Baxter High is a secondary school in the town of Greendale.

Its resident football team, the Baxter High Ravens, play against their rivals, the Riverdale Bulldogs, every year.


Baxter High is the secondary school in Greendale and one of the main places where young citizens of Greendale face personal challenges that go beyond school tests.

Baxter High is in open competition with Riverdale High School, the secondary school of nearby Riverdale, a town across Sweetwater River. In addition to playing against each other, football and cheerleader teams from their respective schools have traditions and pranks to carry on during "Hell Week".[1]

With Principal Hawthorne in charge, the school was intolerant of the needs and rights of students belonging to minorities of gender, race and interests outside the football team. Tired of suffering this conduct, Sabrina and her friend Rosalind decided to directly oppose the principal by founding the WICCA club, after Principal Hawthorne had denied Roz the possibility of founding a Young Black Panther club.[2] One of the club's first challenges was to be able to read The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, a novel that the teacher didn't consider fit. Rosalind tenaciously manages not only to obtain permission to read it in class, but also to remove the ban from several books that had been removed from the school library during what librarian Mrs. Curtis refer to as "the book purge". [3]

Upon Hawthorne's death, Mary Wardwell become the new principal even though in reality it was Madam Satan, who had assumed her identity to manipulate Sabrina towards the Path of Night. Under the new direction that supports WICCA, students are more serene and can fight their battles with allies backing them up. Like when Theo manages to join the basketball team thanks to the help of Principal Wardwell and his friends who support his talent and, most of all, his transition.[4]

But Baxter High is not just a battleground for acceptance and education. When the Greendale Thirteen return from the afterlife to take revenge on mortals and witches alike and summon their Crimson Avenger to destroy everything in its path, the local Spellman witches raise the winds and gather citizens in the school with the excuse of sheltering themselves from severe weather.[5]


Current Students

Former Students

  • Tommy Kinkle(graduated)
  • Steve Loomis †
  • Martha (graduated)

Current Staff

  • Mary Wardwell (teacher/faculty advisor)
  • Glover [2](assistant principal)
  • Mrs. Meeks [2] (assistant)
  • Mrs. Curtis[3] (librarian)

Former Staff



Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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  • In the Riverdale comics, it was revealed that Riverdale High has a 'Hell Week' for new members of the varsity football team and the cheer squad. During said week, Betty was challenged by Cheryl to steal the Golden Whistle that the River Vixens lost to Baxter High at the previous years Spirit Regionals. Betty asked Veronica for help to steal the Golden Whistle back, resulting in the two breaking and entering which led to a little vandalism.[6]



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