The Academy of Unseen Arts is a boarding school for witches and is located in Gehenna Station.

The academy was built according to the principles of sacred geometry, each room is a perfectly proportioned pentagon that locks with the one next to it. The foyer has a statue of the Dark Lord in the center of the room. The Sanctum, the library for advanced students, has Edward Spellman's journals under lock and key.


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  • Conjuration
  • Demonology
  • Invocation
  • Ritual magic
  • Necromancy
  • Herbalism
  • Latin
  • Binding rituals


  • Satanic Choir


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  • The walls of the Academy are aligned with a collection of over 150 paintings from accomplished horror writer Clive Barker, the horror visionary behind Hellraiser and Candyman.[1]
  • Since the school is designed to be a series of identically shaped rooms, designed after the practice of sacred geometry, they only needed to build one interchangeable set for a majority of the rooms.[1]
  • According to Ambrose Spellman, the students are from all over the world.
  • Familiars are not permitted at the academy. The reason for this is not elaborated upon, though Zelda states that only "babies and ninnies take their familiars to school" and witches that do bring them are ridiculed, indicating it's a sign of weakness.[2]
  • Classes, such as Herbalism and Latin, can also be curriculum majors and students can choose what their focus of study can be. Additionally, classes such as Conjuring can only be taken once the Academy's general requirements are fulfilled. These requirements have not been explained. Tests, however, can be performed to determine whether a student is ready to take a class should the requirements not be previously met.[2]


  • In the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics, specifically Issue #7, "The Truth About Demonology", the Academy is called Ministry of the Invisible Arts, "where all young witches and warlocks of breeding learned their trade".
  • "Gehenna Station" is a reference to the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics, specifically Issue #2, "The Secret History of Madam Satan". The Pits of Gehenna is the Circle of Hell where Iola a.k.a. Madam Satan was punished after her suicide before being resurrected in Greendale.


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