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We are no ordinary witch-hunters. We are divine. We are angels.

Angels are a race of divine beings who vary in appearance. Sometimes, they appear in the form of mortal missionaries to hunt witches, other times they appear with large silver wings.


Hunting the Church of Night

Jerathmiel, Mehitable, and Gideon were three angels who belonged to a group known as the Order of the Innocents. They led an attack on the witches of the Church of Night in Greendale. Gideon was trapped in a painting after a failed attempt to kill Dorian Gray and Nicholas Scratch. Jerathmiel and Mehitable converged on the Academy of Unseen Arts after they unsuccessfully tried to kill Sabrina and Hilda Spellman.

At the Academy, Jerathmiel and Mehitable called on their divine power to overpower the Weird Sisters. They tried to take the ghost children at the Academy to Heaven, but the ghost children hid from them. The angels subsequently rounded up all the witches and took them to the desecrated church, where they reconsecrated the area with holy water to prevent witches from getting in or out. Jerathmiel tried to get the captured witches to convert to the side of God, but slaughtered them when they refused or were unable to due to their pact with the Dark Lord. Sabrina, having been baptized at birth, was able to enter the reconsecrated church and attempted to stop Jerathmiel from killing any more witches. However, her powers were bound by a Crown of Thorns placed upon her head by Mehitable. Jerathmiel tried to get Sabrina to convert, but fired multiple arrows at her when she refused to, killing her in the process.

When Jerathmiel attempted to burn the Weird Sisters at the stake, Sabrina rose from the dead with powers far greater than before. She forced the angels to their knees, coercing them into reciting the Dark Lord's prayer. When Jerathmiel asked her what she was, Sabrina responded by saying that she was the "Dark Lord's sword", conjuring hellfire that incinerated the angels entirely.[1]

Powers and Abilities

  • Spell Casting: The power to change, manipulate and control objects, events, actions and phenomena through the use of incantations, rituals, potions or sheer force of will.
    • Divine Invocation: The power to call upon divine forces against witches.
  • Heaven Relocation: The power to send ghosts to Heaven.
  • Reconsecration: The power to seal desecrated locations with holy water and reconsecrate them, keeping witches from entering or leaving the area.
  • Power Granting: Angels are able to give witches their abilities due to their celestial nature.


  • Mortality: Angels are susceptible to attack by conventional means, such as being stabbed.
  • Witchcraft: Angels can be incapacitated by witchcraft if they are unable to call on their divine power.
  • Herald of Hell: Jerathmiel and Mehitable were no match for the power of Sabrina Spellman, who unlocked her abilities as the Herald of Hell. Sabrina was able to force the angels to their knees and have them recite a prayer to the Dark Lord. She ultimately destroyed them with hellfire.

Spells and Rituals

  • Divine Invocation Spell: A spell that calls upon divine power to counter the magic of witches and overwhelm them, causing the witches to bleed from their orifices and fall unconscious.
    • Incantation: Heavenly choir of the Nine Principalities, govern us in soul and body. Give us strength in battle to command dominion over the heretic witches.
    • Requirements: The angels must clasp their hands together while reciting the spell.
    • Used by: Jerathmiel and Mehitable used this spell when the Weird Sisters attempted to kill them with their magic.


  • Knives: One of the weapons used by angels to kill witches
  • Crossbow: One of the weapons used by angels to kill witches.
  • Crown of Thorns: Has the power to nullify the power of witches, preventing them from casting spells.

Known Angels


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  • It appears that more powerful angels such as Lucifer do not need to call upon a higher power to use their abilities.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina