I'm sure Mr. Lodge explained if there's any trouble, I'm a phone call away, all right?
— Andre to Archie[src]

Andre was a recurring character in the second season of The CW's Riverdale. He was portrayed by Stephan Miers.

He was the Lodges' capo and personal assistant, often seen guarding the front door of the Pembrooke and chauffeuring Veronica.

Early Life

Not much is known about Andre's early life, though he was likely involved with the Lodges prior to being hired as their doorman and driver.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 2

Andre greeted Veronica, Hermione, and Hiram Lodge as they returned to the Pembrooke. Hiram claimed that Smithers left to care for his sickly mother overseas, thus Andre came in as a replacement.[1]

Andre is Veronica's chauffeur to and from FP's retirement party, and from there on out. He is, by Hiram, skilled in martial arts, and will protect Veronica at all costs.[2]

Andre made several brief appearances throughout the episode. He initially crossed paths with Archie at the Pembrooke as he was delivering Hiram's dry cleaning and lunch from Pop's. A couple days later, he attended Hiram's poker game at Pop's. However, he did not play, only entering the diner to use the restroom. Afterward, he informed Archie that the toilet was clogged. Following Veronica's confirmation ceremony, Andre brought up one last present for her.[3]


Andre taking Archie to see the boss

At the boss's behest, Andre picked Archie up from his house and told him that they were going for a drive as the boss wanted to see him. In the car, Archie grew concerned as they passed the Pembrooke. Andre informed him that the boss had requested somewhere more private and scenic to meet. They pulled up alongside a cliff, where down below was a long and deadly drop to the ocean. Andre helped Archie out the car and took him to see Hermione, who thanked Andre for his services.[4]

Per Hiram Lodge's orders, Andre drove Veronica, Archie, Betty and Jughead out to the Lodge family lake house in Shadow Lake. Upon their arrival, Veronica strictly told him that he was to return Sunday night at 7:00 pm to pick them up. While handing off the luggage to Archie, Andre told him to call if they encountered any trouble.


Andre and Archie telling Veronica about the New York families in Riverdale

The next day, Andre sent Archie a message to arrange a meeting in the woods. Unbeknownst to either of them, Veronica was watching from the lake house balcony. Because of this, she proceeded to follow Archie into the woods where she confronted the two of them after making it perfectly clear that she didn't want Andre near the lake house. Archie and Andre revealed that her father was doing business in Riverdale with some of the other families so he wanted to make sure that Veronica was safe. Veronica was extremely surprised to find out that Archie knew of her father's plans. She then ordered Andre to leave, but not before telling him to call her father so that he could tell him that his cover was blown. From Archie, all Veronica wanted was space, which is why she would be heading into town with Betty.


Andre taking care of the intruders

Later that night, in the woods, after the lake house was broken into by four masked intruders, Andre found Archie on the ground with one of the intruders who had taken Veronica's necklace pinned beneath him. When Archie asked if Andre saw any of the three other men, Andre told him to return to the cabin as he would handle the one assailant that Archie managed to capture. As Archie returned to the lake house, Andre presumably killed the masked intruder as a single gunshot rang throughout the forest. Afterwards, Andre drove Veronica and her friends back to Riverdale, where he informed Hiram of the incident.[5]

Andre and Adams greeted Archie and the Lodges as they returned to the Pembrooke from the school hall meeting. Andre announced that they had unexpected guests, Lenny Kowalski and Carl Martin. Two mob bosses who requested to speak with Hiram privately. And so Hiram accepted their request and asked that Adams take Hermione and Veronica upstairs.


Archie, Adams, and Andre at the dinner

The following night, Andre, Adams, and Archie attended Hiram's dinner with Lenny Kowalski and Carl Martin as planned. They stood quietly as Hiram negotiated with Lenny and Carl, who wanted 25% of the profit that Hiram would receive for his private prison in order for Hermione to continue with her campaign which was putting the families in the public eye. However, Hiram could not agree to such high numbers as he would be operating at a lost. So he respectfully declined their offer. Lenny and Carl became upset, explaining that Hiram had nothing and that his men in Montreal and New York now worked for them. Hoping to convince them otherwise, Archie stepped forward and told them that he was not to be underestimated as he had beaten up Nick St. Clair, taken out Poppa Poutine and did the same to a hillbilly that threatened Veronica while they were up at the safe house. Despite Archie's stern approach, Lenny and Carl were not convinced. In fact, they went so far as to laugh at him. They then told Hiram to consider their offer.

Just after dinner, Hiram told Archie in the parking lot that he was like a mad dog. Also, firing a warning shot like that meant that he would have to back it up.


Andre wounded

The next day, Andre was attacked by a black hood wearing individual and left bleeding on the floor of the Pembrooke. As Andre laid bleeding in the lobby, Archie chased after his attacker. Archie tackled him to the ground only to discover that it was Adams who had attacked Andre. He had apparently double-crossed the Lodges. Adams then punched Archie in the face and told him to tell Hiram to take the deal. Archie relaid this message to the Lodges who weren't pleased. They concluded that Lenny and Carl either offered Adams money or he sensed that they were weak and vulnerable. Nevertheless, Andre was in the hospital and the message that was being sent was clear, either cut Lenny and Carl in or suffer the consequences.[6]

A Fallen Capo


Andre's body

Andre picks Veronica up from the Andrews house per Hiram's request. However, when he stops the car, Veronica gets out to check on Mrs. Klump, who is walking the streets of Riverdale despite all the rioting. Andre and Veronica take Mrs. Klump to the station after she confesses to shooting Fangs Fogarty, a Southside Serpent, earlier that evening. A short while after, the son of Poppa Poutine, Small Fry Boucher, arrives at the Pembrooke. He asks for Hiram, but Andre explains that he is unavailable at the moment. Andre grows concerned when Small Fry asks by Hermione and Veronica. Small Fry then kills Andre and heads upstairs to do the same to Veronica and Hermione.

Later, Andre's body is found by Hiram, who rushes to learn the fates of his wife and daughter. Hiram soon finds his family to be fine, and Small Fry dead. Hiram then proceeds to send both Small Fry and Andre's bodies to the coroner's office, where they are tagged by Sheriff Minetta as riot victims.[7]

Season 3

Three months later, during the trial of Archie Andrews, charged of 1st degree murder, Andre is mentioned as Archie's "girlfriend's father's doorman" who Archie claims murdered the victim.[8]

Physical Appearance

Andre had a lean but athletic build, standing at 6' 3". He had short black hair and dark brown eyes and was often seen wearing his black and burgundy employee's uniform while working at the Pembrooke. He occasionally wore black gloves with his uniform.


Andre was initially presented as Smithers' replacement. Though, in light of recent events, he has proven to be much more. More than just a doorman and chauffeur, Andre was the Lodges' capo, tasked with doing their dirty work and protecting Veronica at all cost.


Hiram Lodge


Hiram, his family, and his capos

The friendship between Hiram Lodge and the Lodges' capo, Andre, is seemingly very strong. This is proven throughout the series, with Hiram allowing Andre to protect his family much of the time, and Andre killing enemies of Hiram upon the latter's orders. Hiram and Andre have most likely accumulated much trust for each other due to this.

Veronica Lodge

It's all right; it's okay.
— Veronica to an injured Andre[src]

Veronica attempting to calm down a bleeding Andre

The "friendship" between Veronica Lodge and Andre has seemed to grown at least a small amount since Veronica first met the Lodges' capo. While Veronica apparently misses Smithers, the previous Pembrooke employee, she has learned to tolerate Andre. At one point, Andre is attacked by a hooded man, and Veronica cares enough about Andre to attempt to calm the bleeding capo.


Season 2

Season 3


  • Unlike most characters introduced into the series, Andre is not a character from the Archie Comics.


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