about the entire ordeal. Nick was a monster, and she suspected that this wasn't his first time. He'd probably done it before, right under her nose. Though, Betty assured Veronica that she was not responsible for Nick's actions. Cheryl then told them that she wanted Nick to be held accountable for his actions, so she would be pressing charges. Veronica and Josie then comforted her.[13]

Betty, Archie, Veronica, Josie and Kevin being punished

Veronica, Betty, Archie, Kevin, Josie, and Reggie were called to Betty's house with their parents by Mrs. Cooper after she learned of the Jingle Jangle use that took place at Nick's party. It was during this gather that Archie instructed Veronica to ease up on Betty because she had broken up with Jughead. After Reggie admitted that he supplied the party with Jingle Jangle, he revealed that he acquired it from a Southside teen that he believed to be a Southside Serpent as well as a student at Southside High. While they admittedly shouldn't have taken the Jingle Jangle, Veronica pointed out that Nick asked Reggie to get it, and later pressured everyone to partake in the night's drug-fueled festivities. As far as Veronica was concerned, Nick deserved to be under interrogation. Furthermore, he roofied Cheryl and tried to assault her. However, as Sheriff Keller would come to explain, prosecuting Nick would be difficult given that they were all high due to the fact that Jingle Jangle stays in the user's system for up to three days. After Josie's mother learned that she took the Jingle Jangle as well, she announced as Mayor, that her number one priority was to take control of the Southside.

At Riverdale High, Betty bumped into Veronica and Kevin in the halls. She tries to make conversation, but Kevin told her to back off. Veronica, in response, told him to chill, as Betty wasn't worth it.

Betty and Veronica discussing the Black Hood at Pop's

That night, Veronica sat in a booth at Pop's, reading alone, when Betty entered to question Sheriff Keller on his knowledge of a drug dealer named the Sugarman. "Drafting your next savage takedown", Veronica uttered. While Betty didn't expect Veronica to believe her, she insisted that she didn't mean anything she said during Nick's party. There was no sane excuse. Veronica agreed, which is why she asked to hear the insane excuse. Betty told Veronica the true intentions of what she said, which was to protect her from the Black Hood's line of fire. Betty had been talking to the Black Hood daily, and he had been instructing her to do all sorts of things, such as breaking off her relationships, publishing that article of her mother as a Southside teen, and even giving up Nick's name to the Black Hood to be his next victim. Betty would never forgive herself for all the things she did, even feeling guilty about giving up Nick. However, Veronica, on the other hand, expressed that she would've given Nick's name and happily treated herself to a facial. Although, this did not change the fact that Betty was in the toxic relationship with the killer, and needed to break it off. However, Betty suggested that they turn the tables. The Black Hood said he would go away if she found out the identity of the Sugarman. But in doing so, Betty would be sentencing him to death. Betty was close to bringing it all to an end, she just needed Veronica's help.

While being forced to do community service in Pickens Park by Mayor McCoy, Betty and Veronica hatched a plan. Veronica asked Reggie for his Jingle Jangle contact on the Southside. Although, Reggie was hesitant, he eventually gave Veronica what she asked.

Betty and Veronica in the Ghoulies lair

With this, Betty and Veronica headed down to the Southside where they met up with Verne, Reggie's dealer. Veronica approached Verne with a story that she and her friend wanted to party after a break up with her boyfriend. Verne charged her $150 for the Jingle Jangle, which Veronica knew she was being overcharged for, but didn't care. "My compliments to the Sugarman", Veronica said, which startled the dealer, causing him to take off. Unbeknownst to him, he was being tracked by them. As this unfolded, Archie and Jughead were on a mission of their own to combat the Ghoulies' hostile take over of the Southside Serpents. Betty and Veronica tracked Verne down to the Ghoulies' lair. Despite their best effort, the dealer discovered that he was being followed, and so Veronica and Betty were apprehended while trying to sneak in through the garage. Much to their surprise, Archie and Jughead were at the drug den as well, talking to Ghoulies leader, Malachai. "These are your bitches?" Malachai asked, to which Veronica replied "I beg your misogynistic pardon". It turned out that Archie and Jughead were looking to arrange a street race between the Serpents and the Ghoulies, where the winner gain control of the Southside. Unfortunately, Jughead was forced to put up his home, Sunnyside Trailer Park, as a bargaining chip.

Reggie, Kevin, Cheryl, Veronica, and Betty at the drag race

Leading up to the drag race, Betty and Veronica stood alongside Reggie, Kevin, and Cheryl as Jughead and Archie prepared to race Malachai and Verne from Herk Harvey bridge to Dead Man's curve. First one back to the starting point won. The race started soon thereafter, with Archie and Jughead in one car, and Malachai and Verne in another. Unfortunately, the race was interrupted by Sheriff Keller and the police department, which resulted in the arrest of the Ghoulies. Fortunately, Archie and Jughead just narrowly escaped. They returned to the starting point, where Betty and Veronica greeted them before leaving.

Betty and Veronica in a booth at Pop's

Betty and Veronica reconvened at Pop's that night. Betty's phone rang as they sat in the booth. Veronica suspected it of being the Black Hood, however, it was actually Cheryl, calling to inform them of the identity of the Sugarman, which she had learned from her mother. Unfortunately, Betty didn't know what to do with this information. If she gave the Black Hood his name, then may God have mercy on the Sugarman, but if she didn't, may God have mercy on all of Riverdale.[14]

At school, [[[Betty Cooper|Betty]] and Veronica learned from Kevin that the town was turning on his father, which was cause to worry. While Sheriff Keller was trying his best under the crazy circumstances, the Black Hood was far too elusive. What's he been doing to deal with it, Betty and Veronica simultaneously asked. Kevin told them that his father was neither sleeping nor eating. He would also hear the Sheriff rummaging around their house at odd hours of the night, talking to himself, and heading out in the middle of the night.

B & V discussing the Kellers in the Blue & Gold offices

In the Blue and Gold offices, Betty and Veronica discussed the troubles surrounding Kevin and Sheriff Keller. Betty had a theory in regards to the Sheriff. As did Veronica. While Betty accused him of being the Black Hood, Veronica believed that he was having an affair. Veronica was shocked with Betty's theory, asking if it was a joke. Unfortunately, it wasn't. Hoping to convince Betty that her theory is incorrect, Veronica further elaborated on hers. Sheriff Keller's wife was away. He was failing at his job, looking for comfort, sneaking around. All signs pointed towards cheating, though Betty was persistent in her belief, stating that maybe he could be having an affair and he's the Black Hood. Given that Mr. Phillips was killed in a cell at the Sheriff Station, Betty asked how does one explain that. However, Veronica wished to no longer entertain Betty's absurd groundless suspicions considering that Kevin was in a time of need. Veronica was positive that Sheriff Keller was having an affair. So, she advised Betty to stay tuned for when she proved it.

Betty telling Veronica to check the Keller's basement

That night, while sleeping over at Kevin's house, Veronica got a call from Betty. Betty, who was in the middle of an investigation of Sheriff Keller was upset that Veronica was investigating without her, However, Veronica insisted that she wasn't investigating the Sheriff, rather comforting Kevin, and helping him deal with his father's infidelities. Basically, Veronica was only sleeping over to prove her theory that Sheriff Keller was having an affair. Can you add looking for evidence to prove that Sheriff Keller is the killer to your to-do-list, Betty asked. She recommended that Veronica start in the home office, but it was locked. Betty then suggested that Veronica check the basement for evidence. While she was initially hesitant, Veronica reluctantly agreed. However, moments later, Veronica hung up on her without so much as a goodbye as she had stumbled onto the Sheriff working out in the basement.

Veronica and Betty at Pop's

The next day at Pop's, Veronica told Betty that she witnessed the Sheriff Keller sneak out the house in the middle of the night, and that he didn't return until 4:00 in the morning. Hearing this pleased Betty as it furthered her theory. She then placed the latest article from the Register onto the table, which read "Drug Addict Found Dead on Southside Railroad Tracks". A Jingle Jangle addict's body was found by the tracks that morning. While the article read that the addict was hit and killed by a train, Betty believed that rather than stumbling into its path, he was pushed in front of it by Sheriff Keller. She reminded Veronica of all the locked doors in the Keller home, though Veronica retorted that he was merely a private person. She instructed Betty to not confuse wanting a solution to the mystery with actually having one given that they were talking about the father of their close friend.

Betty and Veronica learning of the Sheriff and Mayor's affair

After Betty was caught by the Sheriff as she was snooping through his home office, she called Veronica in hopes that she would join her for a stakeout of Sheriff Keller's house. Veronica agreed to accompany her, but only to keep Betty in check and for Kevin's sake. So, that night, from their car, Betty and Veronica sat outside of the Sheriff's home, where they waited for him to leave, so that they could follow him. Sure enough, in the late hours of the night, Sheriff Keller left his home as he'd done many nights before. Betty and Veronica followed him to the Shady Palm Motel. As he pulled a bag from out the trunk of his truck, Betty took a picture, stating that it was his "kill kit". She imagined that he was about to do something terrible with his next victim, who could be in his motel room. Veronica suggested that they call the cops, but Betty would much rather investigate. They hid behind the bushes, watching as Sheriff Keller knocked on the motel room door. Much to their surprise, Mayor McCoy answered the door, and greeted the Sheriff with a hug and a kiss.

As they discussed this new development at Pop's, Betty and Veronica decided it best to keep this a secret from Kevin. After getting off the phone with the Black Hood, Pop Tate announced that they were all sinners who had failed the killer's test, and that the reckoning was upon them.[15]

Betty and Jughead informing Archie and Veronica of his father's release

At the Blue and Gold offices, after being called down by Betty and Jughead, Veronica and Archie learned of FP's upcoming release from jail. What heralded this miracle, Veronica asked. Jughead replied that it was the perfect storm of overcrowding at the prison and Cheryl's testimony that the Judge must've reviewed. Unbeknownst to both Betty and Veronixa, this story was untrue. Archie and Jughead knew the actual reason for FP's release was because of the one time drug-run deal they made with Penny Peabody, to deliver a crate of drugs for her, to a warehouse Greendale. Veronica and Archie then learned that Betty and Jughead had a new lead on the connection between the Black Hood and the Riverdale Reaper, which they were hoping that Veronica and Archie would follow up on because Jughead needed to be there to help his father readjust to society and Betty was taking a break from the case. Essentially, Betty and Jughead were asking that Veronica and Archie be them, in the sense that they work together as an investigative team.

Archie and Veronica informing Jughead and Betty of the third Conway child

in a reversal of roles, Veronica and Archie called Betty and Jughead down to the Blue and Gold offices to inform them of the discovery that they had made at the Devil's house. There was a third child who survived the massacre. His name was Joseph Conway. His identity was hidden and name was changed so that he could lead a normal life. According to Sheriff Howard's notes, he was adopted by another family in Riverdale, and presumably enrolled at a local high school. Fortunately, they had a photo of Joseph, meaning that all they had to do was track him down via yearbooks, by matching the photo to one of the students that would've attended Riverdale High School during those years. If they found him, he could possibly explain to them how the Conway massacre was related to the recent killings involving the Black Hood. However, Jughead suggested that they proceed with caution as finding Joseph Conway may also mean finding the the Black Hood. Considering that Joseph possibly saw the slaughter of his family, something as traumatizing as that could've effected him for life, which he might even blame Riverdale for, and is now punishing the town because of it. Betty and Jughead then invited Veronica and Archie to FP's retirement party at the Whyte Wyrm.[16]

Veronica and Betty preparing for Kevin's Secret Santa

In the days leading up the Christmas, Betty joined Veronica over at the Pembrooke where they discussed Kevin's Secret Santa gift exchange, which as Betty informed Veronica, had a $20 limit. Although, Veronica wasn't too concerned with Kevin's limit. Furthermore, all the gifts she had purchased weren't for the Secret Santa exchange. She had gotten a Hermes scarf for her mom, a leather passport case for her dad, and even a gift for her best girl (i.e. Betty). Much to Betty's surprise, in Veronica's possession was also a gift for Archie, even though they had broken up. Betty asked if the gift was meant to reunite the two lovers. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. Veronica explained that not only was she and Archie still friends, but that the gift was purchased prior to their break up.

Secret Santa

Both Betty and Veronica attended Kevin's Secret Santa gift exchange in the student lounge at school with Archie, Reggie, Cheryl, Kevin, Jughead and Josie. She opened her gift from Josie, which awkwardly enough was a gift certificate for a couples massage. Josie suggested that Veronica use the certificate to take someone other than Archie, given that they were no longer together, such as Betty or her mother. "Or I could go with your mom", Reggie joked. Thankfully, Betty was the last exchange for the evening. Based on the wrapping of her present, Betty instantly knew that it was Archie that picked her name. Veronica watched with a look of concern as Betty unwrapped the gift to find and old read-a-long record that she and Archie used to listen to when they were younger, entitled "The Swiss Family Robinson". Moose and Midge then entered the lounge to join them for the Holiday event.

Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and, Archie talking about the Black Hood

After learning that Sheriff Keller had killed the Black Hood and that he was none other than Mr. Svenson, Veronica met up with Betty, Archie, and Jughead at Pop's, where Archie admitted that Veronica's instincts about Svenson were correct. Veronica thought he was the Black Hood, and had Archie listened to her when they confronted him at school, they could've end everything right there. But Archie didn't see the resemblance in Svenson's and the Black Hood's eyes. Taking a moment to forget about his eyes, Veronica couldn't believe that he would cut off his own finger. The finger of accusation, Betty pointed out. Now that they knew who did the killings, Jughead wondered why. Betty explained that Mr. Svenson accused an innocent man of murdering his family, and thus got the man killed. So she suspected that maybe in Mr. Svenson's own backwards way, he thought that targeting sinners would somehow balance the scale. Svenson having the knowledge that he did on their lives made perfect sense given that he was always around, lurking in the hallways. He could have seen Archie and Ms. Grundy in the music room, as well as Moose and Midge buying Jingle Jangle. While they continued to go over the killer's motives and mindset, Jughead was just grateful that Svenson was in a body bag and they weren't.[17]

Betty, Kevin, Archie and Veronica learning that Jughead is returning

As Betty, Veronica, Archie and Kevin sat in the student lounge, Mr. Weatherbee announced over the intercom that effective immediately, Southside High was shutting down and that the students who attend would be transferring to other school's in the district, including Riverdale. When Archie asked what this meant for them, Betty replied that Jughead was coming back, leading Kevin to wonder if Betty was ready to see him given that they had recently broken up. Betty insisted that she and Jughead were fine and perfectly capable of being in each other's presence. The reason behind the sudden closure of Southside High, Veronica suspected that it was some kind of bizarre, Byzantine town ordinance that they couldn't possibly understand.[18]

Jughead, Veronica, Betty and Kevin in the student lounge

In the student lounge, Betty passed around Chic's photo to Veronica, Jughead and Kevin. Veronica commented that he was very fetching for someone who was living on Skid Row. Kevin agreed but he insisted that he had seen Chic before. Jughead asked if he could have possibly ran into him while cruising Fox Forest, though Kevin was unsure. With Chic still acclimating and Betty attempting to gain his trust, it was unlikely that they would be meeting him anytime soon. It was proving difficult since her mom was treating him like a ten year old and her father was acting as if he was the devil's spawn. In an attempt to solve Betty's dilemma, Veronica suggested that she bring Chic to Pickens Day so that they could all meet him, though Jughead claimed he would not be attending because the Serpents weren't extended an invitation. Instead, they were hired to work security. The damage, as they say, had been done.

On Pickens Day, Betty watched from the crowd with her mother and Chic as Veronica and the Pussycats took to the stage and performed. Unfortunately, they were interrupted by the Southside Serpents, who sought justice for their massacred loved ones.[19]

Veronica inviting the gang to her confirmation ceremony

In the student lounge with Archie, Veronica invited Betty, Jughead and Kevin to her confirmation ceremony. Usually those kinds of events were strictly for the family, but since the event was all about Veronica and they were her chosen family, she managed to pull a few strings and reserve them a pew. They were expected to adhere to a specific dress code, Catholic chic. Dresses for the girls, veils optional. And coats and ties for the boys.

On the Veronica's confirmation ceremony, Betty, Kevin, Jughead and Archie watched as Veronica walked down the aisle, sang with Josie and was confirmed. [20]

The gang learning of a murder

At school, friction between Veronica and Jughead was as evident as it was concerning. Jughead was frustrated with her father's pursuit to take over the Southside. Betty watched as the two of them went back and forth. Kevin then entered the lounge to tell them about a dead body that the police had found that morning. While the investigation was ongoing, it was supposedly a gruesome, gangland style execution at the motel.[21]

At school, Veronica invited Betty and Jughead to the cabin. She warned them that it was rustic, but that it also had breath-taking views of the mountains. Betty and Jughead agreed, with the latter reasoning that it would offer a chance for him to work on his novel. Though, Veronica made sure to remind him that the point of the weekend was to relax and unplug. Cheryl then entered the student lounge after overhearing their conversation. When she attempted to invite herself, Veronica explained that it was a couples getaway.

Betty and Veronica arriving at the lakehouse

After school, Andre drove them out to the cabin. When she was younger, her family would go out there every summer, whenever her dad could sneak away for a weekend. Veronica then told Andre that he was to return Sunday night at 7:00 pm. Veronica then showed Betty the inside of the lakehouse. Shortly after entering the cabin, Jughead got a call from Cheryl who told him about Betty and Archie's kiss outside of Thistlehouse just before Christmas. After hanging up with Cheryl, Jughead confronted Betty and Archie.

Betty and Jughead joining Archie and Veronica downstairs

Some time later, Betty and Jughead joined Archie and Veronica downstairs to ensure them that everything was fine as they had worked everything out. That night, while drinking margaritas, Jughead proposed a toast to the Lodges' hospitality and to putting the past behind them. Despite earlier agreeing to Betty's request to postpone his investigation, Jughead began questioning Veronica, asking her about her parents and the SoDale project. She tried to drive his investigation off track but Jughead was persistent. He then pointed out that as they were driving up to the cabin, he noticed that none of the houses had mailboxes or numbers. Veronica replied that Shadow Lake was a private community. Which led Jughead to wonder if they were hiding something. However, before Veronica could respond to him, Betty confronted him, leading Veronica to conclude that they were actually still fighting over the kiss between Archie and Betty. Understanding the reason for the tension in the room, Veronica told them to change into their swimsuits.

Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Archie in the hot tub

In the hot tub, during a moment of full disclosure, Veronica revealed that when Archie told her about the kiss, she absorbed and processed it. In the end, she bore no ill will towards Betty or Archie. But the thought of it has haunted her a bit for the past few weeks. Now, as it seemed to Veronica, Jughead and Betty were caught in the aftermath. To clear the air amongst the four of them, Veronica suggested that they kiss. While Archie and Betty were reluctant, Jughead agreed to Veronica's sentiment to ease the tension as it would level the playing field. He reasoned that a "Vughead" kiss might be precisely what it takes to save future "Bughead" from imploding. With Betty and Archie in finally in agreement, Veronica and Jughead shared a kiss in the hot tub as Betty and Archie watched.

Betty and Veronica at the local convenience store

The next day, Betty and Veronica headed into town for supplies at the local convenience store where Veronica asked Betty about her and Jughead having sex. She told Veronica that it first happened on the night of her Confirmation Ceremony. As they exited the store, Veronica asked about Betty's relationship with Jughead. Betty replied that everything had been nice though Veronica replied that "nice" isn't what she heard through the walls the night before. So Betty then admitted to wearing the very same outfit with Jughead that she wore when they drowned Chuck in Ethel's hot tub.

Betty, Veronica and Archie talking with Jughead about the trailer park

As Betty and Veronica returned to the cabin, Jughead got a call from his dad who told him that everyone was over at the trailer celebrating because the eviction notices for their back rent were gone. Paid in full. According to FP, Jughead's article shamed Hiram Lodge into buying the trailer park and allowing everyone to stay. Jughead then confronted Veronica as his suspicions had been confirmed, that Veronica's father was taking over the Southside, piece by piece, starting with the Twilight Drive-In, and now the trailer park. With the Southsiders' debt cleared and eviction notices revoked, Betty, Archie, and Veronica wondered why he was outraged. Jughead explained that Hiram's move with buying the trailer park was tactic. But Betty, Archie and Veronica insisted that he was simply being paranoid and that Hiram was trying to make amends.

Veronica, Archie, Betty and Jughead arguing

That night, Betty stopped their game of Monopoly as she got a call from her mother. She returned from the call to announce that Hiram Lodge just bought the Register. Veronica insisted that she had no idea her father was buying the Register though this only confirmed Jughead's suspicions that he had big plans to take over. So Betty began to question if Veronica's reasons for bringing them up to the cabin weren't as sincere as they initially believed. Their suspicions were warranted given that Lodge Industries was buying property all over the Southside and now the one newspaper in town so that people couldn't report on his plan. The means to silence the free press and keep Betty's mother from coming after him. As the four of them went back and forth, glass breaking could be heard from inside the house. Four men wearing black ski-masks then entered the lakehouse with weapons in hand, demanding their valuables. After taking Veronica's wallet, the intruders demanded that they get down on their knees. As he grabbed a baseball bat, the phone rang as Veronica had triggered the silent alarm. With guards on their way, the intruders exited the house. However, Archie chased after them though he returned empty handed, but fortunately, unharmed.

Later that night, in a booth a Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, Betty, Jughead, Archie and Veronica joined hands and came together as no one was hurt and they had each other.[22]

Veronica and Betty discussing Southside High

At school the next day, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Archie discussed the closing of Southside High and whether or not Veronica knew that the sole reason for its closing was for her parents to build a private, for-profit prison on it's bones. Betty insisted that Veronica had no knowledge of her parents wrong-doing. Nonetheless, Jughead planned to go on a hunger strike to protest Southside High closing and Betty supported him. Ethel then approached the table with a milkshake from Pop's and poured it onto Veronica in retaliation for her parents' misdeeds.

Betty checking in on Veronica

Betty followed Veronica in the girls' restroom to ensure that she was alright. Veronica's dad was responsible for the Muggs family losing everything they had and he still hadn't made amends. So by Veronica's account, Ethel had every right to be upset. Betty was impressed with Veronica's restraint as she would want to tear Ethel's head off. On their way back from the restroom, Betty and Veronica ran into Reggie, who began harassing Veronica. Veronica grew so angry that she attacked Reggie, dropping him with a single punch as Betty stood there speechless.

The next day in the student lounge, Veronica announced that she was running for student council president against Reggie and that she wanted Betty as her running mate, to which Betty agreed. She and Archie later went on to support Veronica in her campaign when she set up a kissing and cupcake booth.

Later, River Vixens practice ended with Toni's performance before the squad. Afterward, in honor of Toni becoming a Vixen, Cheryl invited Betty, Veronica, Josie and Toni over to Thistlehouse for a mandatory slumber party.

The slumber party

Betty and Veronica went on to attend the slumber party at Thistlhouse. There, Cheryl revealed her true intentions behind inviting them over. It wasn't to celebrate. In actuality, Cheryl was terrified of being alone at the house with her uncle Claudius, who was crazy and a complete stranger to her, which Betty related to all too well. Cheryl had overheard her mother and uncle plotting against her and her Nana. Josie questioned if she was merely imagining things. But if Cheryl was, then so was Betty. There was a stranger in her life as well, Chic. With him lurking in every corner, her house felt dangerous and deadly. After hearing a loud thud, the girls ran into the hallway to find Nana Rose unconscious at the bottom of the steps. It would seem she had fell or even been pushed.

Betty confronting Veronica for lying

Later that week, Betty watched from the crowd as Josie gave her endorsement of Betty and Veronica running for president and vice president of the student body. Josie, Archie and Veronica then performed on stage for all in attendance. However, Ethel entered the lounge halfway through their performance with flyers that revealed Veronica knew all about her parents turning Southside High into a prison, amongst other things. Learning that Veronica had lied to her, Betty stormed out the lounge with Veronica not far behind hoping to explain herself. Betty recalled the day when Weatherbee announced the closing of Southside High and how Veronica pretended to have no knowledge of it. Reasonably, she was upset that Veronica had lied to them and gone along with her parents' plan. With this, Betty could no longer be Veronica's running mate as she could no longer trust her.[23]

Student hall meeting

Betty, Veronica, Archie, Jughead, Reggie and Josie squared off at the school hall meeting. The first question of the night came from Sweet Pea and Fogarty who were concerned about the Southsiders and their treatment since being transferred to Riverdale High. This was followed by Midge's question in regards to Archie and Veronica's parents being on opposite sides of the Mayoral election. She wondered if this would produce problems for their campaign. However, Archie and Veronica adhered to the old maxim that politics are never discussed at the dinner table. They were supposedly on the same page about everything. In the meantime, they were dedicated to improving the quality of life at Riverdale High.[24]

As rehearsal commences for Carrie: The Musical, Veronica and Betty run into the auditorium with Archie, Cheryl, Toni, Josie, Ethel, Kevin, Midge and Moose. They get on stage, where they continue to sing and dance before being joined by Fangs, the assistant director. The cast then begins introductions, starting with Archie who portrays "Tommy Ross", the boy next door. Betty plays "Sue Snell", the good girl. Veronica portrays "Chris Hargensen", the mean girl. And Cheryl will be playing the iconic role of "Carrie White". As for who will be portraying, "Margaret White", Carrie's mom, that role goes to Alice Cooper, which comes as a surprise to almost everyone. Kevin explains that while her casting was untraditional, to him, there's nothing more amateur than age-inappropriate casting. Alice both looks forward to playing Margaret and spending more time with Betty. Chuck Clayton joins them late after mistaking that rehearsal is in the music room.

Cheryl interrupting rehearsal

Cheryl interrupts rehearsal after hearing whisperings that some of them, mainly Ethel and Josie, don't think she's fit to play the role of Carrie White. So to settle the matter, she begins to sing "Carrie" to prove them wrong. Her singing removes all doubt as Betty, Archie, Veronica, Ethel, Josie, Alice, Toni, Midge, Moose, Jughead, Kevin, Fangs, Chuck give Cheryl a round of applause. As Cheryl heads back to her seat, a heavy sandbag falls from above and nearly crushes her.

In the auditorium, Betty and Veronica sang "Do Me A Favor" and danced with Archie and Chuck.

Veronica, Betty, Toni, Ethel and Chuck continue rehearsal in the auditorium, where they sang and performed "The World According to Chris". Though Betty seemed almost disgusted with Veronica's performance, Archie, Fangs, Kevin, Moose, Midge and Jughead were highly impressed as they applauded the routine from the crowd. Betty credited Veronica's performance to her being the literal embodiment of Chris, the character she's portraying. Never had a role been so perfectly type-cast, Betty remarked. Archie tried to stop it, but she continues. Betty went onto point out the similarities between Veronica and Chris. Spoiled rich girl. Major daddy issues. Bad to the bone, trying to control everyone around her, including her boyfriend and best friend.

Betty apologizing to Veronica

Afterward, Archie confronts Betty for being so mean to Veronica. Betty has no idea what's going on with Veronica. There's a lot that Betty doesn't know about Veronica, her family, and the intense pressure that she's under. Betty asks that Archie tell her as she wants to let it go, but it's not Archie's place to share it. Archie does, however, remind Betty how quickly Veronica forgave her when the Black Hood made her say terrible things to Veronica at Nick St. Clair's party. Kevin then calls them on stage to run Tommy and Sue's ballad. Archie takes Betty's hand while singing "You Shine". Taking in what Archie said to her, Betty finds Veronica in the music room to apologize. But Veronica assumes that Betty was there to continue her assault. If there is anything that playing Chris has illuminated it's that she has been a terrible friend to Betty. Betty replies that she can't disagree more as she and Veronica proceed to sing "You Shine".

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Kevin informs Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Fangs, Toni, Ethel, Alice, Moose, Midge, Betty, Chuck and Josie that Cheryl will no longer be playing Carrie. When they ask why, Kevin simply replies that Penelope Blossom isn't much of a stage mom. In the meantime, Cheryl's understudy will assume the role, that being Midge, who Kevin appoints after the sandbag incident.

Veronica and Betty singing in the dressing roon

Opening night, in the dressing room, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Kevin, Midge, Moose, Kevin, Alice, Chuck, Toni and Ethel sing "A Night We'll Never Forget". After Archie does a bit of singing in the dressing room with Veronica, Betty and Chuck, Veronica speaks for the entire gang when she tells Chuck that his behavior throughout rehearsals has been nothing short of that of a proper Victorian gentleman, meaning his pariahship is over. Chic enters the dressing room, much to Betty's surprise. He claims that he won't miss the play for the world. Betty then tells him that he should get back to his seat as the play is about to begin and he isn't supposed to be backstage.

The crowd is packed when the play begins, and Alice starts to sing "Evening Prayers". Archie, Betty, Veronica, Moose, and Toni watch from backstage. When Alice cues Midge, the curtains raise only to reveal that Midge has been murdered by the Black Hood. She has been stabbed with knives and scissors and pinned to the wall. On the wall, written in blood is a message. "I Am Back From The Dead. All Those Who Escaped Me Before Will Die... B.H" When Alice screams in fear, the crowd realize that this is not part of the play and the auditorium erupts in panic and chaos.[25]

Betty, Veronica, Jughead and Archie leaving Midge's funeral

The town gathers for Midge's funeral to pay respect. Cheryl sings a song in Midge's honor. She and the rest of the River Vixens are dressed in all-black cheerleader uniform. Midge's death has seemingly taken a great toll on Riverdale, Mrs. Klump and Moose especially. As the service ends, Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead watch as Cheryl consoles Mrs. Klump. When Sheriff Keller approached to offer his condolences, Mrs. Klump slaps him as he was supposed to be protecting them all from danger.

At Pop's, Jughead theorizes that the latest killing is the work of a copycat. And Chic coincidentally showed up in Riverdale just after Svenson was killed. That along with the fact that he's creepy with a temper places suspicion on him in Jughead's mind. However, Betty corrects Jughead. Chic is only in Riverdale because she went searching for him. Admittedly, he is weird. But he didn't know Midge. So Betty wants to move on to a different suspect. Archie explains why he doesn't think Svenson was the Black Hood. While they were there when he died and he was wearing a hood that night, it doesn't mean he's the same guy who shot Fred and killed Midge. Betty reminds Archie that Svenson forced her to bury him alive. Not to mention that he cut off his own finger. Archie argues that maybe the real Black Hood cut Svenson's finger off because he was working with him. All Archie knows for sure is that when he looked into the Black Hood's eyes, they weren't Svenson's eyes.[26]

Veronica, Betty and Archie at Jughead's grave

A dream sequence takes place in the opening scene. Betty, Archie and Veronica stand over Jughead's grave. Betty falls to her knees and tears fill her eyes as she begs Jughead to come back to her as their journey has only just begun. Jughead wakes up in a hospital bed. He calls out to his father, who sleeps in the chair next to his bedside. FP jumps to his seat at the sound of Jughead's voice. It would seem that some days have passed since Jughead was attacked and left for dead by Penny, Malachai and the Ghoulies. What Jughead did brought every Serpent FP had ever known out of the woodwork and Jughead would've been proud of them. It looked like they were going to win the war with the Ghoulies, but in the end, there were just too many of them.

Betty visits Jughead in the hospital after learning that he has awaken, and is soon joined by Veronica and Archie. Jughead informs them that he'll be released from the hospital tomorrow. Until then, there's still another mystery to be solved. Archie reveals to Jughead that Betty's dad was at town hall when another Black Hood opened fire on the candidates. He was also at home with Betty and Alice when this second Black Hood attacked Archie and Fred. Jughead believes that the attacks perpetrated by the second Black Hood have a political motive, which suggests that Hiram is actually behind the attacks, which Veronica is in agreement with. They have to stop Hiram now because once he has control of the mayor's office, the Lodges will be untouchable. While they're positive that Hiram is the mastermind, none of them believe he is the man behind the hood. They're thinking that the second Black Hood could be a Serpent or Ghoulie. But Jughead suspects that Sheriff Minetta could be the second Black Hood.

Veronica and Archie visiting Betty

Archie and Veronica head over to Betty's to convince her to come back to school, but she's hesitant. How can she? Her father killed Midge and shot Moose. Betty doesn't think she can ever show her face at school again. She asks if Archie hates her father for shooting his father. Because she does. Seeing that Betty is in need, Veronica and Archie comfort her.

Betty, Veronica, Jughead and Archie meet at Pop's for Veronica's newest acquisition. According to Pop Tate, the basement of the diner used to be a secret speakeasy, back in the days of flapper dresses and cigarette girls. So, Veronica wants to reopen that speakeasy. A cabaret space for world-class entertainment and the most decadent cocktails. A place for North and Southsiders alike. In fact, she is hoping that FP might want to manage it to make sure the Serpents feel welcome and at home. As for Veronica's father, he's probably plotting some sort of revenge.

Veronica, Betty and Jughead shocked about Archie's arrest

Both the mayoral election and student body election are held in the gymnasium of Riverdale High. The new student body president of Riverdale High is Archie Andrews. The following day, Betty, Jughead and Veronica watch proudly from the stands as Archie prepares to be inaugurated in the school gymnasium. However, the event goes awry when Sheriff Minetta and two deputies enter the gym to arrest Archie for the murder of Shadow Lake resident, Cassidy Bullock.[27]


Betty and I come as a matching set. You want one, you take us both.
— Veronica to Cheryl[src]
Betty: "Veronica. Why did-? Why did you defend me? I know the crowd you ran with in New York. Why are you being so nice?"
Veronica: "When my father got arrested it was the worst thing ever. All these trolls started writing horrible things about us. We'd get letters and e-mails saying that my dad was a thief, my mom was a clueless socialite, and that I was this spoiled, rich bitch ice princess. And what hurt the most about it was the things the trolls were writing...were true. I was like Cheryl. I was worse than Cheryl. So when my mom said we were moving to Riverdale I made a pact with myself. To use this as an opportunity to become maybe, hopefully a better version of myself."
―Veronica revealing her past to Betty[src]
A week ago, Veronica and I weren't friends. Next week, we'll nod to each other as we pass in the hall, but that's it. In two weeks, she won't even remember my name. And in three, she'll have latched on to some other girl to destroy.
— Betty to Kevin[src]
... Even though I only just met Betty, it really felt like we were meant to be best friends. Like... Like it was our destiny.
— Veronica to Archie[src]
B and V. Now that's a team you can believe in.
— Veronica to the gang[src]



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