I'm granting you one wish, Archie. Nothing is off the table... Except for my body. Jason would want you to be rewarded.
— Cheryl whispering to Archie in class[src]

The relationship between Archie Andrews and Cheryl Blossom pre-dates the series. Even though not a lot of people like Cheryl, Archie never showed her a bad face. He was there for her when she needed him the most, especially when it came to being around her family, and in turn she helped him with his music by talking Josie into giving him a hand, and gave him a brand new electric guitar. Furthermore, Archie broke his wrist breaking the ice to save Cheryl from a suicide attempt. In return for saving her life, Cheryl offered to help Archie recover from his father being shot.


Even though they both go to the same school and share some of their classes, they never really interacted until recently, following the murder of Cheryl's twin brother, Jason. While the two can be called 'friends', Cheryl has tried to flirt with him on several occasions, but as Archie doesn't have that kind of interest in her, he quickly shut her down and changed the subject.

After Cheryl tried to commit suicide by drowning herself at Sweetwater River, Archie saved Cheryl's life by breaking his wrist to get through the ice and performing a CPR on her.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

Following the illicit affair that Archie and Miss Grundy developed during the summer vacation, they both hear a shotgun the morning of July 4th since they were there at Sweetwater River during Jason Blossom's disappearance. However, they both stayed silent in fear of their forbidden relationship being exposed. As Jason continued to stay missing, his sister Cheryl was left traumatized by the accident, and Archie continued to feel guilty about his secrecy.

In the after-party of the semi-formal, Cheryl invited Archie, Betty and Veronica to her after-party, in which she forced Veronica and Archie to make out for 7 minutes in the closet during a game, Seven Minutes in Heaven, knowing it would cause friction between Betty and Veronica. They ended up kissing against their better judgment, and returned to the party when Cheryl gleefully informed them that Betty had fled.

During biology class, Cheryl was paired with Archie. Archie asked her if she's okay, but she appeared to be slightly disturbed as she now knew that her brother was dead (Kevin and Moose discovered the body with a bullet hole in the head). Despite knowing that her brother's autopsy was currently taking place, she was willing to dissect a frog with no trouble, shocking Archie and her friends.

Later during the football game, Archie was seen running with the rest of the Riverdale Bulldogs. Cheryl noticed the number on his shirt, number 9, that was once Jason's number in the team. It became too much for her, causing her to run away after realizing that her brother was truly gone and would never return again. Veronica follows her to the girl's locker room and embraces her in a comforting hug.[1]

Season 1 Episode 3 Body Double Cheryl thanking Archie

The next morning, after Cheryl had explained what she meant by being guilty, Archie decided to tell the police that he'd also heard the gunshot that morning by the lakeside. Later on, Cheryl wanted to repay Archie for corroborating her gunshot story. She asked Josie for a favor who then allowed him to observe the Pussycats’ rehearsal for the upcoming Taste of Riverdale event at which they were going to perform.[2]

As Archie tuned his guitar that morning in the music room, Cheryl entered with an invitation for him to escort her to her family's annual event, The Tree Tapping Ceremony. It was the start of maple tapping season, and the tree tapping ceremony was an extremely exclusive annual ceremony that honored the Blossom bloodline. The maple tapping was something special that she and Jason had done together ever since they could walk, but she was not sure she could face it alone this year, if Archie came along as her escort, maybe she could get through it. Admittedly, Archie would love to help her, however, he could not accept her invitation because he had a girlfriend, though he suggested that she ask Kevin or Reggie. Unfortunately, Cheryl did not want Kevin or Reggie, she desired Archie, he was the only person to defend her against Sheriff Keller, even when her parents did not.

Later on, Cheryl's mother, Penelope, met up with Archie and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. She offered to put a word in his behalf for a spot in the exclusive summer music program at the Brandenburg Music Academy since Cheryl's great-uncle Harrison sits on the board. Brandenburg Music Academy was a school for the musically gifted, though hard to get into, so Archie was really happy. However, that would only happen if he reconsidered escorting Cheryl to the tapping. Penelope recalled how Archie brought her Jason's football jersey during his memorial, that was a gesture of kindness during a moment of despair for her family, making Archie a good person in her eyes. Penelope insisted that Archie escort Cheryl, it would only be an afternoon and it would mean the world to Cheryl. She finally managed to persuade Archie to agree.

The next day, as the tree tapping ceremony was ready to commence, all Archie had to do was hold the bucket steady, Cheryl would do the rest. Archie wondered who all the unfamiliar guests were and Cheryl explained that they were her father's board of trustees. They were worried that Cliff was loosing his grip on the company, and if this was to be proven true, they would join together to steal it from him. Jason's death was a PR debacle, Polly being pregnant and unwed definitely did not help the situation.

Cliff was holding his speech with Penelope standing next to the maple tree. Cheryl was called to stake the tree, dragging Archie with her to the tree. Cheryl was nervous, as she'd only seen Jason do it, but she'd never done it herself. Archie, who was holding the bucket, gave Cheryl a pep talk, telling her she could do it in her sleep, and just like he said, she did it without a hitch. Everyone applauded Cheryl and her parents smiled as well. The ceremony ended as they all stood for a group photo.

Following the group photo, they were walking back to the Blossom Maple Farms. Aunt Cricket and uncle Bedford were not convinced that Cheryl could be the successor of the business. Hearing how aunt Cricket and uncle Bedford were insulting Cheryl, Archie came to her defense, informing them that Cheryl loved Jason, she did as much to help the Bulldogs win as he did, she also had a 4.0 GPA, so if there was one thing that he learned from Cheryl, it was that she should not be underestimated or betted against. 

On Cheryl's behalf, Cliff asked Archie to escort her to the Blossom Banquet later that week, and while Archie initially denied their invitation, Cheryl soon joined them and convinced him that she needed a dance partner. The next night, Cheryl paid the Andrews a late night visit, she wanted to gift Archie with a brand new guitar to show her appreciation for him agreeing to escort her to the banquet. Before leaving, she commented that her claustrophobia acted up in small houses and she kissed Archie on the cheek. As promised, Archie escorted Cheryl to the banquet that week. As everyone gathered at the dinner table, Cliff held his speech. After the speech, Cheryl told Archie that her parents kind ways were not genuine as they wanted her to fail the tapping.

Season 1 Episode 9 La Grande Illusion Archie and Cheryl

Cheryl kisses Archie

Following an argument with her father, Cheryl exited the banquet for some fresh air, she was of course followed by Archie. Jason was the golden boy, Cheryl said, people hated her, and while that was fine at school, it was too much to bear from her own family. However, Archie thought she was awesome, which led Cheryl to express how she felt that Archie was the only decent person left in Riverdale. Cheryl then kissed Archie, taken by surprise and told Archie that her lipstick was maple-red, in case he was wondering why it was so sweet. All Archie could do was walk off. Cheryl managed to catch up to him on the other side of the lodge after he ran off, she thought it was Cinderella that ran away from the ball, not Prince Charming. Archie wanted to break off their arrangement, but Cheryl first reminded him of everything he would be losing if he did. She then accused him of being just as bad as everyone else in town, despite her initial beliefs, as he wanted something from them as well.[3]

Season 1 Episode 13 The Sweet Hereafter Saving Cheryl

Archie carries Cheryl off the river

Cheryl, devastated by the death of both her brother and father, decided that she didn't want to live without her brother. She went to Sweetwater River where she tried to break through the ice and jump into the freezing lake. However, Archie and his friends arrived just in time. As they screamed for her to stop from the river's edge, the ice gave way sending Cheryl plummeting into the icy water. Archie ran across the river before frantically looking for her along with his friends. He found that she had been swept away by the current, but was able to locate her quickly. He then started punching the ice repeatedly until it started to crack, his own hand gushing blood. He was able to break the ice and pull her out, before giving her CPR to resuscitate her. He succeeded and carried her off the river. Due to him punching the ice, he broke his hand.[4]

Season 2

Kiss of Life

After the shooting of Fred Andrews at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppeby a hooded assailant, he was admitted into Riverdale General Hospital. Archie went back to his father's room to find Cheryl over his bedside, giving him a kiss on his forehead. Cheryl explained that she was repaying Archie for saving her life at Sweetwater River. He gave her the kiss of life, as she's now giving to his father. Cheryl then assured him that his father was going to be just fine, before leaving the room.[5]

With the Black Hood terrorizing the town, Cheryl decided to join Archie in his crusade to protect the streets with a community group watched that he had formed and named the Red Circle. While she didn't join him in the streets she helped Veronica promote the Circle with T-shirts.[6]


Everyone at Nick's party

They didn't interact much, but Archie and Cheryl both attended Nick St. Clair's party at the Five Seasons. At the party was also, Betty, Reggie, Kevin, Josie, Valerie, and Melody. Cheryl told Archie to keep up as Nick told a story about his run-in with Gal Gadot. After a few drinks, Nick proposed they take the part one level further with some Jingle Jangle that he scored from Reggie. Without hesitation, Cheryl agreed to partake. She then looked to Kevin, asking if he would be joining, which he did. High off Jingle Jangle, Cheryl and Kevin danced on the couch together, though their drug-fueled dance off was short lived after an argument between Betty and Veronica erupted within the hotel room, which blew their high. After Betty accused Veronica of being a bad person and a friend of circumstances, she left the party.

Later that night, Archie rushed over to the Pembrooke after learning that Nick drugged and then subsequently tried to rape Cheryl at the SoDale Gala Opening. He asked where Nick was in that moment, though Cheryl told Archie that he could put his cape away because the Pussycats had already saved her.[7]

Cheryl attended the drag race being held near Herk Harvey bridge between Archie and Jughead and two members of a Southside gang called the Ghoulies. Cheryl sat alongside Kevin, Reggie, Veronica, and Betty as the race was about to commence.[8]


Betty, Archie, Reggie, Cheryl, Kevin, Jughead, Veronica, Josie at the Secret Santa

Archie and Cheryl were invited to Kevin's Secret Santa gift exchange in the student lounge at school, along with Betty, Reggie, Cheryl, Kevin, Veronica, Jughead and Josie. Veronica opened her gift from Josie, which awkwardly enough was a gift certificate for a couples massage. Archie and Veronica were still together when Josie purchase of the certificate. Hoping to lessen the awkward tension, Josie suggested that Veronica use the certificate to take someone other than Archie, such as Betty or her mother. If that wasn't able to be arranged, Reggie joked that he could use the gift certificate with Veronica's mother. Thankfully, as the awkwardness was too much to bear, Betty was the last exchange for the evening. Based on the wrapping of her present, she instantly knew that it was Archie who picked her name. Betty unwrapped the gift to find and old read-a-long record that she and Archie used to listen to when they were five years old, entitled "The Swiss Family Robinson". Archie informed her that he and his father found it while they were cleaning out the garage. Moose and Midge then entered the lounge to join them for the Holiday event.

Despite learning earlier that day that her family had no money, Cheryl headed down to Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, where Archie and his father had set up shop for the selling of Christmas trees. She approached Archie and asked for their finest tree. Unfortunately, he was about to leave. So he pointed Cheryl into Vic's direction, who was assisting with the tree sales.


Archie and Betty questioning Nana Rose

Under the suspicion that Nana Rose was present for the execution of the innocent man, Archie and Betty showed up at Thistlehouse uninvite. Cheryl answered the front door. She invited them in and took them to see Rose. Archie and Betty asked her about the execution of the Riverdale Reaper and if Nana Rose had accompanied the men when they killed him in the name of justice and revenge. Nana Rose revealed that she wasn't there to see the execution first hand as she was told to stay at home while the men took care of the killer. Where did they hang the Reaper, Betty asked. Rose replied that he wasn't hung. They gave him a proper burial by burying him alive. As for the location of the burial, Nana Rose, who mistook Betty for Polly, as she had done before, told Betty to ask her grandfather, who had shared in the execution. Rose had a picture of them at the burial, smiling just beneath the devil's hand, she remarked. Nana Rose then asked Cheryl to take her to her room as she had fell ill. [9]


Cheryl blackmailing Archie

After learning of the closing down of Southside High and the transfer of students to Riverdale High School, Cheryl, with Reggie, the River Vixens and the Riverdale Bulldogs in tow, interrupted Veronica's welcoming committee for the Southside transfers (Jughead, Toni, Sweet Pea and Fogarty). Cheryl approached the registration desk, hurling insults at the Serpents, calling them "Southside scum" and "raggamuffins". She refused to allow Riverdale High's above average GPA to suffer because of overcrowded classrooms with underachievers such as themselves. Cheryl told them to find another school to deface with their "hardscrabble ways". In saying this, she offended Toni, who dared Cheryl to say it to her face. Just as the two were about to face off, Archie stepped in between them, hoping to put their Northside and Southside differences aside to start over but the rivaling sides continued to go back and forth until Mr. Weatherbee arrived to send them off to class. However, before parting ways, Cheryl told Archie to reconsider his allegiance as she had witnessed the clandestine Christmas kiss between him and Betty outside of Thistlehouse.


Archie asking Cheryl about Nick

In response to Cheryl's blackmailing, Archie texted her to meet him in the music room. Cheryl decided to keep it brief, proposing that Archie convince Veronica to stand with them against the Southside rabble or else she would tell Veronica about the kiss with Betty. Archie explained that Cheryl had nothing to tell considering that he and Veronica were broken up, as were Betty and Jughead. Nonetheless, that's not the reason why Archie messaged her. He wanted to talk about Nick St. Clair. He asked if Cheryl knew that he got into a bad car crash after he left Riverdale. Cheryl asked Archie to forgive her if she didn't shed a tear for the man that tried to rape her. She only wished that she and her mother hadn't burned the check that his family gave them as hush money. Cheryl concluded that Archie must've been thrilled after finding out about the accident given what Nick did to Veronica on the night of his party, when he got physical with her, which Archie had no knowledge of. He quickly grew angry, threatening to kill Nick. It was Veronica's right to tell Archie or not. Cheryl was sure there was a specific reason she kept it from him.


Cheryl telling Archie that she wanted another check from Nick

That night, Archie stopped by Thistlehouse as he couldn't stop thinking about what Nick did to Cheryl and Veronica. Archie asked if she wanted another check, to replace the last one that she and her mother had burned. She did. But Cheryl was afraid the ship had sailed on that. Archie would beg to differ. He planned on going to see Nick and he could ask him to write another check. Archie only needed from Cheryl to borrow one of Jason's blazers, to which she agreed.

The next day, after Archie had recovered the check from Nick and assaulted him in the process, Cheryl entered the music room at school to reveal to Veronica that she had unintentionally told Archie about Nick's sexual advances after the Five Seasons party and why Archie had gone to New York, behind her back. Cheryl claimed that it was a classic shakedown. She wanted money from Nick and she thought that Archie could convince him that reparations were in order. Her only regret was that she betrayed Veronica's confidence. Cheryl then issued an apology before walking out.[10]


If there’s one thing that I’ve learned being in Cheryl’s class, it’s don't underestimate her. And don't bet against her.
— Archie defends Cheryl[src]

Archie: "Forget them, Cheryl. Forget what they think. I think you're awesome."
Cheryl: "Oh Archie. Sometimes I think you may be the only decent person left in Riverdale. The only person who doesn't want something from me or doesn't want me to apologize for who I am... Or what I want."
―Archie attempts to cheer Cheryl up[src]


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