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The Witch is Back!
It's been 15 years since the sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch was dropped. Now Netflix has given the story a new makeover — and in fact, the teenage witch is unrecognizable. Of course, Sabrina is still sympathetic, but the world in which she moves has nothing in common with the casual feel-good setting that we know from the original series. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a gritty adaptation of the eponymous horror comic, a dark fairy tale about a young woman who has to find her place in the world between hell and high school while the devil is hot on her heels.

Dark Baptism
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina First Look - Father-Blackwood-Sabrina-Hilda-Zelda-Prudence-Agatha-Dorcas
Sabrina has mixed feelings towards her Dark Baptism, a meaningful ceremony in the life of a witch on her 16th birthday. On this occasion, she writes in the so-called Book of the Beast - in return for power and immortality. The witch has to undress before the ceremony except for her underwear and sign with her own blood. Her family and important members of the magical community act as witnesses. Read more here...
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Teaser Happy Birthday HD Netflix

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Teaser Happy Birthday HD Netflix