Blackwood used us, Prudence. Our desire for a father blinded us to the family we already had.
— Ambrose to Prudence[src]

Ambrose Spellman is a main character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He is portrayed by Chance Perdomo.

He is a warlock that resides in the town of Greendale, located on the opposite side of the Sweetwater River from Riverdale. Due to a binding spell, he had been trapped in Spellman Mortuary for 75 years until being released by Faustus Blackwood.

Character Description

Ambrose is Sabrina's "cousin" and a necromancer. He is witty, puckish, pan-sexual—and loves being a witch. Trapped in the funeral home due to a binding spell, Ambrose lives in the mortuary's attic and acts as one of Sabrina's partners in crime[1]

Ambrose Spellman, Sabrina’s warlock cousin from England. Placed under house arrest by the Witches Council, Ambrose is forbidden from leaving the funeral home where he lives with the Spellman women. Witty, puckish and pan-sexual, he is one of Sabrina’s partners in crime, always up for mischief.[2]

Early Life

When Ambrose was a young warlock, his father was killed by witch hunters. As the sole survivor, he was raised by his Aunt Hilda. Ambrose is an old warlock who moved from university to university seeking a father figure after the witch hunters killed his father. At the age of seventeen, Ambrose published his first poetry collection. He also painted with the Surrealists and taught stage magic to Harry Houdini himself. In the early 19th century, Ambrose met a young Aleister Crowley and became one of his followers. Fascinated by Crowley's revolutionary and controversial ideas, Ambrose and unknown accomplices attempted to blow up the Vatican. Ambrose was the only witch to be arrested among all the culprits. Although he was offered immunity in exchange for the names of his accomplices, Ambrose did not betray the cause and for that reason was confined to the Spellman Mortuary with a binding spell. Since then, he began working as a mortician there, coping with his depression and loneliness with sarcasm, jokes and family affection.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 1


A Witch in the Attic

On the morning of October 28th at the breakfast table, Ambrose is reading a book while Zelda reads the newspaper and Hilda is cooking. The family is soon joined by Sabrina who reveals that she didn't sleep well due to excitement for her upcoming 16th birthday and that a bat broke her window last night. Ambrose is immediately interested and asks if Sabrina wants him to bring him back. But Zelda immediately says that they will not need his necromancy. Sabrina, then, asks if she can bury it in the garden and Hilda replies that she can bury it in the Pet Cemetery, near the sundial, before giving her niece a herbal concoction in a jar. To purify her body before the Dark Baptism. Ambrose suggests Sabrina not to drink it while pretending to cough, but Zelda silences him and asks Sabrina to pick up a familiar from the register sent by the Council. Sabrina, however, has already decided on summoning her own familiar by using a spell from the Demonomicon.


Ambrose talks to Sabrina

At the cemetery, Ambrose asks Sabrina for a penny dreadful for her thoughts. Ambrose, in fact, has noticed that something is wrong with his cousin. Ambrose asks if she is having doubts about her upcoming Dark Baptism. Sabrina replies that she is not sure, but Ambrose reassures her by telling her that he too was tense at the time of his initiation. Therefore, he wants to know what she said to her mortal friends; if she is still determined to use the "studying at a posh boarding school in Connecticut" lie. But Sabrina hasn't told her friends that she is leaving yet. She's waiting for the right time. Ambrose says that there will never be a right time and that after the Dark Baptism, Sabrina will finally feel that she belongs and will no longer feel uncomfortable with her dual nature. Sabrina is sad and asks her cousin if you can miss something before you even lose it. Ambrose nods, saying that he has been trapped in the Spellman Mortuary ground for the last 75 years. He constantly misses everything. Ambrose then enters the house, leaving Sabrina to her thoughts.

On the porch of Spellman Mortuary, Ambrose is surfing the net when Sabrina returns from school. The girl is visibly sad and Ambrose tries to comfort her. Sabrina reveals that she told Harvey that she is a witch, but forced him to forget with a spell because it was too horrible to bear. Ambrose is worried about his cousin, but he does not know how to help her. Sabrina says that she will find a way. However, she asks Ambrose to help her with a spell later, midnight-ish. Ambrose is happy to help her, appreciating the spooky witching hour chosen for spell casting.


Ambrose and Sabrina hex Principal Hawthorne

In the attic, Sabrina and Ambrose decide how to hex Principal Hawthorne. Ambrose suggests to kill him, but she just wants to give him a good scare and adds that the principal is terrified of spiders. Ambrose replies that it will be easy since Hilda's familiars are spiders. The two witches gather the glass cages with the spiders and Ambrose puts Hawthorne's photo that Sabrina ripped from a yearbook in one of the cages, among the spiders. Ambrose and Sabrina begin chanting the spell, conjuring a disturbing vision of spiders crawling all over the body and the room of Principal Hawthorne, causing him to have a shock.

The next morning, Ambrose is reading his book while the Spellman women have breakfast. Sabrina found her familiar the night before, a black cat named Salem. Zelda does not find the name to be appropriate, but Sabrina replies that he named himself like that. Sabrina, then, asks if her Dark Baptism can be postponed because of the club she founded at school, creating a little family drama that immediately catches Ambrose's attention, especially when Aunt Zelda asks Sabrina if the reason is that she and Harvey had sex. Sabrina is shocked by the question and denies, adding that she has reservations about remaining a virgin for the Dark Lord. After all, it's her own body, and she does not want to be part of the Church of Night because of what they did to her parents, angering Zelda even more.


Ambrose suggests Sabrina finds a "Malum Malus"

Outside on the porch, Ambrose tries to comfort Sabrina after the fight with Aunt Zelda. He asks if Sabrina enjoyed the spell they have cast on Hawthorne because the euphoria and the power she tasted are nothing if she won't be baptized. Sabrina is still undecided. Ambrose suggests finding a "Malum Malus"; according to whether the translator is a man or a woman, it is the apple of evil or the fruit of knowledge, respectively. Ambrose tells Sabrina to go to an orchard and find the oldest tree to pick an apple from its branch. With a bite, she can have a glimpse of the future.


Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda discuss an alleged Witch's Mark

Later in the embalming room, Ambrose is working on a recently deceased young man named Connor Kemper. While fixing the corpse, he notices a sign on the corpse's right arm and immediately calls Hilda and Zelda. Ambrose suspects that the sign is a Witch's Mark because it doesn't bleed when that spot of skin is pierced by a needle. Zelda is not convinced, but both Hilda and Ambrose are pretty sure the dead man was a witch. They decide that they must report to the Council, and Hilda suggests summoning the person closest to the Dark Lord.

In the evening, Ambrose is standing by the fireplace when Sabrina returns home and her aunts present the young witch to Faustus Blackwood, the High Priest of the Church of Night. [3]


Ambrose listening Father Blackwood

Ambrose silently listens to Faustus Blackwood lecturing Sabrina on the Dark Baptism and the underlying concepts of their religion. Before the High Priest leaves, however, Ambrose asks his opinion about the corpse of Connor Kemper in the embalming room. Father Blackwood agrees that it is indeed a Witch's Mark and inquires on the deceased one's parents. Hilda and Zelda reply that he was adopted by two mortals and Father Blackwood takes the opportunity to scare Sabrina about what happens to wayward witches.


Ambrose compliments Harvey for his sketches

At the breakfast table, Ambrose congratulates Harvey on his drawings and the two boys exchange opinions about their love for comics and graphic novels. Ambrose is very much into Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison. Harvey invites Sabrina to the bowling for the evening after her birthday, and Ambrose silently watches Zelda giving Harvey a death stare.


Ambrose shows the Kempers their son's body

At the Mortuary, Ambrose receives a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Kemper to show them Connor in his coffin. Mrs. Kemper is touched by the care with which Ambrose fixed him, and Ambrose invites them for tea. While pouring tea, Ambrose asks if there has been any news on the investigation. Mr. Kemper says the police know nothing, and they didn't even find out why Connor was in that park in the first place. Ambrose inquires if they have to wait for a large crowd during the wake, but Mrs. Kemper replies that Connor didn't have many friends other than the iguana with whom he used to have conversations. She could swear that sometimes it seemed to her as if Connor expected the iguana to answer. Ambrose jumps to the conclusion that it is Connor's familiar.

Accompanying the Kemper outside, Ambrose watches them leave while Aunt Zelda comes back from the cemetery with a shovel. Zelda reminds Ambrose that they should not meddle in mortals affairs but Ambrose replies that Connor was not a mortal. Ambrose then asks about Hilda, and Zelda replies that she annoyed her, so she killed Hilda and buried her in the yard.

At breakfast, Zelda informs Sabrina that she has called the school to say that she will be absent and Sabrina complains that she has not been able to say goodbye to her friends. Ambrose intrudes in the conversion, wondering if Sabrina will use the excuse of having to move to a "posh boarding school in Connecticut". Zelda suggests sending them a postcard. Since Zelda and Hilda are busy with the preparations of the Dark Baptism, Zelda orders Ambrose to keep an eye on Sabrina.


Ambrose advises Sabrina to forget her mortal friends

In the living room, Ambrose is lying on a sofa reading tarot while Sabrina asks him questions about why witches and mortals cannot be together. Sabrina claims that he and the aunts always talk with mortals, but Ambrose points out that although they have conversations with mortals, they have no real connection or relationship with them since the coven forbids it. Sabrina jokingly asks if the coven will cast a spell on her should she go to the mall with Harvey, but Ambrose explains that after the Baptism, it will be as if a veil falls between her and the mortal world. And little by little, she will detach from the mortal realm altogether. Otherwise, the suffering would be too much because the mortal world will become trivial. People she loves will grow old and die while she is still young. Ambrose advises her to forget about the mortals and think about what's ahead. Sabrina leaves the room in tears, saying that she will go to the party with Harvey for one last night with her friends.


Ambrose and Harvey are impressed by Sabrina's look

Sometime later, Harvey shows up at the Spellman door dressed as a miner. Ambrose teases him, saying that Harvey is dressed as his future. He then yells Sabrina's name from downstairs. Harvey seems sad about what Ambrose just said and tries to justify his costume by saying he took it from his brother Tommy, so the warlock tells him he was only joking. Harvey invites him to join them, but Ambrose refuses, saying that if he has to risk being banished to the Nether Realm, it must be for something other than a high school masquerade. Harvey does not grasp the reference, and the attention of both is caught by Sabrina on top of the stairs. She is wearing her mother's wedding dress.


Ambrose bluffs the Church of Night

In the middle of the night, Ambrose rushes out of the house when he hears Sabrina screaming his name. A horde of witches is behind her with the intention of forcing Sabrina to sign the Book of the Beast. Ambrose steps in, lying to the High Priest when he threatens to send the Weird Sisters after Sabrina. Ambrose, in fact, says that the house is surrounded by a magical protective circle that can only be surpassed by Spellman witches. All the other witches would be engulfed by fire in the attempt. The plan works and the witches leave.

The following day, the tension at the Spellman's house is so tight that it can be cut. Zelda is extremely disappointed and angry with Sabrina for the humiliation that the family suffered from the whole Coven due to Sabrina's behavior. Ambrose witnesses another quarrel between Zelda and Sabrina, who says she saw her parents in the woods and that they told her to escape during the Baptism. Ambrose asks if it was like a spectral apparition, but Sabrina is not sure. [4]

A Funeral Affair


Ambrose and Connor's familiar iguana

In the morning, Ambrose finds Connor's iguana atop his casket. Once in the kitchen, he asks Zelda and Hilda if there's a way to make another witch's familiar talk. Zelda replies that he is not allowed to have a familiar, but Ambrose would rather be able to make it talk to find out something about Connor's murder. Zelda says it is impossible because of the deep connection between the witch and familiar. It will soon die of agony for the loss of its master, so Zelda offers to kill it on the spot, suggesting that Hilda could fashion it into a purse. Ambrose refuses and says that he'll try to bribe it with food to see if that works and goes upstairs.

In the evening, Ambrose is sitting on the kitchen counter while Zelda scolds Sabrina. Since she ran away from her Dark Baptism, they received an Infernal Summoning and Sabrina will have to undergo a trial in which the whole family will be investigated by the Court. Sabrina replies that she saw the Dark Lord at school when he possessed Principal Hawthorne and threatened her. Now Zelda is even more worried about the whole situation. Sabrina is beside herself and can not understand why all of them must stand trial before the court. Ambrose explains that, according to Witch-Law, a witch is guilty until proven otherwise.


Ambrose advises Sabrina on her trial

In the attic, Sabrina and Ambrose try to figure out a loophole. Sabrina has not promised anything to the Dark Lord and has no intention of being condemned by the Church of Night. Ambrose asks if she has ever heard of a man named Daniel Webster, a lawyer and occultist who's specialized in Witch-Law. Despite being a mortal, he is said to have been able to defeat the Devil once. Sabrina is lucky because Webster lives in Greendale and Ambrose gives Sabrina the lawyer's card, making it appear out of nowhere with a quick movement of his hand.

At Connor's funeral, Ambrose meets Luke. Luke used to date Connor and tells Ambrose how he's going to miss Connor and the lizard he used to take it everywhere with him. Ambrose tells Luke that he has Connor's iguana upstairs in his room if he'd like to go say hi. Luke declines but says maybe some other time.


Ambrose making out with Luke

Later, Ambrose is smoking and reading in his room when he hears a loud knocking coming from his window. He goes to open it but Luke appears in his room and scares him. Ambrose asks how Luke got into his room and Luke says that he was invited. Ambrose jumps to the conclusion that he's a vampire but Luke corrects him and tells him that he's a warlock just like him and Connor. Luke approaches Ambrose and the two of them begin to kiss before falling onto Ambrose's bed. The next morning, Ambrose finds that Luke has disappeared but has left his number carved into the ceiling above. He also notices that Connor's iguana has died, abruptly erasing the smile from his face.


Ambrose discovers the dead familiar iguana

In the evening, the family and Mr. Webster are in the kitchen to discuss the legal steps to be taken for Sabrina's trial. Since Sabrina has discovered that she does not have a Witch's Mark on her body, she will accept to be examined. Zelda is worried, but Sabrina does not want to hear reasons. Her friends at Baxter High are facing worse, and she is willing to win the legal battle, without tricks or deals. And she will make sure that Zelda and Hilda have their powers and their eternal youth back. When Hilda leaves the room, Ambrose helps her out. [5]

In Sabrina's bedroom, Ambrose watches as Sabrina begins to pack for her three-day stay over at the Academy of Unseen Arts. He tries to console her by telling her about all the new people she's going to meet, witches and hot warlocks from all over the world. Sabrina says that her only agenda is to learn how to conjure, bind, and banish the Dark Lord.


Ambrose and Hilda plotting together

The next day, Ambrose is in the embalming room when he receives a phone call from Luke, asking him out. Back in the kitchen for a snack, he tells Hilda about Luke and how he invited him out on a date. Ambrose wants to go since he's bored sick of being bound to the house and asks Hilda if she'll help him astral projecting. At first, Hilda refuses because it's too dangerous but after Zelda leaves to go have dinner with the High Priest, Faustus Blackwood and boasts of this invitation with her sister, emphasizing on Hilda's excommunication, Hilda decides to do it.


Ambrose astral projecting

In the embalming room, Hilda places candles around Ambrose while he lies atop a surgical table. Ambrose is given 20 minutes to astral project. He starts to chant the spell and his astral body reaches Dr. Cerberus' bookstore where he meets with Luke.


Ambrose during his first date in decades

Having already slept together, Luke goes straight to the point and want to know more about Ambrose, who's starting to get upset about the Psychopomps already gathering outside the window to collect his spirit. The conversation isn't going anywhere until Ambrose reveals the reason why he was put under arrest: in the past, he tried to blow up the Vatican. Luke is impressed but the date is abruptly ended when Zelda summons back Ambrose's spirit back into his body.


Ambrose suffers side effects

Coming back is quite painful and Ambrose needs some time to adjust to it, feeling a bit disoriented by the astral projection's side effects, possibly due to him staying projected over 20 minutes. Zelda is really upset by their behavior, especially because Ambrose is violating Witch Law by leaving the Spellman Mortuary.

On her last day at the Academy, Sabrina telephones home to ask her aunts' help to deal with some ghosts and Ambrose eavesdrops the conversation in the sitting room. [6]

A Nightmare on Decarlo Lane


Ambrose in the embalming room

Ambrose is in the embalming room entertaining himself with an adult magazine when Sabrina's screams rush him upstairs. There, the Spellmans are confronted by Batibat, a Sleep Demon that Sabrina inadvertently released from Edward's Acheron Configuration. Zelda takes the lead and the witches gather their magic to seal the house with a spell so that the demon can't escape and cause trouble outside. While the monster threatens their lives, Zelda traps it into an urn firmly chanting a spell.


Ambrose is concerned by the demon

In the kitchen, Hilda pours tea as they discuss the reasons why Sabrina's father trapped the demon in the enchanted box in the first place. The aunts recall he suffered a terrible insomnia, and the reason was most likely due to Batibat.


Ambrose's worst nightmare

Later, the family goes to sleep unaware of the danger caused by the demon. Ambrose dreams of having to do his own autopsy. He gets called upstairs by Hilda because Faustus Blackwood has come to see him. As he makes his way upstairs, he runs into Ms. Wardwell who tells him that she's in the wrong nightmare. Father Blackwood tells Ambrose that the hex that keeps him in the house has been broken and that he's finally free. He's given a bag of money and told that a car outside waits for him. As he leaves, Batibat appears and starts to stab him. He wakes up as the body on the slab and watches as he does the autopsy on himself. Batibat asks him for the spell to unlock the house but Ambrose says no. It says that it'll be back because it believes that either Ambrose or Hilda will break first.

Ambrose is still trapped in his own nightmare when Sabrina tries to wake him up. But now that he's aware of being trapped in his nightmares by the demon, Ambrose is able to help his cousin.


Ambrose distracts Batibat

Ambrose calls for Batibat and distracts her so that Sabrina can successfully banish it with a spell. The others wake up and go to check on Sabrina. This time they seal the demon in a jar. Ambrose, Zelda, and Hilda are all on edge because Sabrina walked through their dreams. Ambrose is particularly distraught by his depression caused by the spell that traps him inside the house. Sabrina tells them that she hardly remembers any of it. [7]

Physical Appearance

Ambrose is an old British witch of African descent. Despite his age, he appears as a muscular young man in his twenties. Because he is trapped in the house by a curse, Ambrose is more often than not barefoot and wearing trousers and a silk robe on a bare chest. When working in the embalming chamber, Ambrose wears goggles, rubber gloves, and an apron to protect himself from blood and other fluids while working on corpses. In the rare occasions when Ambrose left the house, he wore a velvet blazer, shirt, pants, and Chelsea boots.


Ambrose is a sagacious and witty man who is always ready to assist and advise Sabrina in her teenage witch dramas. Although Ambrose enjoys taking part in hexing people or indulging his own lust with other witches of all genders, he is also a learned witch who has personally experienced the price to pay for breaking Witch-Law. Ambrose's knowledge of witchcraft spans many occult disciplines and practices, including exorcisms and necromancy. Because he is confined to the home, Ambrose has slowly developed a form of depression fueled by a sense of loneliness and isolation that has become clear during the attack of Batibat, a sleep demon, at the Spellman house.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spell Casting: The power to change and control events through the use of incantations, commands, or even gestures.
    • Necromancy: The power to control, manipulate, and resurrect the dead.
    • Astral Projection: The power to project their astral form from their body, essentially becoming a ghost.
    • Containment: The power to contain a being in a given area.
    • Atmokinesis: The power to control the weather.
    • Warding: The power to place protection spells and wards on places and people, shielding them from harm.
    • Remote Teleportation: The power to move a person from one location to another.
    • Teleportation: The power to teleport from one location to another without occupying the space in between.
  • Electrokinesis: The power to generate and control electricity.
  • Longevity: As a full warlock, Ambrose ages at a slower rate than mortals. According to Tati Gabrielle, Ambrose is 90 years old.[8]


Luke Chalfant

Luke and Ambrose had no history before they met at Connor's funeral, and they soon hooked up. After that, Luke had vanished but he left his number on the wall for Ambrose to find but Connor's iguana had perished. He soon learned that Luke attend the Academy of Unseen Arts, and he was a warlock.


Part 1

Part 2



  • In Archie Comics, Ambrose made his first appearance in #77 Sabrina the Teenage Witch series of 1971. In this iteration, Cousin Ambrose is a middle-aged, plump man with black hair and mustache, described as "Sabrina's warlock cousin who has an acute sense of fashion and showmanship or at least thinks he does."
  • Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa reimagined him as a much younger, witty and sinister character in the 2014 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic series after he had been written off from the 90s sitcom. Without a sarcastic sidekick in the sitcom, that role shifted to Salem Saberhagen, Sabrina's familiar cat.
  • In the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic series, Ambrose stated that he prefers the term "warlock" when Sabrina addressed him as "witch-boy" but in both series, he's still generally addressed to as a witch.
  • In the 2014 comics, Ambrose has two familiar cobras, Nag and Nagaina. In the TV series, his sentence forbade him from having a familiar, until Faustus Blackwood eventually gave him a mouse named Leviathan.


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