The Baxter High Ravens are the official football team for Baxter High. Every year, they play their rivals, the Riverdale Bulldogs.


The Ravens are Baxter High's football team. The boys are mostly typically jocks who enjoy making fun of other students. They have a low opinion of girls and LGBTQ students. When Principal Hawthorne was in charge, many of their misconducts and violations of school regulations were ignored or blamed on the victims of their bullying.[1] This is the case of the bullying suffered by Theo Putnam, one of the students that Billy Marlin and the other Ravens seemed particularly willing to torment.[2] This changes when Mary Wardwell becomes the new principal and the kingdom of the Ravens comes to an end.[3]

The Baxter Ravens are openly in competition with the Riverdale Bulldogs from the nearby town of Riverdale, and each year the two teams fight on and off the field. During the so-called Hell Week, the team and cheerleaders makes pranks to each other.[4]

In addition to training and bullying, the Ravens enjoy fooling around with girls and then spending time making vulgar comments about the girls they spent or would like to spend time together. This is until Sabrina Spellman and the Weird Sisters teach them a lesson in the Devil's Doorway at the Greendale Mines.[2]


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