Baxter High is a secondary school in the town of Greendale.

Its resident football team, the Baxter High Ravens, play against their rivals, the Riverdale Bulldogs, every year.


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Season 1

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Season 1


  • In the Archie Comics, Baxter High is the school attended by Sabrina Spellman.
  • In the Riverdale comics, it was revealed that Riverdale High has a 'Hell Week' for new members of the varsity football team and the cheer squad. During said week, Betty was challenged by Cheryl to steal the Golden Whistle that the River Vixens lost to Baxter High at the previous years Spirit Regionals. Betty asked Veronica for help to steal the Golden Whistle back, resulting in the two breaking and entering which led to a little vandalism.[2]
  • 53% of Baxter High is female.



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