Scary, isn't it? How quickly I can make things difficult for you and your father? {...} Poutine did not owe Lenny Kowalski anything close to $86,000. I believe you're feeding me false information because you're protecting Hiram Lodge, which means you're compromised. Basically, the only thing you can offer me now is access. So I need you to wake up, stop dicking around, and plant a bug in Hiram's office. Then he'll slip up and say something incriminating, and I'll record it and arrest him. Nice happy ending. You and your father will be safe.
— Adams to Archie[src]

Arthur Adams is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. He is portrayed by John Behlmann.

He was Hermione Lodge's capo who she tasked with applying pressure to Archie Andrews as a test to his loyalty. Although, in the end, it was Adams who was proven to be disloyal as he had double-crossed the Lodges, and formed an alliance with Mob bosses Lenny Kowalski and Carl Martin.

Early Life

Arthur claims that he was born and raised in Riverdale, even stating that he spent his weekends at the park with his dad and dog. However, it is unclear how much of this remains to be true given the revelation that he's one of Hermione Lodge's capos.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 2

Investigating Hiram Lodge


Special F.B.I. Agent Adams introducing himself to Archie

Following the Christmas season, Agent Adams approached Archie Andrews on his way back from school. Leaned against his black SUV and holding a cup of coffee, Agent Adams motioned Archie to remove his headphones so that he can introduce himself, showing his F.B.I. badge as usual in such cases. He rhetorically asked if they could walk, and they parted in a park that Agent Adams confessed being a place he used to visit with his dad and dog during weekends.

Having been born and raised in Riverdale, he was tasked with investigating Hiram Lodge's alleged criminal activities. Since Archie was dating Veronica, and that his father was involved with the Lodge Industries through the SoDale project, Agent Adams explained to Archie that he was in the unique position to help the F.B.I. to take Hiram down once and for all. Archie replied that Mr. Lodge was a businessman, but Agent Adams provided a new insight into his so-called business. The special agent recalled Xander and Simone St. Clair's visit of a few months earlier, and how they were Lodge Industries' business associates who were going to invest in Hiram's SoDale project, but for whatever reason, the deal fell through. Soon after the St.Clairs went back to New York, their son, Nicholas, was admitted to Columbia Presbyterian with life-threatening injuries. Archie was incredulous, but Adams said they believed Hiram was behind Nick's accident. Agent Adams tasked Archie with a simple mission: find out what happened with the St. Clairs. Archie was not very convinced, saying he didn't agree to collaborate yet but Agent Adams said Fred Andrews was associated with the Lodges and that, as far as he knew, he could be involved in Hiram's criminal activities. Agent Adams, then, extended a veiled understanding: if Archie would help them, they won't include Fred in their investigation on the Lodge Industries. He understood that for Archie it was a lot to take but nonetheless he left him his business, suggesting Archie to think about it and call him before going back to his car, leaving Archie to his thoughts in the park.


Agent Adams and Archie establishing the terms of their agreement.

A few days later, Agent Adams and Archie met in the Andrews house garage. Before revealing what he had discovered, Archie demanded insurances: No matter what would happen to Mr. Lodge, his father would be okay. Agent Adams agreed, saying he can protect his father. After that, Archie confessed that Nick had assaulted Veronica, giving Hiram a reason to go after him. Being a personal fact, this was not useful for the purpose of investigating on Lodge Industries' criminal activities, so Agent Adams tasked Archie with more investigations.

The two met again at night in the Andrews' garage, where Archie asked to extend protection on Veronica as well. Agent Adams agreed, advising Archie to never get emotional anymore, thus revealing to be aware that Archie had beaten up Nick at Greenwich Prep in New York during his last visit. Archie nodded, and asked Agent Adams about the Black Hood, expressing his doubts about having caught the right guy, and Agent Adams looked at him in silence. [1]


Agent Adams giving Archie the documents ensuring his dad's protection

Some time later, Agent Adams gave Archie documents that guaranteed immunity to his dad if and when the US government took action against Hiram Lodge and before any domestic court law. Archie replied how all that was sick, given that his father had a meeting with both Hermione and Hiram Lodge, Mayor McCoy, Sheriff Keller, and Veronica Lodge the evening before at their house. Agent Adams asked Archie why he was not there, and the boy replied he was playing basketball. The F.B.I. Agent ignored Archie's rambling about the whole situation and asked him if he ever had any sort of direct relationship with Hiram Lodge. Since Archie had none, Agent Adams suggested bonding with his girlfriend's father, in order to gain his trust, thus helping the investigations.

A few days later, Agent Adams tried to get in touch with Archie, but the redhead boy never answered his calls, leaving the F.B.I. agent wondering the reasons why in the seat of his car, ignoring that Archie was simply following his advice to earn Hiram's trust. [2]


Adams paying Archie an unexpected visit

With Archie refusing to answer his call and messages, Agent Adams unexpectedly showed up at the Andrews house looking for answers. Archie claimed that his lack of communication was due to having nothing of relevance to report, however, Agent Adams' sources proved otherwise as he had learned of confirmation ceremony. Furthermore, those same sources had informed him that Hiram Lodge's crime family would be in attendance. Agent Adams needed Archie to act as his eyes and ears though this was a conflict in interest as Archie merely wanted to be there in support of Veronica. Unfortunately, as Agent Adams explained, Archie would have to be there for him and Veronica.


Agent Adams asking Archie to wear a wire

A couple days later, Agent Adams arranged a clandestine meeting with Archie in a vacant parking lot, where Archie told him that under no circumstances would he wear a wire to Hiram Lodge's poker game. With this poker game, all the king pins would be together in one room, Agent Adams explained. The F.B.I. had never managed to get anyone close enough to hear and record what they discuss. While Archie was fine with listening in, he didn't feel comfortable with wearing a wire. Agent Adams questioned if his refusal to wear it stemmed from the fear that they might capture something to implicate his father or Veronica. Considering that Archie was the one taking the risk, they were going to do the investigation on his terms and without a wire.

On the night of Veronica's confirmation, Agent Adams called Archie back to his house where he revealed that Paul Boucher a.k.a Poppa Poutine was found dead in his hotel room less than an hour ago, shot in the back of the head. Given that Boucher was a guest at Veronica's confirmation, Agent Adams asked Archie did he see or hear anything that would implicate Hiram Lodge in what was obviously a gangland slaying. Unfortunately, Archie claimed to have seen and heard nothing.[3]


Agent Adams questioning Archie about Poppa Poutine's murder

Picking up from where the previous episode left off, Agent Adams met with Archie in his garage to discuss the gangland slaying of Poppa Poutine. Archie claimed that he didn't hear or see Hiram Lodge say anything to or about Poppa Poutine that would indicate any kind of hostility. To Archie, it seemed like they were friends. But as Adams pointed out, a friend doesn't force someone to their knees and shoot them in the back of the head with a glock-34. Given that he never left the Pembrooke, Archie concluded that it wasn't Hiram that killed Poppa Poutine. Agent Adams presumed that Hiram would've sent his "Capo" to execute Poppa Poutine. A Capo, Agent Adams explained, is someone who does the boss's dirty work. So he asked if there was someone who's always hovering around Hiram, like a personal assistant or driver. However, Archie couldn't think of anyone that would fit that description.


Agent Adams paying off Archie

Agent Adams met with Archie in the park the next day. They sat side by side on a bench as Agent Adams handed Archie an envelope filled with money, claiming that the F.B.I. always compensated their informants. Enclosed was three weeks salary. Agent Adams was hoping that payment would entice Archie to go to Hiram Lodge and engage with him directly about Poppa Poutine. The Agent suggested that he be a little aggressive, gauge his reaction to see what he says. Though in doing this, Archie worried that he would arouse Hiram's suspicions. Hoping it would encourage him to do what needed to be done, Agent Adams handed Archie a newspaper article from the Register, detailing Poppa Poutine's death. And then he asked Archie how many more people had to get hurt before he did something about it.


Agent Adams in the park

The following day, Agent Adams met up with Archie once more in the park. Archie told the agent that he asked Hiram point-blank if he killed Poppa Poutine or had someone do it for him. He answered no. And Archie believed him. But Archie did mention that Hiram told him that there was bad blood between Poppa Poutine and Lenny Kowalski, who Poppa owed $86,000 in gambling debt. With this, Agent Adams decided to look further into this debt.

Later that night, Agent Adams paid Archie's dad, Fred Andrews a visit under the claim that the FBI was assisting in a crackdown on undocumented labor from Canada. He told Fred that they believed that maybe over the years that Fred had hired some of these guys and paid them cash under the table.


Agent Adams giving Archie a bug to plant

Just outside of the Andrews house, Agent Adams was approached by Archie and warned to stay away from his father. Archie reminded Adams of their contract which stated that Archie's father would be safe. However, that was before Archie began feeding Agent Adams false information as he had learned that Poutine didn't owe Lenny anything close to $86,000. This led the agent to believe that Archie was both compromised and protecting Hiram Lodge. Basically, the only thing Archie could offer now was access. He needed Archie to plant a bug in Hiram's study. Then Hiram would slip up by saying something incriminating, which would allow Agent Adams to arrest him. However, before leaving with the bug, Archie pointed out that he didn't believe the agent when he said that Archie and his father would be safe. Agent Adams would do anything he can to destroy Hiram Lodge, even if it meant Archie and his father being destroyed in the process.[4]

Betraying the Lodges

Adams and Andre greeted Archie and the Lodges as they returned to the Pembrooke. Unfortunately, they had unexpected guests, Lenny Kowalski and Carl Martin. Two mob bosses who requested to speak with Hiram privately. And so Hiram accepted their request and asked that Adams take Hermione and Veronica upstairs.


Archie, Adams and Andre at the dinner

The following night, Adams, Andre and Archie attended Hiram's dinner with Lenny Kowalski and Carl Martin. They stood quietly as Hiram negotiated with Lenny and Carl, who wanted 25% of the profit that Hiram would receive for his private prison. However, Hiram could not agree to such high numbers as it would void him of any profit. So he respectfully declined their offer. Lenny and Carl grew angry, explaining that Hiram had nothing and that his men in Montreal and New York now worked for them. Looking to convince them otherwise, Archie stepped forward and told them that he was not to be underestimated as he had beaten up Nick St. Clair, taken out Poppa Poutine and did the same to a hillbilly that threatened Veronica while they were up at the safe house. Despite Archie's stern approach, Lenny and Carl were not convinced. In fact they laughed at him. They then told Hiram to consider their offer.

Just after dinner, Hiram told Archie in the parking lot that he was like a mad dog. Also, firing a warning shot like that meant that he would have to back it up.


Adams attacking Andre

A day later, with his face hidden under a black hood, Adams attacked Andre and left him bleeding on the lobby floor of the Pembrooke. Veronica and Archie returned home just as he was about to make his escape. Archie chased him and tackled him to the grown. Adams had apparently double-crossed the Lodges. He then punched Archie in the face and told him to tell Hiram to take the deal that Lenny Kowalski and Carl Martin were offering. Archie relaid this message to the Lodges who weren't pleased. They surmised that Lenny and Carl either offered Adams money or he sensed that they were weak and vulnerable.[5]

Physical Appearance

Adams has a lean but athletic build, standing at 6' 4". He has short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and is often seen wearing a suit and tie.


Adams was initially presented as a reasonably serious agent, who was dedicated to doing his job and being thorough in his investigation into Hiram Lodge‘s criminal activities. However, it was later revealed that Arthur isn't an agent at all, but rather a fairly manipulative capo for Hermione Lodge.


Archie Andrews

I don't believe you, that you'll leave me and my dad alone. I think you'll do anything that you can to destroy Hiram Lodge. Even if it means destroying us.
— Archie to Arthur[src]

Archie and Arthur at the park

The relationship between Arthur and Archie is rather complicated given the fact that Arthur is not who he initially claimed to be. Upon meeting Archie Andrews, Arthur introduced himself as an agent of the FBI. However, in actuality, he is one of Hermione Lodge's capos who was tasked with applying pressure to Archie as a test to his loyalty towards the Lodges. A test that Archie would later come to pass. During their multiple rendezvous, Arthur and Archie had a strictly professional relationship. Archie would supply Arthur with information that he would then supposedly use to incarcerate Hiram Lodge. However, as Archie began to feed him false information, per Hermione's request, Arthur turned his attention towards Fred Andrews in order to see if Archie would crack.

Hermione Lodge

Hiram and I, unbeknownst to our daughter, enlisted one of our closest associates to approach you, say he was an FBI agent investigating Hiram. Agent Adams isn't real. He works for me. One of my capos. I asked him to apply a lot of pressure to you. Threaten your father, even. See if you would crack.
— Hermione to Archie[src]

The Boss; Hermione Lodge

The relationship between Arthur and Hermione is mostly unknown though he is as she put it, one of the Lodges' closest associates. It was revealed by Hermione that Arthur was one of her capos who she ordered to apply pressure to Archie Andrews as they were considering bringing him into the family given his relationship with their daughter, Veronica. However, before they could do so, Hermione asked that Arthur approach Archie under the claim that he was an FBI agent investigating Hiram. She even ordered him to go after Fred if need be.


Season 2



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