Chuck: "You ruined any chance I had of playing for Notre Dame, hell for any good school."
Betty: "I'm sorry, that after you sexually harassed those girls, that there were actual consequences, Chuck."
―Betty and Chuck at Jughead's 16th Birthday Party[src]

Betty Cooper and Chuck Clayton have been enemies ever since Betty found out about Chuck's playbook of sexual conquests and exposed him and his cronies in The Blue and Gold. Chuck was suspended from school and banned from the football team as a result.


Despite growing up in the same town, Betty and Chuck didn't appear to be too familiar with one another prior to the start of the series.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

After slut-shaming Veronica Lodge by posting a picture of them together and claiming to have given her a 'sticky maple', Chuck was confronted by Veronica and Betty in the boy's locker room, however, he laughed them off and arrogantly offered Betty a ride on the 'Chuck wagon'. After their failed attempt to stop Chuck, Betty asked around and gathered together a group of girls who were all slut-shamed by Chuck and his other five football teammates and it was revealed by Ethel Muggs that the boys had a secret playbook that they used to rate and keep score of their 'conquests'. Betty, Veronica, Kevin, Ethel and Cheryl subsequently broke into the high school to find the book. Inside, Betty found not only Ethel and Veronica’s names but Betty’s sister’s name, Polly, as well. Enraged, Betty came up with a plan to take down Chuck.

Season 1 Episode 3 Betty Chuck

Chuck sees 'Dark Betty'.

She started out her revenge plan by asking Chuck to meet her at Ethel’s house, under the guise that she was taking Chuck up on his earlier off as she wanted to be less of a 'good girl', but when he arrived, Veronica met him at the door. She explained that she and Betty had decided to share. Betty then came out in lingerie and black bob wig, much to Chuck's surprise. “Betty couldn’t make it, so she sent me instead,” she said.

With Chuck in the hot tub, Veronica and Betty mixed a powdered muscle relaxer into Chuck’s drink to form a “truth serum” and he then found himself handcuffed to the sides of the hot tub while Veronica recorded him on her phone. Betty began interrogating him about what actually happened between him and Veronica, turning up the temperature in the tub more and more and pushing his head under the water until he confessed that he had lied about Veronica. She then poured a bottle of maple syrup all over his face so he could have a 'sticky maple' of his very own. Carried away, Betty began telling him to apologize for ruining Polly, addressing him as Jason. She then wanted him to apologize to her, as if she were Polly. Disturbed, Veronica told her that that was enough.

The next morning, after working through the night, Betty published her article on Chuck and his fellow football players. That, along with the evidence of the playbook and Chuck's coerced confession, resulted in Chuck and five other football players being suspended from school as well as banned from the team by Chuck's own father, Coach Clayton. Betty and the other girls watched happily as they were escorted out.[1]

Chuck's suspension from school ended the day before Jughead's 16th birthday party, and he was witnessed entering the cafeteria by Betty, Veronica, Kevin and Archie. Angry that Chuck had sat at Ethel's table, Betty marched over to confront him. Chuck taunted Betty, telling her not to go 'dark Betty' on him, causing her slam her hand on the table before realizing what she was doing. Betty asked Ethel if Chuck was bothering her but she said Chuck was just apologizing, that everything was fine. Chuck then remarked that the real question wasn't if they were okay but if Betty was.

The next day, Chuck was approached by Cheryl Blossom, who wanted revenge on Veronica. Despite Cheryl thinking Chuck was the worst, she suggested that since both Veronica and Betty were attending Jughead's party, they work together and cause a little destruction. They crashed the party, bringing alcohol and most of the school with them. In the kitchen, Betty confronted Chuck and asked him to leave, however, he was angry as his suspension had destroyed any chance he had of playing football for a good school. Sarcastically, Betty apologized that sexual harassment had actual consequences for him. Chuck remarked that the Betty he had seen that night was the real Betty, the dark Betty and then began to make a lewd comment before Betty slapped him and stormed out.

Later, Cheryl announced that they were all going to participate in a game she called Secrets & Sins, where Archie's affair with Ms. Grundy came to light and Chuck made the comment that if he had known he would have added Archie to his playbook. Chuck decided to reveal a secret of his own, which was what really happened between him and Betty the night that led to his suspension. Much to Betty's horror, in front of everyone, he revealed that Betty dressed up like a hooker in an ugly black wig, drugged Chuck, handcuffed him to a railing, and almost drowned him until he said what she wanted him to say. For a moment, Betty even thought she was Polly. Hearing all this for the first time was too much for Jughead to handle, and he lashed out by punching Chuck in the face. However, Chuck came back much harder, and sent Jughead crashing into a table. FP then stepped in, grabbed Chuck by the shirt collar and maneuvered him bodily out the door and onto the street, forcing him to leave.[2]


That night I saw the real you. The dark you. The Betty that I actually think about every night when I'm laying in bed—
— Chuck to Betty before she slaps him[src]


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