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In my marriage with Chad... I felt like I was muted. Like I was fading. And it happened so slowly I didn't even notice it at first. And the thing is, I'm starting to feel that way again here. Like I'm not myself. Like I'm losing myself. [...] Archie, I think... I think... we should take a beat... until we figure out what we're doing. We shouldn't rush this.

The relationship between Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge, commonly referred to as "Varchie" among fans, began as a friendship, and though they were attracted to each other, they ignored their feelings for one another until they kissed during Jughead's 16th birthday party and officially started dating not long after, during which time they consummated their relationship after the Jubilee. However, their relationship didn't last, and they broke up several times. Their final break up was one the night of Senior Prom, when Veronica learned that Archie and Betty kissed. Despite his betrayal, Archie and Veronica remained friends and breifly resumed their intimacy seven years later.


Veronica's arrival in Riverdale

Veronica and Archie make out at the closet

Archie and Veronica first meet at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, not long after Veronica's arrival in town. With Archie, she also meets Betty, both of whom welcome her to Riverdale. Later that week, she attends the Semi-formal with Archie and Betty, and afterwards, Cheryl's after-party, during which, a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven leads Archie and Veronica to kiss in a closet, a moment that both soon come to regret when they realize just how much they've hurt Betty.[1]

Archie walks Veronica home

Archie runs into Veronica at Pop's and agrees to walk her home so they can talk about Betty, who has cut both of them out of her life. Archie is back to no texting, while Veronica is back to being the shallow and toxic rich-bitch that ruins everything in her path, which is unfortunate because even though she had just met Betty, she feels they were destined to be best friends. Now, it feels like she just missed the train that was headed to the rest of her life. After hearing more about Archie's childhood with Betty, Veronica advises him to give Betty time and not to despair, as she didn't believe their story was over yet.[2]

The Variety Show

Archie and Valerie practicing in the student lounge

After Archie chokes on stage during his audition for the Variety Show, Veronica manages to strong-arm Kevin into giving Archie a spot in the show nonetheless and even offers to sing alongside him. However, the next day, Veronica arrives at school prepared to rehearse with Archie but learns that he has given her spot to Valerie. On top of his betrayal, she tells him about her mother and his father, which Archie doesn't have a problem with, reasoning that they both like each other and mentioning the fact that Archie's parents are separated, and Veronica's father is incarcerated. As Veronica grows more upset, Archie offers to talk some place private or even grant her back her part, but she isn't interested and joins Josie and the Pussycats instead. However, she does later forgive him.[3]

Pursuing a relationship

Archie and Veronica hug

Veronica attends Jughead's birthday party, though she's not exactly in a partying moods, the reason being that her father threatened to destroy her mother if Veronica did not testify, saying things like she was just as guilty as he was, but Veronica is unsure if he was telling the truth. Archie consoles Veronica and hugs her close. And later that evening, once the house has cleared, Archie and Veronica chat on the couch about the failings within their respective lives. Archie admits to drunk dialing his dad and telling him not to sign the divorce papers. He wonders what life would be like had he made different choices, such as moving to Chicago with his mother, and while this is not a question Veronica could answer, had he moved, they would have never met, which would have been a tragedy of epic proportions, Veronica remarks. He acknowledges how messed up he is, but Veronica insists that Archie is less messed up than most. The two of them share a kiss.[4]

Veronica and Archie in an empty classroom

At school, Archie asks Veronica if they are going to talk about last night, when the two of them kissed right after Jughead's party, but Veronica tells Archie that they had a moment, a beautiful but fleeting moment. Archie adds that she spent the night, but Veronica likes to call it "they crashed" while being in two separate beds. She doesn't regret what happened and even admits that Archie might be boyfriend material, which he proposes they test the theory at the Homecoming dance, but Veronica doesn't think she's ready to see anyone right now. However, later that day, Veronica agrees to perform alongside Archie during the dance and asks for his help in searching FP's trailer, suspecting that her father and FP may have had something to do with Jason Blossom's death.

Veronica and Archie kissing in FP's trailer

The following night, just before Homecoming, Archie and Veronica make their way over to the trailer, but they fail to come up with anything that indicates FP worked with Hiram. Veronica is desperate to find anything that confirms her father is guilty, as she still has her doubts about FP and her father working together. Archie questions what are they looking for specifically, telling her that they could be looking together forever, and they still wouldn't find anything. Veronica fears what will come next when her father returns. Archie isn't sure, but he tells her that he will be there right beside her, doing what he can to help. Maybe them not finding anything is a good indication, Archie points out. He manages to cheer Veronica up, and the two share a kiss and leave for the dance, where they perform and are later confronted by Betty, forcing them to tell her and Jughead how they broke into FP's trailer. Not long after that, they get word that FP was arrested for Jason's murder after a gun was found inside his home, despite Archie and Veronica having already checked the trailer.[5]

Archie and Veronica finds Mustang

Archie and Betty reveal to Betty and Jughead that someone must've broke into FP's trailer after they left and planted the gun to frame him. However, by the time they arrive at the Sheriff Station, FP has already confessed to the murder, though he makes no mention of Veronica's father. Later, they meet with Kevin to interrogate Joaquin, who reveals that he helped FP clean up Jason's murder. As for Hiram, Joaquin recalls one discussion about a rich guy that he overheard between FP and Mustang and takes them to City Centre Motor Hotel, where Mustang is staying, but once inside, Archie discovers his body inside the bathtub, which they report to the police, who find a bag labled with Hiram's initals in Mustang's room.[6]

Archie and Veronica discuss telling Betty that they're dating

They contemplate informing Betty of their relationship now that they are no longer investigating an active murder case. However, Archie wants to take precaution considering the last time he had a similar conversation with Betty, it didn't go well, thus burdening Veronica with the task of telling Betty that they are semi-dating. And that afternoon, while at the lunch table discussing FP's case, Archie and Veronica take the opportunity to tell Betty that they have kissed a couple times, which Betty is fine with.

Archie performing at the Jubilee

After they visit Jughead at Southside High and save Cheryl from drowning at Sweetwater River, Veronica finds Archie backstage of the Jubilee that night, struggling to play the guitar due to the injury he sustained while saving Cheryl. Veronica questions if he should be playing with the condition that his hand is in, but Archie assures her that he can still play. She then recalls how Archie longingly looked at Betty and Jughead at Southside High during their hug, making her question his feelings. Archie explains that the moment Veronica is talking about is when he realized how good Betty and Jughead are together, and it confirmed that he wanted to be that for Veronica. As the two of them proceed to kiss, Josie interrupts. She learned of Archie's heroic actions from Veronica and has decided to play his song at Jubilee as a show of gratitude.

Afterward, Archie returns to the Pembrooke with Veronica, and the two of them have sex. Before taking off to have breakfast the next morning with his dad, which is what they do whenever Archie's dad has something important he wants to talk about, Archie gives Veronica a kiss goodbye[7]

Fred's shooting

Veronica comforts Archie

After getting word that Archie's dad was shot at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, Veronica rushes to Riverdale General Hospital to console Archie, who informs her what happened and tells her that his dad is in surgery. With Fred still unconscious, Veronica takes Archie home to shower and get the blood off of him, but first they take Vegas for a walk, during which Archie tells her about his dad, and afterward, Veronica joins him in the shower. Following a steamy shower session, Archie notices that his dad's wallet is missing, lashing out at Veronica in a fit of rage and telling her to leave. However, Veronica remains to offer moral support, despite Archie attempting to push her away. Veronica then takes the initiative to buy Fred a new wallet until they find his old one. A gesture that Archie is greatly appreciative of.[8]

Archie and Veronica discussing his father's shooting

The following morning, Archie and Veronica go on a walk after she learns from Betty that he hasn't slept in his room ever since he and his father returned from the hospital. Why is this, Veronica asks. Archie explains that he had been watching the doors every night, so that he can make sure no one comes in. While it may have sound crazy, the guy that shot his father is still on the loose, and Archie fears that he will come back to finish the job. Having gone through something deeply traumatic herself, Veronica suggests that Archie go see the school counselor to talk about what happened.[9]

Bringing Archie home

Archie at the Lodges for dinner

Veronica invites Archie over to the Pembrooke to meet her father, though the timing is less than ideal considering the shooter is still at large. However, the dinner is nonnegotiable. The brief walk through her father did during the Matchlerette was a kind gesture, but the dinner is more like a test. Archie wonders what he is being tested for. Veronica corrects him, saying that the test is for her father, so that she can see if he's capable of being a normal father without an agenda other than getting to know someone that was important to her, that being Archie. And so, the following night, Archie attends dinner, where he is nervous, but the diner is overall a pleasurable experience.[10]

Archie explaining his actions to Veronica

Veronica confronts Archie after a video of him and the Red Circle threatening the Black Hood begins to circulate through school. It's because of his latest actions that her parents wanted her to break up with Archie, and while she doesn't intend to, she admits they have a point, though all Archie asks of her is that she support him. However, Veronica can't do so without first knowing what she's supporting. Archie doesn't understand why her dad is upset with his actions, considering that it was him that gave Archie the idea to fight fire with fire.

Veronica agrees to support Archie and the Red Circle

After speaking with her dad, Veronica apologizes to Archie and admits that she was wrong for not supporting him, which she seeks to change, even at the risk of angering her parents, especially her father, who deserves it after he manipulated Archie. This is his battle to fight. However, if it's his battle, then it's Veronica's battle as well. Riverdale needs the Red Circle to expand, not contract. And while the guys may have quit on Archie, Veronica won't. And the following day, Archie arrives at school to the sight of Veronica wearing a Red Circle shirt. After burning the midnight oil and calling in a few favors, Veronica also managed to get Cheryl on board with promoting the t-shirts. Archie and Veronica turn to corner to fight a hallway filled with students, all wearing the Red Circle's shirts. The Red Circle was no longer a fringe band of radicals, rather a movement with style and panache.

Veronica breaks up the fight

Later that night, Archie calls Veronica, asking her to retrieve his gun, which he hid in the tank of one of the toilets at the school. Veronica unfortunately arrives without the gun, which she claims to have thrown into Sweetwater River. She questions why Archie would even need a gun, to which he replies confesses that he wants to kill the Black Hood. Reggie, Dilton, and the rest of the team then arrives, carrying pizzas. Not far behind them is Sweet Pea and the Southside Serpents, who challenge the Riverdale Bulldogs to a fight, which ends with Veronica firing Archie's gun in the air, bringing the rumble to an abrupt end as both sides scatter into the night. Archie and Veronica return to his home, where they discuss how the entire night escalated much further than it ever should've. With that in mind, the two of them head down to Sweetwater bridge, where Archie throws his gun into the river, hoping to end a vicious cycle of violence.[11]

Introducing Archie to Nick

Veronica and Archie in her room after dinner

Veronica introduces Archie to an old friend of hers from New York, Nick St. Clair. After dinner, they head to Veronica's room, where Nick offers them drugs, though both Archie and Veronica decline. After a couple inappropriate comments from Nick, Archie quickly grows weary of the visitor, though that doesn't stop them from attending his party, where they get high off Jingle Jangle and sensually dance in the middle of the room, though their fun is cut short after Betty initiates a fight with Veronica.[12]

Investigating the Devil House

Archie and Veronica post-sex at the Pembrooke

In an attempt to cope with the darkness engulfing Riverdale, Archie and Veronica became carnally defiant, engaging in sexual activities in a number of locations, ranging from Archie's bedroom to Veronica's living room at the Pembrooke. As they lay naked on the center carpet near the fireplace, Archie utters four words that she is not yet prepared to here "I love you, Ronnie". It seems that these words startle Veronica, though it has a similar effect on Archie, as awkward tension fills the room when Veronica doesn't say it back, and so Archie decides to leave.

Veronica and Archie kisses at the Pembrooke

With Veronica's parents in the room, they began to kiss until taking a momentary break from their passionate embrace to discuss murder house that Betty and Jughead had asked them to investigate. It would seem that they showed a desire to further investigate it, more so Veronica, whose parents have received a threatening letter, supposedly from the Black Hood. As the two young lovers resume kissing, Archie stops to talk about the previous night, when he told Veronica that he loved her. Archie wants to be with Veronica, and she wants to be with him. Couldn't that be enough for the moment, while they focused on the case, she wonders.

Veronica and Archie at the Sheriff Station

Archie and Veronica head down to the Sheriff Station to ask Sheriff Keller about the family of four that was murdered in their home near Fox Forest, approximately forty years ago, but the files on the case are missing. Archie and Veronica suspect that they could've been stolen as part of a cover-up. However, Sheriff Keller explains that with cold cases, it isn't unusual for the lead officer to take the files home so that they can continue working on them from there. During that time, they learn that the leading officer would've been Sheriff Howard, who died two years prior. Although, his daughter, Margaret, still lives in town, and they learn from Margaret that her father was obsessed with the killing. He even called the house of the massacre, "The Devil's House," though he never succeeded. Unfortunately, without much of a lead, Archie and Veronica realize that they are going to have to investigate the house first hand.

Archie and Veronica look through Sheriff Howard's files

That night, Archie and Veronica arrive at the Devil's House. According to the article, the Riverdale Reaper came at night with a shotgun, while the rest of the town was getting ready for bed. He entered through the front door, killing the entire family. Veronica then points out to Archie three sets of initials carved into one of the bedroom doors, usually done to measure a child's height. However, the Conways only have two children, at least according to reports. Inside a lock box that Archie finds in the house, is Sheriff Howard's case files. Does it say anything about a third child with the initials of "J" and "C", Veronica asks. Mixed in with the files, they find a photo of the Conways, which reveals that they are actually a family of five and that they did have a third child, which they report to Betty and Jughead.

Veronica and Archie interrogate Mr. Svenson

Archie and Veronica come to learn that the third child was "Joseph Svenson," otherwise known as the school's janitor, who they confront, referring to him by his birth name of Joseph Conway. Mr. Svenson takes off, though Archie slams him into a locker before pushing him into a classroom. They suspect him of being the Black Hood. However, Mr. Svenson reveals that he has already avenged his family. The night of the shooting, he heard gunshots, and so he escaped out of his bedroom window. Instead of running into the woods, he watched as the Reaper left his house, covered in his family's blood. The killer was a conman and preacher that was passing through town. The next day, a group of men took Mr. Svenson to the motel, where Joseph pointed the Reaper out. The group of men took the Reaper away and killed him. The killing was never reported, therefore it was never investigated.

Veronica breaks up with Archie

As soon as she arrives at the bar for FP's Retirement Party, Archie requests that they talk about their relationship. He just wants her to know that when he said that he loved her, that was about him and what he felt in that specific moment. He doesn't want her to feel pressured into saying it back unless she truly means it. This is welcomed news to Veronica, who gives Archie a hug and thanks him for understanding. He then informs her that he signed them up for a duet, to sing Mad World. The two of them get on stage together, where they perform in front of the entire Whyte Wyrm, but their performance is cut short when Veronica abruptly runs off stage, with Archie not far behind to continue the discussion in the parking lot. For whatever deep-seated issues that Veronica has, she can't allow herself to love Archie as he loves her. Before driving off, she apologizes for hurting him, though there is nothing more she feels that she can do. It's on the ride home that Veronica begins to cry from her break up with Archie.[13]

Archie receiving a gift from Veronica

While exiting class, Archie receives a gift from Veronica, which is unfortunate as he hasn't gotten her a gift. Inside the box is an expensive watch that she had engraved before their break-up. Veronica explains that she didn't want things to be weird between the two of them. With a look of concern on his face, Veronica wonders if she has only made their situation worse by giving him a gift. Archie explains that it isn't the gift, rather his living situation. Veronica asks if there is anything she can do to help, and while Archie is hesitant in admitting that his father owes $86,000 in hospital bills, he does so anyways. They are already selling Christmas trees just to barely manage. Hearing this, Veronica wants to help, but she doesn't know how.

Archie and Veronica kissing on his porch

Christmas morning, Archie and Veronica meet on his front porch, where they stand under a mistletoe that was placed by her. "Now we have no choice but to kiss", she remarks. After sharing a kiss, Veronica addresses Archie's good nature, as if he is filled with it. With that being said, she needs Archie in her life. In others words, she loves him, too. Hearing this for the first time pleases Archie, so much so that they share another kiss on the porch, all the while unaware that they are being secretly photographed.[14]

Welcoming the Southside transfers

Veronica and Archie at dinner

Archie is invited over to the Pembrooke for dinner by Veronica and her parents, where he seeks to personally thank them for covering his father's medical bills, to which they assure Archie that they are happy to do it. In return though, Veronica is putting together a welcoming committee for the transfers and is hoping that Archie will stand by her side, which he agrees he will. And so, the following day, Archie is by her side when the Southside transfers arrive.

Veronica and Archie kissing

Veronica confronts Archie after learning that he had assaulted Nick in his dorm room. Supposedly, Archie broke his nose and was foaming at the mouth. Veronica demands to know why Archie went to New York, behind her back and attacked Nick. Archie explains that he wanted to beat the hell out of Nick upon learning that he had made sexual advances towards her after the party at the Five Seasons. Veronica asks who told him, and Cheryl interrupts their private discussion to admit that she told Archie. Cheryl also admits that she convinced Archie to pay Nick a visit. She wants money from him, and she figured that Archie could convince him to pay it over. However, at Pop's, Archie reveals the reason he visited Nick in the first place was because Cheryl was blackmailing him, as he kissed Betty on the night they stopped the Black Hood. Veronica grabs Archie's hands and tells him that she appreciates his honesty and that he is more important than a single "my life is in danger" kiss.[15]

Veronica and Archie look at the display case of Hiram's wrestling award

At school, Archie tells Veronica that he has gotten the impression that her father doesn't like him. While Veronica initially tries to deny the validity of this claim, she eventually comes to admit that this is true. It isn't per say anything that Archie is doing, more so the fact that he doesn't speak Spanish, amongst other things. Archie offers to drop French and take Spanish if that would help. Veronica is amused with the lengths Archie is willing to go in an effort to endear himself to her father. So she tells Archie that her father likes wrestling. Archie is shocked to learn that wrestling is an interest of Mr. Lodge, who, with Lodge Industries, basically bankrolls the team. Hiram is just asking his old coach if he could sit in on tryouts. With that in mind, Archie decides to take a break from basketball that year to tryout for wrestling, but it doesn't go well and Veronica consoles him in the music room and asks him to sing with her and Josie at Pickens Day.

Veronica and Archie rehearse for Pickens Day

That night, they rehearse for the Pickens Day performance but are interrupted by Veronica's dad, who antagonizes Archie. Admittedly, the thought of Archie and Veronica being in her room alone used to upset him deeply. But after seeing Archie's wrestling performance earlier that day, he is less worried. While Archie may not have been a star wrestler yet, he is an incredible musician, who according to Veronica, is even sexier when he sings. Archie thanks Veronica for her support with a kiss, but on second thought, he has decided against performing with the Pussycats. He would rather use that time to practice some moves that Kevin had showed him, which he later uses to defeat Chuck Clayton in a match, much to Veronica's amazement.[16]

Confirmation Ceremony

Archie and Veronica talking about her Confirmation Ceremony

As Veronica is getting sized for her dress in preparation for her confirmation ceremony, Archie arrives, and she tells him that confirmation ceremonies typically happen around the age of twelve or thirteen, but her parents wanted the same monsignor who baptized her, Monsignor Murphy, to confirm her, as well. The ceremony is a big deal to her entire family. A lot of them are coming in for it. During the ceremony, Monsignor will ask her to renounce Satan, which, of course she will. But otherwise, most of what was required of her was done in advance. Like picking a sponsor and performing charitable works. She had asked her Abuelita to sponsor her while also agreeing to volunteer at a soup kitchen, which she hopes Archie will join her for.

Archie and Veronica volunteering at a soup kitchen

At the soup kitchen, where Archie and Veronica are volunteering, Archie tells her that her father had invited him to his poker game to serve drinks, bus tables and cut cigars despite those games being private, consisting only of her father's inner-inner-circle. When Archie asks if there is a reason that he shouldn't go, Veronica pulls him to the side to explain that this floating poker game is a long-standing tradition. It's been happening for decades. It's incredibly high stakes, in every sense of the word. Archie's going to have to be extremely careful around the other players. Veronica just wants to make sure that he doesn't get hurt because while the other players are old friends and relatives, they're old school, much like Veronica's father.

Veronica kissing Archie

While slow dancing on the dance floor during her Confirmation, Veronica thanks Archie for being there for her. She needed to see his face, even calling him her beacon in the night. They split up for a bit, but when Archie returns to the main room, Veronica pulls him to the side to ask what he and her father were talking about. Archie claims that they were simply going over a few details for his internship. She wanted to protect him from this but everyday he is getting deeper and deeper. The truth is that her father is as Archie put it, a mobster. While she wouldn't have put it so baldly, it isn't just what he is, it's what he's planning to do in Riverdale. SoDale is just the beginning. Veronica attempts to tell him the full scope of her father's plan, but Archie refuses to listen, telling her that he doesn't need to know. He loves Veronica and there's nothing she could ever say that will change that. Through all of it, he is with her. Surprised, but pleased with his response, Veronica gives Archie a kiss.[17]

Weekened getaway at the lakehouse

Veronica and Archie planning to go up to the lakehouse

Veronica invites Archie, Betty, and Jughead to the family lake house for the weekend as a romantic getaway. However, it gets off to a bumpy start when Cheryl calls and reveals to Jughead that Betty and Archie kissed. Archie and Veronica wonder whether or not they were going to break up because of it. The only thing Veronica is certain of is that they didn't break up over it. She then kisses Archie as a show of appreciation for him telling her about the kiss when he did and trusting her. To her, that's all she needs to know to prove that they are meant to be together. Archie and Veronica then proceed to have sex.

Veronica and Archie in the hot tub

Archie and Veronica are joined downstairs a little while later by Betty and Jughead, who assure them that everything is fine and that they have worked everything out. Hearing this, Veronica decided to make margaritas and orders everyone to change into their swimsuits. In the hot tub, during a moment of full disclosure, Veronica reveals that when Archie told her about the kiss, she absorbed and processed it. In the end, she bore no ill will towards Betty or Archie. But the thought of it has haunted her a bit for the past few weeks. To clear the air amongst the four of them, Veronica suggests that she and Jughead kiss.

Veronica confronting Andre and Archie

The next morning, Veronica grows suspicious as he takes off after receiving a call from Andre. Veronica follows him into the woods only to find that him talking with Andre despite making it perfectly clearly that she didn't want him hovering over them during the weekend. Veronica proceeds to confront the two of them. Archie and Andre reveal that her father is doing business in Riverdale with some of the other families, and he wanted to make sure that Veronica was safe. As the means to resolve the conflict, Veronica orders Andre to leave, but not before telling him to call her father and tell him that his cover is blown. From Archie, all Veronica wants is space.

Veronica getting her wallet

As they argue over Veronica's father attempting to take over Riverdale, they hear glass breaking from inside the house. Four men wearing black ski-masks then enter the lake house with weapons in hand, demanding their valuables. Veronica goes with one of the intruders upstairs to give him her wallet. While doing so, she presses the silent alarm behind the nightstand. She also recognizes one of the intruders as the store clerk from the convenience store. After taking Veronica's wallet, the intruders demanded that they get down on their knees. As he grabbed a baseball bat, the phone rings, as the security company is calling. With guards on their way, the intruders exit the house. However, Archie chases after them, as they snatched her necklace, though he returns empty-handed, but otherwise unharmed.[18]

Mayoral campaign

Veronica offers to help

Veronica pushes for Archie's dad to run for Mayor, but Archie is reluctant to the idea. Despite being blown off by Archie, Veronica shows up at the Andrews house with design ideas for Mr. Andrews' campaign logos. After Veronica agrees to get buttons and t-shirts printed, she and Archie get into a minor argument in his room over her pushing the idea of his father being Mayor. Archie's resistance is due to his father not being cut out for what her parents wanted, which is to Archie's knowledge, a dog on a leash who does what it's told. And if he doesn't, they'll push him out, like they did Mayor McCoy. Veronica claims Mayor McCoy had an affair with Sheriff Keller and that's why she stepped down, but that isn't entirely true and Archie would appreciate it if Veronica stopped.

Veronica and Archie fight over him snitching

Veronica confronts Archie in his garage over him telling Jughead about her family buying Pop's. If her dad ever found out that he snitched, Archie would be in great trouble. Regardless, Archie refuses to apologize for protecting his father. Veronica questions what happened to Archie's loyalty, as he had sworn his allegiance. Archie reminds Veronica that it was her that wanted his eyes wide open before he committed to her family. Moreover, he wants to know the master plan for the Southside which Veronica was going to tell Archie at her confirmation until he stopped her. Now, he is ready to know the truth. However, Veronica can no longer tell him. Instead, she instructs him to speak with her father.[19]

The Return of the Black Hood

Archie assures Veronica that he's alright

At the Pembrooke, Veronica asks Archie if he's alright. Whether or not the Black Hood is back, she doesn't want "Death Wish Archie" to return. Archie reminds Veronica of the message written in Midge's blood. If the Black Hood's going after victims who escaped him, that means any number of people could be next, like the two of them or Archie's dad, which is precisely why Veronica needs Archie sane and steady. She wants him to promise her that he won't do anything crazy like patrol the streets or break into Svenson's house, as she can't bear the thought of anything bad happening to him.

Archie being held for ransom

Despite promising Veronica that he wouldn't, Archie goes to investigate Svenson's old house. It is now boarded up and abandoned. While trying to get a better look through the windows, Archie is ambushed by three men wearing black masks. It turns out that Archie's attacker is Nick St. Clair and two of his friends, who tell Veronica that it'll cost her $1 million to get Archie back. Veronica reminds Nick what happened to him the last time he misbehaved. Nick needs no reminder, as he will have a limp for the rest of his life following the car accident. So either Veronica gets Nick what he asks for or he will take his anger out on Archie.

Veronica meets with Nick at Pop's to pay the ransom

Veronica sneaks into her father's study and opens his safe hoping to find $1 million in cash to pay Archie's ransom. Unfortunately, it's not nearly enough. Still, Veronica meets with Nick at Pop's, where Nick shows Veronica a photo he took of Archie, bruised and bleeding. Seeing that he's at least still alive, Veronica hands him over the money, though he instantly realizes that it isn't the $1 million he asked for. Veronica swears that she'll get him the rest, but if not from her parents, how else would she get that kind of money, Nick asks. Unless Veronica gives Nick something else. What they started back in New York and even at the Five Seasons. Nick wants a night with Veronica, to which she agrees.

Veronica meets with Nick, unaware that Archie is watching on livestream. Archie manages to escape capture and make his way to the Five Seasons. He busts the door open only to find Nick on the floor unconscious. Veronica reveals that she roofied him, smuggled in via the necklace that Archie got her for Christmas. Now that Archie is free and Nick is tied to a chair, Veronica arranges an exchange of her own. She calls the St. Clairs and asks for ransom money.[20]

Veronica covers Archie's bruises

Archie stops by the Pembrooke to see Veronica. With make-up, she covers the bruises he sustained while being held for ransom by Nick. Speaking of which, Veronica reveals to Archie that word of her exploits serving Nick his comeuppance has seeped into the demimonde of the mobsters and molls that her father used to associate with. So the five families are sending their youngest and brightest, their "princes," as it were, to court Veronica, the rare Mafia Princess. Thanks to Veronica's hand in turning the tables on Nick and holding him for ransom, the families are looking to make business and/or political alliances with her mother and father.

Archie gets a surprise visit from Veronica at the house. She reveals that she will be supporting his father's run for Mayor. She can't in good conscious, stand with her father anymore. She believes in Fred. Archie and Veronica head upstairs into his bedroom. Veronica gets undressed, and she and Archie proceed to have sex.[21]

Framed for murder

Archie, Veronica and Fred discuss his campaign

At the Andrews house, Archie, Veronica and Fred go over his schedule for the next three days. Veronica took the liberty of booking Fred right behind her mother, so that people know they have a choice. While his father appreciates this for all it's worth, he doesn't believe it will serve him much good considering that everyone in town is under the impression that Hiram and Hermione saved Riverdale during the riots, that it was Sheriff Minetta who brought the chaos to an end. However, Archie and Veronica know the truth, that Hiram doesn't want to save the town, but take it over. Luckily, Veronica won't stop until Fred is elected mayor. Even if it means putting her own political missions aside, meaning she will no longer be running for student council alongside Archie.

Archie and Veronica learn that Reggie and Josie are dropping out

In the student lounge, Archie and Veronica learn from Reggie and Josie that they are withdrawing from the race for student body president. Reggie explains that he is clearly not ready to be a leader of men, following his near shooting of Fangs outside the station. As for Josie, she and her mother had a talk after riot night. It was then that they were reminded that Josie is an artist, not a politician. This only leaves Archie and Veronica to run for student council president. Along with Ethel Muggs, who is running as a third-party candidate.

Archie and Veronica head over to Betty's to convince her to come back to school, but she's hesitant. How can she when her father killed Midge and shot Moose. Betty doesn't think she can ever show her face at school again. She asks if Archie hates her father for shooting his father. Because she does. Seeing that Betty is in need, Veronica and Archie comfort her.

Archie is arrested

In Riverdale High's gymnasium, Archie prepares to be inaugurated. Mr. Weatherbbe welcomes all those in attendance and asks that they rise for the National Anthem, sang by Josie. Archie looks up to the crowd, smiling at Veronica, Betty and Jughead. Archie's moment is brought to an abrupt stop as he notices Hiram standing at the end of the gym. Sheriff Minetta and two deputies enter through the opposite end of the gym moments later to arrest Archie for the murder of Shadow Lake resident, Cassidy Bullock. Realizing that he's being set up by Hiram, Archie insists that he didn't kill Cassidy, but the Sheriff doesn't care. He reads Archie his rights before tasking him into custody.[22]

Archie's Trial

Three months have passed since that fateful evening in the school gymnasium, where Archie was framed by Hiram Lodge and arrested for the murder of Cassidy Bullock. It's now the summer before the gang's junior year of high school.

Archie and Veronica on the courthouse steps

Archie sits on the steps of the courthouse, reminiscing over past summers spent at Sweetwater Swimming Hole, when he is joined by Jughead, Betty and Veronica. Unfortunately, Veronica had never been and would like to go, in fact. However, that would have to wait as Kevin interrupts to inform them that it's time to return to the courtroom. The Judge intends to reconvene Tuesday morning after Labor Day.

Archie and Veronica talk about their future

Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead drive down to Sweetwater Swimming Hole in Archie's jalopy. Archie and Veronica have split off from Betty and Jughead and have sex. Afterward, as they lie awake, Archie tells Veronica that if he does go away, he doesn't want Veronica visiting him while locked away. Should that happen, Veronica will be taking the bus every week with all the other prison widows and bringing Archie Magnolia Cupcakes from New York. As well as working on his appeal. This is exactly what Archie doesn't want. He doesn't want Veronica spending the rest of her high school waiting for him. Veronica refuses to let go of Archie. Archie accepts this, as Veronica seems too determined for her mind to be changed. He then opens up to her, revealing that the thing that keeps him up most nights is that he won't be able to graduate with them.

The weekend is over and court resumes, where Archie pleads guilty, to spare is friends and family a mistrial. The court accepts Archie's guilty plea and he is taken directly from the courthouse to the Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center, where he will serve out his sentence beginning immediately.[23]

Veronica visits Archie

Veronica visits Archie at the Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center. During visitations, Veronica notices that Archie is sitting awkwardly. A result of the beat down he received from the Ghoulies, unbeknownst to Veronica. Archie claims that he's just sore from working out, though she doesn't believe him, especially since he's also missing his shoes. However, Archie has an excuse for this as well, claiming that the Warden took them along with all his other clothes. When Veronica continues to push, Archie changes the subject.

Reggie and Veronica visit Archie

Veronica returns with Reggie to visit Archie again. They brought him a gift, a brand-new pair of blue and gold sneakers. Veronica comments that they'll be perfect for his triumphant strut out of center when the Innocence Project gets his conviction overturned. Reggie adds that he could've worn the shoes to the Pep-rally.

Archie gets beaten up by the guards

Veronica is in full support of Archie's plan to host a football game but she wonders that it may be dangerous. Archie tells her that it's fully sanctioned. Everyone wants it, including the Ghoulies and Serpents. They all want to feel free. Veronica wishes she could be there, cheering him on to victory. Archie wishes she could be there too. If ever there was a group of guys who could use a Pep-rally, it's them. This seems to give Veronica an idea, who gives him a morale boost by bringing Cheryl, Josie and the River Vixens to perform. Archie and the boys storm the fence in excitement but later return to the game as girls continue to perform. However, this ends when the prison guards comes attacking them.

Archie arrives at the visiting room to find Veronica wearing a blond wig with a scarf tied around her head and preppy clothes, posing as Monica Posh. She tells Archie that she is with Riverdale's chapter of the Innocence Project and that she will be working to get Archie released. She winks at him as Archie's smile grows.[24]

Archie's Prison Break

Archie and Veronica reunite

With help from Elio, Veronica is taken to the Seaside recreation center, better known as the pit, an underground fight club. Veronica, wearing a blonde wig and sunglasses, catches sight of Warden Norton, causing her patience to wear thin. After his match-up, Veronica finds Archie in the locker room, and they proceed to have sex. Afterward, Veronica tells Archie that while she's been pursuing legal options, she keeps hitting dead-ends, which is why she's thinking an old fashion prison break may be Archie's only option. The security she and Elio went through was tight, so they'll need another entry point. While it's a long shot, Archie recalls Warden Norton having him hose down the pool to get rid of all the blood a couple weeks ago. There's a drain under the ring, but Archie has no idea where it leads or if he can even get through it. But if there's a chance, they have to take it.

Veronica enacts her plan

Veronica recruits Betty, Josie, Kevin, and Reggie for the prison break, which they initiate during the next fight, filling the room with smoke, allowing Archie to make his escape through the drain. After meeting up with Betty and retrieving Archie, Veronica and Archie meet up with Josie and Reggie on the side of the road. Once the coast is clear, they put Archie in the back of the car and drive off, taking him to the bunker.[25]

Breaking up and leaving Riverdale

Archie and Veronica together in the bed

Archie and Veronica lay up in bed together in Dilton's bunker. Archie tells Veronica that he believes the Shadow Lake boys are in the abandoned mines and that he just needs to get to them to prove his innocence. However, just outside the bunker, there's a manhunt underway for Archie; roadblocks, checkpoints, wanted posters, etc, Veronica explains. Nevertheless, Archie learned from the Warden that the boys were paid off, meaning they are the only ones who can clear his name. While it may be a long shot, Veronica recalls Betty working on Archie's case with his mom and attorney McCoy at his house, meaning the case files are there. Unfortunately, they had been through them all. Archie tells Veronica to keep his whereabouts a secret from his dad, as he doesn't want him to get wrapped up in it, reminding Veronica that the reason he took the plea deal was to spare everyone from another trial. Still, they helped him because they love him. Now, she needs him to trust her and stay put. Despite this, Archie enlists in Kevin's help to track down the Shadow Lake boys.

Archie breaks up with Veronica

Archie later calls Veronica from a pay phone. She informs him that attorney McCoy worked it out with a judge and Archie is a free man. Archie thanks Veronica for all she's done for him. She asks where to pick him up, but Archie has no intentions on coming home. While Sheriff Minetta may be going to prison, Hiram is still free. And Archie can't escape him as long as he and Veronica are together. He begins to cry as he recalls when he first met Veronica. She was everything he could've ever wanted, and he reminds her just how much he loves her. On the other end of the phone, Veronica starts to cry as well, telling him that if he loved her, he would come home, but he can't, as they both know Hiram will never stop.[26]

Archie's return to Riverdale

Archie and Veronica reunited

Archie surprises Veronica at La Bonne Nuit with his return to Riverdale. Veronica hugs him before asking a series of questions, from where he's been to why he dyed his hair. Archie explains that he did so to keep from being recognized in case Hiram came looking for him. Archie apologizes for having left her, though Veronica's simply happy that he's back, and the two proceed to kiss at the bar.

Archie is later met with a welcome home party, which consists of all his friends at La Bonne Nuit as Veronica sings on stage. Archie seems to become overwhelmed by all his grief and suffering, taking off right in the middle of Veronica's performance.

Archie and Veronica hook up

Archie returns home to find Veronica sitting on his bed crying after she had learned from Reggie that Archie is aware of their kiss. Archie tells Veronica that she didn't do anything wrong. When they broke up, Veronica was angry at her father for chasing Archie away, but she was mostly angry at Archie for not fighting to stay by her side. And the more time passed, the more Veronica got tired of missing Archie. And now that he's back, Veronica can't even sum up the words as this is the worst time to talk about it. Archie suggests that they don't talk about it, instead finishing the conversation tomorrow. For tonight, he only wants to be with Veronica, and so they have sex.

Archie arrives at Riverdale General Hospital after receiving several frantic calls from Veronica. Hiram was shot some time after Archie ran out the SATs, leading her to believe that Archie may be the shooter. Archie denies doing anything of the sorts and can't believe that Veronica would think he did. With this, both he and Veronica realizes that their relationship is over.[27]

Veronica offers Archie a shoulder

Veronica meets with Archie, who updates her on the attack on her father's life when a masked man came in and tried to kill him. After checking in on her father, Veronica gives Archie a hug. While she's grateful for his actions, she asks what Archie was doing there. Archie lies and tells her that he came looking for her, to apologize for his actions at the speakeasy. Veronica also apologizes for ever thinking that Archie would've shot her father. While there may have been a time when he would've, Archie doesn't hate Hiram anymore. Veronica then informs Archie that her father's awake and that he'd like to speak with him. But before Archie goes in, Veronica reminds him that she'll always be there for him if he ever needs a shoulder.[28]

Blackmailing Governor Dooley

Veronica agrees to help free Mad Dog

Archie reveals to Veronica that her father gave him a gym. He tells Veronica that Mad Dog and the others are in danger of being transferred to her father's prison. He recalls how hard Veronica worked to get him out, but as Veronica reminds him, she broke him out. However, before that, Veronica worked with the Innocence Project petitioning the Governor. As a matter of fact, Veronica happens to know that Governor Dooley is in town and proceeds to invite him to the Pembrooke, where Archie awaits to talk to the Governor about the transfer of inmates from Leopold and Loeb to Hiram's private prison. Archie tells the Governor to put a stop to it, and if he doesn't, Archie will take his story to every 24-hour news channel and paper in the tri-state. While Archie and his friends were forced to box for L&L's illegal fight club, Governor Dooley and Warden Norton were at fundraisers having lobster dinners. Veronica adds that they'll testify in court, and so If Dooley wishes to avoid this, she wants the Governor to pardon the prisoners today.[29]

Supporting Archie's boxing career

El Royale Boxing Grand Opening report

Given Elio's refusal to allow Archie in his tournament, Veronica turns to Alice for help. She, along with a news crew, head down to Archie's gym, where she reports on Veronica's latest business venture as the promoter of the boxing club. Veronica proceeds to promote the facility, including its fighters and staff. Archie then begins reading his lines from cue cards. He offers three free personal training sessions. Lastly, he issues a challenge to Randy Ronson at the Gilded Gloves. And leading up to the fight, Veronica surprises Archie with a new set of boxing attire. He thanks her for believing in him. No matter what happens, Veronica will always be in his corner.

When the fight is underway, Veronica watches from the crowd as Archie drops Ronson. However, Ronson never gets back up from the punch and a doctor is called to the ring.[30]

Archie, Veronica, and Mad Dog hold a press conference

Veronica bails Archie and Mad Dog out of jail and informs them that Elio has flipped Randy's death on Archie. It'll be a nearly impossible task to prove that it was in fact Elio who gave Ronson the drugs and that he's setting Archie up. However, Veronica has a plan, which starts with a drug test for both Archie and Mad Dog. Afterward, Veronica holds a press conference to announce that Archie and Mad Dog's drug tests have come back negative. Randy's sisters, Ms. Ronson, led by Elio, interrupts the press conference and accuses Archie of murdering Randy, but Archie swears that he didn't. In an attempt to make things better, Veronica recommends a benefit concert at La Bonne Nuit.[31]

Veronica gets Archie into the Regional tournament

While sparring in the ring, Veronica, who comes baring good news, approaches Archie and Mad Dog. She has Archie's fight application for the regional tournament. All Archie has to do is get one of his parents to sign off on it. This is the perfect opportunity to jump start Archie's boxing career. Fangs then comes running from the back, soak and wet. He tells them about a busted pipe, which it needs fixing. Archie volunteers to fix it, but Veronica would rather he call a professional plumber. Speaking of which, as Archie's manager, Veronica had been thinking about updating the gym.

Archie gives Veronica his application

Archie finds Veronica at school to give her his application with his mother's forged signature. It isn't until later that she learns he lied. Archie then asks Veronica to go to Prom with him, as friends. They proceed to purchase their prom tickets from Cheryl and Toni, who concludes that Archie and Veronica are back together, but Veronica corrects Cheryl, informing her that she and Archie are going as friends.

Archie passes out

Archie limps back to Veronica's car after having lost the Regional tournament fight. Even after the major loss, Archie intends to go through with the exhibition fight with Fangs, which Veronica says is a bad idea, but Archie's mom will be there with a recruiter. Veronica is willing to do whatever she has to, but she's not allowing Archie into the ring. Veronica later arrives at the gym to inform Fangs, Mary, and Brooke that Archie has food poisoning and that he can't make the fight. However, Archie comes out the back geared up and ready to fight. However, Archie faints and hits the canvas as he enters the ring.

Archie at the Prom

Veronica recalls the back-to-school dance and how much has changed since then. Archie states that some things have remained the same though. Veronica then shares with Archie the bombshell Pop Tate dropped on her, that her father owns the diner and La Bonne Nuit as he gave her a fake deed and kept the original. All this time, Veronica has been working for her father. However, to her advantage, he doesn't know that she knows. And she's going to act as if nothing has changed. She is going to manipulate him into digging his own grave. As they reminisce over the old days and their time spent together, Veronica asks Archie to help her take down her father for good.[32]

Taking down Hiram

Veronica and Archie meet Agent Ardelia

Veronica comes up with an idea to frame her father for all the illegal activity that occurs in the speakeasy, as his name is on the deed. And so, they meet with federal agent Ardelia, who explains that they've had their eyes on Hiram Lodge for quite some time. Veronica informs her of the serving of minors, illegal casino operations, and book doctrines, but Agent Ardelia is very much aware that these are Veronica's crimes. Their only chance is to catch him in the act of an illegal crime, which Veronica does by staging an illegal fight between Archie and Hiram, which ends when FP arrives at the fight and places Hiram under arrest.

Archie stops by the Pembrooke to tell Veronica how he feels about her. However, upon his arrival, he discovers Reggie is there as well. Veronica explains that Reggie was helping her earlier at La Bonne Nuit and came by to tell her that he wanted to be with her, and she said she wanted to be with him too. Veronica hesitantly admits this is true, and so Archie decides to leave.[33]

Getting back together

Archie and Veronica at Thornhill's Nature Preserve

Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead all receive black gift boxes sealed with a red ribbon, with a letter attached. The letter is an invitation sent out by Penelope Blossom to Thornhill's Nature Preservation, where she reveals that she's the mastermind behind all the bad happenings in Riverdale as of late, from the Black Hood to the Gargoyle King and Gryphons and Gargoyles. Now, it's time for one final round, with them. It's to reveal their true nature. To prove they're as dark-hearted as the town that birthed them. If they win, they escape. If they lose, they die. By the end, they win, but this doesn't stop Penelope from trying to kill them. Fortunately, Cheryl and the Pretty Poisons arrive to save them. However, the one good thing to come from this was Archie and Veronica expressing their love for one another and kissing under the Devil's Hand In Pickens Park.[34]

The death of Archie's dad

Archie and Veronica help make funeral arrangements

Archie and Veronica lay in bed at the Pembrooke as they discuss building a float for the 4th of July parade, sponsored by Pop’s. However, the good times don't last long, as they soon get word that Archie's dad has died in a hit-and-run. And so, Veronica offers to help Archie and his Mom with funeral arrangements and costs. However, because of the holiday, they won’t be able to bring Fred home until July 5th. And so, Archie and the gang decide to bring the body back themselves.

Veronica, Betty, and Jughead find Archie

Upon their arrival, Archie takes off to find the man responsible for his father's death, which ultimately ends up actually being a teenage boy. Veronica, Jughead, and Betty catch up to Archie outside the Augustine home, where Veronica reminds Archie that his dad loved him above all else and was proud of him. With that being said, they’re going to finish what they started and bring Fred home. So, Archie and Veronica drive the hearse back to Riverdale, where the funeral is held.[35]

Archie and Veronica discuss their night

Halloween night, Veronica gifts Archie and Munroe their costumes, designed by Katy Keene. Archie is Pureheart the Powerful and Munroe is The Shield. Veronica stays behind to clean up the diner, but assures Archie she’ll meet him later, which she does. And while lying in bed at the Pembrooke, Archie learns of Veronica’s near death encounter with an escaped serial killer from Shady Grove. He then shares with Veronica that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He vowed to make the community center a safe space in Riverdale, something his dad can be proud of, but it’s never going to happen with guys like Dodger on the streets. In that case, Veronica suggests cleaning the streets. Archie looks over to his Halloween costume. Veronica hopes that he doesn’t intend to fight crime in them. Archie replies "of course not. I’m gonna need a mask."[36]

Thanksgiving with the Dickenson

Archie, Veronica, and Munroe plan to follow through with their Thanksgiving plans

The town of Riverdale is celebrating Thanksgiving, and Veronica offers to assist Archie with hosting a dinner at the gym by putting in a to-go order at the country club to ensure they have enough food to feed all the kids. However, FP interrupts and under orders by the mayor, he's come to shut Archie down for Thanksgiving. Hiram's doing it to punish Veronica, to get her to spend the holiday with him. However, they carry on with the dinner nonetheless. Unfortunately, it is interrupted by Dodger's family, the Dickensons, who hold them all at gun point until the deep fryer explodes, causing enough of a distraction for Archie, Veronica, and Munroe to gain the upper hand and force the Dickensons out.[37]

Hiram's final days

Veronica and Archie have sex

Veronica finds Archie in the band room at school and sits on his lap and starts kissing, leading to sex in the locked music room. Afterward, Veronica tells Archie that she doesn’t want to think about the future and what will happen with the two of them when they graduate. She’d rather enjoy her last few months at Riverdale High with him. Later, they dance at La Bonne Nuit. However, he has to be at the site by 5:00 AM and leaves Veronica on her own for the night, despite her pleading with him to stay.

Veronica tells Archie that her father is dying

Veronica visits Archie in detention to thank him for taking the blame for the flask that was found in her locker during a routine check. He did it because he’s got nothing to lose, and Veronica has everything. Veronica starts grabbing on Archie and kissing him. He pushes her away and asks what’s wrong with her, as she’s acting strangely out of character. Veronica claims that she’s fine and that she’s simply trying to make the most of their time as they agreed. However, she later reveals to him that the real reason she has been acting so strange as of late is because her father is dying. While there’s not much Archie can say, he shares that one of the worst parts about his father dying is that he never got the chance to say goodbye. He didn’t know what little time they had and regrets not spending more of it with him.

Archie tells Veronica that he won’t be able to walk the stage with them during graduation. He does have a plan however; go to summer school for his diploma, take a skip year, and apply to colleges for a spring semester. Veronica then gets a message from Betty, inviting them to a Stonewall Prep party, which they attend, and later find Betty in the woods, standing over Jughead's lifeless body with a rock in hand.[38]

Faking Jughead's Death

Archie meets with Veronica and Betty at Pop's

Archie, Veronica, and Betty strip down to their underwear, burn their clothes, and return home half-naked. The following day, they meet up at Pop’s to get their story straight after each telling their parents a different story; toga party, strip poker, and skinny-dipping.

Archie and Veronica discuss the possibility of Betty killing Jughead

Seperate from Jughead's death, Veronica asks Archie to meet her at La Bonne Nuit, where she informs him how her father made out a will and still refuses to admit he’s sick. Archie then tells Veronica how his mother wants to ship him out to the navy. And Archie doesn’t even care, as he’s only concerned with Jughead. Veronica questions why Betty would pick up the rock if she knows so much about forensics. She reminds Archie about their sophomore year, when Betty tortured Chuck Clayton in a hot tub. The most terrifying part is that she had no recollection of it the next day. Veronica wonders if maybe the same happened with Jughead considering they found Betty with the murder weapon.

Archie, Veronica, and Betty at the Blue and Gold

Veronica informs Archie that Barnard college is reconsidering her admission after reviving an anonymous tip that she’s running an illegal rum operation. And now her application is under review. She knows this is the work of the preppies. Now, Veronica and Archie are trapped in Betty’s war with them, and while Veronica’s ready to follow her to the ends of the Earth, she wants to know the entire truth. So, they meet up with Betty at the Blue and Gold to discuss Jughead's death. Betty thinks she may have blacked out. She didn’t tell them because she's terrified that she may have killed Jughead. They have to figure out what happened after Betty’s conversation with Donna and before she woke up next to Jughead’s body.

Archie, Veronica, and Betty meet at Pop's to discuss Donna

After learning from Charles that Betty was likely framed, Archie, Veronica, and Betty plan their next move. They need to make a unpredictable move to bring the game to a head. Betty comes up with an idea and wants Jughead’s body found by FP, specifically. So, they organize a search party for Jughead in the woods. Archie leads FP to Jughead’s body, lying down below in a shroud of bushes.[39]

Archie, Betty, and Veronica are placed under arrest

FP arrives at Riverdale High School and places Archie, Veronica, and Betty under arrest for Jughead’s murder. Betty assures Archie and Veronica that everything will fall into place, as they are placed in a cell. FP will be bringing them in for questioning one at a time so that they can get to the bottom of what happened that night.

Archie and Veronica are still together

The following day, after being released, Veronica confronts Archie and Betty in the student lounge after learning from Cheryl that they kissed. Veronica accuses Archie of taking advantage of Betty when she was grieving and most vulnerable and calls Betty a "scheming, two-faced bitch." However, this is all a ploy to take down the Stonies, as Jughead is alive and well, and Archie and Veronica are still together.[40]

Kissing Betty

Archie gets into a fight with Veronica

Archie convenes with Veronica at his place after she reveals her dad collapsed. She continues to express her concern for her father, despite him claiming that he’s been getting better. Archie informs Veronica that her father has been working out at his gym, and while he was bench pressing, the bar slipped. Luckily, Archie was there to catch it, but he doesn’t think that Hiram has been going to the doctor's as often as he claims. Veronica gets upset and blames Archie for not telling her. Archie continues to fight with Veronica over his choice to not tell her about her father. Archie was simply trying to do the right thing, reminding Veronica that it’s been a rough year. Still, Veronica is upset that he neglected to tell her that he suspected her father wasn’t going to the doctors.

Archie stares out his window to Betty

Veronica surprises Archie in his room and apologizes for exploding on him earlier. She admits that she was scared and lashing out. She’s thankful that Archie said anything at all. And it’s because of him that Veronica personally sought out a doctor, who said it was lucky he got to Hiram when he did. Veronica then informs Archie that while Honey may have canceled the Variety Show, Kevin came up with an idea to host it at La Bonne Nuit, which they do, unbeknownst to Veronica that after their fight, Archie and Betty kissed.[41]

Senior Prom

Archie returns from an early morning run. While he was out, Veronica came across a new song that he wrote. Unbeknownst to Veronica, Archie wrote the song for Betty. He balls the song up and tells her that it’s not worth him performing. Veronica then gets a message from her father, requesting that she return home.

Archie agrees to fight KO

Archie and Veronica inform Commandant Carter how Archie owns both Andrews Construction and the community center. While the commander is impressed, he reveals that he has also begun to consider another candidate for the Naval Academy, KO Kelly. Much like Archie, this other candidate is a boxer, so Veronica suggests that Commander Carter decide who will earn their place with an exhibition fight. Veronica then tells Archie that after their fight, she’s booked them a suite at the Five Seasons. It’ll be just the two of them and a bathtub full of rose petals.

Archie reveals to Veronica that he kissed Betty

Veronica finds Archie in the locker room after his loss to KO. She regrets ever suggesting the fight in the first place but tells Archie that the Naval Academy wasn’t his only option. Veronica then proposes they blow off prom, but Archie doesn’t want to miss the last dance they’ll have with their friends. So, they slow dance at prom, during which time she reveals that she is aware that her father offered him a job as deputy mayor. Veronica goes on to tell Archie that she intends to defer college for a year to be with Archie, who isn't as happy as she expected, as he doesn’t want to hold her back. In fear that he’s dragging Veronica down, Archie reveals that the song Veronica found was for Betty. He wrote it for her after they kissed during Hedwig. Veronica cries and breaks up with Archie, but she wishes to keep this secret until after graduation.[42]

Veronica and Archie lay in bed

Archie receives a surprise visit from Veronica. She's come to return his stuff that he left over at her place. Also, despite their breakup, she wanted to spend their final night as seniors with Archie. She drops his box of belongings on the ground and heads inside, where the two proceed to kiss. The following morning, Archie and Veronica lay in bed. She reveals that she saw him looking at the picture from the time capsule and wonders why. She fears that he plans to sign up for war. However, Archie assures Veronica that the only place he’s going is summer school.

After meeting up with Betty and Jughead to get drunk in the bleachers and make a vow to return to Riverdale one year from now, Veroncia sees Archie off the basic training.[43]

Seven years later

Veronica tells Archie to have fun

After seven years away, both Archie and Veronica return to Riverdale after getting word of Pop's retirement. After their reunion at Pop’s, Archie points towards Veronica's ring and inquires about her husband. Veronica claims that he’s a kind man under all his bravado. She then asks about Archie, who says that the last real relationship he had was with Veronica. She advises him to have as much fun now as he can because everything will change once he’s married.[44]

Archie asks Veronica for funding

Archie heads over to the Pembrooke to ask Veronica to fund the Riverdale Bulldogs, which she happily agrees to. Archie assures Veronica that he’ll pay her back in full. Chad interjects that Archie will pay both him and Veronica back in full, as they have a shared account. Chad recalls that Archie is a vet and remarks that he probably doesn’t like taking handouts. So, he proposes that instead of loaning Archie the money, he renovates their apartment in exchange for them funding the Bulldogs.

Archie and Veronica meet with the Bulldogs in the locker room. They’ve each been assigned a locker to go along with their cleats, uniform, and pads. He then announces that Veronica will be their sponsor, introducing her as "Veronica Gekko," but she corrects Archie, informing him that she’s now going by her maiden name, Lodge.[45]

Veronica offers to bring Bernardo to train the volunteers

Archie has taken an interest in reviving the fire department following the attack at his house, and Veronica offers to bring Bernardo, an actual NY firefighter, to Riverdale to train the volunteers. After Bernardo comes and goes, Veronica arrives in a vintage red fire truck. She tells Archie not to worry about paying her back, as they’ll be putting out a Firefighters of Riverdale calendar to defray the costs. In the meantime, she just wanted to help.[46]

Rekindled romance

Archie asks Veronica about Chad

Veronica hires Archie to renovate the Pembrooke. She tells him that she needs it done as soon as possible in preparation for big changes. So, he and Eric begin work. Veronica suggests taking a photo to document the journey and post to her social media. And when her jewelry store is closed, Veronica decides to help Archie plaster the wall in the apartment, as they discuss recent events, which made Veronica take stock of her own life. She’s finally starting to realize all the things that she’s missing in life and believes that Archie feels the same. She asks what happens if they get matched at the key party. Archie admittedly isn’t sure.

Archie and Veronica kiss

As planned, both Archie and Veronica attend the key party. Veronica draws first from the bowl. She picks up Archie’s keys, but Chad refuses to allow her to go off with Archie and grabs her arm. Archie demands that Chad unhand Veronica and treat her with respect. Veronica refuses to allow them to fight over her. So, she grabs Chad’s keys from the bowl and leaves. However, later that night, Veronica finds Archie at the station and tells him that she and Chad are getting a divorce. Admittedly, Archie was devastated when he discovered that she was married, but the pain he felt was nothing compared to when he saw that she was unhappy. As Veronica inches closer, Archie reveals to Veronica that he and Betty have hooked up a couple times since returning to Riverdale. Veronica suspected as much and says that she’s not concerned with the past. She’s only interested in the present. Archie and Veronica then share a kiss.[47]

Coaching the Bulldogs

Archie and Veronica kiss

Archie gives the Bulldogs a pep talk after yet another embarrassing loss. Once the team is gone, Archie and Veronica remain behind to discuss the future of the Bulldogs. Archie is concerned with the lack of fan support. The Bulldogs were supposed to inspire the town, and Riverdale was supposed to rally behind the Bulldogs, but no one comes to their games. In that case, Veronica tells Archie that she’ll work on getting the town to back the Bulldogs again. Archie simply needs to keep the team motivated in that time.

Archie and Veronica ask Cheryl for a favor

Archie and Veronica ask Cheryl to supply the syrup for the upcoming Bulldog breakfast, but she refuses to donate her family’s maple syrup to help the Bulldogs, who have yet to even win a game. Moreover, the Vixens can no longer continue to cheer for them. Archie pleads with Cheryl to stick around for another game and get more people into the stands. When she turns him down, Archie takes matters into his own hands. Archie asks Ms. Bell to turn on the intercom and announces that they’ll be hosting a free pancake breakfast at Pop’s tomorrow morning in support of the Bulldogs.

Archie kisses Veronica after the game

Archie and the Bulldogs continue to practice despite not even having enough players to play. They are joined by Veronica and a friend of hers, T Dub, who plays for the New York Goliaths. Veronica explains that they’ve known each other for years and that T Dub was one of her most loyal clients when she was selling jewelry in New York. Veronica hopes this will encourage more kids to join the team. They later face off against Hiram and the Stallions. It's a blow out, but the Bulldogs do score in the final moment. Veronica congratulates Archie after the game. While they may not have won, they did score, and they’re also starting to win over the hearts and minds of the town.[48]

Divorcing Chad

Archie says goodbye to Veronica

Archie questions why Veronica is returning to New York. She explains that she owes Chad. A few years ago, the two of them went to a party at Marsha's Vineyard. They had too much to drink and got into a terrible fight. Veronica was so angry that she wished he would die and put her out of her misery of a marriage. That night, they got into the helicopter to fly back to the city. Chad was at the stick when something malfunctioned. Veronica later woke up at hospital, having barely survived the crash. She feels guilty for wishing Chad dead and must now face him. However, she assures Archie that she’ll be on the first train home the next morning. While there, she’ll be staying with Katy in Washington Heights. Veronica looks to put all this behind them so they can start anew. Unfortunately, Veronica calls Archie later to tell him that she'll be staying a few more days.[49]

Archie tells Veronica they can't be together

When Veronica finally returns from New York, she is waiting for Archie at his house, but she is still technically married to Chad. So until Veronica and Chad are legally divorced, Archie wants to put a hold on their relationship. Despite this, they work together to rescue Hiram, Sheriff Keller, and Governor Dooley from Ted and the Dickensons.[50]

Much later, Veronica shows up at Archie's with her signed divorce papers. This leads to the estranged lovers having sex in Archie's bedroom. And after another brush with death in the mines, Archie and Veronica take a bath together at the Pembrooke and celebrate their union. Veronica jokes that Archie's guardian angel deserves a raise.[51]

The final break-up

Archie and Veronica decide to move in together

Archie wonders what they can do to console Betty and her mom after learning of Polly's death. Veronica replies that they're simply on standby for whatever they need. In the meantime, Veronica has been thinking about the seven years they lost after graduation and proposes they move in together. Veronica initially presumes that Archie will be moving into the Pembrooke, but he ultimately convinces her to move into his house with the notion of long term plans.

Archie watches Veronica leave

After moving in, Veronica prepares dinner, but Archie and Frank cut out early after learning there is a growing fire nearby. Later that week, Archie apologizes for having missed another dinner. Veronica wants to discuss their relationship and where they're headed, specifically where Archie sees them in the next five years. Archie hopes to still be in Riverdale. He asks if this is a deal-breaker. Veronica insists that it's not, claiming that it's just important to have these kinds of conversations. However, they have another conversation, during which Veronica states that she's starting to feel like she's losing herself, similar to when she was with Chad. So, Veronica wants to take a break until they figure out what they're doing.[52]

Exiling Hiram

Archie and Veronica learn that Hiram sent the Ghoulies

After Pop's is burned to the ground, Veronica works with Archie to see that her father pay for his actions. Inside a folder, Veronica discovers paperwork that reveals Hiram incorporated SoDale, meaning now that it's legally a town, Hiram can petition the courts to redraw its borders and absorb all unincorporated lands, including Riverdale and the palladium mines. Archie and Veronica then learn from Toni and Fangs that not only did Hiram hire the Ghoulies to burn down Pop's, but also every other fire in recent memory has been their doing as well.

Archie and Veronica force Hiram out of town

Just as they begin to contemplate exactly how to get rid of Hiram, Reggie interrupts to give them a "smoking gun" he acquired that holds irrefutable proof of Hiram's misdeeds. And so, Archie and Veronica enter Hiram's cell and hold him at gunpoint before placing a bag over his head and leading him to the outskirts of town to be exiled. Veronica reveals that they have Hiram on camera as he murdered Vittorio Alto in his bed, and in exactly one hour, Betty intends to hand the video footage over to the FBI. As for Hiram's belongings, they'll sell whatever he has left in town and use it to rebuild Pop's and Riverdale. Faced with insurmountable odds, Hiram is forced out of Riverdale at gunpoint.[53]


Veronica plots with Cheryl and Reggie to sacrifice Archie to the Maple Maiden. He is lured out to Thornhill, where Veronica sneaks up from behind and hits him over the head, knocking Archie unconscious. And when he awakens, Cheryl cut out his heart.[54]

Veronica is killed by Archie

Veronica is approached by Jughead, who informs her that Rivervale and Riverdale are on a crash course, and the only way to stop it is by recreating the explosion in Archie's bedroom, though he and Veronica are to replace Betty and Archie. However, no matter what they do, Rivervale will cease to exist, though they will be able to at least save Riverdale. Veronica proposes they wait until the wedding, as she's not currently in the mood. "Hears to Vughead becoming canon," she remarks. Unfortunately, before she and Jughead can reconvene, she is strangled by Archie, though Veronica does reanimate and resume a normal life when Jughead fulfills his new, improvised plan with help from Betty.[55]


Veronica: "You're a little more dangerous than you look, aren't you? All boy-next-door-ish?"
Archie: "You have no idea."
―Veronica and Archie[src]

Archie: "I was up late last night, working on some of my songs with Valerie."
Veronica: "Valerie, huh? --- No, I endorse this!"
Archie: "You jealous, Ronnie?"
Veronica: "Please. I had my seven minutes in heaven with Archie Andrews."
―Archie teases Veronica[src]

Archie: "The prospect of total humiliation in front of this entire town is terrifying."
Veronica: "Want some company out there?"
Archie: "More than anything. No, I have to do this on my own Veronica."
Veronica: "Well, if you freeze out there Red Troubadour, just focus on someone that makes you feel safe."
―Veronica offers to perform with Archie in the Variety Show[src]

Veronica: "Archie, can we talk?"
Archie: "Okay."
Veronica: "In my marriage with Chad... I felt like I was muted. Like I was fading. And it happened so slowly I didn't even notice it at first. And the thing is, I'm starting to feel that way again here. Like I'm not myself. Like I'm losing myself."
Archie: "Ronnie, I'm sorry, I... I had no idea."
Veronica: "Archie, I think... I think... we should take a beat... until we figure out what we're doing. We shouldn't rush this."
Archie: "Maybe we just go back to dating and having fun like we used to."
Veronica: "That's a sweet idea. But we're not in high school anymore."
―Veronica breaks up with Archie[src]

We've had this day with each other from the very beginning, Archiekins.
— Veronica telling Archie as they're about to have sex how this mirrors their first kiss.[src]

The night of the fight, nothing happened with Reggie after you showed up at the Pembrooke. My heart ached for you… because I felt the same way. I love you, Archiekins. For whatever good that does us now.
— Veronica to Archie[src]

You stay safe Archie Andrews. I mean it.
— Veronica to Archie[src]



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