Another prison? No, no, no! Edward Spellman imprisoned me in the Acheron puzzle for 70 years. I'll not be caged again!
— Batibat to the Spellmans[src]

Batibat is a recurring character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She is portrayed by Megan Leitch.

Batibat is a sleep demon that manipulates her victims in their dreams and feeds on the nightmares of her victims by inducing a dream state, driving them towards insanity.

Early Life

For reasons unknown, Batibat tormented Edward Spellman for a number of years who, as a result, suffered insomnia. Edward eventually entrapped her in his Acheron Configuration, where she remained imprisoned for 70 years.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 1

Batibat is released from Edward Spellman's Acheron Configuration by Sabrina, who was unaware of the Configuration's true purpose.[1]

Batibat accuses Madam Satan of abandoning her

After her liberation from her entrapment in the Acheron Configuration for 70 years, Batibat seeks revenge by torturing the members of the Spellman family. She tortures Sabrina, Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose Spellman in their dreams in order to trick them into giving her the spell to unseal the house. During her reign of the Spellman house, she speaks with Madam Satan through a mirror. She accuses her of abandonment for having allowed her to rot inside the Configuration. Madam Satan warns Batibat against harming Sabrina, but she she is intent on slaughtering each Spellman. She then takes notice of Salem and hunts him down.

Batibat traps Sabrina in a nightmare that consists of her wedding day gone wrong when Harvey strangles her and locks her inside a coffin. Sabrina pleads for mercy. Batibat offers to release her only if she reveals the spell to unlock the house, but Sabrina refuses.

Batibat offers to spare Ambrose

Ambrose dreams that he is a corpse on the autopsy table being examined by another version of himself. Batibat tells him that he's trapped in existential solitude forever and offers to end his torment if he tells her the spell to unlock the house, but he calls out for Hilda instead.

Hilda's worst nightmare comes true when she finds herself physically stuck to Zelda, her darker half. Batibat offers to free her should she give up the spell to unlock the house. But much like Sabrina and Ambrose, Hilda doesn't give up the spell.

Zelda finds herself mourning Hilda's lost after she kills her sister, but she doesn't resurrect as she normally would. Batibat claims she'll bring Hilda back to life if Zelda tells her the spell.

Sabrina tries to trap Batibat

Batibat rushes to Sabrina's room after hearing a scream. She discovers that Sabrina is awake and missing. Sabrina then confronts her with a spell book and the configuration, however, she is not powerful enough to perform the spell to imprison Batibat. She attacks Sabrina but is momentarily distract by Salem, which allows Sabrina to escape though a secret passage.

Batibat tracks Sabrina down to the morgue and chases her throughout the house. Unbeknownst to her, she is actually chasing Salem who is under a glamour spell. Meanwhile, Sabrina awakens the rest of the Spellmans from their sleep. After realizing that she's being distracted by Ambrose, Batibat finds Sabrina by the back door. Sabrina uses Hilda's spider familiars and a dreamcatcher to trap Batibat. The others Spellmans awaken and seal the demon in a mason jar.[2]

Part 3

Sabrina releases Batibat from her imprisonment once more, but this time to haunt Faustus Blackwood in his dreams. She makes him believe that he has killed Ambrose and Sabrina, which allows Sabrina to travel back in time to save her friends and family.[3]

Physical Appearance

Batibat is a demonic creature with a frightening appearance, almost bat-like in reference to facial structure as well as her ears. Additionally, she has blue, eyes, sharp teeth, wrinkled skin, and long boney fingers with extended claws.


Batibat has proven to be rather vengeful, specifically towards Edward Spellman for imprisoning her. She took her anger out on the Spellman family since she couldn't take it out on Edward. However, she will honor deals; in the original timeline, she was released on the condition that she'd no longer target the Spellmans.

Powers and Abilities

Batibat is a sleep demon. With this, comes dream manipulation, which is the power to manipulate the dreams of others. Batibat was able to turn the Spellman's most beautiful dreams into their worst nightmares. She also displayed the capacity to dream walk. Batibat was able to walk from one dream to another when she trying to convince the Spellman to give her the spell to free herself from the house. She also possesses telekinesis. Batibat use this power to turn on the radio so the Spellmans could fall asleep and she could get into their dreams.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  • Batibat is based on a demon in Ilocano folklore by the same name.



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