Blackwood used us, Prudence. Our desire for a father blinded us to the family we already had.
— Ambrose to Prudence[src]

Ambrose Spellman is a main character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He is portrayed by Chance Perdomo.

He is a warlock that resides in the town of Greendale, located on the opposite side of the Sweetwater River from Riverdale. Due to a binding spell, he had been trapped in Spellman Mortuary for 75 years until being released by Faustus Blackwood.

Character Description

Ambrose is Sabrina's "cousin" and a necromancer. He is witty, puckish, pan-sexual—and loves being a witch. Trapped in the funeral home due to a binding spell, Ambrose lives in the mortuary's attic and acts as one of Sabrina's partners in crime[2]

Ambrose Spellman, Sabrina’s warlock cousin from England. Placed under house arrest by the Witches Council, Ambrose is forbidden from leaving the funeral home where he lives with the Spellman women. Witty, puckish and pan-sexual, he is one of Sabrina’s partners in crime, always up for mischief.[3]

Early Life

When Ambrose was a young warlock, his father was killed by witch hunters. As the sole survivor, he was raised by his Aunt Hilda. Ambrose is an old warlock who moved from university to university seeking a father figure after the witch hunters killed his father. At the age of seventeen, Ambrose published his first poetry collection. He also painted with the Surrealists and taught stage magic to Harry Houdini himself. In the early 19th century, Ambrose met a young Aleister Crowley and became one of his followers. Fascinated by Crowley's revolutionary and controversial ideas, Ambrose and unknown accomplices attempted to blow up the Vatican. Ambrose was the only witch to be arrested among all the culprits. Although he was offered immunity in exchange for the names of his accomplices, Ambrose did not betray the cause and for that reason was confined to the Spellman Mortuary with a binding spell. Since then, he began working as a mortician there, coping with his depression and loneliness with sarcasm, jokes and family affection.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 1

A Witch in the Attic

On the morning of October 28th at the breakfast table, Ambrose is reading a book while Zelda reads the newspaper and Hilda is cooking. The family is soon joined by Sabrina who reveals that she didn't sleep well due to excitement for her upcoming 16th birthday and that a bat broke her window last night. Ambrose is immediately interested and asks if Sabrina wants him to bring him back. But Zelda immediately says that they will not need his necromancy. Sabrina, then, asks if she can bury it in the garden and Hilda replies that she can bury it in the Pet Cemetery, near the sundial, before giving her niece a herbal concoction in a jar. To purify her body before the Dark Baptism. Ambrose suggests Sabrina not to drink it while pretending to cough, but Zelda silences him and asks Sabrina to pick up a familiar from the register sent by the Council. Sabrina, however, has already decided on summoning her own familiar by using a spell from the Demonomicon.


Ambrose talks to Sabrina

At the cemetery, Ambrose asks Sabrina for a penny dreadful for her thoughts. Ambrose, in fact, has noticed that something is wrong with his cousin. Ambrose asks if she is having doubts about her upcoming Dark Baptism. Sabrina replies that she is not sure, but Ambrose reassures her by telling her that he too was tense at the time of his initiation. Therefore, he wants to know what she said to her mortal friends; if she is still determined to use the "studying at a posh boarding school in Connecticut" lie. But Sabrina hasn't told her friends that she is leaving yet. She's waiting for the right time. Ambrose says that there will never be a right time and that after the Dark Baptism, Sabrina will finally feel that she belongs and will no longer feel uncomfortable with her dual nature. Sabrina is sad and asks her cousin if you can miss something before you even lose it. Ambrose nods, saying that he has been trapped in the Spellman Mortuary ground for the last 75 years. He constantly misses everything. Ambrose then enters the house, leaving Sabrina to her thoughts.

On the porch of Spellman Mortuary, Ambrose is surfing the net when Sabrina returns from school. The girl is visibly sad and Ambrose tries to comfort her. Sabrina reveals that she told Harvey that she is a witch, but forced him to forget with a spell because it was too horrible to bear. Ambrose is worried about his cousin, but he does not know how to help her. Sabrina says that she will find a way. However, she asks Ambrose to help her with a spell later, midnight-ish. Ambrose is happy to help her, appreciating the spooky witching hour chosen for spell casting.


Ambrose and Sabrina hex Principal Hawthorne

In the attic, Sabrina and Ambrose decide how to hex Principal Hawthorne. Ambrose suggests to kill him, but she just wants to give him a good scare and adds that the principal is terrified of spiders. Ambrose replies that it will be easy since Hilda's familiars are spiders. The two witches gather the glass cages with the spiders and Ambrose puts Hawthorne's photo that Sabrina ripped from a yearbook in one of the cages, among the spiders. Ambrose and Sabrina begin chanting the spell, conjuring a disturbing vision of spiders crawling all over the body and the room of Principal Hawthorne, causing him to have a shock.

The next morning, Ambrose is reading his book while the Spellman women have breakfast. Sabrina found her familiar the night before, a black cat named Salem. Zelda does not find the name to be appropriate, but Sabrina replies that he named himself like that. Sabrina, then, asks if her Dark Baptism can be postponed because of the club she founded at school, creating a little family drama that immediately catches Ambrose's attention, especially when Aunt Zelda asks Sabrina if the reason is that she and Harvey had sex. Sabrina is shocked by the question and denies, adding that she has reservations about remaining a virgin for the Dark Lord. After all, it's her own body, and she does not want to be part of the Church of Night because of what they did to her parents, angering Zelda even more.


Ambrose suggests Sabrina finds a "Malum Malus"

Outside on the porch, Ambrose tries to comfort Sabrina after the fight with Aunt Zelda. He asks if Sabrina enjoyed the spell they have cast on Hawthorne because the euphoria and the power she tasted are nothing if she won't be baptized. Sabrina is still undecided. Ambrose suggests finding a "Malum Malus"; according to whether the translator is a man or a woman, it is the apple of evil or the fruit of knowledge, respectively. Ambrose tells Sabrina to go to an orchard and find the oldest tree to pick an apple from its branch. With a bite, she can have a glimpse of the future.


Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda discuss an alleged Witch's Mark

Later in the embalming room, Ambrose is working on a recently deceased young man named Connor Kemper. While fixing the corpse, he notices a sign on the corpse's right arm and immediately calls Hilda and Zelda. Ambrose suspects that the sign is a Witch's Mark because it doesn't bleed when that spot of skin is pierced by a needle. Zelda is not convinced, but both Hilda and Ambrose are pretty sure the dead man was a witch. They decide that they must report to the Council, and Hilda suggests summoning the person closest to the Dark Lord.

In the evening, Ambrose is standing by the fireplace when Sabrina returns home and her aunts present the young witch to Faustus Blackwood, the High Priest of the Church of Night. [4]


Ambrose listening Father Blackwood

Ambrose silently listens to Faustus Blackwood lecturing Sabrina on the Dark Baptism and the underlying concepts of their religion. Before the High Priest leaves, however, Ambrose asks his opinion about the corpse of Connor Kemper in the embalming room. Father Blackwood agrees that it is indeed a Witch's Mark and inquires on the deceased one's parents. Hilda and Zelda reply that he was adopted by two mortals and Father Blackwood takes the opportunity to scare Sabrina about what happens to wayward witches.


Ambrose compliments Harvey for his sketches

At the breakfast table, Ambrose congratulates Harvey on his drawings and the two boys exchange opinions about their love for comics and graphic novels. Ambrose is very much into Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison. Harvey invites Sabrina to the bowling for the evening after her birthday, and Ambrose silently watches Zelda giving Harvey a death stare.


Ambrose shows the Kempers their son's body

At the Mortuary, Ambrose receives a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Kemper to show them Connor in his coffin. Mrs. Kemper is touched by the care with which Ambrose fixed him, and Ambrose invites them for tea. While pouring tea, Ambrose asks if there has been any news on the investigation. Mr. Kemper says the police know nothing, and they didn't even find out why Connor was in that park in the first place. Ambrose inquires if they have to wait for a large crowd during the wake, but Mrs. Kemper replies that Connor didn't have many friends other than the iguana with whom he used to have conversations. She could swear that sometimes it seemed to her as if Connor expected the iguana to answer. Ambrose jumps to the conclusion that it is Connor's familiar.

Accompanying the Kemper outside, Ambrose watches them leave while Aunt Zelda comes back from the cemetery with a shovel. Zelda reminds Ambrose that they should not meddle in mortals affairs but Ambrose replies that Connor was not a mortal. Ambrose then asks about Hilda, and Zelda replies that she annoyed her, so she killed Hilda and buried her in the yard.

At breakfast, Zelda informs Sabrina that she has called the school to say that she will be absent and Sabrina complains that she has not been able to say goodbye to her friends. Ambrose intrudes in the conversion, wondering if Sabrina will use the excuse of having to move to a "posh boarding school in Connecticut". Zelda suggests sending them a postcard. Since Zelda and Hilda are busy with the preparations of the Dark Baptism, Zelda orders Ambrose to keep an eye on Sabrina.


Ambrose advises Sabrina to forget her mortal friends

In the living room, Ambrose is lying on a sofa reading tarot while Sabrina asks him questions about why witches and mortals cannot be together. Sabrina claims that he and the aunts always talk with mortals, but Ambrose points out that although they have conversations with mortals, they have no real connection or relationship with them since the coven forbids it. Sabrina jokingly asks if the coven will cast a spell on her should she go to the mall with Harvey, but Ambrose explains that after the Baptism, it will be as if a veil falls between her and the mortal world. And little by little, she will detach from the mortal realm altogether. Otherwise, the suffering would be too much because the mortal world will become trivial. People she loves will grow old and die while she is still young. Ambrose advises her to forget about the mortals and think about what's ahead. Sabrina leaves the room in tears, saying that she will go to the party with Harvey for one last night with her friends.


Ambrose and Harvey are impressed by Sabrina's look

Sometime later, Harvey shows up at the Spellman door dressed as a miner. Ambrose teases him, saying that Harvey is dressed as his future. He then yells Sabrina's name from downstairs. Harvey seems sad about what Ambrose just said and tries to justify his costume by saying he took it from his brother Tommy, so the warlock tells him he was only joking. Harvey invites him to join them, but Ambrose refuses, saying that if he has to risk being banished to the Nether Realm, it must be for something other than a high school masquerade. Harvey does not grasp the reference, and the attention of both is caught by Sabrina on top of the stairs. She is wearing her mother's wedding dress.


Ambrose bluffs the Church of Night

In the middle of the night, Ambrose rushes out of the house when he hears Sabrina screaming his name. A horde of witches is behind her with the intention of forcing Sabrina to sign the Book of the Beast. Ambrose steps in, lying to the High Priest when he threatens to send the Weird Sisters after Sabrina. Ambrose, in fact, says that the house is surrounded by a magical protective circle that can only be surpassed by Spellman witches. All the other witches would be engulfed by fire in the attempt. The plan works and the witches leave.

The following day, the tension at the Spellman's house is so tight that it can be cut. Zelda is extremely disappointed and angry with Sabrina for the humiliation that the family suffered from the whole Coven due to Sabrina's behavior. Ambrose witnesses another quarrel between Zelda and Sabrina, who says she saw her parents in the woods and that they told her to escape during the Baptism. Ambrose asks if it was like a spectral apparition, but Sabrina is not sure. [5]

A Funeral Affair


Ambrose and Connor's familiar iguana

In the morning, Ambrose finds Connor's iguana atop his casket. Once in the kitchen, he asks Zelda and Hilda if there's a way to make another witch's familiar talk. Zelda replies that he is not allowed to have a familiar, but Ambrose would rather be able to make it talk to find out something about Connor's murder. Zelda says it is impossible because of the deep connection between the witch and familiar. It will soon die of agony for the loss of its master, so Zelda offers to kill it on the spot, suggesting that Hilda could fashion it into a purse. Ambrose refuses and says that he'll try to bribe it with food to see if that works and goes upstairs.

In the evening, Ambrose is sitting on the kitchen counter while Zelda scolds Sabrina. Since she ran away from her Dark Baptism, they received an Infernal Summoning and Sabrina will have to undergo a trial in which the whole family will be investigated by the Court. Sabrina replies that she saw the Dark Lord at school when he possessed Principal Hawthorne and threatened her. Now Zelda is even more worried about the whole situation. Sabrina is beside herself and can not understand why all of them must stand trial before the court. Ambrose explains that, according to Witch-Law, a witch is guilty until proven otherwise.


Ambrose advises Sabrina on her trial

In the attic, Sabrina and Ambrose try to figure out a loophole. Sabrina has not promised anything to the Dark Lord and has no intention of being condemned by the Church of Night. Ambrose asks if she has ever heard of a man named Daniel Webster, a lawyer and occultist who's specialized in Witch-Law. Despite being a mortal, he is said to have been able to defeat the Devil once. Sabrina is lucky because Webster lives in Greendale and Ambrose gives Sabrina the lawyer's card, making it appear out of nowhere with a quick movement of his hand.

At Connor's funeral, Ambrose meets Luke. Luke used to date Connor and tells Ambrose how he's going to miss Connor and the lizard he used to take it everywhere with him. Ambrose tells Luke that he has Connor's iguana upstairs in his room if he'd like to go say hi. Luke declines but says maybe some other time.


Ambrose making out with Luke

Later, Ambrose is smoking and reading in his room when he hears a loud knocking coming from his window. He goes to open it but Luke appears in his room and scares him. Ambrose asks how Luke got into his room and Luke says that he was invited. Ambrose jumps to the conclusion that he's a vampire but Luke corrects him and tells him that he's a warlock just like him and Connor. Luke approaches Ambrose and the two of them begin to kiss before falling onto Ambrose's bed. The next morning, Ambrose finds that Luke has disappeared but has left his number carved into the ceiling above. He also notices that Connor's iguana has died, abruptly erasing the smile from his face.


Ambrose discovers the dead familiar iguana

In the evening, the family and Mr. Webster are in the kitchen to discuss the legal steps to be taken for Sabrina's trial. Since Sabrina has discovered that she does not have a Witch's Mark on her body, she will accept to be examined. Zelda is worried, but Sabrina does not want to hear reasons. Her friends at Baxter High are facing worse, and she is willing to win the legal battle, without tricks or deals. And she will make sure that Zelda and Hilda have their powers and their eternal youth back. When Hilda leaves the room, Ambrose helps her out. [6]

In Sabrina's bedroom, Ambrose watches as Sabrina begins to pack for her three-day stay over at the Academy of Unseen Arts. He tries to console her by telling her about all the new people she's going to meet, witches and hot warlocks from all over the world. Sabrina says that her only agenda is to learn how to conjure, bind, and banish the Dark Lord.


Ambrose and Hilda plotting together

The next day, Ambrose is in the embalming room when he receives a phone call from Luke, asking him out. Back in the kitchen for a snack, he tells Hilda about Luke and how he invited him out on a date. Ambrose wants to go since he's bored sick of being bound to the house and asks Hilda if she'll help him astral projecting. At first, Hilda refuses because it's too dangerous but after Zelda leaves to go have dinner with the High Priest, Faustus Blackwood and boasts of this invitation with her sister, emphasizing on Hilda's excommunication, Hilda decides to do it.


Ambrose astral projecting

In the embalming room, Hilda places candles around Ambrose while he lies atop a surgical table. Ambrose is given 20 minutes to astral project. He starts to chant the spell and his astral body reaches Dr. Cerberus' bookstore where he meets with Luke.


Ambrose during his first date in decades

Having already slept together, Luke goes straight to the point and want to know more about Ambrose, who's starting to get upset about the Psychopomps already gathering outside the window to collect his spirit. The conversation isn't going anywhere until Ambrose reveals the reason why he was put under arrest: in the past, he tried to blow up the Vatican. Luke is impressed but the date is abruptly ended when Zelda summons back Ambrose's spirit back into his body.


Ambrose suffers side effects

Coming back is quite painful and Ambrose needs some time to adjust to it, feeling a bit disoriented by the astral projection's side effects, possibly due to him staying projected over 20 minutes. Zelda is really upset by their behavior, especially because Ambrose is violating Witch Law by leaving the Spellman Mortuary.

On her last day at the Academy, Sabrina telephones home to ask her aunts' help to deal with some ghosts and Ambrose eavesdrops the conversation in the sitting room. [7]

A Nightmare on Decarlo Lane


Ambrose in the embalming room

Ambrose is in the embalming room entertaining himself with an adult magazine when Sabrina's screams rush him upstairs. There, the Spellmans are confronted by Batibat, a Sleep Demon that Sabrina inadvertently released from Edward's Acheron Configuration. Zelda takes the lead and the witches gather their magic to seal the house with a spell so that the demon can't escape and cause trouble outside. While the monster threatens their lives, Zelda traps it into an urn firmly chanting a spell.


Ambrose is concerned by the demon

In the kitchen, Hilda pours tea as they discuss the reasons why Sabrina's father trapped the demon in the enchanted box in the first place. The aunts recall he suffered a terrible insomnia, and the reason was most likely due to Batibat.


Ambrose's worst nightmare

Later, the family goes to sleep unaware of the danger caused by the demon. Ambrose dreams of having to do his own autopsy. He gets called upstairs by Hilda because Faustus Blackwood has come to see him. As he makes his way upstairs, he runs into Ms. Wardwell who tells him that she's in the wrong nightmare. Father Blackwood tells Ambrose that the hex that keeps him in the house has been broken and that he's finally free. He's given a bag of money and told that a car outside waits for him. As he leaves, Batibat appears and starts to stab him. He wakes up as the body on the slab and watches as he does the autopsy on himself. Batibat asks him for the spell to unlock the house but Ambrose says no. It says that it'll be back because it believes that either Ambrose or Hilda will break first.

Ambrose is still trapped in his own nightmare when Sabrina tries to wake him up. But now that he's aware of being trapped in his nightmares by the demon, Ambrose is able to help his cousin.


Ambrose distracts Batibat

Ambrose calls for Batibat and distracts her so that Sabrina can successfully banish it with a spell. The others wake up and go to check on Sabrina. This time they seal the demon in a jar. Ambrose, Zelda, and Hilda are all on edge because Sabrina walked through their dreams. Ambrose is particularly distraught by his depression caused by the spell that traps him inside the house. Sabrina tells them that she hardly remembers any of it. [8]

New Opportunities


Ambrose reluctantly helps Sabrina

In the attic, Sabrina tries to convince Ambrose into standing guard over her body while she astral projects to Susie's house to see Uncle Jesse. Ambrose reluctantly agrees to help his cousin, but only because she would have done it anyway without his help. Sabrina then lay down in a circle of candles in her bedroom and projects to Susie's house while Ambrose and Salem watch over her.


Ambrose saves Sabrina

A few minutes later, Salem alerts Ambrose that there's is something wrong with Sabrina. Ambrose rushes to her bedroom and cast a counter-spell to bring her back. She tells Ambrose what happened and gives him the demon's name, Maerceci. They soon began to research the demon in Ambrose's collection of books. After a few minutes, Ambrose laughs because his "name" is actually "ice cream" spelled backwards, revealing that the demon lied to her. Ambrose asks Sabrina if there is anything else that she knows about him. She tells him that he said he was set free from the mines by Jesse. This triggers something in her mind as she leaves and goes to see Harvey.

When Sabrina came home from school, she discusses with her aunts and "Ms. Wardwell" about performing an exorcism. Ambrose stand up and watches the discussion unfolding: Sabrina is going to do it anyway, with or without her aunts' help. Hilda and Ms. Wardwell decide to go with her, while Zelda refuses because exorcisms are forbidden by Witch Law. After the three witches left, Ambrose suggests Zelda to join them if only to make sure they don't make mistakes.


Ambrose with Father Blackwood

The Spellmans receive a visit from Father Blackwood. Ambrose entertains him while waiting for Zelda and the High Priest shows interest in learning more about what caused Ambrose's house arrest in the first place.

The recent conversation stirred up by Father Blackwood has lead Ambrose to think about his 75 years spent prisoner in the Spellman Mortuary and all the things he missed. At the breakfast table, Ambrose is visibly tired and saddened. When asked about it by Hilda, he simply replies that he's just depressed.[9]


Discussing the Feast of Feasts

At dinner, Ambrose, Zelda and Hilda brief Sabrina on the upcoming Feast of Feasts, a cannibalistic version of mortal Thanksgiving. Zelda explains that the Feast of Feats is one of the coven's holiest holidays and celebrates the sacrifice of one witch, Freya. She had killed herself so that the coven would have food until spring. Zelda tells her that fourteen witches families have been selected and each must choose someone to represent them. Those representatives will have to draw straw and see who will be deemed Queen. Whoever is Queen will be the main course for the Feast of Feasts. Zelda tells her that only she and Sabrina can participate since Hilda has been excommunicated. Zelda will be the representative. Sabrina is against the whole idea and tries to get Hilda and Ambrose to back her up. She doesn't want to lose any more Spellmans. Zelda tells her that she and Hilda have participated many times, but never declared the Queen. She believes they will be rejected again this year.


A witch orgy in the attic

Next evening, Prudence Blackwood arrives at the Spellman Mortuary. She's been selected as Queen of the Feast and Sabrina will be her handmaiden for the three days of preparation. Ambrose is smitten by her, much to Sabrina's surprise and annoyance since she and Prudence aren't exactly the bestes of friends. She's also not a big fan of the whole Feast of Feasts.

That night, Ambrose and his boyfriend Luke have an orgy in the attic with Nick and the Weird Sisters Prudence, Agatha and Dorcas. Nick invites Sabrina to join but she firmy reject to have any part in it.

Next day, Ambrose and Hilda meet with Mrs. Kemper to give her her late son's ashes.


An awkward dinner

In the evening, the Spellmans are joined by Father Blackwood and his wife, Lady Constance and Prudence's sisters for dinner. Everyone is at the table when Sabrina brings dessert. After everyone has a slice, Sabrina asks Father Blackwood why he reinstated the Feast of Feasts. He says that the Dark Lord showed him a revelation and that he was commanded to return to the old ways. Sabrina tells Prudence that she hopes she enjoyed her last supper. Everyone around the table tells Prudence that they're going to miss her — except Lady Blackwood. Lady Blackwood reveals that she enchanted the box to choose Prudence as queen. She says she did it because the Weird Sisters are Father Blackwood's bastards and that makes them a threat to her children.

Prudence asks Father Blackwood if he is her father and what happened to her mother. He reveals that he is her father and that her mother threw herself into the river after he refused to marry her. Agatha and Dorcas ask if they are also his children and he says no: They are just orphans. Prudence admits that Sabrina was right. Father Blackwood says that they must summon the coven and draw for another queen. Sabrina suggests that they could just not have the Feast of Feasts. Prudence asks if she can wear her beautiful dress and sit on the throne of skulls, regardless.


Ambrose and Luke

Next evening, Ambrose and Luke are cuddling on the sofa in the sitting room when Hilda enters, and tells that Connor's parents committed suicide and are being brought to the mortuary.[10]


Ambrose is positive on his future

Sabrina is watching a movie when Ambrose walks in. He asks her what her plans are for the evening. Sabrina tells him that after Harvey's shift in the mines they're going to go watch a movie. Ambrose tells Sabrina that Luke has a connection with the High Priest and that he's going to speak to him on his behalf. Zelda comes storming in looking for Hilda but Sabrina reminds her that she's working at Dr. Cerberus' bookstore. The phone rings and Zelda gets a call telling her that there has been an accident in the Greendale Mines. Sabrina quickly gets up and heads to the mines.


Updates on the mines accident

The next morning, Sabrina arrives back at the mortuary at the same time Hilda does. Zelda tells them both to come inside. They sit at the kitchen table as Ambrose tells them that he astral projected into the mines and found no survivors. Sabrina wants to tell Harvey but Zelda says that they can't interfere or else bad things will happen. Zelda explains that Witch Law states that the natural order must be preserved and that they can't reveal themselves to mortals. As such, they must be like Cassandra. Ambrose asks if she was close to Tommy but Sabrina says that she only met him a few times. She starts to cry because she knows that Harvey is going to be devastated.


At Tommy's funeral

At the funeral, Ambrose stands beside Zelda at the entrance as people gather for a last goodbye to Tommy. Rosalind Walker, one of Sabrina's friends, sings at the funeral before Hilda tells Harvey that it's his turn to speak. Harvey goes up to the podium but has trouble speaking so Sabrina casts a spell to make him more confident. He says a few words about Tommy before he sits down again with Sabrina. Next up is Mr. Kinkle. He talks about how Tommy loved the mines but Harvey interrupts him and tells him that Tommy hated the mines. They start to argue and things begin to get physical. They knock over the empty casket and Tommy's helmet lands on the ground. Harvey runs off with Sabrina not far behind him.


Ambrose reveals his crimes

That evening, Father Blackwood arrives at the Spellman Mortuary to see Ambrose. Blackwood has read Ambrose's dossier and discovered how he even taught stage magic to Harry Houdini. Blackwood asks Ambrose how he fell into a group that wanted to blow up the Vatican. Ambrose says that it's because he was searching for a father figure and he finally found one in their leader: A young Aleister Crowley. When he was arrested, he was told that he'd get immunity if he gave up the names of the others involved. He couldn't make himself do it. Blackwood tells him that if Ambrose tells him the names that he'll set him free. Blackwood tells him he'll return for his answer and leaves.


Ambrose scolds Sabrina

The night after, Ambrose find out that Sabrina practiced necromancy to bring Tommy back to life by temporarily sacrificing Agatha. Ambrose comes out of the house and yells for Sabrina. He reprimands her for using this type of magic. Sabrina is stubborn and says that what's the point of being a witch if she can't help the ones she loves. Ambrose tells her that she crossed a line this time. Suddenly, Agatha's hand shoots up through the dirt just as Sabrina planned. Sabrina says as much but Ambrose tells her that those are infamous last words as he walks away


Ambrose's sentence is reduced

The following day, Blackwood visits Ambrose and asks what he's decided. Ambrose says that he can't give up his fellow co-conspirators. Blackwood says that he's glad to hear it and offers him the chance to work at the Academy as a sort of community service.[11]


Ready to start anew

At the Spellman Mortuary, Ambrose models his outfit for his first day at the Academy of Unseen Arts. Hilda asks him to get Zelda and Sabrina because the stew is ready. Sabrina is at Harvey's and Zelda… Well, he doesn't know where Zelda is.

Sabrina confides in Ambrose and tells him that the spell worked. Ambrose still thinks that they should tell the Aunties about what Sabrina did. Sabrina isn't worried about them because by the time they do find out they won't be able to undo anything.


Ambrose disapproves the lies

Hilda gets a call at the Mortuary telling her that the bodies of the miners have been found. Sabrina and Ambrose share a look. Zelda asks Sabrina how Harvey is coping. Sabrina says that Harvey is doing fine. Zelda says that she'll be here to accept the bodies and Ambrose says that he'll handle them after he returns from the Academy. Zelda informs them that she'll be at the Academy later too. Zelda tells them that good things are coming. That she can feel it in her bones. Ambrose just gives Sabrina another look.


Ambrose gets a familiar

At the Academy, Father Blackwood gives Ambrose a mouse familiar named Leviathan. He welcomes him to the Academy and leaves both him and Luke in his office. Luke and Ambrose begin to make out and undress when Dorcas, Prudence, and Nick walk into the office. They are looking for Father Blackwood but ask Ambrose for help. He tells them that he's no expert on the Cain Pit but knows someone who is.


Treating Agatha's illness

Hilda goes to the Academy and looks Agatha over. She tells them that Agatha came back too soon and that this illness will pass. She gives them instructions on how to take care of Agatha and leaves with Ambrose in tow. Ambrose questions what she prescribed for the girl and Hilda says that that's just to keep them busy. That Agatha shouldn't be alive and that the Earth is owed a soul. It means to collect. She asks Ambrose what Agatha was doing in the Cain Pit in the first place.


Is Tommy a zombie?

In the attic, Hilda is scolding Sabrina for using necromancy in such a reckless way. Sabrina is having none of it because she only wanted to help, but Hilda is very disappointed in her niece because she betrayed her trust and did the exact same thing that she asked her not to do. Ambrose interrupts them and ask them to go downstairs in the embalming room. Ambrose shows them the bite marks on the cadaver. He tells them that this is why Tommy isn't eating because he isn't hungry… yet, since he ate the corpses of the miners while trapped.


Disappointed with Sabrina

Some time later, it's Zelda's turn to scold Sabrina after learning what she did. Ambrose and Hilda and standing by as Zelda reprimands Sabrina and the discussion heat up very quickly, with both of them saying harsh things to each other. Backed up by both Ambrose and Hilda, Zelda explains why witches are forbidden from bringing people back from the dead. Especially mortals. But Sabrina retorts telling the same thing she told Ambrose about having powers and using them. Sabrina is too stubborn to follow any kind of rule, thinking she's smarter than them and Zelda underestimates her niece's suffering.[12]


Comforting Sabrina

At the breakfast table, Ambrose and Zelda are having their meal when Sabrina comes down. She refuses to go to school because she's worried that she'll see Harvey. Zelda gives her a balm that Hilda made to ease her pain. Sabrina asks Zelda what she's supposed to do. Zelda tells her to go about her normal routine and that tomorrow she'll do it again and again until it hurts a little less.


A wicked discovery

In the evening, Ambrose and Luke are in the woods when they stumble upon a witches circle. They're performing a summoning spell. Suddenly, they disappear. Ambrose goes to investigate and finds a doll among the ashes of their fire pit. As he turns to leave he gets grabbed by a witch who tells him to take back a warning to the Church of Night.


Warning the Church of Night

At the Church of Night, Father Blackwood says that the Dark Lord is angry with them but then Ambrose and Luke storm into the church. He tells them that it's not the Dark Lord but the Greendale Thirteen. That tomorrow night, during the witching hour, they will release their Crimson Avenger and it will go forth and kill every firstborn in Greendale. Father Blackwood tells them not to worry that they'll just hide at the Academy since it's magically protected. Sabrina worries about the mortals but Father Blackwood tells her to let them go to their false god. He reminds everyone that they have to be at the Academy at midnight or else.


Summoning the winds

At the Spellman Mortuary, Sabrina asks Zelda and Hilda why the Greendale Thirteen would be angry at them. Zelda tells her that it's because the coven had decided to sacrifice them in order to appease the humans and their bloodlust. Sabrina says that she isn't going to go to the Academy. Zelda agrees that they should all stay and protect the town. Ambrose asks how they're going to protect everyone. Zelda says that they should gather them all in one place. Hilda tells them that Dr. Cerberus told her that the town is to gather at Baxter High during severe weather or tornados. Sabrina says that all they need now is a tornado. The four of them gather around a table and summon the different winds to them. It works and the warning sirens can be heard going off. Zelda prays that the mortals will heed the warning.

At Baxter High, the Spellmans start to chant their protective spell to ward off the school from the Greendale Thirteen. However, one by one they get distracted by the events. Just then Ambrose is pulled away and reappears in front of Luke at the Academy. Ambrose is visibly upset and asks him what has he done. Luke says that he brought him here because he loves him.[13]

Praise Satan, it's Christmas!


Ambrose reads A Christmas Carol

The week before Christmas, almost the Winter Solstice this year. At the Spellman Mortuary decorated for the holidays, Aunt Zelda has gotten baby Leticia several presents. Ambrose points out that Zelda technically kidnapped Father Blackwood's daughter. Zelda responds that their official cover story is that Leticia is a relative from the Old Country whom they are raising. Sabrina tells her aunts that she wishes she could have celebrated one Solstice with her parents. Hilda tries to cheer up Sabrina with the prospect of food and gifts while Ambrose says that he will like to read A Christmas Carol.

Zelda lights the Yule log, saying that they must keep it continually burning in order to ward off malevolent elements on the shortest day of the year. Zelda leads the family in saying the Solstice blessing.


Ambrose asks Sabrina about her moodiness

Ambrose asks Sabrina about her moodiness. Sabrina says she has kept away from her friends since signing the Book of the Beast to give them some space. Ambrose thinks that she should spend more time with them to reassure them that she is still their friend. Sabrina says that she wishes that she could chat with her mother for advice. She wants to ask her mother how she reacted when her father revealed that he was a warlock. Sabrina confides that she saw her mother in the Limbo. Ambrose thinks that Diana must have some unfinished business keeping her in that realm.

Sabrina proposes having a séance with her mother since Solstice is the time when the veil between the living and the dead is weakest. Ambrose is uncomfortable with the idea because they are burning a Yule log to keep malevolent influences out. Sabrina responds that her mother is not evil.


Ambrose checks the house

After performing a séance despite being advised against, Sabrina denies quenching the log during the séance. Zelda is furious that Sabrina chose to conduct her séance on the eve of the Solstice. Sabrina tells them that she encountered her mother trapped in Limbo. Zelda says she and Hilda would have helped her if she had told them so. Zelda says that she would have done anything for her brother’s wife. Ambrose says that he has checked every corner of the house and thinks that whatever entered the house may have left when Zelda relit the Yule log. Zelda thinks whatever entities entered the house may have been hidden. Zelda allows Hilda to share the room but warns her not to snore due to the presence of Leticia.

In private, Ambrose asks Sabrina what she found out. Sabrina says she didn't get the chance to find out what her mother was doing in Limbo. Ambrose is sympathetic to Sabrina, who says she will try again after the Winter Solstice.


Attacked by a ghost

The following day, on December 21st, Ambrose is chatting with a mouse while deciphering some spells for Father Blackwood. While peering through a mirror, he sees a spirit. Ambrose thinks he is imagining things until a spirit possesses one of the corpses on the mortuary table. Ambrose hears the laughter of children as the lights close and hatchets begin banging.

Ambrose joins the aunts upstairs in the kitchen, having bound the corpses and every hatchet in the mortuary. He tells them that they have an infestation of poltergeists. Shortly later, Sabrina returns and asks what is going on.


The Spellmans are under attack

Later, Zelda and the others discuss the Yule Lads home invasion. The Yule Lads won't leave until their mother Gryla tells them to. Zelda explains that Gryla was a witch who made a pact with another witch from her coven during a famine. They would eat their own children to survive. They cooked and devoured Gryla's son first but the other witch broke her pact. Devastated, Gryla spent the next millennium finding children to add to her family, taking an interest in orphans. Zelda says that they have to summon Gryla to make an offering.


At Dorian Gray's Room

Zelda tells Ambrose that he has to leave during Gryla's visit because she hates men due to her abandonment by her husband. Ambrose says that he has been invited for a Solstice party with Luke Chalfant. Zelda says they have to hide baby Leticia. Sabrina offers to look after Leticia in the mortuary. Ambrose, then, meets with Luke at Dorian's Gray Room for the Winter Solstice dinner.

On Christmas Eve, Sabrina returns to the living room to join her aunts, Ambrose, and Luke. They drink a toast to Satan while Ambrose reads a passage from A Christmas Carol.[14]

Part 2

A Taste of Freedom


Commenting Sabrina’s new look

At the breakfast table, Ambrose and the aunts comments about Sabrina's choice of clothes and loud music. Sabrina tells her aunts about her plans to spend more of her time at the Academy of Unseen Arts, having obtained indefinite leave from Baxter High's new Principal, Mary Wardwell. Zelda plans to take up a teaching position at the Academy.

At the Academy, Ambrose meets with Luke in the foyer while Father Blackwood informs the student body of an election for Top Boy, tasked with serving as a liaison between students and faculty. Nicholas Scratch is nominated. Sabrina offers to contest the election on the grounds that she had signed the Book of the Beast. She calls for all students regardless of their gender to have a voice. Nick nominates Sabrina and is seconded by Prudence. As part of the Top Boy selection, Father Blackwood announces that the candidates have to take part in three challenges at the Desecrated Church: the Inquisition, the Boil and Bubble, and the Conjuring. This will be followed by a vote.


Going to Dorian's club

At the Spellman home, Ambrose tells Sabrina that he and Luke have been invited for a party to celebrate Nick’s nomination as Top Boy at Dorian's Gray Room, a gentlemen only club. Zelda says Sabrina is too busy for her studies. Sabrina asks Ambrose and Luke if they will support her. Luke is unwilling, but Ambrose says he will wait to see how she will do in the three challenges first.


Ambrose's reaction to Blackwood's game

Father Blackwood meets with the warlocks at Dorian Gray's Room and brings King Herod's daughter Salome to dance for their entertainment. Nick and Ambrose get upset when Salome serves them an effigy of Sabrina’s bloody head, as a reminder from Father Blackwood of the only acceptable outcome from the trials.


Ambrose arguing with Sabrina

Later at home, Sabrina tells Ambrose she was attacked by Asmodeus and his rats. She asked if Luke summoned the demon as they have to be summoned. Sabrina questions Ambrose about whether he will support her. Ambrose, in turn, questions her loyalty to the coven and her assault on tradition. Sabrina reiterates her goal to be Top Boy, as she believes she can make the coven better, generating a wind that causes the furniture to rumble. While Ambrose might not want to fight, Sabrina does. Hilda interrupts and sends Sabrina to bed.

At the Desecrated Church, Ambrose asks Luke about his whereabouts last night at the drinking party. Luke claims he had private business at the Academy with Father Blackwood. Zelda's in attendance in support of Sabrina. Father Blackwood begins the Inquisition and asks Nick and Sabrina questions about various topic on the occult.


Ambrose is appointed Top Boy

Father Blackwood summons Nick and Sabrina into his office. Nick says that the demons acted on their own volition, meaning something must have them riled up. Father Blackwood decides that neither of them is worthy of the title of Top Boy and instead designates Ambrose as Top Boy. He makes Ambrose a full-time student. Father Blackwood proceeds to talk with Ambrose in private.[15]


Satanic conversation and breakfast

At the breakfast table, Sabrina tells her aunts and Ambrose that the Dark Lord visited her during the night to call on her to do his bidding. Zelda is upset to discover that she slept through the Dark Lord's visit. She tells Sabrina that the task he asked her to perform is a sacred obligation between her and the Dark Lord and that doing such a task would prove her dedication to the Path of Night. Zelda then tells Sabrina that she must perform the task or suffer the consequences, such as bad things happening to her and those around her. Evil has a way of spreading very quickly, Hilda adds.


Ambrose recalls his past duties to the Dark Lord

Next day in the attic, Sabrina asks for Ambrose's help in warding off the Dark Lord. Ambrose tells her to eat raw onions and nail a horseshoe above her doors and windows. Sabrina asks what task the Dark Lord had Ambrose do after his baptism. With tears, he tells her he had to send a letter to an old classmate who had a crush on him at Oxford. Mysteriously, one day the Dark Lord came to him years after Oxford and his baptism and asked him to write a letter to the boy, now a man with a wife and children. However, Ambrose doesn't specify what was in the letter.


Ambrose and Nick in the play

At the Desecrated Church, before the entire coven, Zelda, Hilda, Father Blackwood, and Prudence included, the students play The Passion of Lucifer Morningstar, with Ambrose playing God, Agatha playing Stolas, Nick playing Lucifer, and Sabrina playing Lilith. Afterward, the coven cheer them on for their performance. Witches and warlocks celebrate at Dorian's Gray Room. Prudence and Ambrose, attracted to each other, get closer. She remarks that he was very convincing as the False God. She asks if she makes him want to convert to which he replies that he's always been a polytheists — an allusion to his pansexuality.[16]


Ambrose flirts with Prudence

In celebration of the upcoming Lupercalia, witches' version of Valentine's Day, Sabrina, Nicholas, Ambrose, Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha attend a party at Dorian's Gray Room. Sabrina watches as Ambrose kisses Prudence and asks if Luke would approve. Ambrose explains that Luke's out of town on a mission for Father Blackwood.

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Father Blackwood opens the Matching ceremony. As Top Boy, Ambrose organizes the participants. Ambrose tells the witches to pair up with the closest warlock when the music stops. The witches dance with long fabric around a pole. Sabrina tries to pair up with Nick, but Dorcas pushes her out of the way. However, Nick had bribed his friend Melvin into wearing a glamour, trapping Dorcas with Melvin. Sabrina and Nick are jubilant.


Opening the Courting Ceremony

Later that night, Ambrose briefs the couples, that being himself and Prudence, Nick and Sabrina, Dorcas and Melvin, and Agatha and her date, about the Courting ceremony. He explains that they will go into the woods and disrobe and anoint themselves under the moonlight, absorbing the potency of Goddess Selene. Ambrose says abstinence is encouraged in anticipation for the powerful release that concludes Lupercalia, but he is not opposed to couples having sex. As Prudence passes out anointment baskets with items inside such oysters and figs, Father Blackwood warns the couples to stay on the path due to the dangerous creatures in the woods. The couples head into the woods. Moments later, Ambrose and Prudence hear a wolf howling in distance and grown concerned.


Ambrose and Nick appreciate Sabrina's look

Next night, Nick visits the Spellman house and chats with Ambrose about maintaining abstinence from sex. . Ambrose is also taking a break from Lupercalia; saving his juices for the hunt. Sabrina appears in a stunning red dress. Hilda interrupts after being glamoured in preparation to win over Dr. Cerberus' affection. Zelda reminds her that she is a huntress.

Next night in the woods, Ambrose briefs the witches and warlocks about the Hunt. Nick, Melvin, and the other warlocks stand in a group to Ambrose's left, dressed as wolves, while Sabrina, Prudence, Agatha, Dorcas, and the remaining witches, dressed in red hoods, stand to his right. As part of the Hunt, the witches chase the warlocks through the woods.[17]


Ambrose gets a tarot reading

Ambrose visits Cerberus Books, and Mrs. McGarvey, a traveling fortune-teller seeking shelter from a storm, tells him that many questions hang over him. Ambrose disagrees and says he is blessed with talent, good looks, and a hot boyfriend. Ambrose's boyfriend, Luke Chalfant, is away on business, he explains as she draws the Hierophant from her deck, followed by The Devil card.


Corrupted by Blackwood in a vision

In the vision, Father Blackwood tells Ambrose that he wants to induct him into a secret brotherhood known as the Judas Society in return for absolute loyalty. First, Blackwood requires some assistance in the desecrated church. On that night, he claims that he will forge Ambrose's future with sacred and arcane metallurgy and alchemy. He tasks him with crafting a tool that will unlock his full powers. Ambrose forges a tool while Father Blackwood tells him his secret agenda to reverse Edward Spellman’s damage to the Church of Night. Father Blackwood offers to mold Ambrose in the Dark Lord ’s image in return for correcting his aunties and his cousin Sabrina. Father Blackwood gives him the forged weapon and tasks him with putting his house in order.


Ambrose murders his family in a vision

The vision continues, with Ambrose returning to the Spellman household. He is greeted by a growling Salem. Ambrose kills Zelda first. He runs into a startled Hilda and ends her as well, leaving her body in the hallway. Ambrose then enters Sabrina’s room and kills her. A blood-stained Ambrose returns to Father Blackwood at the Academy of Unseen Arts, who inducts him into the Judas Society and pins a badge on his jacket.

Ambrose realizes that Luke was not in his vision. Mrs. McGarvey tells him that in this case not knowing the truth is better. He demands that she shows him that card, but she refuses. So, he takes the card, and when he sees what Luke's fate entails, he leaves the store, bumping into Dr Cerberus on the way out.


Ambrose finds out Luke is dead

Next day, Ambrose enters Father Blackwood's office and demands to know whether he would harm the Spellmans. Father Blackwood reminds Ambrose that not only is he marrying Zelda, he also liberated Ambrose from house arrest. Blackwood tells Ambrose that Luke died in service to the Dark Lord. Ambrose looks at the card of Death, taken from Mrs. McGarvey. Blackwood tells Ambrose that Luke was a true warlock and asks Ambrose if he will take his place in the Judas Society.[18]

The Trials of Ambrose Spellman

At the Spellman Mortuary, Zelda reassures the family that her marriage to Father Blackwood will be the re-making of the Spellmans. Zelda is delighted that the Anti-Pope himself is traveling from the Vatican Necropolis to officiate their marriage. She believes this is an honor from the Dark Lord and looks forward to becoming Zelda Spellman-Blackwood. Hilda wishes she could be there. Zelda reassures her that she will use her influence to convince Father Blackwood to lift her excommunication and that she will have a role as the "maid of dishonor."

Sabrina is openly against the marriage and tells why she's not supporting Aunt Zelda's choices. Meanwhile, Ambrose torments Salem and Sabrina tells Ambrose to leave her familiar alone. Ambrose demands that Salem regurgitate Leviathan, but Sabrina assures him that Salem didn't eat Leviathan. Hilda realizes that Ambrose is truly upset about Luke's death and tries to comfort him. Zelda does not want to hear any talk about death but only smiles this week.


Ambrose tells Sabrina about the Judas Society

Later that day, in the attic, Ambrose tells Sabrina she might be right about Blackwood because he had a tarot reading where Father Blackwood told him to murder his family. Ambrose adds that Blackwood inducted him into a secret society of warlocks; the Judas Society. They will meet the night before the Anti-Pope's arrival. Sabrina tells Ambrose they have to find out everything. She believes that the High Priest is breaking her family, having murdered her parents and seeking to marry Zelda. Sabrina thinks that too much is happening around the wedding for this to be a coincidence. When Ambrose asks her about the role of the Anti-Pope, Sabrina says she's not sure but knows someone who can help.


At Luke's memorial

At Dorian's Gray Room, Father Blackwood holds a memorial service for the late Lucas Chalfant during a meeting of the Judas Society. Blackwood outlines the new testament; the Five Facets of Judas. He then proceeds to recite the testaments, during which time his followers chant hail Satan, before dismissing them. Father Blackwood then speaks with Ambrose privately and tasks him with guarding the Anti-Pope during his stay at the Academy before he arrives at Greendale. Blackwood explains that would have been Lucas' responsibility and only the most loyal are trusted.

That night at the house, Sabrina shows Nick and Ambrose her father's five-point manifesto, which includes union between mortals and witches. Sabrina thinks that her parents were traveling to the Vatican to reform the Church of Night and that Father Blackwood murdered them before they could do that. Ambrose says he believes her and tells both Sabrina and Nick that he attended a meeting of the Judas Society. He tells her about Blackwood's manifesto, which he describes as a misogynistic regression to the "old ways." Ambrose explains that Blackwood plans to present his manifesto to the Anti-Pope and that he will be stationed outside Blackwood's office during the meeting. Sabrina says she could take advantage of that to present her father's manifesto to the Anti-Pope, derailing Blackwood’s plot to regress the Church of Night and the wedding.


Guarding the Anti-Pope's Chambers

At the Academy, the Judas Society stands guard, with Ambrose as lead as the Anti-Pope, Enoch of Antioch meets with Father Blackwood and Zelda. He later proceeds to meets the students and visits the Academy.

Later, Ambrose stands guard as Enoch of Antioch meets with Father Blackwood, who has proposed a summit of all the Churches of Darkness to review their universal laws.

Ambrose's stomach begins groaning as he and two other members of the Judas Society guard the Anti-Pope's room. He tells his fellow Judas Society stalwarts that his stomach is craving.


Did Ambrose killed the Anti-Pope?

Shortly after, Ambrose and the two guards are soaked in the Anti-Pope's blood as he lay down on the bed, dead. Father Blackwood, the Weird Sisters, Zelda and Hilda enter the room. Blackwood strikes down two of the Judas Society stalwarts guarding him. Despite Zelda and Hilda's pleas, he tries to strike down Ambrose who manages to teleport to safety.


Ambrose asks Sabrina’s help

Ambrose appears in Sabrina’s room while she was kissing in bed with Nick. He's covered in blood and tells them about the Anti-Pope’s murder. Ambrose says he can't remember what happened but insists it was not him. Salem growls as they hear Father Blackwood bellowing orders to the Judas Society just outside the house. Sabrina tells Nick to hide Ambrose while she stalls them. Father Blackwood arrives with Hilda and Zelda and demands to know if Ambrose is there. Sabrina denies seeing Ambrose but Blackwood's warlocks search the house.


Dorian hides Ambrose

At Dorian's Gray Room, Dorian Gray tells the Judas Society that he has not seen Ambrose and the warlocks depart. After they have left, Dorian changes into Ambrose and tells the real Dorian Gray that he can come out of the painting he was hiding in. Gray says he will do anything for his friend Nick. Ambrose is sickly and Dorian serves him a drink. Ambrose vomits out his familiar Leviathan and realizes that the mouse was hiding inside him. Dorian tells Ambrose that the mouse was controlling him. When Ambrose reveals that Leviathan was a gift from Father Blackwood, Gray deduces that Blackwood was behind the Anti-Pope's murder. Gray tells Ambrose that Blackwood takes advantage of his boys. When Ambrose asks what he means, Dorian reveals that every warlock who gets close to Father Blackwood ends up dead such as Luke. Ambrose asks if Blackwood murdered Luke and Gray tells him it's very possible. Ambrose vows to kill Blackwood for murdering Luke.


Attacking Blackwood

At Zelda and Faustus' wedding that also serves as the Anti-Pope Enoch of Antioch's funeral, Ambrose appears and tries to kill Blackwood, but Prudence magically restrains him. He is then subdued and captured by the other Judas Society boys.[19]

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-11-Ambrose

Ambrose in his cell

Under arrest, Ambrose is working out in his cell when Dorcas enters with his gruel rations. Ambrose requests something more succulent and rubs his body against Dorcas. Prudence tells Ambrose to get away from her sister, shoving Dorcas to the ground and her to drop the tray of gruel. She chides Dorcas for her infatuation with Ambrose. Ambrose tries to flirt with Prudence, but she denounces him as a traitor and tells him that he will rot in this cell until he provides a confession. Ambrose says he has spent 75 years under house arrest and that it will take more to break him. Prudence allows the Infernal Bailiff to rough Ambrose up.

Later, Prudence leads "Hilda" into Ambrose's cell. Ambrose asks if it is really her and she comforts him. He says that death would be much better than a living hell. Hilda tells Ambrose to plead guilty. Meanwhile, in Blackwood's office, others Hilda and "Ambrose" are talking. Ambrose offers to plead guilty and tells Hilda not to give his plight another thought, however, Hilda is certain of his innocence even as Ambrose admits to the murder.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-39-Ambrose

Ambrose is deceived by Dorcas as "Hilda"

Back in the cell, Hilda tells Ambrose to plead guilty despite his denials. However, Ambrose insists that he's innocent. In the office, Hilda recounts a party they held to celebrate the passing of old Vinegar Tom. "Ambrose" says he thinks about it often, but Hilda points out that Vinegar Tom died in 1989 on the day that the Berlin Wall fell. Hilda realizes that she is talking to Agatha, who takes off the glamour as "Ambrose". Back in the cell, Ambrose asks "Hilda" what is her favorite episode of Fawlty Towers. "Hilda" claims that she loves them all, but Ambrose points out that she hates Fawlty Towers and demands to know who she really is. Dorcas removes the glamour and tells him that he is going to die in the cell.

The Weird Sisters torment Ambrose by throwing him the bones from Hilda's succulent chicken. While going through the bones, Ambrose finds that one of the bones has a hidden key. Ambrose uses Aunt Hilda's bone to forge a skeleton key to unlock the door to his cell and runs out.

As he tries to escape, Ambrose encounters two witch-hunters standing on the front door. Ambrose immediately warns the Academy that the witch-hunters have come. Prudence orders the other witches and warlocks to hide while she and the Weird Sisters face the intruders. Jerathmiel and Mehitable enter the lobby and demand that the witches and warlocks come out of hiding.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-99-Ambrose

Ambrose is mortally wounded

After a gruesome fight between witches and angelic witch-hunters, Sabrina and Hilda appear at the Academy to find Ambrose, who has been stabbed and is losing a lot of blood. Hilda removes the knife and casts a spell to seal the wound. Ambrose says that the Angels took the others. Later, Hilda takes care of Ambrose's wounds.[20]

Following the destruction of the angelic witch-hunters, Harvey carries an unconscious Sabrina back to the Academy. He is followed by the Weird Sisters, Elspeth, Melvin, and the remaining liberated students. Nick tells Harvey that Aunt Hilda is in the dormitory. Hilda has not yet finished patching up Ambrose. She panics and tells them to leave the arrows inside Sabrina until she has finished tending to Ambrose.


Ambrose is miraculously healed by Sabrina

Despite her efforts, Hilda is unable to stop Ambrose's wounds from bleeding due to the angels' blades. Sabrina tells them she can help and rises from the bed, fully healed. She walks to Ambrose and lays her hands on him. She tells him that he is strong and that his wounds are stitching themselves shut. Sabrina heals Ambrose and tells him that he will be just fine. Hilda and the others are shocked by Sabrina's miracles.


Ambrose is startled by Sabrina's miracles

At the Spellman house, Ambrose asks Sabrina how she is doing considering what happened last night. Sabrina insists she is fine. Ambrose says that he and Hilda are just worried about her. Hilda says that Sabrina is not a healer, but Sabrina retorts maybe she did not know that she had the power to heal. She says that she will go and asks Ms. Wardwell. Hilda insists that Sabrina stay home until Aunt Zelda gets back from her honeymoon. Ambrose reminds them of his impending execution. Sabrina responds that Ambrose should be pardoned for his role in defending the Academy and asks if someone can testify on his behalf. Ambrose responds that the only ones who know the truth are him, Faustus Blackwood, and his dead familiar Leviathan. Hilda suggests they have a picnic indoors, but Sabrina says maybe the weather could clear up. She uses her new-found powers to stop the rain and to bring sunny weather, startling both Ambrose and Hilda.

As Blackwood and Zelda returns from their honeymoon and Blackwood is appointed Ad Interim Anti-Pope, Ambrose is placed again under arrest. The Council has decided he will be executed as per Witch Law.


Ambrose waits his execution

Prudence visits Ambrose in his cell and taunts him. However, Ambrose thinks Sabrina will save him. She asks him what he knows about Sabrina's miracles and clarifies that she is asking for herself. Prudence confides that seeing Sabrina come back from the dead made her cry. Prudence asks Ambrose what is Sabrina. Ambrose tells Prudence to ask her for herself. Ambrose admits that he is frightened. Prudence tells him not to be frightened because he lives with honor and will die with it. She bids him "may Satan keep you."


Ambrose at the guillotine

The following day at the desecrated church, the Church of Night have gathered for the execution of Ambrose. Sabrina, Nick, Hilda, Father Blackwood, Prudence, Zelda, Dorcas, Agatha, Elsepth, and Melvin are in attendance. Due to the lack of new evidence, Methuselah orders that Ambrose's execution to proceed as plan. Father Blackwood is jubilant while Zelda plays the role of the biddable wife. The Infernal Bailiff drags Ambrose before the guillotine and places his head in the block. Father Blackwood orders the executioner to carry out the sentence despite Ambrose's defiance. The executioner lowers the blade but is instead beheaded by a killing spell. Ambrose laughs. Blackwood asks Prudence how Sabrina did it, but Prudence says that Sabrina did not move or blink. It is Hilda who is holding a pair of pruning shears and a decapitated poppet.

As Ambrose laughs, Blackwood orders one of his warlocks to carry out the sentence. Sabrina dares Blackwood to execute Ambrose himself. Ambrose howls in protest, but Blackwood instead orders Sabrina to carry out the execution. Before Sabrina can do it, there is a high-pitched screech followed by a shout of "Enough!" The Dark Lord appears. As the congregation bows, he asks Father Blackwood if he is so blind to His will. Fearing he knows about his treachery, Blackwood stutters for a respectful response only for Satan to tell him "Silence Pretender." Lucifer chastises him for degrading the coven with his pettiness and orders Ambrose spared before disappearing. Methuselah declares that Ambrose is reprieved and orders his release.


Ambrose is safe!

Back at home safe and sound, Hilda encourages Ambrose to eat. The three share a toast. The bell rings and Sabrina reminds them of the meeting she had organized.

Later, Ambrose is in attendance with the other guests as Sabrina is ready to fly on her broomstick from the top roof of the Spellman Mortuary. However, Harvey arrives just in time with some bad news to stop her from revealing the existence of witches to Greendale's mortal citizens.[21]

Walking a New Path

Sabrina informs her cousin Ambrose about the Apocalypse prophecy and tells him not to tell her aunts. Sabrina tells him they can stop the Apocalypse from happening. Ambrose listens as Sabrina explains her plan to create a doppelganger of herself using one of Hilda's mandrake roots for a spell. Sabrina explains that the mandrake will siphon off her darker energies and that it will grow using those energies.


Ambrose hears Sabrina’s plan

Ambrose deduces that she will immediately kill it and thus releasing those energies into the universe. Sabrina thinks that this will prevent the prophecy from taking place but Ambrose points out that she doesn't fully understand the prophecy. Ambrose questions the authenticity of the prophecy but Sabrina says that she can feel it in her bones. Sabrina believes that her Dark Baptism was a prelude to her destiny to becoming the Herald of Hell. Sabrina says she knows this to true.

Ambrose thinks that Sabrina’s plan amounts to suicide and that she will age like a mortal. He says that Sabrina become a mortal would hurt her family. Sabrina says that she came to Ambrose because she hoped that he could understand that her life is not her own. Sabrina adds that she is little more than a pawn in the Dark Lord's "perverse game." Sabrina says she is not making this decision lightly and affirms her love for her family and Nick. She is prepared to make this sacrifice to avert the End of Days by relinquishing her powers. Ambrose agrees to help and says they need a mandrake root from Aunt Hilda’s garden and thirteen hours.


Ambrose casts the Mandrake spell

Later in the mortuary, Ambrose chants over Sabrina, who is laying on a bed. The mandrake is situated on the next bed. He tells her to sleep while he watches over her. Sabrina thanks her cousin. Ambrose drinks something and watches over Sabrina.

The following morning, Sabrina awakes from her sleep and finds that the mandrake hasn’t transformed. She asks Ambrose what they can do, thinking that the mandrake spell hasn't work. Ambrose proposes making a golem out of river mud and destroying it when it animates. Sabrina asks if they must go to Sweetwater River and mold a double. Ambrose says that if she is determined to shed herself of her powers then yes. He tells her they must drown it in the river. Sabrina and Ambrose tell Aunt Hilda that they are going out for bagels and coffee.


Ambrose talks to Sabrina’s doppelganger

Later, in the Spellman sitting room, Ambrose finds the distraught Mandrake Sabrina. The doppelganger tells that her friends Harvey, Rosalind, and Theo are dead with their heads smashed in and their bodies pulped. Ambrose tells her that she is not making any sense. The mandrake says they were so beautiful and asks why anyone would want to kill those souls, saying that they would have grown up together. The mandrake says she just wanted them to love her and asks if Ambrose loves her.

Ambrose tells her to lie down and that he will be back. Mandrake Sabrina asks if she can lie on his lap and asks him to comfort her. She pleads with him not to reject her. The real Sabrina returns and tells Ambrose to stay away from that impostor. Ambrose realizes that the mandrake spell worked. The mandrake claims that she is the one true Sabrina, the one with the sacred magics handed down by their ancestors. She calls Sabrina a pathetic, powerless mortal and tells Ambrose to kill her. She says she wished that she done it herself and pleads with Ambrose to kill Sabrina. Sabrina responds that if her doppelganger knew Ambrose, she would know that he would never hurt her.


Ambrose plots with Sabrina

Ambrose changes his tune and says that it would be dishonourable for a Spellman to kill Sabrina with magic and proposes settling the matter with a pistol duel. The mandrake says that she has never heard of such a Witch law but Sabrina responds that her cousin is always teaching her new things. She says that it seems like a dignified honorable end for the two of them unless her doppelganger is not honorable. The mandrake insists she is honorable and accepts the duel. Sabrina accepted. The mandrake tells her to meet at the place they were born at the Witching Hour.

Sabrina has second thoughts about the duel. Ambrose tries to encourage her but warns that she will never get her witch powers back once she kills her doppelganger. Sabrina asks if there is any other way to stop the prophecy and if it will hurt the mandrake. Ambrose replies the mandrake is a vegetable but that it is also her and has all her thoughts, wants, and needs. He says that the mandrake just wants to exist and to be loved. He explains that the mandrake's weakness is that it has the mind of a newborn and hasn’t learned things like strategy.


Ambrose in the woods

At the stroke of midnight in the woods, Sabrina and Ambrose meet with the mandrake. The mandrake asks if there is not other way this could play out and wishes for the best for both their sakes. Ambrose presents the pistols and issues the rules. The two Sabrinas turn their backs and move to a distance.

Sabrina shoots at her doppelganger after the countdown. Before falling, the mandrake says that Sabrina shot early and that it was not fair. Sabrina responds no it is not. She comforts her dying doppelganger and tells her that it will be okay. She tells her doppelganger that she is so sorry and strokes her head. Ambrose reassures Sabrina that it was a mercy killing that had to be done. He says that he hoped they have stopped the Apocalypse from happening.

Just then, Nick arrives with "Ms. Wardwell". Sabrina says it is over but Nick responds that it is the last act. "Ms. Wardwell" adds that it is the final step in the prophecy. Just then lightning strikes a stone table ane the End of Days is upon them. She vows that the Dark Lord will walk the Earth in its true form and that she will sit by his side and rule as his Queen.[22]


Briefing the aunts on the Apocalypse

Back to the house, Ambrose, Sabrina and Nick warns Zelda and Hilda about the events about to unfold in Greendale. "Ms. Wardwell" manipulated Sabrina into fulfilling a prophecy meant to bring about the end of the world. Because of her, the Dark Lord has assumed his true form and is in Greendale. Moreover, the Gates of Hell are about to open, releasing the hordes of Hell. Ambrose adds that Sabrina created a mandrake that's absorbed all her witch powers. But that is not even the worst of it. What's worse than Sabrina being mortal, Zelda scoffs. Sabrina is meant to rule by the Dark Lord’s side as his Queen. Zelda objects vehemently to her niece being his child bride because Sabrina is too young and vows to stand against the Dark Lord for her family. They then proceed to cast protective spells and wards around the house.


Ambrose finds out about Lilith

While the Spellman are plotting against the Dark Lord, "Ms. Wardwell" enters the room and tells Sabrina to come along but her aunts and Ambrose assume a defensive stance. Terrible odds for a witch, Ambrose says. But she is no witch, at least not a full witch. Sabrina deduces that "Ms. Wardwell" is actually Lilith, which means she killed her favorite teacher and has been posing as her to serve the Dark Lord. Lilith reiterates the Dark Lord's demands and warns that the Dark Lord will destroy everything and everyone in his path should she resist. Sabrina acquiesces despite her family's protests. She explains that she needs answers about her father and mother. Hilda warns Sabrina that she will be like a lamb led to the slaughter. Ambrose volunteers to go with her but Lilith says that Sabrina can only take her familiar Salem with her.


Ambrose forges a weapon

Sabrina returns home with Salem and breaks the news to her family. Sabrina asks if her father Edward would offer up her mother Diana to the Dark Lord. Zelda says that Edward loved Diana and would never do that. Hilda says that might be true. Ambrose and Zelda react with shock but Hilda reminds Zelda that she was Diana's midwife. Hilda tells Sabrina that her mother struggled to produce a child so that she and Edward went to the Dark Lord who blessed them with a child. Hilda then recalls that Diana came to her and was worried about Sabrina because she thought that the baby wasn't Edward's. Zelda is shocked and asked why the Dark Lord would do such a thing. Ambrose explains that he has read apocryphal books on Satanic lore and that the Dark Lord perverts the Holy Trinity by siring a babe of witch, mortal, and infernal blood. He deduces this was part of the Dark Lord's plan to instigate the apocalypse. As the rain pours down, Sabrina realizes that the Dark Lord tricked her father and used her mother and that he now expects her to fall in line. Sabrina vows to defy Satan and says that she will always be a Spellman. She vows to fight the Dark Lord but admits she doesn't know how. Lilith returns and says she has an idea about how to fight the Dark Lord.


Lilith's plan backfires

The Spellmans are perplexed but decide to trust Lilith, who describes a plot to take down Lucifer by using special weapons. Ambrose should distract Lucifer with a diversive and chain him to the ground while Hilda and Zelda stabs him with Daggers of Megiddo to weaken him. Sabrina, then, should strike the final blow and destroy him. The plan, however, fails. The Dark Lord is too strong for them to even stand a chance despite the fact that they followed the lore to the letter, and crafted a very powerful plan to fight him. The Spellmans and Lilith return to the house to understand how they failed and what's their next move.


Rescuing poisoned Church members

In the middle of it, Prudence teleports herself and the other Weird Sisters to the Spellman house. Prudence begs Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose to help her sisters and reveals that Blackwood poisoned the entire coven! She tells Zelda that they are still alive and are at the Desecrated Church. While Hilda and Prudence attend to the Weird Sisters, Zelda and Ambrose teleport themselves to the Desecrated Church. She tells Ambrose they will save as many of them as they can, starting with Melvin and Elspeth.

Back at home, Ambrose asks Prudence how her sisters are. Prudence thanks Hilda for saving their lives. Ambrose tells Prudence that Father Blackwood used them by exploiting their desire for a father. He says that Blackwood blinded them to the family that they already have. The two hold hands.


Maksed at the Mephisto Waltz

At the Throne room, the Dark Lord and Lilith sit. Lilith claims that the aristocrats of Hell and Sabrina are awaiting her word. She has arranged a treat for Satan, a "bal masqué" of the flamboyant flavor he so loves. When signaled, the glamoured guests come down the stairs singing and dancing with their masks on. Afterwards, the Dark Lord crowns Sabrina, naming her "Sabrina Morningstar, Proud Lady of Pandemonium, Maiden of Shadows, and Queen of Hell". The guests praise them. Then the pair dance the Mephisto's Waltz. During the dance, Sabrina flatters the Dark Lord to distract him from the guests' chants. Upon the Dark Lord's realization, they remove their masks, revealing themselves as the Spellmans and Sabrina's mortal friends. The Dark Lord is angered by her defiance yet again, but Sabrina replies she is a Spellman first. Ambrose throws the Acheron Configuration, trapping the Dark Lord inside. As they congratulate her for a job well done, the Dark Lord breaks his way out of the Acheron Configuration.


War on Blackwood

Later at the Academy, Ambrose and Prudence embark on a quest to hunt down Father Blackwood. Before leaving, Prudence beheads Blackwood’s statue. She tells Ambrose that her father won’t be easy to hunt down and to kill. Ambrose vows to seek his true destiny as a witch, something shared by Prudence.[23]

Part 3

Pambrose against Blackwood


Ambrose threatens Blackwood

New Orleans, Louisiana. Faustus Blackwood has taken up the companionship of Ms. DuBois in one of the apartments in the French Quarter. Ms. DuBois offers to pour some drinks but is saddened they don't have any ice left. She then quickly removes her glamour, revealing herself to be Prudence. And behind Blackwood stands Ambrose, wielding his wand a knife. Prudence demands to know where to find her siblings, Judas and Judith, but he refuses to answer. They have no problem killing him as Ambrose assures him they can extract the information from his corpse using necromancy. Faustus pleads with Prudence, but she stabs him with her sword, killing him. Unfortunately, who she initially believed to be her father was merely one of his Judas boys wearing a glamour.

Some time later, the two lovers are discussing their failing attempts at locating Blackwood. No matter how close Prudence and Ambrose have gotten, he always manages to elude them at every turn. Ambrose states that Blackwood is a master of the mystic arts, and they were merely his students. Everything they know about witchcraft, he taught them. Prudence proposes they use a different type of witchcraft. A form he didn’t teach them.


Ambrose and Prudence meet Mambo Marie

Prudence and Ambrose enter a voodoo shop in search of real "hoodoo vodou magick", where they make the acquaintance of Mambo Marie LaFleur, who, upon first glance, recognizes them as real witches, as opposed to tourists. She introduces herself as Priestess of Haiti, daughter of the Tiano people, faithful to Guinee. She makes one thing clear; that she doesn’t do "watered-down New Orleans voodoo-hoodoo bullshit." They’re in a Haitian house, and the vodou she practices is a way of life. She then recognize them as New England witches. Prudence and Ambrose explain that they need her help in tracking down someone. Mambo Marie informs them that they’ll need a world map and something that belonged to Blackwood. Prudence offers her blood as she is his daughter.


Ambrose and Prudence cast a locator spell to find Faustus

That night, Ambrose and Prudence set up a ritual for a locator spell to track down Blackwood. Ambrose is in a frenzy and kisses Prudence's neck and shoulders, but she remarks they're doing blood magick, not sex magick! Prudence, then, cuts her hand with Mambo Marie’s knife and bleeds onto a map. The blood starts to move on itself and gather over Scotland. Specifically, Loch Ness. Prudence and Ambrose then have sex to celebrate.[24]

Ambrose and Prudence traveled to Scotland in search of Father Blackwood. On a stone bridge, Ambrose explains that the Loch Ness lies atop a powerful rift along the Earth's ley lines. Aleister Crowley himself once harnessed its energies for his own Higher Magick, which could warp the fabric of time. Prudence demands blood for the pain her father has caused her, and Ambrose assures her she will have it soon enough.


Ambrose and Prudence spy on Faustus at Loch Ness

The couple finally catch up to Father Blackwood near a river whilst he’s in the middle of a summoning ritual. Unaware that they have tracked him down, Blackwood calls upon the Watery Guardians of the West to rise. A creature known only as the Deep One rises from the water and gives Faustus some kind of large, transparent egg. As payment, Faustus offers the creature two sacrifices, two teenagers standing next to the stone circle. Prudence charges Faustus with a sword, but in the time it takes her to reach him, Blackwood killed the Deep One and disarms and knocks her to the ground. With Prudence’s life in jeopardy, Ambrose grabs the egg and threatens to destroy it. Faustus begs him not to. He’s spent 15 years inside a temporal church of his own making, purifying himself to wield magicks they couldn’t possibly fathom. Ambrose retorts that he's been away only for a month, to which Blackwood replies that's been 15 years for him! With the Dark Lord dethroned and the pits of the abyss unmanned, the old ones are returning to reclaim the Earth, and then the Eldritch Terrors, Blackwood claims. He lowers his guard and pleads with Ambrose to return the egg. This provides Prudence with the opportunity to knock him out from behind.


Ambrose interrupts Faustus' ritual

Ambrose and Prudence are at odds on what to do with Blackwood. They’ve circumnavigated the world in search of him, and Prudence wants to get through with killing him. Ambrose, however, has questions for Faustus; What was he doing in Scotland? And what did he mean by the Old Ones and the Eldritch Terrors? Ambrose wants to take Blackwood and the egg back to Greendale for interrogation, and then he could answer for his crimes in front of the entire coven. Prudence is hellbent on revenge, ignoring any reason Ambrose could possibly have to spare Blackwood. As she’s about to finish him off, the two teenagers whom he was offering up as sacrifices plead with Prudence not to kill their father. Prudence realizes that the sacrificial teenagers are her siblings, Judas and Judith. Meaning Father Blackwood was telling the truth about higher magicks of time and space.


Ambrose and Prudence telepor back home with Faustus

Ambrose and Prudence teleport in the foyer of the Spellman household with Father Blackwood as their prisoner. Ambrose is visibly is shock and ask for a cup of tea, while Prudence is angry but at the same time concerned about her siblings. Meanwhile, Sabrina and the aunts were just talking about finding a new prison for the Dark Lord, and Faustus is a perfect candidate.


Ambrose and Prudence watch over the dollhouse

Some time later, Prudence and Ambrose show Judith and Judas to their room. Ambrose assures them that they’ll be safe and entertained. Prudence promises to check in on them from time to time. Ambrose performed a living-doll spell to ensure that they won’t realize the passing of days nor feel hunger or pain while inside a dollhouse in Ambrose's bedroom. As for the egg, Ambrose has placed in his fish tank and he intends to wait it out to see what happens. Prudence and Ambrose then start kissing.[25]

Searching for a New Source of Power

At the breakfast table, the Spellmans discuss Nickʼs state of mind. Hilda asks how he’s doing and inquires about his foot. Ambrose explains that the malformation is a remnant of having the Dark Lord inside him. Given enough time, it should revert back on its own. Zelda imagines that Sabrina’s reunion with Nick last night must’ve been worthwhile given they slept in the same bed, but Sabrina claims that they didn’t have sex. Zelda then addresses the fact that Sabrina went to Hell without her permission. Zelda then asks Ambrose to return to the Academy of Unseen Arts as a teacher. Ambrose declines her offer as he has been illuminated to everything that he does not know during his time abroad. Magicks beyond his experience and imagination. Ambrose wishes to be a master of the mystic arts, and the only way to do that is through research. In that case, Zelda appoints Ambrose as the Academy’s librarian. Zelda then sneezes. Hilda suspects that she’s coming down with a cold, but Zelda has never been sick a day in her life. Nick joins them in the kitchen to take Sabrina to school. Zelda reminds Sabrina that after school, Sabrina is expected to return to the Academy.


Ambrose is the new Academy's librarian

Ambrose, Prudence and the aunts convene in Zelda's office to discuss the Church of Nightʼs current state of crisis; a warlock dead and coven members stricken with fevers and weaknesses. Zelda appears to be getting sick as well, which is a great worry for Hilda. Zelda suspects that they may be under attack, perhaps from another coven. Hilda recalls the Council mentioning a loss of potency. Until they know more, it will be business as usual. Hilda will tend to the ill. Distract them so that they don’t start asking questions. Zelda states that they must stand together, and they will prevail.


Ambrose helps Sabrina

Later, in the Academy's library, Sabrina reveals to Ambrose that she claimed the throne in Hell, making her queen. He presumes that their aunts don’t know. Sabrina also adds that Lilith is her regent. But now, her seat at the throne is being challenged by a prince of Hell, and now she has to find King Herod’s crown before Caliban does. And so, Ambrose agrees to help her. Nick arrives and offers to take Sabrina to lunch.


Ambrose lectures Sabrina

In the cafeteria, Ambrose informs her that he found King Herod’s crown. He takes Sabrina back to the library, where he began his research into the crown starting with its last known whereabouts, namely the tomb of Herod. Officially, Herodiam, was first excavated by Italian archaeologists in 1962. Unofficially, it was excavated by American archaeologist and warlock, Edward Robinson, in 1838. From there, the crown changed hands several times from one Jakey Huisman to Aleister Crowley to an American soldier, Private Benjamin Blossom, who recovered the crown from Hitler's bunker in 1945. Now from there, Blossom, sneaked the crown back to his hometown of Riverdale, where he was murdered by a group of occultists who were after the crown, but never found it. Sabrina and Ambrose will find the crown using an immoral compass. It belonged to either the Flying Dutchman or the Ancient Mariner. Ambrose can’t recall. He recalibrated it to be highly sensitive to energies from occult items. Sabrina and Ambrose arrive in Riverdale, where they track the crown to a maple tree in the woods.


Ambrose digs up King Herod's Crown

In the Riverdale woods, Ambrose takes a hatchet to the maple tree. He reaches inside and pulls out the maple covered crown. Sabrina takes the ax and aims for the crown. She plans to destroy it so that no one can use it against her and take the remains back to Hell. Ambrose advises her against such actions as he can feel the power radiating off the crown. If he could borrow it for a few hours to study its properties, he might be able to harness its powers and restore their coven’s strength. Sabrina reluctantly agrees. As they return to Greendale, covered in maple, King Herod awakens from his slumber and forces his way out the tree, reaching for his stolen crown.


Ambrose studies the Crown

Later, Ambrose studies King Herod’s crown in the crematory of the mortuary. In his studies, he determines that the crown does in fact have magical properties as it charges his wand. King Herod has tracked down Ambrose and his crown. He grabs Ambrose by the throat and questions who stole his crown and disrupted his slumber. He magically puts Ambrose to sleep and asks his crown who woke them. The crown speaks. It reveals that Sabrina, the girl who would be queen, woke them.


Ambrose saves Nick and Sabrina

After recovering from the attack he suffered from King Herod in the mortuary, Ambrose arrives at the carnival and kills King Herod with a blasting spell enhanced by his wand, just in time before the resurrected King can kill Sabrina and Nick with his powers. Ambrose, then, tell Sabrina and Nick to leave while he'll make sure to clean up the mess. Sabrina must arrive in Hell before Caliban claims the winning in her place. The self-proclaimed Prince of Hell, in fact, appears to steal the crown during the fight.[26]


Ambrose finds the cause of their power loss

At the Academy, in the library, Ambrose explains to Sabrina, Hilda, and Zelda that it’s their fault the coven's powers are waxing and waning. The Pendle Coven suffered a similar power loss in 1612. It seems they offended the Dark Lord in some way, and so he withdrew his gifts from them a little at a time and then all at once. They merely offended him, while the Spellmans on the other hand, dethroned and imprisoned him. The Pendle Coven never got their powers back and was wiped out by witch-hunters several months later.


The Spellmans hatch a trip to Hell

Sabrina, Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda confront Lucifer after discovering that he is responsible for their loss of power. Zelda demands that he restore their power. He agrees to do so only if they set him free. When they refuse, Lucifer reveals that Sabrina is Queen of Hell, despite Zelda and Hilda being under the impression that Lilith was queen. Sabrina explains that she doesn’t precisely have claim to the throne. She’s being challenged by a Prince of Hell named Caliban. Zelda refuses to allow Sabrina to dedicate herself to Hell. Sabrina claims she did it to save the realm, but Zelda claims Sabrina did it for selfish reasons; power and because she has a savior complex. Zelda even accuses Sabrina of choosing Hell over the coven, which both Sabrina and Hilda denies. Ambrose interrupts to remind them of their more immediate concern that they’ve been rendered powerless by the Dark Lord. They need a new source of mystic energy. Sabrina surmises that as Queen of Hell, she should have access to the same powers Lucifer does. Since that Dark Lord’s power is infernal, it must come from Hell. Sabrina will claim it and use it to power the coven. Zelda approves of Sabrina’s plan, but only if Ambrose accompanies her. He's concerned about what he's going to wear.


Ambrose and Sabrina talk to Lilith

Ambrose accompanies Sabrina in Hell as her privy councilor. He is amazed at what he’s seeing. Sabrina informs Lilith how the Dark Lord is withholding his powers from the coven and how she needs Lilith’s help to restore it. Unfortunately, Lilith can’t help her. She explains that their magic does not come from Hell. They’re Lucifer’s own gifts that come from within him. They originate with him and he dispenses them as he sees fit. Lucifer’s powers come from him being an angel. As his daughter, Sabrina concludes that she must have the same essence, but as Lilith explains, Sabrina’s is polluted and diluted by her mother’s mortal blood. Leaving them with only one option. They have to find an angel.

Sabrina and Ambrose recall that the witch-hunters who attacked the Academy last year were angels. Sabrina killed two, but she remembers Nick saying that he and Dorian Gray trapped on in a painting. They approach Dorian at the gentlemen club and inform him that they need to get Gideon out and siphon off his energy via bloodletting to repower their coven. Sabrina tells Ambrose to go home and get their aunts on board with the plan while she stays with Dorian to get the blood.

Sabrina returns home to Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda with the small vile of angels blood, much to their disappointment, as Sabrina explains that Dorian drank the rest of it. Unfortunately, that won’t be nearly enough to replenish the coven’s power. Hilda suspects if they use it another way other than drinking it then they may be able to energize the coven. Hilda recalls something she did when she was a student at the Academy. She took a moon bath. It’s a ceremony that witches used to perform during the celebration of the Hare Moon. They would rub their bodies with oils and bathe in the moonlight. It was meant to be a symbolic rebirth. Light from the moon was meant to replenish them. But if they take that angel's blood and mix it with certain oils and then rub it onto their bodies and bathe in the light of the Hare Moon, the symbolic rebirth could be literal. The moonlight would activate the angel's blood, which in turn would allow their skin to actually absorb the energies of the moon. Hilda takes the blood to preparing the anointing oils. Much to everyone's surprise, Zelda then thanks both Hilda and Sabrina.


The coven celebrate the Hare Moon

In the Greendale Woods, the survivors of the coven gathers in a clear and sings as tradition would require for the Hare Moon. They form an aisle, which Sabrina walks down the middle of while holding a hare. She then walks the hare into the woods to pardon it. There, she crosses paths with a mysterious group wearing strange masks. Sabrina returns to find that Nick has joined them. However, she is being followed by the mysterious group wearing masks.


The coven meets the Pagans

The Church of Night is confronted by a group of Pagans who are looking for somewhere to celebrate their holiday as well; Ostara. Zelda and Hilda invite Pan, Circe,Nagaina and the rest of their coven to join them. Elspeth asks if they should say a prayer of thanks to Lilith, much to Pan’s surprise, who questions why they wouldn’t pray to their Dark Lord. Zelda tells Elspeth that no prayer is necessary. Pan explains that his coven prays to others.

Pan asks Zelda and Ambrose how long have their people have been in Greendale. They reply that they’ve been there for generations, stemming from the Old Country. Zelda asks where Pan’s community hails from. She deduces that they’re drifters. She hopes that Greendale is just one of many stops and that they’ll be moving on soon. Pan isn’t sure, explaining that there’s something about Greendale that makes him want to set down roots.


The Spallmans fail to conjure a storm

The Spellmans discuss the Pagan witches they’ve crossed paths with. Zelda claims that they only seek to cause chaos. She thought that they were gone from the entire country. Ambrose thought that Pagan witches died out entirely when Satanic witches ascended. When Christians came to power. Sabrina suggests conjuring a storm to make them leave as they still have to take their Moon bath. The Spellmans join hands to conjure a storm and make it rain. The clouds darken, but they fail to conjure the storm. Pan notices the Spellman off behind a tree holding hands, but doesn't react.

Shortly after, Dorcas is bitten by a snake and Nagaina sucks the venom from her leg, only to become angered at the witches when Nick cuts the snake in half. The pagans are offended and leave. Zelda asks Nick what does he have to say for himself after killing a snake in front of Nagaina. Ambrose points out that they probably worship snakes. Nick is unapologetic. Zelda informs the coven that pagans are not to be trifled with, especially not while they’re without powers. Hilda suggests sending an offering to make amends. Dorcas offers to bring them a Moon pie and refuses Prudenceʼs suggestion to get accompanied.


Ambrose moonbathes under the Hare Moon

The coven, save for Nick, Agatha, and Dorcas, apply the sacred oil all over their exposed body as the moon peaks. The coven lays down on the ground and forms a circle as Hilda explains why they honor the Hare Moon. It’s light will shine on them, and they will reclaim their power. Hilda looks to the moon and asks that it bless them with its gifts and energies. They offer their bodies in exchange for their magicks multiplying in the spirit of the Hare. The coven holds hands to seal the circle and their skin glows blue.

The moon suddenly darkens above the Church of Night. Ambrose remarks that an eclipse would be impossible at such a time, leaving Zelda and Hilda to conclude that they’re under attack by the pagans. The moon bath won’t work under the eclipsed moon. Zelda orders them to gather their belongings and return to the Academy, even with that meaning leaving Nick and Prudence’s sisters unprotected and lost in the woods. Zelda explains that once the coven has fortified behind their walls, only then will they plot their counter-attack.


The coven gets an ultimatum from the Pagans

The coven reconvene in the dormitory, where they will sleep together so that everyone is protected. However, they discover that their beds are infested with snakes. Melvin, then, informs the coven that the pagans are outside. They open the Academy’s doors to find Pan, Nagaina, Circe, and the pagans hidden within the fog. Pan warns them that their time is over and that the old gods are returning, as well as the old ways. He tells them to either bow and pray to their gods or be killed. They have three days to decide. The pagans disappear, leaving behind a crazed Agatha and a petrified Dorcas.

The Spellmans retreat to the main office to discuss their next choice of action. The pagans are a clear and present danger. And they are without strength. They have no other choice but to free the Dark Lord. There will be hell to pay for their actions, but he’ll crush the pagans under his hoof. Sabrina volunteers to go down and talk to him.[27]


Ambrose and Sabrina treat Nick's illness

Ambrose and Sabrina chained Nick inside a pentacle in a room at the Academy of Unseen Arts. When he wakes up, Sabrina explains that he got high, freed the Dark Lord, and passed out. He had enough drugs in his system to level a small army. Sabrina demands that he get clean. Fortunately, Ambrose knows of an ancient, albeit brutal, cleansing ritual he came across during his Oxford days. The ritual normally requires 30 days to complete, but they don’t have 30 days as the pagans are threatening to exterminate the coven in three. Ambrose intends to use the time warping egg he recovered from Father Blackwood to compress Nick’s 30 day ritual into one long, unrelenting day. Nick looks to Sabrina and says that he hates her.

Ambrose and Sabrina lock him inside as they discuss the ritual and the impending pagan attack. They’ll need Nick, as he’s one of their greatest warlocks. In the meantime, Ambrose will help Prudence deal with her sisters while Sabrina visits Roz. Ambrose warns Sabrina to be careful with the Dark Lord on the loose.

Some time later, Ambrose watches as Prudence establishes a psychic connection with Agatha to determine what happened to her. Prudence describes Agatha’s mind as a raging storm without any focused thoughts. Ambrose warns Prudence against reordering the thoughts. She only needs to slow them down. Inside Agatha’s mind, Prudence sees the Great God Pan, disguised as Professor Carcosa. Agatha was driven insane by his very gaze. Ambrose explains that Pan is amongst the oldest of the pagan monsters. He is madness personified, and his very gaze engenders insanity in witches and mortals alike.


Ambrose study Dorcas

In the foyer, Ambrose takes a tuning fork to Dorcas to hopefully detect some form of energy beneath the stone. The fork reverberates, meaning that deep within the stone, there is life and that Dorcas could possibly still be alive. Their energies are depleted to almost nothing. They must find a way to amplify what they already have, and there may be a way in their backyard. Stonehenge; a circle of ancient stones that have been used to collect and amplify energy for millennia. There's a circle of stones in their woods around the altar they used to perform their rituals where Sabrina was almost baptized. No one’s ever seen it because the circle of stones is underground. But if they use the last of their energies to bring them up, then they may be able to restore power to the coven.

Ambrose and Prudence go to Zelda's office to inform her that they could use the stones buried beneath their clearing to amplify their energies to enhance a distress signal. With a fortified coven, they might stand a chance against the pagans.


Ambrose channels the stones' power

After the circle of stones is completed, Zelda and Ambrose hope it would be strong enough to summon the disenfranchised hedge witches. As they prepare, Zelda gathers the coven. arrives just as Ambrose, Prudence, Hilda, Zelda, and the remaining members of the coven prepare to summon hedge witches for help against the pagans. Ambrose informs Sabrina that Nick is fine. He’s even applied leeches to suck the toxicity out his body.

Their powers are depleted and their pagan enemies are closing in. Sabrina, Ambrose, Prudence, Hilda, Zelda, and the coven will use the very last of their natural magicks to call upon the wayward witches to join them as they stand within a circle of ancient stones. Together, they have the power to amplify their energy to broadcast their message. But it is up to them and their psychic intention to set them in harmony. As the Church of Night sends out a distress signal to any wayward witches, Agatha interrupts the summoning ceremony and breaks one of the stones in half with a sledgehammer. She then turns her attentions to Dorcas, but Prudence tackles Agatha and puts her in a choke hold as she explains that the Dark Lord freed her. With Agatha having interrupted the summoning ritual, Ambrose is doubtful any witches received their request for help. Melvin then arrives to inform the coven that the pagans killed Elspeth. Surrender was never an option. The pagans want to kill the Church of Night for their blood.


Ambrose guides Sabrina's spell on Nick

Sabrina and Ambrose watch over Nick, who seems to be in even worse condition than before. The leeches Ambrose used are all dead. Killed by whatever they absorbed from Nick. Ambrose cuts one open, revealing some kind of black goo.

Upon further examination, Ambrose determines that Nick is infected with "Radicum Outum Diaboli", otherwise known as Satan’s residue. The Dark Lord left behind a piece of himself in Nick. Like tar in a smoker's lungs, except this tar is alive, infernal, and corrupting. Sabrina recalls Nick saying he could still feel the Dark Lord inside him. They need to get what's left of Lucifer out. Sabrina refuses to perform another exorcism. The last one nearly killed her. Ambrose suggests that instead of forcing the residue out of Nick, they lure it out. Entice it with a stronger host. A host with blood identical to it. Meaning Sabrina. Her blood coaxes the Dark Lord's essence out of Nick’s body. She then uses holy water to neutralize the residue. Ambrose informs Sabrina that he has one last trick up his sleeve, involving the Dark Lord’s residue.


The Spellmans summon the hedge witches

At the Academy, Ambrose and Zelda mix the Dark Lord’s residue with salt, thieves vinegar and Hoyt’s Cologne to create a warding resin that Ambrose has painted over every door, jam, and crevice. However, this concoction won’t keep the pagans at bay forever. Sabrina arrives and offers an extra pair of hands. Ambrose, Zelda, and Sabrina are then confronted by the summoned hedge witches, including Gryla, Pesta, Sycorax, Dezmelda, and Mambo Marie. Gryla demands to know why they were summoned against their will. For this act, she declares that everyone in the Academy will die.[28]

The War with the Pagans


The Spellmans welcome the hedge witches

The Spellmans welcome the hedge witches at the Academy of Unseen Arts. However, they're are not happy for having been summoned against their will. Mambo Marie is the only one of the guests not antagonizing and propose to listen Zelda's request. Gryla and the others agree, but she wants gin.

Gryla points out that the Church of Night has always turned their kind away. For centuries, they've had to brave the wilderness alone. She questions why she should help them. Zelda explains that their numbers are depleted. Their magic non-existent. They need strength, and if the wayward witches agree to help, the Academy could be their home too. They could make a new coven together. Mambo Marie admits that there is wisdom in what she says. Better to be united for what is coming. As for the Dark Lord, he’s still at large but trapped in a flesh Acheron Configuration, with his strength muted. Zelda asks that the witches stand with them against the pagans when they come in three days. She tells Pesta to poison the soil around the Academy so if any pagan touches it, they'll shrivel with disease. As for sleeping quarters, Zelda has arranged for them to stay at the Desecrated Church and tells Sabrina, Prudence and Nick to prep it.


Ambrose collects info on the hedges

Later, he convenes with the hedge witches to collect their information. First up is Gryla of the Mountains. Single mother of thirteen Yule lads, with another on the way. Moving onto Sycorax. Ambrose confirms that she’s a river witch and asks what she is capable of. She reveals that she could drown Ambrose where he stands. A remarkable gift that will come in handy against the pagans.


Ambrose watches the hedges lend their powers to Sabrina

In the evening, at the Desecrated Church, Sabrina and Ambrose get the hedge witches drunk off vino. As they drink, their inhibitions low, and Sabrina persuades them into taking the fight to the pagans. Sabrina goes to the carnival to confront the pagans, Ambrose and Prudence stay behind at the Academy with the hedge witches as they channel each other, as well as the stones for power to lend to Sabrina.

Ambrose then stands on the side as a chained Circe reverts her transformation spell on Dorcas and Roz.


Ambrose and Prudence watch her step-siblings

Later, at Prudence and Ambrose’s behest, Mambo Marie teaches Judas and Judith the way of Hatian Vodou. For example, a mèt-tèt is a guardian spirit that watches over them from the moment they are born. They each have one, as everyone is worthy of its guidance. Prudence and Ambrose look on from the edge of the room, where Prudence admits that while she may have invited Mambo Marie, she came for her own reasons. Until they’re revealed, Prudence wants her to teach them her ways.


Waiting for Hilda's resurrection

Later Ambrose, Sabrina and Zelda sit in the drawing room and talk about their next step. They also wait for Hilda to raise from the Cain pit after Zelda was forced to shot her because the pagans had cursed Hilda to transform into a spider woman.[29]


Keeping Zelda's body in the embalming room

They are suddenly alarmed by a gunshot that echoes throughout the Spellman Mortuary. Sabrina and Ambrose find Zelda bleeding out on the floor. Ambrose runs for help as Sabrina stays by Zelda’s side. He returns with Prudence and Mambo Marie. They take Zelda downstairs into the embalming room and remove the bullet. They’re going to need great strength if they are going to save her. While Zelda remains alive, she is stuck in limbo, Mambo Marie explains. All they can do is burn the violet candles and wait to see if Zelda can find her way back. They are startled by sudden loud wailing.

Sabrina, Ambrose, and Prudence find a banshee, otherwise known as the wailing woman, lurking outside the mortuary. It’s an omen, meaning at least one member of the Spellman family is going to die soon.


Planning their next move

The three of them recount the current obstacles they are up against, including the encroaching pagans, Zelda trapped in limbo, and Hilda buried in the Cain Pit. Ambrose thinks that he knows of a way to gain power, though it won’t be easy. Ambrose found a siphoning spell. If they can get the hedge witches into the center of the stone circle, they can take their energy and replenish their coven. Unfortunately, with the hedge witches being older and few in numbers, the siphoning would likely kill them. Sabrina suggests that they find another way. Unless Sabrina knows of a more nubile coven to bring into the circle, they don’t have any other options. Sabrina claims that while it may be the very definition of an unholy Magdalene, she believes that she already belongs to another "coven": The Baxter High Ravenettes.

At the Academy, the surviving witches and warlocks and two dolls representing the aunts, starts to chant in Latin in the circle of stones while the Ravenettes perform a choreography in the center.


Witches and warlocks hiding in Hell

With enough energy boost, they teleport in the City of Pandemonium, but the dolls are still at the Academy and Sabrina offers to retrieve them. Shortly after, she returns to Hell to tell Ambrose, Prudence, and Melvin that her father is no longer bonded to Blackwood. Lucifer and Lilith arrive and inform Sabrina that the Plague Kings have called for the third and final challenge. It’s up to Sabrina to retrieve Judas Iscariot’s 30 pieces of silver and secure the throne of Hell for the House of Morningstar. However, Sabrina would rather attend to her aunts. Ambrose and Prudence tell Sabrina that they'll deliver the effigies to Hilda and Zelda and protect them from Blackwood until they recover. The power siphoning might have worked, but Ambrose fears it is only temporary, and with a war brewing with the pagans, they’ll need power, which Sabrina could gain in winning the Unholy Regalia. Lilith reveals that she’s pregnant and that Sabrina has a little brother on the way. Sabrina tells Ambrose and Prudence to protect her aunts while the rest of the coven stay hidden in Hell.


Ambrose and Prudence must protect the Spellman household

Ambrose and Prudence return to the mortuary, where they inform Mambo Marie that the effigy is infused with life force. With any luck, its power will transfer into Zelda. Mambo Marie informs them that it is no longer a matter of Zelda’s physical body needing healing. It’s her soul that must find its way back. With the Academy under the control of Father Blackwood and the pagans, Ambrose fears that they’ll be coming there next. He asks Mambo Marie to watch over Zelda as they protect the house. He then orders Prudence to stay inside and protect the inside while he holds the perimeter against the banshee and Blackwood.

Ambrose and Salem continue to defend the perimeter. He tells Salem to claw the banshee to pieces if she tries to get anywhere near the house.


Prudence dies in Ambrose's arms

Upon coming back inside, he finds Prudence bleeding and dying from her wounds. Ambrose holds her tight, as she reveals that Blackwood is inside, and he’s looking for Judas and Judith, among other things. Prudence tells Ambrose to stop him. And so, Ambrose lays Prudence back on the floor and teleports away. Prudence, in her dying moments, places her hand over Agatha’s.[30]

Back to the Apocalypse

Ambrose reads from a book titled "House of Morningstar The Chronicles," about the downfall of the House of Morningstar and the rise of the new King of Hell, Caliban who was soon defeated by the pagans when he tried to claim the Earth as the Tenth Circle. After a brutal fight between Heaven and Hell, the Pagans won the Earth and all the inhabitants are enslaved to the Green Man or dead. Sabrina Morningstar, instead, is entombed in Hell between her father and Lilith.


Ambrose saves Sabrina

At the ruins of the carnival, Ambrose spots his cousin and can't believe what he's seeing. He sneaks up from behind and tells her to come with him. Ambrose informs Sabrina, Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion that it’s been decades since she left Greendale. Time operates under different rules in the Ninth Circle. Ambrose reveals that everyone is dead and gone. They’re trapped in flesh factories by the plant-like creatures. Their blood is harvested to water the Green Man. The pagans have won, and the Earth is once more a garden of horrors. And the only safe place left is the Kinkle mines. Ambrose fortified the entrance to keep the pagans away.


Ambrose tells Sabrina what happened on Earth

Inside the mines, Ambrose tells Sabrina how he went crazy for a decade or two. But the books were his salvation. He’s read everything. Sabrina asks if he came across anything that could help them fix things. Ambrose explains that Sabrina missed the end of the world and that everyone is dead, including Prudence, who he held in his arms, only to abandon her so that he could grab Blackwood’s time egg. Sabrina surmises that her future self must’ve used the Time Egg to go back in time and save her, and asks Ambrose if that was possible. He explains that it is, but it would require a large level of energies, such as those imbued into the Unholy Regalia. Sabrina wants to use the egg to go back in time to stop the pagans and save Greendale. Ambrose says that in order to do that, they would have to repurpose the Unholy Regalia, assuming Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion would allow him to, which they do. Sabrina and Ambrose plan to smelt down the Unholy Regalia into a morningstar, a medieval spiked ball and chain that Sabrina will use to gather the egg’s magical energies into a vortex. All they need now is a sacred place to perform this, such as the stone circle at the Academy. Unfortunately, that’s where Blackwood holds court, driven mad and feral by his insane worship of the Eldritch Terrors.

Sabrina meets back up with Ambrose outside the Academy doors along with Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion, after she retrieved Batibat's jar from their kitchen. Sabrina asks why the Academy isn’t overgrown like the rest of town. Ambrose explains that long ago, Pesta poisoned the earth so that nothing could grow there.


Ambrose and Sabrina fight Blackwood

Sabrina goes inside by herself. She calls out to Faustus. He concludes that she’s come to offer herself to the Void and the other eldritch terrors. Sabrina fails to open the jar in time to release Batibat, and so Ambrose picks the jar up and smashes it at Blackwood’ feet. However, nothing happens, and so he then proceeds to kill Sabrina and Ambrose. Unbeknownst to Blackwood, he is trapped within a dream created by Batibat. In reality, Sabrina and Ambrose remain unharmed. As plant zombies ate coming near, they begin the ritual. With the egg in hand, Sabrina starts swinging the morningstar and chanting in Latin as Ambrose, Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion push the stone circle around her. This creates a vortex that sends Sabrina back in time to before the pagans concurred the Earth.


Ambrose learn about the erased timeline

Sabrina teleports to the embalming room to warn Ambrose, Prudence, and Mambo Marie that Blackwood is on the way to kill them. Sabrina insists that they leave or else they’ll all die. They teleport to Dorian's Gray Room. Sabrina tells Prudence that the hedge witches are locked in the Desecrated Church. If she brings them to Dorian’s, they might be able to bolster Zelda’s strength. Ambrose questions how Sabrina knows all of this, but she can’t tell him. Sabrina the leaves in search of her friends.


The men stand by as the women resurrect Hilda

They all gather again at Dorian's and Zelda finally awakens. She asks for her sister, but sadly, aunt Hilda is still dead. They then decide to go to the Spellman graveyard and the witches form a circle around Zelda standing on the Cain Pit. The warlocks, Harvey, Theo, Robin and Salem watch from the sideline. Zelda invoke the powers of Hecate, the Triple Goddess who showed her a new way while she was trapped in the Nether World. Zelda begs the goddess to bring back her sister and the wish is granted.

After digging Hilda up, Sabrina, Zelda, Ambrose, Prudence, Theo, Robin, Nick, Melvin, Roz, and Harvey discuss the pagans and just how they intend to stop them from implanting everyone in town with the Green Man’s seed. Hilda suggests using an enchanted lullaby to put everyone to sleep. However, Robin explains that in that case, the pagans will get seeded and offer themselves up. Also, they still need their virgin. Along with Harvey, there’s still Ms. Wardwell, who Zelda recalls shot her. Sabrina will track down Ms. Wardwell while Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, and Prudence perform an enchanted lullaby to put the entire town to sleep.


Ambrose and Zelda vs Pan

The coven and the Fright Club go to the carnival to face the pagans. Ambrose and Zelda catch up to Pan, who transforms in front of them as his gaze is madness incarnate. However, before they can be driven insane, Prudence stabs Pan with her sword, killing him.

The Spellmans return home, where they celebrate their victory over the pagans. Ambrose assumes that Sabrina will be going back to Hell to finish the third and final challenge, but Sabrina claims that she’s already won the Unholy Regalia. However, she does have to go back to Hell to finish her business there, and she’s not sure when she’ll be back. Zelda and Hilda start to cry, as Queen of Hell is not the life they had planned for Sabrina. Sabrina says her goodbyes and leaves.

Hilda mourns the loss of Dr. Cee. Ambrose brought his cocoon from the store and put it in the embalming room for Hilda to say goodbye. Hilda goes downstairs to find that Dr. Cee is alive and well. She is shocked, as all this time she thought that she had killed him.


Prudence blames Ambrose for her sisters' fate

Prudence teleports to the Spellman house to inform Ambrose that they found Dorcas butchered in a cupboard at the Academy by Agatha’s hand. She can’t help but think that if she had killed Blackwood in Scotland when she had the chance then all this calamity could’ve been avoided. But Ambrose wouldn’t allow her to. Prudence blames him for the death of her sister and leaves.

The Spellmans sit quietly around the dinner table, all feeling Sabrina’s absence. Sabrina then teleports home and reveals that she changed her mind. She no longer wants to be Queen.


Ambrose learns about the second Sabrina in Hell

As Sabrina goes to wash up for dinner, Ambrose confronts her. He knows that she’s been lying about something, but he hasn’t figured out what it is. She’s been saying things and knowing things that she couldn’t possibly know. He doesn’t believe that Sabrina actually gave up the throne. Sabrina reveals that She didn’t lie, but she didn’t tell the entire truth either. She’s both the Queen of Hell and not, all at the same time. She informs Ambrose how she went back in time, met her past self and allowed her to claim the throne. Ambrose remarks that this should be impossible. If she never fulfilled her role and freed herself in the first place, meaning there are currently two Sabrina, then she’s created a time paradox. The ramifications for such paradoxes are terrifying at best. However, Sabrina sees it as the best of both worlds, getting the chance to be both a Spellman and a Morningstar. While Sabrina may be able to fool her aunts and father, Ambrose asks what of the Lilith, who notices everything. Sabrina admits this could be a problem.

As Spellmans eat dinner as a family. Zelda complements Hilda on a well prepared meal and comments that it’s nice to have things back to normal. Ambrose retorts that it won’t stay like that for long in Greendale, as everything has consequences, and there are always loose ends, looking to Sabrina, who unbeknownst to Hilda and Zelda, created a time paradox. As the clock strikes 12:00 AM, the cuckoo clock on the wall begins chirping and suddenly falls off the wall.[31]

Physical Appearance

Ambrose is an old British warlock of African descent. Despite his age, he appears as a muscular young man in his twenties. Because he is trapped in the house by a curse, Ambrose is more often than not barefoot and wearing trousers and a silk robe on a bare chest. When working in the embalming chamber, Ambrose wears goggles, rubber gloves, and an apron to protect himself from blood and other fluids while working on corpses. In the rare occasions when Ambrose left the house, he wore a velvet blazer, shirt, pants, and Chelsea boots.


Ambrose is a sagacious and witty man who is always ready to assist and advise Sabrina in her teenage witch dramas. Although Ambrose enjoys taking part in hexing people or indulging his own lust with other witches of all genders, he is also a learned witch who has personally experienced the price to pay for breaking Witch-Law. Ambrose's knowledge of witchcraft spans many occult disciplines and practices, including exorcisms and necromancy. Because he is confined to the home, Ambrose has slowly developed a form of depression fueled by a sense of loneliness and isolation that has become clear during the attack of Batibat, a sleep demon, at the Spellman house.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spell Casting: The power to change and control events through the use of incantations, commands, or even gestures.
    • Necromancy: The power to control, manipulate, and resurrect the dead.
    • Astral Projection: The power to project their astral form from their body, essentially becoming a ghost.
    • Containment: The power to contain a being in a given area.
    • Atmokinesis: The power to control the weather.
    • Warding: The power to place protection spells and wards on places and people, shielding them from harm.
    • Remote Teleportation: The power to move a person from one location to another.
    • Teleportation: The power to teleport from one location to another without occupying the space in between.
  • Electrokinesis: The power to generate and control electricity.
  • Longevity: As a full warlock, Ambrose ages at a slower rate than mortals. According to Tati Gabrielle, Ambrose is 90 years old.[32]


Prudence Blackwood


Ambrose and Prudence are together

When Ambrose started working at the Academy of Unseen Arts, he began a temporary affair with Prudence during the Lupercalia, while his boyfriend Luke left the country on behalf of her father. After the strange death of Luke and the imprisonment of Ambrose in prison, Prudence was his ruthless overseer.

They had despised each other for a long time, but Prudence's attitude toward him began to change for the better when he decided to stay at the Academy to warn the witches about the witch-hunters' attack instead of running away and saving himself.

Later, Prudence begs Ambrose and his aunties to help her Sisters and reveals that Blackwood poisoned the entire Coven. When they and the coven were saved, Ambrose asks Prudence how her sisters are and tells her that her father used them by exploiting their desire for a father and he blinded them to the family that they already have. The two hold hands.

After defeating Lucifer, Ambrose and Prudence embark on a quest to hunt down Father Blackwood. Before leaving, Prudence beheads Blackwood’s statue and tells Ambrose that her father won’t be easy to hunt down and to kill. Ambrose vows to seek his true destiny as a witch, something shared by Prudence.

Luke Chalfant

Luke and Ambrose had no history before they met at Connor's funeral, and they soon hooked up. After that, Luke had vanished but he left his number on the wall for Ambrose to find but Connor's iguana had perished. He soon learned that Luke attend the Academy of Unseen Arts, and he was a warlock.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina showrunner, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, wrote the role of Ambrose Spellman with Chance Perdomo in mind.[33]
  • According to Father Blackwood, Ambrose taught Houdini stage magic.
  • So far, he's the only witch using a wand to enhance his spells.
  • In the Archie Comics, Ambrose made his first appearance in #77 Sabrina the Teenage Witch series of 1971. In this iteration, Cousin Ambrose is a middle-aged, plump man with black hair and mustache, described as "Sabrina's warlock cousin who has an acute sense of fashion and showmanship or at least thinks he does."
  • Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa reimagined him as a much younger, witty and sinister character in the 2014 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic series after he had been written off from the 90s sitcom. Without a sarcastic sidekick in the sitcom, that role shifted to Salem Saberhagen, Sabrina's familiar cat.
    • In this iteration, Ambrose stated that he prefers the term "warlock" when Sabrina addressed him as "witch-boy".
    • Ambrose has two familiar cobras, Nag and Nagaina (no relation with the gorgon in Part 3). In the TV series, however, his sentence forbade him from having a familiar, until Father Blackwood eventually gave him a mouse named Leviathan.


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