I'm just- - I'm not used to coming home and seeing you guys together.
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The Andrews Family represents one of the main families in Riverdale. They were once a happy family who lived under one roof. That was until Fred and Mary Andrews separated, leaving Archie to choose between the two of them. Which he ended up choose his father to stay with him in Riverdale, while Mary moved to Chicago.

After two years later, Archie hasn't seen his mother. His father left Riverdale to finally sign their divorce papers and get it over with, but ended up not going through with it after Archie drunk dialed him into not going through with it. The next day after, Fred arrives back home with Mary, while their divorce papers are on hold currently pending.


Not much is known about when Fred and Mary meet exactly, other than that fact that they were both born and raised in Riverdale for most of their lives. Fred and Mary both attended the same high school, where Fred was best friends with FP Jones, while he was also dating Hermione Lodge at the time. Mary was old friends with Alice and Hermione while at her time at Riverdale High. A little while after, Hermione and Fred broke up, where Fred ended up with Mary after.

Years later, after they all graduated high school. Fred started his own business called Andrews Construction, which he was partners with his old buddy FP, who was also working for him at the time in the early days of his business. A little while after, Fred and his wife get separated.

The Andrews Family is currently separated, as Mary still lives in Chicago, while Fred and Archie still reside in Riverdale.

Family Members

  • Artie Andrews — He was the father of Fred and Oscar and grandfather to Archie. Fred dreamed of him when he nearly died from a gunshot wound.[1]
  • Oscar Andrews — He was Fred's brother and Archie's uncle. Fred dreamed of him when he nearly died from a gunshot wound.[1]
  • Fred Andrews — Fred is the father of Archie Andrews and the husband of Mary Andrews. He is also the proud owner of Andrews Construction, which he started after high school with FP. In the beginning of the early days of Andrews Construction, Fred and FP were business partners in the raising of Andrews Construction. According to FP, they struggled to get the company off the ground, but with FP having to provide for his family, he was struggling and needed money. So he got into some bad business deals which got him locked up in jail, resulting in Fred having to let him go, after seeing he was becoming a liability. A few years after, Fred offers FP back his old job upon Jughead's request into fixing their family. Fred currently is working with members of the Southside Serpents, who he has employed to work for him on the SoDale project, thanks to FP seeing that things were bad with him and he needed some help.
  • Mary Andrews — Mary is the mother of Archie Andrews and the wife of Fred Andrews. After her and her husband were separated from each other after two years later. She lived in Chicago for the time being during that time, she came back to Riverdale briefly to visit Archie.
  • Archie Andrews — Archie is the son of Fred and Mary Andrews as well as the current boyfriend to Veronica Lodge, who he is currently in a relationship with. He is also the best friend of Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper, which dates back since they were kids growing up in Riverdale. He is also a musician, which he both writes and sings songs, while also occasionally performing with the band Josie and the Pussycats.
  • Vegas — Vegas is the pet belonging to the Andrews Family. Very little is known as to how long the family has owned the pet for.

Family Tree

Andrews †
Mother †
Andrews †


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