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These kids are more on the ball than the sheriff.

Archie and the Gang is the nickname for the five characters — Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, and Kevin Keller. They serve as the main protagonists on Riverdale.


Making a Murder: Jason Blossom

The gang that is made up of Archie and his childhood friends Betty, Jughead, and Kevin is expanded with the inclusion of Veronica, the new girl in town. Veronica's arrival coincides with the investigation into Jason Blossom's murder and the gang is involved to varying degrees in parallel investigations. Betty and Jughead's investigative spirit is the driving force behind the gang's investigations. With her parents running the local newspaper and his ties to the Southside Serpents are useful resources. Betty also has a personal reason to investigate: her sister Polly was Jason's girlfriend, and was sent away at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy to hide her pregnancy.

Kevin, who is the sheriff's son, offers useful information from his dad's reports, and his contribution is greater when he starts dating a Serpent, Joaquin strangely related to Jason's disappearance. Archie and Veronica, on the other hand, find themselves involved with the Blossom family through their friendship with Cheryl. They also discover the connection of FP Jones, Hiram Lodge, and Clifford Blossom in the town's criminal underground. The team work of Archie and the gang leads them to discover the identity of Jason's killer. His father, Clifford. FP Jones and Joaquin were instead involved in the concealment of the corpse.

During the time spent together, various love stories blossom, including the relationship between Betty and Jughead, and Archie and Veronica.

Black Hood and Gang Jackets

Archie and the gang are shocked by the attack of a masked assailant who shoots Fred Andrews at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe in front of his son. Fortunately Fred survives, but Archie is deeply scarred by the event. Meanwhile, Jughead descends further into the Southside Serpents underground and is initiated into the gang, finding new allies - Toni Topaz, Fangs Fogarty, and Sweet Pea - but also inheriting the gang's enemies. The Southside gang clashes with the Northsiders, creating a fraction in the group. Radicalized by prejudices and fears exacerbated by the Black Hood, Archie, Reggie and Kevin give life to the Dark Circle, a vigilante group made up mostly of Bulldogs who are in open hostility against the Southsiders. This rivalry ends with a violent rumble. The Black Hood's reign of terror is actively investigated by Archie and the gang. After an initial red herring where they thought the school janitor Joseph Svenson was the Black Hood, they discover Hal Cooper, Betty's dad, is actually hiding under the hood.

The Gang vs Cultists

The gang is put to the test when Archie is sent to juvie for Cassidy Bullock's murder, and his friends go to great lengths to get him out. Reggie becomes an active part of the group, especially after he starts working with Veronica at her speakeasy and the two fall in love. Josie McCoy also helps from time to time, especially after she and Kevin become step-siblings. The kids are now experts in escapism and Toni, Veronica, and Kevin save Cheryl from conversion therapy at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Once outside, however, Archie and the gang have to deal with Gryphons and Gargoyles, a diabolical board game that is claiming victims among the townfolks, including some of their schoolmates. When some of them also start the game to uncover clues, the stakes become very high leading to new leads involving some enemies from the past, but also drug dealing and a mysterious cult that further separates the gang. Betty saves the day when she thwarts Edgar Evernever's plan and his cult, the Farm that is harvesting organs behind the pretense of a holistic New Age group.

The Perfect Murder

The gang is dishartened by Jughead's death following his move to Stonewall Prep, a prestigious private school. Archie, Betty, and Veronica become the main suspects and must find evidence that clears them but also find clues to discover the real culprits. They soon discover that the culprits are Jughead's new schoolmates - Bret, Donna, Joan, and Jonathan. Influenced by Francis DuPont, the sinister teacher behind the Baxter Brothers book franchise, they wanted to commit the perfect murder. However, Jughead outsmarted them by faking his own death. The culprits except DuPont who commits suicide are consigned to the law, but the problems are not over. The new principal of Riverdale High, Mr. Honey, is immediately disliked by Cheryl and Kevin for his strict rules, and the two organize different ways to take revenge, also helped by Reggie who wants to end the last year with the perfect prank. More seriously, a mysterious individual sends anonymous tapes to everyone in town. The tapes range from house registrations at various times of the day, to more grisly re-enactments of murder and violence. Betty and Jughead discover that this mysterious Auteur was none other than Jughead's little sister Jellybean and her friends, corrupted by the evil seeped into town.

Saving Riverdale

Seven years after graduating from high school, Riverdale has become a ghost town. Hiram Lodge, the archenemy of Archie and the Gang managed to strip it of its township and drive away as many townsfolk as he can by bribing them or forcing them to live next door with thugs like the Ghoulies. Southside Serpents Toni Topaz, Fangs Fogarty and Sweet Pea, however, snatched the speakeasy from his hands and rebranded it into the new Whyte Wyrm — a bar and safe haven for those still in town. When Archie returns from war, he's briefed by Toni on what he missed in those long seven years. At school, Kevin is struggling to keep it afloat with Weatherbee and Alice. But Hiram, helped by his right-hand man Reggie Mantle is pressing the school board to close the school, and moving all students and profits to Stonewall Prep.

It's time for Archie and the Gang to save their town, and the "Red Paladin" decides to call Betty, Veronica, and Jughead back in town. First, they start working as high school teachers. Then, they start making plans to clean the streets from criminals and bring Riverdale back on its feet by organizing events, rebuilding a community. Meanwhile, Betty and Kevin team up with Alice, Toni and Sheriff Keller to investigate mysterious murders on the Lonely Highway after Polly goes missing. Turns out, Hiram's goal is to mine Palladium, a precious metal worth more than gold that is rumored to be under several places in town, including Blossom Maple groves.

While Betty and Tabitha Tate purse their investigation on the Highway Serial Killer, Veronica opens a jewelry store and is able to bring Reggie back on their side. When Hiram plans an escape from Lodge Detention Center, Archie, Kevin, Fangs and Uncle Frank tracks the escaped inmates down. They fight against old enemies like Ted Bishop, Darla and Dodger Dickenson, who are also interested in the palladium.

As if the gang wasn't in enough trouble, a new cult finds its way into town with the promise of cleaning it of its sinful past; The Blossom Ministry, lead by Penelope Blossom and Cheryl who lures Kevin to join.