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Alexandra "Xandra" Cabot is a main character on The CW's Katy Keene and a guest starring character on Riverdale[1]. She is portrayed by Camille Hyde.

She is Alexander's step-sister and the Senior Vice President of Cabot Entertainment.

Character Description

A powerful, savvy and chic New York socialite who is an SVP at her father's company. Both respected and feared, Alexandra is competitive with her brother, who has a very different vision for the record label.[2]

Early Life

In high school, Alexandra dated Alexander which led to her mother meeting his father. Eventually, their parents got married, and they became step-siblings.

Throughout Katy Keene

Throughout Riverdale

Investing in Pop's

Xandra comes to Riverdale

Xandra arrives in Riverdale to inquire about some investments she made with Chad, who has been dodging her calls. Xandra seeks to pull her money out, but Veronica proposes that she invest in Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe instead. And so, Xandra meets with Tabitha at Pop's to discuss possibly franchising the diner, which Tabitha envisions as "a small town feel even in big cities." Xandra loves diners and Tabitha's vision, but she has a tweak or two to offer. More than just a businesswoman, Xandra is also a performer and has always romanticized singing diners. Veronica replies that this could possibly be arranged. Accompanied by Tabitha and Toni and dressed in light blue and pink track jackets, Xandra sings Little Shop of Horrors while serving the customers at Pop's.

After their performance, Tabitha and Veronica both agree that singing enhances the Pop's experience. With Xandra and Tabitha close to coming to a consensus, Xandra asks for Pop's books and finances, everything from the way 20 years.

Xandra wants to change the recipe

After looking through the books at Pop's, Xandra reveals that they're going to have to reprice everything. Additionally, they're losing money on the milkshakes by making them with real milk, which Xandra wants to substitute with instant milk. However, Tabitha refuses, as the milkshakes are their signature product, which were developed by her great-great-grandfather. Pop's started off simply selling chocolate milkshakes, hence the name. That was back when the diner was the first and only black owned business in town. It was open 24/7 and acted as a safe place for people like Tabitha and Xandra. This is more than a business for Tabitha, it's a legacy, which is why she is withdrawing her proposal. With Tabitha out, Xandra looks to Veronica and requests the money she invested with Chad. Veronica is more than willing, but the banks are closed, so they'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Xandra rethinks investing in Pop's

Xandra attends the one-night only Josie and the Pussycats concert at the Whyte Wyrm to raise money for Riverdale. After Josie's speech about Pop's and Riverdale nourishing creative minds, she goes on to perform another song, which comes to an abrupt stop when Toni goes into labor. With the concert over and having truly taken in Josie's speech, Xandra seeks out Veronica and Tabitha. With Josie's celebrity endorsement of Pop's, a franchise seems like an even more lucrative prospect. However, before they go any further, Tabitha tells Xandra that she'll never change the milkshake recipe, which Xandra is willing to accept.[3]

Physical Appearance

Alexandra is a stylish young woman, with dark skin, brown eyes, and black hair that has a single white streak. Her outfits are usually very fashionable business attires.


Alexandra is a cold and ambitious businesswoman, who thinks that relaunching the Cabot Record Label is a waste of money. Xandra is very competitive with her stepbrother Alexander, whom she used to date in High School. Alexandra is also very jealous of Josie McCoy which she expresses in her taunting and sabotaging the aspiring singer. Xandra's coldness is partly a result of her stepfather's constantly dragging her down. Mr. Cabot does not recognize Xandra's singing talent, but sees her ambitions only as a means to an end. Like when he supported her Caboture lingerie shop to keep the company afloat. Xandra masks her insecurities with aggressiveness and pettiness. However, she is mature enough to know when to put grudges aside, such as when she teamed up with Josie to help Alex deal with his addiction.


Alexander Cabot

Xandra and Alex

Xandra and Alex are lovers turned step-siblings. They met in high school and dated briefly before their parents got married, thus making them step-siblings. Alex has long since moved on, but Xandra continued to pursue him, which is the basis for her disdain towards Josie and any other romantic interest of Alex. Despite the fact that he no longer wishes to be with her, continues to care for him. Even helping him during his relapses as a recovering alcoholic.

Josie McCoy

Xandra and Josie

Xandra dislikes Josie given her relationship with Alex, as she still harbors feelings for him. This results in a back and forth battle between the two, often instigated by Xandra. Their first encounter was at Cabot studio, where Alex played the board one of Josie's songs. Though, she admits that Josie has a nice voice, she didn't wish to re-launch the record division behind Josie as her talent wasn't "undeniable." From there, Xandra continued her pursuit to derail Josie by buying Chubby's Record Shop, thus making Josie her employee. Her biggest move against Josie was arguably stealing her song and Josie and the Pussycats, and re-branding the group as Xandra and the Kitty Cats.

KO Kelly

KO and Xandra

Shortly after his breakup with Katy, Xandra hired KO as her security, and they eventually began dating. The relationship didn't last long as KO decided to move to Philly after accepting an offer to train at Joe Frazier's gym. During their brief stint, Xandra supported KO and provided him with great opportunists, such as modeling. However, in the end, she realized that he would always love Katy and come to her defense.


Katy Keene

Season 1


Season 5


  • Katy Keene is the only iteration where Alex and Xandra are step-siblings instead of twins.
  • In the Archie Comics, Alexandra and Josie are rivals because Alexandra is extremely jealous of Josie. As a result, she antagonizes and sabotages Josie and the Pussycats, the band that her twin brother Alexander is the manager of.
  • In the comics, she was originally involved with the band but demanded to be the leader due to her money. She was replaced by Valerie.
  • In the 2015 Josie and the Pussycats comics, Alexandra and Josie were best friends until middle school. Though the reason why their friendship ended hasn’t been fully revealed because neither of them can agree why it ended.
  • In the 60s iteration, Alexandra had a familiar cat called Sebastian, an ancestor to the Cabot family and former witch. She used him to cast spells that always backfired.
  • Alexandra was an abysmal singer in the comics, in comparison to the show, where she is a good singer, according to Josie.
  • In the comics, Xandra is determined to make Alan Mayberry her boyfriend. Although her obsessive interest may be due to Alan being Josie's boyfriend.


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