You forsook me, Betty, not the other way around. So if you'll excuse me.
Alice to Betty[src]

The mother-daughter relationship between Alice and Betty Cooper is quite complicated due to elder Cooper daughter Polly's relationship with Jason Blossom, as well as Alice's controlling nature. However, their relationship is slowly recovering. Over the course of the series, there relationship has got much stronger than what it originally started out to be. As appears, Alice it quite closer to Betty than she is with her older daughter Polly. Due to Polly's recent history, often at times, when Alice is going through a tough and emotional state in her life, Betty is usually the one whose there for to comfort her. It may also be possible that Betty maybe the only child of Alice that knows most of her secrets, due to Polly's absentee most of the time.


Presumably, Alice and Betty had a good, if strict, relationship before elder sister Polly began dating Jason Blossom. However, after her sister was sent to live in a group home, Alice became even more controlling and placed immense pressure on Betty's shoulders to be perfect in every way and their relationship became strained.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

Alice had a brief mother-to-daughter chat with Betty, shortly before she left for her first day of Sophomore year. She informed her daughter that the coming year would be very important for college applications. Grades, extracurricular activities and athletics would all play a major role, but most importantly, she must strive maintain a decent character. Alice didn't want Betty to end up like her eldest daughter, Polly. She had also a bright future ahead of her, before she became involved with Jason Blossom. Betty hadn't forgotten and told her mother that Archie wasn't Jason, so they shouldn't be compared. Alice claimed to only want the best for her daughter, but for that to happen, Betty must remain focused.

That night, excited to be attending the Semi-formal dance with Archie, alongside Veronica Lodge, Betty danced around her room, wearing her newly earned River Vixen uniform. However, upon discovery, Alice was extremely displeased to learn that Betty had joined the cheer leading team, Cheryl Blossom's team, and demanded that Betty take off the uniform immediately, as the Blossom and Cooper parents had an on-going feud. However, Betty refused. She was tired of being the perfect daughter, sister, and student. She wanted one thing for herself and informed Alice that she would be staying on the team. Before leaving, she informed her mother of her plans for the school dance. Alice attempted to explain that girls like Cheryl and Veronica weren't really friends, but Betty didn't stick around to listen.[1]

The morning after Jason's body was found washed up on the shores of Sweetwater River, Alice and Hal informed Betty that due to the scandal surrounding his death, they'd be having a lot of late nights at the local newspaper they ran together, The Register . No one cared about an accidental drowning, but the murder of the sociopathic son of the wealthiest family in town was bound to make headlines. Alice then told Betty the thing she loved most about her is that she always wanted to see the good in people, like Cheryl Blossom as well as Archie and Veronica, who had shared a kiss despite knowing Betty had feelings for Archie, but since their betrayal, she now should see their true colors.

To get back at Veronica, Betty went for manicures with Cheryl before ending the day at the Cooper house, however Cheryl was only interested in finding out about Polly. After Cheryl left, Alice burst into Betty's room with sage, hoping to banish the evil spirits that Cheryl may have brought in with her. Betty asked about her sister and Alice professed to have told Polly about Jason's death, but claimed that half the time Polly didn't even know what day it was. She was against Polly and Jason being together for many reasons, one of which being that everything the Blossoms touched, rotted.[2]

Hot off the presses, Alice handed Betty their latest print from The Register, it read: "CHERYL BLOSSOM GUILTY AS SIN!". As much as people were loving the coverage, Betty suggested that she stop sensationalising Jason's murder. However, as the owner of the paper, she felt it was her duty to keep the residents of Riverdale informed. Betty believed that her mother should be writing about the real story, like who was holding him captive? Who shot him? Why he was frozen? Alice advised Betty to come join her and her father at the Register if she was so keen on reporting the facts. Betty chose to reopen the school newspaper, The Blue and Gold, instead.

Season 1 Episode 3 Betty Alice

Alice disapproves of Betty wearing Polly's lipstick.

The following night, she couldn't help but notice the new shade of lipstick Betty was applying, a shade that she didn't believe was a good fit for Betty. It belonged to Polly, who notably grew up too fast, and Alice would rather her other daughter not make the same mistake, thus she wiped the lipstick from Betty's lips.[3]

After Betty confronted Archie over his relationship with his music teacher, Ms.Grundy, at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, Alice picked her up and drove her home, but not before reminding Betty that she was instructed to no longer hang out with Archie and Veronica.  

A couple days later, Alice and husband Hal paid Fred Andrews a visit, where they asked Fred if he could assist on his end with keeping Archie and Betty apart. Alice insisted that their relationship was toxic, and that the two teens could benefit from some separation. Later that same day, as Alice was putting Betty's laundry away, she found a hand gun in her daughter's dresser drawer. Shocked, she quickly read Betty's diary in search of an explanation, where she then learned of Archie's relationship with his teacher. 

Alice rounded up Betty and Fred, and the three of them headed to the school, where they caught Archie and Geraldine Grundy together. Alice confronted Geraldine, as she never thought that she'd see such a day, having always believed that the one thing they could keep their children safe from was child predators. She decided that the next step was to report Geraldine to Sheriff Keller, and let the law take over. Betty asked why her mother was so persistent in putting Ms. Grundy on trial, however, Alice explained it was more so about Archie than anything else, she wanted Betty to see the person that he truly was. Archie admitted that she was right about him, that he was selfish and stupid, but he pleaded with Alice to not hurt Ms. Grundy because of him. In an effort to protect Archie, Betty threatened to tell everyone that she had broken into Ms. Grundy's car, robbed her (of the gun), and made up the story of her affair with Archie. It would be like she had finally snapped, just like Polly. Which would only further prove what people already thought: that crazy ran in the Cooper family. Backed into a corner, Alice agreed not tell anyone about Archie and Ms. Grundy, but only if she quit her job and left town immediately.

Season 1 Episode 4 Betty Alice

Alice won't have anymore secrets between her and Betty.

Back at home later on, as tears filled her eyes, Alice explained that Polly kept so much from her, she wouldn't allow the same to happen with Betty, who then explained to her mother that she was Elizabeth, not Polly, and that Archie was not Jason.[4]

Hoping to discover where Polly was, as her parents refused to tell her, Betty invited Jughead over for breakfast at her house, with her mother. Jughead asked for directions to the bathroom, and as planned, Alice escorted him, which provided a long enough distraction for Betty to go through her mother's purse and take photos of her check book. From one the checks, Betty and Jughead found Polly at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy group home where it was revealed that Polly was pregnant with Jason's baby, and that she had no idea Jason had been murdered. Soon after, however, Betty was escorted to a room and kept there until her mother arrived who explained that she was notified by the sisters that Polly had received visitors.

Before leaving the facility, Alice had a run-in with Polly, who confronted her over Jason's death, Polly was pulled away by two orderlies, but not before Betty told her that she loved her, and promised she would get Polly out of there. After returning home, Betty was lectured by her parents, but she defended her actions as Polly needed to know the truth. Betty then accused her father of not only breaking into Sheriff Keller's house, and stealing the files on Jason's murder, but possibly being the murderer. Alice laughed hysterically at the notion that Hal could be Jason Blossom's killer. She claimed he didn't have the stomach for it, though she wished he had done it, or that she had done it, as Jason deserved it after what he did to Polly. She then told Betty that she was beginning to sound just as crazy as Polly, and that she may not believe them when they said Polly was crazy, but she would obey them. Later that night, Betty and Jughead returned to the group home intending to retrieve Polly, but found that she had escaped on her own through her bedroom window.[5]

Alice was a part of a search party to find Polly, which had been organized by Betty and Jughead, encompassing the eastern part of Eversgreen Forest, the direction Polly would have gone if she was attempting to leave Riverdale unnoticed. During their search, the Coopers had a heated argument with the Blossom family, who were leading a search of their own. Penelope Blossom accused the Coopers of hiding Polly, a potential suspect in Jason's murder. Since the search was ultimately unsuccessful and to get ahead of the suspicions, Alice was forced to come forward. With Betty by her side, she held a press conference and dismissed all the negative rumours and announced that Polly was pregnant with Jason's child.

At breakfast the next morning, Betty questioned if Polly could return home, to which Alice said yes. Betty then asked where the baby would sleep and Alice claimed that Polly had decided to give the child up for adoption, unaware that Betty had secretly found Polly the night before, hidden in the attic, and knew her sister wanted to keep her child.[6]

Since she had nowhere else to go, Hermione Lodge allowed Polly to live with her and Veronica at The Pembrooke, which outraged Alice who showed up the the high school to speak with Betty and Veronica. Betty immediately defended Veronica, as well as her sister. She told her mother that Polly keeping her baby was not Alice's choice, only Polly's, and that her choice was whether or not she wanted to be a part of Polly's life going forward. Betty informed her mother of the baby shower she and the Lodge's were planning for Polly, but told her she could only attend if she would be loving and supportive, like a proper grandmother-to-be.

Ultimately, Alice decided to go to the shower, which pleased Betty, and for the most part, with Betty's help, behaved herself, though it was difficult for her around Penelope and Cheryl Blossom, who had also been invited. She tolerated them, as she was grateful to be there. However she was unable to restrain herself when Cheryl and Penelope invited Polly to live with them at Thornhill, and told her that she and the baby would want for nothing. They argued which upset Polly. After the shower ended, Betty told her mother she had to make things right with Polly. Alice apologized and she and Betty then tried to convince Polly to return home, however Polly revealed that, before Polly was sent away, Hal Cooper had made an appointment for Polly to get and abortion behind Alice's back.

Season 1 Episode 8 The Outsiders Alice Betty

Betty comforts her mother

After kicking her husband out of the house for making the doctor's appointment, Alice was left heartbroken when Polly still decided to live with the Blossoms. She was informed of Polly's decision by Betty who comforted her mother as she cried.[7]

While Betty and Jughead are kissing in her room one morning, Alice interrupted and announced that she would be writing a searing exposé on the Blossom family. While it may not bring Polly home, it would make Alice feel better. She had heard that the Blossom Maple Farms company board of trustees was descending on Riverdale, much to the suspicion of Alice and she just needed a way in to find out what was happening. Alice was of the opinion that Polly had made her choice but Betty refused to believe that, she just needed a way in.

Her way in came in the form of Archie Andrews, who had been invited to the Blossom family annual tree tapping event as well as a banquet the Blossom family was hosting for the board at the Belmont Lodge, as Cheryl's date. Archie told Betty and Alice that he had spoken to Polly and he did not think she would be returning home. Archie also told Alice that, after all the scandal surrounding Jason and Polly, they might try to steal the company away from Clifford Blossom. Alice was positively giddy at the news of a hostile takeover. Betty reminded her that Polly was still with the Blossoms and not to upset her but Alice did not want to hear anymore about Polly, that she had betrayed them. However, Betty knew that her mother missed her, even if she wouldn't show it.

Story written, Alice arrived at The Riverdale Register with Betty where they presented Hal him with a USB flash drive that contained a tell-all exposé of the corruption surrounding the Blossom family. With motive and the capacity to see it through, Alice and Betty decided it was time for the Blossoms to answer for all the harm they had caused, everything up to and including them taking Polly, who was currently residing at Thornhill. However, Hal refused to publish Alice's article as it would only serve her personal vendetta against the family. Having been bitter after getting kicked out of the house, Hal changed the login password for the Registers' computer, in preparation that the day would come when Alice would require it's service. He explained that he was kicking her out of the Register just as she kicked him out of their home and that she was fired. Alice and Betty left, but Alice was so consumed with anger, she shouted that she wanted her daughter back, and threw a large rock through the shop's door, shattering the glass, much to Hal and Betty's shock.

Later, Betty revealed to her mother that Archie had informed her that Polly is okay and safe. Polly did not choose the Blossom family over her own family, the Coopers, but she went there to spy on the Blossoms so she could find out the truth about Jason's death. Alice is relieved but reveals that after writing the exposé, she was feeling like Polly was never going to come back home. Betty comforted mother her and assured her that Polly would come home. Polly and Jughead then asked Alice to join them at The Blue and Gold.[8]

Season 2

Fred Andrews' Shooting


Alice and Betty at the breakfast table

The morning after the Jubilee, as while preparing breakfast for herself and Betty, Alice asked her daughter what she and her friends did after the event, to which Betty replied that they went to Pop's, and afterward, she and Jughead went to FP's trailer. Taken back by this confession, Alice hoped that if Betty and Jughead had sex, that they were at least safe. Betty admitted that while they almost had sex, they were interrupted by the Southside Serpents, which only confirmed Alice's suspicions that Jughead would follow in FP's footsteps, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, especially not when there's a snake curled up in it's limbs". She instructed Betty to block Jughead after hearing her phone ring and making the incorrect assumption that it was him on the other end when in actuality, it was Archie, who Alice also insisted that Betty block.

Unfortunately, Archie's call brought devastating news. After learning from Archie that Fred had been shot by a hooded assailant at Pop's during a supposed robbery, Alice, Betty and Hal rushed down to Riverdale General Hospital, arriving there simultaneous to Jughead, Veronica and Hermione. They entered the lobby to the sight of Archie frantically pacing back and forth while covered in his father's blood. As the kids embraced, Alice, Hal, and Hermione checked in with the nurse's station for updates.

Alice joined the kids to inform them that Fred was in surgery and that he would be there for a while. As Archie headed out into the hall to call and inform his mother of his father's shooting, Alice disgruntledly looked to Jughead as she couldn't help but wonder if his Southside associates had anything to do with Fred being shot In consideration of everything that was already happening, Betty and Hal advised her to stop.[9]


Alice agreeing to look into Ms. Grundy's death

After discovering that Ms. Grundy had been murdered in her Greendale home the previous night, Alice was approached by Betty and Archie, who suspected that Fred's shooter and Grundy's murderer were one and the same. With Alice being the first to gain information in relation to Jason Blossom's autopsy, they were hoping that she could do the same with Grundy's to see if her death lined up with the attack on Fred. Alice agreed to reach out to her "ghoulish friend" in the autopsy lab in order to put Archie's mind at ease. As he exited, Alice expressed her concern with Betty's need to spread herself out so thin as the patron saint of lost causes. She then told Betty that she can stop her crusade of saving the diner because Pop Tate had already agreed to sell the Chock'lit Shoppe to an anonymous buyer, which oddly enough, was the same phrase used when Hiram Lodge was secretly buying the Twilight Drive-In.

Retro Night at Pop's had arrived. Alice decided to stop by for one last root beer float as she wrote her story entitled "Requiem for Pop's." Betty denied her request for a quote, calling Alice a fiend and telling her that Pop's diner is an obituary that she'll never get to write. While the night started off slow, customers eventually came swarming in, as the night progressed. Alice was later taken by surprise with the arrival of three Southside Serpents, during which time she took several photos of them with her phone. And while they didn't cause any trouble, some were uneasy with their presence. Later that night, Alice took more photos, but this time of Reggie Mantle, as he dealt drugs to Moose Mason and Midge Klump in the parking lot of the diner.


Alice taking photos

As the night came to an end and the diner cleared out, Alice got up to leave, but not before she took the time to inform Betty that several drug deals went down right under her nose, one of which included three of her classmates, Reggie, Moose, and Midge. And if she thought that Hiram Lodge, Riverdale's answer to Scarface, helped Pop Tate for altruistic reasons, Alice remarked that she had a bridge to sell Betty. The Serpents have now officially crossed the tracks and had a toehold on the Northside. So, she sarcastically congratulated Betty for almost single-handedly being responsible for giving crime a haven in Riverdale.[10]

A Letter from the Black Hood


Alice sharing the Black Hood's letter with Betty

In the days following of an unexpected shooting at Lover's Lane, where the two teens, who she had previously witnessed in a drug exchange outside of Pop's, were shot, Alice was handed an envelope by Betty, who told her that it had been left on their doorstep. Upon opening the envelope, she made a startling discovery, that it contained a letter from the killer, taking responsibility for shooting Fred, Moose, and Midge, as well as killing Geraldine Grundy in Greendale. While they were skeptical of the legitimacy of the letter, the supposed killer, who is now calling himself the Black Hood, provided evidence of these heinous crimes, included in the envelope was Fred's missing wallet and Geraldine's red sunglasses.


Polly telling Alice, Hal, and Betty that she's leaving town

Following the publishing of the Black Hood's letter, Polly announced that she would be leaving Riverdale to live at the Farm. She had already called ahead to make sure they still had room for her. What Farm, Alice asked. Polly replied that she was referring to the very same farm that she and Jason were going to run off to before he was murdered. Though, Betty attempted to talk her down, Polly's sudden need to leave town stemmed from the fear of the killer targeting sinners, who she accused Alice of baiting. With Polly being an unwed mother that was carrying her cousin's babies, it was entirely conceivable that she could become a target of the Black Hood. However, Alice refused to allow Polly to leave, "over my dead body are you gonna run off to some farm and give birth in a trough, no doubt.", she said, to which Polly replied that it may be over Alice's dead body, but it won't be over hers or her babies' body.[11]


Alice yelling at Betty

Alice and Hal confronted Betty after learning that Poll had left town despite the fact that she had told her not to. They sat Betty down at the dinning room table because she had let Polly go without alerting her Alice. When Betty tried to justify her actions for helping her sister, Alice burst into tears, revealing how she was constantly terrified for her daughters' safety knowing there was a killer on the loose. Every time Betty walked out the door or didn't answer her phone when she called, Alice worried that something terrible had happened to her. It was the acts that she and Polly did in secrecy that made it difficult for their mother to protect them. They even label Alice as a monster for trying to protect them. This upset Alice to the point where she left the room, leaving Hal and Alice to cope with the revelation.


Betty telling Alice about the Black Hood's code

After receiving a letter from the Black Hood at the Blue and Gold, Betty showed part of the letter - the encrypted message - to her mother. Alice immediately showed the letter to Sheriff Keller, asserting that the killer was frightened by her and, therefore, had targeted her daughter to send further messages. Alice also informed the sheriff that she had already published the encrypted message frpm the Register so that all citizens could have the chance to try to decipher it.

The following evening, Alice attended the Town Hall meeting to discuss the actions to be taken to capture the serial killer. It was during this meeting that Betty and Jughead came bursting through the back door, saying that the Black Hood was headed to the Town Hall according to the message they deciphered. Alice had no time to reply before Betty had the meeting evacuated by pulling the fire alarm. Shortly after, at Cooper house, Betty handled the letter she received from the Black Hood to her mother, with Sheriff Keller, Mayor McCoy, Jughead and her father standing by. [12]

Secret Serpent Past


Alice in Betty's room

While bringing a basket of clean clothes to Betty's room, Alice found her daughter on the phone, suspecting Betty was talking to Jughead. She claimed to have given Jughead the benefit of the doubt, but he was showing his true colors by associating himself with the Southside Serpents and living on the Southside. Alice then blamed Jughead for inspiring Betty's stunt at the Town Hall, pulling the fire alarm to evacuate the room. Betty didn't know what else to do, given the letter that the Black Hood had sent her. However, Alice wasn't 100% sure that the Black Hood was the author of Betty's letter after learning from Sheriff Keller that something was off about it. He was going to have it analyzed along with the one that Alice had received days prior. In the meantime, concerned for her daughter's well-being, Alice imposed a curfew, ordering her daughter to return straight home after school.


Betty and her mother arguing

Alice and Betty learned from Sheriff Keller, who stopped by the house, that after sending Betty's letter that was supposedly written by the Black Hood, to two different specialists, they determined that the handwriting wasn't a match. Whoever wrote Betty the letter, was either a copycat or an anonymous prankster. However, Alice suspected a much more banal third option; that Betty wrote the letter herself to garner attention. The cipher was even cribbed from a Nancy Drew book. So while her mother was convinced that Betty was somehow involved, she had yet to uncover a motive. Maybe you and your Serpent boyfriend cook this up because you guys were bored, Alice speculated. Fed up with her mother's judgmental ways, Betty messaged Archie to let him know that she would be publishing the mugshot that she had gotten from the Black Hood, of her mother, which documented Alice's arrest many years ago as young Southside Serpent.


Alice showing Betty the article about her past that Betty published

Sometime later, Alice entered Pop's for her usual meal. However, while there, she grew alarmed by Pop Tate's supportive words. She became even more concerned after noticing that all the customers were staring at her. Alice discovered that Betty had published on the front page of the Blue and Gold, a defamatory article about her arrest during her adolescence, titled "Alice Cooper's Secret Serpent Past". Upon returning home, Alice questioned Betty on how she found about the article since she had erased any trace from any public archive. Maybe it was one of the Southsiders you attack in your paper, daily, Betty replied. She constantly talked down on FP, Jughead, and the Serpents, despite previously being one herself. Alice suspected that Betty's publishing of the article was out of revenge, but as Betty explained, she did it in the name of justice and Alice's "holier-than-thou" attitude. Alice ripped the newspaper page, barely holding back her tears while staring back at her daughter before Betty left the kitchen.[13]


Alice gathers everyone who was in Nick's party and their parents too

Alice decided to reunite the crème de la crème of Riverdale, which is the parents of her daughter Betty's friends, in her living room to deal with what happened at Nick St. Clair's party. Alice quickly judged the party as a "bacchanal", pointing out that only her Betty was smart enough not to use drugs. Hiram Lodge immediately replied to Alice's harsh insinuations about those who used Jingle Jangle, suggesting her to be careful at throwing stones by recalling her mugshot Betty recently printed on the newspaper's front page. Meanwhile, without paying much attention to Hiram, Alice tried to eavesdrop Kevin, Veronica and Archie talking about Betty and Jughead's break up but without hearing much. The conversation about how the drug came to the party quickly led Mayor McCoy to take harsh measures, much to Alice's complacency to see the Southside blamed for it and actions are taken to prevent further crime coming to the Northside. [14]

FP's Release from Prison

While doing household chores, Alice was approached by Betty with a request to borrow the station wagon because FP Jones was being released from prison and she and Jughead wanted to be there to pick him up and treat him to Pop's. Alice was surprised by this news. Betty also revealed in their discussion that Jughead was officially a Serpent. Alice replied that she was not at all surprised. Betty explained that Jughead was important to her, and with FP being important to Jughead, Betty was hoping that her mother would give them the benefit of the doubt.


Alice meddling in FP's plans now that he's out of prison

To show support for her daughter, Alice took Betty and Jughead to the prison, much to FP's surprise. After Jughead and FP shared a hug, Alice greeted FP with her usual wit, asking him if it's true that men just released from prison are sexually frustrated, creating embarrassment for Betty and Jughead and amusement in FP. They then went to celebrate at Pop's, where Alice advised FP to watch his back because the Black Hood was targeting sinners, especially ones who joined the Serpents, or as she put it, a gang of hoodlums. Alice remained quite impassive to the revelation that FP would not rejoin the Serpents and wanted to know what intentions he had. FP replied he was thinking about asking Pop Tate for the wanted job as a busboy as he had seen a help wanted sign in the window as they entering. Alice insisted with her snide remarks, addressing his alcoholism, to which FP explained that he had joined A.A. while in prison and that he was willing to continue with the program.

Alice entered Betty's room in time to hear her thank Pop Tate for agreeing to cater FP's retirement party, which she had no prior knowledge of. All they would have to do was pick up the trays before the party due to the short notice. Betty told her mother about the party at the Whyte Wyrm and how she was helping organize the event. Unfortunately for Alice, she didn't have much room to object given that she was once a Serpent.


Alice is shocked by Betty's performance

Since there was no way to prevent Betty from going to the FP's retirement party, Alice went with her daughter. She wore clothes suitable for the occasion, like a black leather jacket with a black dress and heavy dark makeup. Once joined by Jughead, Alice said she wasn't able to convince Betty to dress appropriately and then asked Tequila to the barman.

Coming back into the bar, Alice was appalled to see Betty performing the "Serpent dance" in only lingerie on the stage, which was a form of initiation for the Serpents' female members. FP covered her with his jacket, and distracted bystanders' attention with a speech, Alice left the bar after trying in vain to take Betty with her.[15]


Polly, Hal, and Alice in Betty's nightmare

A cheerful Alice appeared briefly in one of Betty's nightmare about the Black Hood coming for her in a Santa Claus costume covered in blood, and her corpse was seen along those of her husband and Polly as the Black Hood crawled the couch to get Betty before she woke up.

Alice was baking Polly's favorite Christmas cookies when Betty returned home in the evening, hoping that a Christmas miracle would bring Polly back home. Alice told Betty that a gift from her Secret Santa has been delivered to them and that she had brought it to her room.[16]

Meeting Chic


Alice asking Betty about Polly

Alice returned home to find Betty in kitchen, who unbeknownst to Alice was distracted over her recent fall out with Polly. Like others before her, Alice was suspicious in regards to the abrupt closing down of Southside High. She suspected that Mayor McCoy was hiding something. Just as Betty was about to tell her mother that Polly had stopped by and that she had given birth to the twins, Alice asked Betty if she had talked to her sister as she wanted to make sure that Polly had everything that she needed and that the nursery was painted to her liking. Within the questioning and seeing the joy that the mere mentioning of Polly brought to her mother's face, Betty decided against telling her mother the truth, claiming that she was simply wondering if anyone had heard from Polly.


Betty telling her parents about Polly's babies

The following day, Betty told her parents that Polly had given birth to the twins at the Farm. Hearing this, Alice struggled to hold back her tears. Hal questioned why Polly hadn't informed them of this. Alice concluded that Polly didn't want them to be apart of the babies' lives. So she then asked Betty if Polly was alright and if the children were healthy. Betty reassured her, stating that Polly is fine and the babies are healthy. Betty revealed that this wasn't all she had to share. After meeting up with Jughead's social worker, Betty found an address for Alice's son and her biological brother, that was given up for adoption many years ago. His name was Charles Smith. With Polly gone, Betty hoped that this would better their lives, but Hal would beg to differ. He scolded Betty for prying into something that had nothing to do with her or Polly. Betty exclaimed that she did it for her mother. Though she was clearly upset by the recent revelation, Alice agreed with Hal, deciding then that it was best to end the conversation.

Late that night, Betty woke up from her sleep to see her mother sitting at the edge of her bed. While they couldn't tell Hal because he wouldn't support it, Alice wanted to secretly meet Charles.


Betty comforting Alice

The next day, Alice and Betty traveled two towns over to Centerville. They arrived at a Last Resort Hostel, Charles' last known address. The manager told them that it was $40 a night for a single bed and $20 a night for a bunk. Betty explained that they weren't looking to stay, rather they were searching for her brother by the name of Charles Smith. Room 237, the manager said. Charles invited them to come in as they knocked on the door. He revealed that he was already aware of who they were, having been given their address after being kicked out by the Sisters at the age of eighteen. He admitted to even stopping by their house once before. "Must be a nice place to grow up", he remarked. He didn't approach them because he had the feeling that they didn't wish to have someone like him around, though Betty insisted that this was not true. He then looked to Betty before telling her that she was lucky that Alice sought to keep her. As the interaction carried on, they learned that he went by the name of "Chic". Unfortunately, Chic began to become angry, instructing them to leave as he had a client on the way. "Fantasy Fulfillment" was his occupation. In the car, just outside the Hostel, Betty comforted Alice as she cried her eyes out after finally meeting her son only to discover that he had no desire to see her.

Later that night, as Alice and Hal sat in the living room, Betty came barging through the front door with a wounded Chic hanging over her shoulders. Betty, Alice and Hal helped Chic to the kitchen, where they grabbed the first aid kit and applied medical care.[17]


Hal, Betty, Chic and Alice at the breakfast table

Betty and Alice sat at the breakfast table alongside Chic and Hal. When Hal asked Chic how long he planned on staying with them, Alice interjected that he was free to stay for as long as he wanted to. Hal claimed that he was simply trying to plan his life. When Betty brought Chic home, he was bleeding profusely from his arm. Hal wanted to know more about why Chic was in that condition. Chic explained that his attacker's name was Marcel. He ran the Hostel, and sometimes, he booked clients for them. The night Betty showed up, Chic wasn't in the mood to work, but Marcel attempted to convince him otherwise. Both Betty and Hal showed great interest in the type of clients Chic catered to. Chic replied that he had clients of all kinds, ranging from nice to even nastier than Marcel. If Hal preferred, Chic could specify, along with showing him a decent collection of scars that he had acquired over time, though he was not alone in that manner. Betty also had scars, crescent marks in her palms, from digging her nails in them. Like Betty, Chic once dug his nails into the palms of his hands.


Betty, Alice and Chic spending quality time together

Later that night, Alice, Betty and Chic spent some quality time together at the house. However, that was interrupted by a call from Kevin who told Betty that he remembered where he knew Chic from. According to Kevin, Chic was a webcam-boy.

While eating at the breakfast table later that week, Betty and Alice told Hal to ease up as he verbally attacked Chic, telling him that the seat he was sitting in actually belonged to Polly, who had chosen to live at the Farm, away from them. He was not only sitting in her chair, but sleeping in her bed as well. Chic was filling a void, as far as Hal was concerned. Though, Chic was surprisingly unbothered by Hal's remarks. Everyone needed something, to his point. Furthermore, he didn't expect to be staying with them for free. He never had.

On Pickens Day, Betty, Alice, Chic and Hal gathered around the breakfast table before their first outing as a family. Fortunately, Hal would be staying behind since he had a few odd jobs to do around the house.


Alice, Betty and Chic at Pickens Day celebration

Shortly after arriving at the Pickens Day celebratory event in Pickens Park, Hal confronted Chic after going through his computer while they were away. He had seen what Chic had been doing online with his "clients". Alice and Betty insisted that Hal stop harassing Chic, though Chic wasn't the only subject of Hal's rage. He even scolded Betty for bringing Chic into their lives and into their home, more specifically, Polly's bedroom. That's when Alice retorted that it was no longer Polly's room. It's Chic's. Hal was persistent in Chic needing to go, and that Alice knew why he couldn't stay. She reminded Hal that she had thrown him out once before and that she was willing to do it again. Heading Alice's warning, Hal took off into the opposite direction. For the remainder of the evening, Betty Chic and their mother watched as Veronica and the Pussycats took to the stage and performed. Unfortunately, they were interrupted by the Southside Serpents, who sought justice for their massacred loved ones.[18]


Alice knocking on Betty's door

Following her webcam tutorials with Chic, Betty became a full fledged webcam girl. In her 'Dark Betty' black bob-cut wig and lingerie, she talked dirty over a webcam to local strangers. In this session, her client asked her several odd questions, ranging from if he looked good to could he undress for her. When he asked if the two of them could meet, Betty replied maybe. Unfortunately, their session was interrupted by her Alice knocking at the door. She repeatedly knocked on Betty's door asking her why it was locked and who she was talking to. Having removed her wig, Betty opened her door while covered with her house robe. She claimed that she was only taking to Jughead who had questions about their homework.


Betty and Alice trying to convince Hal to stay

The next day, as he stood by the front door while holding a suitcase, Alice and Betty attempted to convince Hal to stay at the house but he was adamant in leaving for as long as Chic was staying with them. Though Alice wasn't willing to entertain his insane notion. She and Betty tried to explain to Hal that Chic wasn't hurting anyone and that he had found a job at the Bijou. He had even offered to pay them rent. So Alice had no idea what was Hal's beef with him. Hal replied that Chic was a stranger, though Hal wasn't even making an effort to get to know him. However, Hal refused to change his stance on the matter. Before leaving, he told Alice and Betty to call him once Chic was gone. In the meantime, he'd be at a ShareBNB down by the Register.

Later in the week, after attending Veronica's Confirmation Ceremony and consummating her relationship with Jughead, Betty arrived home to find a dead man's body laying on the kitchen floor. Next to the body was Alice, who was cleaning up the bloody mess. Alice asked if she had locked the front door back, but Betty failed to respond, having been rendered speechless.


Alice and Betty cleaning up the blood

Picking up from where the previous episode left off, Betty walked in on her mother cleaning up the blood of a dead man who's body laid on the floor. When Betty asked what happened, Alice explained that the dead man tried to hurt her, so Chic who was sobbing in the corner, defended her. Alice warned Betty against calling the police. Should the police get involved, Alice feared that they would take away Chic, though Betty reasoned that if the man was killed in self defense then everything should work out in their favor. Unfortunately, Alice disagreed. Betty offered to help but her mother would prefer if she wasn't involved. Betty then answered a call from her father who was on his way to the house for toiletries. With time being of the essence, Alice conceded and told Betty to grab the bleach so that she could help clean up the mess. Luckily, they finished with the clean up job just as Hal entered the house. Betty told him that Chic was upstairs resting before offering to get the toiletries for him as he began asking questions in regards to the overpowering aroma of bleach. Up in her room, Betty got a call from Jughead who wanted to say goodnight and that he loved her. However, with her mother needing her assistance in disposing of the body, Betty had to abruptly hang up.


Betty and Alice dumping the body

With Alice in the passenger seat, Betty drove out onto the trail near the woods. She questioned what would happen if someone came looking for the man considering that he likely had a family. Her mother told her that people go missing everyday and that he didn't strike her as being a family man. Wrapped in the dinning room carpet, Betty and her mother dumped the man in the sewer pipes that were shutdown decades ago, where her mother used to play as a little girl. After dumping the body, Betty returned home with her mother and the two of them proceeded to wipe the house down of the man's finger prints. After wiping the house down, Betty went to bed. She woke up that following morning to the sound of her alarm. She joined her mother and Chic downstairs for breakfast, dropping her bowl of cereal as someone repeatedly banged at the front door. On the other side was Jughead, hoping to walk her to school.


Betty confronting Chic

The next morning, Alice was taken by surprise with Betty's attack on Chic at the breakfast table after discovering that the shady guy wasn't a client, but rather a drug dealer. In his phone, Betty discovered hundreds of messages from junkies looking for their next fix, including one from Chic the night of the murder. Betty explained that she went back to the dumping site to ensure that no one could see anything from the trail. Considering that Chic lied to them about the shady guy, she began to wonder what else he was lying to them about. Rather than owning up to his lie, Chic looked up to Betty as tears ran down his face though Betty was unsympathetic, telling Chic that no one was buying the water works. Before Betty could continue her pursuit for the truth, Alice pulled her into the hallway to scold her for her recent actions. Alice believed that if she persisted in her ways that they would all be caught. Though, Betty disagreed, reasoning that the only way for them to be caught is if Chic continued to be untruthful.


Betty and Alice going to FP for help

The following night, Betty told Alice about Hal stopping by the house and asking a lot of questions. Although, Betty insisted that he wouldn't be back given that he didn't want to risk his affair with Penelope Blossom being exposed. Considering that they could barely handle keeping her father at bay, Betty began to think that they were in way over their heads. The shady man's car was even parked outside of their house for two days without either of them noticing it. Fortunately, she and Jughead took care of it. However, Betty couldn't stop thinking about the body and who might come looking for it and how many loose ends there are that they weren't even aware of. They needed help, but not from the police. Betty suggested that they go to FP. Alice and Betty arrived at Sunnyside Trailer Park to learn that Jughead had just told FP everything and that he was willing to help because he didn't want the three of them to make the same mistake he made with Jason Blossom.


FP, Alice, Jughead and Betty at Pop's

Alice and Betty sat quietly with Jughead in a booth at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe as FP got rid of the body. FP covered the man in sodium hydroxide before burying him. Once FP returned, he explained that within a week's time, there would be nothing left of the body, not even his teeth. Alice thanked FP for his assistance. She was sorry for pulling Betty in, who then pulled Jughead in. Though, the circle ended with them. All loose ends had been taken care of.[19]


Betty and Alice learning that Hal wants a divorce

Alice and Betty were taken by surprise when Hal sprung on them that he wanted a divorce from Alice. While he had stopped seeing Penelope Blossom, he was upset at how poorly he had been treated since Chic's arrival despite worshiping Alice for the last 20 years. He couldn't believe that they had sided with Chic, a stranger, over him. However, much to Hal's surprise, Betty was on his side in regards to Chic. She too wanted him out of the house. As for selling the Register, he explained that Hiram Lodge offered a fair price, half of which he was willing to give to Alice as long as she was willing to agree to the divorce.


Alice sharing a happy moment with her family

Some time later, Alice and Betty were thrilled by Polly return home with her twin babies, Juniper and Dagwood. Alice and Chic were holding one of the twins each. Alice then asked Betty if she wanted to hold one of the twins but when she was about to give the baby to her, Betty took the one from Chic's arms instead. Polly then asked where Hal was and if they would all go together to the reading of Cliff Blossom's last will and testament.

Alice and Betty later learned Hiram's methodology from Jughead. Hiram acquired devalued land at a criminal discount. Twilight Drive-In, Sunnyside Trailer Park, Southside High and now Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. While most people didn't care about Hiram's other acquisitions due to them being located on the Southside, Pop's was the heart of Riverdale, meaning people would care about Hiram secretly purchasing the diner.


Alice defending Chic from Betty and Polly

That night, following Clifford Blossom's Will-Reading, Alice prepared dinner for Betty, Chic and Polly as they discussed getting the blood test done so that they could inherit the fortune they were promised through Clifford's will. Oddly enough, Chic refused to get his blood tested, claiming that he didn't know any of the Blossoms well enough to trust them, along with being triggered by needles and not wanting their blood money. Alice then came to Chic's defense and told the girls to stop pressuring him.

The following night, Alice was knitting sitting on the couch when Polly and Betty returned home after spending the afternoon together, shopping. The girls were immediately alarmed when Alice revealed to them that the twins were not home, but that Chic had brought Juniper and Dagwood for a walk along Sweetwater River. Alice, completely oblivious to Polly and Betty's concern, reassured them that they were fine and shortly after Chic came home with the babies, safe and sound.[20]


Alice telling Betty that Hal isn't Chic's dad

Betty went to her Alice with the startling discovery that Chic did not have Blossom blood. She had made this discovery through sending Chic's DNA to the Blossom blood testing center. However, from her mother, Betty discovered that Chic wasn't of Blossom blood because he didn't share the same father as her and Polly. Betty asked who Chic's biological father was, but her mother refused to answer. As her mother held Chic in her arms, comforting him, Chic and Betty made eye contact, followed by a devious smile from Chic.


Betty telling her mother that she and Jughead are having sex

Later that week, Alice confronted Betty as she returned from school after learning from Chic that Betty had tormented him with a Zippo lighter. To make matters worse, Alice and Chic had found Betty's black wig. Which Chic revealed that Betty wore when she had sex with Jughead. Betty clinched her fist tightly and admitted to her mother that she and Jughead were sexually active. Hearing this, Alice stormed off in a fury.

The next day, Betty told her mother that she and Jughead were using protection. Which counted for something since Alice didn't when she was Betty's age. Furthermore, Alice added that she was very well acquainted with how alluring the Jones men could be, meaning that she and FP used to be in a relationship. However, in no way was FP Chic's biological father Alice told her. Like it or not, Chic was apart of their family. While he was odd and damaged, for the past 25 years, he didn't have anyone to love him. So he needed them, Alice explained. However, Betty insisted that he was dangerous and that her mother never forget what he did.[21]

Alice hosted the student hall meeting at Betty's school as she was Jughead's running mate. However, Betty had no desire to interact with her mother since moving out the house due to Chic's presence. After the meeting, Alice went looking for Betty to demand that she return home, but Betty had already left with Jughead in hopes of avoiding such discussion.


FP and Alice at Pop's

Following the discovery of the shady man's car in the local swamp, Alice, Betty, FP and Jughead met up at Pop's the very next morning to discuss their next course of action. Jughead blamed himself for the discovery of the vehicle, claiming he should've known better, but there was no way he could've known that Junkyard Steve drained the swamp for people's cast offs. When FP asked why Chic wasn't at Pop's with them, Betty explained that he didn't know anything about the car. Thankfully, they wiped the car clean of prints before dumping it. As Sheriff Keller entered the diner, Betty and Jughead were told to keep their mouths shut and to proceed as they normally would. When Alice attempted to use this as motive to move back in, Betty restated her stance, that she would return once Chic was gone. In the unlikely event that something happened, they were to batten down the hatches. Until then, life was to go on and they were to stay away from the car.


Chic, Jughead, Betty, Alice and FP at the trailer

The next day, Alice scolded Betty and Jughead for questioning Kevin despite being told to lay low. However, Betty and Jughead explained that they had to in order to figure out what was going on with the car. Furthermore, Kevin didn't suspect a thing. They had learned that Chic's drug dealer, Dwayne, stole his girlfriends' car before making his run to their house. Unfortunately, Chic couldn't tell them much about Darla as he barely knew her though it didn't seem like they cared much for each other. Although, Betty did recall briefly speaking to her when she called the shady man's phone. Regardless, there was nothing connecting them to the case. On a different note, with FP's backing, Alice ordered Betty to return.


Betty, Chic and Alice being blackmailed by Darla

At the Cooper residence, Betty asked Alice to sign a consent form to allow her to get a Serpent tattoo as she was practically a member already. However, Alice denied her request and refused to even acknowledge Betty's adjacent membership. As the two continued to discuss the matter, Chic returned home with Darla. He was supposedly trying to help but made things so much worse. Darla wasn't surprise that Dwayne took her car though it ending up in a swamp did strike her as odd. Just as she was getting ready to head back to Centerville, Chic called her to see how much she knew, but she saw right through him. Dwayne was a terrible person by Darla's account. So she didn't care what happened to him and didn't see any reason to ask questions so long as she got the $10,000 that he owed her. If not, Darla threatened to go to Sheriff Keller. With no other choice, they agreed to pay off Darla. However, the bank was closed and they would have to wait until the morning.


Alice thanking Betty and kicking Chic out

Betty headed off to the bank the next morning as planned. After withdrawing the money, Alice called to tell her that Marcel, the manager that attacked Chic at the hostel was also at the house. Whatever she did, Alice told her not to come home. Betty returned home despite her mother advising her not to, but not before telling Jughead about her predicament. Jughead rallied the younger Serpents and together, they kicked in the front door and threatened Darla and Marcel with knives. They demanded that Darla and Marcel leave or else the situation would get a lot worse than it already was. Heading their warning, Darla and Marcel took the money and left. As they were leaving, Betty and Alice shared a hug. Once they were gone, Jughead apologized about the front door but her mother wasn't concerned. She merely wanted to thank Jughead and the Serpents for their intervention. She then admitted that Betty was right abut Chic and kicked him out the house.

The next day, Betty joined the younger Serpents as they gathered around while Alice personally thanked them for intervening the day before when they were in trouble. Furthermore, she was done attacking and disavowing the Southside.[22]

At Riverdale High School, the cast of "Carrie: The Musical" to be directed by Kevin Keller and Fangs Fogarty begins the introductions in the auditorium. Betty runs into the auditorium with Veronica, Archie, Cheryl, Toni, Josie, Ethel, Kevin Midge and Moose as they sing "In". They get on stage, where they continue to sing and dance before being joined by Fangs. The cast then began introductions, starting with Archie who portrays "Tommy Ross", the boy next door. Betty plays "Sue Snell", the good girl. Veronica portrays "Chris Hargensen", the mean girl. And Cheryl will be playing the iconic role of "Carrie White". As for who will be portraying, "Margaret White", Carrie's religious-fanatic mother, Alice enters the stage introducing herself as the portrayer of the character. This choice leaves everyone surprised, but Kevin explains that while her casting is untraditional, to him there's nothing more amateur than age-inappropriate casting. Alice both looks forward to playing Margaret and spending more time with Betty. Chuck Clayton joins them late after mistaking that rehearsal was in the music room.


Sandbag incident at the Musical rehearsal

Later, Cheryl interrupts rehearsal after hearing whisperings that some of them, mainly Ethel and Josie, don't think she's fit to play the role of Carrie White. So to settle the matter, she begins to sing "Carrie" to prove them wrong. Her singing removes all doubt as Betty, Archie, Veronica, Ethel, Josie, Alice, Toni, Midge, Moose, Jughead, Kevin, Fangs, Chuck give Cheryl a round of applause. As Cheryl headed back to her seat, a heavy sandbag fell from above and nearly crushed her.

Next night at the Cooper house, Alice calls Chic. She is worried about him since she hasn't heard from him recently, but when he doesn't answer, she leaves a message saying that she loves him. When Betty comes downstairs, Alice blames herself for kicking Chic out.

The following day, Kevin informs the cast that Cheryl will no longer portray Carrie due to Penelope Blossom's decision, which came to no surprise to Alice.


Betty comforting Alice

On stage, Alice, portraying Margaret White, and Midge portraying Carrie White, sing "Stay Here Instead". However, Alice's performance starts to seem a bit too real and more so directed at Betty than Midge. Alice then looks to Betty in the crowd and tells her not to leave her like everyone else, before running off the stage in tears. Betty follows her mother into the hallway to inform her that she isn't going anywhere. Everything is crumbling, Alice says. She's driven everyone away. She gave Chic away when he was born and she just did it again. Making matters worse, she and Hal aren't living together because of something unspoken that happened years ago. And she and Betty have never been so frayed. Betty holds Alice close as she continues to cry.

Opening night has arrived. Betty and Alice are too nervous to even eat. Betty does however come through on her promise to do something to make her mom feel less abandoned. She called her dad and arranged that he bring her mother flowers. Hal arrives with flowers for Betty and Alice. However, Alice is allergic to peonies. Hal tells Alice that he'd really like to come back home. If they do this, there can't be any more secrets, which means Alice has something to tell Hal in regards to Chic. She reveals that Chic isn't his son. Which Hal always suspected though he doesn't care. He only wants to come home. Their secrets can't hurt them anymore and they can be together again. Betty listens from the hallway as her parents reunite.

In the dressing room, Betty, Archie, Veronica, Kevin, Midge, Moose, Kevin, Alice, Chuck, Toni and Ethel sang "A Night We'll Never Forget". The play begins and the crowd is packed. On stage, Alice sings "Evening Prayers". Betty, Veronica, Moose, Toni, and Archie watch from backstage. When Alice cues Midge, the curtains raise only to reveal that Midge has been murdered by the Black Hood. She has been stabbed with knives and scissors and pinned to the wall. On the wall, written in blood is a message. "I Am Back From The Dead. All Those Who Escaped Me Before Will Die... B.H" When Alice screams in fear, the crowd realizes that this is not part of the play and the auditorium erupts in panic and chaos. While all this takes place, Chic sits in the crowd, perfectly calm as if nothing has happened.[23]

Family Falling Apart


The Cooper family at Midge's funeral

The town gathers for Midge's funeral to pay respect. Alice, Betty and Hal pay their respects, attending the commemoration. Cheryl sings a song in Midge's honor. She and the rest of the River Vixens are dressed in all-black cheerleader uniform. Midge's death has seemingly taken a great toll on Riverdale, Mrs. Klump and Moose especially.

Sheriff Keller arrives at the Cooper house to question Chic as he has been talking to everyone who was at Riverdale High School the night of the musical. A couple people claim they saw Chic backstage just before the show. Hal tells the Sheriff that Chic no longer lives with them, but that they can bring him down to the station tomorrow. Sheriff agrees and then leaves. Once he is gone, Alice wonders why Hal threw Chic under the bus. Hal questions what Alice is worried that Chic will say. Remembering that Hal has no idea about the murder that took place within the house, Betty interjects that Alice is just overprotective of Chic.


Betty worries that Chic will slip up during questioning

The next day, Betty asks her mother if maybe Chic should leave town for all of their safety. Betty worries that Sheriff Keller might press Chic, which could lead to Chic revealing what happened to the Shady Man. However, as Alice explains, Chic leaving town will only raise suspicions, which will result in law enforcement hunting him down. While talking to the Sheriff is a risk, it's one they have to take. Alice also insists that Betty relax because she'll be coaching Chic.


Betty and Jughead confront Chic

After taking Chic down to the Sheriff's station for questioning, Alice invited him back to the house for dinner. Even Betty and Jughead join them, where they accuse Chic of being an imposter. Betty and Jughead reveal that they paid the Sisters of Quiet Mercy a visit. While there, they discovered that Chic is an imposter. Betty shows her mother a pic of the real Charles Smith. Chic attempts to play it off, claiming that Betty's been out to get him from the start and that she never wanted a brother. When that fails and suspicion of Chic grows, he grabs a large kitchen knife, unintentionally cutting Alice's hand as he attempts to attack Jughead. Betty manages to disarm Chic before knocking him unconscious with a rolling pin.

RD-Caps-2x19-Prisoners-64-Alice-Jughead-Betty-Chic Betty joins Jughead and her mother in the basement where they have tied Chic up to a chair. He wakes up not long after. Betty has grown tired of his games. They want answers, starting with Chic's real name. He insists that he is Chic and then calls out to Alice again for help, but she does not respond. Betty surmises that Chic must've known her real brother. When she and Alice went to the hostel and asked for Charles Smith, they were sent to Chic's room. So Betty asks why Chic was impersonating him. Chic explains that he never said he was "Charles Smith". He said he was "Chic", during their first encounter. Chic reveals that he met Charles out on the street. They then moved into the hostel together. That's where Charles told him about the Coopers. A perfect family a Riverdale who gave him up for adoption and never even came looking for him. One day, he knocked at the Coopers' door. Betty's mother answered. She told him that they weren't interested, before slamming the door in his face. Charles went on a bender that night and overdosed on Jingle Jangle. Hearing this, her mother runs upstairs in tears with Betty not far behind her.


Alice blames herself for Charles' death

Alice finds the picture that Betty showed her of Charles. She gives it a good look and knows that Chic is telling the truth, at least about Charles stopping by the house. Alice remembers turning Charles away at the front door. He knocked and Alice asked him to leave. She begins to blame herself for killing her own son. Betty tries to calm her mother. They don't know Chic or his motives. Alice concludes that he is seeking revenge. She gave her son away and he came back to her only for her to turn him away. This, Alice believes, demands biblical punishment. However, Betty argues that Chic is the only person of guilt. Alice finally stops crying. Before leaving out the house, she requests that Betty stay at the house and watch Chic until she returns.

After Alice goes to FP to confess to him about having his child, they return together to the Cooper house, as Betty is on the phone with the Black Hood. FP heads downstairs to find Jughead attacking Chic. He stops the interrogation and takes Jughead out of the house. Meanwhile, Alice and Betty contemplate their next move. Betty suggests driving him out of town or driving him out of town, but her mother fears that he'll only come back. In the meantime, she decides that it's time to tell Hal the truth about everything as this affects all of their lives.


Betty cuts Chic loose

After learning that Chic is an impostor and that he is tied up in the basement, her father blows up. He demands to know what they were doing. Alice begs him to calm down, but with a psychopath in their basement, Hal is irate. When he decides that it's better to let the police deal with Chic, Her mother reveals that Chic killed a man in the house and that she helped him cover it up by disposing of the body. Alice lies to Hal and tells him that Betty had no involvement in the cover-up. It was only her and Chic. When Betty tries to speak up, Alice tells her not to say another word and to go to her room. Instead of following her mother's instructions, Betty heads into the basement. She pulls the gun from her purse. She tells Chic that she took it from a music teacher that was a predator like him. At gunpoint, Betty cuts Chic loose and they head out the back door.

Betty returns home a while later to find her mother sitting on the steps, drinking her troubles away. Alice asks where Betty went. Betty answers that she took Chic away. He's gone for good. Betty lies and tells her mother that she took Chic to the bus station. Betty then notices that Hal is gone. So she asks her mother where he went. Alice informs her that he went out looking for Betty.[24]


Betty suspects her father of being the Black Hood

Betty is certain that the Black Hood has returned as and that he is none other than her own father, who sits right across from her and her mother at the breakfast table. Hal notices that Betty is troubled and asks if there is something on her mind. Betty claims that she had been thinking and had come to the conclusion that Chic was a test. Everything that he did to them and brought on them was a test. Betty believes that they're stronger after surviving it. Alice remarks that this supposed strength remains to be seen, but Betty is positive that they are stronger. Furthermore, they'll survive whatever comes next.

The next day, at the Cooper house, Betty sits at the table with her parents. Given that her father has been so busy at the Register, Betty proposes that Alice join him since she is already moderating the debate. Betty sees no reason why she shouldn't report on it as well. Alice likes the sound of this. As does Hal. Betty even offers to help with proofing and layout after school. Hal couldn't be happier to have them both back the Register.

At the Register, Alice and Hal head out for dinner while Betty hangs back to finish up her work.

In the evening, Alice is left speechless by Betty when she reveals that when the Black Hood was first killing people, he was also calling her, asking her to do things as they were alike. He offered to help get rid of Chic. So Betty delivered Chic to the Black Hood. And she's okay with being an accomplice in a murder. She says all this to potentially bait Hal. Alice is left speechless. Hal holds Betty's hand and tells her about his own darkness. When he was away from Betty and Alice, it felt like he was drowning it. This is why they need each other.


Alice hosting the Mayoral debate

The night of the Mayoral debate, Alice is on stage and welcomes all in attendance at the event. Jumping right into the debate, fear and unrest rule the streets, so Alice asks how Hermione Lodge plans to restore safety to the town. Hermione claims that they're already making strides. She and Hiram personally recruited Sheriff Minetta from Centerville after Tom Keller resigned. Not one week on the job, and he's supposedly apprehended Midge Klump's murderer. Fred argues that they don't actually know that Fangs Fogarty is the killer. Regarding his comment about calling for blood, Hermione enlightens him about the Dark Circle, who she refers to as a dangerous, radical group that traffics in terror, violence and street warfare. This group, she points out, was started by Archie. The debate is abruptly interrupted by the Black Hood on the balcony with a rifle, who start shooting at the crowd. Alice and everyone present run and hide for their safety.[25]

During the riots between Northsiders vs Southsiders, Alice is at the Register and is relieved to hear that Betty is okay. When Betty asks about her father, Alice informs her that Hal is out calming the riots. Betty is on her way to the Register to join her mother, who is taking great pleasure in the chaos unfolding as it means headlines. "If it bleeds, it leads."


Alice and Betty learn about the $1,000,000 bounty for the Black Hood

At the Register, Alice meets with Hermione Lodge, who makes a surprising announcement; A $1,000,000 reward for anyone who can capture the Black Hood, dead or alive. As a mayoral candidate, Hermione feels it's important to take charge in times of crisis. Like the riot, which she believes was brought about by the actions of the Black Hood. She offers a bounty in hopes that it will calm the storm. Betty disagrees with the notion that a bounty will solve their problem. Furthermore, she questions if it's even legal and is acting very odd about the Black Hood's actions. Alice questions her sudden urge to act so protective over the Black Hood but before Betty can reply, she receives a phone call from her cousin, Cheryl.

At the Cooper house, Alice is trying to understand why Betty tries to convince her to leave the house with her, but they are interrupted when Hal enters the living room, pleased to see that she made it home. Alice explains that Hal came up with an idea to watch home movies. She figured she would indulge him given that they're practically on lock-down due to the riot. Hal grabs the projector and plays for Alice and Betty old home videos of himself as a child, being disciplined by his mother. On the video, Hal's mother tells him that his father did something very noble in massacring the Conway family as they were sinners, thus the revelation that Hal's father was the Riverdale Reaper. Hal states that sinners have to die. He was then ordered by his mother to convince Joseph Conway to accuse someone other than his father of being the killer. While his father may have allowed Joseph to get away, Hal will do better, his mother says on the recording.


Alice, Hal and Betty watching Hal's old movie

When the video ends, Hal tells Alice to take out her tape-recorder as he wishes to share his story. First of all, Hal reveals that Great-Grandpappy Cooper wasn't murdered by his brother. Instead, he was the killer. He killed Great-Grandpappy Blossom and then took on the Cooper name to create a new identity for himself. The Conways discovered this secret. Mr. Conway blackmailed Hal's father/Betty's grandfather. So he killed them for being sinners. As for Joseph Conway, the sole survivor, Hal did what was asked of him by convincing Joseph to accuse an innocent man. Joseph was easy to manipulate both as a boy and a man, Hal explains. He goes onto tell Betty and Alice about his darkness. The same darkness that runs in the Cooper family, which now lives in Betty. Hal approaches Betty and demands that she say who he is. "You're the Black Hood", Betty says as her eyes fill with tears. Hal is responsible for shooting Fred Andrews as well as killing Miss Grundy, the Sugarman, Midge, and Dr. Masters. But the shooting at the Mayoral debate was not Hal's doing.

Hal explains to Betty and Alice that he became the Black Hood because Riverdale is a town of sinners and sinners have to die. Hal recalls Betty speech at the 75th Anniversary Jubilee, where she says that the town must do better. It reminded him of a promise he made to his mother, that Riverdale would do better. So Hal picked up his father's sword, so to speak and continued the work that he and Hal's grandfather started. The purging of sin. Betty asks why Hal wanted this discussion recorded. Hal replies that he wanted everyone to understand what happened when they find them. It would seem that Hal plans on killing Betty and Alice, along with himself.


Hal choking Alice

Alice taunts Hal. She always knew he was a mama's boy. She claims that he can't do anything for himself. Betty advises her mother against antagonizes him, but she continues to do so nonetheless, pointing out that Hal can't do anything right. Not even be a serial killer. She calls Hal out for being a sinner and questions what Fred could've possibly done that would call for his death. Hal explains that Fred was an adulterer. However, given that Hal had an affair with Penelope Blossom, Alice tells Hal to kill himself. Or maybe Hal should kill her, Alice states. She informs him that she slept with FP, who in every way that Hal's not, is a real man. With Hal distracted, Betty grabs a shovel from the fireplace. As his anger builds, Hal chokes Alice. Fortunately, Betty hits him over the head with the shovel from behind, knocking him to the ground, Alice then hits him with the shovel.

Alice and Betty, then, proceed to call Tom Keller over. He puts Hal in handcuffs and places him in the squad car before pulling off. On the front door, Alice is left speechless at her husband's reveal and arrest while neighbors start to gather on the street.[26]


Alice yelling at the neighbors

Following Hal's arrest, Alice is totally distraught. Betty walks home to find her mother standing outside their front door, berating their neighbors, who also stand just outside their house, taking photos and video following the discovery that her father was the Black Hood. Alice entertains the crowd, inviting her neighbors to come in and see where Hal planned all the murders. Betty pushes her way through the crowd, demanding that everyone go home.

A few days later, Polly comes home to stay close to her mom and sister and brings the twin babies Juniper and Dagwood with her. In the sitting room, the Cooper women talk about the elephant in the room; why haven't they seen Hal since he was arrested. Betty claims that she's taking things one step at a time. Polly questions how they're supposed to forgive him if they don't go visit him. At the Farm, they taught Polly that forgiveness is the most valuable gift they can give. If they don't absolve him, they'll become what he was, full of hate. And Polly's babies deserve a mother who's better than that. Alice begins to think that Polly's right, at least about seeing Hal. Maybe that way they can get answers or Alice can give him a piece of her mind. Either way, Betty has no interest in seeing her father.

Some days later, Betty confesses to her mother that she went to go see her father in jail. Alice asks her how it went, to which her daughter answers that it was hard but that she wants to go back to school. Alice and Betty then hug.[27]

Season 3

Three months have passed since that fateful evening in the school gymnasium where Archie was framed by Hiram Lodge and arrested for the murder of Cassidy Bullock. It's now the summer before the gang's junior year of high school and Archie's trial is now in session. Betty and Alice attend the trail together. The Judge reveals that the jury is still deliberating, but he's also dismissed them for the evening. They're sequestered and they'll reconvene Tuesday morning after Labor Day.


Alice wants to spend quality time with Betty

The following day, Betty is spotted by Alice and Polly as she attempts to sneak out the house unnoticed. They welcome her to join them, but Betty declines. Alice asks if she's off to another therapy session with Dr. Glass, but that isn't for another day, Betty replies. She's actually headed to see Archie. Alice tells Betty that before she goes back to school, she thinks it's important that they spend some quality family time together. Edgar Evernever, the leader of the Farm, thinks it's important, though Betty dismisses the notion.


Betty takes her diaries back from Alice

Betty comes downstairs to find her mother with all of her diaries. After talking to Edgar about them, both he and Alice agree that Betty should burn them because she's been filling the pages with so much pain and suffering over the years. She needs to let that go. Betty retorts that her therapist, Dr. Glass, says journaling is a perfectly healthy outlet. And while Alice respects that, the diaries are Betty's past. And her past is crushing her. Betty again dismisses the notion and Edgar entirely/ Although, Betty may look down on the Farm, Edgar has done nothing but help Alice. He's encouraged her to embrace everything that she was ashamed of and become the best version of herself. Alice then points out that Betty's not dealing with her problems, such as The trauma from last year with what happened with Hal and Chic. Alice worries about Betty, so she suggests that Betty listen to what her soul is telling her. Betty sarcastically remarks that her soul is telling her to get away from her mother as she's been body-snatched. As Betty exits the house, Polly warns their mother that there's something else she should know about Betty.


Betty is confronted by her mother

Alice and Polly sit Betty down. The pharmacy called. They can't complete an Adderall prescription that was requested by Betty's doctor because she had one refilled in Greendale two weeks ago. Furthermore, DR. Glass doesn't exist. Betty's been forging prescriptions for herself. So now Alice and Polly are worried about her. She's been lying about going to therapy. Now, she's making up a psychiatrist so that she can scam medication. Betty can't believe that she's being given a hard time for trying to re-up a prescription that her mother literally shoved them in her hands a year ago. Alice explains this was before Edgar explained the dangers of pharmaceuticals. Betty can't believe her mother's actually buying into the Farm. Edgar is helping them move on and he can help Betty too, though Betty doesn't see their methods will help get over the fact that her father murdered four people and tried to kill them. Polly becomes enraged, stating that Betty is in denial. She has a secret life, involving hoarding stolen drugs and hiding from her pain. Betty may hate the Farm, but they healed Polly and Alice, and before they can heal Betty, she needs to admit that she's sick. Archie then arrives outside to pick her up.

The night after Archcie's trial, Betty comes downstairs, calling out to her mom and Polly. She heads onto the back porch, where she finds Alice and Polly, along with several other members of the Farm, holding Juniper and Dagwood over a fire. They let the twins go into the fire. However, instead of falling in, Juniper and Dagwood float above the flames. Betty then collapses. She begins convulsing and is unresponsive to Alice's calls to her.[28]


Betty accuse Polly and Alice of throwing the twins into a bonfire

At the Cooper house, Betty, Alice and Polly are recuperating from the night before, where Betty fainted on the back porch. Dr. Patel kept her overnight for observation but it was just a precaution. They ran test hoping to discover the source for the seizure though he suspects it was the result of Betty begin stressed. Polly was up with the twins all night worried about Betty, though Betty herself is more concerned with the whereabouts of Juniper and Dagwood, who she swears she saw her mother and Polly throw into giant bonfire. Alice claims that the only thing burning last night was the Hibachi, as they were making skewers with a few friends from the Farm. Polly concludes that Betty was merely hallucinating when she saw the twins go into the fire as they are fine, upstairs sleeping in fact.


Alice and FP scold Betty and Jughead

Alice and FP confront Betty and Jughead as they arrive at the house after both receiving a call from Sheriff Minetta that Betty and Jughead were snooping around Ben's hospital room. Jughead believes that something strange is in the works. Dilton even came to him for help, which FP was present for. Jughead feels as if he owes Dilton but FP exclaims that Jughead doesn't owe him anything. As for Betty, Alice reminds her that this is exactly what Dr. Patel was referring to. If she keeps up this stressful behavior, she'll likely have another seizure, which neither FP nor Jughead were aware of. Alice blames Jughead for dragging Betty into murder investigations. As Betty takes off upstairs, FP and Jughead exit the Cooper house.

That night, Alice apologizes to Betty for revealing to Jughead that she had a seizure. Alice was terrified and she only wants the best for Betty. Alice then gives her a hug and leaves the room. When she does, Betty hops out of bed, fully dressed. She locks her bedroom door, grabs her coat and leaves throughout the window.[29]


The Farm awaits Betty's return

Betty returns home to find her mother and sister, along with half a dozen members of the Farm, Evelyn included, sitting in the living room, awaiting her arrival. Evelyn told them that Betty was finally ready to meet the Farm. Betty was under the impression that Edgar would be joining them, to which to the group laughs. Alice and Polly explain that there are certain levels one must first attain before meeting Edgar. First, Betty must start by meeting a few "Farmies". This will be Betty’s first testimony, which is essentially an open, non-judgmental conversation about all the bad things she’s done in her life. Evelyn reveals that between Alice and Polly, the Farm has gathered much information on Betty, such as her dark kinship with her father and the role she played in disposing of a dead body in her kitchen. Betty is in disbelief that her mother shared this information regarding Chic and the shady man with the Farm.


Betty accuses the Farm of bringing Gryphons & Gargoyles to Riverdale

Alice tells Betty that everything spoken at the Farm is kept in confidence. They all know each other’s secrets. They also know about the wake and the webcamming. Feeling cornered, Betty changes the subject to Evelyn being present at both her seizure and Ethel’s, and how the Farm showed up in Riverdale at the same time as Gryphons & Gargoyles, which made Ben and Dilton kill themselves all to appease a creature only known as the Gargoyle King, which Betty suspects may be Evelyn’s father. Evelyn claims that the first time they had ever heard of Gryphons & Gargoyles was from Alice, leaving Betty to wonder how her mother knows about the game. Alice attempts to drive the discussion away from her past, stating that it’s too soon and that Betty isn’t ready. Betty then becomes dizzy, as if she’s about to faint, but she keeps her balance.


Alice trusts the Farm more than Betty

Alice enters Betty’s room to find her getting ready for the opening night of Veronica’s speakeasy. Alice knows that Betty never had any intentions of working with the Farm. She merely wanted to meet Edgar so that she could question him. Betty explains that by Alice telling the Farm her deepest, darkest secrets, she’s also implicating Betty, Jughead and FP. However, Alice believes that the Farm would never use her testimony against her. Betty questions what her mother told the Farm about Gryphons & Gargoyles but Alice chooses not to answer because she trusts the Farm more than she trusts Betty.


FP and Alice burn the rule book

Jughead and Betty return to the trailer to find it in complete disorder. FP and Alice demand to know where Jughead got the rule book from. FP is especially enraged as he can still see the blue on Jughead’s lips. Betty questions what FP and Alice are hiding and she instructs Jughead to not answer any of their questions until they start telling the truth about what they know about Gryphons & Gargoyles. FP explains that the game is pure evil and that no one else will ever play it again. Jughead begs his father not to destroy the scripture. While they don’t intend to play it, the book may be the only chance they have of figuring out what happened to Ben and Dilton. Nevertheless, with this being the only known copy, FP and Alice decide it’s best to destroy the scripture by throwing it into the fire.[30]


Betty asks her mother about her past

After meeting with Dr. Curdle Jr., Betty confronts her mother once she returns home with a case file from many years ago. Per Alice’s Farm testimony, she’s undoubtedly played G & G before. And now, Betty has concrete evidence that when her mother was her age, there was another suspicious death that took place at Riverdale High where the corpse had blue lips. With that, Alice decides to tell Betty everything she knows about the game for her own protection.

Betty is shocked by the many revelations revealed by her mother such as The Midnight Club, her relationships with Fred Andrews and FP, and the death of Principal Featherhead.


Alice begs Betty not to play G&G

If principal Featherhead died from drinking from a poison chalice, Betty questions who poisoned the cups, but not even Alice has the answer to that. Featherhead’s death was ruled a suicide under suspicious circumstances and they never spoke about it because they knew it must’ve been a member of the Midnight Club. One of them was a killer and Featherhead was an unintentional casualty as a member of the Midnight Club was meant to drink from the poison chalice. Betty has a lot more questions to ask, which concerns Alice because the more you talk about the game, the more you think of it and the more at risk you are. The game gives you permission to hurt or kill. Ben, Dilton and Ethel all willingly drank the fresh-aid during their quest, but Betty can’t figure out if it is murder or suicide. In the end, it’s just death, Alice explains. She wants Betty to promise her that she won’t investigate any further but that’s a promise Betty can’t make. Someone from the Midnight Club used the game to murder Featherhead and now Betty’s classmates are dying. The entire school is playing. Betty recalls seeing the Gargoyle King in the woods. She suspects that it may be the same person from the Midnight Club way back when. Knowing that Betty has no intentions on stopping her investigation, Alice at least asks her to swear that she won’t play the game, which Betty agrees to.[31]


Betty claims to have no involvement in Archie's break out

Betty returns home after a long night out only to be immediately confronted by her mother. Alice informs Betty of the manhunt currently underway to find Archie. When Alice asks of Betty’s involvement, Betty denies any connection to Archie’s breakout. Alice then reveals that Warden Norton killed himself last night and that he was found with blue lips. Given this revelation, Betty asks her mother if she knew Warden Norton because he had ties to Hiram Lodge, who is also a member of the Midnight Club, much like her mother. Alice claims to have no knowledge of the Warden.

The following day, Betty then heads down into the speakeasy, where the Midnight Club, her mother included, are awaiting her arrival. She had sent them all invitations. However, they were under the impression that the invites were from the Gargoyle King. Betty wants to get all the secrets out, and she sees this as her only option.


Betty demands answers from the Midnight Club

Alice explains that she told Betty in order to protect her from playing the game, which she isn’t. However, her friends are playing. Fred remarks that it was bound to get out at some time, their secret that is, so he’d much rather address it so that their kids at least know the truth. Betty wants to start with Warden Norton, who was also the RROTC instructor at Riverdale High twenty five years ago, however, neither Tom, a former cadet nor Hiram, a former business partner of his knew he was playing. Betty then asks about ascension night, wondering if Norton was present. but they don't know as they were high, hallucinating gargoyles. Betty wants to know who poisoned the chalice. Hermione's instinct are telling her that the culprit is Penelope. Hermione suspects that she grew the poison in her greenhouse. However, Penelope reveals that Darryl Doiley poisoned the chalices. Years later, Darryl came to Penelope, riddled with guilt and seeking comfort. Penelope refused him and Darryl left. The next day, he was found dead in his garage, with the engine to his car running and windows up. Betty isn’t buying Penelope’s story. Even if this is true, that doesn’t explain who the current Gargoyle King is. Before leaving, Alice asks Betty if she’s satisfied, but she’s not. Not even close.


Alice and Betty are stalked by the Gargoyle King

That night, Betty confronts her mother about covering up Darryl Doiley’s murder. Someone staged his death to look like a suicide and thanks to Sheriff Keller, there wasn’t a murder investigation. They all have a hand in the cover-up. So, Betty wants to know who her mother is protecting. Before Alice can reply, the lights go out. Someone is banging at the front door. Alice asks who is it, but no one answers. She opens the front door only to see that no one is out there. As they shut the door, they see the Gargoyle King standing in the living room. Someone then tries to force their way in through the front door, but Alice manages to lock it. Terrified, Alice and Betty run upstairs into Betty’s room, where they find a skull and Darryl Doiley’s headstone laying on Betty’s bed. Darryl’s name has been crossed out and Betty and Alice’s name has been spray painted on it. FP then comes climbing through Betty’s window. He was looking for Jughead, but Alice slammed the door in his face. Alice then reveals that the Gargoyle King is in the house with them, and so FP consoles her.


Betty is taken away

They’re no longer safe and Alice believes that attack was only the beginning. It’s become apparent that Betty has on intentions on stopping her investigation no matter the consequences. With the house no longer being safe, Alice is moving to the Farm with Polly and the twins. However, Betty refuses to go, which Alice knew would happen. So, Betty, unfortunately is being taken to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Sister Woodhouse enters the Cooper house with two orderlies, who take Betty away. Alice feels as if she has no other choice. As Betty is taken out, her phone rings. It’s Jughead. Alice presses decline.[32]


Alice visits Betty

Alice stops by the Sisters to visit Betty after getting a call from the school board telling her that they’re having an emergency meeting regarding a mass seizure at the school, similar to Betty’s. Whatever caused Betty’s seizure spread to the Vixens. Much to Betty’s dismay, Veronica was one of the fallen. Alice is just glad that Betty’s safe with the Sisters and wasn't at the school for the incident.

Betty and Ethel, while guiding the patients to freedom from the Sisters, have not the slightest idea what they’ll do with them now that they’re free. Alice pulls up. With all hell breaking loose, she had come to get Betty out of the Sisters. While Alice is just in time, it’s not just Betty she’ll be taking with her as the patients needs somewhere to go as well.[33]


Alice instructs Betty to find somewhere safe for the escapees

Alice is exhausted, as she explains to Betty that they don’t have the room or resources to house all the kids. But the Farm does, Alice remarks. Though, Betty is very much against sending them to the Farm, asking if this can wait until after the trial. They only left the Sisters because Betty convinced them to trust her. Alice concedes, but not before telling Betty that the kids are her responsibility alone.

Betty arrives home to find that Hannah, Tyler, and the others are gone. After Tyler was attacked, Alice called Edgar for advice and he came to take them to the Farm.[34]


Betty discovers that Alice transferred her college fund

Betty returns home and confronts her mother after learning from the Bank of Riverdale that all of her accounts, including her college fund has been completely drained of assets. Alice explains that her funds were transferred. Most of it was blood money that Betty inherited from the Blossoms anyways. Alice tells Betty that it was wired to the Farm as a tax-deductible donation. To help support the children that Betty freed from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Betty is distraught that her mother just gave away her tuition money, to which Alice replies that Betty can always study at the Farm for free. However, Betty refuses to be cornered into joining the Farm.


Alice is confronted by Betty after visiting Hal

Betty returns home from visiting her father to find her mother all dressed up, asking if this is what she wears when she goes to see Hal. However, Alice has no idea what she’s talking about. Alice is prepping for an interview with RIVW, the local broadcast news. It has always been Alice’s dream to work for it. Betty reveals that she went to see her father after her mother forged his signature, but it was during that time that he revealed that he murdered Principal Featherhead. Alice states this as being impossible as Hal wasn’t there. However, he knew details about ascension night, which means he was either there or someone told him. Alice swears that in 25 years of marriage, she never mentioned ascension night to Hal. Furthermore, she hadn’t gone to see Hal since before G&G resurfaced.


Betty finds out that the Farm bought its new headquarters

Later, Betty enters the dining room to find her mother hosting some sort of get-together with several members of the Farm, Evelyn included. They’re celebrating. With a little help from Edgar’s connections, Alice got the job at the broadcasting station. Also, the Farm has found and bought its new headquarters. The Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Evelyn thanks Betty as it was her "donation" that paid for it.[35]

Alice calls Betty, who is in bed with Jughead, after being tricked by the Gargoyle King, who left the Midnight Club a fake invitation to lure them away from their children.[36]

At the Cooper house, Alice reveals to Betty that she’s getting baptized by the Farm. Edgar says that Alice is finally ready, so all the women of the Farm are gathering together at the new facility.


Alice, Polly and Evelyn prepare for the baptism

Alice prepares for her baptism with the help of Evelyn and Polly. Betty watches from the couch, extending her support or at least pretending to, unbeknownst to the others. Betty then discovers the release forms that her mother signed that exculpates the Farm in case of bodily harm or death during the baptism. Alice snatches the form away from Betty, claiming that it’s standard. Evelyn explains to Betty that Alice is on the verge of discovering something that some people spend their whole life looking for and never find, so Betty shouldn’t stand in the way of that. Polly then adds that Betty is behaving just as Edgar said she would as she is a detractor.


Betty saves Alice

Betty races down to the Farm’s new facility to stop the baptism. She calls, but her mother doesn’t answer. The women of the Farm gather for Alice’s baptism. Evelyn seems to lead the event. This is a day of rebirth. It is important to remember that birth is no easy fear, Evelyn says. It is a trauma to leave the comfort of their wombs. They push, tear, and spread forth. Crying and gasping for air. Today, Alice will rip off the weight she has carried, break through the barriers restraining her and she will emerge into the light of her destiny. Evelyn asks Alice if she’s ready. Alice replies that she is. Polly helps Alice into a steel tub of water and hold her under water. Even as Alice gasps and fights for air, Polly forces her down until she is unresponsive. Betty, having ran across town, finally makes it to the facility, barging into the chamber and demanding that the baptism be stopped. Betty pulls her mother from the tub and performs CPR. Fortunately, she manages to revive Alice.


Alice wants to sell the house

After getting her mother home, Betty calls Martha, but she does not answer. She wanted Martha to tell Alice about just how dangerous the Farm is. Betty takes a seat next to her mother and carefully explains how Polly held her under water and tried to kill her. However, by Alice’s account, she was reborn. She saw it all. Her purpose and destiny, just as Edgar said. And now that she’s been baptized, Alice can purge the last thing in her life holding her back, that being the house. Alice wants to sell the house so that they can all be together at the Farm, herself, Betty, Polly, Juniper, Dagwood, Evelyn, Edgar and all the other Farmies.[37]


Alice opens up her home for sell

Alice moves forward with her plans to sell the house. She shows off her home of three bedrooms and four baths to a couple of potential buyers. In an effort to block the selling of the house, Betty informs their guests that the room they’re currently standing in is where her father, the Black Hood not only showed them creepy snuff films but also where her mother knocked him out with a shovel. Betty insists that she’s telling the truth and encourages the potential buyers to google it under "Alice Cooper" instead of "Alice Smith". They can also find this under "Murder house on Elm Street".


Betty comes down with a candle

Betty returns home to find her mother packing. They’ve apparently sold the house to, in typical Riverdale fashion, an anonymous buyer. Alice tells Betty to start packing. Betty sits in her room, and though she is supposed to be packing, she seems more interested in the candle that sits in front of her. Just as Betty is about to try the fire test that she saw Kevin and the other Farmies doing in the Chemistry class, her mother enters the room. She’s about to go out for more bubble wraps and will expect more progress in packing by the time she returns. Betty comes downstairs with the candle, looking around at her home as packed boxes fill the room.

Alice returns to find the house filled with smoke. She calls out Betty, before noticing that the entire living room is on fire.[38]


Alice and Betty bring out boxes

Alice and Betty discover that the anonymous buyer is actually Gladys Jones. They make this discovery as they are taking out boxes to find the Jones just out front. They head inside, where FP inquires about the scorch marks, which Alice claims to be the result of a minor mishap with a candle. Betty questions how her mother could sell the house to the Jones, but it was solely Gladys who made the purchase. She made an all-cash offer online. Both Jughead and FP are hesitant with moving in given that it is the Cooper house. FP wants to walk away from this, but Alice doesn’t think it’s necessary. The house is her past and she wants to be done with it.[39]


Alice was forsaken by Betty

Betty runs into her mother while attending the open house at the Farm's new compound. Alice didn’t think Betty would come, to which Betty replies that everyone is welcome. With that being said, Alice tells Betty to enjoy the rest of her tour. However, they haven’t spoke in a while and yet her mother doesn’t seem too happy to see her. Betty questions why. Alice explains that Betty forsook her, not the other way around.

Having learned from Cheryl that she was seeing a dead loved one, Betty arranges a meeting with her mother at Pop’s to ask if she joined the Farm because they let her talk to Charles. Alice admits this is true. She sees him and it’s like she never lost him. Betty would also love him. Alice says he’s the most beautiful boy she’s ever seen. Being with him is unlike anything she’s ever imagined. And it’s all because of Edgar. Betty asks to meet Edgar, and Alice agrees.[40]


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