Look, Josie, this back-and-forth with my family, it has to stop. Like Xandra stealing your music, my dad causing me to relapse... I-I just need a fresh start, Josie. I think we both do.
— Alex to Josie[src]

Alexander "Alex" Cabot III is a main character on The CW's Katy Keene. He is portrayed by Lucien Laviscount.

Alex is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict turned music executive at Cabot Entertainment. He discovers Josie performing in the park and recruits her in hopes that she'll revitalize his family's record label.

Character Description

The CEO of his father's company who dreams of rebooting its dormant record label division, which attracts him to Josie. He's cut from a different cloth than his billionaire family, as he'd rather take the subway and listen to vinyl, and he secretly DJs at a dive club.[1]

Early Life

In high school, Alexander dated Alexandra which led to his father meeting her mother. Eventually, their parents got married. and they became step-siblings. He's also had struggles in the past with substance abuse.

Throughout Katy Keene

Season 1

Making Josie a Star

Alexander offers Josie an opportunity

Alexander's attention is caught by a street artist singing. He approaches Josie, telling her that he's in the music business. He works for a label, and they’re looking for new talent. He hands Josie his card and asks if she knows where the Electric Lady recording studio is. Josie's familiar enough with it to know that it’s where Prince, Stevie Wonder, and David Bowie recorded. He asks Josie to meet him there tomorrow and to be ready to sing.

Katy and Alexander hear Josie sing

As planned, Alexander meets with Josie at the studio. She's also brought a friend with her, Katy. Josie gets in the booth and sings "Glow", much to Katy and Alexander’s amazement. Alexander wants to introduce Josie to the Cabot board and play them the song. Then, once they approve, Alexander wants to sign her to record a full album and launch her career as an international pop star. Alexander then asks if anyone else is hungry. Katy excuses herself, claiming to have other clients to attend to, allowing Josie and Alexander to spend some time together.

Alexander and Josie kiss

Josie shares her past with Alexander, such as how she formed Josie and the Pussycats and performed at La Bonne Nuit, a speakeasy in Riverdale. She also went on tour with her dad, a jazz musician. And since then, she’s been working on finding her sound as a solo artist. Alexander and Josie then kiss at the top of the step.

Josie wakes up in Alexander Cabot’s bed. She looks out the window at the view of the city before Alexander joins her in and starts kissing her.

Alexander presents Josie's music to the board

Alexander plays Josie’s song for the Cabot board, which his sister, Alexandra, is part of. They’re unimpressed with Josie’s performance and pass on it. Alexandra introduces herself to Josie as the Senior VP of Cabot Entertainment. While Josie has a nice voice, if they’re going to re-launch the record division, spending millions of dollars by doing so, it has to be someone who’s undeniable. Alexander insists that Josie’s a star, but his sister isn’t convinced, asking which park did he find Josie in, suggesting that she isn’t the first. Josie leaves. Alexander follows her out and explains that his sister doesn’t want him re-launching the record label, as she thinks it’s a waste of money, but he intends to prove her wrong with Josie. However, she refuses to get pulled into his family drama.[2]

Josie meets with Alexander

Alexander meets with Josie on a park bench. He explains that there isn’t currently a record label at Cabot Entertainment, but there used to be. His dad said he could reboot it and get back to their roots if he found the right artist, which isn’t Josie, at least according to Alexandra. After listening to Josie’s demo, Alexander claims to know where they went wrong. However, Josie questions why he suddenly believes there to be something wrong with her demo despite previously saying it was perfect. She tells him to stand by his work regardless of what his sister thinks. Alexander knows for a fact they made something good, but he thinks they can make it better and has booked Josie some studio time. However, Josie blows him off.

Pepper, Katy, Josie, and Alex watch Ginger perform

Alexander accompanies Josie to Molly's Crisis. She had given some thought to their previous conversation about his family’s root and loving music. She tells him how Chubby’s Record Shop in Alphabet City is closing. Another New York original bites the dust, unless someone steps in to save it. And so, Alex agrees to look into it. He and Josie then watch as Jorge/Ginger performs on the stage. However, Jorge/Ginger becomes overwhelmed with emotion and runs backstage.

Josie and Chubby thanks Alexander

Chubby thanks Josie and Alexander for saving his shop. Alexander expresses his pleasure in being apart of it all and promises to keep the integrity of the store intact. And maybe on Josie’s days off, she’ll agree to come record with Alex, he hopes. They are interrupted by Alexandra, who’s come to survey their latest acquisition. Alexandra admits it’s a good block, but they’ll have to sell something with better margins. Josie warn Alexandra against selling the shop. Alexandra then introduces herself to Chubby as Senior VP of Cabot Entertainment and the owner of Chubby’s.[3]

Alex and Josie hook up

Alexander and Josie hook up in Chubby’s. She asks when are they going to record more songs. Alexander tells her to play him something new. He wants to hear what New York City has inspired in her, and then, they’ll record. He invites her over to his place for Valentine’s Day, which she agrees to attend without realizing what day it is.

While selling items to a customer, Katy is approached by Alexander, who compliments Katy on her ability to sell as well as being a talent manager, or so she claimed when she introduced herself to Alexander initially. Katy explains that she was merely looking out for Josie, which Alexander respects. Moving on, the reason he’s at Lacy’s is to buy a gift for someone special, possibly a robe.

The following morning, Alexandra and Alexander go for a morning run and discuss the dinner with their parents. However, Alexander tells his sister that something came up and he won’t be able to attend the annual Cabot family Valentine’s Day dinner. He has a meeting with a business associate, which Alexandra presumes to be Josie.

Alexander confronts Josie

Josie and Jimmy meet up at Chubby’s as planned to work on her song. He plays the guitar as she sings. Alexander arrives with dinner. Much to his surprise, Jimmy is with Josie. Josie tells Alexander that showing up at her job, unannounced, with food he cooked and being mean to Jimmy makes him seem like a jealous boyfriend when in actuality they’re supposed to be making a record together. But instead, he’s buying expensive robes from Lacy’s, which Josie calls him out on. Alexander claims the robe is for his sister. They always buy each other gifts on Valentine’s Day. Josie simply wants to focus on her music, and she thinks Jimmy could be key. As proof, she gives Alexander his demo and asks for his professional opinion.

Alex tells Xandra that he's screwed up

Alexander gifts Alexandra a red robe. It’s just what she needs to take the edge off the horrific dinner with their parents. She notices that something is bothering Alexander and asks if he is okay. He tells Xandra how Josie met a song writer, and after listening to his demo, Alex admits that it’s truly good. And he’s jealous. All his life, he’s been a screw up. This was his chance to prove himself to their dad, with Josie, but once again, he’s screwing it up. Alexandra points out that sleeping with the talent is never a good idea. Alex kisses Xandra on the cheek, wishes her a happy Valentine's Day, and exits the vehicle.

Alexander agrees to be Josie's manager

Alexander arrives at Chubby’s to find Josie working on her songs. She moved to New York to be a real musician, but the more time they spend together, the harder it is for her to focus and for him to compartmentalize. As much as she’ll miss it, Josie doesn’t need to sleep with Alex as much as she needs a manager. Alexander admits that she’s right. His feelings for her are growing. But if a manager is what she needs, he agrees to keep it professional. He then admits to loving Jimmy’s demo. The two of them proceed to discuss her songs.[4]

A Deal with Cabot Records

Alexander asks Josie to meet his father

Alexander asks Josie to meet his father, who he’s meeting at a private club tonight. Josie is reluctant, but this may be their one chance to go to Alex’s father and prove how talented Josie is. With that, they’ll have a chance of finally relaunching Cabot Records. Alexander promises Josie that his sister won’t be there, and so she accepts his proposal.

Josie meets Alexander at his father’s private club. As she takes a seat, she is asked to sign an NDA. Mr. Cabot arrives, and Josie complements his place. Alexander brags about how amazing of an artist Josie is and asks her to play "His Eyes on the Sparrow." As Josie’s plays the piano and sings, Alexandra interrupts and sings over Josie.

Josie, Alexander, Alexandra, and Mr. Cabot discuss Cabot Records

Josie, Alexander, Alexandra, and Mr. Cabot discuss the possible resurrection of Cabot Records. Alexandra doesn’t think they should reboot the label until they find a household name. However, Mr. Cabot isn’t interested in her opinion. Alexander tries to get her to leave, reminding her that she’s been tasked with convincing Guy LaMontagne to sell from them exclusively. However, Alexandra has already scheduled a meeting with Guy at Studio 34. Hoping to push Josie away, Alexandra informs Josie how she and Alexander were high school sweethearts. It’s how their parents met and got married, making Alex and Xandra step siblings. Josie is tired of putting up with the Cabot’s dysfunction. She storms out and tells Alexander not to follow her.[5]

Alex accuses Josie of leaking the story

Alexander arrives at Chubby’s to confront Josie with the Daily Hail’s headline "Kissing Cabots!" Detailing his past romantic relationship with Xandra. It’s from an anonymous source, and they suspect it’s Josie, however, she insists that she didn’t leak the story. Alex believes her. However, They need to find out who did. Josie signed at NDA and now Alex’s dad is on a warpath. Josie concludes that Pepper is the source.

Alex and Josie kiss

The following day, Alexander meets back up with Josie at Chubby’s, and she reveals to him that Xandra is the leak. Alex apologizes for his sister’s actions. He’ll understand if she wants nothing to do with him. However, before Josie makes any decisions, he takes her into the basement to show her the recording studio that he’s put together. Josie reveals to Alex that his dad offered to find her EP with a $20,000 advance, but she doesn’t know if she should cash it. With or without him, Alex tells Josie to cash it. Josie then kisses Alex.[6]

Josie's EP Listening Party

Alex and Josie discuss her EP

Alexander mixes Josie’s EP, and she is amazed with the end result. He reminds Josie of just how amazing she is and tells her that tomorrow, at the listening party, some of the top executives will see that, including his father, who’ll have no choice but to approve funding for a full album. Josie tells Alex that her mom is flying into town for the listening party. She needs everything to be perfect because if it was up to her mother, Josie would be in law school. Once upon a time, her mother supported her musical pursuit, but she no longer does, so Josie has to impress her.

Xandra reveals to Alex that his father is paying Josie to babysit him

Alexandra takes full responsibility for leaking the Kissing Cabots story, as she was sick and tired of Alex’s dad trying to control them. And now that this information is public knowledge, they’re free to do as they will. She’s done with secrets, which is why she swiped Josie’s contract to show to Alex the final clause, which essentially states that Alex’s father is paying Josie to babysit him.

A drunk Alex arrives at the listening party and meets Josie's mom, Sierra McCoy. Josie asks to talk to him in private, but Alex gets unruly and confronts Josie about dating him just because his dad paid her to. Katy, Pepper, Jorge, Chubby, and Mr. Cabot watch as this unfolds. Katy stops Josie from chasing after Alex and reminds her that this is her night and not to let anyone ruin it.

Alex apologizes to Josie

Josie apologizes to Alexander for signing the contract without first talking to him. All his life, Alex has watched his dad persuade people to do things they don’t want to do. He tells Josie that she doesn’t have to apologize. Alex admits that he’s an addict. But he’s working on it. He meets with his sponsor often. Josie wishes that he would’ve told her, as she cares about him, and with or without the contract, she wants to be with him.[7]

Investing in Kiss of the Spider Woman

Alex tells Josie that a scout from the Apollo heard her EP

Josie calls Alex over to her apartment. He informs her that a scout from the Apollo heard her EP and has shown interest in acquiring Josie but only if she gets a few smaller gigs under her belt. Alex is working on that, but he is still very much unknown in the music industry. Josie hopes she can help with this dilemma by suggesting that he invest in Jorge’s musical, "Kiss of the Spider Woman." Alex happily agrees.

Pepper gets on stage and welcomes Alex, Katy, KO, Xandra, Josie, Francois, and Bernardo to the Pepper Plant. As planned, Jorge plays both Molina and the Spider Woman. It doesn’t take long for the audience to grow unsatisfied with Jorge’s performance and exit.

Pepper promises the role of Spider Woman to Josie

Alex is approached by Pepper and asked to invest in Jorge's musical. Alex initially turns her down, referring to the musical as bizarre and self-indulgent. He concedes under one condition; Josie gets to play the Spider Woman.

Alex, Xandra, Katy, Guy, Pepper, Didi, Francois, Bernardo, Luis, and Luisa attend the show. Josie performs on stage briefly before being joined by Jorge, who is also playing Spider Woman. The two share the stage both as Spider Woman, concluding the show with a kiss. Afterward, they receive a standing ovation.

Josie is approached by the booking agent for the Apollo. She explains that Alex invited her and asks if Josie’s ready to do some gigs with her own music, specifically the Apollo. She promises Josie that she’ll be in touch. Josie then proceeds to thank Alex with a kiss.[8]

Alexander tells Josie that she can't take the Apollo gig

At Chubby’s, Alex asks about Jorge and if he wants to take a break from "Kiss of the Spider Woman." Alex is willing to cover the costs. He then reluctantly tells Josie that her performance at the Apollo is off the table as Alex’s father didn’t approve of the gig. However, he assures Josie that once his father listens to the whole EP, he’ll change his mind. If Josie can’t release the EP or play gigs, she wonders what kind of career she could possibly have. Alex promises her that he’ll get his father on board, but until then, his hands are tied.

Alex, Josie, and Katy arrive at Molly's for Pepper's birthday. He is greeted by Pepper and Chad, who he is familiar with from Collegiate. He recalls that Alex took his spot on Varsity lacrosse. Later, Alex, Katy, Josie, Pepper, Didi, Xandra, KO, Raj, Bernardo, and Chad gather around the stage as Jorge proposes a toast in Pepper’s honor, who has dedicated herself to building a safe haven for artists of all stripes.

KO, Xandra, Bernardo, and Alex at Pepper's party

Katy, Jorge, Josie, Pepper, Didi, Xandra, KO, Alex, Raj, Bernardo, and Chad listen to Ms. Freesia tell stories of her past. Katy asks how they have never heard about her aunt before. Pepper replies that it is because Freesia isn’t actually her aunt. However, she has known Pepper since she was a little girl. Ms. Freesia reveals that Pepper and her father lived in her building, but he was always away on business. Most days, Freesia would find Pepper all by herself, doing her homework in the lobby of the Georgia Hotel. And one day, Ms. Freesia invited her up for tea, and they’ve been like family ever since. Katy and Jorge recall Pepper telling them that she grew up in London. Pepper claims that she did live in London up until a certain age. She spent time in London and New York. Ms. Freesia then tells Chad about Jorge’s musical that Pepper produced. She missed it but promises to cheer them on during opening night on Broadway. It’s then that Xandra reveals her deal with Pepper that ensures that she will play the role of Spider Woman should the play make it to Broadway. Alex grows upset and accuses Pepper of running a con.

Alex reveals that he took down the video

Josie approaches Alex after learning that Xandra took down her music video for Copyright Infringement. Alex reveals that he had Josie’s video taken down. Unlike Alex, Josie’s hands aren’t tied, and she felt that she had to do something. Josie tells Alex that she knows his dad heard her EP and disliked it. She understands why Alex lied to her, but she doesn’t need protecting. When Alex’s dad heard the EP, he was going to cut Josie loose, but Alex convinced him not to. Josie only gets one shot at a public rollout, and he worries that a low budget music video would ruin that and her chances to become a huge star.

Alex meets with Josie at Chubby’s to share with her the good news. While his father still isn’t a fan of Josie’s EP, Alex convinced him to look through her discography, and in doing so, he came across some old videos of Josie and her high school band, the Pussycats. Now, he has an entirely new vision for Josie. He wants her to lead the ground. Like Diana Ross started off with the Supremes and Beyoncé with Destiny’s Child.[9]

Josie and the Pussycats

Alex tells Josie to give his dad a chance

Alex, Josie, and Raj arrive at Chubby's Record Shop to find that Mr. Cabot has already hired two girls to fill the spots, Priscilla and Corinne. He claims they’re good singers with the help of some auto tune. They’re actually models from the Caboture fashion label. Josie asks to talk Alex in private to express her displeasure with Mr. Cabot's choices in band partners. Alex claims that his father knows what he is doing and tells Josie to give him a chance. Before leaving, Mr. Cabot informs them that they’ll have their first recording session on Friday. He refers to them as the Supremes for the next generation. Josie asks the Priscilla and Corinne what instruments they play, but they’re both without talent.

Josie plans to hold an audition without Alex's blessing

Alex, Josie, and Raj head back to the apartment, where Alex promises to get the girls lessons. Josie reminds him that the’re the Pussycats and not "The Pussycat Dolls" and that she will not be dancing on top of a car in a mini-skirt. Josie demands actual musicians, not models. However, Alex argues that his father is a successful businessman who has built an empire, so they should trust his instincts. Josie suggests going through with the auditions to find actual artists to bring to the recording session on Friday. Alex advises her against it, not that this is any concern of Josie’s, who plans to go through with the auditions nonetheless.

Josie holds auditions at Molly's Crisis as planned. Alex joins her. Raj films each audition. However, none of them impress Josie. Jorge even tries out, but Josie doubts he’s truly invested, reminding him that he could barely share the stage with her for "Kiss of the Spider Woman." Jorge admits that he simply wants the stage time and proceeds to sing.

Alex agrees to give Cricket a chance

Raj films as Josie tells Alex how good of a singer Cricket is. Raj has the footage and offers to show Alex, but he isn’t interested. He’s worried because Cricket doesn’t have the confidence to perform on stage. Josie agrees to work with her, but they don’t have the time,. They have to show his dad that they've got something. Josie explains that as a woman in the industry, it’s hard to walk into a room and feel like your voice matters enough to be heard. With that, Alex agrees to give Cricket a chance. However, they still need one more Pussycat.

Raj interviews Pepper, a self proclaimed honorary Pussycat, claiming to have discovered Josie. Pepper’s attention appears to be divided between Raj and her phone. She informs them how she’s under attack on social media by someone named Hannah Melvey. She’s making outrageous claims. Pepper refuses to standby as Hannah besmirches her reputation. Pepper calls Alex over and takes multiple pictures with him to post.

Mr. Cabot interrupts rehearsal

Josie, Trula Cricket practice for the first time as the Pussycats while Raj continues to document. Raj asks Alex about the Pussycat swap. He explains that his father always taught him that to succeed in business, you have to take risks. Mr. Cabot interrupts their rehearsal and asks what happened to Priscilla and Corinne. Josie’s assures Mr. Cabot that she, Trula, and Cricket sound better together, though he’s not interested in what Josie has to say. Nevertheless, Josie refuses to get rid of Trula and Cricket. When Mr. Cabot threatens to pull funding, Josie tells him to keep his money as she’d rather start over and stay true to herself than compromise the integrity of her band.

Alex tells his father that he doesn't need him

Alex attempts to explain to his father that he should trust Josie’s vision. However, Mr. Cabot isn’t impressed with Josie’s version of the Pussycats. Alex questions why he even cares. Mr. Cabot explains that it’s not Josie’s he’s concerned about. It’s Alex. All he’s ever wanted is for Alex to succeed. The last time Alex tried it on his own, he ended up in a rehab facility for 90 days. Mr. Cabot advises Alex to find a new project, but Alex refuses to leave Josie. Mr. Cabot reminds Alex that he gave him everything he has and that he can take it all away.

Alex arrives at the apartment and explains to Josie that he’s chosen her. He refuses to allow his dad to run his life any further. And if being cut off is the price he has to pay to continue his journey with Josie, then so be it. Alex kisses Josie and tells her that he loves her. Josie reveals that she loves him as well.[10]

Alex arrives at Molly's Crisis for Josie and the Pussycats' first performance to discover that Xandra has stolen her spot and is performing her song with the Kittycats.[11]

The Pepper Plant Investment

Pepper asks Alex to invest in the Pepper Plant

Pepper asks Alex if he’s been contacted by Hannah Melvey, which he hasn’t. With that, she proposes that he invest in the Pepper Plant. She intends to accelerate the launch in order to beat Hannah. Josie is reluctant, but Pepper offers Josie and the Pussycats the spot as the Plant’s house band. Alex worries that not enough people know about the Pepper Plant, which she intends to change.

While Alex wants to help Pepper, he’s skeptical. Josie agrees that she can be extra, but no one has more hustle than Pepper. Now that Alex is cut off from his dad, he needs to be more cautious of his spending. Should he invest, what money he has will be fully invested in the Pepper Plant. Alex insists that Pepper guarantees the Pussycats the position as house band.

Hannah enters Chubby’s on her way out of town to warn Alex that Pepper isn’t who she says she is. Alex goes downstairs, where Josie, Cricket, and Trula celebrate after their performance at the Met Gala. The Pussycats are trending. Alex interrupts and reveals that Pepper has been lying to all of them.[12]

Alex contemplates what to do with Pepper

Alex wants to address the fact that Pepper has been embezzling money. He invested in "Kiss of the Spider Woman" because he thought it was going to be a breakout role for Josie, but now he finds out that his money actually went to the Pepper Plant. Alex is being advised by his lawyers to go to the police, but Josie manages to talk him out of it. Alex worries that Pepper will screw him over, leaving him without any money. He starts to contemplate if he should call his father, but Josie warns him against it. She fears that Pepper may be in trouble, so she wants to talk to her first before Alex does anything.

Pepper leaves Alex a voicemail, telling him that she’s got his money. Unfortunately, Alex has already gone to his dad for help. Mr. Cabot asks Alex how he’s fairing in the real world and if he’s made any money yet. Alex reveals that he made a bad investment and is in need of help.

Alex tells Pepper that the Plant belongs to the Cabots

The grand opening of the Pepper Plant has finally arrived. Pepper greets guests as they arrive. She is confronted by Alex, who reveals that he decided against calling the cops on her. Instead, he and his father came up with an idea. Now, the Cabots own the Pepper Plant given the large sum of money they invested in it. While preparing for their performance, Josie is approached by Alex, who has been drinking. He reveals to Josie that he became a majority stockholder in the Pepper Plant, making it a Cabot asset. Josie realizes that Alex is working for his dad again and wonders what it cost him. Trula and Cricket arrive as they near their performance. Later, A detective and two officers enter the Pepper Plant and place Pepper in handcuffs. Katy, Jorge, Josie, the Pussycats, Raj, Alex, and Gary watch helplessly as Pepper is taken away.[13]

Alex wants to run away with Josie

Josie calls Alex over after noticing that he was drinking at the Pepper Plant. From past experiences with her dad, Josie knows that one drink is too many. At the apartment, she questions what’s on Alex’s mind. He claims that going back to get help from his dad triggered him, but he hasn’t had a drink since. However, he’s tired of the same old back and forth with his family. He proposes that he and Josie move away together to Los Angeles, where he has connections. His nose starts to bleed and he rushes out. Josie notices that he left his coat behind and inside the pocket, she finds a large bag of cocaine.

Xandra and Josie meet with Alex in the park. Alex becomes upset, suspecting that his father put them up to this. Josie insists that this is her own doing. They’re simply trying to help Alex after finding cocaine in his coat. Josie and Xandra hopes that he’ll go back to rehab as they have a car waiting for him.[14]

Physical Appearance

Alexander is a young, well built, black man with dark brown eyes and a very short haircut. He is very well-dressed and groomed.


Alexander is kind-hearted and friendly person, unspoiled by his family's wealth. Although, he desperately seeks his father's approval, hoping to accomplish this by revitalizing his family's record label.


Alexandra Cabot

Alex and Xandra

Xandra is Alex' former lover turned step-sibling. They met in high school and dated briefly before their parents got married, thus making them step-siblings. This was several years ago, and while Alex has long since moved on, Xandra continues to pursue him, which is the basis for her disdain towards any other romantic interest of Alex', most recently being Josie. Despite the fact that he no longer wishes for them to be together, Xandra continues to care for him. Even helping him during his relapses as a recovering alcoholic and drug addiction.

Josie McCoy

Alex and Josie

Alex met Josie while she was performing in a park. Hearing her perform live sparked an interest in her. He hoped that Josie could be to first step in relaunching the Cabot Entertainment record label. However, after Josie was turned down by the board, Alex became Josie's manager and began investing his own time and money into her in hopes of her becoming a star. This lead to a flourishing relationship that ended with Alex being checked into rehab as his substance addiction began to manifest.

Mr. Cabot

Alex and Mr. Cabot

Alex has a strained relationship with his father, who overall sees Alex as incompetent and a failure, incapable of making it on his own in the world. It's the need to prove his father wrong that drives Alex as he also wishes to be a successful businessman. Mr. Cabot is manipulative and uses his standing to maintain dominance. He claimed to want to help Alex, but in reality, he wanted control over him. It's his father's need for take over and attempts to control Alex that led to their disputes.


Season 1


  • Alex first appeared in the Archie Comics She's Josie #1 - A Gym Dandy issue.
    • In the comics and animated series, Alexander Cabot is the biggest booster and manager of Josie and the Pussycats. Meanwhile, his sister Alexandra dislikes, antagonizes, and sabotages the band.
  • He and Alexandra are revealed to be step-siblings instead of twins as in the Archie Comics.
  • In the comics, he's romantically interested in both Josie and Melody Valentine, but he's turned down by the two girls.


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