Alexandra "Xandra" Cabot is a main character on The CW's Katy Keene. She is portrayed by Camille Hyde.

She is Alexander's step-sister and the Senior Vice President of Cabot Entertainment.

Character Description

A powerful, savvy and chic New York socialite who is an SVP at her father's company. Both respected and feared, Alexandra is competitive with her brother, who has a very different vision for the record label.[1]

Early Life

In high school, Alexandra dated Alexander which led to her mother meeting his father. Eventually, their parents got married, and they became step-siblings.

Throughout Katy Keene

Season 1

Meeting Josie

Alexandra arrives at Lacy's

Alexandra arrives at Lacy's and greets Gloria Grandbilt, who just met with her mother a week prior. Katy rushes in with dresses and shoes. By the looks of it, Alexandra has dropped a dress size. Katy offers to pull out the bathing suits, as Alexandra vacations twice a month. Alexandra asks if Gloria has the palazzo pumps, to which Gloria replies of course. Katy rushes down into the stock room in search of the size 7 palazzo pumps but can’t find them.

Gloria fits Alexandra for a red dress that she says was made for. Stella McCartney, the dress designer said that she had Alexandra’s figure in mind when she designed it. Katy arrives just in time to bring Alexandra her palazzo pumps.

Alexandra turns down Josie

Alexander plays Josie’s song for the Cabot board, which his sister, Alexandra, is apart of. They’re unimpressed with Josie’s performance and pass on it. Alexandra introduces herself to Josie as the Senior VP of Cabot Entertainment. While Josie has a nice voice, if they’re going to re-launch the record division, spending millions of dollars by doing so, it has to be someone who’s undeniable. Alexander insists that Josie’s a star, but his sister isn’t convinced, asking which park did he find Josie in, suggesting that she isn’t the first.[2]

Buying Chubby's Record Shop

Alexandra is the new owner of Chubby’s

Alexandra arrives at Chubby's Record Shop following Alex's purchase of the Establishment. She's come to survey their latest acquisition. Alexandra admits it’s a good block, but they’ll have to sell something with better margins. Josie warns Alexandra against selling the shop. Alexandra then introduces herself to Chubby as Senior VP of Cabot Entertainment and the owner of Chubby’s.[3]

Valentine's Day

Alexander tells Alexandra that he can't make the family dinner

In the morning, Alexandra is jogging with Alexander. They are talking about the Valentine's dinner with their parents on Friday. However, Alexander tells he won't be there which upset Alexandra. Before he could say anything else, he tells he has a business meeting. She watches him run off and realizes he was talking about Josie.

On Friday night, she is waiting in a car for Alexander. He hands her a gift that he bought for her. She notices that something is bothering Alexander and asks what is going on. He explains how Josie has met another songwriter. He explains how he always tried to prove himself to their father and how he's screwing up now. She tells him that sleeping with Josie was not a good thing to do.[4]

Intercepting Josie's Opportunities

Alexandra reveals that she and Alex were high school sweethearts

Alexandra interrupts and sings over Josie as she attempts to impress Xandra's stepfather with her singing. Alexandra, Josie, Alexander, and Mr. Cabot discuss the possible resurrection of Cabot Records. Alexandra doesn’t think they should reboot the label until they find a household name. However, Mr. Cabot isn’t interested in her opinion. Alexander tries to get her to leave, reminding her that she’s been tasked with convincing Guy LaMontagne to sell from them exclusively. However, Alexandra has already scheduled a meeting with Guy at Studio 34. Hoping to push Josie away, Alexandra informs Josie how she and Alexander were high school sweethearts. It’s how their parents met and got married, making Alex and Xandra step siblings. Josie is tired of putting up with the Cabot’s dysfunction. She storms out and tells Alexander not to follow her.

Alexandra is called a bitter ex-girlfriend by Josie

Alexandra goes to Studio 34 to hopefully convince Guy to sell exclusively from her. However, she becomes distracted with Josie's arrival. Alexandra confronts Josie for following her to Studio 34. She asks if it is because Josie can’t get enough Cabot or does she simply want to do another duet. Josie recalls when she and Alex played Xandra her demo, and she said it wasn’t good enough. That weighed heavily on Josie. But now, she realizes that Alexandra’s comments had nothing to do with her talent. Those were merely the words of a bitter ex-girlfriend. Before leaving, Josie tells Alexandra that she’s a good singer, even if her stepfather doesn’t think so. Alexandra returns and asks Guy if Katy is bothering him, to which Guy replies that she was just leaving.[5]

Katy sees her and KO outside of her hotel smiling at each other. Later on, Alexandra apologizes to Alexander for leaking the story about them dating in high school. She tells him that she did it, because she's tired of Mr. Cabot running their lives. This way, she believes they are free from his control. Before leaving, Alexandra shows him Josie's contract. She reveals how Mr. Cabot funded Josie's EP as long as she dates Alexander.[6]

Financing Spider Woman

Katy sits next to KO and Xandra

Xandra and KO attend Jorge's musical, "Kiss of the Spider Woman" at the Pepper Plant. Katy arrives and takes a seat next to them. Katy jokes that KO thought they were going to see "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark", a musical that Katy and KO once saw together. She notices that KO’s wearing a new jacket. One that Xandra bought for him to show her appreciation for him working long hours.

Pepper promises Xandra that she will be the Spider Woman

Xandra is approached by Pepper, who hopes that she'll invest in Jorge's musical. Pepper claims that in six months time, they’ll transfer from Molly’s Crisis to New Amsterdam. KO remarks that if anyone can make it happen, it’s Jorge, even comparing him to Billy Porter. Xandra values KO’s opinion and offers to invest. However, if "Kiss of the Spider Woman" makes it to Broadway, she wants to replace Josie as Spider Woman.

Xandra, Katy, Guy, Pepper, Didi, Alex, Francois, Bernardo, Luis, and Luisa attend the show. Josie performs on stage briefly before being joined by Jorge, who is also playing Spider Woman. The two share the stage both as Spider Woman, concluding the show with a kiss. Afterward, they receive a standing ovation. Afterward, Xandra asks if KO has ever acted. Beyond a couple plays in high school, he tells her no and that it wasn’t for him. She then asks about modeling.[7]

Dating KO

Katy asks Xandra to give her the dress

Katy tracks Xandra down and arrives just in time for KO’s photoshoot. Katy tells Xandra that she knows that they’re dating, and she’s happy for them. Katy reveals the reason that she came is to retrieve the dress that Guy loaned Xandra, but she refuses, claiming it was a gift from Guy. KO joins them, and Katy invites the two of them to Pepper’s party.

Xandra and KO arrive at Pepper's party. Pepper greets KO with a hug and compliments Xandra’s dress, which she reveals to be the very same dress that Katy was tasked with retrieving.

Xandra tells Josie that her stepfather didn't like her EP

Raj brings Josie a drink and tells her that they’re getting a lot of views on her music video. Xandra inquires about the video. Josie claims that she was simply helping Raj with a student film of his. Raj remarks that he hasn’t seen Xandra in a while, usually he just hears her and KO having sex through the wall. Embarrassed by his remark, he leaves. Xandra sympathizes with Josie. Too many times has her stepfather denigrated her. She tells Josie that his opinion isn’t a reflection of Josie’s talent. Despite Alex claiming that his father hasn’t listened to Josie’s EP yet, Xandra informs her that he listened weeks ago but didn’t like it. While Xandra on the other hand loved it.

Xandra, Katy, Josie, Pepper, Didi, KO, Alex, Raj, Bernardo, and Chad gather around the stage as Jorge proposes a toast in Pepper’s honor, who has dedicated herself to building a safe haven for artists of all stripes.

KO and Xandra at Pepper's party

Xandra, Katy, Jorge, Josie, Pepper, Didi, KO, Alex, Raj, Bernardo, and Chad listen to Ms. Freesia tell stories of her past. Katy asks how they have never heard about her aunt before. Pepper replies that it is because Freesia isn’t actually her aunt. However, she has known Pepper since she was a little girl. Ms. Freesia reveals that Pepper and her father lived in her building, but he was always away on business. Most days, Freesia would find Pepper all by herself, doing her homework in the lobby of the Georgia Hotel. And one day, Ms. Freesia invited her up for tea, and they’ve been like family ever since. Katy and Jorge recall Pepper telling them that she grew up in London. Pepper claims that she did live in London up until a certain age. She spent time in London and New York. Ms. Freesia then tells Chad about Jorge’s musical that Pepper produced. She missed it but promises to cheer them on during opening night on Broadway. It’s then that Xandra reveals her deal with Pepper that ensures that she will play the role of Spider Woman should the play make it to Broadway. Alex grows upset and accuses Pepper of running a con.

Xandra spills red wine on her dress

Xandra spills red wine all over her dress. Katy accuses her of doing it on purpose, but she insists that it was an accident. Katy worries that this will ruin her chance at the apprenticeship. KO takes Katy’s side, telling Xandra that she had plenty of dresses to choose from. Xandra grows upset that KO is more concerned with Katy’s dreams than he is her feelings. Katy interjects that while KO and Xandra have only been dating for ten minutes, she and KO were together for ten years. And they supported each other’s dreams while Xandra is trying to change everything about him to suit herself. Xandra tells Katy to consider that she may no longer know what KO likes and doesn’t like. If Katy fought for KO half as hard as she is fighting Xandra, they’d still be together. Xandra leaves, and on her way out, tells KO to find his own way home.

Katy finds Xandra as she is cleaning herself off in the bathroom and apologizes. Katy admits that she still feels something for KO and seeing him happy with someone else is difficult to comprehend. Xandra can relate as that’s how she felt seeing Alex with Josie. Admittedly, she may have taken things too far with KO, but Xandra doesn’t want him to be a different person. She simply thinks that he’s capable of more. Xandra then accepts Katy’s apology.[8]

Xandra and the Kitty Cats

Xandra asks to join the Pussycats

Xandra interrupts the Pussycats’ rehearsal and asks to join, however, Josie turns her down. While they may have started off on the wrong foot, Xandra wants to be a part of what Josie’s building. She recalls Josie complementing her sing when she ambushed Josie’s song. Xandra explains that was simply to piss off her stepfather, as he is the one who discouraged her from music. And now that Alex has cut ties from him, Xandra plans to follow his lead. While Xandra could be a genuine assets to the group via her connections, Josie turns her away nonetheless.

Xandra steals Josie's song

Xandra steals Josie's spot on stage and performs her song with Xandra and the Kitty Cats. Josie, Trula, and Cricket confront Xandra backstage for stealing their song. However, Xandra informs Josie that she recorded her songs under a deal with Cabot Entertainment, and thus they own it. Furthermore, Josie would be breaking the law if she performed any of the songs she recorded with them. Xandra tells Josie to take it as a compliment. She wrote great songs that’ll be perfect for Xandra and the Kittycats. And one by one, Josie will watch as each song rises on Billboard, sung by Xandra.[9]

Meta Gala

Xandra and KO attend the Meta Gala. She picks a suit out for him but Katy finds him a tuxedo more to his liking. Xandra and KO walk down the carpet, where she is interviewed about her band. However, before she can introduce her band, Josie and the Pussycats begin performing in front of the entire Meta Gala.[10]

Checking Alex into Rehab

Xandra tells Josie that Alex is using again

Josie confronts Xandra in the recording studio after hearing her son playing on the radio being sung by the Kitty Cats. Josie thought that Xandra dating KO would make her a nicer person, but Xandra reveals they broke up. She then tells Josie that Alex is using again. While he won’t talk to her, Xandra hopes he’ll talk to Josie.

Xandra and Josie meet with Alex in the park. Alex becomes upset, suspecting that his father put them up to this. Josie insists that this is her own doing. They’re simply trying to help Alex after finding cocaine in his coat. Josie and Xandra hopes that he’ll go back to rehab as they have a car waiting for him.

Xandra offers Josie a spot in her band

Xandra stops by Chubby’s, as Josie cleans up her Xandra and the Kitty Cats merchandise. She came by to thank Josie for helping get Alex into rehab and wants to repay her. Xandra offers Josie a position in her band. Josie’s entire life, she’s imagined the day she’d turn on the radio and hear one of her songs and of all the things that Xandra has taken from her, stealing her song hurt the most. Josie reminds Xandra that she has her own band and she intends to reach success with them. However, there is one thing that Xandra can help with. She tells Xandra to come to the Miss Subway coronation.

The city gathers for the Miss Subway coronation at Riverside Park. Katy, Pepper, Josie, Xandra, Bernardo, Buzz, Francois, Luis, and Luisa attend. Deveraux crowns Ginger as the next Miss Subway. Washington Heights is the last place where they can afford to live. Ginger asks that they all sign the petition to stop the developers. Ginger, Luisa, VeeVee Humble, and Deveraux proceed to dance and sing.[11]

Physical Appearance

Alexandra is a stylish young woman, with dark skin, brown eyes, and black hair that has a single white streak. Her outfits are usually very fashionable business attires.


Alexandra is a cold and ambitious businesswoman, who thinks that relaunching the Cabot Record Label is a waste of money. Xandra is very competitive with her stepbrother Alexander, whom she used to date in High School. Alexandra is also very jealous of Josie McCoy which she expresses in her taunting and sabotaging the aspiring singer.


Alexander Cabot

Xandra and Alex

Xandra and Alex are lovers turned step-siblings. They met in high school and dated briefly before their parents got married, thus making them step-siblings. Alex has long since moved on, but Xandra continued to pursue him, which is the basis for her disdain towards Josie and any other romantic interest of Alex. Despite the fact that he no longer wishes to be with her, continues to care for him. Even helping him during his relapses as a recovering alcoholic.

Josie McCoy

Xandra and Josie

Xandra dislikes Josie given her relationship with Alex, as she still harbors feelings for him. This results in a back and forth battle between the two, often instigated by Xandra. Their first encounter was at Cabot studio, where Alex played the board one of Josie's songs. Though, she admits that Josie has a nice voice, she didn't wish to re-launch the record division behind Josie as her talent wasn't "undeniable." From there, Xandra continued her pursuit to derail Josie by buying Chubby's Record Shop, thus making Josie her employee. Her biggest move against Josie was arguably stealing her song and Josie and the Pussycats, and re-branding the group as Xandra and the Kitty Cats.

KO Kelly

KO and Xandra

Shortly after his breakup with Katy, Xandra hired KO as her security, and they eventually began dating. The relationship didn't last long as KO decided to move to Philly after accepting an offer to train at Joe Frazier's gym. During their brief stint, Xandra supported KO and provided him with great opportunists, such as modeling. However, in the end, she realized that he would always love Katy and come to her defense.


Season 1


  • Initially, she and Alexander were believe to be twins. However, they are revealed to be step-siblings. Of course, so far that's only in this continuity.
  • In the Archie Comics, Alexandra Cabot and Josie McCoy are rivals because Alexandra is extremely jealous of Josie. As a result, she antagonizes and sabotages Josie and the Pussycats, the band that her twin brother Alexander is the manager of.
    • In the 2015 Josie and the Pussycats comics, Alexandra and Josie were best friends until middle school. Though the reason why their friendship ended hasn’t been fully revealed because neither of them can agree why it ended.
  • In the comics, she was originally involved with the band but demanded to be the leader due to her money. She was replaced by Valerie.
  • In the 60s iteration, Alexandra had a familiar cat called Sebastian, an ancestor to the Cabot family and former witch. She used him to cast spells that always backfired.
  • Alexandra was an abysmal singer in the comics, in comparison to the show, where she is a good singer, according to Josie.


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